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Amber was never destroyed in this chapter dude. This chapter progressed the plotline and it was nice to see a different ending for once instead of the hero being killed off like almost every other succubus story on this site.

Can't wait to read me!!


What a load of shit.

Fan for life!

I ask my self when will i stop checking back on this story to see if its updated and the answer is NEVEEERRRR!!!!!!

DUDE how about a warning?!?!

Imho a dude getting mouth/ass raped by a cum shooting dick (even though by a chick) needs a notice...comment...warning up front. i wouldn't have read it then. and not rated it a one. scifi/fantasy will explain the dick but the dick into male rape does not belong there without a strong warning up front..


Cannot wait for more. Please don't stop!! :)

Loved the competition part ! Keep up the great work !

Not quite as good as I expected

I sorta felt the sex here wasn't as interesting or varied as it was in some of your earlier Succubus stories. It was only cunnilingus and vaginal. No blowjobs, no tail-sucking, just vaginal at most. Not as varied as your previous chapters.

Also I feel Amber's demise was something that should've happened later. I think it would've been interesting to have seen her go around tempting or fucking people because her demon form sounded hot. Granted we know she'll probably becoming back since she's a succubus and only her physical body is destroyed, but even so it felt kinda cheap to introduce her in Succubus Unleashed and then have be (temporarily) destroyed.

I don't know, maybe I'm just nitpicking.

Oh also I wouldn't have minded Meridiana fucking someone in this chapter, but maybe that will occur in the third chapter, possibly along with her doppelganger/clone she can make!


Well worth the read. Hope there is lots more to come from your wonderful imagination.


Ferrumitzal, lol, some of what you advised to do, is already in the pending Ch.2, and some in ch 3 which I am writing now...... great advice from all of you! I actually wrote ch 2 the same day I wrote the first. Hopefully, I edited it correctly after what some of you pointed as grammatical errors and will read much better than ch 1 did.

Believe or not, I wasn't really thinking of a long story when I first started writing this, which is why I rushed the story the way I did. I'll do my best to slow things down!

I have always enjoyed constructive criticism and really appreciate it! It is helping with the ideas for the rest of the story.

Keep it coming, please

Cant wait for the next chapter. Are you working on anything else currently?


Thanks for the feedback, jpz007ahren! I wanted the magic to be relatively simple and adaptable, but with the potential for complexity depending on the circumstances. I certainly have a lot more in mind for this story.

A very welcome return

Have no fear of your fans disappointment at the next chapters content, or lack there of.

The story is always more important than the sex, for the good ones. There's plenty of just sex stories.

Good start

Looking forward to reading more. Most succubi are described as red. Didn't know they had blue states in the underworlds. Though, to be fair, I guess they could be orange or chartreuse, striped or spotted. Fun to think about.

More, please.


I love your magic. Or at least the magic your main character can use. Not just the implementation, but the process as well, very nice.

Starting with "Ch" in the title heavily implies there's more, and I've very interested in where this story will go.

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