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Stop with the smooching sounds already!

I’m with the previous poster it kinda sounds like you’re barfing on her tbh 🤢

Holy fuck. This is the best audio on this entire site!! Please make more like this 💋

Loved it.

So well done and so intensely sexy. Felt almost as though I was there.

Oh my god

I fell asleep listening to the rant waiting for something to happen...
All the time thinking oh my god will he just shut up with the 'what I need and what I want' n get on with the erotica part Jesus!

oh yessss!!!

maybe sometimes when you're finger fucking your boy's tight little ass... you could milk his hard throbbing cock...again and again...stopping short just before he cumms ...teasing him...letting the tension build until his cock erupts shooting his warm spunk over and over onto the floor.... i would lov...i mean... he would LOVE that!! mmmmmmmmnn...oh yesssss!!! excellent audio! 5 Stars!!!


So awesome. The thought of you being so shy. But we retell a naughty girl. Well you know how hot that is. Wish I had some pictures of you to go with the sound!!

I’m soaking wet, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

This is my new favorite bedtime routine!! Can’t wait to see what kind of dreams I have tonight!! Be back again tomorrow!!


Thank you for a wonderful time. I think my vibe was moving as fast as your hand. I'm so glad that you told me to come when you were at your end. I love being told to cum. It was wonderful to listen to you talk as I was coming down instead of cutting it off. Such a great finish for a great show.


That truly was phenomenal. You really know what you’re doing, so having that strictness at the beginning to follow your commands that turned into straight dirty talk... seriously magic. Would sleep with you in a heartbeat, you’re brilliant and your voice is so sexy. Thank you for cumming with me tonight xx


In your voice while describing your orgasm is exceptional.
Loved the audio story.

Your moans and heavy breathing are hypnotic

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