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chapter 16??

really great story, when is ch.16 coming?

I'd be in love, too!

You sway through knightliness, crudeness, humor and eloquentness in such a charming way!

I love this story

I have to say, at first I didn't know how I would feel about a dominant female orc with a big cock but my cock definitely isn't confused. I really like the character Bologal and how she likes to be satisfied. Thank you simmaster for your wonderful story, I can't wait to see where it goes but not looking forward to it ending.



I have enjoyed this story. Every chapter has been rated higher than I've rated any other story on Literotica. However, while I understand that all tales must find a stopping point, this chapter matched the rhythm of the other chapters, until Bane finished cumming for the evening, and then the tone changed to "I'm tired of writing and want to end this".

Please continue! :D

the story is long and the build up makes you long for their inevitable encounter. i viewed this most recent chapter (chapter 2 pages 1-2) a month or so ago. and i forgot your name and story name. but i googled the story topic specifically in hopes to find it. please! :) i am eagerly anticipating its completion


New chapter will be up tomorrow. Hope y'all enjoy it.

Some just seemed particularly against the idea of Grogek being in a relationship with her.

Awesome start can we get some more

Awesome story. When can we expect some more please.

Sorry to have found this pause.

Good story, I hope I find it again when you post. What a fun site so many good authors and stories. I found yours in the similar stories section. So I'm wondering what is going to take place in the following chapters, brotherhood squashed, total freedom, partial acceptance. Good luck picking your path.
History is written by the winner or the powerful. Oh how did you get Madelines
orgasm off the page, first I've seen of that. It certainly deserves to have.
I thought it was wasted space....

Go Apollo

I agree with Apollo. Once you become so powerful that the government can no longer enforce their laws you become above it. That doesn't mean you can do whatever you want it it just means you have to rely more upon your own code of honor to know right from wrong than you do any laws.

Fair point

Cittran, I understand the general principle of why suspension of disbelief works the way it does. It just strikes me as odd, you know? A body part being too large is too unrealistic, but the presence of a tail is fine. It seems like a disconnect out of context. Anyways, sorry if I sounded overly defensive earlier.

But in the end, neither the commssioner nor myself wish to change the details, and I can't edit this one even if I wanted to. All I can do is add warnings of unrealistic anatomy and excessive cum to the next one. I would also add a note that it's a commission, but whenever I try the editors reject the story saying I can only post my own work. So I just have to say it as soon as I can leave a comment.

Devoid of all emotions

I would like to request that you use this phrase much more sparingly:
"With a _(voice/face/etc.)_ devoid of all emotion.."
You seem to like it. That is ok. But you use it too frequently.

It would be better if you mix it up a little. For example, you can use "stoically", "emotionless","bland", "blank look", or "an unreadable expression".

I was getting worried....

Given that the time since your last submission is (I think) longer than you have ever left before, I was getting worried that your health had finally imploded. Of course most other authors always take at least a month between submissions, so this is emphatically not a complaint.

It took me a few days since the story was posted to read it as I was in the midst of complete re-read of the series - this time reading all the comments (and rating with the obligatory 5 stars where I had been so keen to move forward the first time around that I had neglected so to do). Whilst so doing, it struck me how patient you were with commentators asking the same question asked by another on a previous chapter (e.g. "whose are the fourth and fifth pregnancies?"). I would have become impatient and just referred them back to your original answer. Not you - you patiently go over much the same ground again. You are a very special human being, FS.

I was also irritated (and sometimes incensed) by the large number of people who want to dictate the form of your tale. For example the plethora of 'less politics' moans. You always (since the complaint was first made, at least) warn that a history dump is upcoming so those who dislike knowing what is happening in the wider world can just skip. Personally, I think the tale would be much weaker without the background. And, to those who get confused with the plethora of characters - well, so do I sometimes but Nut Ranch has that handled for us. I would not want to choose which of the wonderful creations of your imagination to condemn to oblivion.

As for the trolls - well, best not to feed them.

Thank you for a wonderful story. I will be getting the Amazon versions as soon my new debit card arrives (had an issue recently). Do you post elsewhere? And, if so, will Lit allow you to tall us?

And, by the way, thanks to Nut Ranch and your editors for their contributions as well.

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