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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Once again, thank you for such an entertaining story. Navigating The gender role reversal and cultural differences is very interesting. I'm also curious to learn more about tash's society and her family, especially her mother. It will be interesting to see how her own rescue experience factors in.

Additionally... do we know for sure that they are genetically incompatable or are they just assuming that so far? And science be damned, but it is always possible that zero G could somehow aid fetilization. Just saying. ;)

Looking forward to more adventures.



I may have gone too far the other way in making Trogar flawed. My plan was to give him a character arc where he grows and develops as a person over the course of the story. Maybe I should have made him less volatile though, and a little stronger in the beginning so he doesn't have so far to go.

I also originally planned to have Elenorei more involved and being corrupted, but the focus shifted to Sylvia instead. However, I still have plans on how to utilize Elenorei in a way which will be satisfying to the readers.

Also, I addressed your comments on the orgy scene in the Zentara Ch 12 comments.

Ending Orgy


Thanks for the detailed feedback. The ending is definitely something that has been brought up before and I find the criticism valid. I recently wrote on my blog how I am planning to change and fix it. You can see the link to the blog on my bio page if you haven't already seen it.

I am glad you're enjoying the series!


Would "ON TO RIO" open up your imagination from the writer's block from
"The End of the Beginning" ...(Great title by the way.......WS was enough of a maverick to support you on this)

On to Rio reminds me of the Famous civil war cry:"On to Richmond"
Get well;

In response to Crescent Rose

Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed it up until the end. :-)

I go into John's reaction in more detail in the next chapter, which should be available in a few days.

I normally make each chapter about 15k words (5 pages on literotica), but chapter 41 is actually nearly 21k. I find google docs struggles when documents get too big, so I typically try and keep to the same size for each chapter. I could have dealt with the whole pirate encounter in chapter 42, but there hadn't been any action for a while, so I thought I'd add it to the end of 41 instead.

very nice,

it leaves the reader smiling.

btw new reader, how? gently and with a touch of tenderness.

Good chapter, rushed for the finish

Great chapter overall. The pacing was well done in my opinion up until the end. The reveal with Rachel and the reaction from John felt a little rushed to me. Maybe it's just me, but i think that portion needed to be flushed out a little more. Other than that, good work!


Fangs for the idea!

After the victim dies, I see her teleporting away in a puff of smoke via two circles and a snap.

a rose...

is a rose...and a soulmate is a soulmate - thanks for your time and talent!

Well Done! Thank You

The story pulled me in and held me there till the end (of this first installment?)
I compliment you on the ease with which you shift from one reality base to another. The support and training scenes at the beginning were graphically realistic. So to were the scenes after David transitioned to the new world. Not many authors are able to have such a jarring change occur seamlessly. The two moons were a nice touch.
A suggestion for your convenience and to help those not used to military acronyms. Instead of Using the initials, followed by the full phrase, within the text and as part of the dialogue, how about creating a glossary of terms? That way non-military experienced readers can have a list to refer back to as needed.
One question I have, and it may have a simple solution I missed in my reading, is the difference in technology and the telling of time in Eroseus. You refer to events of the day based on sunrise or (meeting someone) at sunset. Yet during the final battle scene David assigns quadrants of defense to Learena and Sapphire as "Your sector of fire is from the 10 o'clock to the 2 o'clock. Laurena, move to Sapphire's right and cover the 2 o'clock to the six." I am not trying to pick nits, just genuinely curious about the telling of time and understanding whether the two ladies would recognize the positions on the face of a clock.
The secret Cabal comprised of the evil Night lords are of interest, and hopefully they will be dispatched forthwith in the next installment?
I look forward to see where you take the two Champions in the future.


Five stars... an enchanting romp! Deliciously wicked.


Thank you for your comment. The next chapter (chapter 5) will be the conclusion of Cat Nipped, although not the conclusion of Jenn and Tara's story. My original intent in writing this was to introduce the Ska'a, but I enjoyed writing about the girls so much that the story kind of took on a life of its own. There won't be cock restraints in the final chapter, but feel free to leave comments on what kind of sex you'd like to see the girls have and I can try to incorporate it into my next story.


Easily one of the best writers I've read on this site (and a first submission, too!). Character development was outstanding, background was solid, the world was a fun mix of religions/ideologies/cultures, the sex was hot and powerful because it wasn't cheap and fed the story. You are an excellent story teller and I hope to see you continue to write either here or as a self-publish. Also, as a fellow combat veteran, thank you for your service and sacrifice. I hope that this outlet continues to help you overcome whatever things continue to haunt you. I appreciate how you have been able to weave at least a portion of what it can be like to live with PTSD in your story.

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