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Nice story

Good story with good plot. Looking forward to next chapter


@cittran: Thank you, I'm happy you found an expert and absorbed some of it. Though I am aware of everything you shared from my vacation to Gen Con last year, including the virtual table top sites. Two friends also looked at 5E and said pretty much that; sounds like a positive turn around! I am around a lot of RPG geeks whose experience totaled together spans centuries. ;) I'm too busy with my job and this story to play much with a regular group--but that doesn't mean the talk doesn't continue which directly helps this story.

@nasty_butler: Can't respond on the musing much as usual, only that Innathi is still waiting her turn to directly affect the storyline. You seem to understand the given situation well. Since you seem fixated on Anakin, though, allow me to name a few others with whom I could make my own argument for shared backstory/qualities with Cris-ri-phon: Hercules, Othello, Victor Frankenstein, The Punisher, Brutus, Conan the Barbarian, Travis Bickle, Elric of Melnibone, Mad Max, Oedipus, MacBeth, Michael Corleone, The Man with No Name, Lucius, Walter White, Lestat, Achilles... And they all have VERY different endings. ;) That's what the bonus story doesn't give you: the character's final arch/resolution.

@Speculation Anon: Heh. No hint with the Ancient Child only goes to show you how well Mourn has been protecting this knowledge. Believe it or not, this ties in with some events in either chapter 27 or 28. On your question:
Quote: "How come Mourn in the dreamscape was so much stronger than Cris-ri-phon, while in real life he needed all the help from others?"
How come both Sirana and Auslan were so much stronger in the dreamscape, while they need help from others in real life? ;-) And no one has asked Mourn what happened after Auslan escaped--they know only that Sirana interrupted them (again). Although consider also: Mourn (still very young) was fighting or using magic in some form for two days straight before that particular face-off (so he wasn't 100%, but Cris could take his sweet time to show up), and in the dreamscape Cris had nearly bled out from the black vial--he wasn't 100% when he got tail-swatted.

Quote: "At this pace, it won't be this year when all this cathedral collapses ..."
I've already resigned to that (to do it right). And you've brought up good reasons why all of that (and more) can't be resolved in the next six months of story time. Some of this is happening in "god-time" (decades, centuries...these past 2.5 years have been an eyelash flutter.). Some of what I've set up would have to be its own series after we've jumped ahead some time (something I'm considering after a break). What I WILL resolve in a year-ish is Sirana's mission on the Surface--but the effects of this trip to the Surface will be felt by many for a very long time afterward.

Technical suggestion

I would not post this normally but you keep asking for advice and I believe that I have some to give. While it is not technically incorrect, you keep using certain words or phrases throughout this series in particular the word "smirk" and the phrase "shot back." I would suggest using different words with the same or similar meaning to add some variety to your work. A thesaurus really comes in handy for such situations. Once again, just a suggestion. I hope you find this helpful!

Great chapter

Glad you're back as well and thought this chapter was interesting. Jeannette's darker side is coming out which is really interesting how this will all turn out. I really like all the orc stuff in this chapter since it's just the sort of stuff I expect and like about your stories. It'd be interesting to find out how different orc factions have different sets of goals and expectations with what they would want from the human kingdoms. I do like darker aspects of this story but overall just want something that's always interesting and leaves me hanging.

Good job overall and keep doing what you're doing OrcDominion! Don't feel pressured by timetables as I can wait forever for something that is ready rather than rushed.


Honest,sexual, meaningful and hot!

Good story

Take your time . Rushing it will not make it complete .

Question for finalstand

You mentioned a story over 400,000 words with Russia and internment camps in the U.S., what is the name of that story and where can I find it if not on literotica? I am a big fan and have read quite a few of your series, keep up the good work.

Story alone worth it!

I'm skipping the sex to read the embedded sci-fi.

This story would be good enough with less sex, but it's great with it.

Excellent chapter!

I really like how the story has a really interesting direction now. I really can't wait to see what Mrs. Hatfield's corporation ( does it have a name?) is really up to. I just get turned on by the possibility of how much power they will have over men. This is definitely turning into one of my favorite stories on this site.

I do think the parts with John being a submissive sissy slut was a bit overdone. Maybe i'm just not so much into that as much as the power aspects of it.


I'd argue after that bonus story he's even more Anakin now than before. Even as bad as the prequels were, his mother was butchered by Tusken Raiders and his wife and children were killed (as far as Anakin knew) causing his fall. Cris wasn't a "good" guy most likely before that point, but the storylines are similar. Just sayin, :)

Innathi isn't going to just kill Ishuna and walk back into the sunset. Tarra's body is what...3-400 years old, she has potentially millennia to live. There's no way Innathi just gives up the throne without being killed, and without Soul Drinker which Innathi must possess to possess Tarra, is there anyway for Sirana, Mourn or Jael to take her down? She claims to be a demigod...you might need Lethrix to remove a rejuvenated and young Innathi from the throne.

Yes, I've thought about this WAY to much.

Etaski, you are building wi(l)der and wi(l)der world! The Ancient Child was a real surprise out of the blue ... no real hints before (and you like to hint a bit :-) ).
How come Mourn in the dreamscape was so much stronger than Cris-ri-phon, while in real life he needed all the help from others?

Can't wait for the Underdark events ... can't wait for Gaelan ... arghhh!

Speculation (nasty_butler) regarding Innathi:
- yes, most probably it will be her who will kill Ishuna
- but Innathi is old blood, like Cris-ri-phon, there is no place for her with the Drow now
- there is also need to get rid of Cris-ri-phon somehow, he already overstayed on Muirag too much
- most natural (etaski-like? :-) ) would be for those two to somehow annihilate each other
- Llolth will somehow have to be dealt with as well, probably ... (and Elven equivalent as well) ... maybe the Lost Sisters will have their say in that?
- but who will lead the Drow then? Shyntre's parents? Mourn & Jael? Both are crazy/unlikely ...

At this pace, it won't be this year when all this cathedral collapses ...

The traitors

I am not sure there will be enough ways to describe how the one who was damaging all the weapons will be treated if Elunara and Gorgek catch the person. If they are smart they will request a transfer back to Stormwind as soon as possible.


Your right about the needle penetrating her, I will definitely change that when I give the story one last go over before it's published in the ebook Anthology it's going into. I'll probably change it to another gas attack.

And yes, in this setting being exhausted can weaken them. Although things are not really super consistent, their powers and limitations sometimes change to fit the sex. right now I structure the story around the sex scenes. I'll probably keep doing that but I appreciate the push to make the none-sex parts of the story flow better.

Just started this a few days ago. Love it.

Thank you for writing this and updating as you do. I have read from the 1st chapter and have enjoyed this. The scene changes can be confusing at times, but the story is great. My hat off to you.

The Note?

Whatever became of that note that was in the box with Lumiosa's lamp when Matt first received it? He couldn't read it then, but now he has two genies to help him if he can remember what he did with it.

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