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I actually didn't enjoy the story.... It was well written, but it was like watching a movie on tv and the power going out just as the plot is fully developed and the action was fixing to start. It left me wound up, frustrated and kinda pissed off:/
...and it was really, really long without going anywhere... I actually skimmed through a lot of the watching tv watching each other because it was so long and not going anywhere. ...and the feeling guilty crap because he mastrubated in front of his sister? I just dont get that... Hell I grew up in the bible belt, parents dragged us to church three times a week, etc. it wouldnt have bothered me at all, as long as we knew we werent going to get caught. ...and I sure as hell wouldnt have made some agreement not to do it again, lol. Yeah, you need to lead normal lives and not worry about it ruining your relationship, but usually that shit is just that, bullshit. I dont have a sister, but I do have cute cousins, and some of us did 'things' in our earlier years and we all get along just fine. Gotta have plot material though, lol.


Although I am a btb fan. Raac with right remorse and consequences dealt out toward to the offender. Is appropriate at times like this one

Good story

Horrible. One star.

Kari was the best, but JPB killed her off. Barb would have been better than Audry who only cared about Audry. The 2 sequels found in Chain stories under Robs Saga were both far better than living with this whore. Occasionally there is a reason to try again, but this woman has no redeeming qualities. Maybe JPB should open up all his stories for someone to finish and improve.

Enjoyed very much

Very real. Felt like a true life experience.

Very nice


I stumbled over your series and gave it a try.
Normaly I am more for girl/girl action and mostly don't read anything with male leads, since they so often are about the "Bang, wham, thank you mam" as F. put it *g*
So your stories really surprised me a lot!
Not only did you see to it, that your female protagonists had their fun (even if some of it was a bit fast, but heh) but also you were able to paint a very nice picture of the pokemon world. Gave everything a nice touch of reality and "if this was real, it could work this way".

I hope you had as much fun writing this, as I had reading it ^^


If there's something moral in the erotic- this is it :) Keep it up!!!

Angels and

What a cute idea. I read this on Sunday and grinned for n hour.

More, more.

Please add more to this story Wonderer4.
Maybe Karen makes appointment with the
good Dr. Morton, that gets physical.
Or there might be a new doctor who
might give Dr. Morton some advise.
A doctor to doctor session you might

I found Cynthia to be abrasive

Her attitude towards him was almost abusive and the thought that he would want to go for a second beer was ludicrous. She was humiliating and teasing him and men in his position tend to be sensitive about the issues she was trashing in his face. No enjoyment here.

Loved this and I will never hear the song without thinking of your story. Wonderful initiation and lifelong love and lust. Well done.

A great beginning

As others have said, a great beginning. It's a pity that this seems to be as far as it got.

Some heart in there

Perhaps it was a little drawn out, but this story had a bit of heart (not much sexy-time though). It's good to have you back writing.

You know, I hate that song with an inexplicable passion, (not that that had any bearing on what I thought of your story), but I couldn't help thinking when Diane was giving the blowjobs about that "sucking on a chili dog" line. So help me, I'm immature.
Anyway, fun story. A first time story, everyone having a good time, and lasting love, not just live-in-the-now fucking and sucking. Great job!

An interesting setup

But not one that I enjoyed. I'm not sure about the other games that she has played throughout their marriage but it sounds to me like she has some serious issues. As a husband, how did he not divorce her when she left him for a month of debauchery with another man or men? And what man (or woman for that matter), who was half asleep, would expect his wife to be packed and leaving when she whispers in his ear "I love you"? It sounds like his job in semi retirement was portable. I think he should have one of two responses. File for divorce and ignore her going forward would be the easiest and probably the best. Regardless of his love for her, the type of mental instability she's demonstrated over the years is probably only going to get worse and why would he want to continue to torture himself with her idiosyncrasies? The second choice might fit into your fictional story a little better. He should pack himself up and take a long vacation. And I mean at least a month if not months. Ignore her clues, pick a destination and head out. Only AFTER he has left would he phone his children, tell them he isn't playing their Mother's game, that he has started a game of his own. She can either figure out his game or she can continue on her own. That he was tired of chasing her, that if she wanted him, she could try and find him. And he should have made himself VERY hard to find. Maybe after a year he could file for a divorce using abandonment. In any case he needs to leave this crazy woman. No, I didn't like this unfinished story at all.

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