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Loved your story

I have nothing to add to the other comments, just that I look forward to your further stories.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Great story but some advice

Loved the characters, loved the romance and depth of their emotions. A few small bis of advice...
The very frequent use of their full names made parts seem very stiff, almost too formal. Instead of saying Sara Woods every time, simply saying Sara, or even more informally use "she", would make it a much more personal reading. Also, you tend to repeat words multiple times in the same sentence. That's not terrible, but makes me want to skim parts to get over those. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this very touching tale!


I cannot believe this is how the story ends? If you have the time PLEASE finish.

Good job for your first time. It's nice to sometimes read romance stories that doesn't have sex in every other paragraph.

You are a Great Storyteller and Author!

My hats off to you! A great first story! Very well written and paced!

I'm looking forward to many more!



Thank you. A well crafted story and brought tears.

Really liked this!

You sure started the fire hope you will feed the flames with more!

Ho Hum

I can't imagine a seven page story with less happening. Not an ounce of suspense or excitement. It just plods along to its predictable end. Not even worth a prolonged analysis. 3* for a reasonable effort.

I love the details...

A well-researched chapter with interesting characters and the hint of romance to come! A great build-up so far!

Loving the mystery and Welsh lore. I hope everything comes out alright


Keep the chapters coming!


Forever best friends is as it should be always in a relationship. Loved!

I'm obsessed! Please write more!

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