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That's really something

I don't do comments or feedback. Hell I don't talk to people at all, but your stories really stuck a cord with me. I really hope you write more someday.

I've always had a thing for fiery redheads. Then again...who doesn't?

Masterbating with sale girl

Story of you Masterbating with sale girl is so freaking hot that you made my cock so hard and like a missle ready t take off meaning my cum is almost ready to shoot out,

I am so very horny and so very hard I gotta go and finish masterbating and jerking off my cock is so ragging hard gotta go and cum !


The best ever!

Thank you!


Wow! Fuckingoodgolly Wow!

S, i am just overwhelmed by both chapters of your story. Dark and Light and a kaleidoscope of rainbows. Your stylism and realism of your imagineering, impress me practically to incoherence.
(oh who am i kidding? i never shut up!)

i admire your courage in posting stories written in the first person. A number of my own stories are written in that manner. For some unreason, that method of expression tends to take a lot of criticism on this site. i just don't know any other way to express ideas and introspection.

S, i do hope you are inspired to write further chapters. From my own (old-white-male-crank) life experience, i feel an emotional entwining with your characters. And the fantastic erotica you penned, artistic and human.

Stories such as ABR&F, fall into what i call the Real Life genre. A category with NO "The End" to it. Life stories go on, even when individual characters disappear or die.

The River of Life meanders on. Twisting and turning, sometimes high and fast sweeping all before it. Sometimes low and slow, winding lazily past high banks and leaving oxbows. Eventually to feed into an foliage choked delta of multiple blind channels.

As we each pass on, the Sun will continue to shine, the Moon will reflect. The Tides will rise and fall as the Wind blows. And this World will keep on spinning.

Thank you so much for updating this story.
I was looking for it since the last summer.

great story

im a romantic at heart and i keep waiting for her to find chloe .. until she does she will never forgive herself..

Beautiful Story

Beautiful Story :Rather short, but a very good Story Line. Yes the setting has been created for there to be Sequells :Yes, You ought to write some more and describe the second and third episodes and other adventures Sally and Husband have with Angie. If you want to take it further, Angie brings in another Girl..

Great Read

I love friends turned lovers stories and this one certainly delivered. There were many twists and turns within the story that held my interest throughout and the erotic scenes were definitely hot. Great job on this one - will read again.

coming of age

This is one story that I never get tired of reading. I have read it many times and each time I find something in it that I had missed. It truly is a love story with a very happy ending. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy for them and sad for me because I have been waiting for someone or something like this to happen to me but just when I think that I have found someone it usually ends up with my heart broken.
I don't know why but I'll keep on looking for the right person who loves me as much as I love her.
Thanks for letting me vent. God bless.

Really really GOOD!!!

My heart goes to both of them... But majority of it goes to Suzanne, my heart is bleeding for her.. Somehow there are parts i can relate to but her heartaches was beyond bleeding heart could do.

WOW!! Thanks ripley for this story, can't wait for the next chapter..
I envied Suzanne she found Colby... Opening up like that, HUGE step but in reality Colby is really hard to find, i consider her kind a rare jewel. The scarcity of her kind is what makes this story very very appealling ... My nose turns into a faucet but the story leads to a silverlining that makes me smile right now.

You never know when it might happen

I was surfing and stumbled upon this story. I thought that it started out slow but after reading it I could understand why. It was a good story especially how they found each other and weren't really looking for a chance encounter. Keep on writing and I'll be looking for more
LOL. Betsey

from the old one

Perhaps it is the subject, perhaps something else, this series is disappointing. One wonders whether you could revert to your old form and a different content.

I'm jealous! Nothing like this ever happened to me at school. Kids got it easy these days - Lol

Umm, that was interesting. A little to rough for my taste but thank goodness - love and fucking is not a one size fits all.

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