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Been there done that, it's crazy messed up good

She must spend all her time writing, or else she's some kind of Mozart single draft genius. I've bought nine of her books, but only had time to read seven so far. They're full, I mean full length. Every one is as good or better than the last. One of the things I like best about her is she doesn't give a crap about what people are, only who they are. That never gets old. Like this story. No spoilers, but holy heaven, Batman, talk about love beyond walls! I searched her name on the A word site. Found it.

Social satire at its best

This woman's wit is rapier sharp. If something doesn't make sense it's cause society doesn't make sense and she's spoofing the crap out of that mess. Morons 1 star this, cause of course they don't get the joke. They are the joke. As to the fluid sexuality, that's one of the things I really like about her. I buy her stuff too. It's too good. They'll be teaching it in English class in a generation like they teach Heinlein and Bradbury today. I won't get her in trouble by plugging her site, so whatever you do, make sure you don't add a dot and a com to her name and go there. Nuff said.

Read this story or watch "ow, my balls", your choice

I saw Idiocracy and didn't believe it til I saw comments on this site. Leave it to Mandella to stampede the bison. Oh, here comes One-Word-Cuck from LW. (nice one, anon). Look at the chops on that sucker. Idiocracy in action. They should require an IQ test instead of a CAPTCHA before allowing people to post comments in Sci-Fi. It's a simple algorithm. Detect a one word, ALL CAPS comment, and present the user with a word problem in 4th grade math. If they can't solve it, they go back to posting their one word comments on LW.

Like Alice In Wonderland

Some of the great classic children's stories started out as social commentary, then people forgot the context and they remain simply as great literature. This story is like that for me. It's genius, even without the amazingly clever 'jabs' at the stupidity of this age. Like Alice, this takes us right down a rabbit hole and it only gets weirder from there. Well done, Jessica. It's so uncanny and ahead of its time, I almost believe your bio here on Lit.

Welcome Back

I missed this stuff, lol: "Here she was, impregnated and reduced to a willing little leg-spreader just like the rest"


Sure, the harem factor is getting a little extreme, but please don't kill anyone. But you have to admit, it's getting tough to add stories for each of them. Annabel kinda fell through this time.

Love the whole part with Lillian! I knew it would work out!

P.S. The barman dude really reminds me of Zuse from TRON: Legacy! :D

Brilliant Story on a number of fronts

Hot, makes you think, makes you feel. To appreciate a brilliant story like this, all it takes is any exposure to Sci Fi, a brain, and of course a heart. No wonder 'One-Word-Cuck' from LW doesn't like it. Jessica, this is seriously messed up. You did it again. I buy your stories off your site anyway but thanks for sharing this one here. Some people don't know you yet. Wow. Still thinking over all the hilarious jabs at the brain dead aspects of society.

An unusual, but very good, story

This was an interesting take on the "war against the orcs" genre. Very good read, thank you.

Chris Is a World Serpent!!!

I bet we will see a male or female Loki pop up and faun over his/her distant descendant. I leave gender vague because Loki in both Norse myth and comics has changed between man or women birthed and inseminated children. He/she is also a parent to the World Serpent harbinger of Ragnarok. So big shoes for Chris the baby World Serpent to fill.

Thank you!

Thanks, TheDrow, for following along and commenting! I am currently working on the initial draft of Part 12. So, yes, this is meant to be a complex story with a slow burn and a whole variety of bondage-ish storylines. (Part 3 is in editing currently...)

As a reminder, the cast of characters is listed in my bio.

Sorry, MariaPeep345, I decided to trash your comment, which contained a link to some mysterious location that I was too scared to follow. I wish you best of luck in your search for a mature man. If I ever feel either manly or mature at the same time, I'll consider searching you out, but it does not occur, like, ever, so please don't wait too expectantly.

Additionally, I'm sorry to any future readers who no longer have access to MariaPeep345's mysterious link. If any of you are feeling particularly click-y, I'd love to get comments! And you don't have to be either mature or male!


I thought he quit his job after hitting 1500

People People

Remember, Tefler writes as well as works. Just like all of you, I'm eager for the next chapter. He usually puts out a new chapter every 2 weeks, give or take a day or two.
I'm anxiously awaiting his next chapter but also understands that, with the longer chapters it might take a bit longer to send out a chapter. Please be patient and let him write the story as he sees it.


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