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Good Writing And Good Stories!

Wow, I'm not sure what's better, this series or the cowboys. I enjoyed the hell out of these 9 stories. What a cast of characters. Sir, you did well. Thank you for all 9 of these stories.

Good Plot and Characters, but repetitive

Enjoyed the plot, found the major characters interesting and well-rounded, but the flow of the story was hampered by repetition. Had the characters ruminated less in their thoughts, rephrasing the same things over and over, the story would have been a good deal shorter and much tighter, with no loss of the important elements that made it attractive in the first place. And I think Auto-correct may have done you a major disservice on page 10, "His kiss is gentler now, easing the both of us back from the edge of the prepuce." as I am absolutely convinced the word you wanted was "precipice", not "prepuce". ; ) Hope you continue the story!

Mixed emotions re Zena

She was already in a relationship when she first met Bill, so basically deceived him and then cheated on him. Not sure if that wasn't worse than what Marion did.

So as well as a wimp and a cuckold he was a hypocrite with double standards. Still enjoying the well written story though. 5*

Excellent as always

I am always excited when I see another chapter in this series, because I always know I'm in for a treat.. This is probably by far my favorite series that updates regularly.

The characters continue to be deep and keep on evolving (it is nice to see Ai not be supremely confident about everything or Karla freak out a little about everything that she's coming into.). Lit has enough stories have boring characters that are just there to act as a Fleshlight for the brain and nothing else.

Keep up the good work.

Very disappointing

I think these chapters lacked the intense emotion that would have been caused by her atrocious betrayal. She was not a victim but a lustful and manipulative cheater. She not only gave her lover more than her husband and did it many many times over a long period but she also denied her husband both emotional and sexual contact whilst doing it. I do like reconciliation but this is pretty much a deal breaker in my view.

She did not apologise or show any real remorse and he let her off much too lightly. I think her lustful character was shown from day 1 when they first had sex and by her record of many previous sexual liaisons. Trust but verify, maybe but just an train wreck waiting to happen with such a shallow character I'm afraid.

Well written but only 3* for lack of emotion and questionable reactions by both husband and wife to this destructive affair. have given 5* to previous chapters which were much stronger.

Again marvelous

I am sorry to read about your medical condition. I wish you a speedy full recovery and no relapse.
You did it again: A very well orchestrated story which nearly forces me into the next chapter.

zach 07

this is the best story yet (sorry but it also the last one I read). I read the comments that were showing and agree with all, please keep writing. I know that some like to nit pic on every comma and period out of place, I hope you have noticed however that I have refrained from that. I believe I should get one chance just to prove I actually read it. Y'all is plural only and you is the singular version. I like that about the south since you know what they mean. and life goes on.
Ed Grocott


can't some "readers" understand that this story is FICTION!!!!!!
THAT means it is NOT REAL!
Personally I LIKE the story. It is a FUN READ. I look forward to the next chapters to see what the "group" does & gets into & how they get in & out of it.

I think HDK has done a GREAT job with it.
The "HAMMER" needs to fall on Bill Hardy.....ASAP!
LIR needs to hire Jodi the French sax player & put her in Charlie's band
Steph NEEDS a boyfriend
More pols in D.C. need to be outed by the "info" Steve & Gwen have gathered
What's the status of Asgard? Are all the homes built yet?
What did it cost LIR to purchase the old hospital in Paris....you never did say


absolutly wonderful

This is an amazing story, I loved the characters, the plot, everything. I can't wait to read more. You are truly a gifted author.


Wonderful world and characters. Your story took me three days to read but was well worth it. so glad i can use my phone toread these stories.

I am a huge fan of your writing. Your other series? A wonderful read. This is the complete opposite of that story. This one is much more thought driven and, so far, not as violent and full of action. You've created three wonderful characters with a solid plot. I'm really looking forward to more of the story.

As to the other comments? I was hooked by the second page. Since this is more thought driven, it did take me a bit to get used to the process. We, humans, tend to obsess and repeat our thoughts when we are trying to work through something. The characters doing so simply adds reality to the story. It can make for slower reading, so I can understand the comments about it. I'm willing to put up with it so I can enjoy the story.

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