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I appreciate that

I will definitely keep that thought in mind as I move forward with my writing. I agree with your assessment. Thank you

as a long time reader/fan i am happy to have you back! it been awhile -- i thought maybe you had writers block or got tired of the story line.. But reading what you have gone through in your young life saddens me! i pray you will have the strength to get through and move on!------I am looking forward to further adventures of Carrie ------my favorite was the "gimp suit"------you not gonna give her some kind of telekinetic powers are you? and she gets all pissed of and she burns down Jill's house

Fabulous Story

Great build up to the expected ending. One of my he best I have read....stayed hard almost the whole time it took me to read it. Please keep the them coming.


If all you're trying to do is write a variety of sex scenes with something resembling a story around them, the you should keep doing what you're doing. The individual chapters are certainly hot enough on their own to warrant continuation.

If you are actually trying to write a story, then Darla's Games got really stale after about the third chapter.

I offer you this feedback because you actually created an interesting character in Carrie and the overall concept of the story is doable. Unfortunately, what you basically created to this point is "Carrie wakes up, Carries gets sexually abused, Carrie goes to bed." Rinse and repeat.

This story would have been so much more interesting if Carrie had fought back. I don't mean protests or punching Courtney in the car, but honest to goodness seizing her power and refusing to be a victim through whatever means necessary.

Unlike most on this website, you have some writing chops, now you need to be disciplined about writing an evolving story instead of just the variations on a theme you are offering now.

Maybe you'll read this, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll consider the words. Maybe not. But the feedback is meant honestly. You have the ability, you just need to write a better story.


Icant wait for the next installment. Loved reading this the first time through and anxiously awaiting the vacation.

Jesus, Adrian, always happy to read another of your epics ...

... but it isn't it time to get out of the Literotica ghetto and publish your stuff where it isn't grouped with any kind of porn? If you decide to take the leap, tell us where.

Good to see this story updated!

I enjoy all your stories, but you seem to really get into this type, where sex isn't the only focus. You write battle scenes and other action sequences really well. I hope you try a sci-fi story along these lines one day!

Keep this story going, I'm loving it!

PS- I gave that Tengger Cavalry group you mentioned a listen? That's intense shit, man!

Long winded cuck drivel, thats more about running a business than anything else. 1*

Kind of a long wait for this poor ending

2 years? I hardly think anyone is going to go back and read the previous chapters after all this time. So adding these two chapters years later seems like a waste. And the writing just doesn't warrant the effort. The whining at the end was out of place. Take the time to realize you're on a porn site on the world wide web. No one believes a word coming out of your mouth. Throwing out sob stories makes no sense. And then the rant in the comments section? That just made me laugh. I'm sure if I look up Panthergirl in the white pages, your address and phone number will pop right up. Yeah right! We're all anonymous here. And everyone of us has our own opinions.
You have yourself a super shiny, nice day now - ya hear?
1 star.

One of the most amazing stories ever!

This has been a fantastic ride getting to read this
wonderful story. An there is still more to come!
I have laughed and cried with your great writing
which has been conducted with suberb skill.
I cannot express enough how stunning your story
has been. Thank you for putting your talents to work
and please do not ever stop!

Love the novel !

I can't tell you how many times I've read this entire story, and pleasured myself to them. Sad to see it end.....but excited to to read the next novel.

she could have said no

she did not, the truth is white women like incest and being raped, daddy issues AND FUCKING WITH THE ASS AT THE BAR.


The daughter will grow up as a cum dump.
it is what she deserves,

Maybe a 4some...

You might think about Matt and his room mate running into the two boys he spied on having sex and ending up in a 4 way with them Real turn on story too.

Really enjoying

Really enjoying your writings. Reminds of a comic book of a bisexual man named Colby. Banging everyone!

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