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I Am Loving YOUR Story*****

Your story line is different and very entertaining. Thanks for sharing

I want to be like Ai

The Zumba class scene was one of my favorites from any story I've read in recent memory.

I loved how you were able to relate the grace and precision of Ai's movements through words. I felt like I was there in that class with them.

Simply masterful. I'm very much looking forward to chapter 25.


I know others have said the same, but it bares repeating... WoW! Several times I outright laughed and was reduced to tears at the end. Aside from the annoying typos (they're a pet peeve) it was a most excellent series and would definitely be helpful for someone exploring the lifestyle. Bravo! A+! 10! And please, keep up the good work! Oh, and if you know of a Dom like Robert, please, send him my way! *sighs wistfully*

I keep saying

how good this is, but each chapter brings out fresh reminders. Even if Martin's monumental stupidity about Kate is hard to credit.

too long

Your central conceit of his blissful unawareness of his sister's desire for him has gone on too long. It's now becoming ridiculous.


I may be selfish but I am so glad to hear of your medical condition because...

It means that you will be able to continue to write such wonderful stories for us to read. I have gone back and re-re-read all of your stories listed here and have enjoyed every minute of the time. I will await the next posting of your writing and feel confident that again it will be a read, re-read, re-re-read as have your others.


This is highly entertaining literature, so good it almost doesn't need the explicit parts. As for Martin, I can no longer resist this quote from one of the author's favourite stories - "You're the dumbest smart guy I know..." I look forward to the penny dropping but am very much enjoying the prelude to that event.

Keep going

Really look forward to each posting of this story, I wish they were longer but I'll take what I can

Keep your faith

I actually prefer longer stories and like character development opposed to "Wham Bang, Thanks Madam" stories. You took time to flesh out the support cast and it merits praise. Don't let some disgruntled poster ruin your accomplishment. Most readers are happy with the series and tend to give fair & constructive feedback. Keep your faith. Love the observation of dodgy English home decorations (orange wall). Thanks.

while i do see assholes anonymous' point of keeping martin and kate central to the limited attention span of some people especially when we can see how it is effecting her when he is fucking the other ladies.i have now come to the conclusion that melody can see the truth behind kates words.when martin talks about her to others you can hear his love for her he just lacks the knowledge or skills to see it for what it is on her part.i do hope he gets it sooner rather then later before it is too late cause i dont see diana as being a long term thing since she does not care if he is fucking around where as kate has to hide how she feels by hiding it.


If anyone has any questions after the last post, I think they have been answered. :) I have enjoyed the story so far. Following the adventures of one so socially inept as he stumbles in and out of situations only to come out smelling like a rose has been a treat. Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Wow! Awesome.

Ouch! 'I get it and I don't care: stop complaining,' was as good as the chapter, a tasty little cherry on top of a whirl of whipped cream.

It does boggle, doesn't it, how people who put nothing forth criticize those who give freely with such eager complaints. Try writing twenty chapters Mr. Anonymous, twenty chapters each with a glorious little 'H'.


I get it and I don't care: stop complaining.

Hello there, Ron Dudderie here. Sorry for breaking the 4th wall, so to speak. Were you going to leave me a comment? Like the whining, crying little bitch who titled his comment 'move it along'? Well, go right ahead! Please remember to include one or more items from this list, though.

1. Complain about how it's all too slow. The best novels are generally over in 20-30 pages, as we all know. Except me, as it seems. Remind me of this. Frequently. It's not about the journey, it's about getting to the finish and jacking off. Amirite? Oramirite?
2. Point out to me how Martin is slow/dense/naive/whatever. Just ignore the back story and all the clues, it's just filler. I should have just called him 'the penis' and be done with it, right? Here, I'll do the book right now: 'The penis fucked Kate.' Done. Did you enjoy it?
3. Vaguely threaten that you are about to stop reading. Because that really frightens me. You know that you, and you alone, are the stars in my galaxy, right? That I am forever bound to do your bidding, Your Magnificence. I bask in your light and wisdom. Please, do not forsake me by clicking a link with your free hand and going off to masturbate to another story. Pretty please.
4. To maintain a sense of mystery, please remain anonymous. This has the added advantage of making it seem like I'm making up the comments myself. And I'll never be able to find the book that YOU wrote, so I can't learn from it. You p0wned me, dude. Like, totally.

To those of you who have left kind words or constructive criticism: thank you. I appreciate it. I do this anonymously and I can't tell anyone in my life about it, so every friendly message gives me some energy to carry on. But if you don't like it, please just leave.

Move it along

I am very into the story of Martin and Kate. I am not so much into the story of 'Martin fucks around a lot while Kate watches from the wings'. If Kate doesn't move back center stage in Martin's life and heart pretty soon, I will probably lose interest rather quickly.


Once again, i love your stories! And i simply love Kate, can't wait for the next chapters to come!

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