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Please keep them coming! I check almost every day for the next chapter.


Good chapter. Can't wait for chapter 3.

Very much enjoying the beginning of this. looking forward to whatever comes next.

Best wishes

Hope all goes well with the surgery, FS.


Good job keep up the good work cant wait for the next chapter if theres going to be another one



I expect Pinter to start reviewing party members herself before too long. Mandala's smack down of the recalcitrant priest was satisfying. Once they are safe, maybe the Saberon can use him as a scratching post next. As you can tell, I'm enjoying the series.

Get well

I hope for all to go and be well FS.


great story. I would love to be able to rate it though. It's a 5 in my opinion

Very good for a first

Loved the story like look forward to a continuation... To bad they were interrupted by the oaf hubby. It was getting very hot.. like the description of the store keepers wife, I like what he was doing to her body...

Get well!

Thank you for the hours of enjoyment. Take care and get well soon.

Not as good as the original

I do like the idea of seeing things from the other person's view. But the original lacked a lot of detail and was too short, and this version was even shorter. The changes in the person happened way too quick. Not only that but a few things were left out from the original or were even wrong. Like the loser pulled the tester out after slipping out of the ropes, but in your version he didn't pull it out. Also in your version the loser just gave up and let the winning guy pull him over to the pole, but in the winner's version he said "I pulled him/her, struggling." I think it would have been much better if you made your own original fight scene in the same world, but with 2 different people. Also you made the loser want it way too early. The body just barely started changing and already he/she wanted the other guys cock inside of him/her. Those urges shouldn't happen until after the body has fully become female. Because of the complexity of the brain, it would be the last thing to change. So only after everything else has changed should the new her, start having thoughts about getting fucked and wanting it. :D Making a kind of mirrored version of the story just made it all kind of fall flat. It was a good try though.
After reading the original I was thinking about a lot of things that could have been added and a lot of details about the rest of the world and why and how they ended up in an arena fighting. My mind was just filling in tons of story that the original lacked. After seeing that the author of the original story hasn't posted anything else and most likely doesn't visit this site any more, I tried to message him and ask if I could use his idea to make kind of an expanded version. He hasn't replied back yet. XD
Here is just a few of the ideas for what I had in mind for how this world turned out like this, into a dystopian kind of future. A race of aliens called the Alpha Draconians, a race of reptilian beings who are said to have established colonies in Alpha Draconis, claim to have originated on Terra thousands of years ago, a fact that they use to 'justify' their attempt to re-take the earth for their own. They had been planning on wiping out the human race for some time now, but they knew they couldn't win in a straight up fight as the humans out numbered them about 100,000 to 1. So after many years of planning and development. The Draconians had made a bio-mechanical virus unlike any virus the humans have ever seen, designed to kill everyone on the planet. The virus didn't work for the Draconians quite as they had planned. It didn't kill any humans, but it did have an effect on them. All humans had become sterile. It wasn't the deadly killing virus the Draconians had hope for, but they still saw it as a success. They knew that all they had to do now is wait for the human race to grow old and die. This is when the world began to fall apart. But after many years, when the human race was made up of very old dying people, in the year 2064 (or something I'm just making up numbers now.) A genetic engineer developed a way to clone human babies. But it still wasn't a perfect solution because they were only able to make males. The newly born/cloned humans were nearly perfect, but like the last of the humans they were also sterile. At first the scientist thought this isn't that much of a problem because they couldn't make females anyways. But after the new humans hit puberty they began to have urges, XD The human race by nature was meant to be 2 genders, with the opposites being attracted to each other. So with the nearly perfect process of making people in a lab, males came out only being straight. The new males had a very hard time getting rid of their urges. Masturbation was very hard work for the new males because they didn't know what a female even was. They didn't have any idea of what to think about while trying to rub one out. This problem made it really hard to the new males to rebuild the world. The the stress of the already hard life in this dystopian world and the pent up sexual urges, it really made them crazy. After a lot of cities in the world were destroyed by the chaos of wars. A lot of the knowledge in the medical fields have been lost. So giving males a sex change to crate females wasn't something they knew how to do. Until many years later, lets say in the year 2097. A group of scientist developed the technology to drain out and/or transfer testosterone from one human to another. At first they thought this was the missing key. And that they could now keep making males in the lab like they had been doing, and just turn some of them female. But this also failed to work as their many attempts to make female clones did. Not long after testing it on babies and very young males, did they find out that it would only work on males after they hit puberty and they started having sexual urges. XD When asked for volunteers for males to become female no one wanted too. Most had never heard of a female, and the ones that did only heard stories of how they were physically. They grow 2 big bumps on their chest, their waist gets smaller and their hips get wider. Their skin gets very soft and smooth, and their arms and legs get slimmer and their muscles smaller. And the worst part is they would lose their manhood. O.o So the whole idea of it just sounded scary to everyone. And they were told the world needed females for the males to fuck to help with their urges. XD
At this point I think everyone sees where this is going. As new cities are built and and new governments formed. New laws were also made. Because no one wanted to volunteer to be female. Each year, or month (not sure how often it should be.) They select a set number of males, half of which will become female. So in a gladiatorial style of combat, the males must fight to keep their manhood. XD

This is just the background of the world. I have many other ideas for characters and their stories in this world.

This does sound like a really fun world to live in. Even though they would pick people at random to fight like in The Hunger Games I would volunteer to fight in the arena. Also maybe they could pay people money to fight in the arena when they are not randomly selected.

But I think the title of this whole story should be something different, like The Gender Games. XD

yes good one

can hardly wait for the next part.....

Very good!

Amazingly good, especially considering this was your first! Keep it up!


Your writing is absolutely amazing! Love the series,praying that you continue , and also big props on your other story as well,also fascinating! I got you bookmarked and will be checking daily,great job again and thanks!

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