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Good story, I agree with Storm.

Maybe it added drama to the story but I did not like that part. The rest of the story was really good. I just don't know why the author had to write in this pregnant woman going out to dinner with a man not her husband and taking a drink. Left a bad taste in my mouth but since it is just a story I will not worry about it, if I could I would write a better story. Since I cannot write I will just shut up and let the authors do the writing.

Goldstein or Silverstein?


Kate ya dirty bogan

I agree

I agree with the last few comments lets see a pregnancy after all that teasing and boasting.

Your story is great keep going.

MSTarot pulls another ace from the pack.

Time crumples up carefully planned dreams like they were so much blank paper.
It sure does. I have read a humungous amount of fiction in my time. Some I have forgotten ever having read. I'm not done yet.
But I know that the author of each and every story I have truly enjoyed gave me a glimpse of poetry in the middle of their prose. Some managed to include some prose in the middle of their poetry. There's more to poetry than images. It's in the way the words slip into place before your eyes, pull themselves together

You did it, then you did it again. You've done it before.
I know. You can't stop. So please don't.

Age is a number

There is something about a well veiled ass. By that I mean, cute panties, but garters, stockings, frilly things. Mrs. Crowley is an older hottie that needed something special and you gave it to her. I'd love to read more.

My sister, she's older, had an affair with her younger boss. There was a 14 year age difference. He was married. Caught my sister pilfering some things, cheating on expenses. She needed the job and blew him to get out of the mess. But it didn't end there because he wanted it often. I can't believe it, but she let him bang her over his desk on numerous occasions. I found out by accident, and kicked his ass.

Still, this is a great story and a 5 or higher if I could do it.


Well written....sensitive...need to correct the Jackson becoming Johnson. The sex truly was making love....many years ago I lost my wife of 15 years ...and while I have enjoyed sex since I have missed the love making. You made me remember s nd yes I cried at my loss...but I thank you for making me see again the little blond hairs on her breasts and the beautiful of her naked back, the shape of curve of her lower back as it climbed onto her fabulous ass. The unbelievable softness of her inner thighs and the her taste as l lost myself in the soft folds of her pussy. I used to hold her tightly while eating her...not allowing her to escape...through several organisms...thank you for the memories

Great Read!!!

Fantastic effort with this one. Loved the slow build up and could see the love growing between them. Sometimes it is nice to be able to enjoy the ride instead of getting right to the physical parts. It would be nice to see what happened to them as time passed. Would you consider a sequel?

Thank you for sharing....

5* story

And that's how a story should be, funny and sexy. Rated 5*

It deserves a sequel

Thank you...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing.

this has been a most beautiful story , i enjoyed it - keep on writing

what a beautiful story I loved it

Well done

Cat, once again, just marvelous. You are so well tuned and tell it to perfection. , thank you.
By the way, I hope you are not taking any notice of the comments posted by one of the "Anonymous", readers. It seems to me it is the same person, making disparaging comments for every story of yours, just being spiteful, loving to "bash" a woman. Maybe, because there are no pictures of women being abused by men in your stories, so he can't play with his dick. Who can tell?

Sorrow and Love.

It would have been so easy for this story to have descended into maudlin melodrama, or for the sex to come off as a discordant episode of prurient fantasy, but neither happened.

The humour, sadness and sensuality blended like pine and peppermint. Not one false emotional note among any of the characters and nothing was over-the-top. I teared up repeatedly.

This one goes into my favorites immediately.

Good fantasy story, but

In reality his career would have been over and his wife would have cleaned him out in the divorce. There wouldn't have been a very happy ending to this story.

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