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Apollo is god of medicine

I know this is a small thing but Apollo is actually the god of medicine and healing. I know it is just semantics but just wanted to let you know(sorry huge Greek/Roman mythology buff). Otherwise great story.


the sex has atleast become more sensual. still lacking on plot progression.
the very "subtle" hints that the MC is some kind of dragon incarnate could have much smoother.
lastly; mc being beaten to near death vs/ after little training and an underhanded win = coming out more or less untouched repeatedly. once again not so smooth.

the way a story is told is far more important than the story.

Soo....Alexander what, got reborn as a mortal on earth or something, and has now reworked and re-fucked his way back to divinity? Bear with me, I'm reading this on meds that probably have my brain a bit fuzzy.


Your Lucifer needs work. From what I've seen, it looks like you've read the wikipedia article and the sparknotes on something more serious. This isn't going to be fun, but if you want to put words in the mouth of that which is the shadows, the Prince of Lies, you owe it to yourself to do it right.
Paradise Lost
The Book of Job (KJV)
Faust (or Doctor Faustus)
Dante's Inferno
You might have read one, you might have read two. Please, for the sake and quality of your writing, on one of the most important literary figures that has ever been, read or reread the above titles. You can write a better Satan, and your audience deserves a better Satan. As I read this, I knew it was fine for literotica, but it wouldn't survive anything more. You need to rewrite him. Other than that, LOVE the depth of the fantasy. I know Charles gets lower rated, but I love him, Mivra and his organization. SERIOUSLY looking forward to more from his end. Team Charles 2015. Don't forget to implement crafting.

fyi: Typo just after #### on pg 3 (ps. luv this story)

line reads, shaka [meant Chaki right?] ..and jackson looked at each other then back at shaka.

just trying to be helpful and my bad if i was missing something

thank yo!

well you were missed . . A LOT! . . . I kept on checking your subs for months . . For missing dragon 4 . . . . At least this time it is not such a cliff hanger . . .
Since you are back i may still be hoping for a new chapter for aphro?
Anyways amazing again . . . I would love to see your works published someday. . . Thank you for continuing my fav story at lit. . . . I was litrally jumping when i saw TMD 4 . . . . And i spent 4 of my sleeping hours reading it and reaquanting with the characters . . . It was worth it. . . . . .
Its been long truely!

i hate you... (maybe)

2 years... and you leave me so frustrated... less sex... more plot... i have to know. so long we wait... so wait the long. reward our patience and we will worship your story and raise it above our heads and sing the circle of life.... lol please =D

A sense of humor that is actually funny

Wow. Someone succeeding at humor. You don't see that every day.

This story was recommended to me by one of my Lit buddies, and I was delighted by it. You can be sure I will now be passing the word along to others. The dialogue is entertaining and clever, and the whole setup with the narrator was a great way to draw people in to the feel of the story. I'll be checking out your other stuff now, and hope there's more to come on this one. :)

Great stuff!
~Eris Adderly/DeathandTaxes

2nd on going pro with this

It is a great read with a new take on the monster among us fetish that Buffy and Vampire the Masquerade seemed to have started. I would love to see this as a book in the future.

i'd love to be a character of yours

This is one of the best erotic stories I have ever read!

The title says it all. I'd love as sequel, and a prequel, or just a whole book about these two and their two liaisons.


Im really enjoying this, u have talent as both a writer and story teller


Not only have you yet again spun an extremly entertaining story but also you still managed to come out as my fav author. Through your stories i find a part of you that leaves me wanting to call you my friend and charge into the provings grounds and go down swinging or come up on top of the packs. Keep up this amazing story we all await the next chapters.

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