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Glad to have found you!

First time reader of your work - glad to have found you! Thank you for taking the time to ensure your stories are not only fun and full of detailed and well-drawn characters, but also grammatical and not overtly error-filled, which is often the downfall of other potentially enjoyable stories on this site.... You've joined my favourite authors list and I look forward to reading your tales in years to come (",)

please continue

I'm loving the unique world you've created and the complex characters are intriguing. Please continue posting!

Flawed, but mostly satisfying

Very interesting way you went with it. I figured you just meant a big dude (or dudes) plowing some lady's brains out, but you had several surprises in store. The premise is pretty out there - still don't quite understand the entire reasoning of the "farmers" - but that can be a good thing, too. You keep it dirty pretty much the whole way through, and you manage to make it very sexy even with this morbidly obese woman as the main character (not that that can't be sexy, but that's not my usual thing - you simply made it work).

Only a couple things I could see improvement with - one is pretty minor, just a few typos like "a bait" instead of "abate", and "ridged" instead of "rigid". The other could bring your story up to 5/5 stars for me - some more detail during some of the sex scenes would be nice. It's cool you have a backstory and you explain it during the sex scenes, but at the same time, I would like more detail on what is physically going on. Like when the suit is describing his business' practices to Christine - I'd like more ongoing descriptions of the fucking, maybe about his size, movements, throbbing, etc. As it is, it's sort of just background noise, like "and while he was talking, he was still banging her". I'm here mainly for the action!

Still, it's a good sign that I want more of that. Please keep it up!


Whole new different idea and I love it! Keep them coming! Not my usual cup of tea, but I'll be looking for more! Sincerely, Toaden.

I really wanted to like this...

But it just got too boring.

Every second sentence out of whatever-the-fuck-the-main-characters-name-is mouth was "want to spread", but you said at the beginning there would be story telling.

And the grammar you are using makes it even worse. You are not even changing dialogue style when a different race is speaking. Not to forget that "Majesty" snorted in response to at least three statements before I stopped reading. Not very dignified for an elf queen.

Most disappointing is that you have not divulged any of the setting lore yet, except for the alternate names for what I assume are dwarves, elves and humans. Though it is more fun to imagine they are really goblins, orks and bugbears who are colourblind. Which explains the grammar and snorting, too.

I'll withhold a rating so as to not reduce your average as some people might be more able to bear the issues.

Btw, is English your mother tongue?

>Find an amazingly interesting story >Find out its not finished >MFW ( ͡° ͟ʖ ͡°)

Welp, I'm really bummed this was never finished. I'm actually kind of surprised that as of writing this its only been like 1 and a half years since the last chapter. Usually whenever I read a story that's not finished, 10 years already passed or something along those lines. I like your writing style a lot and the world you built was really interesting. Israel sure did like his monologues. Thanks for the wonderful read.

For what it's worth

In between working on Starlight Gleaming chapter 13, I am also working on drafts of more chapters about House Sorena and two draft tales about the Duchy of Atansha. The main impediment is the long hours of work and slowly worsening health issues.

Great job

This is a good story i hope you keep it going


you wright a good story. I hope for more soon. and also add to your other storys

This is my favorite!

I've read this over and over. I wish I could find more stories written by you. Have you had anything published? And how can I find out?

SO good! I love your writing style

Thanks for such an imaginative take on what can be a very overused story idea. I love your writing style and would gladly read more!

Very Annoying

It's rare to find a quality story on this website worth reading, and when you do and find out it's not completed, it's infuriating.


Have you considered making a sequel in this setting? Say, a war story about a joint Vespan, Human, and jZav'Etch strike group fighting the octopus-things? Or dealing with Carter's house some time after their colony has been established?

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