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Daddy, you had my pussy dripping. I wish you were actually here to do all of those dirty things to me. I want you to fuck my throat.

I love your accent! Can I make a request??

Your voice is amazing!! And I am in love with your accent! I'd love to request maybe a Petyr Baelish recording from Game of Thrones cause your voice sounds so much like his please!!


Did this chick really fly across the country like he says to get fucked? Haha and the disdain he has in his voice not to mention saying it. How embarrassing. No thanks red.

Sooooo dirrrrrty...

*explodes secretions over your thick cock*

PLEASE give me my first time!

*bucks hips under you* give it to me, Gael! 😍


Words cannot describe how amazing and hot that story was. And the comic book nerd aspect of it just makes it even better. I really hope that there are more stories like this in the future.

Well Damn

I don't know what you were saying in Italian, but it sure sounded sexy as hell. It got my pussy so wet. I can't wait to hear more from you and get off to your sexy voice.

Oh my..

That was beyond orgasmic... That was the best Nerdgasm I've ever had... So arousing and steamy... Who knew comic shops could be so Nerdgasming.... ;)

More Please!

Please do a follow up to this one!! Left me wanting so much more!


This was AMAZING. The combination of the script (I'm checking this cat's other stuff right away) and Ravenfox made this girl the best character/fantasy I've heard. Seriously, I want to hear more from this same character, I thought it was that good.

What I've Been Waiting For

I cannot express how happy/turned on I got seeing that you posted this just from the title alone. Thank you so much for making this for us vampire lovers out there!


I got really aroused, and was actually really close at some point. I was lying in my bed with headphones on, but the fact that the clip was so short, meant that I had to get up and more or less restart the clip a few times. My concentration is not particularly good, so this pretty much ruined it for me.
But as I said, I actually got really close (have tried a few of these kind, but never gotten this close), so I'll give it a score of 6 :)


...I mean, on a *cerebral* level, I *get* that you're practiced at this. ....After all, you've been doing this for 10 years. I would think it a no-brainer that a fella making these audio files for so long would know *exactly* what a woman would want to hear....

Still. There is an atmosphere, a deepness and an intimacy that you are able to create that is absolutely incredible.

I'm going to agree... xDD Not the. Not the eye scratching part...but if there is a woman in particular that you're talking to, then she is ONE LUCKY LADY!


Hot doesn't even cover how ball busting this audio was. In a GOOD way of course

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