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Nice Job

A very enjoyable romance, with plenty of personal growth to ponder as I read along. I had a feeling about the pregnancy when you introduced the "Betty's hiding something" mystery, and was glad that turned out to be a correct deduction.

Bravo for giving us a couple of sympathetic, "good people" characters to care about in a well-turned love story. The quality of your writing allows me to forgive the editing oopsies that sneak into everyone's stories, no matter how many times you proofread. Keep 'em coming!



I'm such a sucker for a love story. Thanks I loved it.

Nice story. I think Babe is not the only one with communication failure though. I mean, people trying to call and not getting through, okay. But if you really wanted to reach someone and you knew the address, couldn't you just go there? Also I get the impression that at some point everybody of the cast knew of the misunderstanding, but they let her hang in limbo for weeks? Great friends.

Lovely Stuff!

These are all very nice, but I especially enjoyed Anonymous and Apart.


Loved it

Great idea and the characters had depth. Looking forward to reading some of your other stuff.

Well I Never

I never expected to read something like this on Literotica. What a wonderful story and I agree eyes filled with tears and I'm a late middle aged guy.
Great job!

Also begging

Please,please continue. Love this story

Please continue with the story!

I liked it

A sequel is in order.

Minor problem though, they both were witnesses, they wouldn't be allowed to leave without a promise to return, When you write a sequel, you should cover that, namely how Gary and Emma tell the truth, that it wasn't rape. I like it very much.

Another Engaging Story.....

..... begins from a very talented writer. That should be the theme of any comments that you get on this story. Having read each of your other excellent stories and the comments on them you should expect nothing less, but there are always the oddballs. Just continue writing your absorbing characters that your readers have come to enjoy so well.

my revenge on NTRmaster

Get a long copies of these women doing gangbangs, DP's, etc and upload them on the web. Find AIDs contamiminated blood and give them to the women and guys-tormentors, blow up their parents, brothers and sisters. etc I know it's a bit pyscho but the tormentors here are also psychos, so all is fair in love and war.11


One of the best stories I have read on here in a while. Great job keep it up

Very good!

A very good read. There is plenty of detail making the characters quite real. 5*

Finish the darn story

What the hell happens to some writers that can't go beyond the first chapter? Can you explain what the hell is this? What make you thing that this "first chapter" was worth to show without the rest of the story? This is not even a flash story, Truly dissappointing.

Do not continue, good as is

This is great as it is. They have professed love for each other. After being lifelong friends they need to be lifelong soulmates. If you do a follow-up you will throw pain into their lives and i will have to hate you for doing it!

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