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Adventures of Ariel Ch. 02

 — Ariel loses a game and must pay up. by celestija09/11/054.12

Adventures of Eric and Shannon

 — Shannon has a surprise for Eric. by ericandshannon12/29/173.74

Adventures of Eric and Shannon Ch. 02

 — A Fun Time: Another tryst between Eric and Shannon, two consenting adult. by ericandshannon03/06/183.50

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 06

 — Wiley began thrusting his fat cock in my ass, deeper. by wiley437711/02/094.41

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 14

 — I wanted to taste her little brown orifice. by wiley437711/10/094.17

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 15

 — The hills rolled a lot quicker and smoother at 100. by wiley437711/17/094.32

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 19

 — I inhaled her near virginal pussy scent. by wiley437711/21/094.48

Adventures with Angela and Janet

 — Janet Moves in and the Games Begin. by trevorb96804/05/104.58HOT

Adventures With My Angel

 — A man discovers the woman who'll love his ass. by WD11/02/014.59HOT

Adversarial, Acceptance, Seduction

 — She despises him, then accepts him & then succumbs to him. by walterio04/17/154.57HOT

Adversarial, Acceptance, Seduction Ch. 02

 — Returning from the trip Paula has her first threesome. by walterio04/22/154.42

Affairs of the Ass

 — She was not allowed to sleep with him, or was she? by MJStone08/20/173.86

Affectionate Ass Licking

 — A descriptive piece about this taboo pleasure. by Warrior_Poet03/18/124.23

After A Long Day

 — She knows just what to do to make you relax. by Penny_Tralia08/12/034.25

After Dinner

 — Dinner and romance lead to a special reward for you. by hafnium1003/04/094.17

After Dinner

 — Loving fun after supper. by Shenachie201002/24/114.00

After Dinner Activities

 — Slut puts out on first date in side alley. by KristinW06/17/133.42

After Hours

 — College guy gets surprise anal on trip. by boysetsfire06/05/044.52HOT

After School Adventures Ch. 07

 — When the school bell rings, the rules change. by Slash_Raptor02/21/124.01

After School Fun

 — Adults enjoy empty classroom, by Bathroomslut08/06/043.66

After So Long Ch. 03

 — The lovers take a shower and explore anal. by X-Factor04/06/104.51HOT

After The Boat Trip: Victoria

 — She had to enjoy her first anal fuck before loosing her cherry. by uvlas4511/16/084.37

After The Retirement Party

 — He gets a little behind at the office. by The_Tin_Man09/09/084.19


 — Newlyweds enjoy the honeymoon. by LittleHenry03/09/094.55HOT

Afternoon Delight

 — First time anal love. by Caribbeanwoman12/25/094.15

Afternoon Delight

 — She takes her sister's ex beau for anal loving. by Bakeboss08/05/103.88

Afternoon Delightful Fuck

 — Bored and lustful and wanting to be fucked! by MaxineAshley02/02/183.79

Afternoon Nap Interrupted Ch. 04

 — After which her ass was no longer virgin. by sirhugs09/06/124.43

Afterwork Playtime

 — Off duty officers explore their lust for each other. by explorerkitty06/14/094.14

Ah! Alex, My Ass Is All Yours!

 — Kinky foreplay to an anal invitation earns standing ovation. by BITE_my_ASS11/19/012.91

Ahhhhhhhhh! An Anal Invasion!

 — She schemes to invade his ass with cock and fist. by libidinal06/29/094.57HOT

Ahhhhhhhhh! An Anal Invasion! Ch. 02

 — Sharon describes how she and Carlos invaded Jimmy's ass. by libidinal10/22/114.41

Ailis is Sold to His Lordship Ch. 03

 — Ali is punished and loses her anal virginity to MacLeod. by Copious_Copulation03/15/114.20

Airport Hotel Room

 — Ex-lovers reunited after 12 years. by Eroteswhite01/26/133.95

Alana Ch. 01

 — She's butt-plugged & buggered by 'Uncle' Denis. by Diderot08/06/054.22

Alantico and Pacifica

 — Making an adventure with a long distance lover. by Thizbee04/29/063.91

Alex and Penelope Ch. 13

 — Alex talks about what he expects, tries a plug on Pen. by rosess06/09/114.48

Alexa and the Missionary Position

 — She lies on her back to be taken in the ass. by Boxlicker10101/22/054.20

Ali Does Anal

 — My wife lets me in the back door. by onlyinmydreams08/22/124.42

Ali Teaches Anal

 — Our delectible neighbor has a request. by onlyinmydreams09/04/124.47

Ali's First Anal Play

 — Ali finally asks to try some anal play and loves it! by LucyCanyon03/22/114.47

Ali's First Anal Play Ch. 02

 — Ali finally breaks the last taboo and has her ass taken. by LucyCanyon05/22/114.46

Alice Grey: An Awakening Ch. 02

 — Alice returns home to her furious boyfriend, Todd... by NeonRevenge04/22/164.03

Alice's Arse

 — Getting down and dirty. by Topographic02/18/123.84

Alice's Ass

 — A blind date gone wrong leads him to a huge assed woman. by JoeDreamer11/22/094.55HOT


 — She's waiting for him at home. by JessieT03/19/174.67HOT

All About Anal

 — A friend fights to save a marriage. by 4eyedbrit10/30/094.52HOT

All Day Anal Adventure

 — Wife satisfies hubbies anal desires with strap-on. by ILuvAnal07/21/024.49

All Good Things to Those Who Wait

 — My girlfriend's little sister seeks big backdoor love. by DogStarMan6912/31/084.65HOT

All in a Day Off

 — Women are often unpredictable, & Elena is no exception. by Foxnobody08/09/074.28

All She Wants For Christmas

 — Her twin girls make an unselfish request she'll never forget. by NymphWriter11/24/144.50HOT

All Strong Black Women Need Anal

 — Sexy black BBW hooks up with athlete. by Samuelx11/21/072.75

All That She Want Ch. 1

 — Beginnings of what would be a decadent obsession. by wildest107/21/023.60

All Tied Up

 — She's a seductive tease and you love it. by miss TexAss04/07/044.56HOT

All Women are Bitches Ch. 13

 — Black stud has raunchy anal fun with BBW. by Samuelx09/02/072.67

All Women are Bitches Ch. 14

 — A journey into a BDSM relationship. by Samuelx09/08/072.59

All Women are Bitches Ch. 18

 — Football stud entertains black BBW. by Samuelx09/18/072.70

All Women are Bitches Ch. 20

 — BBW sex freak hooks up with shy writer. by Samuelx09/28/072.92

All Work and All Play

 — Rick goes anal with a sexy mommy. by Spankx12/23/023.87

All-inclusive with Benefits Ch. 05

 — The Butt Queen receives her price. by dutchpantyraider12/15/104.06

Allan Takes It All

 — Another modelling session with a twist. by JeanCFNM03/05/174.03

Alley Anal

 — A very enjoyable week-end conference. by stockingluvr09/04/173.90

Alley Cat

 — Dirty back alley sex, butt fucking, ass to mouth. by ancientpoet06/05/113.03


 — Allison wants to be a dirty girl. by Timewell01/05/124.52HOT

Allison's Anal Adventure

 — Probing by an anal doctor. by Wet_dream_maker11/12/034.36

Allison's Ass

 — She loves what her coworker's mouth and cock do. by Boxlicker10108/07/114.36

Ally Ch. 01

 — A senior has her boundaries pushed. by BadJ07/25/123.23

Ally Ch. 03

 — New man, same Ally! by BadJ10/08/123.58

Almost Anal

 — The forbidden fruit is taunting, but... by hsemar04/05/083.21

Almost Caught

 — She lost her anal cherry. by sexxobject02/16/063.98

Almost To Good To Be True

 — American in Paris hooks up with a French Polynesian girl. by walterio06/04/134.47

Alternative Action

 — Certain activities are off-limits. by KarennaC06/06/084.16

Always Knew It, So Did They

 — Soldier returns home to greet a house full of girls & toys. by unfortunatesol10/03/064.07

Alyson's First Anal Experience

 — Alyson's friend and her boyfriend show her the joys of anal. by darktigerroar04/09/184.58HOT

Alyson's Second Anal Experience

 — Cam takes Alyson and Emilia's asses. Emilia makes a proposal. by darktigerroar04/17/184.57HOT

Alyson, Emilia, and Cam: Ass Lovers

 — Relationship problems lead to a make-up anal threesome. by darktigerroar05/02/184.51HOT

Am I A Slut?

 — A chance meeting in a bar leads Bella to question her morals. by IsobellaJ04/24/144.30


 — Two long-time friends become roommates, and more. by Series 610/28/114.59HOT

Amanda Does Anal

 — First time anal [MF, college girl, daddy's friend]. by eb_jones05/23/134.17

Amanda's Lesson in Love

 — Drama queen girlfriend taught how to behave. by Adelyn01/10/154.42

Amazing Afternoons

 — Bored young wife seduces friend's husband. by sxylegs05/21/034.26

Amazing Vacation Ch. 02

 — New friends bring new experiences. by bman3404/29/114.52HOT

Amazing Vacation Ch. 03

 — Surprise for Ryan and Kate. by bman3405/02/114.52HOT

Amazing Vacation Ch. 04

 — Some new young friends make for one hot night. by bman3405/06/114.57HOT

Amazon Surrenders to Man Power

 — A stiff cock in the ass will tame any woman. by Samuelx07/05/063.62

Amazon Woman Gets Anal Love

 — Big woman learns a lesson from a macho man. by Samuelx05/10/073.12

Amber and Sara's Demand

 — Amber learns about anal, and Sara wants some, too. by Akireon05/20/084.60HOT

Amber Valentines Day 1984

 — Amber turns into my private slut. by mysreader12/02/104.51HOT

Amber's Anal Opening

 — Frolicsome foursome opens newest member's back door. by Johnny Largo12/10/043.96

Amsterdam Prostitute

 — An independent woman services her client. by AVaugn05/23/133.93


 — Cybersex becomes real. by ericviking6901/08/034.11

Amy and Tim's First Anal Adventure

 — Amy and Tim find the pleasures of anal sex. by AsssMann12/15/124.20

Amy Finally Lives Out Her Fantasies

 — Shy Amy uses her strapon on Kyle. by LuvAGoodPegging08/19/064.37

Amy Surprises Me at the Office

 — Amy and John hook up for a steamy office affair. by storyteller102302/13/094.28

Amy's Anal Masturbation

 — I masturbate myself anally to some helpful suggestions. by AmyHenderson08/28/094.09

Amy's Introduction To Anal Play

 — She learns to love anal with the help of a friend. by BedroomSlut02/22/054.63HOT

An After School Treat

 — Katie discovers Mr. Breslow has other desires after school. by kej122802/25/174.39

An Afternoon of Fun

 — Living forbidden desires. by banded_guy06/28/084.22

An Afternoon on the Beach

 — Couple enjoys tryst on the sandy shore. by Artist10110/27/034.12

An Afternoon Spanking

 — She asks him to give her what she needs. by GoldenGrace09/12/084.39

An Afternoon With Denise

 — Married partners find an outlet for pent-up sexuality. by SomeOneNew02/02/044.66HOT

An Afternoon With Denise Ch. 02

 — The lovers meet the next morning. by SomeOneNew02/26/044.69HOT

An Afternoon with Lola

 — My redheaded lover reads our first erotic story. by funon2wheels08/15/103.93

An Afternoon with My Lover

 — You share one wet filled afternoon with your lover. by Pleased2serve0008/24/104.08

An American in Italy

 — A young American college student learns Italian pleasure. by rampaige07/12/153.81

An Anal Adventure

 — Husband Clive comes home to quite a sight. by English Bob07/30/003.99

An Anal Adventure

 — Your anal fantasy is lived out. by silverace101/17/054.20

An Anal Arrangement

 — Female boss is enamored with a subordinate young stud. by walterio07/08/144.45

An Anal Awakening Ch. 01

 — A girl discovers how much she loves anal...and domination. by ambiguousanallove02/23/152.61

An Anal Beginning Ch. 01

 — He begins exploring his deepest desires. by caffinated01/27/083.72

An Anal Beginning Ch. 02

 — John continues to explore his sexual desires. by caffinated02/04/084.25

An Anal fantasy

 — Wife fullfills two fantasies in one night. by maggie200205/22/033.92

An Anal Fantasy Comes True

 — Horny girlfriend fulfills boyfriend's fantasy. by Spankx05/03/022.93

An Anal Fantasy for You

 — I would love to do this to you. by Rimminglover10/24/154.21

An Anal Introduction

 — She gets her first glorious sample of anal sex. by jessicarabbit2407/19/094.53HOT

An Anal Magnificence

 — First time of anal for new lovers. by GentlemanJack06/10/023.81

An Anal Massage

 — Seduced into her first anal sex under the guise of a massage. by Otazel12/16/164.56HOT

An Anal Meeting

 — An erotic meeting, complete with anal and orgasms. by Phils0804/27/174.04

An Anal Pool-Hall Encounter

 — Horny newcomer makes a new friend. by Spankx05/14/023.60

An Anal Reunion

 — Dave gets to assfuck girl who rejected him in school. by Nicole9907/22/054.10

An Anal Seduction

 — An ass lover seduces his curious neighbor. by walterio05/10/094.61HOT

An Anal Seduction Ch. 02

 — Naomi learns more about Walt's girlfriend Trudy. by walterio05/27/094.60HOT

An Anal Seduction Ch. 03

 — Naomi cannot stay away and she meets another anal lover. by walterio04/22/104.65HOT

An Anal Slut is Born Ch. 01

 — Angie fills in for an anal whore. by dirtyjoe6907/19/063.91

An Anal Slut is Born Ch. 02

 — Angie gets reamed. by dirtyjoe6907/25/064.36

An Anal Sunrise

 — His wife treats him to a special sunrise. by r_robert07/31/014.16

An Angel - A Devil Ch. 01

 — A seemingly perfect, mysterious woman with a dark side. by securitynova07/29/114.03

An Angel at My Door Ch. 01

 — Danny finds the piece of his life that he'd been missing. by Darnuses02/10/174.70HOT

An Anniversary to Remember

 — She suprises him with an unusual anniversary present. by StiffOne05/12/034.35

An Ass for Valentine's

 — Katrina gives her virgin rear to her lover. by JagFarlane01/22/134.30

An Ass Lover

 — Stephen has always loved assholes. by briareos_otaku02/01/092.72

An Awakening

 — New book leads to exploration. by Wish4me05/09/074.50HOT

An Encounter in the Shower

 — A passionate encounter in the shower. by bazzag200107/19/094.09

An Englishman's Word

 — A national stereotype has unexpected results. by Vashtar04/29/144.60HOT

An Evening at Home

 — Front, rear, and between the ears. by ymmv06/02/123.73

An Evening of Pleasure

 — She took him in her ass, now he can't get enough. by allboyzlie04/01/034.04

An Ex Finally Lets Me Inside

 — A surprising reunion... Sexual tastes do change with time! by patapata01/20/163.88

An Extra Marital Fling

 — An anal affair with a little exhibitionism thrown in. by khollen208/15/054.57HOT

An In Depth Interview

 — You're a hard driving executive testing out her skills. by Green_Gem01/16/034.52HOT

An Interesting Afternoon with April

 — The Protagonist offers his new friend April some LSD. by AcidSpeed09/09/133.46

An Intimate Intrusion

 — First time fun. by iylya04/08/044.32

An Old Flame and a New Experience with His Wife

 — Mature lady meets old flame and his wife. by babswalker07/19/174.16

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