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I was enjoying this story very much until I got to the "two inch thick, eleven inches long" and I lost interest. I am female who loves sex and loves to read. I do not speak for all women, but the women I know do not need to hear cock size or bra size.

Such a great start, it was a shame to come to that description.

I am also confused by the category.

But you write well.

How very unusual

And very, very sexy.
Thank You

'No stuffing the ballot box'

What happened to 'vote early, vote often'?!
Nice story - thank you - five stars.

Im excited too

My wife and I have done a lot of finger ass play and we rim each other and of course I fuck her ass. But the other night as I licked her ass and was rubbing her clit with my thumb she said I want to get a dildo for you, baby. I said what? she said, I want to get a soft one to use on you. I said, I don't know, she said come on you get to stick your dick in my ass. Just a soft dildo and I will suck you while its in you it will feel good. I played it off and said OK for you baby we can do it. But I am so turned on thinking about her fucking my ass with a dildo I have been butt fucking myself with a banana and I get hard and cum really good. Oh ya and your story was so hot I have cum running down my hand just reading it!

"I stick it up my ass and I get washboard abs?" I laughed myself silly!

Your stories are funny, well written and so incredibly hot. I love Belinda and Rupali

duh !! say what !!!!

very poor in build ups and omg with grammar n vocabulary. try using more synonyms of certain words. no display in art of sex in your writings. not even with bengali wordings. keep trying !!!

Bigger is Better

God your story sounds so familiar. After enjoying several average to large dildos I bought a huge dildo by mail. When it arrived I almost came just looking at its size, 18" long and 3.5" thick (that's almost 11" around)! I knew I needed to be stretched before trying to take this beast so I worked up to my thickest, 3 inches around, then tried my new toy. It kept folding in half so I trimmed it down to 15" and held it in place as I forced the head past my spincter hole and took 9". It felt fantastic as it filled my ass and belly. When I let it pop out the first thing I did was to put it back at my hole and ram my ass down on it over and over as it hit my prostate and cum dripped from my cock.


I had to put the first story on hold and read this one first. Now I like the first one better, since reading this one.

My favourite of the 3

Great story and excellent story telling. You've managed to capture the Australian cheekiness and love of a joke so well that it makes reading your stories a lot of fun!
Looking forward to more.

Fantastic :)

Agree 100%
Really enjoyed reading all about your naughty fun.
Nothing quite like watching and being watched to get the juices flowing LOL x x
Thanks for sharing with us
Love Anna x

anti climatic

I like the idea, but you should have gone into so much more detail.

Psychotic drivel !

Stilted and talentless. Is English your second language ? "1*" .

What a great 'Toy Story' ... (eat your heart out, Disney ...)

Hi Belinda .. I really enjoyed this story. Toys are so much fun; I love playing with them! And yours are so creative. Ike and Mike ... So funny! I love the playfulness you give Belinda and Rupali ... They're always on edge, and ready for the next sexploit. The setting of the changing rooms is a great turn-on. I've always wanted to have sex in one of those, and discrete flashing in them is a rush. I can't wait to read what the dynamic duo do at the beach with those dueling dildos ... Thanks for another great story!

Poor Jake

This would have been five stars if Jake had had gotten it on with Debbie. Now he has blue ballls the size of Mandango's

Wildly unbelievable but a nice fantasy tale.

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