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What I Loved About Your Audio

I loved the gradual build up to that beautiful climax, I loved hearing your pleasure as you described everything you were doing, and I love that incredibly sexy voice of yours.

Thank you for sharing sonorous_stranger, I hope there is more audio to cum soon. 😘


Thank you everyone for your kind comments!! 😗🤗

Can't do anything but hooked on and listen!!!

Best one and very hot and arousing story. Keep up the good works.


Your voice is so sexy it gets me so wet❤❤❤❤😍😍

Absolutely delightful!

I love Hysterical Literature and I absolutely ADORE Mr. Wilde! The Picture of Dorian Gray is a favourite of mine too and this was a delightful (and incredibly sexy) reading. Brava!

Oustanding Debut

I usually don't prefer recordings that are read, but this is an exception. Your voice is beautiful - perfect for erotica. Description of the scene and the details of the action are both excellent, enhanced by background sound effects. Very skillful. Perhaps in a future story you would use the first person voice?

Literotica Classic!

Oh how I loved this - playing around with literature works so well when Kitten's in the driver's seat. At last Darcy is not so stuffy and stiff - oh, wait - yes he is! Agree with previous comment - twist at the end is delicious! Just a very well conceived story and sexy as fuck.

Naughty Jane!

You play the character really well and create a very sexy scenario out of beloved characters of the classics, which is very hard to do. I especially liked the twist ending.

If I had any critique to give, though, I would refrain from any modern terms like "pussy" or "panties." If you haven't read it yet, I'd recommend reading Pride & Prejudice: Hidden Lusts by Mitzi Szereto for inspiration on erotic parodies of such classics as Austen.

Critique aside, I really enjoyed this audio and loved the idea of Jane being the naughty one. I always knew she'd secretly be the filthy little minx.

Fuck baby!

Reading your comments on my page peaked my curiosity... and fuck!! Your voice is so fucking sexy. This audio made me cum so hard! Cant wait to check out some more


Love your lesbian audios. I want more and more of them! Could you make one that features a lot of tribbing? That makes me
So wet. I love doing it in real life and would love to have it described to my
Ears in detail. Also more nipple play at the same time.

It really worked for me

I hate to gush like a teenager, but this story really worked for me. It had all the ingredients that was enough to push me over the edge. Your voice made me belive that I am the guy, and you are drawing me in.... kudos to you!

Absolute garbage

This is just complete are utter crap. The writing is shit, the audio and acting is shit. Straight up boner killer.

By far th sexiest , mos erotic voice i have ever heard.

Only a Dominant Womant who knows a LOT about men can produce such a perfect story (as great as all the others that belong to the "Feeling Bossy" saga).

The conservative forces of the world would be really scared if an army of Bellatrixies descended on Earth and convinced/seduced/forced men to be women's slaves.

This Domme is definitely dangerous.

Lucky those men who have the chance to be in touch with such a Goddess.

Ms. Bellatrixie i am a fan of You and would love to be in touch.

perfect prelude

can't wait for "the rest of the story"

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