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Two things.One, contrary to popular belief he was already a man before he had sex with her.Sex doesn't make you a man or a woman.It is actions and attitude that do that.He was more a man than the asshole boyfriend of the girl that he thought was his friend that he tried to help and was humiliated by.Two, after that declaration of love and commitment why would take an other ten years for them to formally get engaged and married.For all intents and purposes they were engaged that night by what they said to each other.


You needed a better transition to the ten years later part. Otherwise, I loved it

I'm going to take a stab at this

"Ben" was born yesterday. With technical knowledge but no historic memories?

that's one way to do it

Just "borrow" some defensive armament from the future.


It's a good story 5 stars

But why all the drama. She's a college skank, he's a man whore. She had a hysterectomy. Why not castrate the dude because of a childhood bicycle accident to add to the story?

Just Plain Cuck is back?

Sad to see his writing didn't get any better and he still can't finish a story.


When reading a story by our writer friend Adrian Leverkuhn reality is over rated. The joy comes from drifting back and forth between times and concepts.

this is fun

The genius of this kind of story comes from having enough basic details to make meaningful alterations.

I keep hearing

Music weaving patterns of simple yet haunting melodies

thanks again but

at this time of the night I would rather have a Brandy

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