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Perfect blend

I enjoyed the story on many levels. I feel you balanced very passionate and intimate sexual exploits with passionate love making sessions. Your character development demonstrated the complaexity of love and attraction to another individual regardless of gender. The search for soul mate is I believe the scaerest journey of all. Beyond the passion the constant need to validate their love was refreshing. I had a daughter who after following the precived guide lines and strict expectations of our family married and was for some time miserable. While visiting one day she and I walked the back woods of our property. I finally had the courage to ask her and what was the cause of her sadness. A lie she said, knowing I have zero tolerance for such a thing. When I asked for the truth she came out. My answer to her was this "On beHalf of your mother and I Thank you." Now let's get on with your life. Five years later and she is free and sharing her life with her soul mate. Two amazing young women. Keep writing.

Sorry Sue your story is very much like your subject CRAP

Aside from the aristocratic setting, this isn't particularly different from the Lesbian MILF Seductress series. I do hope we get more of this though, as this is basically setup. More chapters on the training of the countess and others, etc will surely be fun.


Why did she kill herself?

Good story ruined...

Crap ending - seriously, WTF?

So Sexy ..So Sweet.

Loved this story as much as for the sexy bits and the sweet harshness as for her innocence. Thanks for well done and to me evocative story.

So I Suspend My Disbelief and...

...and just trust that for your characters, this is real & true. It doesn't matter what my agenda or morality is, what matters is that I am able to suspend my own shit & experience a whole new (and yes, for some perhaps a shocking) way of "being".

This is a wonderful continuation/resolution of the Bubbles and Berrie story; a masterful yarn crafted so deliciously and exquisitely. You are a gifted wordsmith, my friend & I am grateful that you are willing to share your stories with me, with us. Thank you.


Fucking hot!

Not all my kinks, but I'm very much digging the d/s relationship developing. Whomever you belong to, she's spoiled.

more please

I am just now exploring what it would be like to be with another woman...and based on reading this, Gods yes... please, more... I'd like to see her husband find out and join in, even as just a foot slave...Mmmmm yes

Ended too soon.

That ended oddly. Still a 5 though.


I've got my biggest dildo In my cunt as I type this. I cum at least 7 times a day when I read this story. I want to be your pet and have you fuck me hard

Hot, but I don't like the subterfuge Meg is engaged in....

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