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i feel i must clarify my view.as an antiabortion view i understand the raising the child as their own i just would preferred that a child had not resulted from what i saw as a rape of ames.i know from family experience that having that reminder is sometimes hard to deal with.mu cousin couldnt and took her life rather then be reminded of it.so again i am sorry if my personal experience came thru.i did love the story otherwise so please keep writing and share your talent.


I've noticed you've been making your posts like a month apart the last three post around the same time so I've been redressing and checking every single day. I love this story 😔 this is easily better writing than fifty shades (there's so much wrong with that book in terms of healthiness in the relationship and stuff like that). I'm falling in love with your characters. I'm glad I found it closer to 2013. I can't imagine how hard the wait was for people who read when you originally posted in 2010. Please post the finale on here 🙏. I have to know how it ends while listening to the music I play while reading your erotica specifically. I understand of you can't but, please make it so that you can haha. Happy writing 💕 looking forward to reading.

you absolutely have to write more. you had me on the brink this whole time.
your mind is absolutely amazing (;

Good start

It seems a little rushed and you should always make sure to double read what you type (dark brown eyes, most beautiful green eyes). I look forward to more.


This is the first of your stories I've read. Just great that you get so much feeling into it. Can't score this high enough, and love the characters. Looking forward to reading more.

oh god!!! I'm about to cum!!!


This was one of your best stories yet. I LOVED everything about it, from beginning to end. It left me SO wet that I had to stop numerous amount of times. Job well done. Thank you for the amazing build up and great organism.

rubbing is good

Please continue. Rubbing of different things. Is good for you. Maybe all four girls do a rub off.

Great story

I loved this mixture of adventure, fantasy, and erotica. The characters were appealing and I enjoyed their happy ending. As far as 'Forced' childbirth goes, I know that Dragon and Ames will lover her as 'their ' daughter.

Never thought I'd read a hot story involving a Christmas jumper, but you've done it.


I love the slow tease with all the innocent flirtations. This absolutely needs a continuation. Pretty please, with sugar on top??

This series is pretty awesome! I like that it's a crazy mix of fight scenes, sex, and multiple narrators.

Thanks for sharing, Saxon Stonedyke!


I agree with every thing Anonymous said and I hope you do give us a second chapter or more. Loved it

so good

Please write more,it was really amazing.

Small, but i know you know better

You are one of my five favourite writer's on here and it's small but as I said I know from your previous work you know better. But 'back leg muscles' How many legs does she have? Four legged animals have front and back legs, most humans I know have only two. Maybe 'back of leg' was what you meant. Other than that love this one as I do all other stories from you.

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