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This is a Story, It's just a story. The names have been invented to protect the innocent. I liked it as he ended up with two women and single... So, he knocked his ex up, He could easily have knocked Amy up too and had a polygamus relationship with both. The hiring of Randy was a little too much but then again, this is just a story.

A really nice twist to the story.

I like how you took the story in a different direction, with less focus on the magic.

Great story!

I love how once her poor memory was fixed, Brigid proved to be an intelligent and shrewd woman.

Kind of an uneven story

Too many characters had too many ups & downs, too mant flip flops.
Can't give it more than a 3 or 4.
Good thing Hathaway didn't call him a wimp. I guess?

good story

Don't ask why, but I did like it. I have never had incest thoughts about family members, but this was a hot piece.

Fantastic as usual.

I came to Laresa's world because you've written some of the chapters, and I'm not disappointed.

PUNCTUATION!!!!!!! The are NO quotation marks anywhere, if this is a CONVERSATION they should be everywhere speech is, there's none. Why is this even in romance?

How could I not give high marks to someone who knows who Etta Baker is?

I lived close to Miss Etta, although by the time I got to know her music she was in her declining years. Could still hit a lick though. Your knowledge of the blues is impressive, driving me to listen to songs I hadn't thought of in years

Oh, and I really liked the story, the interplay between the words, the music, the time and the place setting the perfect scene. Etta would be proud.

Thanks for the read,



What a great story, seamless flow, very well told. Thank you.


RAAC bullshit! Nuf Said!


Great story... Gave it 5 stars... even though I can't justify him apologizing for shit. She's responsible for ALL of it and is Goddamned lucky that he stopped her or there would NEVER have been a way back. What she described as 'justification' was equivalent to raping a friend's wife or daughter because you have a safe place and a foolproof disguise.

As for when she showed up unannounced....
No way in HELL would I apologize for fucking my onceaweek pussy, just because the cheating bitch who'd destroyed everything that I'd ever loved, dreamed of and worked for showed up out of nowhere. The natural reaction for any normal man would have been to instantly send her ass packing. (but we have to remember that the author is spinning a fairy tale) His attitude was "Fuck her." and, for the way she'd treated him and for her planned betrayal, he was dead right to feel that way... which is why he took his cleaning woman into the bedroom and had his pipes cleaned.


When I was a kid, just the GUILTY PUNK got expelled.... not the punk AND his/her victim but, clearly, that made too much sense to Socialist Democrats and the Fucking Socialist Teacher's Unions. When are people going to grow some balls, stand up to those arrogant assholes and defend the RIGHTS of those kids who did nothing wrong? If they grow up NOT GETTING JUSTICE... why will they be willing to GIVE IT TO YOU OR YOUR KIDS, when they're adults? We're getting shit from our school system because that's what they're cultivating.

Excepted from page 7: (principal's call to the attack victim's mother)
((( he needs to go home... He's not innocent, Mrs. Bridges, he may have instigated it..." Once again he pulled the phone away from his head, while Mom let loose.)))

Based on his charge, this dumb-ass principal should be sued for false prosecution. He knows perfectly well that the punk who called her daughter a slut was the fight instigator and that her son only verbally chastised him for it.
Furthermore, the rule of punishing the victims of an attack by arbitrarily sending them home is beyond moronic. In this case, I'd come back at the principal with... "So what you're saying is that if you murder someone and are convicted of it and I got wounded by a ricochet when you did it, I have to go to prison too? Christ on the Cross. Where do they find you fools?? It's no wonder that our school system has gone to hell."

Top 10!

One of the ten best stories I've read on Literotica!

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