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nice twist to the story: very hot

Very sexy story and extremely well written & plotted.

I rarely comment here. In any case, this story--but especially its execution--is extraordinary. You have a gift. This storyline has a unique power and it will be a favorite here (and any place else you decide to post it) for years and years. My only suggestion is to give us some more information about the narrator--other than the fact that he enjoys playing football with his friends and has enough character to connect with Becca. Please give him a job of some sort--and some sort of ethos. If he were something other than a shallow "alpha-male" charmer that would go a long way toward bonding this story to the psyches of your male readers.

Still enjoying this tantalizing tale!

Here's one fan finding this story still doin' just be savored like a sweet wine!

Great story but got boring

You did a good job until you just kept repeating yourself.
Just sayin. but very hot story


Reading ch#1, I hoped & prayed you would continue with #2. Now I'm hoping you will have pitty on us, & write #3. This is such a HOT story, we all want more!! Such a great potential story line! Please post # 3 ASAP!!

Oh Yes!! THANK YOU for #1 & #2 !!

Good One!!!

I really enjoyed this tale. Will be back for many more. I really like your stuff.
My MOM, was a Red Head, & yes I lusted after her. God she was like Becca in a lot of ways.(thats why I have 2 half siblings giggle lol)

This story was so hot ! Loved the progression made me very very wet reading it ... Please please please write the next chapter ... I wanna get horny all over again :)


I am greatly bothered by Kerrie riding a school bus. Is she not a minor and what was done makes him a rapist?

Great Story!

Keep going. I love this story. Hot!!

He is more than a bit slow

"Her words continued to bother me over the next several weeks and I tried in vain to find out more of what she had in mind."

Did he think to ask her? or, as he was invited to do, Flirt?

nice story

where is the rest of the story

erotic and sad at the same time

I hope her move worked out for her. Any chance he will visit The Hawksmere Gallery?

well told

I'll bet the work environment changed.

EroticMind, you have a noticable pattern...

in your stories: Older lez seduces younger girl (which is OK), and you describe what she does to her 'student.' (That's OK, too).

Then, the 'newcummer' does EXACTLY the same thing to the 'teacher.' While I realize that you're describing an experienced lez with a first timer I submit that you should vary it a little.

I also suggest that you edit more closely, or get an editor to help with punctuation, spelling and grammar. (ie: to & too, etc.)

All in all, good stories, keep writing.

You ended this great story with an obvious statement requiring new adventures

Great stuff and makes us want more from your fertile mind and heart. Hurry up, we're anxious!!!!

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