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Fun read

Thanks. For a fun story. The story was great, the media bit was quite correct, and the love story(s) worked out well. Be fun to hear a bit more of this group.

Yawn, nothing there to make me come back for more.

Great Story

this is 1 of best stories I have read. I am a retired Staff Sergeant and Vietnam Veteran from The Australian Army and whilst I was happily married to a great civilian lady I can understand and appreciate what your story was about and what Andy and Lin would have gone through.

So well done!

Great thought...passion...tolerance...sweet story! Thanks for this one!!!


Sorry, I am new to the community. Which category would this story best go under?


A "Hallmark Card" Christmas special. A solid sweet story. Just excellent! *****

Great story

Story reminds me of my own great-grandparents I have lived in West Texas
The town of big Spring Texas grandpa was raised on a farm grandma was raised on a ranch and I do come from good stock so there’s nothing wrong with hard work at all I should know......
Thank you for great story and keep up the good writing


it has it all!

It's an erotic tale with action, adventure, drama, some sex (tastefully done btw) and a real plot. I LIKE IT!


that was different. Very fun read. I think any decent guy has fantasies about rescuing the damsel in distress so yeah, well done.

Let's get together

Let's get these two together, and she can see if her dreams of Nick are spot-on! Hopefully he is a very sexy man, large cock some chest hair, treasure trail -- just oozing sex appeal for her! Write on!


One of the few stories I've ever read on here that makes me wish I was illiterate.


its still cheating and that damn dog is useless, TK U MLJ LV NV

Why isn't randi using all her power she seems to have on this site to get these idiots to post their garbage in the right category? This was boring, not in the least romantic and in the wrong fucking category! 1*

Great Story

I love a happy ending - decent people finding each other and treating each other well. Too many stories on this site are filled with people treating each other horribly, even people they're supposedly in relationships with.

Thank you for restoring my faith in happiness.

And this : "She was doing God's work!" You scared me with that, but it all worked out well in the end.

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