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Get off hearing you breathe as you come!
More please!

Could you please...

Just fuck me!
I mean fuck me everywhere!
Laundary room, bedroom, bathroom, office, college, park, any-fucking-where!
You are so sexy!

cum at the right time

Omfg~ it was my first time listening to you and I did it while touching myself. I can't believe that I cum exactly when you told me to. Everything just went sooo smoothly and it felt so real!!! I love it~ Thanks!


Was that Angel of Temptation with you?
oh my God this audio was the best one ive heard of you Eves. Made me cum so hard

Just what I've been looking for 👌🏼

There's nothing sexier than a man who is vocal during sex! This is all I've ever looked for & im so happy to have found your audios! Your voice is perfect & that moan is panty soaking, thigh trembling, mind blowingly incredible!

Thank you & please give us more !

Whoa there.

Unbelievably awesome, just... awesome.

Holy wow.

A few of my friends just began working on an Erotica. I've spent the last couple of weeks scouring the internet for ideas and styles. And out of the many I've listened to or read, your's is without a doubt one of the best. The emotions, the special effects added, the life you've breathed into your work is just amazing.

Thanks so much for your awesome work, keep it up!

Well damn

God, something about your moans, voice, and hearing you get yourself off.. it's intoxicating

Could you be any more perfect.

I got completely lost in you. I absolutely forgot about real life, and all I could think about was you needing me.

Smoking HOT story!

I love that you came so hard...your voice gets me everytime! I want you!!!

Smoking HOT story!

I love that came so hard...your voice gets me everytime! I want you!!!


I've used this twice in a week. There is just something about your voice

i like to listen to this at full volume in my car. your voice is so deep it vibrates my seat. and i cum every fucking time you tell me to.

fucking hot

This is so hot. You can cuff me anytime you want Officer Gael ;)

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