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Great story

Not that it makes any difference at all, but my take on Hephaestus is that his lameness came from his trade, a smithy disease. Bronze is made of copper and tin, but the earliest form of bronze is an alloy of copper and arsenic, and smelting it produced arsenic fumes in the smithy. Arsenic poisoning in low doses can cause peripheral neuritis with loss of function in the extremities. Arsenic bronze wasn't used much after 2,500 BCE, so I've always thought this dated the roots of the Hephaestus myth to before that.

So, just as the mad hatter refers to an occupational hazard of working with felt 500 years ago, the lame smithy, I suggest, also references an occupational hazard. No OSHA back then.


The best brother sister incest story yet. Damn, if only I had one such sister 😁


Your story was wonderful on a couple of levels and it was all joined together seamlessly. Like it really happened. The quoting of the song lyrics was a stroke of genius! Well written and thank you.

Gave it a five, however...

There were only a few details that needed clearing up. What ever happened to their supposed friends who covered for her? It stands to reason that they were persona non grata after the party. How his pouring the beer all over the carpet and basically calling the guys wife a slut and him a cuckold wimp didn't serve as a wake up to her I don't understand. How exactly did she know that he could go back if she stopped seeing shithead? Had he told the children about what happened or had his wife? What were their reactions I wonder.
One last thing, since he put the album to burn, he should have or could have told her "why are you saving it, the marriage means nothing to you anyway since you've torched it, and I am gone so let it burn!".

Still overall, it was one of your better stories. Thanks for the offering....

So Hot!

This entire series is one of the best I've ever read, period


I have to say it was alright, I am not into 2 guys doing it but it was alright

A Frame Story...!

A frame story. (Story within a story, like a picture frame.) Tricky and a bit old fashion. Not many try this anymore. But done well the are a fun read. Author and reader both aware that this is intentional entertainment. A dip of the pen to you Penn.

Just God awful

He believed it was his kid without a DNA test? Could anyone be THAT dumb? And marry her? Not in a million years. Badly done with a horrible ending.


Buddy you're an amazing writer and I'm such a huge fan of Pokemon I loved this. Thank you.

Too sqicked for me.

I liked the idea of the kids finding out about the impending affair and taking action to stop it. The brother/sister action got me nervous, when you added mom to the mix, I had to bail. Thanks for sharing, just wasn't my cup of tea.

Breaking Kayfabe

I have been there. Other than the sex story its a pretty accurate look behind the curtain.

And just for those who don't know, Ramblin' Ricky Rhodes was the name that Ric Flair asked Dusty's permission to use as a rookie carrying Big Dust's bags. Rhodes told him to be himself. History is made.



Great description, really filling out the story. x

stupid fucking bob

You suck. Nice story until the last paragraph. You fucked it up you fucking inbred mongloid fucktard. One star for this piece of shit.

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