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Wow... Well Mrs P was hot!!!

Thank you.
I loved it and your now in my favourite authors.
I'm looking for more from you Mrs P
Loads of everything,

Mum's the word

Definitely not a Mrs Robinson tale! It's obvious that Heather and Josh are both eager and will get together and the one surprise is that Kelli seems content NOT to have the total big cock experience. Again Suzie3W has presented a well-written, rounded account with detailed feelings and responses. Not sure, though, that it's possible for the risque encounter to remain a secret for long.

Keep it coming!

First story ..but very very good!

Please let us know what happened next.

First story?

This may be your first story, but I hope you don't stop with it. I very much enjoyed it. Please write more.

Hot Summer

Great story. Would have enjoyed more detail of that young mouth sucking on you. Looking forward to your next installment!

Great Story.

I tried to rate this Ch. but could not.I like the person ahead of me am hooked good.I was going to give my normal 5 stars but cant.Keep em cumming!

As good as any I have read

I really enjoyed this and the other stories you have written. It is in the same league as 'A Stringed Instrument' which is my favourite story in this site. Please keep writing.

You have to write more of this! Soon!

I can't believe you haven't written more about Polly. I've just re-read all of the Polly stories and you've just created an incredible setup with an incredible character! More, more, more please!

Excellent! We definitely need more.

Please don't stop

You have me hooked like a prized deep sea marlin. Each twist and turn like the fight to land it on the boat. Love how your mind thinks and has captured my imagination. XOXOX

Once not enough

Great job! An excellent start. Now curious as to where it's going to go.


Erotic soap opera that is actually worth reading. Dallas, Falcon Crest or something along those lines on a much smaller scale but erotic hotter at the top of any scale!

Made me remember

Made me remember my first real love. She and I met at university though. I'm prejudiced obviously, but to my mind there is nothing like having an older more experienced lover teach a young man how to make love.
I had no problem with the age difference, although she did. I would have gladly spent as many years with her as possible but she had these ridiculous ideals about my needing to have children. I felt all that I needed was her. Ah well, women, wonderful creatures, but difficult to understand at the best of times.
Invest time in proofreading your work, making sure of consistency of names and such and your readers will be much happier. I also suggest adding a lot more romance to the mix. Having the guy be more attentive to the woman's emotional needs will make your story better, and educate younger male readers on the necessity of making a woman feel loved emotionally as well as physically.

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