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Loved it!

As a fantasy writing Texan.. Great story. Plot holes only matter if suspension of disbelief fails. You didn't fail. Please continue this. The characters are good and vivid.

Good so far

For female to male i can see it being done by breast milk.My only question is can people with the quest have children cause i can see that being a good think but if they can't that would be the end of the great evil..


You guys should stop making comments... youre delaying the next chapter!

I'm just thinking 'bout the poor love-sick sod left back at the palace. He must be convinced forever that his attempts at love-making was enough to drive a visibly straight female slave to become, not only gay, but so feverish to become lesbian that she would actually steal a fuck-toy from the harem to amuse herself with as she escaped to put as much distance between herself and his loathed cock as possible. Poor sod.
Lovely story. Very much so.
Thank you very much.

John is submissive, Alyssa is power-hungry

John is submissive
While waiting for chapter 53 and 55, I decided to reread the entire series. I seen a pattern that began to emerge with John, he said he liked women that was submissive, but throughout the whole story John has been the submissive one except for when role-playing in bed and when he was the progenitor. For example, he gave Alyssa complete control over who came into his harem. This is a submissive act of letting someone else control him.
Even with Jade who was genetically designed to be a sex slave called him master he was repulsed by this and try to give her freedom.
When Dana told him about their minds been altered to be submissive to John, he went into deep depression and despair. This is also a characteristic of a submissive behavior.

Alyssa is power-hungry
1. Why did Alyssa want Edraele as a trail? I ask this question because she threw tantrum when Edraele announced herself as John’s matriarch. Thereby denying her the full power of Edraele house. For power.
2. Why do Alyssa want full access to John’s mind every second of the day? We know in the past she used John’s thoughts to manipulate his attitude in his decisions. And also make him somewhat submissive. Again for power.
3. Throughout the story Alyssa has had a strange for our notion to do certain things when it came to defending John and having the girls. At first I thought this was intuition, but in the last two chapters this was not the case. Alyssa also had an entity entering her to teach her how to use her abilities to protect John. This also happen in the fight with the evil progenitor. All of this she was able to remember, but when John thanked her for having him shield her mind and the girls, she had no recollection of doing this. What did the interface see in her mind that stopped it from leaving Alyssa the ability to steal shield their minds. Sounds like Alyssa has some hidden secrets that are author has not come forward with yet.

another stretch, in another direction,

an homage to a master done well.
Holes? Big enough to write a story in. Unfinished? I hope so.

on the subject of Precognition

for sci-fi genre junkies that have not read it i would recommend reading
the "Theirs Not To Reason Why" series of 5 books

To close for comfort

Jackson could of saved himself a lot of trouble if he had the ability of indifference with Charles, I mean he could of just shined him on. So the Rattok are the police, but is Charles the magician maybe. Now I now what Rachels collar is, jackson has more enemys than he can handle on his own. I don't think I can keep up once all 5,000, was it, players show up.
Our world is getting smaller every day isn't it, are you sure your not writting about the election in 2016.

i enjoy this story very much. cool sex scenes and just enough veriaty to keep me happy.

Drevan Special Ring: The End will take me a little while to finish i have to make alot of things happen so i can drag them all into the next story Title.

Wow compnerd so when will the next part be out i cant wait to see whats going on?

Ok guys just so you know if you would have read the comments on the last chapter you would have seen me say this is just the prologue.

Special Ring = Prologue

This story will continue under a new Title the future title has not been decided on yet i have 4 titles in mind and they will all be put at the end of.

Special Ring: The End

The readers will decide on the title of the continuation.

I love this story.

This is one of the best unbirth stories ever read!!

Oh man

Just as it was starting to get into a GOOD groove it ends. :-(

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