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Amazing story, as always! I totally ship Ia and Brist. Have you ever considered starting a Patreon? You're without a doubt my favorite erotica writer, and I wouldn't mind throwing you a few bucks a month.

Great chapter to a great story.

I wonder if that troll of yours is the same one who sent me an email after a positive comment I made about a story, not one of yours but a good story none the less. He told me I didn't know anything about a relationship between a man and a woman and obviously had trouble understanding what I had read. He or she said I needed to put my teeth back in and read the story again so I could understand it better. Where was he when I was in college? That advice would have been invaluable back then.
You have to know you are doing something right when the name calling starts. It's irritating to have to put up with that stuff but maybe his Mommy will bring him a hot pocket and some hot chocolate down to the basement and he can chill out.

That said, I really enjoy your stories. They are well thought out, well written and have just the right amount of sex and action/adventure in them to hold anyone's interest. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to the next installment.


5 Stars...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories. This is another great chapter and very easily worth 5 stars. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Chapter 7??? But isn't it chapter 6 that's to be released !!!

I really love this universe

Sorry that you had to deal with a troll, but keep up the good work. I suppose I could guess at what might bother someone, but sometimes a story method or language or plot thar challenges you is also what helps make it great. And that goes for the reader and the author.

Great story

dont let the whiners bother you it has been a great story if they dont like it they dont have to read it but the vast majority off us that do love your work

I'm With the Old Romantic

I hope this series is as much story telling as it is sexuality
We'll see


I'm not sure I agree with you about any of the Maliri being able to get a triple dosage of John juice, it would be like shock-dosing your swimming pool with chlorine, it would take effect quickly, but would be over just as quick and with the entire Maliri regency present at Genthalas, they would deplete most of the water stores in a matter of days if not replenished and as of yet none of the engineers have had any effect on John
I also believe that it's up to the Maliri Recency to change their society, not to expect a third party like John to do it for them, no matter how omnipotent he may be/seem, it's the age old argument of nature or nuture
On to Athena/Faye, they are opposite sides of the same coin, Athena cannot be downloaded to an AI server because she is a spiritual and psychic construct as much as Faye can be given a human body, However; through the use of stem cells and cloning a body may be able to be grown for Athena; And Rachel with Dana's help could construct bio-robotic bodies for Faye, they could be Faye-bot's, no need for drones, and I think John trusts Faye by now
Think the final step in ship-board security, nano Faye-bots!!



Great Chapter

Ignore that annon dude, I really enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work.

@ favoritespost_masturbatory_shamelord

Impregnation is not something I tend to put in my stuff very often, but since its been requested I'll be sure to start slipping it into options in my current stories. I've got three of them up and running on my website right now for this series. Lit doesn't like posting links, but you can just google "philo hunter erotica" to find it.


Why put lasers on the drones? Why not use kirrix Neutron beam cannons on them? & when are the other girls going to get there powers?.


It switches from scene to scent too often. Is the lizard dude dead or not? Also, what is the signifigance of the mountain lion, ogre, wolf, pixie group?

Very interesting

Thanks for the entertaining and humourous story.

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