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Incest/Taboo Stories

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"Advice" A Mother Seducing Her Son

 — How to get your son into bed with you. by RustyHotDippedNail06/23/19

"Andi" Challenges to Triumph Ch. 01

 — Feuding sisters find themselves home alone. by twofourthree08/29/154.34

"Andi" Challenges to Triumph Ch. 02

 — Andrew comes home to win his sister over. by twofourthree08/31/154.66HOT

"Andi" Challenges to Triumph Ch. 03

 — Is Andrew's love enough to overcome Andi's fear? by twofourthree09/01/154.75HOT


 — A long-dead mother and her son...nothing is what it seems. by Gibby12309/07/193.34

"Clare" Unconventional Aunt Ch. 01

 — JB just wanted to help. by twofourthree04/09/154.66HOT

"Clare" Unconventional Aunt Ch. 02

 — Jay needs to show Clare the truth. by twofourthree04/10/154.68HOT

"Clare" Unconventional Aunt Ch. 03

 — Jay opens Clare's world up to Sex. Or does He? by twofourthree04/11/154.74HOT

"Clare" Unconventional Aunt Ch. 04

 — Jay learns nothing is impossible with Clare. by twofourthree04/14/154.82HOT

"Click, Click, Click"

 — The irritation and allure of click, click, click. by Ghostwalker04/24/164.54HOT

"Daddy" and Beth

 — Beth meets a new Daddy to help her out financially. by lolaenglish11/27/114.02

"Daddy?" I Whispered

 — Stephanie seduces her handsome father. by scouries02/19/064.52HOT

"Friend with Benefits" with My Mom

 — Mom and son set out "the rules" for their special friendship. by motherfucker202010/30/184.44

"Happy Nude Day, Mom!"

 — A Mother and her son celebrate National Nude Day. by naughtymdguy07/06/174.42

"I Love You, Mommy."

 — A mother's immoral love for her son. by WmForrester10/01/094.10


 — My 19 year old (Karin) insists on breast-feeding, the brat! by patty_parker6004/25/193.71

"Incest Submission": Mom & Son

 — Hot Mom and college son seduce each other on Earth Day. by silkstockingslover04/03/144.65HOT

"Incest Submission": Mom, Nana & Son

 — Hot Nana becomes slut to daughter and grandson. by silkstockingslover12/10/144.60HOT

"Jules," To Us

 — Man hatches plan after years-long fantasy about older sister. by dkbeasley01/15/194.56HOT

"Kiss-X-Sis Magic"

 — Erotic manga story assists brother in romancing his sister. by SteffanStratos03/16/183.58

"La Machina" or "S.A.M."

 — 21-year old woman discovers love in an unusual way. by Dirty_Old_Man308/01/063.61

"La Machina" or "S.A.M." Ch. 02

 — Suzie and S.A.M. by Dirty_Old_Man308/08/064.21

"Magic Words"

 — Never believe what a writer says. They tell stories. by islandic0004/05/194.25

"Mom" Helps Me Live My Fantasy

 — Serendipitous meeting leads to mother-daughter sex. by Chrestomathist09/26/074.43

"Mom-Son": A Love Story

 — A mom inadvertently falls in love with her son. by silkstockingslover06/26/144.69HOT

"Mom-Son": A Romantic Date

 — Day after mother-son incest consummation they on a date. by silkstockingslover10/31/144.59HOT

"Mom-Son": Anal Virginity

 — Mom gives her final virginity... her ass... to her nerd son. by silkstockingslover04/20/174.71HOT

"Mom-Son": Best Friend Threesome

 — Son and Mom dominate Mom's submissive best friend. by silkstockingslover02/17/184.72HOT

"Mommy-Slut": A Battle of Wills

 — A mom becomes her son’s slut after catching him with a girl. by silkstockingslover06/27/174.70HOT

"My Chunky Sister"

 — Sister thinks she's too fat; brother offers to take a look. by SteffanStratos02/19/183.14

"My Sister Savior"

 — Guy's sister is a better lover than his ice-cube ex-wife. by SteffanStratos02/03/184.33

"No Boundaries" Water Canoe Area

 — Mother and Son succumb to lust in the BWCA. by curlyspurs03/29/134.44

"Oh" Submission Town: A Mother Falls

 — Wholesome MILF gets pulled into submission by Domme daughter. by silkstockingslover11/26/124.67HOT

"Oh" Submission Town: Brother & Son

 — Submissive mother submits sexually to daughter and son. by silkstockingslover12/10/134.62HOT

"Oh" Submission Town: Dutiful Mommy

 — Mom fucks son, eats daughter, hairdresser and best friend. by silkstockingslover01/15/144.68HOT

"Ohhh...Mommy," I Groaned

 — He deflowers sister, impregnates mom. by scouries12/17/064.57HOT

"Peach's Surprise"

 — PYT comes home to find a surprise. by Burnadebt03/16/193.57

"Pet Mommy": Becoming a Mommy-Slut!

 — MILF Mom catches nerdy son masturbating and becomes obsessed by silkstockingslover06/20/124.64HOT

"Pet Mommy": DP Mommy-Slut!

 — MILF mom is trained to be a good SLUT for her nerdy son. by silkstockingslover12/22/124.68HOT

"Pet Mommy": Fucking with Mommy-Slut

 — Mom’s task is to seduce daughter for her Master...her son. by silkstockingslover08/15/134.56HOT

"Pet Mommy": My Daughter Submits

 — Pet Mommy assists in making her daughter submit to her son. by silkstockingslover03/11/144.69HOT

"Pet Mommy": Nerd Orgy

 — Son sets up gangbang for submissive Mom at Comic-Con. by silkstockingslover05/07/154.58HOT

"Short-Staffed? Make It Happen!"

 — A woman dances and learns a lot about her family and herself by pacifist91w03/07/144.31

"Sister Apocalypse"

 — Nuclear apocalypse? Siblings ponder procreating together. by SteffanStratos02/11/183.72

"Take off my panties!"

 — Brother and Step Sister have a little party. by LeCoach07/24/174.35

"Take off my panties!" Pt. 02

 — Matt gets to know his stepmom. by LeCoach07/25/174.56HOT

"Take off my panties!" Pt. 03

 — Kristin asks her step dad for advice. by LeCoach08/13/174.58HOT

"Take off my panties!" Pt. 04

 — The Singers hold a family meeting. by LeCoach08/16/174.61HOT

"Taking" My Sister's Virginity

 — Older brother seduces and takes cute nerd sister's virginity. by silkstockingslover11/13/144.71HOT

"The Squeaky Hamper Hinge" Pt. 01

 — Be careful what you wish for... 1st of multi-part. by ASttE06/10/184.12

"The Squeaky Hamper Hinge" Pt. 02

 — A continuation of the naughty 21 year old and her panties. by ASttE06/12/184.46

"The Squeaky Hamper Hinge" Pt. 03

 — Fancy Footwork - 21yo Daughter's Craving for Cock & Cum. by ASttE06/18/184.33

"Unwrapping" Mommy

 — Son comes home to discover Mom gift wrapped and…. by silkstockingslover11/15/174.58HOT

"We'll Do Your Mom First," I Said

 — Two virgins decide to seduce their moms. by scouries09/10/104.69HOT

"WHAT?" Ch. 02

 — The mystery woman is gone, replaced by someone even better. by Ghostwalker04/23/184.54HOT

"Yes, Brother." Ch. 01

 — A woman gets mindfucked by her brother before he leaves. by MindControlMaster09/12/174.28

"Yes, Brother." Ch. 03

 — Jake's brainwashed sister gives him a horrific surprise! by MindControlMaster09/11/184.29

"Yes, Brother." Ch. 04

 — Jake brainwashes his slaves further, but something's wrong. by MindControlMaster05/31/194.39

"Your Mom is Passed Out?"

 — Sleeping Beauty is too good an opportunity to pass up. by Tx Tall Tales09/07/114.60HOT

$20 Million Ch. 03

 — Ethan's brother comes to visit. by all_or_nothing10/26/023.66

$20 Million Ch. 04

 — Quality time with the kids. by all_or_nothing11/13/023.68

'A' My Name is Alice

 — A mother and son in a 'sticky' situation. by Emmah08/18/013.57

'Aunti' Felicia Takes a Young Lover

 — Felicia Fellatio and her daughters greet Veronica and David. by wunderboi09/04/184.27

'Becca's Red Ribbon

 — Rebecca's father watches her with her boyfriend. by geronimo_appleby11/14/164.43

'It's What You Have There That's...'

 — A mother's sets out to find the reason her son's divorce. by sirajahmed1005/08/193.90

'Just' Jane

 — Jane works for Poole to support daughters. They support her. by twofourthree12/09/174.54HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 02

 — Jane passes inspection. Poole hosts a party with Tina. by twofourthree12/13/174.71HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 03

 — Jane helps out Tina, Poole rewards Jane. by twofourthree12/15/174.66HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 04

 — Jane learns about Lela, Poole finds a new slut in Jane. by twofourthree12/21/174.72HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 05

 — Poole and Tina welcome Jane into their lives and bed. by twofourthree12/25/174.72HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 06

 — Poole gets a surprise visitor, Cody won't be left behind. by twofourthree01/03/184.81HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 07

 — Jane gives Poole a present. Lela wants to be alone with Jane. by twofourthree01/05/184.71HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 08

 — Jane's adventures intensify, then Poole takes her on a trip. by twofourthree01/11/184.57HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 09

 — Donald makes his choice, Jane makes hers. by twofourthree01/13/184.58HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 10

 — Jane faces her past, but not before Poole says so. by twofourthree01/23/184.70HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 11

 — When tragedy strikes Jane learns Poole's dark secret. by twofourthree01/24/184.71HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 12

 — Jane learns more about herself and the people she loves. by twofourthree01/31/184.76HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 13

 — Jane attends convention where things get out of hand. by twofourthree02/01/184.79HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 14

 — Jane takes a stand. Poole and Tina take Jane. by twofourthree02/08/184.79HOT

'Just' Jane Ch. 15

 — Jane finds more than one dream comes true. by twofourthree02/15/184.82HOT

'Little' Mandy and Her Daddy's Shower

 — In cheerleader uniform, coed joins him in the shower. by Boxlicker10112/08/073.87

'Neath Western Skies, Ma!

 — Ain't it funny how these things work out? by Hypoxia10/25/154.43

'Taking Care of Business' With Son

 — A woman and her son masturbate together while on vacation. by the_naked_one04/17/154.24

'Tis a Pity They're Whores Act 01

 — They wanted their own mothers, but eventually matched. by Tarbut10/25/083.61

'Tis the Season

 — Erotic vignette of a daughter in her true love's arms. by american_beauty04/12/174.28

(Indian) Aunt Rina's milk.

 — A tale of incest lactation. by vatsalya04/14/093.59

...Like Their Lives Depended On It

 — An intruder in their home has an unusual demand for mom/son. by randydaughterreborn03/27/184.35

00069 Dom Peridone Ch. 01

 — Reactivating the primordial link between mother and son. by Tarbut09/19/113.60

00072 Lesbian Cover-up Ch. 01

 — Lesbianism as a cover-up for incest. by Tarbut02/10/124.07

00073 My Wonderful Mom Ch. 01

 — A mom helps his pharmacologist son in several ways. by Tarbut07/02/143.74

00074 Butch Helen Ch. 01

 — From lesbianism to an incestuous threesome. by Tarbut12/12/143.67

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 01

 — Parker gets rewarded for helping a friend. by twofourthree11/10/184.64HOT

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 02

 — Parker gets rewarded for helping his sister. by twofourthree11/11/184.77HOT

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 03

 — The twin's turn the tables, in more than one way. by twofourthree11/15/184.74HOT

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 04

 — First it's Daisy, then California Crazy. by twofourthree11/16/184.73HOT

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 05

 — Baxter, Flowers, and Emily. Parker has his hands full. by twofourthree11/20/184.78HOT

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 06

 — Daisy welcomes me home, Lilly makes the rules. by twofourthree11/21/184.76HOT

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 07

 — Tori moves to Indy as Lilly plans for Parker's future. by twofourthree11/23/184.72HOT

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 08

 — One plus one becomes three. Lilly gets her way. by twofourthree11/28/184.12

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 09

 — Emily's wishes come true and then some. by twofourthree12/01/184.18

1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 10

 — My mother, my grandmother, and Emily. by twofourthree12/07/184.45

1 A Romance Begins

 — The first steps on David and Helen's journey as true lovers. by Peterpiper99904/15/134.26

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 09

 — Step-sis' visit ends with life-altering decisions made. by boo_dreaux10/02/114.52HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 15

 — Jo returns and the sibs go on the prowl. by boo_dreaux11/07/114.58HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 18

 — Jo pursues her dream; Meg seduces a classmate. by boo_dreaux11/23/114.55HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 19

 — The sibs meet their Irish relatives; family secrets revealed. by boo_dreaux11/30/114.49

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 20

 — A new reality and a taste of Ireland fresh on their lips. by boo_dreaux12/07/114.60HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 21

 — A very welcome home from Meg & Jan for the sibs.... by boo_dreaux12/18/114.52HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 22

 — Life moves forward for the sibs; Conclusions... by boo_dreaux01/01/124.63HOT

10.55 Ch. 01

 — My son's drawings of me lead to much more. by SylviaG08/23/093.99Editor's Pick

10.55 Ch. 02

 — More drawings and more sex. by SylviaG08/26/094.47

10.55 Ch. 03

 — More drawings. and more sex with my son. by SylviaG08/29/094.48

100 In The Shade

 — Father takes advantage of red headed daughter. by JimBob4402/17/164.51HOT

100 Sex Challenges for Jenny

 — Her Great Aunt sets 18 year-old Jenny 100 sex challenges. by MrsJ01/19/164.01

100 Years in Purgatory Ch. 08

 — A case GSA causes a hot mom to obsess over her son's cock. by JonThomas_08/28/184.12

101 Fornications

 — Sexy pay-per-view brings mom & son closer. by BabydollCop6902/24/023.96

101 In the Shade Pt. 01

 — Big brother comes home to his needy sisters. by JimBob4402/28/164.57HOT

101 In the Shade Pt. 02

 — Big brother takes care of needy sisters. by JimBob4403/02/164.76HOT

102 Maple Street

 — Birthday girl gets a surprise from Papa and brothers by Czarina12/03/013.73

103 Maple Drive

 — Stepmom & stepdaughter get to know each other. by Czarina02/17/024.15


 — Tipsy and exhausted, he came home. by theduchessviii03/10/174.17

13 Nights

 — I try to seduce my visiting cousin over the next 13 nights by Bukungz09/25/133.00

15 Paradise Avenue

 — Sally finds tranquility. by Moondrift09/04/104.14

18 At Last

 — The Tokarev twins share a very special birthday gift. by Kardas06/13/103.88

18 Only: Daughter Swap!!!

 — Sharing is caring as dads trade offspring. by msprettypink03/09/083.82

18 With The Wind Chill

 — Twin sisters heat up a pregnant teen. by JimBob4405/09/164.67HOT

18-Year-Old Jason Fancies His Auntie Ch. 01

 — Jason seduces his auntie at the family wedding. by fantasyboy02/25/094.21

1880 Sodbuster's Sister

 — Lonely sister finds love and happiness with her brother. by MarcoTambo01/22/184.41

18th Birthday Mom Fuck

 — A special 18th birthday present from mom. by leo1284609/20/174.45

18th Birthday Present

 — Mum gives girl her naked, submissive dad as present. by vi4704/26/102.88

1942 - Poignant Picnic

 — Sister gives soldier-brother a big send off. by MarcoTambo11/01/174.52HOT

1974: A Summer of Incestuous Love

 — A crazy summer forever changes father, daughter and son. by silkstockingslover08/29/144.73HOT

1982: Exploring into the Taboo Zone

 — It's wrong, but he can't resist the challenge. by gggsss196204/20/074.45

1983: Deeper into the Taboo Zone

 — His affair with hot cousin deepens - in all senses. by gggsss196204/15/074.51HOT

19th Birthday

 — Mother strikes a deal with son for his birthday wish. by mymotherismylover08/06/164.44

1derful Tease Ch. 01

 — Why Dad was teased. by autoerotism03/20/044.40

1derful Tease Ch. 02

 — Dad is past the tease and calls the bluff. by autoerotism03/21/044.53HOT

1derful Tease Ch. 03

 — Morning, noon, night! by autoerotism05/04/044.46

1derful Tease Ch. 04

 — Icecream, role play evening, & future plans. by autoerotism05/04/044.65HOT

1st Installment

 — A loving correspondence. by AnAngelReally01/06/174.00

1st Time With Roomie's Brother

 — Adultery AND incest - what a combination! by pghpa07/15/17HOT

2 Guys A Girl And Adult Bookstore

 — Step dad follows daughter & boyfriend to an adult bookstore by Tazz2706/20/134.57HOT

2 MILFs!

 — Regular guy. Not so regular mom and aunt. by Ninevah5401/09/194.64HOT

2 MILFs! Ch. 02

 — I have become a very bad mother. by Ninevah5401/13/194.53HOT

2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch. 1

 — Mom & son remember 'that summer'. by The Devils Advocate10/16/003.62

2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch. 2

 — Boys watch TV with mom & Barbara. by The Devils Advocate10/16/004.22

2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch. 3

 — Mom & Aunt turn boys to men. by The Devils Advocate10/16/004.39

2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch. 4

 — Uncle Floyd arrives home. by The Devils Advocate10/16/004.26

2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch. 5

 — Mom makes a deal with Barbara. by The Devils Advocate10/16/004.38

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 01

 — Cousins move slowly toward an erotic encounter. by MrShyTown01/02/103.88

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 02

 — He gets caught with porn by his cousin. by MrShyTown01/08/103.84

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 03

 — He discovers his cousin's panty drawer; she takes a shower. by MrShyTown01/15/104.03

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 04

 — On a family trip to Vegas, he meets cousin's best friend. by MrShyTown02/14/104.12

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 05

 — He has a close encounter with cousin's best friend in Vegas by MrShyTown02/19/104.31

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 06

 — Caught in a hotel room between his cousin and her friend. by MrShyTown04/09/104.30

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 07

 — Jenna's plan to teach Denise the Oral Arts - visually. by MrShyTown05/20/104.39

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 08

 — Thom has a late night TV encounter with his cousin. by MrShyTown08/27/104.45

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 09

 — A camping trip with the girls turns kinky in a hurry. by MrShyTown09/06/104.39

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 10

 — He watches a jacuzzi "conversation" between the girls. by MrShyTown10/27/104.46

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 11

 — Thom and Jenna's pre-wedding parties get wild. by MrShyTown01/23/114.51HOT

20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 12

 — Thom's bachelor party visits a surprising strip club... by MrShyTown12/19/114.52HOT

20 Years On and Still Enjoying MIL.

 — A mother-in-law / son-in-law love affair. by ThrobbinRobin11/15/084.38

2010: Indian Son Burning Desire

 — Indian son desires his mother and sister. by Johndoe7john02/03/103.51

2011: Indian Son Burning Desire

 — Indian son desires his mother. by Johndoe7john07/26/113.75

21st Birthday Present

 — Mum gives her son his birthday wish. by Mikro06/23/184.42

24 Hours Ch. 01

 — A tale of love and lust in the Caribbean. by Girls_cum_first02/08/074.41

24 Hours Ch. 04

 — Confessions on a clifftop. by Girls_cum_first02/16/084.61HOT

25th Class Reunion

 — Son helps mom get in shape for her high school reunion. by RainierWriterII01/09/124.72HOT

26 Stoneybrook Lane

 — Love, sex and the gauntlet run. by u06la14b08/08/144.65HOT

27 Hours

 — College guy falls for a girl, then discovers who she is. by Phantom30006/28/194.78HOT


 — Voyeur watches pool encounter between neighbors & teens by Bigr185610/24/013.93

2nd Story

 — A family business. by AnAngelReally01/07/174.55HOT

2x4 Makes Great Ch. 03

 — 2 x 4 + 1 is fine. by sirliketolickalot09/22/104.40

2x4 Makes Great Ch. 04

 — Beth learns to deep-throat. by sirliketolickalot09/23/104.12

2x4 Makes Great Ch. 05

 — Memorial Day is very memorable by sirliketolickalot09/24/104.37

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 01

 — A tale of family, friends and lovers. by RicoLouis05/28/144.38

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 02

 — Mom shares her milk and more with Son and Niece by RicoLouis06/08/144.38

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 03

 — Brother and sister watch porn together. by RicoLouis06/21/144.49

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 04

 — Brother takes pictures of little sister. by RicoLouis06/25/14HOT

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 05

 — Little Sister Abbey Spies On Her Big Brother Alex. by RicoLouis07/07/14HOT

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 06

 — Mommy Elizabeth shows off for her son Alexander. by RicoLouis07/24/144.52HOT

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 07

 — Nicolette shares a bed with her little brother Alexander. by RicoLouis08/05/144.50HOT

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 08

 — Joanna Grows Closer to Her Cousin Abigail. by RicoLouis09/17/14HOT

3 Families Vol. 02 Ch. 01

 — Alex Visits His Aunts and Cousins. by RicoLouis10/09/14HOT

3 Families Vol. 02 Ch. 02

 — Alex Loses His Virginity To His Aunt Vicky. by RicoLouis10/10/14HOT

3 Families Vol. 02 Ch. 03

 — Alex and Jo meet back up with their old flames. by RicoLouis11/08/14HOT

3 Families Vol. 02 Ch. 04

 — Alex and Jo grow closer to Kitty and Candy. by RicoLouis03/12/15HOT

3 Families Vol. 02 Ch. 05

 — Alex gets a new girlfriend and runs into an old one. by RicoLouis05/09/15HOT

3 Families Vol. 03 Ch. 01

 — What does the future hold? by RicoLouis07/18/15HOT

3 Families Vol. 03 Ch. 02

 — Alex's Cousins Find Love. by RicoLouis11/07/15HOT

3 Families Vol. 03 Ch. 03

 — Alex's story comes to a close as other's begin. by RicoLouis02/04/16HOT

3 Generations of Cock

 — Dad, Granddad and I celebrate spring break. by rae12145207/26/174.55HOT

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 02

 — Dad and Granddad make a real man out of me. by rae12145207/28/174.59HOT

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 03

 — The new deputy in town is carrying a concealed weapon. by rae12145208/01/174.47

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 04

 — I meet an old and new friend and I get my first blowjob. by rae12145208/15/174.57HOT

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 06

 — Kyle spends the night with granddad, dad and me. by rae12145210/08/174.55HOT

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 07

 — Dad's best friend turns out to be a lot more than that... by rae12145210/26/174.73HOT

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 08

 — The big dicked deputy demolishes my hole. by rae12145212/21/174.62HOT

3 Generations of Fun

 — Callum finds out his family's gay secret by samgreat33205/23/123.67

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 01

 — Jack goes on vacation with his sister and cousin. by Scott_Free01/14/174.70HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 02

 — Jack and the girls go for a walk in the woods. by Scott_Free01/17/174.78HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 03

 — Katie gets in on the action. by Scott_Free01/19/174.76HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 04

 — Truth or dare at the beach. by Scott_Free01/25/174.75HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 05

 — All of the gang finally get together. by Scott_Free01/26/174.79HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 06

 — The girls have a serious argument. by Scott_Free01/29/174.64HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 07

 — Jack gets a quickie from Julia. by Scott_Free02/11/174.72HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 08

 — Jack gets bad news, then gets sex on the side of the road. by Scott_Free02/23/174.77HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 09

 — It's Jack's Birthday. by Scott_Free03/24/174.77HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 10

 — Julia exhibits puzzling behavior in the shower. by Scott_Free03/28/174.76HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 11

 — The vacation comes to an end. by Scott_Free03/29/174.78HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 12

 — Jack and Katie's first 2 weeks back at home. by Scott_Free05/20/174.71HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 13

 — Jack's family goes on another road trip. by Scott_Free05/21/174.75HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 14

 — Some answers, some new questions, and some news. by Scott_Free05/23/174.70HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 15

 — A funeral, some hanky-panky, and a shock. by Scott_Free05/26/174.77HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 16

 — Jack and the girls attend a party. by Scott_Free05/27/174.82HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 17

 — Everything comes to a head. by Scott_Free05/30/174.75HOT

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 18

 — Jack has an unexpected surprise. by Scott_Free01/26/184.25

3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 18 - Original Ending

 — The original end of the series. by Scott_Free09/17/193.46NEW

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 01

 — Kathryn's mistake teaches Daniel valuable lessons. by twofourthree02/16/164.63HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 02

 — Dan Must Choose Sides, But Learns The Truth. by twofourthree02/18/164.63HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 03

 — Daniel Has a Plan, Sally Tries to Help! by twofourthree02/21/164.76HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 04

 — Daniel Finds Wilson in the Most Unexpected Way. by twofourthree02/23/164.74HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 05

 — Daniel takes the next step, Nikki and Kat take one too. by twofourthree02/25/164.74HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 06

 — Daniel brings happiness when tested in life and love. by twofourthree02/27/164.80HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 07

 — Danny Works his Majic, Wins Sally but Loses George. by twofourthree03/01/164.73HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 08

 — Danny Tames a Lioness, Then Gets Tested. by twofourthree03/03/164.74HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 09

 — A Plane Trip and Nikki Changes Daniel's Life Forever. by twofourthree03/06/164.69HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 10

 — Danny's Wife Takes Charge Then all Hell Breaks Loose. by twofourthree03/10/164.70HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 11

 — Lizzy and Danny help Sally with her list. by twofourthree03/16/164.64HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 12

 — Danny loses part of his past and welcomes the future. by twofourthree03/24/164.71HOT

3 M's, My Many Mothers Ch. 13

 — FINAL: Danny Finds the Missing Piece to the Puzzle, Will it Fit? by twofourthree06/27/164.77HOT

3 The Power of Avalon

 — The sexiest building there is and a houseguest. by Cactus3411/19/124.75HOT

3 Things Ch. 01

 — Daughter becomes Daddy's third fetish. by wetntite06/16/134.16

30 Days - Episode 01

 — Grounded, two siblings find a way to cope. by zooeyaudrey07/11/114.44

30 Days - Episode 02

 — Mira and Brian have their first full day alone. by zooeyaudrey07/19/114.60HOT

346 Steam Up Ch. 01

 — She seduces her brother at train museum. by hotpup12/26/054.40

346 Steam Up Ch. 02

 — Daughter and wife get all steamed up. by hotpup01/14/064.49

3rd Generation

 — Love through the ages. by AnAngelReally12/31/164.44

4-4-1 Guys at a Bar Pt. 02

 — Derrick advances on his sister, but is she just teasing? by CopperSkink01/11/104.26

4-4-2 Guys and Girls at a Bar

 — Derrick gets backlashed in his persuit of his sister. Twice. by CopperSkink01/12/104.28


 — Incest... and a curious ailment? by hdm303lj05/20/013.79

4th and Goal

 — Two women destined to be together. by AnAngelReally01/01/174.66HOT

4th of July with Mom

 — Mom & Son discover each other. by kzthunder10/28/074.42

50s Family: A Sister's Virginity

 — Virgin sister becomes obsessed with twin brother’s big cock. by silkstockingslover08/24/174.75HOT

50s Family: And Mommy Too

 — Mom and daughter explore each other in the tent. by silkstockingslover11/10/174.66HOT

50s Family: Backseat Fucking

 — Lucky guy fucks both his sister and Mom while Dad drives. by silkstockingslover01/11/184.59HOT

5th Anniversary to Remember

 — A couple enjoys their anniversary with a special guest! by Mello_SixtyNine02/27/144.53HOT

5th Wheel

 — A hectic and energetic family reunion by AnAngelReally01/02/173.96

6 Snowbirds

 — Parents venture north seeking the heat. by Cactus3409/16/134.60HOT

6th Cup

 — Family comes calling after so long. by AnAngelReally01/08/174.48

7:14 AM

 — A model discovers she is fucking a father and son duo. by SlutProblems04/04/193.90

7th Heaven

 — A Mile High Club family special. by AnAngelReally01/09/174.21

8-ball with Mom and Friends

 — Mom tells a filthy story before entering a bar with Son. by RiskyVenture03/12/193.86

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 06

 — Sara fucks brother's huge cock and new hung husband. by shoguy05/29/134.15

8th is Enough

 — A family that loves together... by AnAngelReally01/10/174.31

9:47am - A Sequel

 — The Fun continues just a few hours after 2:37am. by Bigr185601/01/104.10

9½ Long, Hard Weeks

 — A dutiful mother helps her son document his rapid growth. by TheRhymer09/15/104.46

A Hot Little Sister for Christmas

 — College guy is reunited with his hot sister. by The Duke06/09/014.11

A Sister's Love

 — "My brother did not force me doctor, I seduced him." by mintabal323911/24/064.27

A Summer to Remember Ch. 01

 — Things heat up between Jezebel and Step-Daddy. by LoveBlossoming10/27/114.08

A Weekend at the Cabin

 — Cher, Peggy and their families spend a week-end at a cabin. by rilysilywily06/20/164.64HOT

A "Bad" Day: Cast & Crew

 — Just a filler detailing cast members. by DavidAdains04/13/183.76

A "Bad" Day: Day 01

 — The things that happen when you have a "Bad" day. by DavidAdains03/30/184.05

A "Bad" Day: Day 02

 — The after effects of day one and new "complications". by DavidAdains04/26/184.43

A "Bad" Day: Day 03

 — Things get interesting, and a story is told. by DavidAdains05/18/184.78HOT

A "Bad" Day: Day 04

 — Some days are worse than others. by DavidAdains05/30/184.48

A "Bad" Day: Day 05

 — Some days aren't as bad as others. by DavidAdains07/11/184.62HOT

A 'Cute' Mom

 — A son's love is sorely tested. by Mikelh05/03/024.30

A 'Not So Normal' Family

 — He desires his busty, curvy mother. by Horny_9teen01/18/014.00

A (Very) Friendly Agreement

 — Two women come to a son/husband sex agreement. by Synthia08/17/054.36

A (Very) Friendly Agreement Ch. 02

 — Two women trade husband/son sex. by Synthia08/25/054.32

A 60's Summer

 — 18yo discovers the pleasure of sex with sis and 2 cousins. by Lucien_Al09/11/134.26

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 06-07

 — Sisters surprise each other. by Wm_Sexspear10/10/024.44

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 09

 — Daughter sees what she wants in the stable. by Wm_Sexspear10/12/024.06

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 13

 — Sisters relax, then decide the boys fate. by Wm_Sexspear10/15/024.37

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 22

 — Lynn warms 'em up, Beth finishes 'em off. by Wm_Sexspear10/22/024.70HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 23

 — Beth & Lynn decide it's time for change. by Wm_Sexspear10/22/024.71HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 26

 — Who's who isn't necessarily a book. by Wm_Sexspear10/27/024.65HOTContest Winner

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 31

 — Sisters give show, & boys get supporting rolls. by Wm_Sexspear10/31/024.68HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 34-35

 — Don't try this while driving. by Wm_Sexspear11/02/024.62HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 38-39

 — Larry discovers his sister. by Wm_Sexspear11/05/024.48

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 42-45

 — Three 'sisters' plot Larry's future. by Wm_Sexspear11/08/024.59HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 46

 — Carly's plan takes her brother to the brink. by Wm_Sexspear11/10/024.76HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 47-48

 — To she or not to she, that is the question. by Wm_Sexspear11/11/024.74HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 49

 — Siblings spend their first day together. by Wm_Sexspear12/19/024.60HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 52

 — Carly's Coming Out Party by Wm_Sexspear12/13/024.72HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 53

 — Who knew church and homework could be such fun. by Wm_Sexspear12/16/024.69HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 54

 — Wayne gets an eyeful. by Wm_Sexspear12/18/024.54HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 55

 — Who watches the watcher? by Wm_Sexspear12/20/024.70HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 56

 — Daddy gets the best birthday present ever. by Wm_Sexspear12/21/024.59HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 57

 — Larry enjoys a stroll down mammary lane. by Wm_Sexspear12/22/024.61HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 58

 — Mom tending the garden makes everything grow, even Larry. by Wm_Sexspear12/23/024.74HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 60

 — Mom opens up for Larry. by Wm_Sexspear11/09/034.53HOT

A Baby For His Sister Ch. 01

 — His has to father sister's child. by need_lactating_mom09/02/044.09

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 01

 — The Discovery: a man, a woman and a daddy/daughter fetish. by LolitaXXX02/07/184.57HOT

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 02

 — Daddy educates his baby girl on his plans for her... by LolitaXXX02/09/184.56HOT

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 03

 — Daddy marks what's his. by LolitaXXX02/21/184.58HOT

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 04

 — A Baby Girl Is Born: Breastfeeding Daddy. by LolitaXXX04/14/184.45

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 05

 — A Baby Girl is Born: Shopping with Daddy. by LolitaXXX05/30/184.61HOT

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 06

 — Lunch with daddy. by LolitaXXX10/16/184.42

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 07

 — Playing in the woods with Daddy. by LolitaXXX02/16/194.49

A Babysitter's Tale

 — A short story of true love and incestuous love. by Fliccy_sub12/02/184.37

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