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Not a good start

" I won't let them touch me....inside my clothes". I guess anywhere outside is perfectly ok. "I like to crank them up." "I love the attention, who wouldn't? " Run Brand. This is one narcissistic bitch. Trouble is on the horizon.

Why the 'F' word so often?

This is meant to be a romantic story - not a schoolboy's idea of a sex story! Why spoil it with the unnecessary use of the 'F' word so often. I may be from the older generation who have never used that word so openly and often - I feel I have enough education to use other words to attain the same effect - so why do you feel that you have to liberally sprinkle it around like confetti at a wedding. I ask you - do you use that word in front of your mother - if not - why do you feel you have to use it in front of me?


You outdid yourself boss. I live in Mt pleasant but have done a ton of work in Detroit back in the day. It is cool to read about things I have actually seen. As for the story I like almost everything you have put out but this was probably my favorite. ( the Chrissy story was a lot of fun ) thanks for sharing!


Good Job

Excellent, truly excellent piece of work


Having read all of your stories, this is in the top 5! Great story line, excellent plot development, fun characters, and the ending was unexpected but superb. Bravo!

As usual, an excellent tale.

I really enjoyed this whole story
and loved that closing paragraph.

Small oversite

Hello just wanted to point out hat a radiologist is a doctor in that they have their MD or unless Melissa is a tech she is in fact a doctor.

An excellent read

U seemed very intune with the characters. From a country boy stand point I feel Tripp's pain & guilt. Please continue this series

You over use this: '...', sometimes its just '..' I'm sorry but I was over that really quickly and didn't finish your story. I wish you luck in future writing.

Well done!

Excellent story. Very well written. A very touching and very well developed love story.

Very nice

Kindly told in a folksie sort of way. Like Harddaysknight's stories about the Lady in Red. Well played.

Abusive relationship

Violent abusive relationship. Physically yes, but psychologically more.

A different kind of love story...liked it though!

Enjoyed the difference...the slow down of life...the reality of it between people. Some may say no reality...but without the Hollywood effect...happens more than many think. Thanks!

Shame about the ending

It was going great up until the last two sentences then it felt as though it hit a wall. A few lines on the trip to the house, a conversation over dinner about the points raised by rightbank , buy the house , a couple of more dates, THEN move her in

rarely,lately, a tale worth reading

but this tale is great
***** 5 stars

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