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Lovely build up

this tale has plenty potential and gets some traction. You have a solid build up to explain background of main protagonists and a colourful support casts of Londoners. Can't wait to see how this tale develops. Hope Marten overcomes his screw ups and follow his desires.

missed a detail

understood that all the suv s burned up at the roadhouse and reread but didnt understand how they caught fire. really good story, mickeys story bit too violent for my taste but suitable for steele which I can only hope for. look forward to the future.

i keep waiting for him to grow a pair.i mean she has proven to be a bitch of a woman that was only after the money and he cant figure that out even now?hell his sister has almost thrown herself at him and melody along with diana have tried to get to know him but he is dragging his face across the ground and being a pussy.no wonder they lest to germany in 3 wks.


Ranches in Australia are called Stations


This amount of setup for what is essentially going to be smut is commendable. I am actually into the story now. Do continue.

Outstanding! Quite arousing. Now I must read all the installments-- but I think I will ration myself to - a day to make the pleasure last.

Just Some Good Old Fun Writing****

Thanks for telling a story that's just a good read!!

Very Entertaining Fun Story.

This is going to be a good series if the next chapters are this entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

Love the series

I specifically signed up to say I love this story. Keep writing I look daily see if there is a new chapter.
All I ask is that you finish this story. I will wait a month for a chapter.
You are a great writer and this is an awesome story.

A great love story

This was incredibly well written. I was enthralled every bit of the way. And I have to confess that you had me in tears at the end.

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