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Stylish and well written

Really well thought out and stylishly written story, pity it had to end.
Will we ever get the sequel about 'Professor Charles' I wonder?

Your mature ladies are the best anywhere

Best I've read here or most anywhere else in a long time. Great characters, fun plot. Just keep on doing it. Can hardly wait.

Brilliant first chapter to new series, hope this goes on forever.

Really terrific, one of your best stories, loved it!

5-Stars, Thank You

Like most others, I'm thoroughly enjoying this novel. Thank you Harddaysknight.


To say the story has poor grammar, ackward construction and poor story telling would be too kind. It reads like a junior high boy wrote it. I couldn't bare to read more than chapter one.

A golden treat

Pissing and anal, the perfect combination. I'm not into guys in anything other than a hint of a bi-curious way, but that was hot!

Wow! so many new stories all at once. I liked this one very much.
Will there be more about Thomasina?

Not my thing

Not to my taste I liked the brother sister story better.
Only 3* this time


Well written and hot af! When will you write again?

Well written piece but I would have liked the protagonist to have been a guy he could have been more hands on and aggressive in his stalking.


Delightful tale with a twist, I really thought that she was going to be gay or Bi and would get stalked and raped by the guy in the house across the street.
Loved it. More please!

Well written.

Excellent writing. However, I come to Literotica for a bit more erotic couplings in the story. What there was, is well written and got one's blood moving. I will look into your other works.

Great Story!

This story seems to be getting better and better with each new installment. Please, keep some romance in the story and not have the MC turn into a selfish tool....Thanks, for your efforts!

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