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Guess it's all wrapped up now. Leads me to wonder why write it. Guy ends up back to normal. What was the point?

Dumb load of shit. Why did you write this?



Quite simply the best story I've ever read on this site.

You do realise you've not only raised the bar, you've introduced 3D into a formerly 2D world that we didn't realise was 2D till you came along.

I don't know how long you took to write this but please please please, with whipped cream and a cherry on top, can you write some more.

And thank you for sharing it here.

your whole scheme is to trash......

.....everyone in your story.
This common theme in your stories suggests a deep self-loathing.
What, did you fuck your cousin at a family reunion last year, or did your aunt corner you and take advantage at your 16th birthday party?
Seriously, you should probably seek help.


Except for the Dr. and Michelle I think having them Brainy and Submissive to him would be the way to go. He could do all of the Rich and Powerfull women Locally and they could call in others from around the Country. to give him a Harem and Power beyond his own Imagination.

Great premise, would change the ending a bit

would have liked to have seen this go towards the starting of a dynasty. That is, he gives them all a strong motivation to serve him, but instead of making them bimbos he made them smart and cooperative with each other. Then, he could expand from there and take over the town and more.

I only very rarely give 5's.......

....because that last 20% is the rarified air of publishable work.
These characters are real to us, the settings clear and vibrant. The subtext of the 'signal' phenomenon adds a dimension we might have never hoped for....until now.
Masterful, fun, sexy, AWSOME.
I just wish you had the wherewithal to submit each episode a little closer together.
We get homesick for this story in the gaps....and a little forgetful of some of the story elements we must not forget.....thank you for this astonishing work.


This is a great story line. I can't wait to see more of theses stories.


Hope we will have more from you soon! Awesome read!

Interesting take...

I have read stories about hypnosis before, but very few from the standpoint of the one being hypnotized. This was very well done. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

Simple, stupid.

Because he couldn't get diet Pepsy !

wait what?

Shouldn't this be in sci-fi/fantasy being a gender bender as aposed to mind control?

Constructive criticism: Commas indicate pauses. You overuse them. If you wouldn't pause whilst reading the sentence out loud, you don't need the comma.

Weird in a "Eeeeewwwww!"-sort of way.....

.....now all you have to do is finish the story, clear up all the loose ends and take us where we've never been before.
Are you up for that? Then I'll stay on long enough for that ride......but.....ohhheeww.


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