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I agree with Hurbster and Blackandwhiteknight

Let some of your mortals live so we can see them come back. People don't relate to demons that are all powerful. People relate to the mortals in your stories that just keep dying. You never get any fun mortals that stick around for long and it would be nice to get some characters that stick around other than Phil, who has no personality. You could kill off Phil and replace him with another character just the same and wouldn't it make any difference.

Most excellent as always.

Hey Hydra, any chance Jack Stone might actually survive this? He seems like a very likable character in some ways. I think he would be a fun character to keep around and develop on really. That way if he dies later it means a lot more to us readers. But like always , great story.

The Pacing

This is just brilliant. Polished and brilliant.


A great read and a great story. Hopefully your "real" life will allow you to do some new writing.

One of the best stories I find and I keep coming back to read again .. and again

Great story and themes.

This is currently my all time favourite. I love the concept, the mystery and rush with Gabby, flashing neighbours but getting wrapped into a vampire mystery - but also elements of a cuckold theme which I personally enjoy and am doing with my real life wife! There is always something deeply sexual when one dwells into a bit of mystery or horror in a story.

THANKYOU so much for such an excellent story!

Wish you had more on this type of theme --- saved this as my favourite. Reading this (and read to my wife) - gave me an extreme hardon. Wife loved the story too.

ANT 72



Would VERY much love to see what's next for these two!

Great Story

I loved the religious mythology of this story. Incorporating a true demon legend into a very well written short story. The quality of the prose is like several classes above anything on this site. Well done.

Beautifully written

Loved the style of writing and the smooth ease of all the elements that became greater than the sum of their parts.

very good!

It reminded me a lot of Alan Garner's Owl Service and the ghost stories of M R James. There were a couple of things that jarred - 'clamoring over' something instead of clambering and the use of Scottish words like manse and glen when more appopriate Welsh colloquialisms might have been better. I could see this as a screen play - big old house, the beauty of the border vallies, the sexual tension between Sir Rowlad/Peter and Megan and Bryn and the otherworld elements. Superb piece of work!

Update This Saturday

Hey everyone. Wallflower chapter 5 will be uploaded this Saturday and every Saturday until december 5th or other notice. I am working towards getting yall 3 pages.
Hope you look foward to the next chapter,

great story!

So far so good! Very well written, can't wait to read more.

I love how Much lily is learning about him. I can't wait for the next chapter! Definitely looking forward to the spirit talking to her again. I also agree with others, 3-4 pages would be wonderful. :) love this story!

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