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Another WELCOME BACK!!!! You sure "hit this one out of the ballpark!"

No surprise here to see another best of the best from HDK!!! Again, I am waiting with "bated breath" for Pt. 03 Ch.02.


This was a great story.

I was able to track down your identity,

That 3 inch dick must be very frustrating, especially with that gut hanging over it. Guess you haven't actually seen it in a while?

Great continuation

Welcome back.
Great first chapter of the story. It was nice to see it picked up after Gwen was out of school. Also nice to see that The Lady Red company is going world wide. That way family members can still be in the story whenever you want to write them in.

Now I know people in Disney World on the Potomic are empty headed, but how can people that are in office or been in the country for the last twenty years not remember what Steve and the family did world wide over the past years.

Remember, Congress tried to get her out of office when she was elected the first time and Steve took the fight to them and she won.

Congress is going to in for a fight.

Now have to wait for the next chapter of this great story.


So glad that you are continuing this story, I reread it a month ago with hopes that you would continue


Good to see you're back at it, thank you.

Loved it, and now questions

Love the start, BUT why the big jump in years, and are you going to have chapter or 2 to recap?

Talk about hitting the ground running. Nice to see the hiatus didn't hurt your creative juices HDK. Looking forward to another funfilled thrilling ride.

Elvis has not left the building

The king of novels is alive and well, showing us why he is the king. The greatest series in the history of Literotica just keeps rolling with another remarkable chapter. HDK, you continue to amaze me with your ability to keep this fresh, make me love these characters and your amazing writing skills. You're the man. Look forward to the next chapter. It will be hard to top this one, but I'm sure you'll manage. You're still my guy. Randi.


We waited a long time between chapters but this is a great addition to the story

Absolute joy!

HDK, you cannot know how much joy reading about these fabulous characters brings to my heart! This was a great start to a new series. Please, keep on with your creativity! Many thanks for your storytelling.

Very good!

Very nice! I read The fall of the Wolf - GREAT story! Can't you finish this story under your new name? PLEASE????


There should be a voting option for adding bonus stars

Amazing.....Need more

Awesome as all ways. Only problem is now I have to wait for the next chapter.


Damnit harddaysknight. It was so good that I immediately wanted more. I know I'll sound like a fanboy but is there another chapter? If so release it soon. Godamnit that was good. Keep writing this incredible project.

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