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Notes to consider

Understand, a lot of writers are amateurs, including myself. Most often we write because we like to and not everyone wants to please the reader to an unbelievable applause. That said, I personally do, I attempt to write so the reader LOVES my story. I of course don't always accomplish such a feat but I try to.

You do have some valid points, some I may not have considered had I not read your post. One in particular:

"I like it when the author places a short to medium length note at the top of the story introducing the story. It makes me feel that I have a certain connection with the author as silly as that may sound. I am more likely to read through and accept some of the things that I have talked about if the author has done this."

I will follow that suggestion and see how it flows for me along with a couple of other suggestions you mentioned.

I have always wanted a job like this...

But damned if I don't feel ridiculous trying to talk dirty... Even to my husband. Normally in a conversation i curse like a drill seargent and am as subtle as a truck stop whore... But if i try? I feel stupid and say bizarre things.... Even sometimes if i dont try...

I was screwing one of my past mistakes and he says "Talk to me like im a dirty whore." Easy right? I said the first thing that came to mind.... And I was wrong...

I responded "The money is on the night stand... Get out."

He laughed so hard... That pretty much ended my fun for the night... At least he was amused... Especially when he saw the look on my face when i stopped to think about what i had said... Oops. ...


your story got my cock so hard I had to jerk off and shoot my cum all over the room, ty

A human rodeo?

You're on your wife in Doggy Style,Whispering to her: Your sister is better.

Now we'll see you do not fall from her..........................


I encourage my 43 yo wife to talk about younger cock or pussy. I once asked if she let them cum & where. She said what I really wanted, about open mouth and over and in her pussy all for me to clean with my tounge. I asked if there was anywhere else expecting tits or belly, when she'd paused long enough looking at me with a grin that sent me wild she said I let all 3 cum in my arse. Your going to eat that too.
This from someone that hates the thought of anal just blew my mind and my balls.
She is so hot when shes like rhat.

Don't make me laugh!

He doesn't need a key to remove the cage. He can CUM while in the cage. And his best move would be to suffer a little embarrassment, go to the police and have them remove the cage ( bolt cutters or a locksmith). At that point the wife goes to prison (it's illegal to lock a person in chastity), he divorces her and keeps all the marital assets. Easy peasy. No man would put up with this bitch. Laughably bad story.

Thank you so much for the ideas!
I have just started getting into this and couldn't have come up with half of these on my own.

Not before time!

ALL writers and editors on Literotica should read this!

Seven years on? Still applies 100%

The fact I search for this article is indicator how unsatisfied I feel about a large portion of stores on Literotica.
I too am from a similar (I doubt very much if identical) childhood, and notice you write "to be fair" numerous times. I feel that statement applies particularly to our upbringing, because without it we probably wouldn't recognise quality naughtiness from the ho-hum variety.
But that isn't why I'm commenting. Yours is the only article I've bothered to read on here about improving the readability of submissions. So, perhaps there are others just as tool-boxy. :) It is now a word so stuff it.
I'm a frustrated reader. Because most of the stories, from a sexually frustrated readers' point of view, are absolute shit. Seriously.
I don't blame the writers! For anyone to bother attempting to write, probably for the first time too, is a minor miracle.
No pay, no public recognition unless you can "take ownership" of public sexuality and its inevitable judgemental baggage. And then someone like me comes along (less constructive than you, it seems) and bags the shite out of their efforts.
Well, I'm not. No bagging.
But I just hope folks who write might consider the points you mentioned.
And this.
What is the point of reading, with expectation of a build up to a juicy, naughty expose and first hand experience of whatever xyz delightful romp in question, if before you've even finished one paragraph everyone has their clothes off, dicks or twats or barbie/ken non genitalia saying hello, and are even (for crying out LOUD) performing whatever nasty act already, I repeat, what is the point of all this with such a lack of build up?
It's like writing a whodunnit commencing the story with "by the way, Watson did the crime, but let's see how Sherlock got to the amazing conclusion".

Also, story titles that give away the whole show, magic tricks exposed and the whole works done and dusted. Why bother?

A large chunk of why I read erotic material is the FORBIDDEN part of the experience. What don't writers understand about NO! THAT IS NOT ALLOWED! so let's sneakily have Mr and Ms Smith choose to do something almost forbidden, then a little more wrong like the forbidden act, then deliberately choose to do more of the near enough thingy, then hey, no, you're not allowed, noway, get back, stop! what the? then actually DO the nitty gritty norty forty mad as a cut snake base filthy shameful act that feels so good!

If people could just tap into the feelings they seek to inject, that they are trying to ejaculate into their hot, wet story (I'm sure you understand this is "so to speak") and concentrate on showing, not telling, that aspect of it all, instead of writing a news article.

I know the anguish first hand of how to not only keep your story setting, mannerisms and location anonymous (yes that's important to me for my partner and children's sake) but to get past your own guilt and shame of writing down such things we were taught as children not to utter. Perhaps I'm in the minority here with these problems but I'm just saying, I do understand the struggle.

However, if writers can just see past this dilemma (that word again) enough to realise we are not inventing a guilt atom bomb. Sex IS a thing, and better to release frustration without personal or public fallout than to become all bitter, twisted and purple about it. Surely?

There are other issues I find disappointing about stories on here, but as usual my memory has reached its 2 minute limit and like Maggi brand noodles, you are better to eat what you have now and value / enjoy that rather than wait until they are cold or your teenage children steal them all.

Thanks Diggypop for your article and the amazing insight. There really are unique aspects about writing erotica and it was enjoyable seeing things some of my disorganised thoughts placed in an excellently worded article. You have nailed the skill of making every sentence of meaty value.


I am the one that's gagged when tied to a chair and given a blow job the walls are thin
were i live and a blow job tickles like nothing else and my lady is very good at tying me up and gagging me Selena.


Imaginative advice, elegantly expressed. Intense intimacy, lovely...

The Accurate One

I am also afflicted with this bastard addiction. It's got to the point now where Mum And Dad are heard to regularly question why I haven't got more money. It saddens me to read the writer was in his fifties at the time of writing. I honestly thought I could bust this addiction but he describes me so perfectly as a slave, I'm exactly like him. Well except I'm not married, lol. But as much as I keep telling myself I can beat this I come across another Tumblr/Twitter/Insta Account controlled by a mean, nasty, dominating Young Bully who knows exactly what to say and to tell me to keep me paying and in Her thrall. And I make contact. I drop hints about needing to be 'forced' and the real financial Dommes know exactly what I mean and how to take that power from me. There is a crucial secret though which every Young prospective Domme needs to know and the Author (perhaps deliberately?) left out of this essay. Should I tell You, or will You work it out for Yourself???


One of my pet peeves is
"you have another think coming". Correct.

"You have another thing coming". Incorrect.

Congratulations on your Green E.

Great story. I enjoyed reading it. I gave you a 5 and wished I could have given you a 10.

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