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Not perfect, quite, but oh so close

Very pleased that you decided to continue this tale. The characters are so real. The sex is good, but entirely subordinated to the story. I want to feel unhappy that Toomas has not been faithful, but you don't let that happen. How does he decide on who? Looking forward to more.

I liked this, found it arousing.
Maybe the next chapter Kim could join in with Sam and Riley?

Thank you

Thanks so much for sharing this with us.your family went through a hard time.I pray your wife will get better .Gob bless.all the best wishes.thank you again

Very good story all five chapters

Not sure why you turned off the voting option on the first four chapters, but I rate this interesting complete story as a five.

Thank you

This has been one of the best stories i have ever read here. thanks for bearing your life and all your exoeriences with us. Its really made me take a closer look at my life and i am also grateful for all the shit i've been through.


I love all your stories. What they lack for me as this story did was a profession of love and others a proposal of marriage. Add a page and the stories would be perfect. So far all your stories are easy 5*'s. I want to see a 6.

Sexy Derrick

With all the description given for Jolie, I'm surprised there is little in the way of description for Derrick's physique. I gather that he has a large and impressive cock for Jolie. At one point, he removes his shirt so she can feel the bare skin of his chest against her back. If he's 22, does he have some soft chest hair that she can feel caressing her back? Does she trace her fingers gently through that chest hair as he's making love to her? Does she feel that soft chest hair against her nipples when he lays atop her? And when she sees him naked for the first time, does she marvel at his appearance as a beautifully muscular and manly man?

Give Derrick some chest hair, a treasure trail, impressive pubes... he seems a sexy catch, after all!


Good story, but the ending left more questions than answers. Still, a fun read. Maybe the answer is yet to be found. Thank you



Sad at first but had me emotional at the end.

Loved, as have all your stories.

Glad to see you publishing stories its been awhile.


Beautiful. Grammar and punctuation are horrendous but it doesn't matter, because the story...sigh. Thank you for sharing this. I'm so glad you both made it through - and to a better place even.


The emotion of grief is so hard to carry yet you did it so well

I like

Good story. Your take on 50 shades?

She fucked Santa Claus and cheated on Christmas Eve??? I would take a 12 gauge shotgun and blow her head OFF!!!!! What a whore and same to you for writing this shit--score a negative 300 FUCK OFF AND DIE Worst writer EVER

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