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Going to take your advice and give it a try.

I don't really know what to say buy

But I just think any relationship is hard and it takes effort and a lot of trust because without trust your stuck doubting your partner. I feel like I'm talking out of my ass because I really don't have and experience with relationships and deep down I'm scared of being alone. Well its 5:14 ...


Okay I am still laughing, but sounds like the taming of the shrew, is there some revenge in there, or are you just making sure his attention box door is fully open?



Treat any man like this and be sure of two things. If you're married, you're soon to be divorced. If you have a boyfriend, rest assured you soon won't. And thank your lucky stars that the men just walk away and don't stop for a couple of minutes to beat the holy snot out of you. THAT'S what happens if you take these suggestions. Too damn funny and too stupid.

just had to read this again,

still a great how to.. and I love it more each re-read.

Mom/mother titles

What a wonderful article, with sections explaining to a moderate depth the layout of this genre.
It has always struck me as to the limits of the english language, no more so than as you say the inclusiveTitle of "Mom", "Mother"
No other language has managed to inserted a decent (!) formable replacement !, so we are left with same tired defaults, which in trying to attracting attention rises like a old tired whore.
Your pardon, but I shake my head to human limitations.

This is risking a subs health

Restricting a toilet 'visit' will have urine back up and stagnate causing urinary tract infection, to handle lack of toilet breaks they will restrict fluid intake leading to more health problems such as dehydration and bladder infections. 1*


I love this page. The categorical format, the flavorful descriptions that allow me to visualize what you typing. Great read indeed


Enjoyed how you got straight to the point what with you were saying. As for the sarcasm, I'll give it a three. Some I didnt get or is not funny in my time. But as for general steps, and what not to do. A plus.

Love it

I am lucky enough to train my young gf into doing this. I love how it feels. When she is on her knees giving me head I would turn around and have her lick my hole. Or I would lift my leg up on a chair and let her lick it from the front. After I nut on her I would piss on her face. She loves it

The PROMISE of this series' title is, as yet, undelivered...?

This being Literotica? The cliche answer would be to flash his 8 inches. :+))

But a credible real-world next development will more likely be
a near-nervous breakdown confession to the Plain Jane receptionist
(or copy machine attendant?) who takes pity on him. (She identifies with his problem?)
He is so grateful...he "treats her like a queen"...which leads them to a positive
path together.

The story arc truly does need step-by-step developments (not instructional)
that we readers can see is transforming their lives.

You're the 'man' version of me, lol

It has been so much fun reading your articles. I'm hetero and I enjoy pleasuring my guy orally as much as you enjoy pleasuring your girl(s) orally. It's a festival involving all 5 senses.... for me, even the 6th sense seems to be all present. I just innately sense/perceive what turns my guy on. It's strangely like I'm working on me! Probably also explains why enjoying his cock, balls, and anal regions in turn makes me hotter and hotter as I go, lol. There's just something magical about knowing that you're making your partner experience bliss! Ok. Need to take a second to adjust my breathing pattern again, ha.
Anyway, thanks for being you, and I hope there are many more guys out there who feel like you do about going down on their gals. It's definitely not a race. Nothing is better than having to feel like you might have to beg your guy to finally let you cum. A guy who knows how to do the build up and be able to keep her in the zone, just to bring her even higher, then higher again, before she finally climaxes..... heaven on earth! And that's putting it mildly, lol. Have a wonderful weekend, and God continue to bless you and yours. Peace, Light, and Love, Laura

great info

Excellent information. I can't wait to try it with the overall perspective you created in your video. thanks

Really good explanation and some interesting ideas to start off with!
Although the piece was really well written and informative, stylistically I'd just like to suggest that your use of brackets could be better - try to only use one type (square or round, not a mixture) and don't use them when it's not necessary. Otherwise, the writing is really clear and easy to read.
Thanks very much!

Beautifully written with some excellent use of metaphor - it's hard to describe something so primal, but this was very well done!

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