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Brilliant List.

Thank you for writing it. It seriously pisses me off when people use the wrong word.

He has no control?

That's just stupid. Reach out and bitch slap her. End of story. This was awful.

The must unoriginal How To on Literotica.


what is the difference between WACC and RACC? Thank you.

Understand completely

My wife and I do this frequently. It started at my request but is due to the same circumstances as you two wich she finally acknowledged and I knew. Once it was out in the open and discussed she started having fun with it and enjoys it as do I . Her fantasy is to have the real thing but has been afraid to try. So for now she teases and I love it,with her thick black dildos that she enjoys as the substitute for a real man. Been married over thirty years and is better and closer than ever. Love your stories as they ring true for us. Please continue your writing.

Thank you.

I know jack all about construction but this was very informative.

How to

I will make my wife read these steps. Thank you.

Good advice

Another way to phrase that is "Trish and Jack sat on the blanket, watching the sunset."


Loved the essay. Today's young men think that pussy comes without hair. I was raised that all pussy has hair! I love pussy that looks like a grown woman. That smells like pussy and tastes like pussy. I love it before its fucked and after its been fucked. I will eat a creampie in a second. Ladies, if he won't eat it, he's not worth it. Be proud and strut that hairy bush!!!

Love It

That was perfect, and impeccably written too. It's ironic that this should all be pretty obvious to would be lovers...I certainly didn't have any instructions my first time and it just came naturally (pun intended). Although, you did elaborate and enlighten on some of the finer points of the art. But, to further boost my reputation, the sweet lass I was learning on said it was the first time anyone kissed her "there"...and the first time she ever had an orgasm from being mounted/penetrated afterward.

Hair? There's been hair down there since the beginning of time! I say lean in young men, the spoils go to those who face their fears of the unknown. The biggest upside to a "fury beaver" is no raw face from the whiskers of a shaved one!

You are psycho

First, a woman with such desires goes directly to garbage with me. If she's unable of trust and of empowering that relationship in clean ways, she is garbage herself.
Second, you (the author) should seriously think about a psy therapy. I'm deadly serious about that. You have fallen into a weird deviant way of experiencing sexuality, and i'm not even talking about love, because what you describe is just slavery with a stockholm syndrom added. Nothing more.

A reply to "Tick Tock"

After verifying your math I am forced to admit that you are quite correct but as it is well known in professional circles one does not "FIND" the time to do that which is important one "MAKES" the time to do so.

Personally, I delight to dine at my lover's snack bar so I shall MAKE the time to do so as often as she will let me. I encourage you to do likewise after all sleep is highly overrated.

tick tock

Yea, you are right about taking Time. However, you have not disclosed the desired repetition rate of the dining event. And just there lies the issue.
Should it occur as a prelude to every intimate occasion, or as a special event, say once a week or once a month? Weekends only?
To be fair, the gesture should be reciprocated by both partners.
Now, that reciprocated dining exercise normally may well exceed 2 waking hours per event.
Firstly take 3 hours travelling between the salt mine and home.
Then take minimum 9 hours occupied at the salt mine premises
Then take 1-2 hours a day in preparing, enjoying, and cleaning up after meals
Then take 1 hour total, morning and evening, for personal hygiene matters
Then take 2 hours, traveling included, for physical exercise, jogging or gymn
In between the last three items there may well be opportunity to bond with the kids or family, discuss the day's events, and generally unwind after interfacing with the world idiocracy. Barely time to help or assist the kids with homework or pier pressure issues.
Lastly aim for at least 8 hours sound sleep, otherwise you will not survive to dine at the Y for long.
Adding the time from the first to the last listed events, all 24 hours are taken up. That then excludes even normal intimate events and dining events as well.
I wonder how many hours of one's life, in general, are taken up being sexually intimate.

Ain't That The Truth

Thanks for an interesting explanation. You are so right about things being different for every jar head, wingnut, or swabbie. What I experienced in Viet Nam (DaNANG -Rocket City, USAF) was very different from what my brother USMC Artillery dealt with during his year in hell. To those who remember: Welcome Home.

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