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oh god your accent and those moans........ fuck.

Oh my goodness

This is my first time doing something like this. I always love hearing men talk dirty and commanding and this was so perfect. It's the first time I've come without having visual stimulation and I can say this has to be the best decision if my life. The way you growl and talk is so mind numbing I can do nothing but comply to your demands. Definitely using this again sometime.

Thank you!

@LadySybilla…My deepest thanks, who knows maybe there will be a Pussy Tease and Torment part 2. I definitely love the power that my audio affects you, and love to hear that I can keep you cuming back!

Thank you all very much!

Thank you to all - I'll post more when I can. Your feedback has been inspiring and in response to one in particular I won't be doing any 'personalized' audios yet, but am thinking of opening a website with more stories in the future - maybe then? Until then - love hearing from you!

Oh yes!

I seriously have never cummed so hard than when listening to this audio. I can't get enough, you have such power over me. I love it. I can't wait to listen to more, and listen over and over again to this.


The ending on this one makes me laugh so hard every time! Thanks Gael!! xoxo

your voice is so fucking hot I need your cock. please keep making more I can't get enough of you baby. you're soooooo fucking hot, please?

Oh Yes!!!

Simply perfect! So fucking hot! I think you could say anything and it would be sexy but the fact that each word is just the exact word I want to hear just drives my insane!

This is my favorite one! Please keep posting audios!


Holly Fuck!!! You. Are. Perfection!!!! That voice! It's that amazing combination of someone in control with the perfect amount of softness and great attention to detail for a perfect build up!! please don't stop and finish what you started!!! Would love to hear one where you come as well!!! I just found you and hands down you are my favorite here!!!!

I came in you, dirty girl

Your ability to remain articulate and poetic in the heat of passion is a singular talent, kitten, you are a fuck artist if there ever was one. You paint such a vivid picture, I'm left so desperately wanting to sully you, to leave you marked, to make a mess of you.
Hoping for more, I am a glutton.

just tcoming home from a night out. you better be ready for me to ride your dick xxx


The ending was just... Wow. It left me wanting to know what's next..


I love it when you ask if i like it....because YES YES YES Mmmmm YES!

You're Incredible

I miss you so much baby! I hope you still read your comments here and know how sexy you are! :) You give me so many orgasms! I love your voice !

I squirted all over my bed and had one of the best orgasms! I also loved what you said about lying naked with someone you love and care about . I can't wait for that experience one day. Thank you for not holding anything back. ;)

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