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Excellent story

I enjoyed this and hate to make a negative comment (eminent domain not imminent) sorry but Harry is a writer so this should accurate. Otherwise, this is a very touching story 5*!

Nice story, but...

...definitely needs much better editing. And, as a New Zealander, I cringed when I saw "Savion Blanc." It is "Sauvignon Blanc."

I'm just glad that, as far as I'm aware, I don't know any crazy stalker types like Martin!

More please

I'm really enjoying this story and I hope you will continue it.

Good story, but the end was fast.

I loved the story, but I think this chapter was too short and fast. In my opinion, it would have been better a little longer and slower, but I am not the author, and I can not decide for him. I understand that the author also has his personal life and needs of his own time, and perhaps did not want to devote more work to this story, or was not happy with the comments, I do not know for sure.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your work.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet), is not my native language.

The story remains good.

Exactly, the story stays very well.
James is a single man, with a liberal job from his own home, accustomed to his personal routines, and although he is attracted to Jill, and also loves Jon, has his personal doubts about this relationship, is it a passing adventure? Does Jill feel the same for him as he does for her? Will you be able to cope with the responsibilities of a family with a relatively old child? Men can be very selfish and insecure, I know from experience, I am quite like this ..., unfortunately, and I am too old to change.
I keep seeing changes in the names of the characters, in this chapter James is called Jason when they enter the restaurant.
I also did not like the scene where James does not realize Jill's efforts to be attractive to him, that may prove to a man little retailer to his partner, or not very sensitive, although this time may be due to his Worry about the conversation him was going to keep with Jill, but men should always be aware of these details for our partners.
Anyway, I still like the story.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet), is not my native language.

The story continues to be great!

I still like the story. The feeling of advancement in the relationship between James and Jill, the acceptance of James by Jon, I find very pleasant.
References to sex remain soft, not abusive.
However, I must tell the author to watch over his texts, in this chapter, he has changed the name of James by Jerry, and the name of Jill by Kay. That is not too serious, but it would be good for the author to revise his text before publishing, to correct these small mistakes and avoid negative comments.
I still think it's a good job. Thanks for sharing it with us.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet), is not my native language.

Romantic.... Good...

This chapter continues very well!

In fact, this story continues very well, is a romantic story, with a touch of sex explicit, but not coarse or porn.
I must comment that I am grateful for the continuous comments of the "LZ-Boy" armchairs, since in my country I collaborated with a store of this brand of armchairs, converting videos of sales training, from NTSC format to PAL format (this is the European video format) and translating the dialogues into my native language.
I hope that the author continues within this line of argument for the other chapters.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet), is not my native language.

Interesting beginning of this story.

I liked the beginning of this story.
I have read some comments from other readers, and yet, I have had no problems with the plot lines of the story.
At some point, it seemed to me that the action was speeding too much for a first chapter, but then the reason was understood.
I hope that the other chapters continue in the same line, since I intend to read them below.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet), is not my native language.

Good Celtic story

Like any Celtic tale, magic is behind all events, and needs no further explanation.
Only one question, Why, at the end of the story is Shelby called O'Brian when hers name was Shelby O'Malley and his name was Sean Mahoney? If they get married, she'll be called Mahoney, not O'Brian, right? Or have I missed something?
Anyway, the story I liked, although the editing could be improved.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet), is not my native language.


Mary is a grade a bitch. In his shoes I'd have continued to use her last name or ma'am, not her first. I'd also have asked here if it was all right with her that my friends and family will cut the ovaries out of her girls if one or both of them broke my heart.

Sadly Jahn is too much of a putz for me to care about the story anymore.


Well I reckon this is up there as one of my favorite stories! It's perfect (no wait! How many kids did the four have) Love you all! GREG. OH 100 % OF READING ENJOYMENT BYE

You're a bastard.

I honest to God cried when I read the fake ending. Seriously though, you're an amazing writer and if you ever write a full sized book, I will definitely buy it.

Very well done!

Very much enjoyed...written with your inimitable style!

it's a good thing the kids were there

it would have taken a long time for them to come up with the nerve to stop waiting for the other one.

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