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Very good and a most enjoyable read.


I just wanna say that this is the best story I have EVER read...and I have read over 400 books (different varieties) when first reading this book I was expecting the kinky erotic shorts you would normally find on this site. Instead I found new materials such as the body painting, hanging with the girls and a young woman growing into herself and changing. I would love to see more of this. in conclusion, I think that you have serious abilities to become a published author. Thanks so much for a great read.

P.S. I loved the name for the Main character....My name is also Victoria. lolz!!


Your stories all carry an impressive level of feeling, but this one went above and beyond. Thank you for sharing this piece of yourself with us.

What A Great Story*****

You touched on a lot of memories. Thanks for sharing.


Nothing else to say; it's just a wonderful story.

This is a wonderful read. I love to read but can't write a lick. In school I had a few of the girls would get me to tell their story and they would write it down and get good grades but i could not get a story out at all.
Ed Grocott


Wow, great read. This is one of my favorites.

These two are absolutely your best stories ever. you ripped my heart out when she died. What about a story of her growing up or after she is grown.
Ed Grocott


Was going to pass this up then the subtitle caught my eye. So much better than some of the attempts on this site. Just one little niggle its COBOL which Ive been writting for the better part of 50 years not COBAL.

zero romance and brain dead characters

She wonders why her husband is ignoring her texts after she files a rape report against her husband with the police, just so as not to put Mandy in an awkward spot! I dunno, why could that be a big deal! Add to the fact this woman is squirreling money away on the sly and this marriage is done.

Blessed Indeed !!

The lovlieness and determination are wonderful. Congratulations, "Gramps"!

This is one of your most beautiful love stories. This is the fantasy of all of us.

As you can see I could not get the difference between title and public comment.
Ed Grocott


to notice all the fractions. TK U MLJ LV NV


At last - a literate story, Oh - a great tale, too

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