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Loved it

Great story, just too bad that Desi hadn't become an integral part of one of the mogles at the ski resort. Hate to see evil not punished. A five * for sure.

A break in a straigh piece of pipe

Putting in two elbows to fix a break in a straight pipe is beyond a dumb assed thing to do! elbows SLOW the water supply so the community gardener at the end of the line never can get enough water pressure. BECAUSE a dumb ASS put in two flow preventers up line!!!


She must have just given birth???

Tex - Always a good read!


1* !

Pathetic garbage ! As usual.

Nice, but Trite

It was obvious from early on that Chad would go for the Denise style woman, but it would have been more convincing if he had made the decision on his own. He was really coerced into it by Jennifer abruptly giving up all rights to Becky. Just too convenient - the critical decision at the critical time. It sounds to me as if Denise is the right woman for Chad, but what would he have done that day if Jennifer didn't come by with freedom and paperwork? Would he have played Alice's game for a while? Sounds like something he should have tried on for size, even if it didn't fit in the long term. Nice try anyway for a 3*

And now...

I liked Tazz's comment about the subtlety; the hidden asides that creep in. This was most certainly a five. I was 'fond' of all the characters but one. I positively loved Katherine.

One aspect of the story was a little over the top; he was just too good to be true, too kind, too helpful, but so what, it didn't deter a thing.

I'm through most of your other stuff so you should put something up soon. Take it from Katy, "That's an order mister!"

Jedd Clampett

Well done.

The quality of your writing is far above the average on Lit. It makes me think you write for a living, and successfully, at that.

I found your story by searching for women authors. I’m a bit tired of the male viewpoint, even though it covers a wide range, especially among the better writers. I’m glad I found this story. Since it’s more than four years since you posted it, I’m afraid we won’t hear any more from you. That would be a pity, and it would be our loss. Thanks for sharing this one.


Missed this one.

Very unrealistic and quite enjoyable. Even the dogs learned in this one!
The underlying question of why two such wonderful were divorced parents
will never be answered.
When I saw the name Dinsmore I knew that would be worth reading.

Calm down!

Wow, I got ripped a new one for putting this in romance! I just alerted the powers that be and am hoping they will put it in another category. If I could delete it right now I would...

Good story with a good ending for me

In the first few pages, I thought Chad would be a typical man who thinks with his penis (not because men we have this habit of thinking with his penis and not the brain), but in the end, fortunately, Chad saw what happened to Jennifer and realized how important it is his daughter, and that is really monogamous, so I love that he chose Denise.
Of course, I'm a man, and monogamous also (I've been married to my wife for 37 years and she is still the love of my life) and I'm sure my lifestyle change is not what I want.
5* for you.
I apologize for my English, is not my native language.

Very Nice

A lovely little story about love lost,and found. Somehow,Cindy turned out to be the star of the show,so to speak, in an impish way.
One thing seemed to be reoccurring and that was Michael's "romance" with the bottle.Whether it was wine,or brandy,or single malt,he always seemed to be dipping his beak. Had a feeling that Dr. Erin would cut back on his intake.

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