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The story suffers

From a severe lack of English writing skills, including grammar, sentence and paragraph structure to name but a few. I suppose I could cut the author some slack if English isn't the primary language spoken in the house, but ...... sorry, no. If nothing else, write this in your native language, then get it translated. Then get someone to proofread it. Then, throw it in the trash and start over.

Dunno where you learned to write, Pete, but you've got more learnin' to do.

Or maybe I should write, "Pete doesn't know how to write. Pete accidentally hit the 'ENTER' key to submit this 'story'. The reader will keep an eye on author's names to avoid reading more of Pete's stories. The reader thinks that anyone who writes in present tense is fairly clueless. The reader can't recall more than a handful of stories written in present tense, out of what must be literally hundreds of attempts, that don't suck. The reader has come to understand that if a story is written in present tense, it already has at least two strikes against it. The reader can confirm that this story earned the third strike. It's out."


your stories always make me cum on my fingers while fucking my self them giing them all wet with my juices so sweet, more stories for my cum 454e

Rewrite and mainstream publish

Tone down the sex descriptions to the level of the romance genre (mainstream not literotica) and this would make a mainstream SF novel.

my biggest wtf moment

i was getting into the first page but then i scrolled down and saw 110 pages... wow... just wow. i really wanted to finished reading the story but sadly i have a very short attention span and most likely end up dumping it halfway through :/

good story

I read all the other comments, I agree with the metro guy. I think pictures are a luxury here and the story does not need it, I say just put out the story and edit it and put the pics in later. Also enjoy ESO


Poser to start out with, and then touch-ups with Photoshop.


That was an awesome story. I had my own orgasm just reading it! Especially when I saw the pictures...

Dear Jessie92,

It was probably the same way your nice comment slipped by me. Thank you.

I'm curious

-What computer program are you using to generate your pictures?
-They're really good!

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