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Over all a great love story

Yes, there were a few minor details , but not so many to be distracting. Law enforcement does not show too well, and without his politically powerful family members always appearing at just the right moment, the worlds greatest keyboardist would be in jail or dead. And, yes, we understand they dearly love each other, and we understand, you were using the regionally colloquial terms of endearment. But, MoogPlayer, could you ease off just a bit on the baby boys and baby girls? The schmaltz was over the top syrupy.

Nice story, but!

this story went well until the last five paragraphs. Those five paragraphs do not seem to connect with the rest of the story and as such don't make sense.

We know so little about them

What we have learned seems accidental.

Other than age, what do any of them look like? She recently broke up with an attorney who may or may not be working to make partner. Is she also an attorney? At the same firm? If so, at her age she is a very junior member of the firm. Why did new to be, step dad, say he didn't recognize a long time patient? What is the source of Jack's "old money"? and so on, and so on, and so on. . . . .


I considered five stars but , it was Susan's comment which prevented me from giving it. She said Snooks was a victim. That is utter nonsense. Maybe a slight victim to believe Roger's lies, but to fuck him daily after she was married, made her a total fraud. There should have been no divorce. The marriage should have been annulled. Her actions made her despicable. She deserved no forgiveness.....none.

Loved it

It was great and I love how it didn't go straight into the sex. However you did use too many exclamation points, but beyond that, it's one of the best I've seen on the Site. I gave you 5 stars in the rating.

Can I

give this a 15. Because 5 or 10 isn't enough.

Please continue your story! I usually don't comment but your story is so wonderfully engaging that I can't get enough!

3 Stars with a proviso.

there, their and they're ..... are misplaced and misused words that seriously distort if not destroy what could be a pretty good tale. IF the serious grammatical errors were corrected an additional star could be added.

Excellent Series

You score again with a well written story. I was somewhat hesitant to read this series due to the title but was very pleasantly surprised once started. The plot has enough twists and turns to keep interest up. Your editor/proofreader does a very good job but would have nothing to work with without your imagination and skill as a writer to start. Kudos to both - you for the creativity and your editor for his skill. Thank you for another well crafted, entertaining story. 5*

one of the best

Great story. The opening page almost lost me. I an so glad I stuck it out.

Sinful sinners..

A very well written story ! I loved that quote from the Bible at the end, really puts the icing on the cake ! Great job, 5 stars

well written

I found this story created emotion in me. To me the sign of a well written story is one that does just that.

Stunning story.

To be honest once I saw that the sex was well written and well placed in the story, I started by-passing, I just wanted to read the story. I thought it was excellent, good detail, likeable characters, a good plot and appropriate resolution.

Loved it, loved it, loved it - even if you did use an idea I was going to explore. But hey ho! Thanks, really enjoyed it.

Great story !!

This is a one hell of a story, i really enjoyed it, great job !!
Damn, you should be writing movies scripts :)
If this story is for real then i wish you all the luck in life to you and your family.

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