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I agree that this basically begs for the next chapter soon. Not fair to leave the readers hanging on a cliffhanger like that. ;)

As for getting rid of Phil, though...nope, not in favor. For all his occasional "whininess" I rather like him and think that he has about the right perspective -- smart enough to realize he's in over his head and to not be an outright asshole like apparently too many of his fellow warlocks. Kid's going to go far if he can just keep himself from getting killed too often (and he actually has been getting better at that, if slowly).

I've also gotten the feeling over time that from the demonic perspective the difference between "master" and "pet" actually isn't that great in general and that Phil's not particularly unique in that respect save perhaps for _understanding_ his actual position somewhat better than many of his colleagues do theirs. Demons can pretty clearly live much longer than humans (especially warlocks, who seem to be naturally inclined to come to premature bad ends anyway) and hardly ever seem any _less_ powerful than their human supposed owners, if they even have any...so, who's the master and who's the stray picked up from the pound here, exactly? :)

Loved it!

This has the makings of a really good story, but correcting basic grammatical errors takes away from the reading experience.

A truly stunning and beautiful story.
Incredibly imagined, superbly characterised and masterfully written.

I have not read anything of this calibre on this site before.

Thank you.

Another beauty

Another chilling little story. The ending (and the buildup) to it was delicious and the open nature of it was an added plus.

Damn you're good.

i hope the next one comes soon :(
anyways yeah i hope phil dies aswell 3:)

cant wait for 211 :D i hope rosa does him in :D hope its sexy :D cheers hydra

I LOVE IT !!!!! Hurry in make more , Question

What was Nÿte lying about after her and Phil had sex ? what was going on there? Please can someone tell me?

The Qištu...

For those that don't remember details (like me) but are to lazy to google (unlike me), "Qištu" was referred to a few times. The first time was when Phil was "reborn" in SS205 after getting sucked close-to-death by the drider/spidergirl demon. The plant-being who does so introduces herself with "I am Ûmūn Šag, verdant womb of the Dārû Qištu."
The next time was in SS207, when Cerulean sends Phil to Ab'ĝalga, who senses "the insatiable one" (Nurse Honey, I guess) and "the Qištu". She also comments that the Qištu likes "humble mumbles" like Phil.
Then, in the arena, in SS209, when Rose and Verde teach Phil some spells, Verde explains that "The heart of the Qištu is close to here", which apparently makes plant magic easier.

So, apparently, Qištu is related to Verde and plants.

Time to get rid of Phil. After all, he's weak, cowardly, unable to do much except cower

And the only reason he hasn't been killed is because the succubi treat him like a pet, a dog to be coddled and played with.

Time to kill him off and get a real warlock in his place.

talk about fickle?

This adventure has more loops than a hook rug. There are a good many details and interactions described here, with more missing than is revealed. I'm not sure even an extensive glossary would begin to shed enough light to reveal the underlying reality or where it's headed. I think Sepulcarafax had the correct assessment, Phil is only a play thing to all of them... a harmless mascot. Sure he'll go on to learn more of what he can do, perhaps learn the boundaries of his limitations, and be some what powerful and useful yet never really measure up to his companions or be their equal. Then again all of their years/centuries of experience and practice, make his few short mortal years like a film of dust on weigh scales ignored when making measurements, like a passing fragrance soon dissipated.. We as readers only see what passes by the knot hole we are peering through, most is left obscured. Thank you for letting us see this much, we may not survive a full disclosure episode. Please do continue and make is bearable for all of us.

Small mistake

"Not anymore. Phil and Rosa were covered in his remains."

I guess hat should by Nyte in that sentence ;).

Man, I want more of Nurse Honey ><

She has been absent for far too long

I like the world-building you've been adding to this series lately. Ever think about writing a full-length novel?

Left Waiting!

More to this one or done forever? :-(

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