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He raped her! What are you thinking, writing a story about rape? In her mind, of course, a part of her wanted him. But he tied her up, and though she promised to cooperate if he untied her, he kept her bound and took her by force. Not a good scenario.

Well done!

An interesting start indeed. Lucy is getting about a bit isn't she? Let's hear more.


Was good at first but lacked attention to detail and authenticity. The divorce went through in record speed - he didn't confess to Stacy until after her pregnancy and the baby isn't born until two months after the honeymoon. Also, Stacy confesses she is sleeping with a younger man who is looking to start his own business. And yet, there is no mention of the separation of assists until later. They decided to do an amicable split? Guys worth $30 mill don't do divorces amicably.

The rough sex at the end seemed out of character for the rest of the story and begs two questions: 1. She is seven months pregnant, right? I am pretty sure rough sex is not wise at that stage. 2. What did he get himself into? Again, this behavior seems out of character with the rest of the story. Combine that with her comments about how her plan was to seduce him ... And then her comment about only her husband gets her ass. Watch out!

Finish for God's Sake

You give us two hot chapters leading almost up to them doing the dirty deed and then stop. How can you be so cruel? Please finish the series.

Home delivery

Great start. Read the three chapters and thought they were great. Looking forward to reading more of those horny older women needing a hard stiff one every now and then.

Excellent story despite:

Excellent story despite the complaining from others. I rarely stories this long, but this is very good.

From the Authors

I'm sorry for the dislike of the ending. If you will notice at the very first, we stated that this story was written by request. The main theme and plot points were given to us. The requester wanted it to end this way. Sorry if you didn't like it but they did. And that was exactly what we were going for.

Thank you

I did not see who had written this at first, but by the tone of the story, I knew who it was. Thank you.



That was very mean of her. From my POV, it was down right insulting. She got off with 3 monster orgasms and then makes fun of him for shooting off fast. It was very enjoyable up until the last part.


Some Blonde Bosses Boobs'r Better

Talk about sexual harassment on the job!!
I feel so, so sorry for this poor simple-minded 26 year old bus boy.
What is this world cumming to, anyway?


Wow, now I sit crying after reading your incredible story. Everything thing you wrote is exactly what I experienced. I am your Eliza (not really) but same age and exact same scenario. Even after years, I can't let go of him and I love him so much . Thank you

Great seduction

You make me feel I need to be educated again


I love the story. I would honestly prefer if the chapters were a little longer. Just when you start to get into a groove reading it, it ends. But still really good story


what a fu**king cuck story - not even well written or developed. Is that all the time it took you to whip off while writing it?

Really hot story

Please give us another chapter. Waiting impatiently.

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