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That giggle. You cheeky, magnificent bastard.

Completely outstanding...

Wow Kitten, I haven't heard you do a mom/son themed story in years, that was just so incredibly erotic. So amazing to hear your beautiful English accent again. Seriously hope you continue this new story. Take care...

Midnight thoughts of you.

Not sure if you still read these but I had to re-listen to this one.... i'm dying right now.


Whenever I listen to your audio stories, I barely make it to the end with you. Either that or I cum a little bit before you, haha. Your voice is amazing and my clit is always throbbing after listening to you!

Ha, nice typo

*your thick cock (nice autocorrect to chick)


Oh, I have missed the sound(s) of you stroking your thick chick and cumming. But we (or, at least, I) need to hear your sexy voice.


you sound soo sexy babe
How I wish you could come to me and eat me out every night, make me scream and cum for you so hard mmm
Everytime I listen to you, I just have to masturbate and Every single time, I cum and it feels fucking amazing
Thank you for that ;)

Fuck. Yes.

Shame you no longer submit stories.

Cheating Fantasy...

I hate cheating fantasies. I hate the idea of cheating in general, but I have to admit... I loved this audio, and it might even be one of my favorites. I know you are going to be pretty inactive for a while, so I've been listening to all of your audios on repeat pretty much. I've heard this one several times, and I never fail to orgasm several times. I even got my cat collar out for this one (I only do that when I'm really turned on). I don't care how weird this sounds, but I honestly only get through the day because I know that when I get home, I can open up one of your audios and feel so much better. I don't only listen to you for sexual pleasure, but also because I just love the soothing sound of you voice. It relaxes me and makes me so happy. I really think you should look into doing some nonsexual asmr, if you haven't already. But anyways... Thank you for making me cum several times today, daddy. I can't wait until you start making new audios for us (:


Hot narrative.. more pleasr

Lucky partner

Your partner is so damn lucky...I'd pay a million bucks to have a man that moans like that in my ear ❤❤❤❤

You are fucking amazing

I loved every second of it..i felt you in every inch of my body 😍 and that part after you finished was so yummy.


This definitely hit all the right spots...now I'm craving for that, and possibly you ;)

Holy shit

Your voice and moans ase genuinely insane. Absolutely amazing I came so much

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