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Endangered Ch. 11 - Chasing domestic bliss.
      Submitted by ltpc  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/17/19  Hot
Lucifer Ch. 04: The Floating City - Lucifer goes to Venice to find a reliquary.
      Submitted by anyawvossand  (Gay Male) 02/17/19
A New Office Jade Ch. 05 - Completing the Office Harem and the Story.
      Submitted by sinwizard  (Erotic Couplings) 02/17/19
Scabbard & Blade Ch. 03 - Will Lori finally get the dance she was promised?
      Submitted by aRedheadWrites  (Romance) 02/17/19
A Virtual Temptress Ch. 04 - The real world offers no escape from the succubus.
      Submitted by QuietElegance  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/17/19  Hot
Dreamboat Ch. 08 - Reid, Wren and Sasha are becalmed as three become four.
      Submitted by SleeperyJim  (Novels and Novellas) 02/17/19  Hot
Far From Me Pt. 02 - A visitor's revelation throws a relationship into chaos.
      Submitted by stfloyd56  (Erotic Couplings) 02/17/19
My Little Ventrue Pt. 03 Ch. 10 - Things from the other side.
      Submitted by NovusAnimus  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/17/19  Hot
Descent Ch. 08: Graduating - She graduates to a new life.
      Submitted by imalaraida  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/17/19
A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 68: Morning Fun - The party gets a chance to unwind.
      Submitted by DrowsDilemma  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/17/19  Hot
A Good Working Relationship Ch. 18 - Comeuppance and retribution.
      Submitted by LittleBrain  (Romance) 02/17/19  Hot
Stacy Brown Got Two Ch. 03 - Stacy helps many ladies and attends an Abductee Convention.
      Submitted by dezurtdawg  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/17/19  Hot
The Woman on the Bus Ch. 07 - The three ladies have lunch, make their way to Gina's after.
      Submitted by WriterMatt  (Lesbian Sex) 02/17/19
The Dead World Ch. 07 - Things go awry when Dog and Charlie slip off on their own.
      Submitted by seraph_nocturne  (Erotic Horror) 02/17/19
The Ladies Ch. 03 - Fucking my brains out with five sexy horny Japanese women.
      Submitted by jkun  (Group Sex) 02/17/19
Tragedy and Love Ch. 02 - Amelia and Kyle's relationship grows stronger.
      Submitted by kim2734c  (Interracial Love) 02/17/19
The Foreign Exchange Student Pt. 02 - He does more things he never thought he'd do with Jurgen.
      Submitted by Secret_sex99  (Gay Male) 02/17/19
Guilt Trip - She took an off ramp.
      Submitted by Skippy47  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
Chaos of Darkness and Light Ch. 01 - A young woman finds herself in a very dark, and evil place.
      Submitted by Ladytiger199  (NonHuman) 02/17/19
Fun and Games for John Pt. 01 - Private lessons and group sex make for a happy guy.
      Submitted by NerdySex  (Erotic Couplings) 02/17/19
Michelle Home Alone for a Week Ch. 04 - It's your body, use it any way you want to give you pleasure.
      Submitted by Frenchmarine1  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
Takeover - My friend, Sara, has other means to bear a child.
      Submitted by ReignLoveridge  (Erotic Couplings) 02/17/19
Jessica's New Life Ch. 08 - Jess gets a new Mistress and Emily gets trained.
      Submitted by crimfolk  (Interracial Love) 02/17/19
Lime in the Coconut - Winter neighbor bonfire - neighbors meet.
      Submitted by fadedgiant  (Romance) 02/17/19
Daily Sex Journal - Week 01 - Bisexual Polyamorous Groups.
      Submitted by bimindwanders  (Group Sex) 02/17/19  Hot
Lady Carmen's Fantasies - A Lady explores her fantasies and ends up exposed.
      Submitted by Maria_McGeorge  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 02/17/19  Hot
A Marriage Aflame - A cheating wife revealed and the revenge is EPIC!
      Submitted by SithLord6969  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
No-No Natalie - Natalie said sex was a no-no, but...
      Submitted by KimKim5  (Erotic Couplings) 02/17/19
The Wife and the Black Gardeners Ch. 02 - A photography session goes too far.
      Submitted by Stormbringer  (Interracial Love) 02/17/19  Hot
Beach Week - Night 01 - Two horny teens have a drunken encounter on the beach.
      Submitted by EliHaze  (Gay Male) 02/17/19
The Nude Studio Apartment Challenge Pt. 01 - Great opportunity to win money, maybe more?
      Submitted by hotprof1973  (Romance) 02/17/19  Hot
Wife and Ex-Wife Ch. 01 - Nina and Patrick's first date starts off with a bang!
      Submitted by kathrynmburke  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
Watching Jessie - First time seeing my girlfriend with another guy.
      Submitted by StThomas83  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
Research Project Pt. 01 - She learned more than she should have.
      Submitted by ribnitin  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
My Wife Cheated - But I got fucked.
      Submitted by Ephesus14  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
Fantasy Becomes a Reality Pt. 01 - Fantasy becomes reality on New Year' Eve between two friends.
      Submitted by TheServicer2  (Erotic Couplings) 02/17/19
The Valentine Next Door - A widow gets a surprise from her young neighbor.
      Submitted by lonelyluca  (Interracial Love) 02/17/19  Hot
Kim Accepts the Indecent Proposal - Husband Garrett enjoys as wife Kim takes the neighbor deep.
      Submitted by unfaithfulwives  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
Mr. Lonely - A short story followed by a love note.
      Submitted by TheSonglessBard  (Humor & Satire) 02/17/19
Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 09 - Brian and Carolyn make a last stand. Kyle declares war.
      Submitted by Happytimeshappy  (Erotic Horror) 02/17/19
Lisa's Fashion Show - Lisa helps her friend.
      Submitted by flashgordon562006  (Erotic Couplings) 02/17/19
Operation Chameleon Ch. 02 - Office Mouse begins her training to be a Field Agent.
      Submitted by Iainmore  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 02/17/19
A Mistake Makes a Stepmom a Slave - Mistaken identity makes Caroline a Slave.
      Submitted by redwolf555  (Lesbian Sex) 02/17/19
Punished in Step Sister's Clothes - Caught in my sexy step sister's clothes and she's not happy.
      Submitted by genericusername96  (Transgender & Crossdressers) 02/17/19
Sissy Arlene's Soul Mate - A continuation of Sissy Wants Her Wife's Boyfriend series.
      Submitted by SissyArlene  (Transgender & Crossdressers) 02/17/19  Hot
The Thief Pt. 02 - Keisha's humiliating and arousing life as a slave continues.
      Submitted by domfun  (BDSM) 02/17/19  Hot
Working Girl - A married woman must submit to her husband's powerful boss.
      Submitted by TheArcticFox  (BDSM) 02/17/19
Bad Kitty Ch. 04 - Kat explores even more of her wild side with Ethan.
      Submitted by Smuttyandfun  (Erotic Couplings) 02/17/19  Hot
House of Pleasure Ch. 05 - Mistress takes her new slaves ass for the first time.
      Submitted by Massurian  (BDSM) 02/17/19
The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 17 - Geri's initiation into a Sub club.
      Submitted by smitty469  (BDSM) 02/17/19
Kim's New Life Ch. 07 - Kelly makes a proposition.
      Submitted by JanetMon  (Lesbian Sex) 02/17/19
Lamentations of Psyche Ch. 02 - Eros saves Psyche from Aphrodite but not from her own mind.
      Submitted by Vix_Giovanni  (Incest/Taboo) 02/17/19
In-Law with Benefits - Welcoming Mother-In-Law.
      Submitted by midnight_doctor  (Incest/Taboo) 02/17/19
First Sexual Experience - This is a story about following my brother downstairs.
      Submitted by michie  (Incest/Taboo) 02/17/19
Poison Ivy - Daughter and Best Friend Entice Dominant Daddy.
      Submitted by VanillaExtract  (Incest/Taboo) 02/17/19  Hot
Satisfying Dad - A short fantasy about seducing my father.
      Submitted by SlutforRAR  (Incest/Taboo) 02/17/19
The Massage Away Ch. 07 Pt. 13-14 - My Queen's pleasures continue, as do mine and the gents'!
      Submitted by formyqueenspleasure  (Fetish) 02/17/19
Indian Femdom Marriage Ch. 04 - Mistress takes her slave on trip and makes his life hell.
      Submitted by viju90  (BDSM) 02/17/19
The Long-Haul Driver Pt. 04.3 - Brenda gives him a fashion show.
      Submitted by silversmiles64  (Fetish) 02/17/19
Pictures of Mom - Derek returns home and his fantasies finally come true.
      Submitted by MommysBoy99  (Incest/Taboo) 02/17/19
Matching Madison Ch. 01 - Aaron's housemate and her twin have always been competitive.
      Submitted by PanWhoWrites  (Mind Control) 02/17/19  Hot
You Know What I Want? Ch. 02 - Couple at risk of getting bored explore new sexiness.
      Submitted by Learningfast  (Loving Wives) 02/17/19
Read Me like a Book - Rosa's erotica novel has caught up with her.
      Submitted by feministpron  (Fetish) 02/17/19
Blackmailed into Submission - Blackmailed into submission by my neighbor.
      Submitted by tzleaze123  (Transgender & Crossdressers) 02/17/19
Controlling My Boyfriend Ch. 05 - Samantha sucks dick to get out of lease.
      Submitted by beaverhunt  (Incest/Taboo) 02/17/19
Changing Spaces - Exploiting Amy Lynn Ch. 01 - Decorating couple invites in her complicated friend.
      Submitted by TighterPlease  (BDSM) 02/17/19
A Trip to Australia Ch. 04 - A husband and wife team up to abuse a female fucktoy.
      Submitted by Dr_And_Mrs  (BDSM) 02/17/19
Next Door Aunt Shows Heaven - This story happened few months ago and is exciting to share.
      Submitted by localstranger14  (Incest/Taboo) 02/17/19
Celebrity Juice - TV Show Celebrity Juice Special gets a bit carried away!
      Submitted by mrmark83  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 02/17/19
Liliah Willowmist Ch. 07 - Lili breaks from traveling, Corellion has a narrow miss.
      Submitted by RhapsodyXxX  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 02/17/19
Harry Styles - Instant Attraction Ch. 03 - Harry and Charley go on their highly anticipated second date.
      Submitted by sweeter_sensations  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 02/17/19
Catwoman by Gaslight - Catwoman gets upstaged, amongst other things, by Raffles.
      Submitted by 123z  (Celebrities & Fan Fiction) 02/17/19
John Smith Inc. Ch. 02 - John and April return from their honeymoon!
      Submitted by Absolutelywickedthoughts  (Mind Control) 02/17/19  Hot
Evan's Artifact - Evan investigates an alien artifact with his friends.
      Submitted by express_latte  (Mind Control) 02/17/19
Haitian Bisexuality is Awesome - Bisexual Haitian men appreciate their women.
      Submitted by Samuelx  (Group Sex) 02/17/19
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