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To me, this chapter seemed to come out of left field. It doesn't jive at all with how I understood the characters to be from the earlier chapters. Bailey was supposed to be beautiful but shy, especially around Tom whom she'd had a crush on for a long time. And Tom was supposed to be the jokingly risqué but ultimately good, caring guy that would put more value into a woman he was truly interested in. At least, that was my take.


I have to admit that I didn't want to stop reading until I found out what happened! I usually read a story or two then move on to something else but this one had me captivated! Well done! Oh and I also agree that although technically he cheated on his wife, he wasn't even sure they were married anymore. I understood what he was saying when he didn't want to change his routine just because she found him. That said, damn! I am an asshole sometimes but wouldn't have been able to screw the cleaning woman with my (possibly ex-)wife just outside, waiting for me! That was about as low down and dirty as her getting dressed up to go screw that young guy!

part one of three

From the top of the first page:

"This is an introduction to the story of Cam, Sierra and Iris. It's part one of three, so there's no conclusion here."

This is an abandoned story.
Very nearly two years later.
The writers name has been revealed.
The contest is over, but still no conclusion.
A real pity as it is one of the more interesting story starts on here.

Why have a part one of three if there will not be part two or part three?

Story = ok. But sex scenes? Wtf


Ok, for you budding writers of erotica. Next time you're about to have sex, please tell your partner "I'm about to push my thrusting cock into your wet heat and you should blur your hands over your sopping bud so you cum". See how that works for you and then get real.

Marrying Barb would have been a pretty good way to take care of her, it seemed to me her mother was mostly afraid that her daughters would end up like her and being left single and pregnant.

A good story gone bad...

but you could redeem it with the ultimate BTB...he just said all that to fuck up her new relationship with bossman and after watching her tear up the divorce papers in front of him and taking her home...he lets her know he was just kidding about wanting to try again. "See, we can both pretend to love somebody."


great finish

ive never finished a long story like this on literotica but this one compelled me to do so. i hope you keep up your strong literary style and intriguing story lines


i never had this as a fantasy until i read this. this story is the tits! good god


this story is awesome so i had to let you know! im surprised you dont have more comments

I don;t know. he told at the party he knew what was going on, and she still followed through. That chick was dumb, and humiliating him at the same time. She finally wised up, but too much had happened. too much disrespect

More chapters

The end is ok but needs continuation. Add some more chapters up till the Queen eventually cheats on the king having pure and pleasurable sex with another person from yhe village of her upbringing.. Making the story showing her unforgettably and loving villiage life..

A story of unfinished possibilities

But as I understand it, this particular story will never be continued? Which is too bad. I don't like that he feels "resigned to his fate". And I would like to either find the wife or at least understand her motivation to start this game. Too many unanswered questions. I don't want a continuation of the general story. I want a finish to THIS story.

great story

regarding his "cheating". he had been gone from their home and marriage for nearly 2 years. she is the one who emotionally left him and their home. he brought gabrielle into his life long after the marriage had been killed by a woman he no longer knew to be his wife.

an interesting discussion piece

but not particularly stimulating, either intellectually or physically.

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