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Ummm ok but can you please tell us how long it will take or if you cannot predict it
Then at least how much you have written


Apologies for not voting on all chapters, outstanding, grabbed me and I couldn't stop, the infidelity at the end hurts mind you, the man has forgiveness, I hate that when it happens, reality

#16 has been submitted

I have plenty more in store for our hard up hero, but would like feedback on whether to continue. I am also considering going back to the start and re-writing the early parts. I would appreciate any constructive comments.
I will be working on a new story in a different category in the meantime. This other story has been echoing around in my head for some time and needs to come out.

re: re: masseuse

I'm not sure about education standards abroad but in 21'st Century America masseur/masseuse probably is not considered an error as political correctness has done its level best to obfuscate gender.
Newspapers and other mainstream media now call professional female pretenders "actors", women that serve food at restaurants "waiters", but heaven forbid one refers to a spy (or Olympic decathlete) with a dick, a dress, and lipstick as "he"...


A southern soap opera! You took a young wife, and slowly turned her into a slut. Then turned her into a whore, you know, a slut that now does it for money. Next after the doctor, I'm sure Bob, will be paying for her services, He wants her ass!
What about her kids? Where are they, I surely hope they're being raised by their loving grand mother. All in all it's very good writing, but the subject of the story needs psychiatrist, hmm maybe that will be her next doctor.

re: masseuse?

It's not about americans, it's about ignorants (though they often are the same).


"asked if there was a masseuse available. He arrived 15 minutes later"
A masseuse is a woman. A he is a masseur.
Very common on this site. Americans I would guess.

Excellant Chapter and Story

I haave followed and read all of your posted stories. this has been an excellent chapter. Best wishes to you and stay healthy. Do things as you feel good.
Thank You. :)

This is far enough for me.

I never usually lose interest and stop reading a story this early but the chapters are so short that I have spent more time clicking forward than I have reading. The plot is not too bad but the structure is poor and ill thought out.


You made a slip, after breakfast Lydia went to jacuzzi, not a big deal I get it, sorry I have not voted on other chapters but you have trapped me in the story, very well told so far looking forward to more ( this is chapter 8 for me)

I miss you

I'm sorry I've been a terrible friend and haven't kept up with your writing, I'm starting from the beginning again

Magical Mystery Tour!

That was dense, and intense, and exhausting, especially part IV, and sometimes I wished it was annotated. And it was a fabulous piece of artistry - a true magnum opus. Trying to keep up with all the allusions made it a real intellectual roller coaster.

I'm reminded of my first visit to the Louvre. There was so much great art that after a half day I was thoroughly exhausted, and realized the only way to visit was slowly, one room per day. Now that I've made it through "Carnival" once, I suspect that ensuing readings will enhance my appreciation of this wonderful fantasy.

Now off to read something light and frivolous while I catch my breath.

What a gift you have. Thank you for sharing.

What happened?

Your story does not have an ending. I just stops. Hope you have one your working on. The sentence structure and spelling are not good. you need an editor. I gave you 2 stars again. Story line is good as is the plot. Create a Ch. 3 to carry the plot to a finish. and get an editor.


He already had control of the woman--calling her a wanton slut is great--to use the bitch word is demoralziing--outside that it is an awesome story

great story

I hope one day you will finish the story as not fair mom's not had sex.
If this is the end not good finish at all

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