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Loving this...

A very good continuation. I'm happy to wait until you have finished 'Saving Clara', before you write chapter 3, as I am a big fan of that story as well. :)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is being worked on.

Good story, bad ending

the entries were good, but the ending sucked. Unless you plan to have chapter 2, it was disappointing. I know you say this is someone's found diary, but this is a story site... make something up if you have to.

The best story on Literotica 5 for every chapter

"Obsceen garbage !!

The worst. 1* !"

"I rarely give 1* , but this one beats the lot !

"1*" !!"

We got your message the first time reject, no need to post again two days later.

Have you checked the user ratings and feedback for MOT, if you had you would realise it is one of the most popular stories on Literotica. ridiculous comments like yours make you look like an idiot.

Hopefully they will be back soon.

The Mister Gabe series is the work of another Lit author, Dainii . I read his work in progress and asked his permission to post a parallel story using his characters. I sent it to him to read, he approved and I posted. Since that time Dainii continued the story. But at some point he withdrew the whole series explaining that he wanted to revise it. You can contact him through Lit. He has also posted new work that I would recommend that you read. You can find him through the author search.

Where is the original Mr. Gabe?

I checked your homepage, and it's shown only three stories. No "Mr. Gabe".

What's the point of humiliating people who did nothing to him?

Besides being just a higher level bully, nothing made any sense. How can it be a triumph if everyone is forced within moments of meeting him? There's no real conflict or opportunity to fight back and no conflict.

And how is punishing innocent people make him a better person than his family? He's just as bad as the ones he wants revenge against.


I'm not sure how long this would be on paper, but you should publish! While reading this I caught myself wondering why it's on this website (no offense to the 'literature' here) but it's definitely something worthy of binding and a cover! And I also didn't read it in one sitting, I was enthralled. I had to finish it and was sad once I did.


You might want to change it up a little. This level of control would allow you main character to lie back and be a pillow prince while the women did all thge work. Secondly its the same sex scene over an over again with new players each time. A little anal, or a blow job. Hell even doggy would be cool be its the same missionary scene where Stephen does all the work. Just say in. All and all though I have like the story so far.


I look forward to more installments, perhaps from the other perspective.


Absolutely crap should have never wasted your time writing this drivel

Thanks mBrow

That's handy feedback. Should have mentioned at the top that I'm open-minded about comments. I'd like to think that some guys might enjoy the ending. Genuinely in the dark about that though, which is why the feedback's kind of instructive.

Was more worried about the whole drug thing, which can be shady territory. The whole story was done spontaneously and it only dawned on me later that there's a line between aphrodisiacs and something more sinister that shouldn't be crossed.

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