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Don't do this to me

How dare you leave me hanging like this, please keep writing Ill die if you don't this story is just too amazing

Goo-reat Story.

I expected John to survive so the ending was a twist for me. This is a refreshing change from the typical alien stories I've read and reminds me in some ways of Firefly by Piers Anthony wherein an amoeba-like creature uses pheromones to incite lust in it's victims before consuming them.


Sooo good. And to leave us hanging like that. Your writing is excellent (as usual), story and characters are excellent (as usual) and the pace stays steady. I'm waiting with anticipation for the next chapter.

I enjoyed the story. I want to know more about Patience.

Nooooooo, don't leave it there!!!! :)

How could you. ;) By 'eck, you like torturing us, finishing it where you did. Brilliant chapter, brilliant story. MORE MORE MORE PLEASE! I need to know what happens next, LIKE NOW WOULD BE GOOD!!!!, so please, please, please hurry with chapter 6. :)

Head over Heels!!!

I am seriously in love with your writing! I'm not eexaggerating when I say you are one of the best authors here! I look every week to see if a new chapter is out. You are truly amazing keep up the amazing glorious work! Can't wait to see more! :D

Good basic story line, but poorly delivered.

The basic story line is good. Keep on writing, please. But the poor grammar and the run-on sentences are all so distracting. It would do you good to take a basic English Comp. course, or find someone who does editing.

Chspter 5 ???!!!

please hurry and post chapter 5 I've been waiting and checking everyday it seems that your other chapters were posted much faster but I would really appreciate if this chapter was written longer .Because your fans been waiting THANK YOU ! :)


I'm hooked!! This was a great chaper! I love the way you write with so much detail. You are very talented and I'm excited to read the next chapters. I hope you'll submit one soon!

Wow!...... What a way to leave us hanging..... *purrs* i wouldn't mind being in Lily's place in that moment. i'm surprised that she didn't realize the burning gaze he was giving her wasn't his normal steel greys but more intense embers. Love it!!!! Keep up the great writing. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing just what the Spirit has planned for her.


That ending was like bam!!! Really great chapter!! Loved it. I want more.


I liked it, but boy, it sure is creeepy! ;)


Phil first meeting up with Carny happened in a standalone story. It's called "A Night at McHooligans" and is also up on Literotica. You should be able to find it from my profile.

- manyeyedhydra

So do we get to see the chapter where phil first meets Carny? I don't remember that happening, or Carny and Rosa taking out a pub full of hooligans

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