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Loved this series

I don't usually masturbate when reading but couldn't stop myself while reading your stories. My husband will wonder what has gotten into me tonight when I initiate with thoughts of these stories. Please write more like this one. Inner forbidden thoughts are really sexy.

Sometimes you get lucky just trolling for a good story...

and sometimes "Beyond Belief".

Great Story and writing. Thanks for sharing on Lit.


So good!

I'm so glad you're continuing this story. I love watching Peri grow. And Josh as well. Can't wait for more! I hope this series has many more chapters to come. Well done!!

Once again

I have read all of the trail series. I have not commented Until now but I did vote again, i will let you guess at the score.I am in the middle of reading all your stories without comment but with vote. Thank you photomeister for the proper layout I will print that and hang it on my wall.
Ed Grocott

Thank you..

I would like to thank you for really good story. I hope this finds you in good health.. Larry R.

One of Literotica's more competent authors

Ellie, I find most of your stories a delight to read, despite the fact that I often dislike your topics such as submissiveness. This one is progressing particularly well. Thanks for contributing.

Another Great Chapter

Fantastic chapter, really plays out the dynamic close nit ways of old family traditions and sibling rivalry. Well done!!!

Not sure about what's happening,

All my previous chapters took about three days to get posted, but the new story has been listed as pending ever since January 29th. It has a few underage characters, but none of them involved in explicit sexual acts, so I don't know what's the problem.

best in this genre since SomeSortOfDog ;-)

can't get enough of your stories, honest :-) I hope ch.14 is on it's way..! thanks for your work!


I love this story! And you do it brilliantly.

I'm exhausted

Firstly I must apologise that I have not commented previously but ......well I have just been entranced by this story, having just discovered it and it has upset many of my timetables as I have worked my way through it - often reading well past my time deadlines.

A wonderful and entrancing story - it held me, wanting to read the next chapterand always reading one more than I should have.

Now I wait anxiously for the next installment - I hope it won't be too far away7

Great story!

Vaughn's Choice is a great story! After reading it, I found myself searching for more stories by GabrielShelly.


Thanks for pointing that out, I'll have to fix that in a revision.

woulda been better had anthony fucked his dad in the ass

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