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I think a lot of Americans find the word "cunt" to be a perjorative. I know I do and it
makes me cringe when I hear it. Now, it may not be so for folks from the UK and Ozzieland. So there are cultural differences. I can understand the repetition of certain words or phrases as being a very hot masturbatory mantra, but I did have trouble listening to this, esp. the
"Daddy" stuff, never have gotten into that, don't understand it - and the getting pregnant
stuff - oh shit! The last thing I ever wanted to have happen!!!

Unfair to other contributors

I have enjoyed every one of your audios. I give other contributors a chance, but I keep comparing them to you, and they all fall short. Your voice is so charming and sexy. I love when you laugh, aw hell, I love everything about you and your audios.... the way you say body, with that super sexy British accent... the way you growl... the way you emphasize the ck sound in the word fuck and cock.... Ggggggrrrrrrrrrlllllll, you are making me growl just typing this response! Keep em coming, Spurious!

Gaped for an hour...(just kidding!)

I freaking thank you for this!! You sounded so hot, especially when u were begging to let u come...damn it was so fucking hot!! U deserve a thousand thanks for this...im still reeling from my own orgasm!!! Thanks a lot again!!
I shall be hearing ur voice in my dreams after this...
Btw im female ü


Again,you made me cum so so delicious, I love your voice and you know how to please a woman! XOXO

Oh my fucking god!

That would be you. ;) I seriously need you just to post an audio of you growling. So. Freaking. Hot.


Utterly delicious! By far my favourite. I so love listening to you.

Love This!

how could anything claire record be considered boring???
this is absolutely hot and soooo naughty! thinking of making you pregnant
blows my mind, claire...and my load...mmmmmn, thank you for another amazing
submission, you still have it, claire, you're still the best there ever was!!

So Hot!!!

you girls are amazing! listening to you two talk get me so horny, I'd got so excited that I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I love that AJ breathing was getting heavier and heavier as the conversation went. So Hot! Can't wait for more!

Fuck. That was fun. Very well done. ;)

I normally never comment

I'm 19 and I've been masturbating and listening to audio stories for quite some time.
But this was a whole new experience. I really like how you directed this exactly towards me and the sounds you made as you came. Very descriptive and I felt like I was there.

Thank you for this wonderful experience

fun to hear you

love your audio recordings, gets me so hard!! love fleshlights a lot of intense fun as u say!!!

Wow. Unbelievable. Felt like I was actually there. Wish I was

Please, give us more!

This was phenomenal. Would love to hear more similar audio stories from Miss Cassidy.She has an amazing voice and an INCREDIBLY sexy laugh. Made this dirty cocktoy cum like a rocket.


I love it when you yell at me as you talk dirty. Oh, how it drives me insane.


I love jacking off to this couple. One of the best fuck sessions on here. Looking forward to the next one!

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