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Complex and engrossing

Good to see a second chapter. There's a lot going on here, both on the surface and much deeper. Of course, the big unanswered question is what happened to her husband and the foster children? Ciaran is an interesting character, too.

Unique Story Beginning.

Unique and compelling. Need to see how this tale evolves.

Loved the story for the most part but am very disappointed with the ending. The whole premise was that she would be broken and give herself willingly to Kathy. That would have been very erotic. You really blew the ending my friend

Like Kyle and Samara

Two emotionally and sexually complex and complementary people.

The tension builds for Helen, from the decimation of her life with Angus to its resuscitation with Ciaran.

The future/past doom/salvation plot structure is dynamic and engaging.

Thanks. I look forward to the rest of Helen’s saga.

What’s up

Does anyone know what is going on here with all the changes is bob okay

This series seem to look promising, I hope you will continue to write more of it in the future. To tell the true it's bit of a shame that there is only so few fics with world made out of mostly futas so thank you for writing this up.
BTW what are the chances of having a scene that involves a sex position of mutual penetration ?

5 stars

Great story. Glad I found it. I liked your writing. A lot! How about writing and epilogue to the epilogue? Thanks!!!!!

Well Done

I understand why your story was long. There were a lot of characters and individual stories to tell as well as work them all together. Well done. I am somewhat unusual from most of your readers as my first and basically the only concern is the story itself. Any sex is just an addition to the story. Saying that - I give you top marks. My only loss was I couldn’t find how our Elizabeth America to have her son. Darn... Thank you, nicely done.


A second chapter, or more, would be lovely! This has a great storyline, and the characters are wonderful.


It was a wonderful story. It kept. My attention, I didn't want to put it down. All of your stories have been great so far
Keep up the good work

good on ya

great read,
plenty of activity
great read!


I love the pacing of the story. It is well written and I feel like the characters are real people I could literally bump into on the street. I look forward to the next chapters.

cant wait

I love this story. It has me hooked with the first part. I hope that this story keeps going for a long time. I love it and I cant wait for the next part.

loved it

in the last 2 paragraphs you closed of the story a bit, but if you forget them, you could bring the rest of the family into the nudist life and fun.


"Would love to see the following sex scenes for future chapters..."

And you can guarantee that there will be no real emotion in any of those scenes. Most of the characters in these series are sociopaths where sex is king and loyalty, love and fidelity is meaningless.

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