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Awesome story

Excellent reading material. So when are you going to finish your other stories? I'm still waiting for the next CCSC. You are so far behind in the story plot I'll have to reread the whole story again. Keep up the good work.

Re: Help...

Awesome story... Been hanging for the next chapter for what feels like months...

You could possibly use your biography profile to keep a cast list updated. "Etaski" uses hers to keep us updated about each chapter of her story.

Regardless, keep writing, you rock...

Cast of Characters

Hey, FS,

As far as I know, Laurel won't post "supplemental material" as "stories" (otherwise I'd be seeing a lot of that), but there are two places on Lit I can think of where you would have instant access and the ability to update a cast of characters at your discretion: Your Bio page, or the Forum, aka "Bulletin Board" as seen here: http://literotica.com/stories (No insult intended, I'm only taking the Gila Monster comment at face value here).

I see you update your Bio page already. You can make it pretty long; I haven't yet run into a word count cap on it (though I haven't tried).

If you want to use the Forum, I'd suggest starting your own thread in the "Story Feedback" sub-forum (http://forum.literotica.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1) . It seems the best fit to me. You make the first post, stating simply it's the Cast of Characters from your story as requested by reader feedback (be sure to provide a link to your first chapter in case other forum lurkers are curious). This way the forum moderator won't move it elsewhere as "unrelated."

You can edit that first post as often as you want and it will always be the first thing anyone sees clicking on the thread. If you go too long without update it, you might have to dig for the thread again as it gets bumped down the page by new threads. The only downside is if people hijack the thread and start having a conversation/argument that has nothing to do with your story (which happens often), but you can ignore them and just update the first post whenever you need it.

The only other option is to have your own website. ;) Whatever you'd like to do. Good luck.

I would love to see what happens next.

But I don't think that will happen so thanks for what you posted so far. So I will say goodbye for I doubt that there is any more coming in the future.


I am reading a story on an erotic literature site simply because I like the story( I salute you FS)


I've been bantering around ideas for a 'Cast of Characters'. What bothers me is how do I update it? Is there any accepted medium on Literotica where I can publish something then update the page itself? You may assume I have the computer literacy of a grumpy Gila Monster...on an off-day.

Another Chapter YEAH!!!!!!!

You are a wonderful writer. You have given us a another wonderful installment of this story.. Keep at it man.. I am looking forward to more chapters of this story and to HELL with the editors if they cant keep up... thank you again for your writting


Thank you for the wonderful new chapter 😀.
If you still haven't heard from your editors, could you please post the next chapter unedited as well? I'm really looking forward to reading more of this story ☺.

Impatient and eager ☺

Lots of really good ideas

But him constantly explaining why he's so amazing and enlightened every other paragraph is getting really tedious. Show don't tell man!

Not sure....

I liked what I have read in this chapter...just...not sure. The ending didn't seem very good. Usually there is a touch of a cliffhanger or more of a sense of finality to your chapter endings. This felt like a "bridge" chapter. Those are good, and neccessary most often, just the end of this seemed a little off somehow. Now, the compliments.

I love how you added the atlatl! I have practiced using it...but I suck at it. I prefer the sling and the bow. I think I could actually throw a spear with more accuracy than using an atlatl! Thank you for making him forget the stretcher, adds a good human component to it. I like the new critters. Good descriptions and it makes me wonder how the two groups will intereact. All in all, very enjoyable story to read. Thank you very much for writing it.

Sincerely, Payenbrant.
P.S. 5

* * * * *

I am so glad for another chapter that I would give this a five for that reason alone. Great chapter with great details and dialogue. 5+


I truly enjoy reading this story. i check every day for the next chapter. something i don't normaly do. please do keep writing.


I really appreciate how Jamie now has to build himself back up. Hopefully those who tried him will get their 'what for.'

Thanks syck for all your hard work.

@Master of Life: Poor Noble_Truth! He is a bit slow isn't he? :)

thank you

Thanks for coming back, another great installment .


This a very fun story. Two comments.

This would fit in the humor section. I often laugh when reading.

I still get very confused on who is who. There is an active cast of 50 people. Having a 'cast list' at the start of each story would help.

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