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Oh Wow!

I feel like I've been traveling down the road knowing where I was going, and I've suddenly made an extremely sharp right turn! Ben has gone from being an asshole to a criminal. I'm changing teams now and hoping that Team Matthew Dennon is a winner.

There was too much difference in years.

I too was privileged to encounter someone who was 15 years younger than me. I was 28 or 29. She was a precocious kid. I can't get into particulars, but circumstances occurred than impressed me deeply. I saw her for the strength she had, the loyalty to family, and the need in her soul, but I could not allow myself to pursue my attraction to the person she would be. After all, she was a kid, I was an adult, and the repercussions of such a situation could be devastating to both of us. I did my duty as an adult, and stayed away from her. She eventually found someone else. Married and spent 33 years with until the union became too unbearable. I met her again after the split with her husband, who had done unforgivably damage to her. She was 49, I was 65. We connected, understand each other and the the things we had experienced in our lives. Her health was not good, and I lost her after a year had passed. I wish I had had the courage, all those years ago, when we first met, to say to hell with the morality that was being imposed on us. Such is life. Life and lifetimes continue in the unbroken circle.

For Fucks Sake!

lt's fiction ya Mooks, well written fiction at that. l bet you were checking your calendars to see if you could make the wedding. Maybe we should ask 9458 where they are registered? Get them a nice toaster....


Almost read like a diary, but not quite. Needs a good proof reader and editor. 3 Stars for the effort.

Just no

I agree with anon. I am not sure where this story can go.


Yes it was correctly chosen. This was definitely a romance, the age difference was immaterial. I found the reaction of the other family members bizarre. Lindsay is 22 and an adult in every country I am aware of. It's not like she was 17 and needed legal consent from her parents like it is in the U.S.


I loved the ending. They truly love each other and she would never cheat on him.

Wounded But Still A Psycho

He is a cuck in waiting. Just a matter of time before she cheats on him because she needs reassurance again and he will just stand there and take it.


You did a triple flip when your story jumped that shark.

3rd or 4th reading

Still a great story.

The best?

This may be the best I’ve read on literotica. Great writing, good eroticism.

Scars? Not a model?

An accident?

That she uses a busy Saturday night as a bartender to reset from her day job speaks volumes. I just wish I knew what it is saying.

Really like it. Looking forward...

The writing is expressive and varied. Great to read! The fourth wall breaks are something I'm not used to or sure about whether they're well-used. Either way, I am definitely looking forward to the next parts because I want to know what becomes of these well-written characters in this interesting story =)

- R

Well written

But not particularly romantic. I think they fit better as friends; I can't explain why but there's just something missing for me viscerally. I think they probably get divorced once she's past the 'I still need a security blanket' phase in her life. But in that scenario they would obviously remain the best of friends.

I knew it was coming

But still, you surprised me. Loved the ending. Stay sweet.

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