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I'm seriously worn out right now because of you and god you accent is perfect!


Just have to tell you I'm new to this site but, you have the sexiest voice I think I've ever listened to... I think you could read a story about a tree and get everyone's attention lol... Hope that wasn't too forward but wow...

Oh my god

I can't feel my legs, it was so freaking intense!


Holy fucking shit! I fucking damn recognize your moan, I really hope you are not the guy I think you are tho

I loved the part about not pulling out. It is a primal display of domination. That pushed me over the edge in a major way!


I hope that you have as much fun recording these as I do listening to them. It sounds like you do. I wish I knew you so I could help you the way that you help me! My hope is that you have a partner who allows you to experience her body the way that you desire to, I certainly would. Your sexuality is amazing and I crave more. Please record more I'll beg if it'll help!

The pleasure

Everytime I hear your voice. Every breath you take. I want to feel your touch. To feel your hands rub my soft skin and pull my curly blonde hair. I want you to look into my light blue eyes and you to claim me as yours. I want to feel your your body on top of mine. It's so hard to not want you with me everyday. I can't handle not hearing your sweet voice in my ears whispering "you're mine". It hurts without you. Can I be yours?

I love this so much!:)

I love this so much!:) keep doing it, Gael.


I really enjoy school, but this was so hot. I love the way you cum.


I get so into your audios. Talk back to you. Cum with you. Damn.

Incredibly hot

I loved the scenario, I loved the performance, and I want more. One of the best on the site.


Um YES. That was way too much fun. Great work!

What a lovely chat...your soothing, hot cocoa cream voice always leaves me warm inside and out ;-) Thank you once again.

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