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Hey, nice story keep it up I'd love to see more

Loved it!!!

A touch different, but that made it special. Liked the way you wrote this!!! Just wondered though if your tongue is still in your cheek...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

could have been a great story

Butt their is know weigh two get past awl the misteaks.

Card Lingo

If you can't match a card you say (Go Fish meaning pull a card from the top of the deck). Good Story/ Fun Story about old friends(Marcia) and long lost love(Jenny and Willie/Bill).
Ron. Texas

no subtlety needed

I love a good love story
I just don't understand why some authors feel it necessary to add such pain or inflict so much anguish. Did she really have to be raped?


THANK YOU for coming back to this story I'm sorry for your loss.
this is an amazing story i love it more sooon please

I agree with Anon and Alberta Al

I agree with Anonymous and I can say where the biggest chunk is missing.

{The air somewhat cleared and we started to sound better. George stuck his head out of his office. "That sounds great. I was beginning to worry there for a while, if I could have thought of another band to take your place you would have been shown the door." I always knew George was a caring soul, and looked after his friends.

"But why?" I asked Rhonda. "If you wanted to get to me, why kill Tania, and why frame Susie for it?"}

Something pretty important happened between when George poked out his head and when our hero asks Rhonda why. I rather doubt that this came about through casual conversation my old son.

Alberta Al's point is also valid. You spent most of the story telling and showing us how clever our boy is and then at the end you leave us wondering if he puts his y-fronts on backwards.

I was a little put off with the rather callous way Trina was done in and denigrated. Also early on you tell us she has a pimp who isn't questioned and suddenly no longer exists as does the ailing Mum who depends on the meds Trina is hooking for.

I'd check to see which version of the story got submitted my friend.

Great Story

Very moving lot of emotion in the story line. Never say Never .Love is where you'find
It and who you find it with so open your mind and heart.

Ron. Texas

Great, warm story

What a heart-warming story! I rooted for Rick and Christine all the way! I would have liked to see a description of them -- I can picture Rick with a healthy hairy chest, well muscled and shaped, and a lovely manly cock, and ready to lavish his loving on Christine!

Welcome back, Hermit!

As another poster has already said, this story is much more like your previous work. It had everything that made me love most of your earlier stories - I loved this one as well! Hopefully we'll be seeing more from you soon.

Ya Right

If she gave them blowjobs, she would have gonorrhea in her mouth. He would get infected by just kissing her.

"You have the best body and dick of any man I have ever been with." Lily gives an impassioned comment on her lovemaking! Give Ethan some sexy hair for that great chest -- Lily will love stroking that chest!

Still a beautiful story.

It's my second read. STILL A BEAUTIFUL STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tell me again

who exactly are these people?
why should we care?
how is this their "first meeting"?

So good!

Your story is enthralling! I, for one, am enjoying the deliberate pace and detailed insight you are providing for your readers. Luke and Cynthia had to take their time to fall for each other, due to each of their (painful!) pasts. Like them, the story takes the time it needs to present itself to us. Ch. 15 should be terrific; hopefully, their love will be openly declared. Thank you for your wonderful tale!

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