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So, halfway through, my 15lb cat decided to stretch across my stomach (groin to breast); make himself comfortable; and purr himself to sleep. His deep rumbling purrs echoed through my abdomen just as the Reaper was applying torturous vibrations upon his victim. # VR-rotica

Thank You!

Riding dildo and name moaning

Ride a dildo or fuck yourself while moaning the name “Alex”. It would be hot as fuck. Be submissive and talk dirty. When you cum, scream the name.

You made a fantasy come true. Thank you.

LOL Fam:)

I might consider that. If I do it will be Chapter 03 which is my favorite in the series.

I can cum multiple times listening to this over and over. Fuck!

One of my favorite audios ❤️

Omg this audio just turned to be one of my absolutely favorites!!! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I came so good daddy, fuck I wish you could taste how wet I am

Confused sub

I am a total sub but hot damn i was dripping wet listening to this awesome job

Greetings from brazil

I’m an admirer from brazil ❤️❤️ Thanks for making me cum every time i love your mouth sounds and your dark laugh so sexy! Xoxo i would love to be fucked hard by you.

This could be me

My names is lia yes spelled the same way and ive been cheated on before and wanting the guy back so i relate to this on a personal level

More please

Very relaxing. I love your voice, I completely lost myself in the sounds from the beginning. I am not sure what happened. I think I actually fell asleep to awaken very near the end. Please share more.

Marry me

Fuck your laugh in the end made me believe in angels again.

I loved it. Your sweet voice, your whispers, your moaning, your words ... I've come with you. Your orgasm is wonderful.

Please continue! Love your forced story 😊

I really liked your “date turned sour” story. Would love to hear another one in that style maybe describing a bit better in more details what he is doing to you.
I would appreciate an even more threatening environment like a park or a dark backstreet.
I am just a bit disappointed why you wait so long with continuing it...


Thank you for sharing you honest and personal arousal. It's nice and very generous of you to allow us to listen, you sound so sincere and I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I and everyone else have. You have a very soothing and calm voice, it's beautiful really. In any case, I wish you the best and once again, thank you.

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