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Nasty princess, somehow made it to the 11th minute before this daddy unleashed all he had to give for you. As you screamed, every drop was drained for you, baby girl. What a mess!


That.... Was... Hot. You have a very very sexy voice. The things i could say or do just to make that voice make those sounds is limitless. Don't stop now!


That is so fucking awesome.... see, ya never know when someone's gonna be down for getting dirty ;) that's such a cool story and SUCH a HOT audio, it made me cum soooo fucking hard. Love the daddy talk, fuck. Such a turn on. Glad you had fun ;)

Perfect accent for a filthy mouth

Your accent is perfect for this. Hung on every word with my cock hard right though.

You poor girl!

Oh, Pussablywet! You were spanking yourself so hard - even slapping your butt again when the lats one was not hard enough!! And then not allowed to climax either? Just too mean!
Following on from another comment - spanking is something else I've learnt to enjoy in later life - both giving an receiving, especially when highly arroused and close to cumming. I've alway loved nipple play, though, rough and sensitive. Carol

5 Stars

I wanted to let you know I (Carol) would have given you 5 stars for this audio but Col had aleady given you a mean 3! I'll spank him for that later!!

Using my panties

Hi Pusaablywet, Just to let you know I loved listening to you, especially talking about how you used your panties to pleasure yourself. I enjoy the feel of my panties wet with my juices.
There are somethings I thought of as a turn off when I was much younger than I am now find really erotic, like gags. I now have a bit gag and have stuffed my panties into my pussy and my mouth while getting myself off. Hearing your muffled voice when your panties were in your mouth was really sexy so I took my panties off and gagged myself while I listened. - Carol

Erotic detail...

Love to hear your soft voice telling us how you are slowly arousing yourself - and us. Carol and I have listened to you masturbate a couple of times now and the second i watched her follow your descriptions (although she used nipple clamps as we don't have those suction things) until she squealed when she came - like you do. Colin

Thank you

You have such a lovely voice and I love how much you put into your recordings. Makes me feel warm and satisfied after a hard day, and I can sleep a bit better at night. But, anyways just wanna say thank you. Hope this comment hasn't come off wierd or anything.


I came so much, like 4 times.. I'll have to change the sheets..Just what I needed. Thank you..

♡ Reivyn


You have an awesome voice,do more audio stories,yummy.


I haven't been able to orgasm in so long I can't even count. But this made my head spin so thank you very much it was wonderful.


Literally just over 3 minutes in and I squirted

Mmm daddy

Couldn't stop Cumming 😍💦

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