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You are the hottest yet.

All I can say is you are the hottest yet...your voice, the sounds of you sucking your own nipples, the hot and erotic sound of your wet pussy! And it all is so realistic..that's what makes you so exceptionally hot! AND WHEN YOU CUM! Oh girl! I have listened to two of your other audios and came hard with you..keep them coming. You're awesome!!


You made my first and favorite audio ever on lit and I thank you Miss Kitten

so hot

Wow... that was so hot... I'd give anything to watch to cum like that.... I was stroking my cock and cummed so hard when you let our that moan as you cummed. I'm covered in cum now... thank you

Oooh that chuckle. Mmm it's so good. It's impossible not to touch myself when I listen to you, my god.

this is

So hot omg love it love it!!

Do more

Oops, I accidentally (originally) posted this in the send feed back option when I meant to put it in the public comments. I agree with the other posters that you should do more because this was a good start. Like one of the other commenters said, I just wanted you to feel more engaged in it.


Well, with K-Kwik there is DEFINITELY a new man in town! Does he remind anyone else of Gael?

Horny voice

Hey sexy, even though this was a quickie I still loved hearing your horny voice as you were getting off, I also loved the dirty way you was talking babe 😘

That growl... so fucking sexy. Where can we meet and fuck for real?

Oh baby..

You made me cum 6 fucking times..oh my god your voice and your dirty imagination..I just wanna lick up your hard cock and taste all that hot cum so bad..mhmm..

Exceptionally exceptional.

That. Was. Exquisite. Really exceptional. A few things that stood out to me....there was a particular moment where you said "Yeah? Mmm mmn?" in that whimpering, questioning way with a lilt in your voice at the end of each word. Gave me goosebumps. And at the end...nothing was "overdone". I think "intense" is the right word. I don't think I've heard an ending on this site that has affected me the way this one did. I felt it in the center of my chest. My breathing quickened and I was only sitting, listening and critiquing. So, yeah...powerful stuff. And finally, I loved the way you said a little goodbye to the ladies at the end. Nice touch. Made me smile.

So fucking hot!

I love this one since it is just you straight fucking your wet pussy. Your moans are incredible and the sound of your wet pussy just gets my cock hard!
The amount of times I have cum to audio is too much to count!

It would be pretty sweet if you were able to hear me cumming as well ;)
Thank you!

You understand sensitivity!

God I love how you understand how sensitive a woman's body is. I have noticed in a few of your audios you don't fail to mention the belly and bellybutton. My stomach is probably one of the most sensitive places and probably the one all guys miss.They just don't stop at that area ugh kills me everytime they miss it. You just get it sir! Please don't stop. My body is still shaking.

job well done...

I thoroughly enjoy yr stories so far. So glad I found u. :)

Thank you ;)

That was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you. More please?

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