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holy shit

I came at like 3 minutes shit oml


It's said that confession is good for the soul. I hope this confession has been therapeutic and that you receive peace. You deserve it.


This guy should be reading from a chemistry lesson book on step by step directions for some chemical experiment.
Again lousy male narration, so scripted sounding! Ugh

Exquisite Relaxation

I love that you prize the mind as you do! Thank you for the lovely escape.

Can you read it any more scripted?

The storyline is alright, but totally loses any value by the narrator.
His script reading is first of all male, when it should be female.
Next-door It felt like I was being read to instead of being in the moment.
Ruined it completely. Should have read it myself :/

Damn. Just...damn.

Good lord. I really have to pace myself with your stories so I can last until the end. Otherwise it's over far too quickly.

Excellent. Lots of face time.

As someone else opined: this guy is a keeper. 90% of the audio is munching pussy and achieving fantastic female audio satisfaction. There is no way to keep track of how many quality orgasms were created by this ever-ready cunning linguist. Magnificent.
He does fuck her but this truly appears to be a secondary side show, in that he achieves orgasm outside her pussy on her body.
Nothing to find fault with ....... I was so envious of the male performer.
Hard to beat.

Great finish - the lady was excited VERY

The first 7 - 8 minutes of this audio are a struggle, as LittleKitten describes in the weakest, almost least audible voice on Literotica. I nearly quit the audio prematurely 4 times.
However as she gets herself aroused toward climax/cumming, the volume and excitement in her voice carries the day. Her vocal orgasm, without the sound of bodies banging, is really excellent and saved the overall audio submission.

Really very good - arousing

Love it. The dialogue between the couple is not overdone....this is moaning, groaning, orgasmic sounds at its best.
Many audios lose me in first 2 minutes and are never completely heard ...... not this audio. I was hooked and aroused in first 90 seconds and absolutely loved it.
Now I will check out and follow luckygirl18. I am a happy, lucky guy, extremely satisfied by this 'Don't Cum Yet' audio.
Thanks luckygirl18.

Nice but....

I prefer your sexy Irish accent. Especially when you say "throb". Mmmmm soooo good!!! Oh fuck yeah baby!!!

fuck me

Barehanded spanking with a knee rubbing my pussy, while the other hand is in my mouth making me suck Daddy's thumb. Being made to sit on Daddy's knee for a pony ride. Having my hair brushed and pulled really tight into piggy tails.

Made me cum nice and hard at the end. (;

So calming

I've fallen asleep to this twice.

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