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Thank you!

I am glad that you liked it. I had been searching this kind of story/experience for a long time. I feel vulnerable people who does not take care of themselves in the environment that my story has, should be subject to punishment or something like that. It has been one of the greatest fantasies for a long time!

Frisky little tale

I like this story. The all dialogue format seems to work in this story very nicely. I like the characters and the imminent conflict both I the matches and between the competitors.

Grammar and syntax errors are distracting.

Not worth it.

Too dumb a start to waste my time with. One star.

life on lifes terms

i divorced my first wife for most of the reasons stated in his letter. as long as i said nothing with regard to her actions, i was rewarded with sex as long as she got to buy what she wanted, say what ever venom was on her mind, and of course nothing could be said about girls night out. you know, just a little harmless fun. one night she forgot to come home. she came home to 1/2 of everything gone and a note that said "congratulations! you are being served today!" the shit storm that followed was epic. hey wait, i've read that story here! i loved this, no followup is needed. good work.

Well done

Men need to be needed and that man will feel needed. Bravo. Great read.


Every time I need a desperate release I know I can get it with this story

so many contradictions

She contradicts her herself multiple times. Maybe she's just deluding herself but if so make it clearer.

journal style, and many more

First of all, thank you for a highly enjoyable read. You have quite a talent to put live in your characters, and the reader can't help but build up a sort of relation to them. That's why at times there's so much highly emotional reaction on some of your story twists.

There's been some criticism on the journal style in the last chapter, but I think it's perfectly right. Yes, all the characters we got to know so well seem to be missing, but that's the way she must feel. People around her fade to the background, her focus completely on the one she can't be with, those letters probably the only thing she finds energy for. When she looks back some day she herself will not remember much more of this time.

Mel's death indeed came surprisingly, but in a way it's conclusive. He always thought to be in control, but he never really was. He was wrong in so many ways. I lost my hope that he'll ever be a good master after she ran off to her parents. They got an overdue talk where he seemed to have understood that their main problem is her lack of trust and that this was mainly *his* fault, not having earned and established this trust yet. And shortly afterwards he still seems to think that trust is not only to be established by order, no, in his mind it obviously can be tattooed … in that phase you almost lost me, as not only I didn't understand Mel, but I had no idea why Bella didn't freak out then. She was so off balance that she ran away from him, than one little talk calming the waves, and minutes later he kicks her off balance even more?

The plane episode I didn't understand either. Again I thought it would put her off balance even more in a moment when she would have needed exactly the opposite. But maybe I was still too angry to recognize what was really going on.

So I think, though he definitely had his moments, after all Mel was a possessive asshole. Whenever he said things like "mine" or "my Ellie" - and he did so quite a lot -, I shivered and couldn't help but visualize Gollum - sorry, but at times I would have advised a psychologist. I'm not sure he ever really loved Bella, but he surely loved to possess her. And young and inexperienced as she was, I'm not even sure that Bella loved really him or just how he reacted to her, how he thought of her as something so special, and how he made her feel things she never knew were inside her. And I'm absolutely sure he would have hurt her soul a lot over the time. I couldn't see a happy ending and I wished for him to lose her - but I certainly wouldn't have claimed his head … drastic choice of yours, but understandable for me.

Somewhere in the second half the events turned more and more towards a criminal story and for me the erotic touch almost vanished - but although being on an erotic story site, you obviously kept me (and many other readers), which says a lot about your writing skills!

So I need a little recovery break before going to the next part of Bella's life as this ending was emotionally exhausting, but I definitely will read it. I just signed in on literotica to give this first ever comment by me on a story here a name.

Thanks again for a fabulous story, and sorry for any odd use of words as English is not my mother tongue. I tried my best, as you did! But I didn't have an editor. ;-)


Oh I really wish...

I really wish there were a LOT more chapters to this story! I was really hooked right off the bat! I really think this has the potential to really help a lot of new subs out too! Great 'start' ! :)


I would enjoy pleasing both of you.

My letter

That is a letter I would love to write to my wife's lovers

This actually really made me think.

I believe I fall into the "you're dead to me now" camp. Realizing her true character if she were to cheat on me; I wouldn't need her to die, as she would all ready be dead to me. Now the motherfucker she cheated with...


History has been a favorite interest of mine and I really enjoy the passion expressed in these letters. My in-laws, who have passed away, presented themselves as a very conservative couple socially, but their letters to each other when he was separated from her during the Korean War drip with blatant lust off of the pages. Great job!

Keep it in Letters and Transcripts.

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