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Yes, I will be continuing it. Was going through some changes IRL and so the story had to take a back seat. I'm working on the next installment as we speak.

Fun little blog.

Ah for the times of our youth! This is a fun little blog with a nice ending.

A little too obvious?

You write well and the fantasy sex is fun. But aren't we heading for a 'Mam and a woman/ Love story' ending? You seem to have fallen in lobe with your characters, never a good thing.

Great, hot, story

It does need a little proofreading and editing, and I'm usually pretty picky about such things, but it was such a nice story that I found the errors easy to ignore.

A gentleman and a forgiving woman

This might be porn but I can't help feeling it's very real.
We could learn a lot from these two characters, about how love and sex should be.

Nothing better

than an illicit fuck in the pantry.


well written with a nice surprise sending. Sometimes the best part of a story is that which is not told :)


Mandy is so lucky to have Mr Johnson filling her hot cunt with his seed. There are many of us in real life who fuck our well-endowed fathers-in-law!

assisted living

Assisted living situation it's a good plot your story is ( hope it is true ) but it is way too long and one gets a bit bored while reading it...our best part are the last part telling of your sexual experiences with her should have gone in to more detail ... I would have described each sexual situation and took more time in detail!


1 star

part 2 should be erotic horror, and Jason shoulda died a horrible death for the monster he turn into

Very Sexy Story

Thanks for a very erotic story. The flow and pacing of the story were well done. I liked the way that you built up to the climax. You left me wanting more, which is certainly preferable to the alternative.

Referring to the previous comment on proof reading, yes, there were a few places that could have been improved. But I can only say that I'm put off when the only thing Anonymous has to say to a story that is this well done is "proof read your story."

very hot and can we get some anal

Can you make it a GILF instead?

I'd like to see him help out a lonely 70 Something GILF who hasn't had cock in 4 decades.

It really was a wonderful story

Well-written, new territory explored. I've read your other stories, also, and enjoyed them very much.


In chapter three I will use Wally's confidence to seduce a new MILF. Thanks for the suggestion.

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