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Aileen, the Virgin Sister - Religious beliefs are tested as she explores boundaries.
      Submitted by HeyAll  (Incest/Taboo) 10/04/15
The Sultry Sorceress Ch. 12 - A Thief and a Paladin.
      Submitted by markydaysaid  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/04/15
Fire and Rain Ch. 06 - Enemies Collide and Secrets Plague the Couples.
      Submitted by Dlovely  (Interracial Love) 10/04/15
Sally And The Apartment Manager - Sally has one of her fastest unplanned sexual encounters.
      Submitted by twistedgraygoat  (Erotic Couplings) 10/04/15
I Got Myself a Cum Slut Pt. 02 - The story continues as Paul falls further under my control.
      Submitted by AJ1603  (Gay Male) 10/04/15
The Shrinking Story Pt. 03 - Ashley and Thea are captured and experimented on.
      Submitted by truewarrior  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/04/15
Sisters Ch. 04: Acceptance - First moves and second chances.
      Submitted by nageren  (Romance) 10/04/15  Hot
Happy New Year - A new years eve, party for two.
      Submitted by RedSoop  (Lesbian Sex) 10/04/15
Mary Models - Jenny and Mary do some art modeling!
      Submitted by Jappio  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 10/04/15
The Unsuccessful Voyeur - John decides to bring a camera to the spa.
      Submitted by MiddleAgedMan  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 10/04/15  Hot
Orpheus's Fallen Angel Ch. 21 - Lotus and Lily heal Orpheus with sex.
      Submitted by Buzzboy  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/04/15
Cheating Wife & Cuckold Husband #10 - Jay catches his wife having sex with her 25-year-old lover.
      Submitted by SusanJillParker  (Loving Wives) 10/04/15
Not So Unrequited, Maybe? - Are you really into me?
      Submitted by OEdward  (Gay Male) 10/04/15
It Made Me Smile - 9 out of 10 authors think 9 out of 10 authors are idiots.
      Submitted by MsTrina  (Humor & Satire) 10/04/15
BabySitter Grown - The babysitter is all grown up.
      Submitted by Ashson  (Erotic Couplings) 10/04/15
The Dinner Part at Jing's - My curious wife makes a bet.
      Submitted by zamm  (Loving Wives) 10/04/15
Till Death Do Us Part - Some ideas sound exciting until they hit home, then aren't.
      Submitted by Slirpuff  (Loving Wives) 10/04/15
MILF and the BBC Ch. 02 - A MILF is discarded but finds solace in an unlikely source.
      Submitted by Silfy69  (Interracial Love) 10/04/15
My First - Few can claim to have lost their virginity the way I did.
      Submitted by BigDog666  (Mature) 10/04/15
Nurse Katrina - Nurse Katrina heals body + soul w/ her demands for ass sex.
      Submitted by emmemagdalene  (Anal) 10/04/15
Want to Bet? - He loses...and they learn more about each other...
      Submitted by Us_Two4play  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 10/04/15
The Corner Pt. 02 - Discipline of a young female lawyer.
      Submitted by tom6432  (BDSM) 10/04/15
The Odd Bunch - Things swiftly come to a head in the Dacey family.
      Submitted by CthulhuSeeksFemale  (Incest/Taboo) 10/04/15
Family: The Forbidden Fruit - A mother and son discover the true meaning of love.
      Submitted by some1unknown2u  (Novels and Novellas) 10/04/15
Five Birthday Gifts for My Sir, John - Birthday Present.
      Submitted by SubSavanna  (Erotic Couplings) 10/04/15
The Sorceress Ch. 01 - A returning princess receives a harsh welcome.
      Submitted by Loving_Brother  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/04/15
I Can't Sleep - She needs your help sometimes....
      Submitted by DuchessElnaWinship  (Erotic Couplings) 10/04/15
For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 40 - The package.
      Submitted by Thatawfulwowporno  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/04/15  Hot
Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 13 - Roxy Rocket is looking for a new ride...
      Submitted by SierraLeeAuthor  (Celebrities) 10/04/15  Hot
Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 19 - Howard's Fantasy Parodies Start Great but end up in Disaster.
      Submitted by baranbrat  (Celebrities) 10/04/15
Clarke's Not So Fake Marriage - Clarke and Lexa get married.
      Submitted by MTL17  (Celebrities) 10/04/15
Short Skirts - An interracial couple's rough role-play night.
      Submitted by Javertthejollypastrychef  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 10/04/15
Timestopper Begins Ch. 32 - The time stopper ensures a girl makes amends.
      Submitted by Drmaxc  (NonConsent/Reluctance) 10/04/15
Kiss of the Succubus Ch. 06 - Balko demands Grace surrender her body and soul.
      Submitted by Totzman  (Illustrated) 10/03/15
Spell, Crook and Handle Pt. 07 - Louis and his mom consummate the will of the dark pharaoh.
      Submitted by Lost Boy  (Incest/Taboo) 10/03/15  Hot
The Cave Ch. 04 - Conclusion.
      Submitted by Clunkety  (NonHuman) 10/03/15  Hot
Disposable Hero Ch. 03 Pt. 02 - The Gathering - Adjusting.
      Submitted by Bokhun  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/03/15  Hot
Disappearing Act Ch. 02 - Don pillows a witness as Cindy and Phyllis gather clues.
      Submitted by WifeWatchman  (Erotic Couplings) 10/03/15
A Journey into a Strange Mind Vol. 10 - Golden dawn & Sorrows to live/ Knights of Ashanthia.
      Submitted by 19Arose  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/03/15
Werewolf at Heart Ch. 05 - Carly finds out about werewolves.
      Submitted by radella  (NonHuman) 10/03/15  Hot
An Incest Birthday Ch. 34 - Things finally go right for a change.
      Submitted by kevin_88  (Incest/Taboo) 10/03/15
Red, Woodsman and Wolf Ch. 03 - The conclusion to the story.
      Submitted by Altissimus  (NonHuman) 10/03/15  Hot
Brother Wolves Ch. 06 - Enemy vanquished.
      Submitted by Iread2relax  (NonHuman) 10/03/15  Hot
An Unlikely Alliance Ch. 01 - An Akaviri soldier and a cat-girl finally get warm and dry.
      Submitted by TaLtos6  (NonHuman) 10/03/15  Hot
Chloe and the Rocker Ch. 02 - A concert, sex, a video shoot and much more sex.
      Submitted by ARavenInTheNight  (Erotic Couplings) 10/03/15
To Have and to Cuckold Pt. 01 - Man struggles to understand how his life came to be.
      Submitted by javmor79  (Loving Wives) 10/03/15
Couple's Sexfight Ch. 02 - Chapter 2.
      Submitted by BikerT  (Group Sex) 10/03/15
A Kitten's Tail Ch. 01 - A wounded kitten helps heal her Masters broken heart.
      Submitted by wolfdragon76  (Erotic Couplings) 10/03/15
Pathetic Ch. 03: Relationships - Brett tries to convince Lucca to think about dating.
      Submitted by kipp412  (Gay Male) 10/03/15
The Twelfth of Never Ch. 02 - Emma helps Sophie and Beth accept their sexuality.
      Submitted by Maonaigh  (Lesbian Sex) 10/03/15  Hot
Arguments and Alterations Ch. 01 - Discover your hidden desires in this unique board game.
      Submitted by Ragnarok385  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/03/15
Interlude in the Dark - A friendly chat in a waiting room takes an interesting turn.
      Submitted by Wanderingcargo  (Erotic Couplings) 10/03/15
The Gym - Late night yearnings satisfied by a fit stranger.
      Submitted by Wanderingcargo  (Erotic Couplings) 10/03/15
Katheryn's Baby - A couple naively tries to help with friends' baby problems.
      Submitted by TheForester  (Non-Erotic) 10/03/15
4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 02 - Aidan seduces Claire.
      Submitted by hetup  (Mature) 10/03/15  Hot
Daren and Robert on Fire Island - In awe of the alpha muscle bear of Cherry Grove.
      Submitted by alphafan  (Gay Male) 10/03/15
Proof of Performance Pt. 02 - A dance comes together.
      Submitted by OliviaLocke  (Exhibitionist & Voyeur) 10/03/15  Hot
Danny Ch. 01 - A young man' journey to adulthood.
      Submitted by Just Plain Bob  (First Time) 10/03/15
In the Hands of a Vampire Ch. 01 - The Vivian Addams Story: 1961.
      Submitted by Vivian_Addams  (Erotic Horror) 10/03/15
The Lesbian, the Bitch, and the Bathrobe - Shy, lonely girl finds love and lust through a magic doorway.
      Submitted by walkerlong  (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) 10/03/15  Hot
Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 09 - The honeymoon begins with a bang - or two.
      Submitted by dispatcher59  (Mature) 10/03/15
Birthday Surprise - Jessica gets a surprise for her birthday.
      Submitted by risefromtheashes  (Erotic Couplings) 10/03/15
Bar Girl Ch. 08 - Miss Boom-Boom and Miss Ass-Fuck go to a photo-shoot.
      Submitted by XerXesXu  (Novels and Novellas) 10/03/15  Hot
G. I. Joe Pt. 01 - Hot wife agrees to have sex with solider.
      Submitted by Twotooto222  (Interracial Love) 10/03/15
Julie's Tale Pt. 02 - My first encounter.
      Submitted by JulieRichUK  (Group Sex) 10/03/15
Caroline Pleasured by Two Ch. 01 - Husband returns the favor, all about her...
      Submitted by NaughtyCaroline68  (Group Sex) 10/03/15
Mutual Benefits - Scholarship Intern Program.
      Submitted by bhuff  (Novels and Novellas) 10/03/15
Merna's Story Pt. 03 - Girls have sex in bathroom & taking in by police.
      Submitted by slimpic11  (Anal) 10/03/15
Hockey, Threesome, Anal Pt. 01 - Orin and I introduce a new girl to anal.
      Submitted by ThorOdinson  (Anal) 10/03/15
My Memories of David Ch. 03 - A bachelor party takes a decidedly filthy turn.
      Submitted by msmithyxx  (Gay Male) 10/03/15  Hot
Dirty Washing - Mal gets Claire to have some fun in the shower.
      Submitted by MissChastitty  (Lesbian Sex) 10/03/15
My Luvv - Housitter deals with impetuous next door neighbor.
      Submitted by 1965Squash  (Mature) 10/03/15
Four Play Ch. 02 - Jasmine and Tara get acquainted.
      Submitted by lizard_lix  (Lesbian Sex) 10/03/15
Annie's Story Laid Bare - Faithful married woman succumbs to temptation.
      Submitted by Rachel6  (Novels and Novellas) 10/03/15
Great Old One Pt. 09 - Annika finds out why she was captured...
      Submitted by QueenPersephone  (Erotic Horror) 10/03/15
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