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this was the aftermath of Connie's accident

what was the aftermath of their actions? Since it was Connie who initiated them coming together, I disagree with the decision to lie to her.

And I am confused,
she was a widow, he is Connie's husband. How was there a "cherry" to take? and why is first time listed as a Tag?

Please continue this story!!!!!

Black Hole of an Ending...

This was a great tale up until the ending. It is so rushed slapped on it just killed the story. It went from a work I'd visit again and again to one I'd prefer to forget in just a couple paragraphs. Happy endings don't have to be a given, but a realistic completion is. What a catastrophic disappointment. I'd strongly recommend pulling this last chapter and re-writing it with an ending as good as the rest of the story.

She deserved that

Very hot, good detail. really enjoyed it...sometimes A bitchy woman needs to be done like that


done - thanks for your time and talent. Loooove a happy ending!

Both parts are super

Loved the story and the second part was a fresh twist. Good flow in the text and a joy to read.


5 + 6= ??? that would have been much better

come on---5 inches!!!! these stories need men that are hung or it;s not worth suspending belief!!! lame-O

out fucking standing!!!

Speaking for us older men This is something that would really get us moving Tenbears43 keep on trucking looking forward to more.

Chapter 2 Soon

Thank you for your encouragement. I plan to have chapter 2 submitted soon, though I must forewarn any interested readers, chapter 2 contains no sexual content. Bummer, I know. ;)

Lots of Fun!

Thoroughly entertaining. First read for me in the series. Need to catch up. Looking fwd to what's next. Well done!

Dear Redlion...

That's a really good question, and one that is answered in the sequel. Coming soon.


This story has Continue written all over it

shouldn't this be in group

there are no indications of the ages of any of the three participants. and yes, there are three at once, so most readers looking for mature might be disappointed. I was.

Well gosh, this was honestly kinda sad (as in, not happy, kinda a downer, etc.)-- great storytelling, but not something I could get off to. Which is cool, hats off to you as a writer. I'm about to read part 2. We'll see if that'll surprise me, too

Wow! Wish I was there!

What a great and erotic story! I love that you enjoy knowing someone is watching and you aren't inhibited. Thanks for sharing this experience!

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