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Robyn need to decide

I am way tired of the threeway romance. You make Robyn sound like she has no morals or conscious. Lisa has to make up her mind and so does Robyn. It is making it harder to read the story, same old thing.

Another Great Story

After reading the Valenine's Day submission (which I loved) I decided to read your other stories. I raved about the first I read and this is just as good. The story is set in a believable landscape and populated by real people.
I have been involved in equality issues for twenty years and agree with one on the other comments that things have and are changing, it gives me a sense of pride that all orientations feel safe enough to show their affection where we live - at least some of the time.

Please continue

I agree with other comments. I usually like short and sweet stories that don't fill out all of the details about the future, but I really feel this one is begging for a continuation!

You Made Me Cry!

But good crying. This was truly wonderful.

Next chapter :)

I was just wondering how long til the next chapter :)

An excellent story

An excellent story, well written, one of the best. It shows the compassion and how two women love each other. Slowly and sensuously. A man can learn a lot from this.


Wow! I love this story so much! I wish it never ended!

Thank you!

Hot chapter

Nice call back on my Taylor Swift comment from Chapter 2 by using music video of that song with lots of views on Youtube, and it feels like the story has come full circle. What will be the next chapter for Donna and Brooke, and will Linda Morris get it one of these days by it I mean some in a spin off.

I have a problem with this story ... 5 is not enough stars. Romantic and hot at the same time.

*POP*-ped me...

Damn, shoulda waited a few moments to calm down before voting - only gave you 4 stars by accident. Sorry.

I like this story, and even though knowing very little about the protagonist, I've kinda fallen for her & want to know more of her story & this relationship. She's maddeningly likable yet I can't figure out why. This story grabbed me viscerally & emotionally. It was quick, short, sneaked up on me, grabbed me. Really well done! Write another chapter.



To the previous poster

Hahaha! Well, there'd be nothing wrong with that. Best country in the world, mate ;)


soooo sweet and sexy

i'm glad i stuck with this story. it was very rewarding

Re: location of story

I always figured the story took place in Australia.

Great Job

To be honest, I was a bit worried about these follow up chapters after the first three of "Is she, Isn't she" thinking that these new chapters wouldn't live up to them. But after reading them, I'm glad you decided to keep it going, and I'm eagerly awaiting your next chapter! Great work HarmonyHaze! :)

I love a good story

Finally, a great story on here again, thank you.

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