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Politics Ch. 09

 — Marriage? by hal_tee08/19/094.66HOT

Polska Blood Sucka Phucka Ch. 01

 — Skylark gives his pimp anal; licks a chick in fishnets. by soupwarsproject09/21/031.00

Polska Blood Sucka Phucka Ch. 02

 — Skylark sucks pimp, fucks old dude, buys a gun, fights. by soupwarsproject09/28/033.00

Polska Blood Sucka Phucka Ch. 03

 — Featuring recipes, nagging, strap-ons and dreams. by soupwarsproject11/01/033.67

Popping the Pod

 — Making it with my boss. by alexcarr07/18/133.90

PornStar Ch. 01

 — Darrin's saga begins. by velvetpie12/29/044.54HOT

Pornstar Ch. 01

 — In the beginning was the script; and the script was good. by SimonBrooke06/13/064.63HOT

PornStar Ch. 02

 — A spark is lit. by velvetpie12/29/044.79HOT

Pornstar Ch. 02

 — Every movie needs a star. by SimonBrooke06/14/064.60HOT

PornStar Ch. 03

 — Spencer is visited by an old flame. by velvetpie01/02/054.47

Pornstar Ch. 03

 — Show us what you've brought along. by SimonBrooke06/15/064.50HOT

PornStar Ch. 04

 — Darrin makes a rash decision. by velvetpie01/13/054.40

Pornstar Ch. 04

 — When you've gone all the way, where do you go next? by SimonBrooke06/21/064.45

PornStar Ch. 05

 — Darrin faces reality. by velvetpie02/17/054.56HOT

Pornstar Ch. 05

 — Time to start getting the kit off. by SimonBrooke07/12/064.56HOT

Pornstar Ch. 06

 — It's only a little problem. by SimonBrooke07/13/064.57HOT

Pornstar Ch. 07

 — The understudy steps in by SimonBrooke07/14/064.61HOT

Pornstar Ch. 08

 — "You look anxious. It doesn't work." by SimonBrooke07/15/064.59HOT

Pornstar Ch. 09

 — Things you can do with a skateboard and a scaffold pole. by SimonBrooke11/14/064.67HOT

Pornstar Ch. 10

 — It's a wrap... by SimonBrooke11/15/064.55HOT

Possessing Bella Ch. 10-11

 — Moving on. by xelliebabex10/04/144.82HOT

Postcards Ch. 01

 — Getting from the Wedding Reception to the Honeymoon. by pocketrocket08/25/144.76HOT

Postcards Ch. 02

 — The Honeymoon Should be Easy, Right? by pocketrocket06/02/144.62HOT

Postcards Ch. 03

 — A Day in the South Pacific. by pocketrocket07/01/144.76HOT

Postcards Ch. 04

 — Back in Civilization--for a While. by pocketrocket08/24/144.76HOT

Postcards Ch. 05

 — Finally alone. What is a newly wed couple to do? by pocketrocket10/12/144.90HOT

Postcards Ch. 06

 — Shut in by a Storm. by pocketrocket12/30/144.78HOT

Preacher Man

 — The man in black pays a visit on a dark rainy night. by Heathen Hemmingway10/19/094.37

Precious Cargo

 — Michelle meets an old friend who is more than he seems. by captainjohnspencer03/17/174.71HOT

Preconceptions Ch. 01

 — A whirlwind marriage to Barby changes Darryl's life forever. by BrettJ04/29/074.51HOT

Preconceptions Ch. 03

 — Barby continues to turn Darryl's life upside down - happily. by BrettJ05/29/124.62HOT


 — Combining the Predator series and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. by Adrian Leverkuhn03/13/17

Pregnant in Panties

 — Young married couple explore their sexual limits. by Lauries Husband05/10/104.27

Pregnant in Panties Ch. 02

 — Suzanne meets her brother-in-law when Daddy Louis visits. by Lauries Husband05/14/104.09

Pregnant in Panties Ch. 03

 — Pregnant wife gets closer to her new brother-in-law. by Lauries Husband06/09/104.15

Prejudice Ch. 01

 — Love in springtime - Russia 1939. by johngalt4707/06/104.27

Prejudice Ch. 02

 — Love in the summer - Russia 1941. by johngalt4707/22/104.58HOT

Preludes Ch. 00: Prologue

 — Rachel ponders the fallout from her fight with Rebecca. by TheRachelChronicles02/23/164.38

Preludes Ch. 01: Expectations

 — Rachel's suffering is compounded by an ill-fated date. by TheRachelChronicles02/29/164.47

Preludes Ch. 02: Full-Service

 — Two boys pick up Rachel at a gas station for some fun. by TheRachelChronicles03/09/164.71HOT

Preludes Ch. 03: Self-Medicating

 — Austin interrupts Rachel's workout with a new request. by TheRachelChronicles03/16/164.70HOT

Preludes Ch. 04: Dead Battery

 — School-day encounters leave Rachel in a bad place. by TheRachelChronicles03/21/164.79HOT

Preludes Ch. 05: Cancelled Policy

 — Her low feelings push Rachel across an unexpected line. by TheRachelChronicles03/28/164.66HOT

Preludes Ch. 06: Good Chemistry

 — Rachel blows off class for some mid-day fun. by TheRachelChronicles04/07/164.76HOT

Preludes Ch. 07: Gift Wrapped

 — Rachel is talked into giving a birthday present. by TheRachelChronicles04/12/164.78HOT

Preludes Ch. 08: Lost Connection

 — Matt makes a mockery of an invitation Rachel receives. by TheRachelChronicles04/19/164.88HOT

Preludes Ch. 09: Oral Reports

 — Rachel receives a bold offer from a classmate. by TheRachelChronicles04/27/164.79HOT

Preludes Ch. 10: Squeals on the Bus

 — A class trip finds Rachel in high demand. by TheRachelChronicles05/04/164.75HOT

Preludes Ch. 11: Rumor Has It

 — Rachel's field trip duties resume as word spreads. by TheRachelChronicles05/10/164.85HOT

Preludes Ch. 12: Flipped Pt. 01

 — Rachel's final hookup with Matt takes a confusing turn. by TheRachelChronicles05/18/164.87HOT

Preludes Ch. 13: Flipped Pt. 02

 — Rachel struggles with her reality as Kevin's prom looms. by TheRachelChronicles05/26/164.80HOT

Pretty Baby Ch. 01

 — She was born to please you. by slyc_willie11/21/064.77HOT

Pretty Baby Ch. 02

 — Alyssa is inducted into a new life. by slyc_willie11/25/064.79HOT

Pretty Baby Ch. 03

 — Alyssa learns that passion carries a price. by slyc_willie12/01/064.80HOT

Pretty Baby Ch. 04

 — Alyssa's moving on - and moving up. by slyc_willie12/08/064.83HOTContest Winner

Pretty Baby Ch. 05

 — The greatest love can spawn the greatest evil. by slyc_willie12/20/064.69HOT

Pretty Baby Ch. 06

 — Alyssa returns - and must make a choice. by slyc_willie12/21/064.84HOT

Prey For Me Ch. 01

 — Locusts on Harleys are loosed from the abyss. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.38

Prey For Me Ch. 02

 — Supernatural seductions begin; the vamp bites. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.25

Prey For Me Ch. 03

 — Beautiful women begin to mysteriously disappear. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.11

Prey For Me Ch. 04

 — P.I. searches for missing dick and pussy. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.50

Prey For Me Ch. 05

 — The good (looking) doctor makes house calls. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.50

Prey For Me Ch. 06

 — The screech owl, Lilith, marks her prey. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.44

Prey For Me Ch. 07

 — Cowgirls and Indians make war and piece. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.20

Prey For Me Ch. 08

 — The gorgeous pooper scooper butts in. by Dvora Sosan11/03/003.43

Prey For Me Ch. 09

 — Lilith compromises the governor and his ass. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.67

Prey For Me Ch. 10

 — A possible motive gets an erection. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.43

Prey For Me Ch. 11

 — The Queen of Hearts steals a heart. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.43

Prey For Me Ch. 12

 — Yakuza coke up a deal. by Dvora Sosan11/03/004.17

Prey For Me Ch. 13

 — Yellow Rose's sucking saves Texas. by Dvora Sosan11/04/003.57

Prey For Me Ch. 14

 — Babes become the bait. by Dvora Sosan11/04/004.50

Prey For Me Ch. 15

 — Biker babe bait apply practical Magic. by Dvora Sosan11/04/004.67

Prey For Me Ch. 16

 — Biker babes do oral lessons. by Dvora Sosan06/23/004.00

Prey For Me Ch. 17

 — Bigfoot gets a taste of pussy. by Dvora Sosan09/12/003.23

Prey For Me Ch. 18

 — Biker babes ponder incest. by Dvora Sosan11/04/004.15

Prey For Me Ch. 19

 — Biker babes seek supernatural sex. by Dvora Sosan11/04/004.22

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 01

 — Megan Richards & Brad Seldon are in for a shock in 1975. by surober107/14/094.30

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 02

 — Jonnie & Barbie reveal their feelings to Megan & Brad. by surober107/18/094.35

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 03

 — Everyone tries to help Megan & Brad find some answers. by surober107/26/094.76HOT

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 04

 — Barbie takes Brad's mind off of Megan. by surober107/29/094.53HOT

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 05

 — Megan realizes Jonnie was right all along. by surober108/02/094.40

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 06

 — Megan serves as Jonnie's birthday cake. by surober108/13/094.67HOT

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 07

 — Megan & Brad believe Jonnie & Barbie cheated on them. by surober108/17/094.60HOT

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 08

 — Barbie saves Brad's life and then forgives him. by surober108/21/094.50HOT

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 09

 — Megan realizes how badly she hurt Jonnie. by surober108/24/094.35

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 10

 — Jonnie forgives Megan and then almost loses her. by surober108/27/094.50HOT

Priestess and Warrior Ch. 01-06

 — A Temple Priestess for a Sex Goddess meets Warrior. by Mhykiel01/16/184.78HOT

Prince Bonir Vol. 01

 — The Duke of Averic. by DrSqueaky02/23/084.60HOT

Prince Bonir Vol. 02

 — The Scarlet Witch. by DrSqueaky02/28/084.65HOT

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