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German yay

German dirty talk really turns me on. Even the language itself does. I like how Germans pronounce the 'e' at the end of words like Liebe, Stufe, Küsse... I also love the sound of words like mir and dir. German is a beautiful language. Vernaschen is awesome

Your best so far. The emotional part is so critical. That is why many stories are slammed in the bdsm category. They rely on the emotional bondage yet eviscerate the sub/slave. In the push for the naughty, nasty fantasy they have no balance, only emotional hemorrhaging. That is why they reek of abuse even between a sadist/masochist pair.

Good and interesting

Hoping for the next chapter, this is good advice.
We need more explanations about the difference between good doms and bad doms in times of Shady Grays.

Excellent Review

This was a superb review. I have worked as an editor, but editing "Service Manual for AN/USM-247" is not nearly as much fun as "Werewolf's Mate" for Literotica. Thank you so much.

Good insights

"... trying to change the tone of a relationship with sex is often a bit like trying to alter the terms of a contract after it's signed. Often a partner can feel disturbed, tricked, alienated, or even cheated."

Truer words were never spoken more eloquently.

This kind of reaction emerges even with mild deviations like dress-up fantasies (e.g., French maid), different positions, or oral sex. Trying to introduce handcuffs and horse crops is likely to cause an emotional eruption with long-term consequences.

This thrills me...

Spread my legs open. Make your tongue stiff and lick the place where the inner thighs connect to the labia area. Use up and down strokes. Get closer and closer to the labia. There are nerves there that connect to the clit and make me anticipate the moment when you will touch my clit with your tongue. MMM. Need to find a lover who knows how to do this.

Do you like diaper disciple...yes or no????

I think this is really good for this punish. You are really are in a big problem..You get defecation,humiliation, embarrassment,potty and diapers all at one time. You have into a bunch of what should or what to do.. I have had dd and it really is not very nice. It it not nice to get this if you get a 24 hour of this.. You will never forget this for a long time????

Not much of a How To

Not much of a How to, but with that siade I loved the chose your own ending. Wish more stories offered that. Or at least some kind of Interactivity to the story to make it fun to read aside from the sex.


During a school caning in the headmasters office, he would always ensure that a boy would always be caned over one level of protection. This would mean trousers down. Whilst administering either four or six strokes to the boy, he could clearly observe any clenching. He wold then wait until the bottom had relaxed before delivering the next stroke. Sometimes a boy would be over a chair back for five minutes or more.

Good article, but I love a nice bush, and find it even more mysterious and exciting.

Best advice ever!

I must have read this article about 50 times in the past 5/6 years. The advice has been invaluable and I've always received amazing compliments on my technique. A bit of deep throat and using two hands in a twisting motion (in opposite directions while jacking a welll lubed cock) have also served me well! With the eye contact I think guys get a kick from the visual aspect of deep throat when it's mixed with everything else. I love giving blowjobs and bringing the guy im with so much pleasure this way. Great article!

Oh Really?

Well I read this unraveling of a marriage and found it curious, but someone is going to get their heartbroken me thinks.

Hottest How to I've ever read

Wow what a hot way to go about it. I don't know what it is about a man coming up behind you while in the kitchen and starting by kissing your neck/back but that has got to be one of the hugest turn ons. I appreciate the form you took in your how to, show then tell. It seems like patience and going slow are the keys (along with lots of lube.) I want to make anal play more a part of our repertoire (I certainly like experimenting with it in my own play) but he has a "just go for it" attitude rather than a "lets see how to actually do this thing" attitude. I'm going to try sharing this article, wish me luck :D.

Backdoor sex

Thanks for your instructional story, but there are no words or articles which could convince my wife to submit to backdoor sex.

Oh well, for those of you who've tried it and enjoyed it, remember there are others around you who will never get the same experience.

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