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Our Best Friends' Exes - The sequel to The Last Summer of Its Kind.
      Submitted by YDB95  (Letters & Transcripts) 11/16/18  Hot
For Your Dining Pleasure - Earning and learning through performance art.
      Submitted by TarnishedPenny  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18  Hot
Santa's Little Helper - A sexy Elf helps me get over a break up.
      Submitted by DutchAlex  (Fetish) 11/16/18  Hot
A Woman's Story of Love Ch. 52 - A woman's story of love in one hundred episodes, Part 52: "Monster".
      Submitted by midorigreengrasses  (Illustrated) 11/16/18
Senior Year Memories Ch. 19 - Holiday good deeds lead Ryan to a gamer & a mistress.
      Submitted by aimingtomisbehave33  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18  Hot
Myka's Tail Ch. 05 - Confessions of a Teenage Sex Kitten.
      Submitted by Magical_Kitten  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/16/18  Hot
Maggie's New Life Ch. 04 - Maggie starts the final weeks of her training and fucks Sam.
      Submitted by sadkins116  (Illustrated) 11/16/18
Torgan Wine Ch. 42 - Private conversation with Burgath, Kresh wants an apology.
      Submitted by Isemay  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/16/18
Steampunk Harlots Ch. 41 - Some pirates run afoul of the girls.
      Submitted by RedFireBrand  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/16/18  Hot
Fire in The Hole Ch. 03 - Conclusion; fiery sex; an emotional family reunion.
      Submitted by WifeWatchman  (Novels and Novellas) 11/16/18  Hot
Hyperspermia Pt. 02 Ch. 01 - Stanley Goes to College.
      Submitted by novella_champ  (Novels and Novellas) 11/16/18  Hot
Relative Perversions Ch. 07 - Getting Him All In Her End.
      Submitted by Bishopmalcolm08  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18  Hot
The Island Ch. 03 - His third day on the island. Classes start.
      Submitted by Nouh_Bdee  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18  Hot
Futanari Notebook Ch. 15 - Overcome.
      Submitted by sexgundam666  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/16/18
Sharing Jill Ch. 02 - This is the 2nd chapter of a shy wife who becomes a hot wife.
      Submitted by Jay142  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18  Hot
The School Ch. 06 - Zamuel's new life has only started.
      Submitted by NeighbourhoodSuccubus  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/16/18
A Dragon's Tale Ch. 02 - "Viel feind, viel ehr" (many enemies, much honor)
      Submitted by Antiproton  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/16/18  Hot
Paige Ch. 10: Teddy Bear - "Dear Diary...Actions moan louder than words. GO BEARS."
      Submitted by SZENSEI  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18
Insurrection - His reign as the tyrant was brief, then he abdicated.
      Submitted by blackrandl1958  (Loving Wives) 11/16/18  Hot
Watching Eve Pt. 21 - Apologising to the electrician.
      Submitted by Clynelish1  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18
A Snowy Evening - Claire enjoys a romantic Colorado cabin.
      Submitted by Dodrick  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18
The Changeup - Claire learns to share.
      Submitted by Dodrick  (Loving Wives) 11/16/18
Little Sis Ch. 06 - Gabi and Mara, sparks fly, but who enjoys it the most?
      Submitted by CiaoSteve  (Lesbian Sex) 11/16/18
The Good Aunt - College freshman is helped out by his uncle's wife.
      Submitted by WifeANympho  (Group Sex) 11/16/18
The Conference - A receptionist at a conference is on the prowl for older men.
      Submitted by melted_winters  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18
The Twins - Seduced into knocking up twin sisters.
      Submitted by RockHerWorld  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18  Hot
Karyn's Summer Vacation - Married couple's summer adventures.
      Submitted by Missthefriz  (Loving Wives) 11/16/18
My First Cocks - I get my first cocks in L.A.
      Submitted by SlutAlexR  (Gay Male) 11/16/18
The Picnic - Jack and Marion give a bird watcher something to see!
      Submitted by MarionsLover  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18
Wife's Hobby - Truth Revealed - Wife confesses to exhibitionist desires.
      Submitted by Happy2swing  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18
Teardrop Trailer Threesome - MFF - A husband and wife warm up a stranger while camping.
      Submitted by johnnyroxx  (First Time) 11/16/18
Party Favor Pt. 01 - An aspiring starlet signs on with a mysterious agency.
      Submitted by davybyrne  (Lesbian Sex) 11/16/18  Hot
Perfect 10 - Sticking the landing -Or- A mounting dismount.
      Submitted by Boondocker42  (Humor & Satire) 11/16/18
Well... He Did Say Please Ch. 03 - Michael helps me with my first buy.
      Submitted by pdiddyd55  (Gay Male) 11/16/18  Hot
Monogamous Filth: In the Darkness - Sara fantasizes about another man while getting pounded.
      Submitted by Pr_Paul33  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18
The God-Father - My wife's god-father wears a leather belt.
      Submitted by steelring  (Loving Wives) 11/16/18
Tail Sting Ch. 02: Orientation - A Half-Elf gets some ink.
      Submitted by AoDes216  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/16/18
The Night Off - A fraternity pledge hooks up with his roommate.
      Submitted by beyondtheset  (Gay Male) 11/16/18
Sweet, Quiet Janet Ch. 03 - The Luncheon - Janet hosts a luncheon for her friends.
      Submitted by swimthong  (Mature) 11/16/18
Supporting Our Veterans Pt. 02 - This story is my wife's progression into sharing.
      Submitted by Birdfan480  (Loving Wives) 11/16/18
Coriander Dream - Fairytale Porn - An unexpected curse was cast onto the princess...
      Submitted by TristyPixie  (Lesbian Sex) 11/16/18
My Birthday Present - FFM - Wife surprises Husband with a FFM with her BFF for his Birth.
      Submitted by ultramannc  (First Time) 11/16/18
A Friend in Need - Marion gives a helping mouth to lonely friend.
      Submitted by MarionsLover  (Loving Wives) 11/16/18
Interesting Gems - A halloween get together turns mysteriously sexy.
      Submitted by m_storyman_x  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18  Hot
My First - Virgin experiences a couple of firsts.
      Submitted by lizaruth  (First Time) 11/16/18
I Would Do Anything for You Ch. 04 - There are revelations when I call round Kelly's flat.
      Submitted by Just_My_Type  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18
An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 08 - Naked in a coffee shop and a big decision.
      Submitted by WillingWolf  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18
A Week Night - Sam gives her noisy flat-mate a piece of her mind.
      Submitted by JoeStirling  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18  Hot
Way over The Line... - Consequences suck.
      Submitted by Jckpnsvg  (Loving Wives) 11/16/18
A Fumble Leads to a Fuck - Neighbour Fun.
      Submitted by pjd66  (First Time) 11/16/18
The Resort - It became more than a romantic getaway...
      Submitted by OHcpl0710  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18
My Ex Wants a Friday Night Hookup - College hookup between ex's on a Friday night after classes.
      Submitted by Synyst3r  (Erotic Couplings) 11/16/18
Hawaii Five Blow - What happens in Hawaii, Stays in Hawaii.
      Submitted by SexyCurvz  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 11/16/18
Rubbed the Right Way Pt. 01 - My first experience with another man.
      Submitted by Turnupthetrouble  (Gay Male) 11/16/18
Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 18 - Chapter 18 - Seth gets reminded of his place.
      Submitted by and9993  (BDSM) 11/16/18
Not Again Ch. 02 - How could she.
      Submitted by Omega12  (Loving Wives) 11/16/18
WBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 12 - Party Planned, Party Held, Some Surprises.
      Submitted by Thors_Fist  (BDSM) 11/16/18
The Weekend Necklace Pt. 01 - She gives up control for the weekend.
      Submitted by NonOptional  (BDSM) 11/16/18
Weekend at Aunt Nikkis - A visit to Aunt Nikki's house turns into threesome.
      Submitted by lanfisher  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18
1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 04 - First it's Daisy, then California Crazy.
      Submitted by twofourthree  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18  Hot
Shelly's Secret Ch. 04 - A story of family incest.
      Submitted by GregKirkland  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18
Touch Therapy - A young man caught between two sisters faces a choice.
      Submitted by darkoverlord6  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18
The Game - Father and daughter play an adult game.
      Submitted by thelustfulpoet  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18
Kaitlin's Wedding Fantasy - An exhibitionist wedding incest fantasy.
      Submitted by autoplot  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18
Our Family Vacation Ch. 06 - Sometimes family dinners can really be fun.
      Submitted by tastycandy  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18
Some Kind of Spell Ch. 03 - The 3rd installment in Angela and Pierre's story.
      Submitted by SinfulSexPot  (BDSM) 11/16/18
Letters from Carol Ch. 03 - Maddie takes Carol's instructions seriously.
      Submitted by fittexanman  (Incest/Taboo) 11/16/18  Hot
SEXXX Ep. 02 - Pro-style women's wrestling with a sexy twist!
      Submitted by SportsEntertainmentXXX  (Fetish) 11/16/18
A Little Help around the House - Two people in different walks of life find their fetish...
      Submitted by Zippeduptight  (BDSM) 11/16/18
Slave Wife Ch. 08 - Glory Hole.
      Submitted by comanchee  (BDSM) 11/16/18
My New Neighbours - I get to know my new neighbours.
      Submitted by csm1967  (Transgender & Crossdressers) 11/16/18  Hot
The Breaking of Alice Continues - Mistress takes Alice for a night out.
      Submitted by sissyassslut  (BDSM) 11/16/18
Cammi, Don and Candi Ch. 03-05 - Don begins to evolve into Candi.
      Submitted by cammicutter  (Fetish) 11/16/18  Hot
Beth's Family Ch. 02 - Online sex gets better in reality.
      Submitted by Jack1107  (Mature) 11/16/18
The Substance Pt. 03 - More magical bdsm action.
      Submitted by RoughDaddyIN  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 11/16/18
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