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Hi was just wondering if you could give us an expected word count for chapter 8 so we could have a rough estimate of completion data would great help counting down days thanks

All Smiles

What a great chapter. Honestly one of my favorites.

Jade's psychic blossoming and connection to John (Whaaat?). To see her now compared to some anime bimbo... This one is really loving her growing character! And what's crazy is that she's still growing in power. Maybe she'll develop some sort of psychic link similar to Sakura that can let her link to her Lenarran sisters? (As they are psychic creatures, could Jade sense their psychic imprints? Cant wait to see if Jade can help rescue her Lenarran sisters!)

Tashana and Alyssa's psychic battle. (Wooow!) Other than Prognitor John vs Alyssa back in the 50's (how far we've come), we really haven't had too much in the way of psychic duels. If that's just a taste of what we could see in the future, then I can't wait. As much fun as the conventional styled battles are, there's a greater sense of creativity and uniqueness to this fight (flame elementals and giant psychic hammers of doom? Awesome!) And Alyssa nonchalantly mentioning she was fighting with only 50 percent? Tashana's response was priceless.

The proposals (D'awwww!) Loved that John gave Dana and Alyssa a proper proposal, as well as finally proposing to Rill and Shan. I love ot that John's such a traditional and gentlemanly guy. And I laughed out loud when Faye had her little celebration later on. I swear Tefler you're the biggest tease when it comes to her body. Soon!

Happy Birthday Rachel! Now we have both Sakura's and Rachel's birthday dates! It is great to celebrate the little things. Any chance we'll find out everyone's bday down the line? For Jade it would be her rebirth fay and Fay for when Irillith created her. For scientific purposes of course.

Ril and Shan's bond (Yaaaay!) This was the one remaining shaky foundation for the invictus crew, and I'm so pleased to see it addressed in such a well written way. The twins are my favorite characters and I was so hoping for reconciliation and forgiveness, and from there reforging their bonds... but for them to actually *bond*? I was all smiles. Once again you're such a tease Tefler, I have to know what will happen! (I guess we know where Alyssa got her teasing from. ;))

So much happened in this chapter, and so many characters grew in so many ways. To be honest, today was a tough day for me. But reading this chapter really put a smile on my face. Thanks for all you do Tefler, and I hope you feel better.


I wish this author would finish

I hope the author will return and complete this story.

Why is it in Science Fi?

Because the category has two titles
SciFi. and. Fantasy

Similar to
Incest. and Taboo

What is next

So many ways to go. John needs to get the TF incompetence out. Will he add some males to the ship temporary ????????

i like how things with voss went

I admit i was building myself up to see him as a greedy opportunist or even as an antagonist that John would be loathe to have to directly bring harm, but him actually having good intentions was a twist I didn't really see coming. The proposal and rings has been a major event coming. Jade being welcomed back into the mental link/ inside Johns head and the twins kind of re-bonding, all of it flowed very well and nothing seemed forced or "staged".
Hope you feel better Tefler and thank you for your writings

I feel sorry for Edraele

She can't get a break. She is comatose and the supposed lover of her life 1st takes a holiday then goes saves the Trankarans (which is great) and takes an unnecessary detour to have a birthday party all while she is injured and waiting for rescue. Frankly, I've found John's actions uncaring. Most of this chapter was filler and we have quite a wait till the next. Ah well. Just heard you're sick, sorry about that. Winter is creeping on so this is time we all kind catch the sniffles. Im recovering from a bout now. Good luck. - whitewhalehunter

More please

Really enjoyed this series. I hope you continue with future chapters.

Quality writing

You write very well
I hope the plot line thickens as I read on4F4B

Poor Baby

"Unfortunately the sex had continued unabated..."

So unfortunate... what does she expect from being a character on Literotica? If she didn't want to be in a story with so much sex, she should have gone to a story on a different site.

" ...and as most of the dialogue seemed to occur in a post-orgasmic haze, she had forced herself to watch dozens of hours of them rutting like animals."

Heh, poor baby. I love how she's solving the quandary she represents through her own wickedness. The quandary is of course how does John get the vicious and bitchy sexy blue girl converted into a "good girl" without becoming the bad guy and forcing her to submit unwillingly?

Thank you. I'm working on Chapters 71 and 72 over the next few days. Both are started. So, I'm guessing you might get at least 71 this week pending Moderators. Be on the look out for POLLY ROGER.

Couldn't stop giggling.

Wonderful, thank you. This reminds me of a book I occasionally use to teach satire, called "factured fairy tales." Beyond just the topic in question, your writing style invokes theirs, in a definitely good way. Keep at it!

Short and sweet

I like the length of your chapters. They get to the point while still leaving room for characterization. Sumi is also a very fun character and a good first taste of what is to come.

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