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so sexy

Your voice made me so wet.I love the sound of cock sucking and pussy rubbing.Made my pussy so wet.

Please don't leave us hanging!

I only came across this story today, though it has been out for several months. I do hope you continue this very sensuous audio to its conclusion and don't leave it off in what seems to be the middle of a continuing story, as seems to have happened with your first tale "Endless Love", which clearly ends on a "To be continued?" note.



So sexy!

Hey, wonderful work there. You turned me on right away and made me cum so hard. I kept rewinding the audio to hear your voice, moaning and wet pussy sounds over and over again. PLEASE more :)

Fabulous as usual. You never fail to ... inspire ... your listeners.

I totally lied...I can't wait until Thursday.

I am so addicted to you boy. I am spending my entire Saturday listening to you because I can't get enough of you or the orgasms you give me over and over again. *Boy you have pleased Mistress which is why I allowed you what I did today as a reward for being my good sweet boy. Now...continue to please me and who knows what I will do to you...or allow you to do next. Disappoint me and you may or may not like the consequences I choose. So keep being my good sexy boy and I promise you we will both continue to be very satisfied my darling good boy. By the way...you are not allowed to pleasure your body or cum until you hear otherwise from me. You have a decision to make. You have two sets of consequences to choose from because believe me when I say it boy...I will know. Goodbye for now.* xx ;-) this is fun ;-)


Everything about this was spectacular. Your voice, your words, how vocal you are in your pleasure. Don't forget that panty wetting accent. Thank you for sharing. It was amazing


I'm pretty young to be on here but it's called expirementing I guess... And how fun did this turn out I bit my lip a bit to hard to stop from any excessive noises to come out worked for bit but had to stop amazing job man this was so hot.


being called names
total submission of my mind

thank you

I like a woman who is not ashamed of wanting to masturbate and cum!

And to be sure that you want us guys turned on, you WANT to turn us on, you're making this recording to make us hard and make us shoot! The world needs more women like you. (Needs more pussyeaters too.)

Http://niteflirt.c om/nydan61
Http://fetlife.com/mydan61 (founder of the group Men! Eat more pussy!)

Thanks girls!

Thanks for your kind words!! I can't thank you enough for taking the time to give me such positive feedback :)

I am so glad you are back!

July 28th seemed to be the last time you came by. I have missed your voice so.

I have been eagerly awaiting your return. I sent you an email the other day, hopefully you received it I feel so much better when you are on literotica.

I have not listen to this audio yet, but i know you will not disappoint. Looking forward to hearing that sweet music you make.

Hopefully you answer my email. Take care and welcome back!
- Z.A.L.

Maybe your best yet

I belive this one of your best audios I have heard from u and I have heard all of your audios. It was so good hearing u fucking your wet pussy, moaning, calling yourself a slut, and hearing u cum and squirt made me cum so hard for u. I give u five stars and can't wait for a new one but your old ones will still make me cum.

Very seductive

Very good audio love the description and say how much you want me or someone u are thinking of. The sensual and seduction of your voice was driving me insane just hoping u start touching yourself and get off but sometimes that is okay and I think for your first submission it was a good idea making us want more and hopefully u give us more. Please make some more audios. I give u 5 stars.


Like always very descriptive and seductive storyline. I wish I could meet a college girl like u and take me in back and ride me into oblivion. 5 stars.

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