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I second the Movie Nomination!

While I don't think this would make a good live action or cg enhanced movie- this would make an excellent movie in the anime style. I can't even express how much I hope that you can pursue that and find success!

You said that this was the final chapter but I really can't wait for more- more, I hope, that includes some well played fun with Alarial and Cariel and Devnik all together (that was a hint with the blood on his lips, right?).

Very enjoyable!

It's very sexy indeed. I hope that you make more in this series. It practically makes you a part of the characters!

Young lady is getting hot for women

Maybe she is bi and just has not accepted it yet? Another good chapter. But so far pretty much a normal Dr visit. We will see how this progresses.

Good hot info From Cindy.

Damn, pills and more. But the good Dr must have got something to treat her for free. And I wonder how far our fair girl will go and change?


Why would you even consider making this a single story when it definitely lends itself to a series. I gave you a 5 only because that was as high as I could go. Now it's time for you to do your part and add several chapters to this wonderful story. The possibility of future stories is endless. Great job!


this series i great.PLZ keep it coming and with shorter gaps between chapters if you can. Thanks!!!

I only read this because you wrote it

I didn't notice what category it was in, I was just happy to find a story of yours that I hadn't read yet. I'm sorry I found it. Mind control is rape; and in no way, subject matter for entertainment. While I could suspend belief to consider unwilling hypnosis; Russell's actions are completely unbelievable. I would have ignored the phone, and Marco would be in a hospital. The idea that something this radical wouldn't be completely spelled out in advance with signitures required to avoid death from a misunderstanding is as big a stretch as the original primise.

Please disregard the negative nay-sayers... they clearly skimmed though without reading large portions of the story

Maybe this being put in wrong section is what made it mediocre. Kept waiting for her to blackmail him

awesome mate hope you write more

More please!

Great story! If continued try to mix up the names a little more, started getting confused with bob and bill towards the end. Thats my only conplaint but the idea is great, its well written and i really enjoyed! More Please!


Huge turn on. I need more.

Great Stuff

Another great chapter, although it could have seen some further use of or development in Allan's Powers in his Business or wealth-creation, but still very good. Play on, McDuff!

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