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Please make more stuff to listen to in public!! I've never felt so naughty and hot before, I came so hard

Brain massage

Literally made an account to comment on this. It is an unbelievably sexy little recording! Tons of respect to you, angel! Oh my god... Pure brain massage :)


Omg your voice is so hot i could cum listening to you your so hot! Im COVERED in cum and im so... Writing this with one hand xx 😈😈💦💦💦💦💦💦☔️💧💧💧💧

So sweet...

As short as it is, this is what I have wanted to hear. It is sweet, gentle, loving, soft. I can't stop listening to it. Please make another like this and longer. I just want to close my eyes and let your voice take me away.

Hot af

Omfg that deep voice with those bitchy moans aah totally turned me on
Please make more

That was fucking mind blowing. I wasn't even touching myself yet, but you already had me cumming over and over again.

MORE stories

You can find more of my stories (that don't pass the lit filters) at www.secret-stories.com


You can find more of my stories (that don't pass the lit filters) at www.secret-stories.com

Gael pls be mine

You can have it any way you want with me ❤️🔥


Hi littlekitten. Ever since I heard your recorded audio, I couldn't stop thinking about how sensual and sexy your voice was. As a mom myself, my curiosity about women explodes, please do try a phone sex recording with other girls, perhaps with your girlfriends.. I'll wait for your next sex audios...:-)


Hi, I love the way you.moan..the next time you record, could you please do a sex audio with another girl? Hope to hear from you..:-)a bi curious mom here..

More pho sex

Hi aj, its.me.rachele. hope you do more phone sex like these with other girls..I m loving it..and thanks for the sex audio you sent me....

i love you so much!! i love all your audios!! maybe you can make one for us to listen in public sometime?

We remember

Remember when the tumblr account and all the content came down. Didn't expect a return, yet here you are. Welcome back.

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