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Another Tip

If you are into felching, you should plan on making sure the bottom takes about 2 or more loads. Four to six loads makes a nice bit of cum that 3 other felchers can share. Unless you get a guy who is a huge cummer or can cum repeatedly quickly, blowing one load up a tight little as isn't going to give you much cum to suck out of his hold.

Well Expressed and Insightful

Thank you. This is a great summary of how to live a successful life.
I will incorporate your thoughts into my daily quest. Best.

Late Bloomer

It took 24 years of marriage for my wife to finally consider it. Then one day, she told me she might consider it. On one Saturday night a few weeks later, she bent over in the bathroom, and her ass looked so good (she is in fantastic shape for 52, looks 20 years younger) I said wow I'd love to fuck you there. To my complete shock, she said she had been reading up on it and yes, wanted to try it. We got lube, and she bent over in the bathroom, and took me all in, as I slowly inched in. I did not come, because it hurt her after about 5 minutes, and we tried it again a couple of weeks later. She is still a little tender, but in about 2 more weeks we will try again. Can't wait to blow my balls inside her hot ass! She is a fantastic fuck vaginally, so am looking forward to the other end.


Succinct and useful guide! I frequently worry about building a plausible world for my stories, with the goal of making the background immersive and largely invisible. In practice that can mean becoming bogged down in endless research that has little effect on the story (particularly true for my SF stories, which is why none of them are really finished). The idea of writing historical fiction with realism is terrifying because I can't even rely on the skills I have for SF research.

Your examples and suggestions are exactly what I need, to see how a little can go a long way. I think their usefulness extends beyond historical fiction.

Long Ones

Love your tips, although some of my preferences are a bit different. You didn't mention much about the knack for getting a long one all the way in. Not considering thickness, just the length and getting it past that bend at the top of the rectum and into the colon can be painful.
I don't have sex with a lot of different guys because I like it bareback so I usually partner up with a guy for a more long-term affair. As much as I crave it, I have never had a truly long one. I did have a friend who was a little over eight inches and not very thick for his length. It felt great in my hole; thick enough to really feel him and yet completely comfortable.
The problem was that, when he bottomed out, he was long enough to make it past that bend but would slip back past it if he thrust at all. All I could do when he was balls deep was to sit and grind. I just LOVE it deep and grinding and rocking feels fantastic but that only goes just so far. I need a good fucking too. It just doesn't feel complete if I don't get the whole thing in me with his pelvis smacking against my ass as he thrusts; like we are holding back. When we did that his cock would hit that bend every time. Laying on my side didn't seem to make a difference. I see videos of guys taking really long cocks! How do they do that? I sure would like to know!
I can really relate to what you said about it feeling better when you feel his cum shoot further up you. I can't actually feel his cum itself as it shoots into me, but it really turns me on to know that it's going in deep. I love it, when he starts to cum, if he shoves it in me as deep as he can get, holds it there and just makes those humping movements against my ass without pulling out at all while he cums. It's like he is trying to force his load even deeper inside me. That friend was able to cum all the way inside me like that a few times when I was riding him and just grinding when he came. It was such a horny turn on knowing that I had his whole load past that bend and actually in my colon so deep in my core. I wish it could always be like that!
What to do? Any advice?



Congratulations on your win.


Agree and choose tags wisely

I often use tags to find stories and it's very frustrating when a story has tags that have little to do with a story. e.g. I like stories that involve enemas among other things. If all the story says is, "he gave her an enema", or "I gave myself an enema" don't tag it with enema.
If it's not an important enough part of the story to describe it, don't tag it.

Wholey crow (or should I say turkey) this recipe is gold Susan, gold!

Obscure Seinfeld reference in the title.

Dear Susan,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your recipe. I'll try to convince my wife to follow your instructions (she'll get naked at the drop of an innuendo) but I wager I'll be the cook.

Speaking of being the cook, 20 years ago I was separated from my aforementioned wife & I entertained a lovely, tall woman at my "bachelor" pad. She was a bit skittish about my cooking for us, no I wasn't naked hahaha. I made my renowned burritos. She enjoyed my epicurean offering & we enjoyed our time together,brief as it was(she had to return to her husband in PA & I was committed to reconciliation with my wife).

I shall read more of your work & comment as time allows. Today being Saturday I'm lollygagging a bit before launching into a small work project-adding a door into a commercial tenant. Tomorrow I'll do my sidegig, which is managing solar farms & weekly generator inspections.

I'm reading & writing this on a tablet, reading is great but writing is cumbersome.

Ciao for now,

Good Info

Thanks...I just started looking into the possibility of selling my stuff, and you've given some good pointers. Thank you!


I treat the big ones like this: Get it in and down your throat while it is still growing, it will bend and shape your throat far easier. Also, get him up on his knees, the force of gravity seems to work magic for a quick explosion for him. I can park a finger in his ass cracking and another pressing up just behind his balls and he will go full rabbit and come quickly, so quickly he will usually have another two or so just from shock.
I used a toothbrush to gently eliminate the gag reflex in less than a week. Your throat will be sore so use two pillows to sleep to keep from getting flu. Don't brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash, flush with water to avoid the little abrasions for at least a day. Never let a big dick think he's different than a little one or you'll spoil him with a big ego. After all, the little dick works fully as well, your good stuff is right on the top anyway so why other than the circus sideshow aspect of it do we care?

He loved it

I did as told and yes, I let him cum all over my face. He was telling me how I'm a goddess in bed. So thank you!!!! I think we'll be having sex more often now.


@lovecucks - Why don't you just admit that you're just a bisexual female looking for a bisexual female sex partner who can join in when you have sexual relations with what are obviously bisexual men?

Agree...and disagree...

I would be so angry if my lover stopped moving his/her fingers/mouth/etc while I was in the middle of an orgasm and right before I go a bit rigid so that would be a good sign not a bad one.


pretty hot but no character develoment

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