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Thank you

Good information for a beginner !

Another one who Loves to Suck Cock

I learned early in life that I prefer men and just love to suck cock. I also like how it feels getting rigid in my mouth, and I love to feel it gushing down my throat. I like to please my lover, whatever he wants. I also use the offer of fucking my pussy (that is what my ass really is now) and like the feeling of total submission as he enters me.

Great lesson. I wish my English teacher (Oh she was gorgeous) had told me this.

All of these are very good tips. I have found that when I eat out my girl that if I press the tip of my tongue into the opening where she pees that this causes some very pleasurable sensations for her. Also, instead of taking her straight to an orgasm, I will take her to the edge maybe 3 times before I take her all the way to orgasm heaven. To keep her excited I will slide my cock inside her and pound her for a few minutes. When I do take her over the cliff she moans, shrieks, and shudders. Afterward she will have body spasms for several minutes.

I like your style

For a how to piece, this was fun to read 👍.

alpha cuckolds unknowily

Many of the comments that go on about how they would smack their wives if ever tried that most likely have a cheating wife anyway and they are cuckold unknowingly,

Just when I thought that women couldn't be any more fucktarded....I read this!

second the hero thing from mplsgent...

Abso-fucking-lutely. Nothing destroys the flow of reading more than the type of mistake SSW is going for here- throws the brain as it has to self correct.
And point made with a joke and a smile... well done SSW.

Well done.

Great article. This shit works, and I am now a cuckold. I am not interested in Stage 4, but am now in Stage 3. The humiliation is a TREMENDOUS turn-on for me.

I know, many of you neophytes are saying "Isn't it humiliating enough that another man please your wife in bed better than you?" To that I say that some of us need/want/enjoy more. We WANT to show up at the company picnic and have people look at us with pity while the boss is rocking our wife in his van. We WANT our wives to make us take our dick out and show her girlfriends why she has to cheat on us. We WANT to come home and find her big-dicked brother-in-law or the plumber nailing her. It makes our little dicks grow and spew. I beat my little dick raw, watching.

great article

I liked the article very much. I am always attracted to cuckold literature and cuckold sites. But I don't know of many. Have to make do with a gay site and hope the bisexual guy I find is interested in females and specially in my wife.

My wife is 60 now. So I look for guys over 50 at least. There is no experience in the world to beat the cuckold experience. I tried wife swapping but it was more like my offering my wife up to the husband rather than me being interested in fucking his wife. It was just a fantastic experience to go through when I could see he was satisfying her far more deeply in every sense than I ever did or could.

most helpful

I am 62 and have had cuckold thoughts for years. Have been lucky to get my wife to try wife swapping and found she really enjoyed it as much as I did letting her. She has also had a boy friend whom I knew but was not sure if he knew that I knew they had had sex.


Hell,just reading this turned me on,just starting to explore being a sub to the wife.
Sounds like fun to me

Rules of Writing

"I had no idea," he said with a grimace, "that there were so many rules for the purpose of making reading more pleasurable!"

Its frustrating when your search efforts do not deliver what you want!!!!!!

But even worse is when you know the story name and using the "exact" words does not return the story. Sometimes, on more than one occasion, the search function seems to go on vacation. And nothing will help.

But this is still my favorite erotica site , even if it is free.

First orgasm

Aged about 10 and using a sander for legitimate purpose removing paint from some furniture, my cock touching the back of it had me blowing my first load. Rushing to the toilet and finding a thick wad of cum in my pants.
Every day after at home solo I got myself off the same way until learning to jerk from seeing that in a porno.
Still love good vibes on my shaft and sometimes even internally with the right apparatus

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