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Very erotic

What a captivating and erotic story. I enjoyed every bit of it.


this is so good I'm already horny !!!

Sarah need's a rivalry Like this. I think she might get one with Lily.

my experience

it takes initial mutual attraction to get into bed so quickly.


Mabrook! I'm hapoy that you found one another.

Anonymous Feedback

Anonymous feedback is awesome and appreciated, but I cannot respond to you if you have a legitimate question if you do not leave a way.

Anonymous Feedback

Anonymous feedback is awesome but I can't respond to it.

This is from tumblr..... Like verbatim


I rarely give five stars because I think there is always room for improvement, in any case. But this story and you definetly deserves them!!! * * * * *+
The only thing you need to do is, to continue on this story or with more of your writing talents... Please!


You have a great way of writing that is so real and believible. I find this one very hot and exciting!! Looking forward to more.

More Plz!

This was so good... I would so love if you made a part 2

Great story!

Though I kinda knew where this might be going, loved the subtleties of your story. Hot, sexy, gentle without the harsh or negative language.
Well done!!

Hi HarmonyHaze,

You said it's October, then December, now you're telling we need to wait for another couple of months. oh god..you are killing me.but pleasssee be sure it's gonna be as sooo good as the previous chapters. I'm willing to wait, well what can I do. And also don't overdo it, i mean don't make it creepy or too much cheesy, make it romantic just as the way you did to the previous ones.
P.S. I know you already have it and it's done. Perhaps you are just collecting comments and votes, right?...well can't help to think about it that way. I (us) really want it now. Your stories are awesome. Hurry please but make it perfect.

i really loved it

i thought it was sweet and a little sexy please bring more

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