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A Revelation

I never knew pure audio could be so arousing! I nearly came spontaneously. Now to look for your other contributions. More, more, more please.

Fuck that was great, I could jerk to that very day, Cummings an all

One of My Favorites

So sensual and intimate. That contented little half-sigh-half-moan of yours is one of your best moves. I can practically feel the warm breath on my ear, and it gives me shivers every damn time. Mmm, don't stop.

I came so hard and fast mmmmmmmmm


I first heard this about five years ago and keep going back to it. Gets me off every time.

haha please make another one

please??? this gets me
off really fucking hard legit every time I listen to this.
I can barely type my hands are so shaky, thank god for autocorrect...

Perfect tease

Perfect as always... your voice always sets me off... i love the details, good job there my stranger love...


I would let you wear the collar but i would hook a leash on it!!!


This turned me devlish, laughs'. The audio sounds more loving for me. The timbre is invigorating and your voice is simply gorgeous mr... I cant get it out of my mind.

did you know the mp3 version just is linked to the text version!

adding this to gf's ipod playlist she listens to at the gym makes for a interesting time when she gets home. :)

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