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Gods, two of the most intense orgasms I've had in forever. I could listen to you all day

Oh god you made me cum so fucking hard. The pinning bit was the best- I like to be fucked rather than do the fucking. And your accent along with the way you speak (where you put the emphasis and how deliciously turned on you sound) make it 10x better. You turn me on by saying things that would repulse me if most others said them.


THAT was incredibly hot. Never made it past cumming on your face. Holy smokes. :)


You are incredible! Are there more like you in sweet ol' Ireland?!?!


You have no idea how much I needed this tonight. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart xxxxx

wet sounds

Fucking love hearing those wet sounds. Damn near popped my nut when I heard that!!

I wish...

I would literally do anything in exchange for you cumming like that inside of me - I'd do anything just to be on the receiving end of that cum explosion!! Every time you cum it's my most favorite sound in the world and just makes me cum too. I just wish I could have one interaction like that with you!!!


This was really good. Don't stop the slurping/sucking noisies no matter what other people say. That's what made it good for me. It gave it reality. It sort of makes it feel like you're there. Sounds like great wild oral. You should add more licking sounds. The ones that sound like "llllllllll" . I also liked the "mmmmm" noises. Very detailed. If you don't have one already you should make a "forceful sounding" one like this for example "I'm going to eat that f%*#ing cunt tonight b$@!h" "you're going to be my f@&$ing slut/b$&!h tonight. That would be nice 💚💙💛💜❤️👅💦👍👍👍👏👏👏

WOW!!! Awesome!!!

Great story, great voice, great sex and LOVE the orgasms!!! And you know I love it when you get a little (or big) something 'in the end';)!!!

Keep 'em (you and us) cumming!!!

Maybe a part 2 in the shower...?


Lmfao!!!! Oh my gosh....those jokes though!!! So bad but so damn cute and your sexy voice makes them funny you are truly a trip...the best !!!


Wonderful !!!! Your wonderful!!!! OMG your so sexy I want you in my head every minute. I walk around on a cloud thinking of your voice in my head and it stays with me most of the time....keep me cumming baby

51 min of so much pleasure!

I loved that there was more vocal licks and kisses in this audio. You've come along way since 2005! Xx :)

The ending.

Thats what really got my pussy excited. More like that please?

I'm Shaking

Holy. Fuck. I listened to this with earbuds in a semi-public place. I never touched myself, but my body is quivering and I'm having trouble catching my breath. That combination of rumbling bass, soft whispers, and dominance is intoxicating. PLEASE don't disappear! You are far too talented, and this was devastating. Seriously, how many of us have to beg? Because I will rally legions.

Nur 3 Worte!

Sehr, sehr erregend!

3 words only!
Very, very arousing!

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