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Good story hope you keep it going


I hope you are doing well and that you are still on this site writing. This is an awesome series and needs to continue. Thanks for sharing your work with us. Tazmanusmc

It's a good thing he didn't propose to Nina

He clearly doesn't love her enough to be married to her. Otherwise moving would not be an issue.

I'm still waiting for Chris to grow up. It seems sex is the priority in every aspect of his life. Whether it's who he can do at work, who he is doing away from work, when and how he can do Nina and previously Moe, and now he is thinking that way about Sarah.
That's way to have a meaningful relationship.

Sarah is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of him in maturity.

Excellent Tale of Madness, Murder and Deliverance

Extremely well-written mystery with many a twist, about-turn, revelation and blind alley to hold the reader's attention. There are few slightly questionable elements in the plot but they can be easily forgiven and overlooked as the victims of a lunatic's convoluted revenge struggle to find the truth without sacrificing their human decency in the process.

It makes a welcome change to read a story where the main characters are all flawed but basically good people who struggle through their anger, fear, pain, insecurity, prejudice and confusion to rebuild their lives and overcome the circumstances they have been forced to endure. Not a one dimensional goody or baddy in sight. Just complex human beings, not always behaving well, but doing their best to get to the right place in the end.

This is high quality story telling from a talented writer.

P.S. Non Brits should note that there's a subtle undercurrent of humour in a writer calling himself 'Always Raining' and setting his stories in Manchester - a place where the locals will tell you that if you can see the Pennines (distant hills) it's going to rain and if you can't see them it's already raining.

Oops Sorry

I can understand naughty husband wanting to show off his hot wife, If I was her I would go bra-less to giv hisfriends a show. Maybe even take hubby to a little bar were she could unbotton he blouse and show off her big tits to the patrens. Mabe even go tp a strip club on amerature night and strip for the crowd. The idea of getting a hot young boy and introducwing him as a new friend and then finding him there when gets home. making excuses to see him at night while hubby is home. Then leaving wit h tight jeand and a unbottoned blouse ...no bra. I wonder if she would express her desiers to have a extra marital affair to her hubby. that would get him going.
LOL, Renee

Mom's Set up

Now it's time to take it All of the Way. and get her to Join her girl's as 1 of his Girl's. Have Daddy come home and see all of his Girl's Wife & Daughter's strutting for their Stud.

Thank You!

First of all thanks for a much faster post, i am one of those who almost check daily for your next update :)
It was great as always and look forward to your next one.
My one request is to write the way you intended to, do not get swayed by comments here.

RoIgnore the Jerks

Keep going you will get better if you ignore the jerks and care about what you write.

Can't wait

Can't wait for the next installment. Good to see things coming to a head.

So much anger and hatred!

Terrible way to start off a story. I won't bother reading any more. Sorry.


Hopefully someone feels strong willed enough to pick up this series and carry the baton on for years to come if this author dies, it's a great series, and it would be a shame if the series dies now before the spaceship from Earth rendezvous with their family members on Planet Atwater. It's a superb series and it would be a shame for the series to die like so many others, like the Justin Thyme series and the Threads The Island story. As far as rights, a writer could pick up a dead author's story or series on this site and continue the story or series with a simple mention of the author and disclaimer that it's an unauthorized sequel, just like writers trying to get their foot in the publishing world will sometimes write an unauthorized biography of a celebrity and publish it with a small company and ending up with a huge deal.

Not Anon

Happy to put my name to this comment unlike others who bitch, please keep up the great work it appears that most readers are up for an extended read!


well Tiffany might be on birth control. But mom wouldn't need BC with hubby being snipped.

Still shallow

Seems like the story is just a parade of women that Chris sleeps with, considers sleeping with, or decides he doesn't want to sleep with. There seems to be very little description of other intangibles as to why he likes these women, other than the sex. He also has no clue about commitment.

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