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like it love it'

Cant wait to see more of this story line.


It sounds like an X-Files episode


If you are thinking of another chapter... Think about let a wizard come to sally's aid and freeing her. The wizard could come directly from the vatican to assist sally and the church to remove maddy crow. (Plz note: this is just a suggestion for a fan). I do wish some of your stories had happier ends, but I do enjoy your work.

5* Loved it

your building this up very nicely ,

eagerly waiting for the follow on

Holy mother of balls

Well that was bloody fantastic. I meant absolutely fantastic. 10/10 perfection. Plot, setting, characters, and hot as absolute hell. Most impressed.

Good story!

I am reminded of the famous novel The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore, about a shapeshifter during "the tumultuous events of the Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune of 1870–71." Salient point of the novel is that the 'normal' human (military) monsters besieging Paris were worse than the werewolf.

Well, this has a stronger and more consistent voice and tone than a lot of stories of the same stripe, but I find myself puzzled by it. Succubi seem to operate off of very elaborate, seemingly arbitrary rules.

"'You can leave here as the girl's double. Sadly, you must then hunt her down.'" Well why? This strikes me as rather odd. I suppose this poses a moral dilemma for the character, but it's one that's never going to pay off. If the intent is simply to provide leverage so that the succubus can force herself on him then surely there are more straightforward ways to accomplish that? I mean honestly, what's stopping her as it is?

I also don't think you need the last-minute infodump. "'You have gifted me the ultimate favor. Let me tell you what I am.'" How about you not? The reader already knows. These are words a bit wasted affirming what he already figured out back when the story began. Generally speaking this is reasonably good story in terms of style, but the plot seems like a great many odds and ends.


i would really like more to it

Epilepsy Issue

I recieved an email about Nicholas's silent epilepsy. Someone said its technically absence seizures. Honestly I've had these kinds of seizures since childhood and i have used the term "silent epilepsy" w more than several certified doctors and it have said this to several other people and general and they understand what I am saying. Also i made sure by looking up silent seizures/ epilepsy. It is understood that it is synonymous with absence seizures. I only posted this just in case there were any other misconceptions about why I used the term "silent epilepsy" . I do know from personal experience and research. I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just saying I don't write about stuff i do not know already or have not researched. Have a good day. :)

Like it so far...

Love the characters so far. I really like your pace and love to see how the story will progress.

Cool premise.

Love the idea of the story series. can't wait to find out what happens to phil in the summoning series too.


Kept me hooked the whole time! Great work keep it up! :D

Second chapter will take awhile.

It'll be awhile for the second chapter. I'm working on lots of other stories at the moment. Also, ideas for the second chapter are slow in coming. Thanks for your patience.

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