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This Mike guy sounds like a real idiot..... :D

The story is great despite what he sounds like!!

Well done, very well done

I admit, your conception of how soul mates works / plays out is quite different than how I would describe it, and the element of .... supernatural at the end was a bit overplayed (if you are talking about the ability/willingness to kill, that does not need to be more than human; but you were over a certain line) hence the super-naturalness of it was not quite foreshadowed as much as I think it needed.

But those are theological disagreements.

Excellent storytelling, lovely story, wonderful description of love.

Personally, I think she was a twit for various reasons, but such is life.

Five stars.


As more than one of your stories have been.


Always listing to those loud, 'red-alerts!" alarms...

Those alarms are your friends. They exists solely to protect you from your own, stupid dumbass.

Many men failed to listen to those sounds - most, because of their penises, but some, because of their hearts. Either way, they all ultimately learn they should have listen to their brains, which made those noisy bells ring louder and louder...

'Haven't even read "What?" yet, but I already know that Gregory Shelley will rue the day he stopped listening to those alarms... that's a sad guarantee.

Sorry, but there's enough terrorism on the news, I don't come here to read it in FICTION. No score.


Brilliant need more like this

"She was lying on one of those -- what are they called? -- those one-armed couches with the back missing on one side?"

That one line was worth the price of admission!


More secrets

How could he ever trust any woman again let alone propose? Is she quitting or is he ok with his fiancé stripping? There is always another way. If you parents have money, you get no financial aid. With parents like hers, there is aid and grants galore. Her other job should be all she needs as the grants would cover a dorm room and meal plan. She would also qualify for Medicaid. I think she likes it too much. The money could kill her financial aid although I would guess it is unreported.


Great story then a whore story. scum of the earth sluts and an ASSHOLE guy. this is NOT a romance there IS NO LOVE HERE.............1 star just to vote. I dumped all your stories...

No end is 1 star.

I despise giving out low scores.
That being said, I dislike unfinished stories far more.

Great Story!

This has to be one of my favorite stories of the hundreds I've read!
Well-written and developed right up 'til the all's well that ends well finish.


Story is Fantastic! Swinging not my scene! I am partial to watching a lesbian batchelorette party in full 69 er two can chew! Hey for that matter anytime is the right time for a lesbefriends (lesbians) lickey fest "Yeah Baby" (Austin Powers)
Thanks for sharing this Fantastic story with us!
Love you all! GREG.


Is a sure sign of ZERO real true love. I hated this story...

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