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Very helpful!

Thanks for showing me this riverboy!!


Intriguing comments. I don't think most women realize how easy it is to be attractive. Sometimes the simplest thing (even in a long-standing relationship) can act as a powerful trigger. Long hair usually worn down, when put up (and revealing a sweet inviting neck) changes everything. A bare shoulder. No bra. Something slightly different, accompanied by a quick wanton look and you have "available" (the quality I think you suggest with ideas about make-up, dress etc.) underlined. And that, with anticipation of what might be down the road, can be electric.

Provocative essay.

wow this is incredibly hot. got my dick off I couldn't even finish pass the spit line paragraph haha had to come back n read the rest later

Free to a good home

Submissive self trained male slave free to any dominate female to take ownership of

Those in need ... men ..... TAKE HEED !!!

Now in my Senior years ... I learned most of the above ... as most men do.... by
trial and error...Style, Technique, Speed, Touch ... and on and on.... Some women would share... when asked... believe it or not......and others not.... Trust is important..for her....but so is putting the idea ... Firmly Planted .... that your 1st priority is ....HER.....!!!! IF she asks why ???? ..... Simple ... YOU WANT TO BE INVITED BACK !!!!!!
Most ..if not all...women.... Have had .. an ASSHOLE ... at one time or another ... in their life !!!......." WARNING... WARNING .... WILL ROBINSON ....DANGER !!! "
They Know .. and Some Firmly believe that ... Most of what You say ..OR will be..." BULLSHIT.... YOU JUST WANT IN MY PANTS !!! " ....
So ..Listen....Please !!! Being ...Truly Sincere ... IS ... for them hard to believe.... !!! Well ...IF...You ...Really Care !!!! Keep telling her ... And Showing ..her mean it !!!!
You would be really blown away ... to learn that ... even the most Beautiful Woman have.... ever seen !!!! ... Thinks that ... Some part of her body UGLY !!!!
Could be her feet, or ears or ??? Complements ... should be not only sincere ... but well timed...and ... well said ...for the mood your both in !!!
So much to learn .. So much to learn.... and always so little time ... to use it in.... So ... if nothing else...Remember this.....
Stop.... Look....ASK ....THEN .... SHUTUP AND LISTEN !!!!
i Think ...I can .... Guarantee ... She WILL ...
"Thank You, FOR YOUR ATTENTION !!! "

Great advice!

A History Lesson

From a 50's teenager to his young Russian paraplegic wife. I first heard my wife to be singing to me in Russian, and as she finished, I respondedwith my impression of Frank Sinatra. We had been texting and chatting on the Internet for six months and on Valentines Day 2006 we sang to each other and she had a trained .voice. Now talking about plans to come to the UK with paraplegic Hosts and could I check them out for her. I did and got invited by both Hosts, when I told them we were pen pal. She was housebound and I was retired and we had never met.

The first date was in Heysham, arriving there on a hot sunny afternoon, after kneeling and kissing her hand and an awkward hug with her in a wheelchair. I was then sent into the garden for my CCCP, the initials of Soviet Russia, which I used as a texting shorthand excuse, for a coffee and cigarette break. When I was asked what the i initials meant to use up the C&P, i added Crap and Pee (an in house joke). Over the coffee and chat my penfriend who did not smoke, smoked with me and offered a manicure and a pedicure, she could see my toes. My hands were treated to a long careful, sensuous manicure and I began to wonder if she was happily married as her profile said. During the pedicure and foot massage I learnt that she loved her father and used to pedicure her now deceased father and I began to wonder what else she might have done. I was told he locked her outside the house and not to tell her mother, when he entertained female visitors.

Later at sunset, when we went for a walk, we stopped as she was emotionally disturbed and she told me her troubles. Her son had stolen all her cash and some from the host and emptied all three of their mobiles phoning Russia. Tearfully, she asked me to hold and kiss her, and ever the gentle-man I obliged and tongues said hello. Fumbling with her blouse and bra, I was asked to kiss her proffered breast which was extra-sensitive, the other breast was in the paralysed zone.

On the way home we stopped for a bottle of Co-op Champagne to celebrate our meeting and put us in the mood for next days Russian Birthday that my friend was organising for me. A glass of bubbly helped allay my fears and we laughed and joked, and I told her that I would be flying from Manchester to Belgrade for the Exit Festival in Nova Sad, for a week.. Then I would return and take them both to Buckingham Palace and other London tourist destination. It was getting late and it had been a long drive to Heysham and I needed to email my thoughts to my housemate.
The nearby clock tower chimed midnight and I shut down my laptop and the bedroom door opened.
It was her.
"Don't speak", she ordered, as she wheeled towards me.
"Don't look at me. Close your eyes and stand up.

As I stood I felt Willy, for the first time in five years of supposed erectile disfunction

My wife of 10 years, read your article and called me to her bed, but the magic of our meeting was long gone.and 2017 passed us by.

I thought I would share our meeting with you as a precis of our love story. That I was inspired by a Literotica story of Queen a paraplegic Dominatrix and her sub overcoming the problems of sex in a wheelchair.

My wifes email name was 'Queen"

Hope you enjoy E&OE - Terri


I agree mostly

First off, without a doubt I know females can ejaculate. My experience is limited to my wife, however it was a consistent occurrence. And by consistent I mean we kept towels on hand because almost every time they were needed. As far as my digressions go, it's really just that you mention not staining a mattress. We replaced several over the years, from add on pillow tops to the full mattress, and every one was stained. I'd agree it was something she could control, as the first time it happened from oral I reacted strongly because it was so bitter. It became a challenge to get her to lose control when I was performing cunninglingus, which I enjoyed. I'm guessing she was bitter because she never, ever drinks water. Okay, never is an exaggeration, but in over twenty five years I've seen her drink water less than ten times.

needed saying

Excellent, excellent, excellent !!! ... This needed saying. All of it. It touched all bases and I fully agree. Novellas belong in a Novella section. I typically give up on reading 5 or 6 stories before I stick with one interesting enough finish. Some are poorly written descriptively, don't have a proper build up to a (literary) climax, or are too overloaded with repetitious sex scenes that soon become boring. Perhaps one in fifteen is well crafted.

Never too old

I'm riding the fence and nearing the gate. At 85+ i've had more than my share and haven't regretted one minute. I stopped counting long ago at about 80 different partners. I've enjoyed several women who were fixated on giving oral and savoring every drop if semen. This description was hitting on all cylinders.

After becoming experienced I realized I enjoy giving oral pleasure at the source of vaginal lubrication the most, so I thoroughly understand this lady's point of view. 69 is probably my favorite because it satisfies the preferences of both participants. Sexual juices are delicious. This commentary was excellent. I would add one caveat. Some ladies don't understand that a man's rod isn't like a cow's tit and most men don't feel pleasure from being pulled. Make sure your mouth grip is like a tight vagina and tightens on the inward stroke. ...

Like everyone else, I'm curious about the profile ban.

Valuable Advice

I just started writing erotic fiction myself, and this brief tutorial has been a huge help. It's nice to know that erotica and pornography are different things. I'm a devotee of the former.

More please.

Enjoyed your story and your style. Would like to read more from you. Your personal and revealing side is wonderful. You should expand on your experiences.

What the actual fuck is this?

Let me catch my wife trying to cuckold me. I'mma bring a prostitute to the house, fuck her in the ass right in front of my wife, spit in my wife's face, and make her sign the divorce papers.

I read your whole article and pretty mucha agree with everything you said. Creating different alts for different genres is time consuming and who has time to manage two accounts? Easier to just develop a thick skin for the comments. Though I gave 5 stars, one suggestion to improve this article would be your thoughts on what you would like to see on the site to make the comment/author interaction process better.

I myself write in two genres (BDSM and Loving wives) and I can tell you BDSM has much polite, sophisticated and knowledgable commentators as a whole. With my Loving Wives series, I have two characters (two series) and one of them has lots of fans who will defend against hateful anon comments. The other - not so much! I do interact with some anon comments, but over all let them be.

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