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scorching hot , exquisite

beautifull story , wonderfully illustrated ,
i hope ch02 will get posted , this is one very erotic tale .


finally! a literotica entry without a 50 year old chubby woman for the “hot” pictures! thank you!


I'm glad to see that paint is still being used


Hi, nice stories, loved the illustrations. The He-She make me so happy. Thanks!

Sounds rough

Glad you dumped him - way too selfish a man - even if you miss the sex.

great wives

I love watching my wife get fucked in public then take her home and lick her clean. She now wants me to suck a guys cock in front of her. What should I do?

An absolutely beautiful and sexy woman and your story

is great too! how about 5-6 more chapters with more pictures of her?

great story

didnt think it would be that good but i was wrong its a great story and hope you might do more on it ive read a few of your stories all good so far keep up the awesome writing

Dear Anonymous 3,

The next chapter is the final one. There are a few bumps left in the road and, hopefully, a few surprises left.

So hot

This was perfect. Fast and furious and lovely. A+ from me!

Oh so sexy

I loved this story! Would have loved to see them come in and force fuck her. Mmmm I am all wet just thinking about being in her position!

Bad person Wins?

Hope you do have a story or three that enables Dani to win or tie with a church congregation of her own.

More, please...

I loved both the pix and the story. Well enough to wish I was married again...well, almost.


Well, part of the writing is actually playing the game...the pictures are only a fraction of the effort, although it is appreciated. Hopefully after I get this next block of Lapdancing Girlfriend done I might give Skyrim a bit of time!

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