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Good story

Hope your next one is even longer!

It gettin hot in here...

This story makes me horny and i dont know why. Its fucking hot. Please please please continue.

He wasn't the only adulterer

Lesbian strap on sex makes her an adultery also so the one sided plot and resolution does not treat her or him fairly.


Even though it was far from perfect.
I'm guessing English is not the author's native language.

Over it

Really am. Good stories remain good, good punctuation helps but isn't overly bothersome to me. Simple spelling mistakes and incorrect words annoy the hell out of me however. Wrong words or spelling mistakes mess with the flow of the story you are writing. It all grinds to a halt when the reader has to try and work out what you mean and what is going on in the story. I see it so many times on here the one word that SO many people screw up. Shutter is a damn camera speed people and unless your taking photo's at the time it has nothing to do with sex or orgasms. The word is SHUDDER. The three of you, you and the two helpers you mention at the start didn't pick it up? Really? How is this one word so misused by so many people? Almost as much as there, their, they're. Other than that, not bad.

Magic encounter, divine writing

This out-of-this-world story tell us how wonderful a relationship can be and how love hopes can be a magic way to feed our souls. Even to be the leitmotiv of our whole being in this earth.

The absolutely amazing way to describe a strong and mature girl-girl love evolution is thrilling, subjugating, wonderful, arousing. One becomes addicted to their making love together in such a way that the only thing I missed was a description of their bed encounter after one year waiting for the second and everlasting love sharing.
The fact that Sarah is so amazingly good giving and receiving sex makes me feel that June might be in love (now or with the time) with her, but not necessarily becoming a lesbian. It is just a one time lesbian relationship. Without such a huge, tremendous, erotic loving woman who exceeds all possible male lovemaking expectations the option taken by June seems pretty obvious, considering having an open mind regarding the subject. Nevertheless, as soon as Sarah might not be available anymore, there is no certainty at all that June might look for another woman instead of a boyfriend. It will mainly depend on their sexual skills mainly and not on the genre.
Still, our romantic mind thinks and hopes for a real happy ending of the story, that is, this will become an amazing lifetime matching.

A world class novel, no doubt!

People with such a gift as SweetestThing to write and give the joy to the world to read them should be compelled to do it lifetime by a universal and unavoidable law


Alright I will say it.. you are good! and yeah u have me on the edge... and wet if u have to know!

Definitely waiting for part 2


Liked your story, got me turned on but try making it mor passionate, focus more on the details of how it felt when she licked your pussy
The beginning was nice, try expanding the hot parts


The long but necessary road Angela and Emma need to take to arrive at the crossroad is exquisite reading, feelings and characters developing and growing towards each other. Beautiful, thank you!


wish i can find a girl like jeanie. is anyone here like jeanie?

Do you believe...

In love at first sight - it happens. I think initially its a connection, a magnetic pull of attraction on a deeper level than the physical, as was the case for the character Victoria and so many joyous couples today. I say joyous instead of happy because oftentimes happiness depends on what's happening versus joy, the world didn't give it, the world can't take it away. We should all be or hope to be, similarly In Love like these two main characters. Will it be love at first sight or will it be a love that develops over time. For the story Meredith it was both. For me or you, I say - stay open and stay hopefully on our journey to, "happy ever-after."

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