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Is the Doctor in?

Seriously, do you make a living in an office that has a couch? Is one of your work lines, "Please sit or lay down and make yourself comfortable? So, what's on your mind today? or When we last met, we left off with you..."

If not, maybe you want to think about it. It's a fantastic living. Plus, you have the added benefit of being able to say, "I am kink and BDSM please, come in."

Again, I enjoyed your writing and your story/article. I feel a little sorry for your wife though...I hope she enjoys your sense of humor~! I did really crack up with the line (paraphrasing)... marry/date a Jew, we're programmed/taught to please our women...PRICELESS~!

I'm sure he will..

My Dear BatsandGlamour,
I happened on your story, Blowjobs for Dummies while reading someone's favorites list. I thought I'd take a quick peek and see what and how you would present your information/story. I was more than pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed not only the info, the story, and your writing, but most of all your touches of sarcasm, wit, and humor. I followed up by reading chapter two. I literally laughed aloud at certain points.

I hope you still follow your comments...because I really would like you to know how much I appreciated your "How to.." stories so far. I noted you have a few more; I'll be reading them also.

If all goes well and I'm able to put any of your 'do's and don'ts' into action with a special friend, I'm sure he will send you a thank you note!


some common sense stuff here...

Amazing how many folks need to be reminded about this stuff. I've never understood the stories featured here that present some all-time flaming Bitch or huge gaping Asshole of a person somehow being realized as this mythical ultra seducer to the hapless main character. Why would anybody be so willing to risk everything on some stranger that MOST (if not all) people would be naturally repelled by?? Just doesn't make sense.

Anyway, somewhere here in this how-to essay is implied (but not overstated) the BEST rule of thumb for ANY and/or ALL social interactions. People learn this in kindergarten and somehow seem to forget it by middle school. Yes, of course, its the "golden rule"!

Simplified: Treat others as YOU want to be treated.

I guess being too nice CAN land some people into the "friend zone". But I always felt that the FZ was a better place to be than being despised,feared and developing a hated reputation. But really, if the person you are attracted to is attracted to some OTHER type of person than you are naturally (or referenceing this essay); or are COMFORTABLE presenting to others socially......

well then, maybe they don't represent the right or best path to happiness for you!

(even if you only have short term goals, why waste time with a long term dud?)

The problem comes in sifting out the genuine article from the manufactured facade that too many people erect to hide behind.

Is chapter 2 going to be about "how to find the RIGHT ONE to seduce"???

Because, beyond the gentle and well stated common sense reminders of this piece, it seems like THAT type of "how-to" article might actually HELP somebody.

Anyway, thanks very much for your time.


This sounds more or less like slavery not a marriage, While seeing my wife enjoy herself would please me, living by these rules most certainly would not, sorry,
but she would HAVE to please me as well, and I am smart enough to know not to settle for lower standards, chores? you do em two honey, you like his penis, cool, but you WILL be doing me too, oh, if I don't agree to these rules you will leave anyways? ok, don't let the door hit ya on the way out. Bottom line here author, if you have so little respect for your man, then maybe he needs to find a woman who WILL appreciate him.

very helpful thankyou

Excellent information loved the golden shower idea i well try it soon again thank you

you are a cunt

only the most evil selfish cunt on earth could come up with this. i've met your kind before. it didn't work on me. you are nothing but a skanky hole

Tongue in cheek?

Guess I should have thought of that.

I am ready to be slave of anyone i will do as u say please someone accept me as slave

Happy to help

I've brought all of your e-books, publish the stories on Lit and I'll buy them too. Thanks for the bite sized gem here

Help ! Unexperienced woman needs your help and suggestions

I am new to this. It has been my lifetime fantasy and dream to have a submissive male slave and genital worship, oral sex.

I need training as a "owner" and need your help and suggestions how to behave, say, do etc.

And I need help how to find a male slave and train and treat him.

I appreciate any help, tips, suggestions from you

Well written

Nice to see other folks are in the same boat. As my wife and and I passed the age of sixty, much the same has occurred to us. She has some health problems that required her giving Premarin the heave ho. How this would affect our sex life, didn't concern me at the time. About a month after discontinuing the hormone, I noticed the wife was cuddling closer at night and occasionally copping a feel of my cock in bed. I'd had difficulty maintaining a strong erection, so I saw my p.a. about the little blue pill. With the premarin gone and the addition of the blue pill, a fascinating time has returned to our bedroom. We're not newly weds again, but the next best thing.


realy think this is funny couze all you need to do is tell a girl you like her girls like to be liked and the rest will allmost take care of itself you just need the balls

you whant to fuck a gorgeus woman point out a sutble that she has a flaw(s) witch will make her seek your aproval. yes stopid but does work

actualy all you need is some self confedence thats it

You are listening to The Father of Lies,The Serpent

Just get a divorce because that is what will happen anyways.


This article was very helpful. The last example had me all hot and bothered . Thanks again .

it was very helpful

This was very helpful. I will try to keep in mind your advice the next time i write :) thanks

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