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Torn between two emotions

I can't decide whether to encourage you to write next about Daniel Fitzgerald (Contractors) or Jackson Vedalt. Your three-dimensional characters and dialog could make you the next Robert Heinlen. You would never need to worry about another career.

Break.. The story can still be a story without fighting.

All storyies have pause in them. Its good to see your doing more writing.

There are some tribes in south America that speak in clicks and whisles. That also have some sign language involved. There just needs to be some middle ground. Plus lots of patients to get it correct. Some things could also be done in pictogragh. If used right most thoughts will be convaded. Please continue frequint updates. Long waits drive me buggy when a good story is in writng. Hope life treat you well and be safe.
Will be waiting for more...


Great Story

Very enjoyable stories with memorable characters. Been a fan for a while.

Truly Gifted . . . .

. . . . is what I think of your writing. Thanks !

Amazing read

I look forward to reading this story every day when I get home from classes

Hi there Anonymous! Thanks for the feedback.

Apologies to anyone who might be put off from contacting me by thinking I'm going to scream and shout at them, or even type in caps at them! It's certainly not my intention to put people off. I also don't mind people politely asking me to get my ass into gear as you've just done. I know it's deserved by now!

Still, anyone who wants an update from me can just PM me on the forums. I haven't not replied to someone yet when they've done that. A lot of the time I don't reply to commenters asking me when the next chapter is out because I simply I don't know. When someone posts to me asking for an update to see if I'm still alive? I usually do that if there's something additional to add.

It's true that I don't like it when commenters attempt to lie or mislead readers about what I'm up to. These comments go up on the site and I don't want any potential readers to think I've abandoned my work or anything like that. I'm slow. I'm not completely stagnant despite popular opinion. ^_~ I'm sorry but I also really don't think I owe anyone anything at this stage to be honest. Like you said yourself, I could probably have sold The Missing Dragon in segments on some websites. I chose not to because I didn't think I was good enough and because I didn't want people paying for something not up to my standards. That includes a speedy delivery time.

I write as a hobby. I want to get better. I want to do it for a living. It's just that this isn't me doing it for a living. This is me having some fun and offering to share that with other people. If you don't like me or my work standards then that's fine. I promise the next chapters will be out when they're finished and that you're never going to have to pay for them. Beyond that I don't promise anything.

The reason I don't give regular updates on the stories themselves in any real detail is largely for 2 reasons:

1: I write my stories with only a step-stone guide in planning them out. This means things can often change drastically on a whim. In writing The Missing Dragon I've had to shift things around quite a bit now as I've thought more about the story down the line. So I don't update week by week because I don't want to bring up expectations only to let people down even more. If a lot of people want me to change this then I could do a sort of diary every week or something like that if there's enough interest.

2: I often write other stories. I have 2 quite large stories I've been working on for a while now. I've stopped publishing them in chapters because then I'd have to keep writing them at a certain pace and it was getting to the point where I'd have too many balls up in the air at once. So I write them with the intention of putting them out in one big, completed chunk. Some of these stories also don't ever get finished because I lose interest or shift on to other things. I'm still learning a lot about storytelling in this sense.

So, I can't really say anything more other than to thank you all for your patience and to say that I really am still writing the next chapter of this story. I'm still enjoying writing it, and I don't plan to stop. If anyone wants a personal reply or query (or even a snippet of the upcoming chapter, or other stuff I'm writing) then just PM me on the forums.



Loved it. The relationship between Chaki and Jackson feels so real, andd Charles started as a huge cliche, but you gave him a very nice spin. Rachel is getting even better, more of her.

Jusst want to note that Charles personality and how he behavess towards is inconsistent in my opinion, I dont know how to put it, it just feels very cliche and flat how he treats her.

Another 5* Delivery!

First and foremost, Thank You for sharing with us your wit and story telling awesomeness FS. I have yet to find any of your stories that I have not enjoyed, and Life as a New Hire has not failed to deliver yet. Please keep up the excellent work. Thank you again!


Developing a Sign language mixed with spoken words might be helpful

Yes ...

... my editor has run into some busy time. But I'm working on Chap 23 already, so hopefully those two will be close together.

Thanks for your patience.

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