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This one nearly knocked my socks off.......

.....but I found the many spelling and grammatical errors annoying.
You write so well. Please take a little more time to correct and edit your presentation.
The best dishes appeal as much to the eye as they do the taste buds.
The best writing is easy and comfortable to consume, flowing and smooth, like good single-malt whisky.....but to acheive that, the writer has to care enough about his story to work out the details. Using 'he' for 'her' or 'to' where 'too' is required reduces the outcome for many......gives it an off flavor. Nes't-ce-pas?
Your story captures the imagitation and is a rare gift. Too bad you allowed it out in this unpracticed form.....
I hope you will review it more carefully or get one of the fine editorial volunteers on the forums to assist. It would be well worth the time and effort spent.

Do you mind me asking when can we expect a next part?

I don't care what people say!!!!!!

I have read this story many many times and I love it. As to the series, it's unfinished. I'd like more of it. But I don't see that will ever happen. I can wish and hope that will happen. As to your writings, they're okay.


This has promise. Well written and i can't wait for the next chapter. I just hope that he learns how to control his power, wouldn't want him to be completely controlled by her forever.

Thank you

I loved this story. I've read it several times now. It still is so wonderful. I like all of your writings. Thanks but keep writing, please.

Thank you

Thank you for your kind message. I'm very glad you enjoyed the story. May I ask what "points in between" you would like to see fleshed out?

Having been recently enthralled by your work, I was surprised to see this exert. I was drawn to not only the passion of need for oblivion and servitude, but the clinical way in which you described each detail.

I just feel there was so much more than could have been done with this. I do hope you'll consider fleshing out the points in between. Other than that, the work was impressive to say the least. It was captivating on a non-sexual level. I look forward to seeing more from you.

i liked it!!! very much!!!

very engaging tale you have going here. although very long, i cant imagine where you might shorten it. also you have created so many splinters that, in my opinion, you could keep these threads alive for 50 or more chapters...i too have noticed the spelling,language errors but i don't think that they have detracted from the story as a whole. but then again, i'm not a spelling or language nazi...

Truly enjoying the entirety of this story. Hoping to see the next chapter soon, though with the holidays here, I know it can be difficult. Keep up the great work.


It does make sense. The idea was to explore some of my darkest fantasies, which I find both arousing and horrifying. So I'm glad I managed to convey that in some way. Thank you for your comment - it's always great to receive a reader's feedback.

Ch 1 is tame

Compared to the rest of this story.

Please record this

I wish you would record this Master. It would be so much easier to follow if I could hear your voice. Thank you in advance


Good MC, without - or maybe with, that's the key - a descent into utter perdition. And the writing doesn't get in the way of the tale. I look forward to where this is going.

Interesting ending

In some ways this story was disturbing, but in others it really played to my own fantasies of dominance where my submissive is willing to do anything for obedience. But of course I always step in to keep her safe. In many ways this story hits me more than any other story I have read here, but in others it scares me the most as well. Does that make any sense?

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