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Always fantastic

The best of the best, whatever story she tells!


That was fu*king hot as hell! I might do that again very soon x

Loved it

I love ass play and you made me play good sir,

Thank you! (from my tingly ass) lol


Your voice is the sexiest I've ever heard! Pls make more audios to finger myself to 😫🙏🏻💕


Your voice 💕 Keep them coming daddy.

Very sexy voice

Love the voice and accent (French). Content is not bad either. I like that you talk quite slowly. This is actually quite relaxing and soothing.

Oh Jesus.

Those fucking moans. Wish you'd sneak into my bedroom at night. Mm.


I would literally lose my mind if I met you

Thank you

@Kinkyleather Glad you enjoyed it :) Well this was not the first time she was pierced hehe. She has a few. Umm I didn't really think about making a part two.

So hot

Hi sexy thank you for this hot audio, there's not many of this genre about, it was so hot listening to a hot sexy girl getting piercings for the first time, is there gonna be a part 2 to continue the hot story X

Links are Working Fine Now

The audio links have been fixed! Enjoy! ;)


I never liked any porn until I heard this Sweet Shibari.

Masturbation has always been very boring for me because I haven't yet figured out how to get turned on when I'm by myself. My friends tell me I should masturbate so I can learn how to have an orgasm but it's just so boring when I'm by myself. I’ve tried and tried, but it just feels like trying to tickle myself - I’m moving my fingers, but nothing’s happening.

They tell me to look at porn and I try and try but I either find it boring or awkward or scary. Even queer porn. And I've never found stories to read that would effect me either. I'm a very visual thinker, and I find that visual stimuli take me into my head, visual things distract me from my body and sensation.

It's so easy to forget about body and sensation, which is why my favorite activities are dancing and playing music and yoga and sex because it's so grounding to the physical world and I can remember to feel.

This porn made me feel something...
I was able to close my eyes at night and relax into it. It was nice because I didn't have to do anything, just listen.Your voice is so comforting. It made me feel safe, it induced me to let me guard down, and I trusted you that it would go well.

I think that's one reason I find masturbation so difficult. I can only get turned on when I feel safe to feel vulnerable. Most of the time, I'm on guard. On guard against catcallers, pick-up artists, nosy neighbors, gaze of strangers, friends who are mad to be friend-zoned, friends and lovers who got me in bed, pushed past my boundaries, didn’t know my boundaries, didn’t know what a boundary was. Friends who didn’t stop when I said no, try to emulate what they see in porn, see me as a prize to be won, who feel *personally* sad cuz they can’t make me cum. Jeezus.

And as a child and teenager, I was also on guard against my own body, which came to puberty Too Early, a grotesque and unwelcome transformation. In high school, still living with the immense shame that I had grown accustomed to, the horny boys all came to me drooling one after another. I tried to fend them off with frumpy clothing and freakish hair. And four memorable violent relatiations. Doing my best to obscure the form of my boobs which were too big for any god damned fancy bra at Nordstrom. I went through a full year when I was 17 where I refused to touch anybody at all. I was traumatized, though I didn’t use that word at the time.

I’ve always trusted people too easily in sexual encounters. I just somehow always think it’s going to be fine. Even now, I still let people in sometimes when I shouldn’t. It’s because I have such a strong desire to let go and give them control.

But I really did know I could trust you, Mr. Endless_Roads. You couldn’t touch me at all… your voice was really just here to make me happy. You sound nurturing, like someone that could take care of me and listen to me and ask how I’m doing. In the dark my body reacted to your voice in a way that I’ve NEVER felt when I was alone. But there I am, just squirming and giggling in bed. When you tied me up I felt the rope on my skin, and that restless feeling in my limbs when I want to be constrained. And when you smacked my ass I could’ve sworn it was the real thing.

(Shoutout to people in my life who have recently helped me feel the sensation of rope and ass smacking IRL.)

When you got to the penetration part, my body screamed out “NO, I’m not ready,” so I just turned off the audio, it was that easy. I was content to just rest for a while in this psychological fantasy world you built for me.

And no I didn’t feel the urge to touch myself in any way. Does this count as masturbation? Regardless, it was one of the best solo sexual experiences of my life.

Thank you.

Chuck bass

Omg when you talk/whisper you sound like chuck bass from gossip girl... Thats a good thing 🤤🤤🤤

Great story

The build up was really good.

thanks for sharing

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