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This fucking story was fucking hot and hilarious. I loved it!

Always 5+

My pussy cannot take another of your new recordings..I'm worn out!


Hi I love the whole story, the build up (you know how to build sexual tension) and when you came. God!

You have such a sexy voice. you made me hard and wet.

Steamy windows

Hi Claire, god, I love this story. Its so easy to imagine watching you. It was so hot I think you melted my mind :). What a sweet voice and but when you talk dirty, amazing. Thanks

So Sexy

Thank you so much for this terrific story--well imagined, well delivered, extremely arousing.

As I sit here at my desk with this highlighter shoved deep in my pussy I want you to know....

How amazing it was to squirt right here surrounded by people who had no idea. Your voice + the chance of getting caught =juices down my thighs. Thhhhaaaaaannnkkkk yoooouuuuu.

Keep em Cumming 😊

Im only 15 and this made me orgasm so hard, love that there's someone who can appreciate young freaky little girls like me.


5 star, In the story you and the nephew will be alone all week. The aunt can take this opportunity to show how a man can be the boss and take charge. MORE PLEASE!!!

Oh my...

I wish I could be touched and teased like that.. I've always wanted to try a little anal :) I couldn't help but be aroused and so turned on which had me cumming.. I'm such a messy boy. Thank you :)

SHhhhhh OMG

What a great first audio, love the voice !

Future Lit Star

With that voice you are going to be a future Lit audio Star!
Looking forward to your next audio.

loved it but

would have been better if we could hear you jacking off

Where to cum...

I would have to say that I would love for you to cum inside my pussy. To feel all your juices filling me up and dribbling down my thighs.

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