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The true spirit of romance

There is no need for sex scenes when you have so much romance going on, enough for everyone and then some. Thanks for dealing with the previous cliffhager only to replace it with another (though I suspect what this one is all ablut) and for finally giving our heroes the proper chance to really fall in lovd and progress with their lives.

Easily a 5* for a probably the best chapter in the series.


Hot and sexy. I love nerdy girls hooking up with jocks and/or muscle guys, the contrast is great. You have great detail of character that makes them unique and true to life. Please write more!

A lone mature woman is looking for a man in a similar position. I know how to do nicely! :) Check my profile on the website -

A very good story, and, in my opinion, very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seems like it would be rated higher than it is. I know I’d certainly rate it at a 5 Star level. Thanks go to the author for posting it here.

Gulf War Veteran

All of us joined for a purpose...sometimes it was defined in combat or years later helping others who served....sometimes both. We will never meet but you sir or madam are an amazing story teller. Keep up the good work.

Next Step

Another reason why Literotica should have a paid section. Some of the best authors have not posted new works for years. One assumes they have moved on to sites where they can be compensated for their work - which is a loss for this site.
I love the literotica community. There are so many members who assist and encourage new author development. It would be nice if some of the best authors could continue publishing here - and be compensated for it.

god you suck

I'm curious how long you've been a fucking caged little fag. pathetic


Sorry Amy didn't get to tell Rick that her first cousin was visiting.

Probably the best story i have read on this website

Here i am 3:44am crying especially at the end.. Such an emotionnal and amazing story with a great message!!


Just loved it, I hope it continues for a long time.

Overall very good

In some ways this was an emotional rollercoaster because you took it to some unexpected places, but I liked to be surprised. On the other hand, part of the plot required a hefty suspension of disbelief. That's pretty much what you can expect from Hollywood, but I prefer to see/read tales that could happen or have happened in real life.

Anyway, my rambling aside, I did enjoy this story and personal preferences aside your chapter ratings are absolutely deserved. Well done also on the editing front, I never go looking for technical issues, but I keep stumbling over them anyway more often than not. This time everything was great.

Nope. Re-marrying an ex wife, regardless of the circumstances, is just a flat-out bad idea. Bad kharma, bad ju-ju, an ill wind blowing, however you want to put it. But I will say it was a very well written story, so thanks for sharing.


Like to read more of this story.

"I took the high road though; I was very kind and gentle with her."

Which unfortunately made the story boring. After the callous way she tossed him aside to start dating the perfect ex, kindness was the last thing she deserved.

It was quite short so there wasn't enough time to flesh out the characters and there wasn't any real drama. Probably the weakest of your otherwise excellent work I've read so far.

Oh yeah!!!

They was totally hot! I felt like she was teasing me too. Great read!

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