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Gave me a chuckle with that last paragraph.


I've truly enjoyed this series. Your writing and creativity have been top notch. However, this installment is just bad. Landing on an alien world without worrying about what might be lurking in the forest or water, or being completely unconcerned that her companion has not been seen or heard from for some period of time is totally at odds with Kitty's character in the rest of the series. I'm not sure if this is the last episode, but if your tired of it (understandable), rethink this installment and do the series justice. In any case, it is not close in quality to your work in the other episodes. I whish I could say otherwise.

Fucking awesome.

I love the way you made this chapter. The whole story is great even if it took you a while to get the storyline rolling further than just sex. I'm absolutely looking forward to the next chapter. One thing that had me absolutely rolling with laughter was the way Stacy told everybody off. That was perfectly placed in the story. I do wonder what the powers of the other children will be. You never told us what they were going to be. Other than that I say keep up the wonderful work.

Humanity, Fuck Yeah!

This series may be the most literal "Humanity, fuck yeah" I've ever read. Awesome! Keep it up, keep 'em coming, and other sex puns. :)

Wish there was more

Came for the sex, stayed for the story, never got the sex, still came out loving it and in a writing mood. Seems to happen a lot... I go looking for sex and end up with story! Although I've never been straight-up blueballed by the story before... Lol.

Great work!!

I really enjoy your Story please Keep up! I cant wait for the next Chapter.


Good job, well written

I wish I could experience this in real life
Contact me at phoenix23ninja@gmail.com if it is somehow possible
Make sure to mention this story

The autor certainly loves his percentages and numbers. That is a bit off-putting, together with Alvaro being the info-dump character for a majority of the story. It is however an enjoyable read, though the erotic parts are not at all central or important to the story.


I've read thousands of stories at this site. I've even submitted a couple. This is one of the best I've ever read. I'm not a big fan of serials, but I'd like to see more of "The Warlock". This has great potential, and yes, I'd like to see more of Olivia. It was anything but boring. Well written, witty, sexy, and clever. Encore... encore. Well done, mate!


Waiting with bated breath for Ch. 5, 6 and 7

I like the way you are doing this series...differently!

Great story...write it your way...I anxiously await each chapter. Keep 'em coming!

Great story—please continue

This is the second time I've read Dream Drive, and it was fantastic, as always. I cannot stress enough that you should continue this story.

I know that a lot of people have complained about the parallel Charles-themed story line. Regardless of whether you keep them as is, change them, or get rid of them altogether, I have this word of advice for you: whenever you have a parallel story, switch back and forth between the two storylines more often. It will help keep a reader on the edge of his/her seat, and it will help prevent either story (particularly the secondary story) from bogging down. In addition, it forces you to break up each story, which is helpful to the reader so that they know when there's a good stopping point.

Trying to make sense of both the arc of the story and the details, one warning given to Sirana springs back to mind: something along the lines of "Do not presume you will ever the know the full story".

You are doing a good job of keeping your readers in the dark and giving them bits of information to chew on to keep them hooked. Pardon me if I extend the parallel then, because what springs to mind about you now is something along the lines of "fucking dragon".

And yes, you may take it as the compliment it is intended. ;)


The viewpoint of a newborn non-human was pretty cool. Although it was a bit bland besides the cute factor.

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