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Heck of a story

Twists and turns in Zack's life but America Pride, family and love won out. Heck of a good story and it's possible that it could happen in real life. 5 stars and in my favorites.


This was under romance? Not even vaguely interesting but I finished it hoping for some good old fashioned sex. SORRY!!!!! Not here. Total waste of space and time.

This belonged in another category

I knew it was coming, but i hoped that you would have Bev reason out that all she needed was Stan. Well, you can't unring that bell now, can you? For me, you destoyed the romance. I wish you would have categorised it as group sex, so that i wouldn't read it.

Went way off course

Didn't like the group sex scene. It was well written but ruined the story. You totally forgot to finish explaining "the beast". You put so much emphasis on this in the earlier chapters and them you didn't even mention it again. The last chapter crying episode in the cave was touching but didn't seem like the end of "the beast".

Love your writing style

Who needs an editor? Great story, loved the build up. You have a style that just grabs me. Can't wait for more.

There is nothing wrong with writing more than one page.

This story had an excellent start, but regardless how this first date goes the story is totally incomplete if he doesn't meet the blind date. Part 1 is not complete until he at least has that first blind date.

More,More,More: Please

The whole "Room w View" was laid out really good with each ch leading into the next. Hope a some point you will build on this.
You seem to write this the from the point of a sensual romantic women who is really in touch with herself. This is reflected in all your stories I have read so far.
You are very talented as a writer. I hope you read this and take it as a high compliment, which is what I intended. Thanks for the adventures.

This is romance!

I see comments that are saying there isnt romance in this and that it belongs somewhere else, but I personally found it romantic. They arent just boss and maid, theyve known each other for a long time and have been flirting for god knows how long but their love could never be, until now, when they couldnt hold it back any longer.
Sorry for the long comment, I really enjoyed the story, hope you write more.



Lots of love to you

Hey, you probably get a lot of these comments, but I really loved this entry and the notes, omg, it pushed all my romantic buttons (and I have a lot of those). It made me smile and giggle like I havent done in a while.

I hope you continue writing!
With love, Alas.


Beyond hot - a scorcher.

Great read!

Thank you for writing.
Seems like too often anonymous is a synonym for troll or misogynist.

One of the best on the site

Top 1 %! The group scene I felt was well presented. First there was nobody picking up strangers. All of the participants were and still will be close friends. There wasn't any swinging. Even the group scene did nothing to alter the fact that Stan and Bev have basically a monogamous relationship. And the scene was really fun. I gave it a solid 5* stem to stern.

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