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Too extreme

This is extreme and unrealistic, I doubt that it would ever work in real life. A woman who wants to have sex with other men without hiding it from her husband will either get him to agree to a don't-ask-don't-tell agreement, which can work very well, or humiliate him and undermine him in subtler ways, simply by making him feel sexually inadequate - but without all this stuff about makin him into an unpaid servant.

Thank you will try this

This sounds very interesting and the description is clear. I will try to do this with my female partners and will report if it worked. I am a submissive man who is into kinky sex with dominant female partners.

love the last comment

The word 'smirk' is used incorrectly 98% of the time on Literotica.

Your other comments were pretty good too.

Different Perspective

[Scratching head]...Is there really a wrong way to write erotica? And if so, how could the word "smirk" be anything BUT objective? As characters in a short story are typically the invention of the author's subjective mind, alas all characters "die" at the end of each story...but then again, such characters only exists as a projection to remain or be discarded at the mercy of "its" creator...."its" god...the author.


And it applies (well, most of it) whether you're writing erotica or fairy tales for kindergartners. Thanks.

Yes, kill the smirk.

And kill the following, as well.
"We finally wound up back at..." Lazy writing.
"Don't get me wrong..." We probably will.
"Let me tell you a little about my...(wife, GF, dick)." Sorry, lost my interest.
"We had a few more drinks..." Sloppy drunk sex. Classy.
"I was feeling no pain..." Wait until morning.
I won't mention the huge breasts and penises that seem to populate these stories. Or did I just..?

Formulaic writing is so boring. Eschew it.
Good post, JM. Here's to clarity and brevity. But keep it hot.

I smirked...

Yes... I did. I really did. I smirked so bigly!


It always amazes me that people don't seem to comprehend a read, yet comment on a write... Introduction to ropes... does this mean I should put my advanced techniques... This is for those that want to experience ropes... but have to build a relationship with them first...


A blow job, when given to completion is the ultimate expression of love a woman can give her man. It has to be given voluntarily and not asked for.

Two way street

For some women you have to get they themselves use to anal sex and anal penetration so it helps to introduce to them to anal-play slowly like when you are doing cunnilingus and they are having orgasm, penetrate their anus with a finger. If you can lubricate it, great but usually at the time of the orgasm it should be okay.
As you go along in your future love making, make that a regular part of your oral sex with her. .

Make it a point for you to shave their anus so that they "are clean" all over then shower with them after then rim them. Don't ask for it return and let rimming be part of your love making with her with her in the shower. At some point she may return the favor.

If she herself has problems with anal sex, just get her use to a well lubricated finger and take your time. If there is pain, have her breath through the pain. Be gentle! Because if you do it right and she feels safe with you she will ask you if you would want to have anal sex with her. If you go for penis anus penetration, be gentle but also make sure she is both relaxed with it and stimulated with a lot of foreplay.

When she starts to rim you and penetrate with her fingers, you can suggest prostrate massage. Most women are okay with that with some instruction. At that point you might suggest a strap-on to her and see how it goes.


Whoever you are having affair with, don't bring them home and if you do don't sleep in the master bedroom or use the master bath.

You forgot, non-perfumes, cigarettes or colognes.

Affairs are a different kind of animal

The positive thing about an affair is that the sex is usually pretty spectacular. That probably because there are a lot of issues in the marriage and it is express in the sex or lack of sex between the couples. A lot of the time the affair is about the sex mostly. It is probably not about you or the other person per se. It’s about the sex and touching.

The affair may appear to be a relationship, but it is not a relationship. She's got kid and family to consider and in the hierarchy of things, you aren't number one most of the time. If you are married, be honest, she isn't number one either. However, if you are dealing with a difficult spouse, it is nice to be with someone who appears to be pleasant and the sex is good.

With that said, one things that stuck out in this is that it is wise if you are skeptical about what they say. Not to put them down but there is an overall pattern of deception to the person on a lot of levels. I'm not sure what that is about with them but have heard this from other people. It is not a man thing or woman thing, they both do particularly if they have had previous affairs or brief encounters. The woman I was having an affair with lied about everything. Years later I would run into people who knew her and they tell me stories that were completely different than what she told me. I'm not saying not to trust them but don't be surprised if things don't add up. They probably won't. If they are going to violate a trust with their spouse they will violate it with you. Keep in mind if they have a religious background, the more dishonest they maybe.

The stories about how bad the spouse is true and you should probably ignore then about it. If they were that bad they would be divorced or in counseling. They aren't usually. The story is never one-sided, too. Everyone contributes to the soup. If you are lucky to meet the spouse under good circumstances, you'll probably find they are decent people. Hate to say this but some people have sex out side of their marriage just to punish their spouse for one thing or another and are looking for more justification for the affair.

Which gets me back to the first point, it’s about the sex! If you and your other significant other go into it with that in mind, it will make it easier but keep in mind people aren’t robots. If you share orgasms a lot with another, you start to bond.

Liked the part about getting even with wife because it is not good to bring your lover to your home for whatever reason. Those earring left at the scene of the crime or panties that don’t fit your wife found in the laundry basket can make for an interesting few weeks. Luckily my daughter stepped forward and said they were her, though, she wanted a new car for her birthday the following month. Ouch! Bringing her home is a big risk and all it takes is a neighbor to ask your wife or girlfriend who it was you brought home one night who stayed over and you are cooked.

If you do bring them home, never ever use the master bedroom for sex. As I said, there is so much to go wrong that way if she leaves an earring or bra or you have stained sheets. It will piss your wife off no end if you use her bed and she finds out. Use a guest bedroom and bathroom. Pick a time when your wife will be away for a few days at least. Wash the sheets, change out the towels, vacuum and like the writer suggested, let it have time to dry. If you are a guy, go to her place because if she is in charge of cleaning there will be less of a problem. Best is to find a neutral third place like a friend’s house or apartment. Not so thrilled with hotel or motels because they want credit cards over cash.

Written by someone who knows very little about ropes

What a silly waste if words. Obvious that the writer has little experience.

HTML for Dummies

Or a simple, easy to understand explanation. However you choose to see it, it was clear and concise. Well done.

Pussy Licking Celebrities?

Just have to ask, are you just assuming that those male stars you mention must be superb pussy lickers to retain their sexy beautiful women...or is this fiction...or did you read this in one of those supermarket checkout line tabloids? The discerning reader wants to know. lol

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