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Anal Stories

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Anal Sex Cures Depression

 — She experiments with alternative sex medicine. by Samuelx10/21/072.81

Anal Sex Enhances Your Life

 — Woman's quality of life improves after anal sex. by Samuelx10/27/073.22

Anal Sex Experience

 — I kept my anus and rectum clean just in case. by seatacrch09/02/124.07

Anal Sex Helps You Find Love

 — College woman uses anal sex to find love. by Samuelx11/01/072.57

Anal Sex Improves Your Life

 — Woman discovers the joys of anal sex. by Samuelx10/24/073.79

Anal Sex in a Car

 — Four accounts of great anal sex in a vehicle. by walterio03/17/174.49

Anal Sex in Alnwick

 — Friends meet up for a dirty time. by Rimminglover11/05/154.00

Anal Sex in the Back Seat

 — She wants him under his terms and conditions. by walterio02/18/154.41

Anal Sex Made Her Lose Weight

 — She discovers new sexual workout. by Samuelx10/24/073.33

Anal Sex Made Her Popular

 — Female basketball player has fun with Footballer. by Samuelx10/19/073.51

Anal Sex Made My Butt Bigger

 — Black BBW makes surprising discoveries. by Samuelx10/13/073.17

Anal Sex Made Us Wealthy

 — Couple finds out anal sex helps their savings. by Samuelx10/31/072.43

Anal Sex Makes You Happier

 — She discovers strange path to happiness. by Samuelx10/21/073.00

Anal Sex Makes You Live Longer

 — Black woman makes startling discovery. by Samuelx10/13/072.53

Anal Sex Saved Our Marriage!

 — College couple gives testimonial. by Samuelx10/29/072.19

Anal Sex Tames Bitchy Women

 — Black man finds way to deal with angry woman. by Samuelx12/12/073.17

Anal Sex with a British Couple

 — Greek girl and British Couple have anal sex in Vouliagmeni by akrivi07/14/133.53

Anal Sex with Black Women

 — They secretly crave getting fucked in the ass. by Samuelx04/20/063.23

Anal Sex With Older Men Ch. 01

 — I loose my anal virginity. by notnice6612/15/103.76

Anal Sex With Older Men Ch. 02

 — Seduced by a friend of the family. by notnice6612/16/104.24

Anal Sex with Stranger on a Train 01

 — A man anally molests a stranger on a crowded commuter train. by SusanJillParker11/13/133.79

Anal Sex with Stranger on a Train 02

 — A man anally molests a stranger on a crowded commuter train. by SusanJillParker11/14/134.07

Anal Sex, Ass Play, & Tossing Salad

 — Husband finally has anal sex with his wife, after failing. by SusanJillParker03/17/124.29

Anal Sex: The First Time

 — He talks wife into trying anal sex for the first time. by PositiveThinker04/22/093.23

Anal Sex: The New Girl Power!

 — Sexy BBW loses anal virginity to black man. by Samuelx11/20/072.81

Anal Sex: The Penis Perspective

 — A look from a penis's point of view. by dirtyjoe6907/21/063.51

Anal Slut for a Day

 — Master orders her to be ass fucked by strangers. by opels04/09/054.34

Anal Sluts Love Anal Studs

 — A spectacular bisexual anal orgy. by libidinal06/23/064.60HOT

Anal Stories: Ben

 — The story of Ben. by velvetpie07/20/044.21

Anal Stories: Cynthia & Jordan

 — The story of Cynthia & Jordan. by velvetpie07/18/044.30

Anal Stories: Dr. Ana

 — The story of Dr. Ana by velvetpie07/22/044.36

Anal Stories: Emmaline

 — The story of Emmaline. by velvetpie07/19/044.35

Anal Stories: Jess & Bethany

 — The story of Jess & Bethany. by velvetpie07/20/044.09

Anal Stories: Mary Ellyn

 — The story of Mary Ellyn Kempner. by velvetpie07/14/044.35

Anal Stories: The Subers

 — The story of the Subers. by velvetpie07/21/043.78

Anal Stories: Vargas

 — The story of Vargas. by velvetpie07/16/043.88

Anal Summer Ch. 01

 — An erotic coming of age tale of sexual awakening. by erotica88198810/27/144.57HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 02

 — An anal cumming of age sex adventure. by erotica88198811/17/144.64HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 03

 — More hot summer anal. by erotica88198812/31/144.67HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 04

 — More hot summer anal!!! by erotica88198801/31/154.68HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 05

 — Another chapter of hot summer anal. by erotica88198803/25/154.67HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 06

 — A cumming of age anal adventure. by erotica88198809/25/154.69HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 07

 — More steamy summer Anal. by erotica88198803/02/164.71HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 08

 — More hot steamy summer ANAL!!! by erotica88198803/17/174.71HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 09

 — More steam hot summer Anal. by erotica88198803/23/174.58HOT

Anal Summer Ch. 10

 — More steamy summer fun. by erotica88198805/19/184.60HOTNEW

Anal Surprise

 — When you least expect it could happen. by fwman207/05/074.20

Anal Surprise

 — He tried to keep his hands off her. by SandyEvens07/06/083.95

Anal Teen Folly

 — A virgin dives into sex, anal and all. by SexyBunHead09/30/164.25

Anal Therapy

 — Prison Officer has a session. by towhead06/17/074.18

Anal Training

 — A woman tries anal sex for the first time. by lydiayokomoto10/13/164.44

Anal Training - Lesson #01

 — Eager woman is prepared for anal sex. by Jack59701/24/094.03

Anal Training - Lesson #02

 — Woman continues her preparation for anal sex. by Jack59701/25/094.21

Anal Training - Lesson #03

 — Woman completes her preparation for anal sex. by Jack59701/26/094.38

Anal Training paves the Way

 — She agrees to anal training and is a good student. by walterio05/23/174.50HOT

Anal Virgin

 — Her first anal experience. by DaddysGrl01/28/033.99

Anal Virgin

 — He helps ex-lover lose her anal virginity. by dr_luvs_shaving06/02/034.05

Anal Virgin

 — She pops her anal cherry. by Zachs_dreams12/25/083.77

Anal Virgin

 — Her first anal experience. by Cindygrl7211/14/104.06

Anal Virginity

 — Samantha's anal virginity is taken. by YourhotLilgirl04/24/024.31

Anal Virginity

 — Cindy gets her first taste of anal. by bitterandtwisted8008/12/074.10

Anal with American's in Oxford

 — Victoriaslice enjoys some American Cock at the University by Victoriaslice07/24/093.95

Anal with Ebony

 — Ebony girl likes to get anal from her white male friend. by subwryter02/08/133.96

Anal With My Best Friend's Girl

 — He sodomizes his bestfriend's lover. by doitright11/28/124.62HOT

Anal with The Ex

 — She asks for his help in moving. He's happy to do it. by Bisondkj03/25/184.20

Anal with the Ex GF in Her Car

 — Angry post-breakup texts turn sexual. by randomhornystranger03/31/154.10

Anal, Auditorium & Anet

 — He scores anal sex at a concert. by TabooTeller04/28/054.31


 — My first time fumbling around a dorm room trying to eat ass. by RightButSexy03/27/183.74


 — Woman enjoys long tongue fuck front and back. by tanyabrown01/18/094.38

Anal-yze This!

 — Wife sees shrink about her online porn-addiction by 8meout03/12/024.04

Analholics Anonymous

 — Some anonymous anal fun in a college dorm. by boysetsfire04/15/044.51HOT

Anall Sex Can Be Fun

 — Sexy description of couple's anal adventures. by wcf02/09/053.00

Anally Deflowering Sue:...Ch. 1

 — Redhead fantasizes about backdoor love. by Powerone03/12/024.25

Anally Deflowering Sue:...Ch. 2

 — Sue is blackmailed into sex with boss & police. by Powerone06/03/024.35

Anally Frustrated Wife!!

 — He left me unsatisfied. by returningsaiilor09/23/143.93

Anally Submissive Gilly Ch. 01

 — College virgin finds BBW coed anally submissive. by evilbugger03/20/064.16

Anally Submissive Gilly Ch. 02

 — Their first "real" assfuck is rough and filthy. by evilbugger02/01/074.13

Anally taken

 — She is taken anally by fiance. by prittykitty12/14/023.41

Anally Yours

 — Dominant anal queen loves to play with hubby's ass. by Anal Slave03/04/034.32

Anally Yours

 — Mature lady loves anal with younger man. by TSpank6106/11/174.61HOT

Anally Yours Too

 — Mature lady entertains at a bachelor party. by TSpank6101/04/184.54HOT

Anaya's Car Wash

 — Anaya pegs a sexy neighbor. by rckplsky07/04/073.82

Anchors Aweigh

 — Thanks for your service. by Leezy09/05/134.66HOT

Anchors Aweigh Ch. 02

 — Sea food is the best. by Leezy04/04/144.58HOT

And the Sky Turned Scarlett

 — His girl is back, ready to share what she learned. by lord_jefe04/07/124.06

And the Sky Turned Scarlett Ch. 02

 — Where it begins & ends. by lord_jefe04/24/124.27

And Then, A Few Years Later

 — Inspired by THE DECAMERON, I acted in the present. by zampa10/25/143.78

And, So It Goes Ch. 02

 — And next - a little bit of anal fun. by The Mouse04/04/164.53HOT

Andrea of Three

 — Andrea rings him, between weekend alfresco anal escapades. by Dildonicus05/30/083.15

Andrea the Customer Service Rep

 — Matt finds out Andrea wanted him from the minute she saw him. by Matt45010/29/124.04

Androshorts: The Arse man

 — Hot girl with a cute bottom and the man that notices it. by Androgynousother05/27/174.71HOT

Andy the Boss

 — An employee gets with her boss! by LizSexFever304/14/154.10

Andy's Anal Adventures: Jill

 — He tapes huge facial before plowing her ass. by lovinanalandy08/26/054.46

Andy's Anal Adventures: Kelly

 — He roughly rides a redhead's hot ass. by lovinanalandy12/23/034.29

Andy's First Anal Adventure: Lisa

 — He sinks the pink with hot 19-year-old. by lovinanalandy06/20/034.34


 — A young man has an anal encounter with an alien being. by lower04/02/134.59HOT

Angel & Naughty: The Hotel Ch. 01

 — Steven assfucks Loretta before Lisa, her sister arrives. by Steven_Dessmir07/28/074.38

Angel Goes Anal

 — Angel's modelling ends up in anal sex. by geronimo_appleby03/31/054.61HOT

Angela Takes It In The Butt

 — She finally agrees to anal sex. by quietcantor03/30/044.50HOT

Angela's Way Ch. 02

 — Patrick receives the tape. by Lustin Kink10/20/054.61HOT

Anger Management

 — A cautionary tale: Her angry masturbation turns to lust. by Paris Waterman06/18/133.69

Ani & Lars Ch. 01

 — Ani returns from her business trip to get some release. by bbblue03/26/164.52HOT

Ani & Lars Ch. 02

 — Ani's new colleague comes over for dinner and more. by bbblue03/28/164.65HOT

Ani & Lars Ch. 03

 — Ani has a cyber-threesome, or was it a foursome. by bbblue03/31/164.56HOT

Ani & Lars Ch. 04

 — Lazy Sunday; The trio meets Marcus. by bbblue09/15/174.68HOT

Anna's Adventure

 — Heather's friend / lover Anna relates a lusty tale. by BrettJ11/15/074.25

Anna's First-time Anal

 — Anna learns what she's been missing. by nymphobrainiac07/21/114.54HOT

Anna, My Girlfriend

 — She's never been afraid to try new things. by Amateurwriter10/25/043.05

Anna, My Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — She's never been afraid to try new things. by Amateurwriter10/31/044.35

Anne's Anal Adventure

 — Anne's first penis in her butt. by txbiker04/30/034.57HOT

Anne's Story Ch. 02

 — Anne is caught deep in her lust by her partner. by p3seven07/19/114.35

Annette Takes It In The Rear

 — She finds she likes it . . . by velvet hammer11/20/034.42

Annie and Her Neighbors

 — Annie learns about sex from her neighbors, Paul and Andrew. by LemonsPlease04/28/143.60

Annie's Anal Addiction Ch. 01

 — Annie enjoys a male, then a female bottom. by libidinal11/27/024.55HOT

Annie's Anal Addition Ch. 02

 — Annie fulfills a desire to see two "guys" make it. by libidinal12/02/024.45

Annie's Anal Fun

 — Backdoor in the outdoors. by mjar6509/06/074.21

Anniversary Opening

 — Wife takes husband on anniversary. by coluggage06/24/034.28

Anniversary Present

 — Woman get an surprise on her anniversary. by lofwyrkp05/14/053.86

Anniversary Present

 — A loving wife gives her husband her anal virginity. by phantasy1906/14/134.33

Anniversary Surprise

 — Wendy tries anal sex. by halleybear07/19/013.34

Anonymous Sex

 — Sexy man hooks up with BBW in restaurant. by Samuelx03/20/073.27

Another Enjoyable Evening

 — I want to sleep, you have other plans. by rimjobFanatic12/25/114.00

Another Kind of Romance

 — A woman has a hot night from beginning to end. by CJB196906/27/144.08

Another Lazy Sunday Morning

 — Wife surprises hubby with naughty move he didn't see coming. by ProfessorAshton10/29/174.44

Another Lonely Saturday Night

 — He's missing his girl. by jt4thatazz07/29/033.80

Another Plumber Story

 — Plumber is called to her back-door. by Jack Gates01/28/053.73

Another Roadside Attraction

 — A tale about a banana with appeal. by Maquinna12/06/014.52HOT

Another Sexy Manipulator

 — Big woman discovers the joy of anal sex. by Samuelx05/15/073.78

Another Sunday Adventure

 — Its amazing how things happen when you least expect them. by exjock06/05/084.23

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