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Hilarious violent responses

It's amusing reading the violent responses from guys who most likely have no issue with stories on guys raping gals, male dominance, or female humiliation...but a wife cheating and the guy enjoying it oh no the horror.

I love this guide. Forget the nay-sayers

Read it out loud

I, couldn't agree more, but wait five or six days. You will probably give up writing. Well, for a week or two.

Yeah Baby! You Man Needs It!!!

Yeah baby, let him loose needs it! Empty his pipes.

jasmine anne stalcup tanner. / jasmine anne tanner stalcup.

Perfect 10 - My/Mine : Tits Legs Ass Pussy. My/Mine : Girl Friend / Best Friend / Eat and Fuck Friend / Lover / Wife. My/Mine : Love Of A Life Time / Love You To Death.

the blonde librarian. lawrence memorial public library : north street - bristol,vermont.

I or we or myself and the boys got in her pants, got in her panties, got in her delicious Pussy favorite food last night 4-24-15 and well over the last 20 years with our huge tongues and our huge cocks and a lot of beer wine liquor and a lot of cocaine/crack cocaine/liquid cocaine well over the last 20 years.

Interesting but..

dogging does go on in the UK, as I can confirm having witnessed it, albeit inadvertantly, whilst reurning from a fishing trip. However, your commentary that a sun roof might be useful undermines the credibility of your submission. Sunroofs and British weather are not a match made in heaven, LMAO. Thanks for the kinky heads up though,

Funny, informative, balanced

Enjoyed this! The face/body separation idea was new to me. In some forums you would cop endless grief from women for not being harsh enough on the infamous dick pic (I must admit I'm surprised to hear that it has any female fans), and maybe also for suggesting that guys who didn't make the cut could contact the woman again after some time has passed, but I'm glad to see that the comments have stayed off that shrill bandwagon so far. Interesting to hear that you think choosing a (non-David, non-Peter) fake name is a good idea, since although it seems like common sense to me (for both parties), I'd wondered whether that might be regarded as flaky from the woman's perspective. Thanks, and I wish you many happy casual encounters!

Nice piece.

There's a lot of good stuff here, and I agree with most of your advice, especially about remembering that the people involved are all still people and need to react like people to draw the reader in. For me personally though, a woman's sex appeal is a big part of what gives her authority. (I'm a sub guy.) I find that what makes a woman appealing as a domme is a combination of her sex appeal and her natural authority -- take either aspect away and the appeal vanishes. That said, I usually much prefer stories that only drip-feed the way the domme looks to the reader, or reveal it indirectly (e.g., through the reactions of other characters).

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkk Yyyyyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuuu.

Thank you for giving me tips on how to please women. This is much better than getting the information for some man who probably doesn't know any level past one or two. I'm glad that women have levels because it makes me want go beyond even Hugh Heffer now. However, I am monogamous and will reserve this for that one woman in life. Keep in that I am only Fourteen but still interested in learning about sex to pleasure my future wife to the point of complete ecstasy. I see sex as making the woman happy as a gift for marriage and putting up with my tendency to work overtime. Also, I enjoy absolutely devouring pussy than getting a blowing so I guess that helps. THANK YOU AGAIN

various types of story in one category

The Souful one has pointed out (mostly in the first part) that there are various types of stories posted in LW. It isn't always easy to know early on which type the story is. I've gotten so I can usually tell now, but it took a while to figure it out.

Someone in the mood for a reconciliation story is likely to hate a revenge story and vice versa. Similarly, someone in the mood for a love with your partner story isn't going to be keen on a story that involves considerations of infidelity.

It might help some readers if there is a warning or sub-category so the reader can avoid those not matching his or her mood at the time.

How can you tell?

OK, you are married, you can't just ask or if you decide to just sit there and wait until you get asked, the party will be over.

How do you get the message across and still leave enough room that if your "askee" turns you down, you don't get in an awkward situation?

Thank you for writing this!

I first read this a long time ago, but I lost my bookmark, and only found it again recently. It inspired me to write my own article about writing healthy relationships with women, both cis and trans, which I hope will be accepted, as I've just submitted it as my first submission to Literotica.

It's very discouraging, as a trans lesbian, to come to Literotica, and not be able to find stories to which I can relate, and to be overwhelmed with degrading and demeaning portrayals of trans women. I very rarely even delve into the Transsexuals & Crossdressers category, because I know the likelihood is that I'm not just going to be disappointed, I'm going to be sickened.

Hey, it's saliva! Don't you like deep-kissing?

I don't understand what's gross about saliva to some people. Don't you all kiss? I love it when my wife of over 20 years spits in my face (while standing) or in my mouth (while lying on my back). I explained to her that it is, to me, the ultimate act of the very special intimacy we have grown over the years. She wasn't convinced the first couple of times but she can now see my point, and doing it seems to turn her on and wild every time. Neither of us sees it as humiliating or degrading, quite the contrary actually. To those who would like to try it, here's a piece of advice: do it in the shower first and make sure teeth and mouth are fresh. And don't overdo it. Spacing the sessions by a few weeks or months will make it even better with time.

............fat older hotwives

You put Way too much importance on "LOOKS"--
Many fat older women are hotwives to(& Very good at it)
They can't wear the clothes you suggest-
It's all about attitude-
Cuckhold Don London Ontario

My boyfriend has a panty fetish but it's not with mine it's with other females underwear he buys them for pleasure and it Is ruining our relationship

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