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No super pussy

To the people who've asked about Super Pussy... no, it will not return. Eliza has moved on.

Thank You!

I orgasmed when the girl sat on you and I thrusted my dildo all the way in. Your voice is so sexy. I'm very tempted to send an audio of me coming as I love the listening to the audios of you listening to your fans (I guess) and stroking. I really want to give somthing back, would you like to hear it?

I'm shocked, at how I respond and how wet I get listening. I will be lost all day, knees shaking, fucking myself. I sent you a message after the Airport story, it arrived safely.

In stolen moments your audios make me shudder.

Kaitlyn, I blush through lust...

Super-pussy ep 9? The return of super-pussy?

Please tell me Aj and Eliza will return? Combined, you gals are a category 5 cum soaking...

J xxx

correct response!

echoing the other comment...seeing aj in the byline is all I need to get going! Can't decide which is sexier...her voice or her imagination. lucky for us we dan't have to choose!

Hot Damn

Oh but that was hot! This was the perfect audio to role play with. Your sexy voice gave us instruction and we followed it as closely as possible. The orgasm was soooo good. I think we'll to do that again soon. Thank you.

For Fuck's sake

I didn't even have to touch myself and my legs went numb. The repeated reassurances and "sweethearts" were enough to make me melt, but I was definitely a puddle by the end. You definitely have a gift...and Im sure you know this, but your accent is sexy as hell.

Skill Sharing

You seriously need to teach a seminar or something to the men of this world. Twenty minutes of this and I would be putty in anyones hands.

I was literally dripping before I even touched myself

You want to know what I want?

I want my big daddy to feed me his cock then take me from behind, spanking my ass & pulling my hair. I want to feel big daddy's cock in my pussy. That's what I want.


You got me so wet can't stop thinking about you I agree please write about when fingering meeee

Em 23


Simply Awesome.....loved every bit....gosh....u r amazing....keep up the awesome work.

Holy shit...

Yes! The way you can be sweet and sensual and also be aggressive and dominant... You kill me! Keep it up, you are wonderful!


This is just perfect. You are definitely a very good girl.


My nipples are so fucking hard .I never felt it that way.I exploded to your voice .😍it was so good.Still a virgin though😩

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