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That was fucking amazing!!!!!! Best audio I've heard in a long time!!! The swaping the moans. Please record another!!! I'd love to hear you talking to each other while you fuck. I'm dripping from this!!!


As per usual, one would not expect anything short of brilliance from you.

Another one?

It really is Christmas. Hehe Your sensual boice still gives me shivers Peach. Thank you for this one. Can't wait for Naughty to post.

This is NICE

No matter how "nice" you think you are Ms. Peach, you are always perfectly naughty. Even a little nasty. And I like it! Merry Christmas beautiful.

Please..Please, Don't Ever Stop Making Audios!!!

My oh my, what can I possibly say that hasn't already been said?? Except that this definitely my ALL TIME FAVORITE audios of yours!! If it were at all possible I'd be wearing out this track just listening to it, over and over and over, spilling endless amount of semen - Just for you :)

Perfect voice.

You should become an audiobook narrator. Your voice is so beautiful.

I miss her to..... :-(

Hear our prayers, Claire, do not be deaf to our weeping. don't ignore our tears......

oh how you turn me on

Mmm you made my pussy nice and wet, and my clit is swollen mmm babe i need more. Please make me cum... make this 19 year old girl cum. Im begging! Please make me cum you sexy man!! I hope to hear more from you

Absolutely one of my favorite contributors!!!

You have the deepest and most enthralling orgasms I've ever heard. Your imagination is only paralleled by your deviousness. I haven't heard anyone quite ride the edge between fantasy and your live toy induced orgasms. It's only because I want to know just how hard you can make me that I am able to last until the end of some of your submissions.

thank you, thank you thank you.


Very nice

Too quiet at some points but I absolutely loved the countdown

You are one sexy woman.

The timber of your voice immediately gets a hard response and the context of your work always produces a volley of thick ropes. Keep it up and I promise I will too ; )


This is so damn sexy, AJ! :) Your dirty talk is just so damn hot and so vivid; it just CAN'T be ignored. ;)

Great Audio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the past I have listened to a few of these "Text With Audio"; however, just after listing for less than a minute I turned it off.
However, as I gave this another try I had found your entry and I must that I was totally blown away by your story and how real sounding you made if sound. I will definitely have to listen to some more of your stories.
The only other comment is that I would have loved to have watched you as you taped this audio, I bet your pussy was soaking wet.

This one...

Is my most favorite of all. :) Just hearing you begging to be fucked is one of my many turn-ons. And those growls? *bites lip* That was phenomenal! :)

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