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Fabulous story! Perfect! I always love a happy ending! Another rare example where I can honestly say, if you got this published I’d buy it.

still a fan

this was the last of your stories Have now read them all. really enjoy your style. will probably reread some in the future, but hopefully you will write more thanks good luck in your future.

Have been enjoying the development of you tale...

I saw the situation coming with Julie, back when she was Heather. I figured if he saw her again after she went back to OK, feelings would start to develop. It's human nature for it to happen as soon as barriers drop; which they did in Vegas.

I was wondering if you were going to throw this monkey wrench of human emotions into his future fantasy of being 'The Grifter', and you not only went for it, but did it well.

Great job on the character development; you have talents as a writer.

Thanks for sharing your imagination and talent and, especially, thanks for all the work it takes to put together a submission to Lit.



Love it!

I love this story. This is the best chapter so far. I laughed out loud at the exchange in the cell. I could almost picture it. Well done!

Getting Repetitive

These are great chapters. The formula works: 1) snappy teen dialogue; 2) emotional reservation to move forward well explained; 3) small exposition/resolution of past event; 4) endearing moment; and 5) progression unexpectedly halted.

But I fear it’s becoming too formulaic. We’ve learned some things about our characters and seen some things, but we’re very close to where we were at the end of chapter 3. Stuff happening over an increasing number of pages doesn’t automatically mean development.

Loved it!

It's always a good day when I find the next chapter is here, well, apart from my work output that is! Absolutely loved it. Please don't even think about abandoning it. Waiting, impatiently, for the next instalment now! Five stars!

Glad to see more of your writing!

Have missed your writing here on Literotica for the last while, this Fucking Investment series and the MILF lists especially. I enjoy the longer stories and their twists and turns and while they may not be for everyone, I really enjoy your writing. Looking forward to new chapters.

Thank you for returning.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Not "do as you would be done by," but "be done by as you did."

A thoroughly unpleasant story, but well done.

Great Story! Looking forward to the next part!

OMG - She's done it again

This just keeps getting better and better (made me cry again).

I'll just assume that the Goldens front door is set up on a porch and Jake was standing on a (much) lower step. And that's the only reason she had to lower her head for the kiss. My imagination for the last seven chapters just refuses to admit that even as tall as she is reputed to be, there's no way she's taller than him.

That aside, I have to admit; you are the maestro of cliffhangers. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad. But either way, this was a rather entertaining read (as always). Thanks Aurora.

I am also looking forward to reading how this relationship develops. Please continue this story with at least a few more chapters.

Well thought out and great development

As SirCal said well thought out chapiter

Development is great slow and interesting. Looking forward to future chapiters

Well done.

Very well thought out, written, and presented. l look forward to additional chapters.

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