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Conjunctions and other boo-boos.

You have a very good and vivid imagination and develop great storylines. However, you and several more good authors need the service of a good editor. Or else do some study on the proper use of terms like there & their & they are. There are others, but you get the idea. Any halfway decent editor or proof reader should spot these glowing errors. Perhaps even a self edit might help. Also, poor English usage such as 'she was sat on the bed,' or 'he was stood in the corner.' are other examples. Sometimes the wrong term used confuses the reader and it can not only distract them from the idea of the story, it can confuse them. Please consider this as a constructive comment and not a malicious one, for as I said, you do have good story lines and I enjoy most of your stories. I can only wish I had your imagination and ability to put down your ideas, so please keep up the good work.

5-Stars from “Old_Crow”

Fun story from start to finish. Sure glad this was posted in “Novels and Novellas” because if it landed in “Sci-Fi & Fantasy” I might have skipped it. I generally prefer romances and this could have just as easily gone in that category as well. You obviously are a very talented author so I guess it’s the romance in your stories that draws me to them. I see you plan to pick-up where you left off. My wife will appreciate the release delay –she thinks our 3 car garage should have more than one walking path! I’m still looking forward to Thanksgiving.

I was sorry to read that you “pulled most of her stories off of Lit a while back, they can still be found on storiesonline.net.”. I was able to join that site so I’ll look for the rest of your stories over there. On that note, I contacted you because after you organized the two Legends events I thought you were trying to prop this site up. I appreciate your help trying to get me registered on Literotica but I still haven’t heard back from Manu (the site administrator).

FYI, I read a captivating story on SoL by Jay Cantrell titled “Runaway Train”. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do.


Sorry oldpoet451

The en bloc clip for the M-1 Garand held 8 cartridges, not 7.

@Anonymous Re: "Talented"

blackrandl1958 pulled most of her stories off of Lit a while back, they can still be found on storiesonline.net.

Yellow with a black stripe

The story was outstanding. You realize there are probably very few of your readers that understand the legend that is the GSX.
I'm a Buick guy myself, 68 gs400 convertible. One of 351 made with the factory four speed.
I look forward to the rest of the story.

This may well be the most talented author around

The only thing that keeps me from handing her the crown is the small sample size. This is the fifth story I've read (all she has posted) and I plan to read every one again in about six months. This may be the best of the five. Five stars. Anything less is unthinkable

Picked this one up from Amazon

This is a very scary version of how big government works!

If only it were so easy

If it were so easy, all of those vermin would long dead. Not credible!

Loving this story.... please please continue

You know, the autism angle is a pretty insightful suggestion, not something I had considered.
I didn't like the ending all that much since there never was a good explanation or solution to Martha's 'attitude'. It made the story feel somewhat incomplete.

Five Stars

I also have this book from Amazon, it is every bit as good as everyone is saying.

Looking forward to the rest of the series.


I liked the story, however it was what we call in The Netherlands a real "smartlap"!! (Look it up..)

Don't Rehash

The rehash in the beginning is both annoying and completely unnecessary, at first I thought I had clicked the wrong chapter.
Any more than a few lines to recap is just padding the word count.


As always, you tell a compelling tale. I read this elsewhere, but it's just as good the second time around. Thanks for posting it here. You, are amazing, girl.

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