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One hole, any hole, choose wisely! Some wonderfully erotic words Racy!
The start of a great series.

Dark but riveting

Darker than I usually prefer, but visceral and emotional. Nice slow building back story on him, not a lot about her though. Hope for more!

Great story.

Look forward to seeing how his friends get to play at the pool party. Are they speedo boys too?


The language use tends to be awkward but the creativity over rides that shortcoming.

You're a fuckin animal!

GREAT STORY! I wanted to comment on the first chapter after Erin molested her rifle but hurried off to chapter two instead. Apocalyptic sex is insane and the charicter dialogue is... (pick your favorite word that means awesome). The main narrative is playing out in my mind like I'm watching live action on my 60 inch. True story; I stopped for a moment in chapter one to contemplate how they could depict whats-her-name's anal adventure when they got interrupted? So Mojavejoe, enjoy your well deserved 5 stars, you twisted freak and thanks for posting this perfect story!

This is VERY strange...

But I am enjoying it.

It reminds me of Phillip Dick... There is clearly something strange going on.

What is reality?

Deeply erotic

This piece is far beyond the quality level of conventional naughty storytelling. Its eroticism reaches deeply into the human soul that we all share. So cleverly and intelligently written! And to think this is but the first chapter in SinnersMiss's offering: I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.

your readers seem to be over critical...

Uh... Story time... Not forensic science time. Lighten up... And if your seriously using "sick duck" as an insult... Should you even be reading on an erotica site? No judgment, but damn...

A Christmas Treat!

Great story. I had a lot of fun spending this much time with your writing and discovering your characters. It just felt good, like an early Christmas present. Good luck in the contest!

Kinda heavy handed

The problem is that no most environmentalists aren't like that. If anything it's the people who hate the environment with more power. SUVs are dangerous and while we are a part of nature

So great

I lived in Surrey for a year and some when I was a tot. An incurable anglophile now, this takes me back to the language I had to unlearn, and the wonderful world I got to revisit some sixteen years later.

Old enough to understand the tear between the modern world, and that with history. Love this story!

Not as good as the other stories

I don't particularly like that David caught his wife cheating, throws her out, and then proceeds to fuck every woman he comes across including a co-workers wife before he's done anything to break it off with the wife. And the (soon to be) ex-wife is giving hand jobs to the new guy within a day of being thrown out of her house. And the cop who is fucking everything with a hole that he can catch is only threatened by his wife that she 'tell on him' if he doesn't move out. Fuck him. The only thing that will get his attention is a little old testament 'wrath of God' on his ass. Too much going on to keep my attention. Not really liking this storyline.

This was a great story but please write another series about the "young" table.

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