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Nice, very nice.

A very touching story. It is a rare find on Lit, but once in a blue moon one like it pops up that can really grab the reader.

Liked it.

Taken in total this was a we'll written, entertaining, and enjoyable yarn.

Sucked Big Time

Hated the story. He turned into what he hated the most. A FRIGGIN CHEATER!!!


I would of used the so called, "safe word" as-soon-as she started to restrain me. Gotten a couple of suitcases, and packed my bags and left....let her try and figure out why..

Cucked Good?

Really liked the story, until she comes back into the picture, then he goes from being a man to a cuck.
Believing that after 6 months she hadn't slept with him or anyone else, is just plain stupid.
She destroys his life in his country of birth and he just takes her back!

Alas, Anonymous 8/12/13, but I have a PhD and, even though I don't use a lot of big words or work in a lab, I've had women lose interest quickly because they thought they weren't "smart enough." It happens. Actually, getting a PhD says more about being too dumb to quit than about being all that smart.

I love the shout out to the kids' book. It was a favorite when my daughters were growing up.

Does not make any sense.

He's living a hermit but has two chairs. How did she find him. Why did he buy her a meal. Why did he owe her and apology for living his life as normal when she barges in on him. He start out ok and you turn him into a damp wimp!


I'm so horny right now I just want to fuck someone

Grand epos

Great chain, thx for your efforts. Hated the demise of some of the cast, it did make the story tick and draw the heart strings. Grand!

Who cares what 'manly' exploits Hercules did outside Ompahle's Court

Love to hear more of the humiliations he endured as mere feminized ex- macho male hero now serving girlishly at 'women's work' while now only HALF THE STRENGTH OF ALL THE OTHER HANDMAIDENS!


Perfectly paced, beautifully spun story. I loved it.


Always a tough question to answer because the more pressure you put on the
question the uglier the replies get. Perhaps in the end a brain tumour would be a better explanation. She did seem a bit young for the big A.

complete dumbass

he was completely a dumbass for taking her back,He should have told her to hit the road and married Amy instead .she made a fool out of him again, who's to say that the boy-toy is not the father of her kids without a DNA test, not to mention she made a fool out of him again by trapping him into marrying her again by not telling him she went off the pill and getting knocked up thus, ensuring that he would marry her again, also giving her a 500 dollar a week allowance to piss away that did it for me, I give this story 0 stars, no one that fucking stupid

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