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Plaza De Toros

Oh this was very erotic. The Matador plays Alexis with the skill of a bull fight. Teasing taunting leaving her hungry for more. I could feel Alexis's being swept along and her being set up for the conquest.

a perfect ending of a childhood to woman hood

With the new understanding of loving approval of a parent

A lesson for us parents


He should have taken Barb up on her offer.

I don't care how sincere Audrey was in her confession, she STILL did what she did, and there is too much water under the bridge, and now Barb has to suffer.

Barb and Bev

He should carry a concealed voice recorder and get evidence to play for their mother.

Well written and I liked it. BUT.....

As was stated, bringing a stranger in without prior consent does not sit well. I doubt that his wife would not accept a reversal, especially when it came to anal play. Yeah the protagonist liked it and didn't throw the the safe word flag but the entire event was essentially non-consensual. If this was wifeys celebration of pregnancy (why I hate fucking surprise parties) she owed it to him to reveal and introduce Mystery Woman. Especially when it appears that the play between the two women perhaps was not their first time.

And Tx Tall Tales, I like your writing but never realized you were such an OCD Internet Troll. Your nitpicking was juvenile and neither critical comment or review. That weak-ass shit should have gone in an email. #ASSWAFFLE


Can't locate chapter 20.....


Interesting story, wish we had gloryholes here in Sweden, but doubt there are any other than in the bigger cities. Quite realistic written, and very erotic.

A passing thought though; there is such a thing as not being able to fit in a womans mouth, A couple girlfriends haven't been able to open their mouths that wide, and I even measured my own mouth once. If I knocked out my teeth it would have worked, otherwise not.

If there is any truth to the story I wish you all the best with Houston. :)


powerful for the message if nothing else.


Didn't know what to expect,turned out hot and cute.


I Would wish for a hundred more chapter but I`m not in possition of Laresa ring but please please keep writing
thanks for the amazing stories

Another xelliebabex favorite!

Gosh, I can't believe it took me so long to read this story. Shorter in length than other xelliebabex's stories, 'For Her' was a nice change and a convenient option when I didn't have much time.

Don't let the story length fool you. The characters and dialogue made this more than an ordinary story about a wealthy bachelor trying to win back his true love.

There were some typos but I always lose myself in a great story.

not quite

This is not RAAC, a true RAAC is when the one that broke the relationship is taken back without any real remorse or penance or change on their part.

Had he taken her back when she could not even give him an explanation of why she did it then it would have been RAAC.


Congrats. This story was perfect. Five out of five. I don't give out a lot of fives. It is the perfect combination of BTB middle and RAAC ending. I think that is my favourite combination. You are a very good writer. The emotions were powerful. The characters believable. There was a lot of detail about their lives outside their relationship situation which I think makes for a better story. I am going to have to read more of your stories now that I have read Ohio's entire stock.


After reading the entire series, I can't help but want more. This was just a really amazing series, and I think I have a good idea for a sequel if sorts. In Pokemon Black/White,in the beach city whatsitsname You see Cynthia there in her vacation home, so that might be some good incentive. But if you do choose to lie thus series to rest, at least you gave it a good story, and a beautiful ending. Thank you.

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