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I am a 33 year bisexual man. I have gotten many blowjobs from men and women alike and I have given many blowjobs. I am writing this to help both men and woman to understand the art of pleasuring a...

How To Give Great Blowjobs by MarkLazer

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I have written some of my thoughts on training my own bi slave husband in the past and thought that perhaps a primer on bringing new bi slaves into the fold would be helpful. I have been the Domme to...

Training Bi Males by MistressDelia

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Not everybody can be Christian Grey or even aspire to that level of luxury. Most people in the BDSM scene are required to be budget conscious as a singular purchase can blow the weekly toy allowance...

BDSM: Toybox Tips On A Budget by xelliebabex

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1.Love Your Readers
Your readers are precious. Help them. by Tx Tall Tales (08/02/13)
4.81 (153)
2.The Summer of My Pregnancy
Heather's pregnant phone sex for married men. by HawkerDeHavilland (01/17/14)
4.75 (24)
3.Heather's Pregnant Phone Sex
A working girl's script for pregnant phone sex by Heather by HawkerDeHavilland (05/25/13)
4.73 (22)
4.Are We Satisfied
Questionnaire for couples considering more spice. by Glenmorangie12 (12/01/13)
4.71 (21)
5.Giving and Taking Lit. Feedback
Advice tidbits on giving/ taking Literotica writing advice. by sr71plt (03/07/14)
4.71 (24)
6.Getting Veterans Records
For veterans: how to get your US military veterans medical records. by JagFarlane (01/22/14)
4.70 (30)
7.How to Receive Anal Sex Ch. 02
More tips and hints for men on receiving anal sex. by MarkLazer (01/30/14)
4.63 (41)
8.How to Locate Your Lover's G-spot
...and properly stimulate it. by robertreams (12/31/13)
4.63 (131)
9.How To Give Great Blowjobs
A man's guide on how to blow men. by MarkLazer (10/06/13)
4.62 (88)
10.Love Your Readers: Categories
Help Your Readers. Categorized Your Story Correctly. by Tx Tall Tales (11/02/13)
4.54 (68)
11.How to Receive Anal Sex
A man's guide on how to receive anal sex. by MarkLazer (10/12/13)
4.52 (141)
12.A Gift to Writers
It's/its, your's/yours, to/too/two, etc. A writer's macro. by Tx Tall Tales (09/09/13)
4.50 (62)
13.How to Make a Woman Want You Ch. 03
Wayne gets a total makeover to help make a woman want him. by SusanJillParker (09/07/13)
4.50 (12)
14.How To Give Great Blowjobs Ch. 02
A variety of physical techniques to enhance orgasm. by MarkLazer (11/14/13)
4.45 (31)
15.Your Wife's Lesbian Fantasy Phone Sex
A working girl's script for a husband's secret obsession. by HawkerDeHavilland (05/13/13)
4.44 (18)
16.Training Bi Males
A primer from a Lifestyle Mistress on training new slaves. by MistressDelia (05/08/13)
4.44 (71)
17.Submission 101
Rules (thoughts) on playing safely, sanely and consentually. by Tara_Neale (01/18/14)
4.43 (21)
18.It's How They Say It
Tips for writing conversations! by pacifist91w (04/15/14)
4.41 (22)
19.Sex Prep 101
Has it been a while? Get ready to rock his world! by BatsandGlamour (02/07/14)
4.41 (37)
20.A Special Treat...
Give him a sexy 1950s-style Valentine's Day. by Tara_Neale (01/30/14)
4.40 (47)
21.Experiencing GM-Partnered Sounding
Experiential research into the extreme GM fetish of sounding. by sr71plt (05/11/13)
4.39 (57)
22.BDSM: Toybox Tips On A Budget
A light hearted guide to filling a kinky toybox on a budget. by xelliebabex (07/04/13)
4.39 (57)
23.How to Humiliate and Degrade
A guide to humiliation and degredation from a Dom wife. by annyfanny (05/17/13)
4.36 (151)
24.How To Make A Woman's Body Sing
Touching three hidden spots that lead to amazing orgasms. by celesteandjim (07/15/13)
4.31 (118)
25.Crazy Married Sex
A woman's view of a real sexual marriage. by stephandjim (07/16/13)
4.29 (72)
26.A How To: Just Your Fingers
Let me help you get off with just your fingers. by Pierce_Roberts (05/05/13)
4.22 (63)
27.Diary of a Phone Sex Operator
How I spent my summer vacation. by peepshowgirl (06/16/13)
4.21 (33)
28.How To Talk Dirty To Me
A letter to my Master. by secretdesires69 (07/17/13)
4.20 (35)
29.Your New Male Slave
How to train your slave - the first week. by CoupleInExile (09/08/13)
4.18 (66)
30.Dig Your Fingernails in Deep
A sermon on writing. by MSTarot (12/05/13)
4.17 (24)
31.All in the Timing
Guide to Imposing Discipline. by cynthiablaine7 (09/12/13)
4.15 (13)
32.A Lovers' Guide to 21st Century Sex
Raunchy and, sometimes, just wrong. by Seanathon (03/28/14)
4.11 (28)
33.What Have I Learned?
Learning by doing. by SamScribble (02/10/14)
4.11 (19)
34.How To: Reboot Your Sex Life
How to "Man Up" your sex life with your lady by SlimFat (05/04/13)
4.07 (76)
35.Oral Sex Tips
Oral sex guide. by sexnovella (03/16/14)
3.93 (28)
36.Submissive Men and Ogling
A how-to article for training the submissive male. by redbottomed (06/11/13)
3.85 (54)
37.Breaking Taboos Believably
How to write taboo fiction believably. by Acktion (02/20/14)
3.83 (30)
38.How To Have Sex
How to have sex, a tutorial for couples. by SlimFat (07/08/13)
3.79 (33)
39.Handjob Ch. 03
My wife makes me her cuckold. by CuckoldGuy (04/08/14)
3.54 (96)
40.Handjob Ch. 02
How to change your husband into your cuckold. by CuckoldGuy (03/27/14)
3.54 (113)