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Amazon women

I swear mate every time I read this story the female cast of Wonder Woman would come to my mind. Probably DC managed to get the most gorgeous looking women for that movie lol.

Nice little cliffhanger

Why would there be a brimorian without scales... there should be no way for a Terran/brimorian crossbreed... hmmm .. really looking forward to the next chapter

Just finished my 4th(?) re-read

I still love this story of being trapped in a game, and I'm really looking forward to its continuation. I wish it was safe for work so I could recommend it to my friends and family.



Thanks for reading!

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Plot develops!

Love this chapter as always, things are happening now, how exciting! The mystery of the letters is a good one, was Senya so lost in lust he forgot to send them, or is Bobbin “taking care” of communication... Can’t wait for the next chapter!


In a way you are caught on the horns of a dilemma.
Do you slow the story down. Spend time on short stories that explain the technology and the character's biology. Knowing your more familiar and younger readers probably don't have the patience.
Do you just continue losing the less nimble ( like myself). The ones who have access to more polished science fiction but less time/ energy🤔?
I know I myself was exploring and noticed this story. Thought I would try it.
But I don't have the time or energy. With a paperback trilogy I read when work slows down. The non-fiction hard cover after dinner. And finally articles and stories on various sights.
Well, the fault is mine Twistedpleasures 😣.
Good luck, whatever you decide.


Ditto Ditto on the last comment.
Looking forward to more.

Page 7

This was one of the most hilarious you ever wrote. Thanks for the laughter. Still improving your skills, no doubt.

Chapter 3 will be longer

I'm still working out how many pages in Word=how many pages here on Literotica. But Chapter 3 will be longer--promise!

RE: Yazvan

i was refering to John's progenitor side.


Please do extend this engrossing piece fiction NIRVANA.... I don't usually go in for SCI-FI but I decided on mere chance that may have what I do read an abundance of lesbian porn stories. Though there was none. The telling was absorbing.


Re: John Blackhawk

"You NEVER EVER want to make fun of the mother of someone from a galaxy conquering species under any circumstances."
Are you referring to his Terran side or his Progenitor side because I think both could apply here.


Love this series! I was worried you wouldn’t continue the bath scene and I’m glad you did. There’s a lot stacked against Aran and I’m very interested in how he pulls it all off. I can’t wait to see the twins rescue too. So much going on and I love it!
P.S. thanks for the character titles

This is an interesting take on a sci fi story.

A whole race of ( natural ? geno-engineered ? ) futanari, who seem to be the distant descendents or inheritors of a highly advanced civilisation before them. Not exactly understanding how all of the ancient technology works, but having reached the stage of at least being able to get some predictable and useful results out of it.

I personally didn't find your writing hard to follow at all, it took a paragraph or two for my mind to tune into the dialect, after that I was fine. It's always the same when reading something with a strong cultural style embedded into it. I don't see that as a negative at all, quite the contrary.

Definitely I'm interested to see where this story is going. Futa isn't particularily my thing, but it doesn't bother me, so I'll be reading along for the duration

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