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Can't share

Great story, really liked the plot and Andrew and Becky being happy in love. She knows she has a real man and wants to keep him. I know my wife refuses to share me. Even with her sisters, not matter how urgent. I can make repairs, pick her sisters up, take them shopping, but, that is the extent of my kindness.
Yes, I flirt with her sisters and they openly flirt with me. That is the extent of any playing.
I hope you write a little more about Becky and Andrew. Maybe, Jeffrey getting his ass kicked and saved by Andrew. Thank you


What the hell. I hate cheaters, thry are the SCUM of the earth...


Your story is sweet and has a lot of heart. I loved it! It makes me happy to read a nice story like this.

Beautiful beautiful story

Any further praise is just gilding the lily. I am inspired.

More, more

I really loved this story. I am sure there are thousands of these in the real world. I hope the journey continues. At least through marriage and first child.

A great unfinished story

Just finished reading this first part of the story for a second time. It remains one of my all-time favorites.
There's so much more to tell, and I'm hoping (like many others) that you can find the motivation and energy to continue with it.

I am really liking this story

You are a good writer and are crafting a good story. I am eagerly awaiting ch 5. I am just as interested in Melissa and Andy as I am Jackie and Keith.

a brilliant story...loved it

loved the way it unfolded with no rampant sex just gentle loving all along...just one really need to check your spelling and grammar....otherwise a brilliant story....


Andrew is such a sexy man, and so loving and considerate. I'd like to see Andrew with a dusting of chest hair for his masculine chest. Give all the ladies something to stare at and drool over. And if he DOES get permission to fuck Sam and or Lauren, let them enjoy all of him -- a hairy chest, abs, cock, balls, etc. Please don't let that spoil Andrew. He does love Becky most of all.

Overcritical Ass

a good story..well described social ineptness being overcome

Absolutely wonderful

It seems a little exaggerated in respect to the dichotomy between his emotional and intellectual responses, but I have little experience with Asperger's, so I can easily accept his behavior. Very, very good.

I loved the story very much,

Like several of your stories I have read.
Thank you for sharing them with us,.

This is a Story about Ordinary People???

These two people have ordinary names, but are hardly ordinary. They're not that far up the people scale to be called ordinary. They are poor, they are dull, they really have no self confidence at all. You can say they deserve each other and in that sense this was a good story. Two very dull people get together and appreciate each other's mediocrity and are happy with it. I, for one, don't want to read any more about them although others are panting with anticipation of your follow-up story of blah. 3*

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