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great finish

ive never finished a long story like this on literotica but this one compelled me to do so. i hope you keep up your strong literary style and intriguing story lines


i never had this as a fantasy until i read this. this story is the tits! good god


this story is awesome so i had to let you know! im surprised you dont have more comments

I don;t know. he told at the party he knew what was going on, and she still followed through. That chick was dumb, and humiliating him at the same time. She finally wised up, but too much had happened. too much disrespect

More chapters

The end is ok but needs continuation. Add some more chapters up till the Queen eventually cheats on the king having pure and pleasurable sex with another person from yhe village of her upbringing.. Making the story showing her unforgettably and loving villiage life..

A story of unfinished possibilities

But as I understand it, this particular story will never be continued? Which is too bad. I don't like that he feels "resigned to his fate". And I would like to either find the wife or at least understand her motivation to start this game. Too many unanswered questions. I don't want a continuation of the general story. I want a finish to THIS story.

great story

regarding his "cheating". he had been gone from their home and marriage for nearly 2 years. she is the one who emotionally left him and their home. he brought gabrielle into his life long after the marriage had been killed by a woman he no longer knew to be his wife.

an interesting discussion piece

but not particularly stimulating, either intellectually or physically.

I hope

when the park officially re-opens
Blue Steel invites the cop who was so rude. It might do him some good.

everyone should have a monica

a swing, and a merry go round.

what a beautiful story

thank you.

Interesting twist on the FAWC picture

considering the content and the contest I am puzzled by what the Lit Bot thought were similar stories to this.

oh well, off to read some of the other entries in F3

Not abandoned, Not unfinished

This story was part of FAWC 3, a friendly challenge between writers, done anonymously. This particular challenge had strict parameters within which the writer was required to remain. I think the story was delightful. It was one huge tease.

As noted by the author in the introduction to the story: (Inspiration for this and all FAWC 3 stories was taken from a single picture . . )
(The tags for this story are FAWC, Exhibitionist, Voyeur, Role play, Diving, Island, Spying, Vacation, Resort, Business)

It included elements of all the required Tags and was spot on.

If you are curious, do a search on F3 and read the other entries in the challenge. It might surprise you how different they all are.

btw, I too am curious what happened the next day(s) perhaps we should lobby TTT to let us know, now that the contest period has ended.

very creative

and entertaining

thanks for the fun read

While a tad overdone

I liked this ending better than Bob's. Now if we can just start a club where every author takes a turn at finishing one of JPB's multitude of unfinished stories we might be done in about 5 years.

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