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This is exactly the type of thing I'm looking for. Combining this with a story, and full sex would be a dream 'cum' true.

Wow. i mean... wow.

So that was amazing.

I have an idea for you: if this person would be into doing this again, see if she would be into you watching and touching yourself, too. I'd love to hear you getting off as well, commenting...

you are awesome-sauce!!!

Nobody. And I mean literally nobody can make me cum harder than you do. No, not even my fiance!!

your voice is amazingly horny

Omg how fucking horny is your voice?!!! I'm from London myself and you just made me cum twice. I love the way you laugh too so fucking sexy. Thank you x

Wearing a butt-plug going TO work?

I'd love to hear the story behind that decision. ;-)

I've heard several "out in public" audios over the years and most seem to be done by British ladies. Must be something in the water there. ;-) They are always hot to listen to and have that added bit of "might get caught" naughtiness that sets them apart.

I give you major props for having the courage to do it. Well done.

Loved it!

This was a nice change of pace. The quietude made it seem more intimate and engaging. I'd love to hear more of this sort -- slow, sensual, quiet and low key.

Plus, there's just something sexy about an adult woman masturbating in her childhood bedroom and still trying to hide it from her parents. ;-)

Let the torture begin!

How can I sign up? (Cersei should have threatened to make the fucktoy like Varys, if he fails. Hehe)

Personally, I'd rather do Melisandre (loved Carice in "Black Book") or Ygritte.

Many guys would probably pick Daenerys, but piss her off and you'd probably get your nuts roasted over dragon fire. They look like they could be a bit protective of their "Mother" after all.

Really, if Cersei wants a man who knows how to satisfy a woman, she needs to switch brothers. ;-)

When I saw you posted again I don't think I've ever been more excited, please, please don't stop, you are literally everything


That was so hot you have me cumming in my panties.

I am so jealous of the human who will have you like this.

This audio may have been like 23 minutes but you make every second of it so good. You're so loving. You're so sexy. You're so gentle and I just get giddy listening to you. You sound like a dream! I hope you have a nice day, sweetie.

- AK


Lucky is the woman that steals your heart.

Totally delicious and one of my one fantasies - and I love the sounds you make xx

Finally A Man!!!

I love a to hear a man moan and you definitely have made me very happy...You were just what I craved...NEVER STOP PLEASE...xxooxoxoxx

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