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Are you thinking "log horizon" style with the attempted realistic party set up? Or something more "legendary moonlight sculptor"/"sao" where protagonist has god tier powers with just a support harem? (Lms isn't as bad as sao in my oppinion, but ... debates)
Game wise, are you trying to stick to the more fantasy genre? Or with some guns will it turn into an intresting syfy/fantasy mix with some not only demonic tech but possibly angelic/demonic combo, will the earth government be after our protagonist - thinking he's an alien? Will there be any space adventures where another religion (scientology would be a fun thing to poke at but not sure how fleshed out that story thread could go) has it's alien hell.

I can rapid fire ideas on this topic all day, but I strongly suggest you slow down with the powers for a decent length read - unless you Bleach out his powers every time he stands on top to keep the story interesting.

Ranting over, I'm interested and very curious what path this story follows


Definitely not giving it a chance. Fuck this pedophile.


You really delete comments about hot dogs in the 28th century? Whyyyy?

Chapter Length versus Frequency

This 2 pager was a nice size and it allowed you to leave us wanting with another cliff-hanger!

If size this will aid you in your writing, I am all for it.


Holy shit dude....This is one of the most amazing stories I've ever had the pleasure to read. I can't wait to see what happens next :). Keep doin' what you're doin'.

If Xee's emoticon added more backslashes, ..."

'/' is a slash, or if more precision is needed, a forward slash.
A backslash is '\'.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backslash

Thank you

Thanks for all the positive feedback as for your comment darkdesire230 the orginal idea i had was he was going to create golems and give them artifical souls but the idea of artifical demons does seem interesting thank you for that ill keep running it through my head. If anyone else has ideas please let me know. Always want to hear my readers suggestions.

A suggestion and question

This is a great story but I have an idea for later. You probably already have this planned but can Marcus create his own demon later?

Very Interesting

Fascinating Subject. ...... Fascinating Story.
I did some research and came to realize the Science Basis of this 'Science Fiction' story makes it deliciously , remotely, possible.

Really Great concept.! love it.

Needs, however, a good editor.

Great job...

It follows the rest of the storyline perfectly. I just felt that this piece of the story was a bit rushed. I still have it saved under favorites though, looking forward to more.

A rather defensive grattitude

I think the work that the author has put into giving us a character driven, entertaining story with a complex plot and background is worth whatever time it takes them to post their work.
I can see cantfightfate's POV, but I'm more inclined to look at the fact that we, the readers, are owed absolutely nothing by the authors who put forth all of the effort, and share all of their time and talent so that we can simply enjoy such generosity without being Required to give anything in return.
Yes, a minuscule portion of readers give feedback - a paltry margin of which is constructive.
Yes, some authors go on to publish, yet I'd wager that the vast majority are simply exercising their creativity when they have the time and inclination.

All of that to say, Thank You LifeonVil for sharing your time and talent.
I'll return every so often to check on the status of the story of Rose and her Master - not with antagonism when I must continue waiting, but rather with anticipation for when the next chapter is ready.


Did you give up on the story?
The longer we wait the less we're interested to carry on hoping to read further, PLEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When is chapter 7 going to be released? I know it's finished so please don't make us wait to much longer as we begin to forget the story line


I'm very happy this chapter finally came and see you say 23 is with the editors, I just hope we don't have to wait so long for the future chapters.
It's a very good story and in the same ranks as Tefler's Three Square Meals, keep it up and please continuous.

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