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Thanks for sharing an outstanding story.

Another vastly enjoyed story...

Points in no particular order...

His stabbing of "swarmy bastard" - this actually isn't a stretch. He had no reason to not believe that this man had been instrumental in the loss of the thing he held most dear - the love of his wife. It's a good thing that he still SERIOUSLY loved her or he might have done something radical to her as well.

Perhaps though, it's the fact that he COULDN'T hurt her that made it so easy to stab the bastard - someone had to be hurt for what was done to him and them.
Her "I did it because I could" - my wife has often spent money we could ill-afford even after we seriously discussed the reason for that. And the obvious reason though maybe never directly stated by her...? "Because she could." I'm sure she knew no matter how angry I'd get over it, I'd forgive her. Is it that big of a stretch to think a spouse would forgive you for something they couldn't prove you did...?

The only thing about it that really irks me is even if he couldn't prove she cheated on him and would forgive her for the behavior she HAD engaged in - she had to KNOW he was hurting by what she was doing... and yet she continued to do it. Where was HER love for HIM during that time...? Knowingly hurting him...
Him having sex with Gabrielle - I don't believe he had sex with her when Sandy was there as a revenge fuck. He'd been building himself a structured life because that was what it was taking for him to survive - and really, that was all he was doing.

Sandy showing up was a glitch but since he had no reason to believe anything had changed since the last he had seen her, he needed his structure to continue.

Unfortunately (for his sake OF structure) her being hurt still had the capacity to get THROUGH his structure.
His apologizing to her because HE "cheated" and SHE didn't...?? - that was just him having to ignore a fact so he was more readily able to reconnect with her.

That fact being - the ONLY reason she hadn't cheated the last he knew was because HE stopped it. She was GOING to cheat. How close could she have gotten without actually having sex before he WOULD have considered her as having cheated: being at the other guy's house? being naked in his bedroom? laying on his bed naked? his dick an inch from entering her...?

No, he cheated - fine... but her plan to is as good as her having done it too.
Oh, I'm a romantic so am glad they worked it out... but I'd have preferred more honesty in what they both know what counted against both of them.


is this minx by chance the youtuber manga-minx

Great Story as usual

Just read this one. This is one of your great stories. Thank you for it.

Great Read

A great read. TTT does familial relationships better than anybody else. I just can't wait to see how he end the Two Moms. Two Laps series.

Nice Story

I agree with most comments about the knive and the stabbing. However the body and end were great. I just got through with TMTL, and did not like it. This story reinforces my belief in your story telling talents.

Wicked Good Story

Sorry, I am originally from Mass and was talking to an old friend and she kept saying things were wicked good and it all came back to me.

Dude, this is one stupid good story. I can see all of it happening without a single unbelievable word in the whole thing. Thanks for writing it and posting it for us to read. Wish you'd do more cause I am almost through all your stories.

Peace out man.

A little blue pill...

brings smiles to everyone's lips--and perhaps a tear to their eyes.

Great tale! And great tail!

I actually didn't enjoy the story.... It was well written, but it was like watching a movie on tv and the power going out just as the plot is fully developed and the action was fixing to start. It left me wound up, frustrated and kinda pissed off:/
...and it was really, really long without going anywhere... I actually skimmed through a lot of the watching tv watching each other because it was so long and not going anywhere. ...and the feeling guilty crap because he mastrubated in front of his sister? I just dont get that... Hell I grew up in the bible belt, parents dragged us to church three times a week, etc. it wouldnt have bothered me at all, as long as we knew we werent going to get caught. ...and I sure as hell wouldnt have made some agreement not to do it again, lol. Yeah, you need to lead normal lives and not worry about it ruining your relationship, but usually that shit is just that, bullshit. I dont have a sister, but I do have cute cousins, and some of us did 'things' in our earlier years and we all get along just fine. Gotta have plot material though, lol.


Although I am a btb fan. Raac with right remorse and consequences dealt out toward to the offender. Is appropriate at times like this one

Good story

Horrible. One star.

Kari was the best, but JPB killed her off. Barb would have been better than Audry who only cared about Audry. The 2 sequels found in Chain stories under Robs Saga were both far better than living with this whore. Occasionally there is a reason to try again, but this woman has no redeeming qualities. Maybe JPB should open up all his stories for someone to finish and improve.

Enjoyed very much

Very real. Felt like a true life experience.

Very nice


I stumbled over your series and gave it a try.
Normaly I am more for girl/girl action and mostly don't read anything with male leads, since they so often are about the "Bang, wham, thank you mam" as F. put it *g*
So your stories really surprised me a lot!
Not only did you see to it, that your female protagonists had their fun (even if some of it was a bit fast, but heh) but also you were able to paint a very nice picture of the pokemon world. Gave everything a nice touch of reality and "if this was real, it could work this way".

I hope you had as much fun writing this, as I had reading it ^^

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