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No this is on the right track

I don't think you should take not having many comments to be a bad thing. The story is well written and thought out. As far as people not liking scifi or long stories that doesn't seem to be true, most good stories have more story than sex. But that might just be my opinion.

Liked the ending

"Get the fuck away from my inn"


So are the Chosen like, fake knights with 'fucking' defined as a holy tenet? Or something?

I enjoy using offensive words and phrases in a non-offensive way. Cockmuncher is such a word. Also, an excuse to use “awkward boner”.

Damn good for a quick read

Good story. I loved the interaction between the pilot and AI. While not completely original, one of the best of the type I have read in a long time. Thank you

Love corruption stories! The only suggestion is have is spend a bit more time describing appearance

Uh...is there more?

This would be alright as a beginning, but as a stand alone story it leaves the reader seriously lost. There are so many unanswered questions about everything in the story, and it's downright cruel to get the reader interested in the story only to have it come to a very unsettling jarring halt.
My only major complaint otherwise was the obvious confusion about just who teased the girl about tripping. If Dom teased her why would the main character say karma is a bitch?
Seriously though, if you intend to write more then you need to let your readers know that you don't intend to tease them and that if they bear with you that they will get to read more of the story.

Please Write more. This is like unique series . Please continue this awesome series.

When's The next chapter coming. Can't wait for more. This is awesome.


It's a great story I have follow this series from the first chapter it have all been great but it would be even better if you could make them longer.

The best chapter of the series so far. Almost gave up on you


You have a good grasp on the English language, just the right amount of suspense and fantasy coupled with pleasure.

Glad you liked it...

I actually had some concerns about the crowd reaction/mob mentality scene, but decided to go with it. It seemed a little over the top at first, but a few other people thought it fit well with the storyline.

I'd really like more feedback, but I guess Sci-Fi isn't a big draw here, especially book length pieces. I'll be posting Book Three next week after all of Book Two finishes posting.


Hey!!! I remember this story!!!

I'm glad to see you're back and writing. Hopefully all is well. I haven't read the chapter yet but wanted to write a comment anyways. I need to go back and start at chapter 1 again.

See you soon !

OOOOOOHHH SHIITTTT!!!!! This story just got ratcheted up 10000 fold

I swear, this is one of the greatest lines I've ever read:
"For the prophecy was clear on this point: all would bow before the Outlander or be as wheat to the scythe."

I can't wait for the next chapter. Jack has really turned into a new person this chapter. I was already anxious to see how Jack would interact with the high-priestess. Now I am extremely anxious to see the interactions by this "new" Jack, especially during his nightly teachings because you know the high-priestess is going to intrude.

Further their boat is going to have a lot of new characters on it, both quasi-good and evil, so it's going to be a a fun roller coaster.

Thanks for posting!

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