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Thanks for the extra chapter!

You are a talented writer. This series has been the joy of my Tuesday mornings. I am impressed by your ability to stay within the structure of the original Twelve Tables series but not become formulaic.

Immediate read

Thank you, I devour your chapters the minute they appear. This is building nicely and more before Christmas would be lovely.

So happy to see another chapter so soon. But Nik, alive? Please don't let her ruin any more lives.

Please please keep them coming

Your way with words as you reveal more of the history is amazing. You have me deeply hooked and needing to know where it ends. Thank you for this delightful read.

Susan the Fugazi Siren/Coquette is Stone in Shoe of Otherwise Engaging and Complex Story

Masters and Mistresses of seduction challenge the descriptive powers of any writer in both fiction and biographical genres. RichardGerald is a very talented author but he is like a schoolboy flustered and flummoxed when it comes to portraying his main female character's appeal alleged irresistible appeal. It seems,like he " wants " us to see her as a combination Madame Pompadour and Cleopatra.

My net impression after her trying to juggle husband and lover at Politico event ? Veronica would have done a better job of multitasking affections of Reggie , Archie and Jughead at Senior Prom Dance. However all prior compliments apart from passages involving her character are reiterated by myself . The ruthless cardinal subplot has me on tenterhooks of suspense.

The main void I see in Susan's character ? Read bios of FDR, JFK and Clinton . They had intellectual heft and ideals in tandem with hefty libidos . Susan is void of substance and memorable lines . Think of Glen Close as Madame Merteuil in " Dangerous Aquaintences " . As a power player she had dimensions that Susan( as written so far ) can only dream of.

extra chapters

I am hoping to get a few extra chapters up before Christmas so I can take a break over Christmas and New Year. it can be difficult keeping up with a series once I start one but my muses are singing so I am writing :)
I am glad you are enjoying it, it seems sometimes that only a handful of people are silly enough to read my ramblings as they appear.

Two chapters in a row!

Thank you for this! Two chapters in a row! It is so exciting to see Pete liking her. I also love that Matteo has figured out his feelings for her. I can’t wait to see what he chooses to really do. All these relationships have been short. 10 days with Pete could be just as powerful as two weeks with Matteo. Maybe there will be a threesome by the end? But that wouldn’t work because it is different Tables. So exciting.

So Nik really is alive. Maybe she will get out by the end? And Matteo’s mom is still alive too? Also, will Teresa start becoming a better mom? I really want to find out what’s next again

It’s been 3 months

God it’s almost Christmas and all I want is another great chapter. Every day I check your story site for the next chapter and it’s not there. Please please all of us and give us your next chapter.
Thanks and happy holidays to you and yours.

Love it!

Oh she and Matteo have to end up together, my heart can’t take it if they don’t! Hum maybe a special three way relationship/marriage with Ricco is in order here and everybody gets a happy ending!

Such a good chapter

I shed some tears before the end of this chapter! Don't remember the last time that happened... Your skill makes it so easy to become part of the world you create and also to care for the characters in that world - sharing their emotions from really hot sex to heartbreaking misunderstandings and all emotions in between.

Am also enjoying the links with Peri, Josh and Dante. Pete is such a good guy. (Hope he finds love, not heartbreak.)

Hope your muses stay with you and don't go walkabout any time soon!


HDK I think you forget

Pat was not forgiving at all, he wound up killing Frank Patterson, that is not very accepting. True Frank slept with his wife, but then Pat set him up took his money so he could be appointed DA and when the idiot made a run at him and attempted to kill him, well poor Frank found himself dead.

I think Steven is the way he is because he doesn't really care about his wife, and he is getting a little mighty mouse on the side.

I Agree with HDK, the story is interesting!

The story is really what excites me. The characters are more villains than heros. All three wives are villians and show complete disrespect for their husbands, however Pat and Steven are contributing to the bad behavior of their wives. Jimmy I still have hope for.

Thank you for sharing your stories and you evil mind. Keep up the great work.

Burned out?

I went down in flames! There will be another chapter this year or my name isn't Harddaysknight!

The waiting

We live in a world of instant gratification so I understand the question. Unfortunately, I have been posting as I write edit etc. which means I haven't written the entire series yet. I thought I was doing well to get one out a week and possibly more occasionally, I'm afraid I can't give you what I don't have. Let's hope my muses stay strong and the wait time between doesn't get any longer! I did submit two chapters this week so hopefully, that will tide the impatient readers over.

Another Cliffhanger

I have to wait a week. Loving the story, hating the waiting.

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