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A fun read!

I really enjoyed how Lisbon learned how much she loved Gabriel!

Wrong Tool Good Story

It;s very easy to take the head off of a pickaxe. Just bang the butt on the ground one or two times, & it slides right off. An axe on the other hand takes a good bit of work, & tools to remove the head.



Interesting change, one of your stories with an ending.Nice ending, nice story, five stars.

Not bad!

Was a not a bad story but I would suggest publishing it under nonerotic

Wonderful story

I read this when it first came out and it is just as good on the second reading. I really appreciate all the stories you share with us. Thank you.

Doug and Julia

This is one of my favorite stories. I've always hoped you'd do a follow-up story with them at a resort or similar. Lots of anal and spanking of course...

The title says ch 8. where are chapters 1 thru 7?

Became pretty silly at the end with the gunfight and all.
Author tried to infodump too much stuff, and it really strains the SoD.

The problem with this story?

You posted it under "Chain stories". Nobody is reading it. As of 7/16/18 it only had 9878 views and although it has a high score, it seems to be a shame more people won't read it. Thanks for the effort that's going to waste.

I had

a 59 Chevy that had a Powerglide transmission.

great story

Moved along so beautifully.

Great writing

lovely story

I like this one. Unusual and quirky. Well written too. I never heard of Slim Whitman, but from now on, this yarn will be going through my mind.

Thanks Pennlady.

great fun

I am new to this website, so I was too late to join in the fun. However, I had great fun reading the story. 2 hours well spent.

It sounds like the writers had a lot of fun as well.

Thanks for the amusing tale.

I hope to be with you next time

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