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Couldn't stand the over the top soap opera antics and speech.

The "Contract"

Just a note re: Aquarela's comment: please note that never is it mentioned that the contract is legally binding or enforceable. It's also never said that Denny would actually attempt to enforce the contract, likely because that would end any and all chance he has to be with her. The biggest consequence of non-compliance is the potential tarnish to Alessa's reputation because she signed a contract she didn't read. It's sloppy, and that's the point Denny makes. He explicitly states there are no sexual consequences, even though their conversation goes down a more *intimate* path.


It's after midnight and I'm too old for this shit. Once started, I couldn't keep from reading the whole freakin' thing. I don't read too many "romance" stories, but this one is the best. Really enjoyed it. ZZzzzz Oops! Sorry about that. Good plot, good writing, good story. Cheers!

I've only been around here for a short while but I find your stories to be my favorites. You are a softy. I'm not sure I can imagine you writing a truly full on crime thriller as I think you tend to see the good in people. Old age will do that to some of us. Know that I'm looking forward to more of your stories. Well done.

Loved it!

You have a new fan and I am looking forward with pleasure to reading the rest of your stories! Thanks!

Just Beginning

Just beginning this part, but had to comment on a couple of things.

The sudden change in Cal's financial circumstances is a little unfair. Trying to get around it by ascribing his apparent poverty to liquidity issues isn't really right.

Buying Sandy a lobster dinner was supposedly putting a real crimp in his savings for his education, and now your telling us he has "money up the ass"? Even money that isn't "fluid" can be freed up when the need is there.

And now that you have brought it up again, something about his discomfort in the boat bothered me. He supposedly made a "bed" on the deck out of the blankets and pillows. Now, if that was for Maureen, his need to lie on the hard deck would make sense. But Maureen is described as lying on Cal, therefore, wouldn't HE be lying on the "bed"?


This story is definitely one of the best stories here on literotica. Mixed with love and emotion, while also adding a tint of sex. It was amazing and made me cry. This is of the stories I will never forget.

I Forgot

Why the F did he still give her the gift when he saw what she was really all about?

It's not like it was personalized and couldn't be returned or given to someone else.

How was this romance?

Wonderful romantic Story

Hi, I'm Wieliczka (forgot to sign in). Great story. My only selfish comment is that could you break it into smaller chucks next time? (10 pages) Makes it easier to digest. Other than that, I appreciate the time and effort it takes. I understand how you can have a germ of an idea, and the characters in your head, and it has a life of its own from that point on. Great work.

Great read for 2nd or 3rd time

Amazing love story with the sadness of losing his mother! Two close families connecting with the marriage of Mike & Liv.


First, I disagree with those who find Cal and Maureen's falling in love too sudden. It was had been obviously building for a while, and just came to a head suddenly.

Second, what is a guy with very limited funds doing trying to pay for a gazebo for a friend who is barely more than an acquaintance?


=) thanx 4 the update! made my day!

Magical marriages

My parents had a magical marriage like this. They were still deeply in love when they passed away. 63 years.

And 8 months later, Little Patrick and Patsy (twins) were born. Alyssa told John that because they were twins, they had a 10 month gestation, and he knew she would never lie. He made up with Pat also, who had apparently turned over a new leaf, and loved hanging around their house with He, Alyssa, and their kids. He knew Pat was sorry for what he had done, because he always had this grin on his face when John and Alyssa were around.

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