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First time anal

I think that I'm pretty lucky! The first time that I ever had sex was anal. I was 14 and my girlfriend didn't want to have the chance of a baby so she said why not try anal? Me as a teenage boy, I'm fucking pumped with that idea!! So we tryed it with lots of lube and she loved it! Now she is 18 and I'm 17 and let me just say, I'm the happiest guy ever. I've been doing anal for 3½ years and it's way better than pussy. Just do it perfectly the first time and you'll be set!


I was looking for phone sex info and got extra lucky to find your article on the subject, thanks! You confirmed some of my assumptions and taught me some others, your writing is soothing and relating. I'm encouraged to look you up, to see if you have another story to share. Wish me luck!


Very Informative.

Good information and great presentation. Thanks.

I read all three of the hard hat series, and now I want to write a story involving a construction guy. Correctly of close.


I just came reading all this.... Too good!

Great Article

I wish I had read this years ago like when I was 10 my parents didn't circumcise me, (Thank God) but also didn't teach me. I hope a lot of other uncut guys read this. Thank you

Good Thoughts

After years writing densely technical non-fiction as an engineer, I have started writing fiction. Two story lines popped out immediately and pretty much wrote themselves as you describe, but my third just withered on the vine and the fourth is wandering after a strong start. I tend to want to power through the story and make it happen but then it seems to lack something. Sounds like practice is the key. Your comments on editing are spot on. I don't like to do it, but it needs to be done. The comments I got on my stories were from the editing types who blasted every real or imagines mistake. The second time I used one of the volunteer editors and he/she helped a lot. Thanks for your essay. It validated some of my thoughts and offered some points for consideration.

This article was extremely funny. I loved it. I'm glad to say I'm one of the lucky ones. I know exactly what I'm doing. (Many blow jobs later) This article was still nice to read. I truly think there should be millions of articles on sex tips that are humorous like this one. Doesn't make you feel uncomfortable to read. Keep up the good work ;)

not yet but I am always hopeful. Looks wonderful

Didn't Even Know

I went into a booth one time to jack off into a vial to take to my Dr. for a post vasectomy sperm test. At the point where I had decided on the particular booth and opened the door, two guys scurried into the ones next to it. I didn't see any holes with fingers but there must have been or they wouldn't have been so interested. Where I live, Columbus Ohio the bookstores had to remove the booths because of "unhealthy" activity. There are some in Toledo and Wheeling.


Do you recommend doing something to prepare for anal. I bought a butt plug and was planning on putting that on on the day of my first anal experience. But I also was thinking about going on an all liquid diet two days before the big day. Would that be a good idea?


To me, this is one of the neglected areas of porn. Far too often a video opens with the participants naked, forgetting the erotic effect of careful undressing. Even after many years of marriage I still enjoy undressing my wife or watching her undress.

1 good ass fuck

i remember 1 good ass fuck when i must have did it right. my wife's ass hanging down off edge of bed and my stiff cock slamming in and out and making a wet sound ,than slid into her pussy and back slamming her asshole until i came in deep!
that was great sex!not to much anymore?she came and said it felt fine;(

One last piece of advise you forgot to mention to your "Ladies"

Get in a good supply of bullet proof vests, take out a very large health insurance policy, never stop looking over your shoulder and last of all learn to sleep with one eye open. Because someday the worm will turn and may well decide on some payback for being treated like shit.

One little thing you've failed to mention

While you are trying so hard to turn hubby into a submissive wimp he may well decide to dump your worthless cheating ass and find a real woman.
Now you may think that men are all simple creatures and are led by their dicks. Just like my ex. She listened to some bullshit idea from a friend of hers and was more than a little surprised when my answer to her was. "Shut the door on your way out". I kid you not her face was a picture. Nearly as good as the one she when she saw her replacement.
And for the record this is a TRUE story.

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