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Keep. Writing! OMG that was hot.

It looks like

yours can write as well. Be you male or my guess is that you are female.
The writing and the hilarious writing are excellent and it looks like Marlon is in for a long ride.
Back in the sixties there was a porno that had a pussy taking (or a clit) that was very popular, but I can't remember the name.
" "
two talons up from the Eagle

no mas.

I can't read any more of this feckless dribble. Only read to the beginning of chapter 4 in hopes that it would improve...It did not!! Instead it got worse.

A few things...

1. "you're" = you are, "your" = belongs to: "your car"
2. if you put a title of a song in quotes, put just the title in:
"your side of the bed" by...
3. you go from telling the story in third person to being in the story, make your mind up.

Very Nice!

You clearly have talent. Keep going!

2 is never enough

2 is never enough for our characters so what makes you think 2 more chapters will satisfy us, your loyal readers. So may different directions you can go with this...

please keep the story going

Please say it isn't soo

There is way more than 2 chapters worth of options... keep this story going


Glad to see you are back writing on this as I was worried it was going to be abandoned after the first time they had sex.

I really like the characters and really enjoy the story and am pulling for a happy ending for everyone. I expect there to be some angst as I"m sure the other parents will be a bit upset that the coach is dating and sleeping with one of the entire Team's good friends, even if she isn't being coached by him.

I like how you are showing the depth of the feeling between the two also with his comments on how good their connection is and how right it all feels.

I also wonder if his daughter will walk in on them in the morning as they have fallen asleep together at his house and she is just at her boyfriend's.

Chomping at the bit for the next chapter!

Thank you for a great read.

loved this story

What a great story! It's rare that you find such a well written story, that just makes you feel good, on this site but this is certainly one. I've yet to read ant of this author's other stories but you can bet I'll be checking right after I post this review. To lovecraft68, I say well done and thank you for such excellent writing.

Keep writing

You've done a fine job of not only writing something hot, but keeping me invested in these characters. I want to see where all this ends up, please keep writing.

De Ja Vu

Dear SJP,
Your story brought back a magical memory for me. I was seventeen in the summer of 1968. A fresh high school graduate, I had taken a job as a water skiing instructor at a summer camp in Tennessee. Vivian was the camp nurse, and she became my teacher, my first lover, and a beautiful memory.

Thank you for stirring that memory

Great story! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


Fantastic read

That was a great story (except for a little confusion throughout over Miss Ross or Ma'am). One of the best I have read here, with both an excellent lead up to the sex and great sex. I do hope that there is at least one more story about these two. What happens when the other students show up for the story group? That should make for some tension!

You think you must never ever do that again...

but really, Caroline, you are on a holiday, you have been left alone, and you know that you will do it again if Dave wants you... Chapter 2?


Just when I think there is no way this story can get any better it does! I love the build up with Courtney and how the ending leaves so much to the imagination until the next chapter is published. Martin is certainly a lucky man. I was hoping for another threesome and was saddened to read Cece has a boyfriend, but I hope she returns to the story soon. I did love the interaction with Erin and hope there will be more between her and her dad (just no sex between them hopefully). And I loved reading from Courtney that there are at least a half dozen girls that know about Martin. Thank you for this incredible story!

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