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"Remember ladies! Its more important that your man gets what he feels entitled to than for him to respect your boundaries!..." Please. There's no learning to like it if you wanted it to begin with. If a "man" keeps begging or insisting upon it when you've repeatedly said no, then he's a selfish prick. Most of the allure of anal seemingly comes from porn-addled guys craving the ego boost from convincing girls to do something uncomfortable for their self-serving pleasure. Ask these same guys if they'd take a dildo up their asshole and watch their reaction; its rather telling. Its one thing to ask for it on your own, its another to have a guy practically coerce his way into getting what he wants at your expense. You've got issues if you think a dude knowingly disregarding your comfort zone is one worth pleasing.

I'm trying to get her to do it all the time

My gf n I have been dating bout 2 years, she's had a rough time since splitting w her hubby. Abusive relationships, etc. Well I came along and changed all that, we fell for each other quick. We have an Interesting sex life, she was okay w me wearing her undies, wearing makeup, giving head sometimes. But I knew my penis was to small for her. I was worried the first time we got close to fucking n backedx off, but did it eventually. She did get off while on top. When we watched porno, she liked to watch white girls w bbc. Though she said she wouldn't do it, I seen alot of black guys hitting on her when we would meet somewhere. She had a roommate, the house she lived in, the guy rented rooms, who had her mixed grandson come stay the summer. He was 19, a bunch of white girls comijng to see him. Well she tells me he was asking where he could get some head. I thought that's odd that he ask a 15 years older woman that. I asked if she did, she said no. Then I go over one day, she's driving him round in his GMA s car. Then his shorts are in her laundry. Then she's washing his clothes n making him food. I asked her, still no. I then got high w her, we were messing round, n I bring it up. I say it's alright, I get it, y'all got high, he is goid looking, young, n you were turned on that u still had it. Plus he s black n u wanted to know. I know his dicks big by all the girls round him. Plus really, I know I've got a small dick. She looked at me like she didn't think so, I said yr a good looking girl, I'm not dumb. Plus it turns me on..she said really? Grabbed her cell phone n showed me pics of her blowing him, him fucking her. His dick was easily twice as big. Her roommate knew n was fine w it, n actually tried to help. His dick was easily over double of mine n thicker. Her pussy looked so good stretched out. I told her I'd love to watch, n she could humiliate me, as we had gotten into pain n humiliation. She went and spoke w him, we got high, she made me put on her undies n just my t shirt on n sit next to the bed. She started blowing him, he pulled her up, kissing her, bent her over n fucked her, they switched positions a few times. She laughed at how hard my tiny dick was. Saying I was right, that my dick was the smallest she had. N knew I was from the first time. She moaned so hot, came all over him. She had me lay down w my head at her vagina. She 6 ft, I'm 6 2, she said watch how a real man fucks..while playing w my dripping penis thru her undies. He came up in her, she is on birth control. Shed kissed him n said thanks n it was time for us. I licked her clean n she said put it in me, I'm so stretched out I bet u can't get it in. She was right, she said I bet you wanted to suck his dick didn't you? I said yes, she said all my friends know I cheat on u n yr dicks small. I literally came, she stuck her fingers in it n I licked it off. I asked her to put me in chastity, which she said yes, we picked out one. I was locked up, but she went to jail for 6 months, so I stayed in it. I told her that I really was transgender n she knew. When she got out bc of my meds, n being locked up, my dick was barely 2 inches hard. Not kidding. She felt bad bc even though I'm small, she indulged my fantasy n now she kinda halved my size. I told her I was okay. As long as she loves me, n we agree on our sex life. I told her that I sucked off a few guys while she was in,, n I planned on her cuckolding me. She kinda didn't want to , that she thought that she needed to make up for what happened. Finally I've got her to go out several times. She enjoys our play, even though she wasn't used to it, she said I wasn't her first cuckold. But she has this one guy who I'm trying to get her to stay with. He got her to cut so much. His dicks like 9 inches. I've got pics of us together, she calls me baby cock now. She still checks to make sure I'm ok, which I am. She's pegged me, threw out my boxers n I wear only panties. She's coached me on deep throating. It's not for everyone, but it works for us.

A little long.

I'm going to keep reading it but I was getting a bit bored by the end of the first page... you could have said all that much more succinctly.

Well done!

Science Fiction has another important purpose you overlooked: it lets an author criticize various society styles but not be seen as offending a particular group. For instance, Keith Laumer in his "Retief, Ambassador to Space" series, writes about an alien species with grey skin and 5 eye stalks that act and talk very much like Soviet Russians, right down to their obsession with sports arenas and tractor factories as great accomplishments, and their propensity for walking in and taking charge (at gunpoint if necessary) but one could never accuse him of insulting the Russians, now could they?

Great info and got me hard for sure

Im a sissy crossdresser and have been training myself with a 7" didlo. At first it really hurt so I got a smaller vibrator which fits in perfectly and then move onto the bigger boy. I find myself watching sissy's getting BBC and would love to try some real sex. But Im married and very nervous. I just ordering myself a satin teddy playsuit and plan to give myself a good session with the toys once it arrives. xxx

Panty fetish

veryy informative and useful

thank you so much for the sex talk. i have no one comfortable enough to talk about this topic. so you are the first that gave me sex talk. thanks again. i would love to read if you have any more tips or pointers to share.

Well done

Personally I hate BTB stories. There’s no depth or creativity and certainly nothing erotic about them, which is why I wonder how they even fit on a site that promotes itself as a haven for erotica. Character development doesn’t happen and any suspension of disbelief is impossible. That being said you have hit the nail on the head here. Unfortunately you’ve made it easier for someone to reproduce this neurotic drivel with this formulaic masterpiece.


Most of your stories show the kind of care described in this essay.

Very nice

Very nice script.
Please make more am going to try theses

Site and sight.

I'd add another which I've seen in a number of stories here the word site.

Site refers to a location, e.g. A building site, a campsite, the literotica site.

Whereas sight refers to something that you see. e.g. She'd set her sights on him, the sight of her heaving breasts made his breath catch, he was a sight for sore eyes.

Fairly Good

So, a well thought out article, giving good advice, but let down by a poor grasp of the English language. I’d be happy to edit new stories if you want?


I like caesuras ... they're only a buck at Walmart ... or two for a buck fifty
on Thursdays ...

Make up your mind.

First you write, "Don't worry about punctuation. I like punctuation. I do. I'm especially fond of em dashes—particularly...and ellipses. I'll readily admit it: I...shamelessly...abuse...the ellipsis. No, it. You'll find more ellipses than you can count. Most of them are in my characters' dialogue. 'Tis my friendly advice to be unafraid to abuse the ellipses."

However, then you write, "Being a proponent of grand grammar, I adhere to its rules in my narrative."

Do you see the inherent disconnect between these statements?

Sissy husband vs family life

Marriage is about both family and sex. Raising a family is one part, sex is the other you can keep these two apart. My story runs almost parallel to the first part. I do do more round the house and wear an apron. Though it is not that frilly.

We had less sex, I got addicted to webcams. I start just doing oral for her, as after such much camming I lost some of that old sexual energy to stay hard. She did start seeing guys outside of the marriage. I pretend not to know, I carry on on my sissy path dressing in secret, though it is almost an open secret. She has a red sports car now and I think is very submissive in her other relationships. But I think she finds it very satisfying.

Interestingly we do still have sex, but it is like pity sex, often when she is feeling guilty. She doesnt know that much about the scene, so it is with some amusement that I tell her she is a 'hot wife' and she agrees.

The only time it has been embarrassing was on holiday on St Kitts at a resort. I went out doing water sports (ie sailing) and she had sex with tennis coach. I know because coming back early to the room I could hear them or rather her. I had to wait and see him leave. She encouraged me to doing alot of sailing, diving and kayaking.

Later staff smirked at us or me.

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