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other tips

Either don't use the word 'smirk' at all, or at least use it correctly.

Keep in mind that 2nd person (the person being addressed) will be the reader. This approach fails spectacularly in sex scenes when the 'you' doing the reading is not the same gender as the 'you' that the writer is addressing in his/her fantasy.

Everybody look at this troll called "kaf"

I'll keep this comment up so they know how full of shit you truly are. The rest get "censored" lol idiot.

Great article

You obviously know your stuff. Let's hope some of the writers here read this and quit starting their stories with two pages of back story before anything happens. I have a short attention span; if there isn't a hook in the first three paragraphs, then it's on to the next story.

Nice job!


Best short course in writing I've seen. Good job. Thanks.

BEST advice.

Learn the difference between: Two,, To, Two.---Their,,Hear---Taut,Taun t,Thought--Rode,Road---,etc.;etc; I absoslutely HATE it, when I have to stop and figure out which word the author really meant!



More crap

You really know very little about good writing, as you so amply demonstrate. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation, logic, cohesiveness aren't exactly your strong points. What are?

Why are you bothering with this semi-literate nonsense. Your ego? Or just ignorance?


I needed this. First I'm new here and trying to learn things I should have long ago! But that's another story. I spent 35 years as a photographer, mostly commercial and historic preservation to be ended by so much digital and one eye tearing loose. Insert, 3 eye surgeries. I have been a Southern raconteur for most of my life, so I thought - write it down dummy. So I'm trying and looking for help. So thanks.

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Yes, But

I do not like the "C" word. I find it useful to describe a woman whom I despise and chose to disparage with all due anger and disrespect. Pussy is much better.

You Forgot a Term

You wrote:
On any Saturday night you can see couples having 'Saturday night knee tremblers' (sex) up against the alley wall after falling out of a club half pissed, (drunk as a skunk) with someone they have just 'pulled'

But then you forgot to explain what "pulled" would mean in that context.

There Are Jerks in Every Nation

Plenty of Americans have no problems looking up British slang that they don't know. Unfortunately, the unpleasant people (not to mention the out-and-out trolls) whatever their nationality are the ones who are most likely to leave comments, so it may sometimes seem as if all or most U.S. citizens are intolerant and lazy that way. There's certainly something to be said for posting a note at the beginning of a story explaining that it uses British slang (or whatever), but that certainly should not be presented as an apology.

But the countries need not be divided by their common language. I understood your article just fine without having to pull out a dictionary. (It's perfectly possible that GBS said that first and that Wilde stole it later. It seems Wilde had a habit of stealing bon mots.)

"Ugly American" is the title of a novel about a man who was homely (physically ugly), but who endeared himself wherever he went in the world by his friendly manners and his respect for local customs. How the term "ugly American" came to mean the opposite, I have no idea.

I do have an idea about fringes though. When young women in the U.S. first began cutting bangs in their hair, the style came to be known as a "lunatic fringe" to the older, more conservative folk. It's possible that this led to the adoption of another word for the hairstyle, because "fringe" had become associated with "lunatic".

I was born in the U.S. and have lived here most of my life. I have never heard anyone use the word "pavement" to mean "road", although we do pave our roads when the surface begins to develop potholes. "Pavement" means sidewalk here too, it just isn't used as commonly. I believe that "Bender" is another slang word that means the same in the U.S. but just isn't used very often.

Thank you for the article. I prefer to keep slang out of my narrative as much as possible, but this will be helpful for reading other stories and for when I am writing a British character.

Good info, but...

I think some of your punctuation is not correct. For example,

“I’m going home to pet my kitty.”, sighed Rhonda.

The comma is not needed.

Keeping it clean

I'm curious about this. I love to explore this area but there is quite the taboo on it. For making it clean, what preparation do you do? Anal douches? Creams?

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