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amusing yes,but was more interested in the unhung pirates

Fun chapter!

A lot going on, fast moving changes and some really interesting characters.
I'm going to be sad when I catch up!


Seems like there was a lot of magical energy flowing around on that mountaintop. If not everyone knows of Salamacia's dragon, what will people think when Sena turns up preggers? Even the hint of scandal would likely mortify your young bride...

Just musings. Please do continue this fascinating and intricate tale.


My only regret is that Ezra felt that he needed to lie.
Saying that he would think on it was sufficient :/

All I want is more, more, more, and more!

I love this series. I'd like more of it. As to your writings, I'd like more also. Thank you. I've reread this series several times now and I still love it.

Suddenly, Dragons

Definitely a stand-out chapter. The battle scene was a little hard to picture, but it was a lot of fun. Ajax was an interesting character; sad to see him go!


Imagination: The most powerful nation on any planet, in any sphere.

5 stars

If you keep them coming, I will keep enjoying them. Thanks for your time and effort.

@ Redlion

True but still amusing. On the other website I am posting on one of my readers has asked several times what happened to the scouter so I did a short chapter just for that. Sorry if you didn't find it amusing but I should be posting the next chapter early next week. For the most current updates (since it is faster) check my bio for the other site I am on as well.

what the fuck its been this long and you still havent writen the rest of the story....look it doesnt have to be good just finish it

Unfortunate implications?

Overall I enjoyed the piece for its love themes, but it seems to have some unfortunate implications in that both women ended up divorcing their current husbands. This implies that something went wrong with the marriage and the only *visible* portion of the marriage that we (the readers) know about was giving birth to the warrior’s children. Given that, it feels like the husbands may not have been ‘on board’ with the whole thing, or that they later discovered that the child/infidelity actually meant more (in a negative way) to them than they had anticipated.

Some of that implication is based on the old adage of ‘show don’t tell’ – an author can SAY a character is ‘strong’ (for example) but if the described situations undermine that or produce a feeling of ‘weakness’ for that character, then the audience is going to take the description and the actions over the ‘narrators voice’.

Decent story

This is remarkably similar to another story on this site called One in Ten by FinalStand, both in content and storyline. The biggest difference though is that I just find the premise of the story to be lacking. First of all, I can understand the matriarchal shift, but the social conditioning just feels like a bogus reaction to the situation. Even in the strictest of patriarchal societies, men don't tie down their women to a padded bench and have their friends run a train on them. The whole Mistress thing just doesn't make a lot of sense.

Great chapter.

I guess that the dragon ladies are in for a somewhat rude awakening in the next chapter. SzélAnya does not recognise them. So who could they be? Cael will need to keep an eye on them. If they havent done something while Cael was saving the day. Again. Rachel will end up with ulcers. Buffy will blame her, you know it. Rikki is going to figure out a way to find out if Caels hype is a myth. Thank you for Ch. 34 but we need answers. Come on Ch.35!

Iyrcae or Bolu

Long Answer: I often use multiple designations for a person - in this case a personal name and a proper, OKH name as it would be written in the Roles of Members of the Host. Iyrcea was his 'proper' name, while 'Bolu' was his 'given' name. As an example, there are no Hittite word for 'Buffy', 'Desiree', or 'Cael'. Vranus was the 'given' name of Cael's ancestor, not his OKH name (which I haven't created yet - I have to research this stuff from on-line Hittite sources). In life, Iyrcea would have answered to Bolu. In death, he would have been remembered as Iyrcea. Why would Shawnee refer to the Cael being of the line of Vranus to the Council? Because, officially, Vranus never died. Neither did Bolu. They all know that Vranus and Bolu are dead, but record keeping is record keeping and their deaths, like the Deaths of all of the Ash Men, were never written down. Krasimira would refer to Cael as Vranus' line because Cael was standing right there. It would have been an insult at that moment to automatically infer his ancestor was dead. She referred (off-screen) to Bolu as Iyrcea when taking to Cael about the issue because she considered Bolu (and maybe his line) to have died out and Cael was not of Iyrcea's line (no insult). The artifact Shawnee showed Cael at the Council meeting was created shortly after the Second Betrayal when it was assumed all five men/boys were still alive ~ again with the given name, not the proper name.

Short Answer: I screwed up. I couldn't find the 'Iyrcea' reference so I made up another name. The above information on naming is true, just never revealed before. Pamela and Katrina are 'given' names. Walking around the outside world with five and six syllable names would be suspicious. It should be noted that 'Runners' do not have OKH names as they are not on the Role of the Host. Buffy, Helena and the others will be assigned OKH names.

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