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Wow,you sure know how to make a guy feel special,and thank you for the info it's nice to add a story to that that sexy voice ;)


I've listened to a few audios but this one killed me, I even joined this site. Really enjoy your work very much.


Soooooooooo goooooood!!!!! Ah! Everything about your voice and your words are perfection!


Sir, that was absolutely incredible. My heart melted the entire time I was listening. Wooow. So beautiful. Every word perfectly said with an insanely sexy voice to go along with it. Amazing.


As many times as I listen to this, I can never last to the end. Though that doesn't matter, does it, Daddy? I'm only there for you to fuck, my pleasure is, incidental.

Oh, Daddy...

I came so hard for you Daddy Dom. More like this. 10/10 would recommend.

love it

Such a sexy and arousing voice.Made me so horny and my pussy was begging to be tough.Gonna go listen to it while i play with my pussy later

Oh fuck

That was fucking hot. Love when you say spread 'em. I'm definitely warmed up for my husband. Gonna be a good night tonight in my bed.

Still on fire

Just came 3times. No one does this like you, sounds like you do. We need more.

That was fantastic.....

You had me throbbing and pulsing from beginning to end, but I somehow managed to hold off until you begged for it at the end.

Thank you!

Wow!! That was amazing!!! I have no words. Just wow!! Thank you!!


Hubby (who is not Daddy) was using a thick dildo on me 💚


more detail, longer videos, give me more



That was great! I even want a next part with the officer :)

God-This is so hot

All I can say is very nice. Such a sexy voice saying naughty things. Doesn't get better than that. The the race play element. Like other have said race play is always fun and it's more about the level of where the sub is compared to the Dom. Keep up the good work. 😀

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