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Nicely done

Excellent, thoughtful buildup. The people seem very real and the scenario just barely possible. Great story.


You are indeed a welcome addition to Literoitca.
I hope that this well written first story is just a beginning of a long series.
It promises to be a most interesting one and already gets a 5 star vote from me.

Wonderful fantasy, how many days left for the conference.


I liked Cindy and Jennifers participation. That would take some courage. I'm not sure I have that much. Anyone ?

Make an audio of this piece. It's gonna be a good one.

Fun read

And no comment about "Fat Bottom Girls" also being on that album? :-)

gave me an erection reading

Wow you gave me an erection readings this. Rub that often.

Okay while it felt somehow unfinished imo, it was a fun read. Looking forward to your next tale.

Your writing always makes me hot-- and I find myself teasing my clit! Please continue

Loved It

Well written and funny as well as erotic.

You know, I am beginning to remember who these characters are and that worries me just a bit. There seems to be a lot of Lesbians in this part of Louisiana, is it the water, or something else? All kidding aside, how about a story using the theme song "I got a brand new pair of roller skates", loved that song.

"Kinky Secrets:"

This ladies ideas are unique! I don't recall her removing the benwa balls from her pussy before she inserted the big nine inch vibrator into her cunt, and zipping up her (possibly deep sea type) lycra swim suit! I would loved for her to have left the benwa balls in her cunt, inserted the vibrator inside her pussy, beyond her cunt lips with the speed on 'high' and zipped into her suit with no way to get out!!

"The Washing Machine:" - Laura, Thirty-three Year Old Single Female

Geewhizz!! So fucking unusual and unique! If I were a female I would have already wore my pussy raw with this radical, but very effective contraption. It is one sure fire way to keep her vaginal "plumbing pipes" cleaned out. The writer/author has a wicked but realistic mind of ideas. But then again I'm sure females do as much imaging unusual ways to satisfy themselves when alone, as males do under the same circumstances. During my high school years, from the time I was fifteen years old until I was in my early thirties I was very athletic, six feet one inch tall and (except for the four plus years in the U S Navy when I weighed 185 pounds) I weighed no more thaqn 165 pounds and was very agile. I would suck my own cock to the base and to full ejaculation and orgasm, without anything touching my dick but my mouth! So, I suppose we've all done weird and necessary things to "charge our own batteries"!!

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