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This story really touched me....oftentimes I think about how cruel life can be...if I lost my kids I don't know what I'd do...reading this story let me know I'd probably be a lil bitter like the main character. Sometimes in buying the gifts, we forget the most important thing is being able to spend time with our kids, friends, families and loved ones. I'm glad he was able to find love again. Maybe there is still hope and I will too. Thanks for sharing. Loved it! My most favorite story !!!

Outstanding Story

First time I've read this one, I don't know how I've missed it for so long. I realize the author specifically did NOT set a time frame for this story, but it reads like it came right out of the late 1960's or early '70's, a time and a war that I am personally very familiar with. Regardless of the time setting, it is a great story and I enjoyed it very much. Many thanks to the author. 5 Stars, without doubt.

Character Development

Character development is the key to good writing. If it is good, the plot grows right out of the characters themselves. You are doing a splendid job of that. Vic delaying round two while they get more comfortable with each other will make it much, much better. Relationship sex is real sex. Causal sex is just something to do besides go to a movie.. That is happening in this story. Keep it up. 5*

Very well done story

But your penchant for the "Disney" ending has gotten irritating. Your stories like "Betrayed", "His name was Jack", and "Of all People" all show a tendency towards the happy, if unbelievable, endings. You give your characters certain traits and then they abandon those traits in search of the storybook ending. Not necessarily a bad thing, just an annoying thing. This wasn't your worst switch. That honor would be awarded to Henry when he took Katie back and agreed to Father a baby via his ex-wife for his sister (Horrible ending that). Maybe next time try a more realistic ending? Thanks for the effort.

too funny

I got half way down page one and cracked up!
Author wrote:
"Riley came down to supper wearing some jeans and an old tee. The clothes were a little baggy, but Mom's shoes seemed to fit well enough."

Riley was the dog in the preceding paragraphs so imagine my mental picture, or one of your own where a golden retriever comes down wearing women's clothes... She must have had awfully small feet for the shoes to fit.

Well done

On of the best descriptions I've ever read of really great sex.

A good start

I am hoping you finish this story in the near future

OK, but should have

had Jack end up with the other wife.

5 stars for the sweet story,

But no stars for spelling, grammar, and syntax. An editor is needed in the worst way.

Those who made obnoxious comments...

And hide behind anonymity are the real pussies!

Not your best work

A brief meeting in the market. Certainly Brianna isn't Bryan's child since he and Carla only had one date. So some random man is the Father? Not good. And this felt completely unfinished. Not good at all.

cheek to cheek

What you write to me is the same as a chocolate covered cherry.
At the end those lyrics... the song is "Cheek to Cheek" had to look it up and then watch.
I remember when I felt that way about a girl.
Not sure if that's bad for me or good. I missed her... I mean I had my chance and so did she. but we Its passed. I used to miss her and now I understand I aimed and "shot" I took my chance and I missed her.
Thank you for this story , and thank you for that "Lemmon sweet" pain.


I love the banter and the playfulness of the characters. Can't wait to keep reading.

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