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Enjoyed the ride...

Good story. Congrats on completing it. The ending was a logical and thought out approach. If either AI remained the story would never have ended. Not to say that it wont continue. I am sure there are a few servers with the code that weren't online at the time. Looking forward to your next. Thanks for sharing with us.

Alyssa broke the lamp

Telekinetic splash during her big O.

Tefler spills in comments of Ch57 to answer questions about who was sneaking around, because there was nobody sneaking around.

Breaking Furniture in the next room

That fuck in the stormy weather was one of the best.

I was confused about how the lamp was broken but now it is completely obvious.


Just beautifully delivered. Amusing and erotic in turn.

Dear Clueless Anonny,

Did you happen to notice that this is CHAPTER 27 !?!? This is NOT a one page "stroker". Those of us who enjoy the Literature part of Literotica appreciate little things such as PLOT, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, RISING ACTION, etc. all of which villanova provides superbly.

Wish you'd had *some* reality here

So, I get that this is Sci-fi, but we can have some reality. For instance, a small deer is worth at least 100 lbs of meat. Trying to say that he would have eaten a whole deer in less than a month is flat out ridiculous. If these deer hadn't been hunted before (as indicated by the fact they didn't react to his presence) then they should have had a pretty normal 160-200 lbs of meat. Per deer. So, when you stated he had most of a deer when he set out, then we're looked at, roughly, 130-150 lbs of meat. He didnt eat that in less than a month.

Rather than get bogged down on issues, I just want to say that while I enjoy the premise, and want to continue reading, your work needs a lot of wor in the details. Such as the fact that 443 years from 1583 is 2026. He was presented as current, not future, society.

In short, I want to read this more, but I have too many problems with your work to be able to enjoy it. Hope it helps.

What a finish!

This was such a fun series. A fast pace, the right amount of intrigue and magical mayhem, and tons of steamy sex! I love how teased the heck out of us with the first series then delivered all the action we could have hoped for in the second. I'm going to have to read more of your work to catch all the connections - just to get more SirSinn!

"Go then, there are other worlds than these."

Do I detect a Dark Tower influence? Either way, a great chapter!

Almost as good as Three Square Meals, it would be nice to see another chapter if you have the time.

What did I just read

I am not sure sticking your hand in a hole you cut in a warrior woman's guts as she wets herselve counts as a sex story. But whatever floats your boat.

Good chapter

I have to agree that the switcheroo was resolved a little too brusquely. That made Alex look callous too. We know they'll be fine, but if my mother and sister were terrified of being thrown in a hole in the ground, I certainly wouldn't toss them in like that. I can understand wanting the sexy versions back, but couldn't he have made some attempt to talk them into going voluntarily? Aside from that, though, it was a good chapter. Loved the cosplay!

I think its a start. If you do it right there can be a new sub story.

I have followed your story from the start. I like the detail that you put into it.
I would hope for you to start a new string. The cat can't killed only pacified.
She will be board in time and need a new fix. You got so much to work with and we can only hope for you to continue.
Please try, So many of other writers have left or have gapping holes in there stories.
You an few others have put forth the effort to see yours through.


Nice twist

Things were starting to get a little too perfect. (Not that I'm complaining - I breezed through the last few chapters without taking the time to comment for a reason!) That was just what the series needed.

Ta for another good story FS.

I love a good us vs. the odds story, especially with smexy characters.

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