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Love this story!

Enjoyed this very much, especially the first part. Would love to read more from you.

great flashlight

The Alien Flash light is really a blessing and the hypnosis and the woman he got is a dream come true for every man who wants awoman like Donna and Kathy.Want more of this juicy stuff.

2 stars

Jeff is a very dislikable character.

God did not make us robots

Nor should we wish to do that to anyone else.
It is fools gold.
Like king Midas you can have anything you want but nothing will please because nothing she gives you will ever truly be her gift to you.

Welcome back

So glad to see you continuing this story. I, like many others, have been anxiously waiting for a long time. I sincerely hope you continue this adventure soon.

Loved it!

I really enjoyed your story. I do hope that you aren't going to stop there. There is so much potential for more, based on what you already wrote. Please continue with it.

so good!

This is one of my favorites! Please write more!

Needs Something

The main character comes off as an asshat. His disregard for others, demonstrated by telling them how to feel instead of using his ability to find people who actually might be interested in him, makes me wonder when someone is going to blow his brains out so the story at least has a little justice.

Great story!

Very interesting!! More please!!


Your ending really sucks. There is nothing entertaining or particularly erotic about cuckholding a man. This gentleman's club had almost endless possibilities until you wound it up so that there's nowhere to go. Mr. Robinson will always, now, only be 'sir' or 'Mr. Robinson'. She will spend the next 150+yrs being the mindless fucktoy of the kind of men who referred to her as 'this bitch'. And Bill will remain married to Patricia, watching her stay young while he ages, watching her fuck other men. Presumably only other men, as you had William tell her that Bill was going to say 'goodbye' to her. Thus, the story ends as the true joy of fucking is taken from her as an artificial drive replaces it. Bill has just become, in recent months, more assertive but you've reduced him. And for Bill and Patricia, there is effectively no more 'we'. There is the 'slut' for the taking and the 'cuckhold' there for the 'networking'. Good work writing crap.


Your story setup is really unique. I think the back and forth is well done. It's a nice way to build anticipation with a slow burn that shows promise to go past boiling later. Well done.

to the anon of 9-18

Fuck off, troll.
These stories are rated around 4.5 for good reason.

Idk why you'd want to try to dissuade a great author (who hasn't posted in nearly a year) from writing more, but can it. You're neither funny, nor clever, nor are you fooling anyone. Take your idiocy back to junior high where it belongs.

Instantly adding you to favorite authors!

After reading just the first of these chapters I am hooked. I found it because several of the later chapters are at the top of the all-time rankings, and its easy to see why. The sex is fantastic, but the writing is so dang good that I would probably read just about anything you wrote. Thanks for the terrific story.

Chapter 2

My schedule has finally got some breathing room. I now have enough time to write every day. I am going to attempt to have this story finished by November 15. Hopefully it will be edited by the 20th, and then posted in short order.

I'm sorry about the wait. You've all been very patient.


more please

This was great. The only thing that would make it better is if the girls were left knowing something happened but not knowing what

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