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orgy please!!!

Would love to read the continuation of this story in a orgy.

Excellent story

I really like the way you used scripture for the story. In many ways, I have known of pastors and other clergy to use that to tease, seduce and pull people and even children to the other side. But for a fun sexual story it worked very well. I have liked your stories, but this is the first illustrated story of yours that I have read!


More than two pics would have been nice this is the illustrated section.

Just Wow

That was a very nice story. Keep writing, I'll be here reading your stories. It was very detailed and the illustrations were so realistic. That had me hot.

Now that is an innitiation

Had the feeling that Pam's introduction to a gang bang will make her want another encounter. The illustrations certainly added to the eroticism.

Best story of yours

Very hot plot. It did need some disbelief to make it happen but you did your best. I love the whole religion aspect of the story. It makes it much more taboo. I can't wait for the sequel.

You Go Girl...

great Story. Perhaps before she "wakes up" she will seduce Beth's Mother and several other Mothers of the church. Always enjoy your stories. XOXOXO.

Really nice story,

Great Illustrations, ready for further development of the wife's relationship and how she seduces her next gallery owner.


You MUST continue with this tale of rape and debauchery. The tension you built along with the excellent descriptions made this a wonderful story..! You owe us, your sexually frustrated reading fans MORE....!

What a lovely story

I really enjoyed that, thanks. I did feel the hackles start to rise at the thought she might have been punished for failing to maintain perfection, but the husband's character was redeemed by his loving understanding.

I would like a husband like that.

Thank you for a lovely read which made me smile.

Illustrations were awesome

The illustrations elevated this piece to another level. I agree an illustrated father daughter story would be awesome.

as you wish

Is her favorite movie the princess bride

Holy christ!

This story got me so horny i felt like a teen again but in a proffesional manor this was a great over all read " i really want to have a sex slave like her "!

Hot Hot Hot

Wow, That was an intense story. I don't see a continuation of it ???? That's sad cause it was good. I too,Would like to know what happened after the 30 days .

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