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I just have to say this, I hate the way this is ending! I don't mind some BDMS but I actually hate this. You are an excellent storyteller and I love most of your other works, but not this one. A good Dom/sub relationship is about trust and I don't condone violence for Any relationship. Keep writing!!


Why did a hermit have two chairs
Why did he give her a beer
Why did he buy her lunch
Why did you not tell how she found him.

A great romance

I've read this story a few times and it never loses it's appeal. It's just a great shame that there isn't a continuation (at least that I've been able to find).


Interesting Story All The WAY!

When the other critics write fucktard, & bad story, etc. I can tell they have not lived. They have not experienced how twisted some peoples minds can be. I was in the military, stationed in the U.S., single, when I moved into this town next to another married couple, He had been stationed in Thailand for a year, came back with a falcon tatooed on his back, a Thai tree monkey, and an attitude. Man King, women slave. I personally witnessed him verbally abusing her. When she left him, he went for his gun, I intervened, he was arrested, they divorced. She later told me that he would bend her over the foot of the brass bed and anally rape her. So to those who berate these 2 stories, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED AND EXPERIENCED HUMAN DECADENCE! YOUR WORDS INDICATE THAT TOTALLY!!! I give 5***** because of the complexity of the stories, characters, cheating, and all the other human bullshit!


it doesn't bode well for the pair, TK U MLJ LV NV

I liked it 😊


A Tale as few others I have read on this site. I find it very interesting how so many Authors can keep a Tale rolling on the same story line. Please keep up the good work.....all of you.

Good start.

Of a Tale I am sure I will enjoy since you, "RedHairedandFriendly", are involved in it. I look forward to reading this Tale.
Mahalo, Red.


Loved this story - great colourful scene-setting, a lovely flow to the narrative,great sex, and a neatlydevised ending. Thank you for a very enjoyable read!

You are one fantastic writer!

Where are the Americans?

Your story is a very funny take on international relations but where, o where are the meddling Americans with their finger in every oarlock and up every bung hole with their declarations that if it ain't American, it ain't good?


I see it progressively getting to b more and more. Sad


That is crap. There is so much wrong with this story. I would have bit the bitches clit off. Let her go to the hospital and explain that. And wife would be close to divorce. I know some of you would think that is wrong. But this was RAPE. To hell with them. This

awesome story, great to have help.

An interesting development.

I liked the gentler tone of this chapter.

Some feedback: several times you misspelled Afsoon's and Farisa's names, which I found distracting.

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