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Thanks to all of the readers who took the time to vote and/or comment on this story. I wanted to write a Halloween story with Transylvania as its theme and used the character of Matusa Ildiko as a way of weaving the rich history of that land into this tale.

I know it isn't as heavy on horror as some of the other stories in this category, but I think it still succeeds in the Gothic Horror tradition. And honestly, after I wrote it, I didn't think it fit in any category other than this one.

Thanks again ~ Seanathon

Very Good

Many stories that I start reading lose my interest very fast. This one had me looking for more. Waiting with a lustful heart to reading your next entry...


You are very talented ... I would certainly buy your books


Soon to be a major motion picture!
Best story I've read on this site....by far!!!!


Amazing; very hot and disturbing. Please write more soon.


Well written, but very disturbing. It was quite a surprise twist at the end.

My pick to win

Very well done. Twisted and fun as Halloween is supposed to be. Good luck in the competition.

Thank you for the clarification!

As always, you've hit the nail on the head in so many ways NaokoSmith. I agree with all your technical comments. The flashback doesn't explain much, so why is it there? That is a real detriment to the rest of the story. While present tense lends some immediacy, it might be more helpful for the reader to pull back from something like this. I can see how you would feel disappointed with Joanie, too. For what it's worth, I didn't intend for her character to be a slag. I wanted horror. I wanted her to struggle with something paranormal, but I didn't want it to be a vampire or a succubus story. I wanted something different. Her "multiple blowjob filming cruise" (love that description, btw) is fueled by jealous rage (as undeveloped plotwise as it is -- and that's totally my fault btw), not by desire. Moe comes to this conclusion early on and that's why he leaves her. After he is gone, the "curse" takes over, pushing Joanie to be more sexually adventurous than she normally would. None of that is slutty behavior, I don't think, because it doesn't involve desire on Joanie's part. It's more about power. I love stories with power dynamics that involve reluctance for the POV character, but I don't want to write violent rape scenes.

So I tried to do something with a curse, or some sort of mind control thing. It does leave Joanie in a bad place at the end. This no celebratory ending. Perhaps if I take it further Joanie might end up in a better place. I'm not sure as it stands now I could just send her to hell and be done with the story. She's too nice a girl. At this point, I am considering giving her multiple gangbang scenes and some sort of power object from each of her gangbang. Somehow she will have to overcome the curse, instead of going to hell. And of course, the curse itself will need some backstroy.

It's going to need some work.

Oh, I quite agree.
However in Jay's case, without the trappings of morality and law (and witnesses) and the fact that he had been sexually frustrated for years by Emily and Dean and that the zombie hotties were fresh and sexually attractive. He found it too hard to resist.

Though, yes I do agree, necrophilia is certainly sick. Actually, saying that, most of the sexual content I write about tends to be sick, depraved, immoral, illegal, just plain wrong.
Maybe I should try my hand at writing something fun and romantic... Or at least consensual. :P

More chapters.

Thanks for the compliment.
The story is spread out over five days, I'm hoping they will all be submitted this week. Fingers crossed the story will be available in full by All Hallow's eve.

susan, you did it again...loved it!!!

mmmmmmmm she would almost be worth it.

isnt it strange that man, as a species, destroy the things that they dont understand. loving this story all ready.

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