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Loved it!

You're a Master! Entertaining to read and nicely broken up by humour.

I like to add that my guy really likes it when I use his cock to slap my cheek
and pout at him. Yes the good ol' turkey slap can be sexy. Also it drives him wild to
poke my tongue out to show him all of the cum in my mouth before I swallow it.

Can't wait until the next instalment! - Kit

First time with a girl

Hi, so its my first time with a girl and I'm a little nervous about going down on a girl. I'm afraid ill do something wrong and that's not what I want. Any tips?


How about a story of your successes and incompletes on the years goals.
How would you deal with yourself if for instance you were into self-bondage,
or had a caring demanding Dom? Domme?
What would you contract with a caring partner for each reward/punishment you earned?
Who would you turn to for inspiration?
How would you share with your family?

Does gender matter?

Can your sugar baby be a guy? Or does it have to be a girl?

"She taught my sisters and I".."when daddy and her married" - I know English isn't your first language Mr Blofeld, but please use your immense wealth to pay for some grammar lessons. And where you got the idea about black making people sweat, I've no idea - it sounds like an Ian Fleming folk legend such as 'gay men can't whistle'.

I'm with you

I too have a panty fetish. I think guys are scared to be seen or heard talking or wearing panties. if she can't understand it then she has the problem.

Control a square base home workshop sander for masturbation.

The point is that a square base sander that runs at about 12,000-14,000 vibrations per minute can be tamed. The sanders are at every Home Depot or Lowe's and cost about 15-30 dollars USD. What you need to add to it is a lamp dimmer control from the lighting department. They cost about 6-9 dollars USD and have a plug with a socket on the back of the plug. Plug the sander in the back of the dimmer plug and them plug the dimmer into the wall. Turn 'on' the sander and as you move the 'slider' on the dimmer , a small amount of power is delivered to run the sander very slow. Increase the power to about 50-70% and you will find the level of stimulation needed.
Use the edge of the rubber sander base behind your balls and apply light or medium pressure. The corner of the base will deliver a localized vibration that can go into your prostate area as you experiment.




Actually, no. This time, I just posted two entries at once and the second one happened to pass through the process to get posted faster than the other one did.

got a point?

pm, i agree with the previous commentator up to the question "the point of instructing to tell.". I think that reader misunderstood and thinks that you the master/trainer are commanding the sub/trainee to reveal themselves publicly.

I do not agree that was your intent. What i understand from your wording. is that you, the master/trainer would ask the sub/trainee to consider to whom (trusted person singular) they would eventually be willing to talk to, reveal themselves to.

i think i understand your intent. That this is one of your methods as master/trainee to gain an understanding of the sub/trainee thinking process.

i am just not sure how well such a revelation would assist, this early in the training cycle.

Than again, it could be a valuable safety measure. if the sub/trainee should have a breakdown, be in serious emotional distress. Knowing who they trust enough to tell their secrets, would be the person to call for help. Perhaps?

I was with you except the point of instructing to tell. You tossed out that bomb then glossed over it. My brakes are still screeching and smoking. You need to address that.


You misposted chapters to lure us to your blog, didn't you?


That's fine if you sub likes vulgar language. I'm more likely to safeword from that than many other things.

Ivan, another wonderful insight. Your blog is about to be bookmarked.
Please fix the missing entries here. Many people around here need what you are explaining.


You are speaking to the doms, but this speaks as strongly to the subs. You repectfully explain what we seek. A sub lost for words could share this with a potential dom to the benefit of both.

Oh Jesus Christ... Why Did I Click On This Category?

You are more or less teaching other people how to be mediocre writers. Your style is extremely crass, creepy and juvenile. You just wrote a two page instruction telling other people how to write bad dialogue based off a poor premise.

Whenever I run into authors who have popularity based on quantity, and not quality it always bugs me. You more so than anyone because in a category like incest where ninety five percent of the authors are awful... you're like the best of the worst, and you actually believe that you're good. You believe it so much you're giving tips. For the love of God... Stop.

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