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This just make me explode in emotions, since page 10 i was clinging to monitor nearly punching it through with raw emotion. Such is this story and your writing. Thank you.

Come back.

I really hope you're not done with this story line. :)

What Happened to the Baby is Explained

To answer the previous question about where the baby went, it's explained in the story. Jolie came into the harem with the baby nurse, Poula, and Poula took the baby and left the room just before Jolie starts yelling at Arik.

An excellent story, and I reread it every couple of months or so. I hope you continue writing. I'm a longtime fan!


just finished 70, wow its long. no cliffhanger ;p .

71 next week :)

There is page breaks in the original word document I posted to the moderators. I dont know why they copy pasted it this way.

A bit dark

But good. Interested to see where it goes from here.

Fantastic Story

I loved the ending of this story. I found myself connected to Mike and Melody as characters. I would have guessed before hand Melody standing judgement because she was a genie and not 100% human, so it was a nice twist to put Mike on trial. Good job and keep writing

Thank you

Have loved the entire story so far. My only complaint is it is so addictive . You are truly a gifted writer. Thank you for throwing in the part where Faye went back to rereading Carlo Collodi . Makes me think that sometime soon even she will become a real girl. Keep up the magnificent work.

Page Breaks!

I'm really enjoying this story, but you REALLY need to include some form of break to differentiate betweem different parts of the story. Maybe a line, an extra space or chapter titles. This went from chatting with his sister to flirting with Tina with no distinction!


A cliffhanger, not nice of you :p

I have really enjoy'd your world!
Keep it coming......
You've kept so many fun plot doors open its great...


I don't suppose someone's mentioned that there's a real retired Admiral John Blake of the US Navy. Seriously.

Awesome series this!!

Anon, Re: interdiction beacons

The Pirates in Ch. 16 were being sold fully tooled military hardware by a corrupt officer. This is (hopefully) not a normal occurrence.

That said, basing plans on the assumption that interdiction beacons are beyond these pirates is probably unwise.

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