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A Lake to Ourselves (3.55)A late summer's fantasy. Group Sex 05/06/12
A New Rider (4.16)Riding the waves. Erotic Couplings 12/11/16
A Year at The Baths (4.23)Enjoying a full turn of the seasons. Gay Male 12/22/10
Another Bathhouse Border Crossing (4.56)Discovering new territory.  Hot Gay Male 09/19/13
Another Step in the Water (3.43)Making slow progress. Loving Wives 02/14/12
Bathhouse Accessory: 4 Part Series
Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 01 (4.19)A new aroma in the steamroom. Gay Male 04/21/15
Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 02 (4.21)A familiar aroma in the darkroom. Gay Male 05/04/15
Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 03 (4.06)A camera paired with a familiar aroma in a private cabin. Gay Male 06/08/15
Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 04 (4.15)Sharing familiar bottles in the video room. Gay Male 06/21/15
Bathhouse Afternoon Opening (4.17)Another afternoon in the steam. Gay Male 09/25/10
Bathhouse Afternoon Satisfaction (4.20)Keeping a familiar schedule. Gay Male 04/15/12
Bathhouse Balls (3.96)Having him by the balls. Gay Male 04/08/15
Bathhouse Basement Steamroom (4.02)Learning the layout. Gay Male 03/17/10
Bathhouse Bench Display (4.20)Spread in the steam. Gay Male 10/08/11
Bathhouse Bottom Experience (4.36)Sinking deeper into the hot darkness. Gay Male 10/06/10
Bathhouse Cabin Fun (4.08)Finding the door open. Gay Male 01/11/13
Bathhouse Comparisons: 2 Part Series
Bathhouse Comparisons Ch. 01 (3.09)The New. Gay Male 04/28/13
Bathhouse Comparisons Ch. 02 (3.42)The Familiar. Gay Male 04/29/13
Bathhouse Dark Room (4.51)Eye opening is not the way to describe my first visit.  Hot Gay Male 11/02/09
Bathhouse Darkroom Desires (4.26)A room full of suckers. Gay Male 02/19/14
Bathhouse Darkroom Seduction (4.00)Intentions, reality, and results. Gay Male 01/05/15
Bathhouse Foot Fun (3.76)Intimate massage among strangers. Gay Male 04/16/12
Bathhouse Heaven: 25 Part Series
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 01 (4.54)Getting a real taste of earthly delight.  Hot Gay Male 02/29/16
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 02 (4.34)Another irresistible taste of earthly delight. Gay Male 03/22/16
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 03 (4.20)Getting licked. Gay Male 05/26/16
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 04 (4.17)Visions from a male paradise. Gay Male 08/11/16
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 05 (4.49)An offer of paradise. Gay Male 09/02/16
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 06 (4.14)Sucked into heaven. Gay Male 09/23/16
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 07 (4.47)Ass licking angels. Gay Male 10/06/16
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 08 (4.57)Steamy kissing.  Hot Gay Male 12/09/16
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 09 (4.41)Blissfully exposed. Gay Male 01/17/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 10 (4.18)Timeless ecstasy. Gay Male 02/09/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 11 (4.50)Part of the crowd.  Hot Gay Male 03/17/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 12 (3.97)Back in the crowd. Gay Male 04/20/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 13 (4.60)Heavenly kissing.  Hot Gay Male 06/02/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 14 (4.18)Extended bliss. Gay Male 07/07/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 15 (4.56)Gifted angels and clumsy distractions.  Hot Gay Male 07/11/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 16 (3.45)Variations. Gay Male 07/14/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 17 (4.47)Angelic teasing. Gay Male 07/19/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 18 (3.80)Delayed delight from an angelic slut. Gay Male 07/27/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 19 (4.28)A liquid visit. Gay Male 09/14/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 20 (4.18)So close to paradise. Gay Male 09/29/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 21 (4.08)In paradise part 1 - pictures. Gay Male 10/14/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 22 (4.13)In paradise part 2 -- steamroom. Gay Male 10/16/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 23 (4.06)Between extremes. Gay Male 11/28/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 24 (4.07)Time flies so wonderfully. Gay Male 11/30/17
Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 25 (4.35)Oral delights. Gay Male 12/20/17
Bathhouse Kiss (4.21)Making Out In The Bathhouse. Gay Male 12/25/13
Bathhouse Laughter (4.09)Sometimes, it is a laughing matter. Gay Male 11/28/14
Bathhouse Lessons (3.94)No need to be ignorant. Gay Male 01/14/15
Bathhouse Lures: 3 Part Series
Bathhouse Lures Ch. 01 (4.49)Angling for non-beginners. Gay Male 04/05/13
Bathhouse Lures Ch. 02 (3.80)Angling again. Gay Male 04/19/13
Bathhouse Lures Ch. 03 (3.77)How to use a rod. Gay Male 05/09/13
Bathhouse Mid-Afternoon Fun (4.22)Busier than normal. Gay Male 03/23/11
Bathhouse October Anniversay (3.97)Another glorious October visit. Gay Male 11/19/11
Bathhouse Patterns (3.90)Not getting lost in a crowd. Gay Male 11/28/11
Bathhouse Pictures: 2 Part Series
Bathhouse Pictures (3.95)Private camera work in a public place Gay Male 04/24/14
Bathhouse Pictures Ch. 02 (3.78)Third time remains a charm. Gay Male 07/13/14
Bathhouse Porn: 2 Part Series
Bathhouse Porn (3.75)Enough said. Gay Male 03/07/14
Bathhouse Porn Rush (4.17)Joining the group. Gay Male 04/05/13
Bathhouse Quicky (4.56)Wednesdays are just right.  Hot Gay Male 02/28/12
Bathhouse Reflections (4.29)Steamy summer fun. Gay Male 07/13/10
Bathhouse Roles (4.09)Playing a new role at the sauna. Gay Male 11/11/14
Bathhouse Rush Routine (3.56)Breaking patterns can be rewarding. Gay Male 06/03/13
Bathhouse Scheduling (4.14)Following a rhythm. Gay Male 03/21/12
Bathhouse Steam Room (4.10)Getting hot in the steam. Gay Male 11/19/09
Bathhouse Steamroom Rush (4.03)Encountering a tempting scent. Gay Male 12/27/14
Bathhouse Summer Return (3.78)Summer relief in the steam. Gay Male 08/06/11
Bathhouse Summer Saturday (4.12)Summer afternoon in the steam. Gay Male 08/29/10
Bathhouse Summer's End: 3 Part Series
Bathhouse Summer's End Ch. 01 (4.12)Enjoying the crowd. Gay Male 09/10/12
Bathhouse Summer's End Ch. 02 (3.73)Returning as quickly as possible. Gay Male 09/22/12
Bathhouse Summer's End Ch. 03 (4.33)The end of the afternoon. Gay Male 10/07/12
Bathhouse Surprises (3.84)Lounging around. Gay Male 01/29/14
Bathhouse Temptations: 5 Part Series
Bathhouse Temptations (4.57)Bowl, beer, brown bottle, bliss.  Hot Gay Male 08/19/15
Bathhouse Temptations Ch. 02 (4.22)Smoke, steambath, bottle, blowjob. Gay Male 10/12/15
Bathhouse Temptations Ch. 03 (4.18)Bowl, beer, blowjobs, booths, brown bottle, bliss. Gay Male 12/11/15
Bathhouse Temptations Ch. 04 (4.38)Bowl, beer, bottle, darkroom perfection. Gay Male 01/28/16
Bathhouse Temptations Ch. 05 (4.90)Bowls, beer, brown bottle, booth bliss.  Hot Gay Male 01/29/16
Bathhouse Travel: 3 Part Series
Bathhouse Travel Ch. 01 (3.29)Gaining a wider view. Gay Male 06/20/12
Bathhouse Travel Ch. 02 (4.11)A late 70s bathhouse revival. Gay Male 06/27/12
Bathhouse Travel Ch. 02.5 (3.71)Telling tales. Gay Male 07/09/12
Bathhouse Travels Return (4.24)Enjoying the familiar. Gay Male 08/12/12
Bathhouse Whirlpool (4.32)Getting sucked down. Gay Male 09/09/14
Bathhouse Winter Opportunity (3.95)Catching up with the bathhouse season. Gay Male 02/14/11
Bathhouse Writing Break (4.07)Enjoying the chance to do a little more primary researching. Gay Male 04/23/11
Bathhouses In Another Land: 4 Part Series
Bathhouses In Another Land Ch. 01 (3.41)Extending my boundaries. Gay Male 12/16/12
Bathhouses In Another Land Ch. 02 (3.57)Enjoying a convenient bathhouse. Gay Male 12/26/12
Bathhouses In Another Land Ch. 03 (4.18)Returning to the 70s. Gay Male 12/27/12
Bathhouses In Another Land Ch. 04 (4.44)Telling the wife about (some of) my adventures. Gay Male 01/30/13
Beyond Glorious (x.xx)Kissing opens a glorious new world.  Hot Gay Male 09/29/07
Big City Bathhouse (4.00)Going to town in the city. Gay Male 12/27/16
Cinematic Glory: 2 Part Series
Cinematic Glory Ch. 01 (4.08)Enjoying the theater. Gay Male 06/30/07
Cinematic Glory Ch. 02 (4.13)Enjoying the theater's next showing. Gay Male 07/13/07
Cock Cup Vibrations (3.83)Not only for women. Toys & Masturbation 09/25/13
Discovering Glory (4.20)Returning with new eyes. Gay Male 03/22/08
Enjoying Spring's Almost Arrival: 2 Part Series
Enjoying Spring's Almost Arrival (4.40)Getting off in the pool. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/25/13
Enjoying Spring's Almost Arrival Ch. 02 (3.25)Indulging that sauna tingling sensation. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/01/15
Erotic Trimming (4.35)Revealing a new look in the sauna. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/30/15
First Time Twice (3.75)Doubling first time pleasures. Gay Male 07/15/08
Foreign Land Fucking (4.07)Enjoying a religious experience. Erotic Couplings 01/02/16
Fourth in Glory (4.17)Glory hole visit is very satisfying. Gay Male 02/17/06
Fridays are a Rush (x.xx)Taking time on a Friday. Gay Male 01/21/09
Fuckin' Bus (3.83)A pleasant threesome in the morning. Group Sex 11/09/06
Glorious: 4 Part Series
Glorious (3.96)A glory-holer's first time. Gay Male 10/07/05
Glorious New Toy (4.09)A heavier magic wand has won her heart. Toys & Masturbation 08/29/07
Glorious Second (4.14)Second time at a glory hole. Gay Male 12/22/05
Glorious Toy (4.26)Coiled in pleasure. Toys & Masturbation 01/30/06
Glory Again (4.12)Another fantastic trip to the glory hole. Gay Male 06/22/06
Glory Display (x.xx)Cock games in 3D. Gay Male 05/26/07
Glory Show (x.xx)Glory holes are so hard to resist. Gay Male 09/24/06
Glory Skills (4.35)Skillful craftmanship in the dark. Gay Male 06/11/08
Glory Strokes (4.24)Stroking times two. Gay Male 07/01/09
Gloryhole Contrasts (4.19)Quick links. Gay Male 09/14/11
Gloryhole Rediscovery (3.78)Closed bathhouse leads to an open gloryhole. Gay Male 08/15/10
In The Dark Again (4.15)Bathhouse pleasures prove impossible to resist. Gay Male 11/05/09
Not Exactly My Mother In Law (4.03)Enjoying a fall afternoon with a swinger. Loving Wives 11/05/12
Not Exactly Shared (3.41)Pictures of my not exactly mother in law. Loving Wives 10/17/13
Not So Glorious Third Time (3.62)Back to Earth. Gay Male 12/29/05
Personal Magic Wands (3.25)Each their own. Toys & Masturbation 12/29/13
Return Of The Wand (3.93)Rediscovering old pleasures. Toys & Masturbation 07/08/13
Returning (4.11)Drought ends at the original glory hole. Gay Male 04/14/08
Rushing into a Threesome (4.14)Wednesday downtown discovery. Gay Male 02/25/09
Saturday First (3.72)Glory hole first time on a Saturday. Gay Male 04/08/07
Saturday Rushing (4.30)Male or female, being in a rush isn't always avoidable. Erotic Couplings 12/22/08
Sauna Between Seasons (3.35)Enjoying a spring day nude. Loving Wives 07/14/11
Spanish Beach: 2 Part Series
Spanish Beach Ch. 01 (4.41)Mutually natural. Gay Male 12/19/09
Spanish Beach Ch. 02 (4.44)MMF fun at the beach. Group Sex 06/13/10
Sunday Morning (3.55)She came by for breakfast around 9. Erotic Couplings 04/28/06
Telling the Wife (3.91)Confessing to being sucked by a man. Loving Wives 05/15/08
Thursday Visit (x.xx)Undressing unneeded. Erotic Couplings 09/07/08
Toy Discovery (3.73)Adding to the wand collection. Toys & Masturbation 06/18/12
Toy Pictures (3.56)Documenting a new addition to the collection. Toys & Masturbation 07/21/12
Twice the Rush (3.56)A serial threesome. Gay Male 04/26/09
Vibrator Rush (4.50)Combining the old and the new.  Hot Toys & Masturbation 12/03/12
Water Glory (x.xx)Summer fun by the lake. Erotic Couplings 11/01/05
Whirlpool (3.87)Enjoying the currents. Gay Male 07/14/13
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