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Well ok then...

For an enslavement story, that took a bit of dark turn.

Dying over here

Great read, captured all aspects of a brilliant story good job! Must have read this five times now and im dying for the sequel to come out now i absolutely cannot wait!


Reread this story and the prequel 3 times in 4 days in anticipation for the next chapter. Checking back every few hours for an update. YOU ARE KILLING ME NT!

Seriously though, it is an amazing story.

A wonderful fantasy. How many of us fantasize about carefree, casual sex but never do it in our real lives. I would love to see another six chapters.

mature theme

Nice to see a more mature themed master pc story. Excellent thanks for writing it.

Wow! Finally an MC story that doesn't make

Women stupid fuck toy bimbos and a guy who actually is interested in their pleasure, not just his.

Well done!!!

Well done

A very nice combination of turning the category of control into a mutually reciprocal agreement between both parties with full recognition of the power they have over the other and choosing to keep it. Wasn't mindless sex bot stuff, wasn't simplistic but not too intellectually masturbatory either(author takes too much pride in his/her own ability and spins it out unnecessarily)-a very pleasant well paced read. I prefer stronger sexual scenes myself but this was a delight to read w/o getting too heavy. Thank you for this story.

Forget doing the same thing to your husband--

he's gay, and not only that, a submissive.

Is this a "just be a good wife" story?

Sometimes you can't just be a "good enough" wife.

Right. You're only a woman. It's not like you're human or anything.

Weird, REALLY Wierd!

Just read the whole series and have come to the conclusion that it is a pretty weird fucked up tale. Well written but weird and fucked up. As much as I hate to say it, I really need to read the NEXT installment to see how this strange brew might end!

don't listen to the nay-sayers

this was a good story, has room for improvement, but alot of potential. I see it's been a year since you submitted anything, I hope you can ignore the "critics", and come back to writing, I'd like to read more of his adventures, especially when he gets back to town.

Absolutely fantastic. One of the best of the genre, and I think I've read them all.

The wife's inner dialogue was perfect, and I'm a huge fan of unintended consequences. Don't cut this story short; I am looking forward to the next ten chapters!


I swear you now have me hooked to this series

first time reading this topic

as the chapters progress I am better understanding and enjoying this kind of subject. Looking forward to the future chapters.

love it

great story keep it up hope it won't be six months for the next chapter.

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