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The problem with this story?

You posted it under "Chain stories". Nobody is reading it. As of 7/16/18 it only had 9878 views and although it has a high score, it seems to be a shame more people won't read it. Thanks for the effort that's going to waste.

I had

a 59 Chevy that had a Powerglide transmission.

great story

Moved along so beautifully.

Great writing

lovely story

I like this one. Unusual and quirky. Well written too. I never heard of Slim Whitman, but from now on, this yarn will be going through my mind.

Thanks Pennlady.

great fun

I am new to this website, so I was too late to join in the fun. However, I had great fun reading the story. 2 hours well spent.

It sounds like the writers had a lot of fun as well.

Thanks for the amusing tale.

I hope to be with you next time

Stupid and not interesting.

I read a lot of literotica and this is terrible and I wonder why it is even on here.

RE: Anonymous opinion "Too long"

"Too Long. Too much of a fantasy. I realize that people do things because "they can" but that is not an excuse for stupidity. I also realize that, once a break occurs, it should be irrevocable."

In YOUR opinion, obviously not in the eyes of many other readers.

Perhaps you'd prefer to limit stories to 140 characters or less because you're too poor to pay attention.

So I guess Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and pretty much anything Disney has ever done doesn't sit well with you either because they are too fantastical?

Just exactly "what" would you consider an acceptable excuse for stupidity?

Just because YOU "realize" something, that does not mean that works for everyone. My wife of nearly 22 years and I went through a terrible period about 10 years ago. We were separated and in divorce court. Only by an incredibly "stupid" but well intentioned act on my part did we get back together and our marriage is stronger now than ever.


You’re use of descriptive words is mastery! Thank you so much for sharing. Great story.

While is was probably very entertaining to write . . .

it wasn't my cup of tea to read. Too silly w/o being funny and too incoherent.

I Love it...

This is like a story by Mad Libs Or Whose Line Is It Anyway. "Your story MUST include an Elephant, Naked Clown, someone in a biohazard suit, a bulldozer in a Pool,and a Dwarf w/ a strapon!" As I write this I tend to agree that this sounds like OHIO

"Don't Bogart that joint my friend...

pass it over...

Man like I got it! Well not all of them, but I knew I had two. I went back and reread some of Girl in the Moon, "one of my favorite writers", and I just knew I had her! I was pretty sure about B&R too. I'd gone back and read part of Q's "B&B" so I felt good about "Q". The rest was just me guessing. The problem with HDK is he's got so much and he's all over the place so he's hard to track. Stev2244 is too new for me to do any thing else but guess. To be honest, I thought I'd gotten Jezzaz. Oh well, maybe next time...

I feel real good. I knew I had the two ladies.

All in all I had a good time. Anyone who didn't is just an asshole.

Jedd Clampett

Right. We blame Todd for causing this madness by surprising us with a quite "colorful" and irresistible starting scene. Everybody was in on it like stink, even though most of us had never done anything even remotely as insane. I'd be surprised if we'd get the Nobel Prize in Literature, but it sure was great fun. I had a comfortable position at #5 and always pitied the poor guy/girl having to write the final chapter. Jezzaz foolhardily even asked for that position and came up with a brilliant conclusion. Thanks to all, it was a great experience.

Oh well

I only got Blackrandi right. Doesn't matter though loved the story. Really enjoyed the pop culture reference and what inside jokes I could understand. This was funny on several levels. It had something for everyone from slap stick to cerebral.
Thanks again to all of you.

Todd started this fiasco. Personally,

I found his start to be extremely clever and funny as hell. The rest just fell into place. All writers did a great job and Jezzaz was amazing in bringing it all to a conclusion. These guys are good and it's an honor to post something with them.

We did promise to reveal who wrote what.

So, here we go:

Chapter one was written by Todd172
Chapter two was written by Harddaysknight
Chapter three was written by Qhml1
Chapter four was written by Oshaw
Chapter five was written by Stev2244
Chapter six was written by blackrandl1958
Chapter seven was written by Girlinthemoon
Chapter eight was written by Jezzaz

Thank you all for reading and for trying your hand at our little game. We had fun, and we hope you did, as well. No one got it exactly right, but some were close. We will dedicate a story to everyone who guessed, the closest getting special mention. Likely, the next story you will see from many of us will be July 4, so, unless we decide to do something before then, thanks again, and we will see you around the site. NITM.

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