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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Cuckolding My Father Ch. 05

 — Jonelle satisfies her curiosity -- & her son. by D.C. Roi05/09/034.48

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 06

 — Things continue to heat up between J.J. and his mother. by D.C. Roi06/03/034.30

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 07

 — J.J. teaches his mother about cunnilingus. by D.C. Roi06/04/034.58HOT

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 08

 — The seduction plan takes another step forward. by D.C. Roi06/05/034.40

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 09

 — J.J.'s father is home, but that doesn't stop them. by D.C. Roi06/30/034.46

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 10

 — The seduction moves into the final stages. by D.C. Roi07/02/034.39

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 11

 — J.J. & Jonelle go grocery shopping. by D.C. Roi08/03/034.57HOT

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 13

 — J.J. and Jonelle get a surprise invitation. by D.C. Roi12/24/034.57HOT

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 14

 — J.J. & Jonelle plan trip to the family reunion. by D.C. Roi12/24/034.59HOT

Cuckolding My Son Ch. 01

 — After 18 years, I'm ready to start dating again... by johnjinglez112/15/173.99

Cuckolding My Son Ch. 02

 — After 18 years, I'm ready to start dating again - Part two. by johnjinglez112/16/173.84

Cuckolding My Son Ch. 03

 — The day my son finally snapped. by johnjinglez112/20/174.01

Cuckolding My Son Ch. 04

 — Things haven't been the same. by johnjinglez106/24/184.03

Cuckolding My Son Ch. 05

 — My son is in charge now. by johnjinglez102/12/193.94

Cuckqueen Mommy

 — Woman explores her newfound kinks with her family. by SatinSlip06/22/184.55HOT

Cuddle Time with Mom

 — Mother & Son share some private time one morning. by Amisbro03/02/093.78


 — Little sister has a crush on her big sister. by Xarth09/13/134.70HOT

Cuddle-Slut Ch. 02

 — More sexy times for the sisters. by Xarth11/02/134.75HOT

Cuddling with Mommy Ch. 01

 — Mother and 18 year old son cuddle and fuck. by MadreGel10/25/144.18

Cuddling with Mommy Ch. 01

 — Son and mother's cuddle gets hot. by asdfdsa197604/16/144.09

Cuddling with Mommy Ch. 02

 — After cuddling, Sam and Katie take a shower. by asdfdsa197605/06/144.32

Cuddling with Mommy Ch. 02

 — Mother and son in the shower. by MadreGel10/26/144.32

Cul-De-Sac Ch. 01

 — A family's turmoil all come together at the same time. by BigBenSoysages03/04/193.96

Culture School Ch. 05

 — Chapter: Maidenhead Gone by Birds__Eye01/09/114.33

Culture School Ch. 06

 — Family Night. by Birds__Eye02/11/134.28

Cum 4 Mommy: A Cum Bucket Story

 — Mom’s cum addiction is sated by virgin nerd son's big cock. by silkstockingslover06/22/164.60HOT

Cum 4 Mommy: A Cum Diet Story

 — Cum addicted Mommy sucks son's big cock any time, any place. by silkstockingslover12/22/164.55HOT

Cum 4 Mommy: A Virginity Lost Story

 — Cum addicted Mom takes her son's virginity. by silkstockingslover01/03/184.60HOT

Cum Craving Grammy

 — Mature woman trained to guzzle grandson's semen. by dreamweaver553907/28/174.43

Cum Eater

 — Sister grows to love her brothers cum. by sanchovillareal04/20/123.71

Cum Eating Aunt

 — And he's ready to provide. by KingKongDong9909/20/094.02

Cum Feast

 — Prude sister can't resist brothers, or their hot girlfriends. by Archer205005/16/084.57HOT

Cum Fly With Me

 — Aunt's kissing lesson leads too much much more. by fhmguy11/04/074.34

Cum for Mommy

 — Mommy sends in her girlfriend to masturbate her son. by Ona_Nism08/04/123.85

Cum Inside Me Cousin

 — Ashley has thoughts wander while with her male cousin. by empressashleymarie08/22/043.62

Cum into the Night

 — A late night no words spoken sexual encounter. by sub_of_Sir08/17/103.85

Cum Is Thicker Than Water

 — I had recently moved in with my niece. by JackandJilldo12/27/104.07

Cum on Mum

 — He likes to lick cum from his mother's hot body. by britneyfan07/20/074.38

Cum Research with Mom

 — Son needs to cum in her mouth-- urgently! by HeyAll05/21/184.50HOT

Cum Research with Sister

 — "I'll suck your dick, but Mom can never know." by HeyAll01/04/194.49

Cum Slut Cathy No. 02

 — A birthday fuck for a neighbor. by Sassy Susan04/03/074.09

Cum Sluts Party

 — Sams family have THAT get-together. by bouncytig0611/25/044.31

Cum to Mommy

 — What happens when 19-year-old son sees her masturbating. by whoremom12303/02/094.51HOT

Cum to Mommy Ch. 02

 — Further adventures with my son. by whoremom12306/25/104.55HOT

Cum to Mommy Ch. 03

 — My sexual adventures with my son are re-ignited. by whoremom12303/20/154.57HOT

Cum to Mommy Ch. 04

 — I am my son's slut for a day. by whoremom12304/03/154.57HOT

Cum Visit for Some Summer Fun

 — Ryder has his little sister visit for summer fun & trouble. by ilikeitlikethat1808/26/144.27

Cum Watch Me Ch. 04

 — Callie gets double penetrated by daddy. by fms961209/15/174.23

Cum with Mom

 — Mike and his Mom comfort each other with hot sex. by ADOM05/06/173.98

Cum With Us

 — One guy gets three hot triplets. by beautifulone4u11/16/05

Cum, Ye Motherfuckers, Cum

 — This Oedipus opus is dedicated to my mother, Dell. by oediplex10/09/154.38

Cum-Stuffed Mom

 — Submissive mom gets a creampie... make that three! by BIG LIK10/09/013.64

Cumdoll Ch. 01

 — Nephew Lloyd teaches Aunt Vicky a lesson in blackmail. by Vanguard6501/04/054.33

Cumdoll Ch. 02

 — Vicky is blackmailed by her neighbor for perverse purposes. by Vanguard6507/19/054.21

Cuming Home

 — He comes home to Mom. by akblw111/23/024.39

Cuming Home Ch. 02

 — His aunt comes to visit. by akblw112/15/024.46

Cumming Back Home

 — Mum & Son get close after his return home. by Derby7103/26/194.52HOT

Cumming between a Mother + Daughter

 — He's dating a single mother. by snowblind67810/16/114.49

Cumming Clean

 — Hidden desires and feelings eventually surface. by Many Feathers07/04/134.48

Cumming Clean with Daddy

 — Mandy surprises her father in the shower. by lovecraft6802/13/154.62HOT

Cumming Home

 — He meets mother's sexual needs. by ADOM08/05/024.29

Cumming Home

 — A mother's love finds new bounds. by No Panty Girl12/23/054.07

Cumming Home

 — Jack's loss of a job brings about unexpected pleasures. by Many Feathers03/06/094.60HOT

Cumming home

 — Oliver reunites with his beautiful little sister. by lillianlovelady11/19/094.00

Cumming Home

 — Danny returns home to an unexpected family reception. by rufriter05/02/114.48

Cumming Home Ch. 02

 — The twins. by No Panty Girl01/01/064.17

Cumming Home for the Holidays

 — A holiday story about going home and finding love. by sislvr12/12/014.14

Cumming Home Late

 — Daddy's little girl is late and daddy is not happy. by daddyswhore6909/12/174.15

Cumming Home to Dad

 — Daughter gets what she needs. by standingstones11/02/154.17

Cumming Home Too

 — 40-year-old son's affair with his older mother. by ADOM09/23/064.09

Cumming in Mommy's Hair

 — Mother and son make a deal to satisfy their lust. by IncestWincest10/21/163.60

Cumming in the Country

 — City Couple find naughty twins next door. by TasteMeImYummy11/16/054.36

Cumming in the Family

 — Scott has the girl, then her mother has him. by fluidmingle04/09/074.46

Cumming of Age

 — Young adultes in war-torn Germany by funinwash01/30/104.03

Cumming of Age Ch. 3

 — What a day, and now my mom? by Bobby T06/14/014.54HOT

Cumming on Mom

 — Mom buys son boots and skirt for masturbation. by tendernips12/28/063.85

Cumming on My Sister's Face

 — Older brother bribes his pretty sister. by Indy8708/11/144.31

Cumming On To Big Brother

 — Sister gets a cum shower, and she gets to fuck her brother. by 12Pooky1205/21/144.15

Cumming to Terms

 — A mother and son open up to each other. by klrxo12/19/024.28

Cumming to Terms Ch. 02

 — Mom and son become more open. by klrxo12/21/024.37

Cumming to Terms Ch. 03

 — Mother and son get touchy-feely. by klrxo12/23/024.50HOT

Cumming to Terms Ch. 04

 — Mother and son get bolder. by klrxo12/23/024.49

Cumming to Terms Ch. 05

 — Mom and son's night goes on and on by klrxo01/19/034.58HOT

Cumming with Son on New Year's Day

 — Mom + weed = orgasmic need - Happy New Year! by oediplex12/28/144.51HOT

Cupid's Gifts

 — Brother and sister, but didn't know it. by julybear701/20/114.65HOT

Cure For Loneliness

 — An uncle discovers his one weekness. by boy scout09/08/024.49

Cured for Christmas

 — Dad won't so son must try to cure his lesbian sister. by scouries11/11/114.60HOT

Curfew Too Late

 — Consequences can be sweet. by EroticaKane02/05/043.82

Curing Mom's Addiction Ch. 01

 — A son makes his mother a fuck-slut to cure her addiction. by Rusty_Zipper05/02/184.23

Curing Mom's Addiction Ch. 02

 — An incestuous mother manipulates siblings to sin. by Rusty_Zipper05/09/184.48

Curiosity Filled the Cat

 — Stepdaughter finds porn on her dad's follows . by PrincessS8510/25/124.33

Curiosity Started It All

 — Daughter's nasty sex questions lead to fun for all. by luvincupl06/02/033.90

Curious Chelsea and Bad Grandpa

 — Teen caught snooping in her grandparents' bedroom. by MisterReason10/29/154.38

Curious Teen

 — Curious girl spies on her brother. by Nicole9906/04/053.62

Curly Red Hair

 — Powerful, real-life discovery of incest and adultery. by boy scout08/09/024.15

Curly Red Hair Ch. 2

 — He can't stop himself. by boy scout08/14/024.51HOT

Curly Red Hair Ch. 3

 — The unexpected revelation. by boy scout08/19/024.65HOT

Curse of the Kissing Cousins

 — Is it a curse...or a privilege? by Tara_Neale12/14/124.54HOT

Cursed by Lust for her Son…

 — Joe discovers Mom’s unquenchable craving for him. by CavyConsultant10/03/164.24

Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 02

 — Margaret finds out about her twin daughters the hard way. by AnotherHotWife05/21/134.53HOT

Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 03

 — The Idol persuades Jill to convert her own daughter. by AnotherHotWife02/26/134.58HOT

Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 04

 — The Idol claims another mother and her virgin daughter. by AnotherHotWife03/09/134.62HOT

Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 05

 — Tilly is kidnapped to lure her mom into a trap, idol style! by AnotherHotWife03/21/134.66HOT

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 01

 — Idol of Lesbos III - Sacrifices. by AnotherHotWife03/31/134.41

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 02

 — Teachers, mothers, daughters, and friends all succumb... by AnotherHotWife04/08/134.53HOT

Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 01

 — A magical idol turns a straight girl into a crazed lesbian. by AnotherHotWife03/23/124.56HOT

Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 02

 — Little sister Vanessa finds big sister Jennifer's secret. by AnotherHotWife10/27/124.61HOT

Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 03

 — Jennifer's younger cousins are next to convert to lesbians! by AnotherHotWife01/18/134.61HOT

Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 04

 — A depraved sapphic day of sisterly lust concludes. by AnotherHotWife02/02/134.62HOT

Curtain Girl

 — Mike a catcalls a Burqa wearing girl. by vapist08/17/163.50

Curve Ball

 — A son plans to seduce frustrated Mother. by blaster66605/31/184.76HOT

Curvy Aunt Gives Nephew a Gift

 — Sexy aunt gives her nephew a going away gift before college. by Auntylover199011/24/16

Custom Fantasy Video

 — DeeDee discovers dad's secret video...& secret desire. by tracker9950411/08/014.22

Custom Fantasy Video Ch. 2

 — Dee discovers another hot secret (or two). by tracker9950411/26/014.53HOT

Custom Fantasy Video Ch. 3

 — Daddy 'discovers' Dee's video. by tracker9950411/27/014.51HOT

Custom-Fit Genes

 — A Man impregnates his gay niece's wife. by HappyOldGuy11/05/153.43

Customer Appreciation: Just Right

 — Who's been eating in Mom's bed? by sirhugs05/17/044.43

Cut from the Same Cloth

 — Matt lets his mother's genie out of the bottle. by Taboorotica09/30/124.39

Cut from the Same Cloth Ch. 02

 — Jeanette submits to Matt. by Taboorotica01/25/134.46


 — Cousin gave me my Summer of 42; mom my Summer of 43. by clinton0902/06/124.14

Cuz Julie

 — Scott's Canadian cousin is a hottie. by Jumpingman11/14/004.43

CvsN 20: Something Old and New

 — Barbecue’d ribs and skewered teens. by Tx Tall Tales08/08/104.76HOT

CvsN 21: Confession and Contrition

 — Amie opens up, and Karen moves out. by Tx Tall Tales08/22/104.74HOT

Cyber Mom

 — Mom discovers the joys of cybersex. by estories6906/21/014.15

Cyber Mom Ch. 2

 — Mother & daughter share a dildo. by estories6906/27/014.31

Cyber Porn Can Get Mom Going

 — Late night surfing leads to incest fun. by studpuppie104/04/013.90


 — Sean fulfills his younger sister's cyberslut fantasies. by Erlikkhan09/27/104.57HOT

Cyberslut Ch. 02

 — Amanda takes it up the ass for the first time. by Erlikkhan10/17/104.59HOT

Cycling Can Be Fun

 — He's screwing his way across Europe. by JANAMARIE11/15/054.69HOT

Cycling Weekends with Sis

 — Hard rides lead to a different type of ride. by 8letters08/31/134.61HOT


 — Daddy's girl comes through with a hooker. by Kirk48200210/31/034.30

Cynthia's Desire: A Tape for Mother

 — Cynthia gives her mother a special recording. by CynthiasDesire07/12/054.31

Cynthia's Desires: A Mother's Love

 — A daughter makes some disturbing discoveries. by CynthiasDesire06/30/054.28

D-a-a-d Ch. 01

 — Daughter & Dad eventually get together. by mrakm08/21/154.18

D-a-a-d Ch. 02

 — Kelly watches father & daughter make dreams cum true. by mrakm09/04/154.27

D-a-a-d Ch. 03

 — Sunday morning with the girls. by mrakm06/03/164.46

D. A. Dad

 — Dad catches daughter & her friend hooking. by hotpup10/13/044.20

Dacoits and Innocent Son

 — Dacoits intruded the house and helped by son. by kvijaya50803/09/163.73


 — Daughter-in-law cheers him up after wife's death. by vargas11108/22/044.26


 — Dad and I get closer. by jjcole4312/13/134.16


 — How I started a new neural pathway. by Best_fiction_author_on_Grindr06/05/193.55

Dad & Daughter

 — Daughter seduces dad, later gets pregnant. by Vic512/09/034.02

Dad & I - Cry or Cum

 — Son catches widower dad watching gay porn. by writing_guy07/04/034.30

Dad & Uncle Rog

 — Daughter catches Dad with a man, & blackmails him. by busyman02/25/014.29

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 01

 — A story about fishing -- or is it? by clive52203/03/064.07

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 01

 — Starting at home. by Clive52310/26/113.99

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 02

 — More fishing stories. by clive52203/10/064.21

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 02

 — More to share by Clive52311/03/114.35

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 03

 — Some night fishing. by clive52203/15/064.33

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 03

 — Some night fishing. by Clive52303/06/153.72

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 04

 — Is this the end - perhaps of this trip? by clive52203/20/064.36

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 04

 — Maybe back to Home. by Clive52303/07/154.25

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 05

 — Let's make it hot. by clive52211/14/064.40

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 05

 — Another Day at Home. by Clive52303/07/154.04

Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 06

 — Dangerous sex. by clive52201/05/074.35

Dad and Brother Punish Anne

 — Daddy and Brother punish me for being a slut. by dickpussyeater08/31/153.67

Dad and Daughter

 — Father gets a visit from his sexy daughter. by jaysins2807/22/09

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