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Im speechless

You are so damn good.... had such a strong orgasm...


Listenin to this at work and its drove me crazy. Id beg this woman to my mistress forever.

Awesome, thx:-)

I've been trying so many of these, and you got it perfect. At least for the quick/just enough to get the job done category. Thank you. And, I would love to see what you could do in person😉


I can't get enough of that sexy voice... Your accent along with the descriptive nature of the story are beyond mind blowing...

Can I have you lol I love you


you have daddy shaking, too, Little Kitten!! 5 Star goodness!! Thank you, that was incredibly hot!! you are a naughty girl but also a very good little girl, too!!!


Your voice is the reason I ended up making a profile.
Thank You

Ver Hypnotic

One of the best if not the best I have read so hypontic, makes me wet every time I listen to these not only that it is one vocal points every time when I play with myself. And speaking of which it is also one of the few stories I play along with while listening to it. But one thing that puzzles me is why isn't the Fith and the last is on audio?

You should put the last on 'Audio'. too> Please for me your little hypontic little slut

More. More please

Please, more. Multiple next time sexy girl.

The full audio

Do you think you could post the entire audio? I'd really appreciate it. :)


Your descriptions and story telling are so vivid and clear. What a turn on. I can feel the warm water on my back and your tongue in my pussy. Love it.


Wow! That was incredible! I really enjoyed that.

Juicy Coconut

Bend over and spread your A-S-S cheeks for your Master

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