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It's already been well established in the story that the Invictus is equipped with a tachyon FTL drive, and that the railguns can fire slugs at tachyon speeds as well. Just did a little research into tachyons and it turns out that they are a FTL particle that go faster at lower energy levels. Basically the exact opposite of all our currently known methods of travel, where to go faster, you hit the gas. With tachyons, hitting the gas makes them go slower. Supposedly, tachyon particles cannot go slower than the speed of light because it would theoretically require infinite energy to break that barrier.

Of course, all of this is theoretical because science has yet to prove the existence of tachyons, and also, well, they break time. Theoretically. According to physics, there's a thing called causality, and since tachyons are FTL, they tend to break causality, creating paradoxes along the lines of "what happens if you go back in time and kill your own grandfather?" It's a paradox called "tachyon telephone paradox" where if person A sends a message to person B via tachyon methods, that message would theoretically go back in time. Then if person B replies, again via tachyon methods, that message could go back in time, resulting in person A getting a reply before they had even sent the original message in the first place. There's supposedly a theoretical principle, something about reinterpretation or whatever, that could resolve this paradox, but all this theoretical science is making my head hurt, so I'm gonna stop now.

Personally, I like the Star Wars Expanded Universe method of FTL: hyperspace. Basically, since most matter cannot travel past the speed of light, you don't try to accelerate the matter itself. Instead, you create a bubble of space around the matter, open up a gap in space in front of the bubble, and then have space behind the bubble push it forward to try to fill the gap. In essence, it's not matter that's accelerating but space, the matter's just along for the ride.

By the way, if anyone is still having issues getting to page 2 of the comments on chapter 62, go here (http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=1374 496) and report it. I've been trying to report this issue for awhile but have yet to get an acknowledgement. Probably if they see a bunch of users encountering the same issue, they'll be less likely to think it's just a one-off problem with a single user.

Update, Bonus Stories, Crowdfunding

Dear hakdrakken, you're forgiven. :) I ran out of steam yesterday but some rest has at least kicked loose a few new things to say here. :)

First, I will be releasing a few more short stories through December at least. This is because Chapter 39 has been delayed due to several real life things going wrong in a row. I want offer you all something while I'm working on the next chapter, but also to help raise awareness for a crowdfunding campaign I've begun to help me through a hard time related to those things going wrong.

If you've enjoyed my stories any time over the last five years, please think about offering a donation of any amount through my website: www.redsister.net This is to help with some unexpected but potentially crippling medical expenses and any offering is appreciated.

I will be putting together a special digital packet as a "thank you" gift for anyone who can donate, and that should be ready by Christmas. It will contain for certain the "Select Drow Lineage Chart" created by Axelotl for a patron at my Patreon (if the last few chapters have been overwhelming with the family connections, this chart might help! :) ), plus some of my favorites of the 2016 Fanart done by Axe and Gazukull for patrons, but which I have not had the chance to put at my website. (You can see all the artwork they've done in 2015 for free at www.redsister.net to get a sense of their style.)

If you make a donation, please be sure to include an email address you want me to use where I can send the packet. There will be some "NSFW" stuff in it. :)

So! The next story I'd like to release will be the bonus story I wrote for Sirana's parents, Rohenvi and Ruk. Basically how they met in all the detail. If you've read this far in the story, you know all the basics already, but it was definitely fun to write the main character's parents when they were only a little older than she is now. :)

So watch for the new story and others over the holiday season, and click on my name to read updates and further information on my recent situation. My best wishes to you all and thank you for reading.

Fantastic.... But....

Fantastic story, but you seem to be hung up on human characters who are smaller, weaker and less aggressive than than their alien counterparts. There are large tall aggressive humans. Marines are fighters, not normally given to feeling afraid or inferior. Please, do consider offering a few stories where the human does not come off as a wimp. Granted, the human in this one ended up as a alpha male, but more on a sexual level. I enjoyed the story, don't get me wrong, but I would dearly love to read a story where a human matching at least the height and aggressiveness of a Borellian interacted with one more from a position of mural respect than from a submissive one.

Nice !!!

Looking forward to the next chapter. The pot of trouble you have cooked up for the characters is right about to boil and i am looking forward to it.

Ps would love to read your personal works and see what it looks like when you start from a blaink slate.

re ozkiwi plrus

You know the thing about talking hypothetical is that we just don't know. We can sit here and speculate about everything but the fact is that we just don't know.

That being said about the communications and space travel. I believe that we will either figure it out or we will meet an alien or their artifacts to get a jump on technology. As for communication we still don't fully understand the atom and all of its smallest parts. We still cannot define dark matter either. There might be a way to send using dark matter.

My two cents worth.

You write beautifully .........but the ending was heartbreaking : you made the

readers fall in love with the unexpectedly sensitive, kind & sexy Orc & then say goodbye to her ???!!!!
5-ed 'n Fave-ed this story !!!

Can we go back to Borealis?

Borealis has more interesting setting, characters, and politic.

Thank you for your effect in writing entertaining story.

Good story so far, poor premise

"Hey, I discovered you might have cancer, but instead of telling you I gave you a dangerous experimental drug without your knowledge."
Who the hell would buy that as an explanation? It ruins my suspension of disbelief, you could have at least had Gale told that she had cancer and a new experimental drug could possibly save her, but instead you have her blindly accept whatever this doctor says.


Felt like I was reading something out of forgotten realms if writing isn't your full time job it should be

Re: PussyLickersRus

I just ignore all the effects of our current physical models of our universe which are not in sync with the story, like in Fantasy. This story-universe is just different and I don't try to find a rational explanation. Concerning the M-Theory, I like the elegant way it clears up the infinity problems of all quantum theories by introducing a very small limit to infinite small. But as we know we ha miles to go before we have a stringent mathematical model of our universe based on String Theories.


Everybody who reads this needs to also see the author's most recently updated bio.

Just tap on her name at the end of the story, then on the link to her bio.

I understand why you didn't link to it yourself, Etaski, but I hope you'll forgive me for doing it.

Love it!!

I'm looking forward to the continuation (hopefully) if this series. I thought it was a great first start.

Nice one

Makes me want to find an elf and fuck her


Aubrey/Maturin, Frodo and Gandalf, your writing is in that league. I'll wait IMPATIENTLY for the next installment, so get to work!

And oh, yes, thank you so very much for Siranna and company.

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