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I remember mine

Intense. I like the exuberance, but disjointed at times. Sensual. Keep it up!

Wow, you really got some feedback

Most writers try to spark some emotion in their readers and you have certainly done that.
Truth is you would probably find hubby having a string of affairs before he dumped you.
I know,because that's what I did when some dumb bitch listened to her "friends" and tried something similar.
You must of heard about goose and gander!

A different viewpoint

What happens when. You find out that hubby does not want to be a cuckold, that all he did for you was his idea of being a devoted and loving husband, and now feels betrayed.

Then gives you five minutes to get the fuck out. Points to his watch and says "Clocks ticking, you still here bitch?".


Your advice is close. However, the man must be willing to do all this. And if he consents, he is willing. I have given my wife this control over our sex lives, yet she has never used it. But when we have used it fir fantasy, the sex is so hot!!!


I have read multiple stories with such awful grammar, that even though I enjoyed the plot I couldn't finish them. One in particular comes to mind, where and author mistook suspender belt for garter belt. I let it slip the first time, thinking it was an accident, but it continued throughout the next couple paragraphs to the point of me having to stop reading all together.
I really enjoy your stories because of how well written they are.
I came back to your page yesterday to reread Raw, and discovered you had added to the 'raw universe' with Occupational Hazard. It was a beautiful stand alone series, but I really appreciated you intertwining your series in a realistic way, without pulling the reader from the story.


I skimmed several stories by an author that constantly wrote withered instead of writhed.
wither-fucking dried and shriveled up
writhe-wiggling like a fucking worm.

Finally told my wife

I finally told my wife about my panty fetishes and she was awesomely receptive which was a huge relief! We talked all day about it, and when I told her what I would do with them she got so turned on which made me even more turned on by her. Im away from home right now and can't wait to get back home and incorporate her panties into our sex life. I love her for being my wife and mother of our children, but her understanding of this for me sent my love for her to the next level! If you have a fetish and are scared to tell your wife, I totally understand. Hopefully one day you will feel comfortable enough to talk with her about it, for me it has lifted a huge weight off my chest!!

I perfer

Gnawing full balls, specially if they are hanging low

Thank you

Very informative...I am taking notes in preparation for a first scene, so very helpful. Thanks very much!


That particular one has the confusion that there is a noun form of affect and a verb form of effect, so it's not quite as clear. Of course, the meanings are different in each way.

I hope my efforts to effect a positive change in this discourse do not lead you to think I have a pedantic affect :).

Reader not a writer

I learned something from your post. Although I knew the meaning and proper usage of 99.9% of the terms in your list I did learn the difference between blond and blonde. Thank you for that. As I read through 'A Fucking English Lesson" I chuckled at your use of the word "fucking." Somehow I could just hear it rolling off of your tongue in a cynical and cutting manner. As a frequent reader on this site I am hesitant to offer advice to someone that writes stories. However, some authors would do well to read their own submissions. I was taught that if someone reads something that I wrote and cannot understand it, its not their fault, its mine.

Anal lover

Took my wife of 29 yrs a long time to except my cock in her ass and now it's anal 24/7...but you must take your time at the beginning and then any woman will.absolutely beg to have her ass reamed in morning before go off to work😋

women are so different from each other

I realize from experience that there are some standard basic starting point things a person should do, but women are SO different from each other! And women often don't grasp this, unless they are lesbian/bisexual and have some experience with other women sexually.

Loetjc, you are right, it's not that popular. Lovecrap68 just wants it to be...

...that would help justify the sick obsession with it. This author's bio indicates he/she isn't posting here because it's free. I suspect it's because he/she is tired of the deserved criticism that is posted here and often deleted. The never ending sick desire to hump his mom just gushes from the sick twisted writings without end. I am sure having fellow sociopath's pay for this crap lets he/she feel better about their illness without actually dealing with it. Good riddance.

Hot way to domminate

I love this story too. i had a GF who did things pretty similar. I mean she only gave me handjobs and never sex, so she kept me satisfied.

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