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A ditzy redhead?

It's comical that while being so earnestly upset she didn't get Marko d'Fiorenze.

Great story.

This was hard for you.

Castlestone wrote such a detailed, humorous, book. To attempt this would have taken me years to get it right. I commend you for for your internal fortitude to do this. To the naysyers, I hope the PDA gets after them and no CAKE either. Lol. R.I.P. C. S. this would of made a great sitcom.


This was so good! 5 stars

An interesting study of an emotional cripple.

I would have preferred this to have been the final chapter in the original story rather than a somewhat separate epilogue. But it was nevertheless an interesting study of an emotional cripple, a man who was so out of touch with his emotions that the slightest hurt or perceived rejection was greeted with anger, hatred and a complete refusal to try to understand why things happened as they did.
Esther reacts to her pain and loss by moving away and trying to use her skills to help people in need, John does nothing except wallow in his pain and loss, raging against anyone who tries to help him gain a greater understanding.
I am at a loss to understanding why so many Literotica readers consider his behaviour to be 'noble' and 'manly' when he is clearly an emotional coward, afraid to look beyond his own pain and unwilling to face his own insecurities and fears.
A sad excuse for a man beautifully dissected.


where the stars are big and bright. TK U MLJ LV NV


gives fractured egos and relationships, TK U MLJ LV NV


its man ability to judge, openly, unselfishly sans prejudicial blocks, TK U MLJ LV NV

Well Crafted Whodunit

Still working on the overlapping characters - it's been a while on some of your stories so I'll have to skim through - I vaguely remember the Feeb from Brodericksburg who was also in Riverton - I think. Anyway, its going to be a long night of reading cause I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN! Thanks - see you in the clubhouse after the back nine.

If I was rich I would keep it low key to as they say payback is a bitch and as for Howie he got what he had coming.

A reader can't ask more

than characters who command attention—if not always admiration or fondness—and a story that inspires emotional response. You give us all that and more. Thank you.

Top Notch Story

Very good indeed. You obviously pride yourself on your research, so one minor historical correction:
The Junker class were nobles in Brandenburg , Pomerania, and East Prussia. These families had a strong connection to the Prussian army. The Fuchs manor in the story is described as being in the Black Forest. This is on the other side of Germany from the eastern provinces where the Junker families lived. While not impossible that a Junker family would own a manor in the Black Forest, this seems to be the family's home place: if so the family would not be Junkers.

Again, good job!

Oh My God!

What an amazing story. I seriously hated to see it end. “...the arc of pee”. I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. Many thanks to the author for this one, I love it.

Good Start

Thank You , a Good start, looking forward to more.



I have to agree with the previous comment, there's plenty of space and unknowns for you to drum up a sequel. (A jealous boyfriend? His 'disturbed' ex- girlfriend? etc. etc.)
By the way - did he ever get his car out of the ditch?
Well done - more please

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