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You have such a sexy voice love listening to you xx


I've sat here for some minutes now ... and am having difficulty in writing.
Your concept is SO different.. SO incredible in the saying.
A part of me said that I shouldn't continue listening because of the rape & the violence, BUT! I was always aware that the 'dream' was about Daddy and that therefore I needed to hear & be part of the entire tale.
Absolutely in awe.. and a lil' scared to say that.
Thank you, Avylynne.. Momentous & memorable indeed.

Love it!

Loved listening to the sounds you make... I'd love having you on top of me, making those sounds as I wrap my legs around you and grind my cock against yours.

Tell me more!

Would love to hear about the three of them referenced here! Great sound, details, setup, and gagging as always!

Oh my....

This is so very sexy. Great, non-humiliating pegging that is equal parts sweet, hot, and sensual. Who ever you are with is a very lucky man (or woman, for that matter)!

Can't cum anymore tonight

How is it with all your audios that you know exactly when I'm going to cum? And every time you command for me to cum, I obey? I've came so many times tonight, I don't think I can come anymore. My body and mind is just tingling all over, please don't stop what you're doing. Please keep posting audios, I would be so sad if you stopped. Thank you so much for playing with us!

B ~

A suggestion

You have an incredibly sexy voice, but this recording would be even sexier if you sounded less happy and more troubled - like a good girl being bad despite herself.

I feel you, my sobbing sisters

i've lived with anxiety for many years, and it's always a chore to clear my head at night. recently i started exploring audios as a way to relax and while i've found many are cheesy or *too* polished, this one strikes a perfect balance between affirmative/strict/loving/thoughtful/melancholy. the messages are easy to understand, yet aren't cliched. "you can always find a way to make things better" had me shedding a few tears tbh. easing your mind and emotions is cathartic, and the feeling of relief can be intense and cry-worthy on particularly bad days. also, i think crying is sometimes a side-effect of processing a burdening thought as you release it.
anyway, much thanks for this audio!


That somehow felt crazy intimate, and I can't even see you. Mmmmmmm I felt like you were talking to ME. Fuck, that was hot. You're amazing. I'm not even gonna ask you to make another cuz this is perfect. *sighhhh Thank you.

Do you need a little? I volunteer sir xx


I'm going to fucking scream this is so cute Holy SHIT

Oh my Stars

I fudging love this. The fact that you made it seem like what was happening was totally taboo almost, made it so much more amazing and sexy. Your voice and grunts are what put me over the edge every time. Please do more like this!!

WOW that was mind blowing

I can't believe you are real. I am literally quaking. Why can't I find a fraction of this man? Stunning. Mind blowing. Unbelievably erotic. That growl is... Wow!


Anytime I need to relax and cum, and I come back to this audio. It’s been my favorite for a little over a year now


Your voice is innocent yet so passionate. Your beauty is truly revealed through it. I could talk to you all day long honey.

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