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Nice! Is there gonna be more?

And if so, what sort of game are you going to make it into? She's the one with the power... so what happens when/if he pisses her off? What is the background to the idol? What other powers are in play now that this one is awakened? What of the others who were directly affected by this idol? Is there going to be a clash between the people that were granted the powers? Is this all for the amusement of the gods?
Is there an opposing power to balance this one?

I hope you get ideas for continuing this story from the questions I asked. Good work by the way! Thank you.

Just another fucking critic

Incredible!! I loved this! Please keep writing!!!

So the story goes that an idiot agrees to take over a ranch knowing nothing about it from his dead uncle. He finds out that the ranch is a prison for evil monster girls. The ones to help him don't help at all when he needs them to. Last he is becoming a little bitch and fuck slave to all the monster girls. That sums up the whole story for you all.

Chapter 2

Will have chapter 2 up in a few days. Please look forward to it.


Concerning the human cervix: While it is not normally possible, I have witnessed two different situations where it is. First, my ex wife had an issue where her cervix opening had dropped to the point I could penetrate it. Second, I have seen women who practiced and developed the ability to 'present' their cervix for penetration. So: from personal experience I know this is possible. However: it has been stated by the characters, within Tefler's Universe, that John physically manipulates his women to be able to take him into their cervix...so that is a non-issue as far as the story goes.

"Will the crew ever get an astophysics or astronomy expert?" As you suspected, Alyssa has memorized every star/navigation chart she has ever seen. Like Dana, she has a photographic memory. She is so good, she can navigate from memory alone and determine, to the minute, the best routes and transit times. However, Jade is taking over those responsibilities and is almost as good as Alyssa, though she does have to refer to charts.

As for maps, Tefler has a Patreon page which you can access (the url is on his information page) which has some very basic layouts of the major races, drawings of the Invictus (both before and after the last refit), professional artist's renditions of the characters (an ongoing project), and a LOT of very good commentary of the chapters. The chapters posted there post about 10 days before anywhere else as well.

This is amazing

Your writing continues to amaze me. This chapter was probably my favorite one thus far, as the dialogue was absolutely perfect. As Yshomatsu pointed out, you definitely need a Patreon!

More and More Entralled.....

..... as this masterpiece evolves within its complexity. So many intriguing pieces of the story yet to come together that defy the imagination. Such fortunate readers we are.

Thank you my Friends. Your support is everything. I'm working on Chapter 28 tonight and tomorrow. Trying also to finish another chapter in my Monica series so I'll juggle both.
Last night I tightened up my plots on Pangaea and if all goes well I'm good for 60 chapters. For a world lost in time there's so much out there to explore it might mean our cast will part ways. In one fashion or another.
War is coming. On multiple fronts.

Ch 85

When are we gonna see ch85 tefler ???

Excellent Sci-fi Story and Questions From a neo-shadow

Though I am only on chapter 37, I can already tell this is an amazing story that you put a lot of love into.

As a techi and astronomy loving atomic physicist, I really apprecaite the detail you go into sometimes. (Remember KISS though) I have some questions for you below. As thanks, I saw the cervex penetration comments and wanted to share something you might like. Technically everyone is right you cannot penetrate a humanity an cervex, but if you are a pig then can! http://scienceblogs.com/clock/2006/07/07/friday-we ird-sex-blogging-crokscrewing/

Whose to say that John wives' have nonhuman cervex? Maybe they have a longer and more muscular one like a pig, but with out the corkscrew shape.

-Have you posted a map for this novel? If you have not, I strongly recommend holding off on it. the map of exoplanets and even the stars and nebulas is changes every 1-4 months. This is because of Gaia satellite and exoplanet research boon. We are getting really good with our prediction of Earth-like planets as well (within 15% error). I even made my own interactive exoplanet map based on the results. If you would like to have it, I can share you the link via mail.

-Will the crew ever get an astophysics or astronomy expert? Or is that Alyssa/John's job? :3

-I was curious; where did you get the inspiration for onyxium? As a person who dabbles in solid state quantum mechanics and atomic physics, I know there "are no new elements only phases of matter and states of particles"; however you description was so good I figure it's based on at least something real.

From neo

When this story is finished (not for some time I hope) I'll want to read read it all again as one piece.


You need a new proof reader. this story had the worst editing. Many of the sentences should have been two, or they didn't make sense. Please say you're not proofing yourself. Because of the poor editing I could only give it a 4.

Thank you

Continued greatness of this story line!

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