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Next chapter can't arrive soon enough.

Kudos and prods

I love the characters and mythological twist but am frustrated by delay. Hope you can find the time to finish the next chapter

Great stuff please continue this story.

@End of Discussion + Stay Focused by FatherSin

Good advice people. Tefler gets some good ideas from considered posts. He is also one of the few authors on this site to both acknowledge he has used somebody's good idea and to actually take the time to engage with the people who post.

The troll gets off on being engaged and noticed. Leave it to Tefler to figuratively 'space' his sorry arse with the delete key. Keep the creativity and healthy debate going, it's been great to follow.

The other Dave

Quite a Concoction!

There's a lot to like here, and I hope the gap since this chapter doesn't mean you've abandoned the story. Vera and Ellise are both likeable, as well as intriguing, and I'm curious how all the disparate political, demonic, and personal threads are going to come together.

Here's hoping you get back to writing soon!

Love it

Great read patiently waiting more


I just had a bizarre image of Dylan taking John, Alyssa, and Calara, golfing.

Something about just enjoying themselves and doing ordinary relaxing activities gives me a smile.

Of course I also had an image of Alyssa cheating and using her Telekinesis to catch up and win with three holes in one.

Could be really good if you finish this.

To Tyralil

How dare you?!
Do you not know how to type you pleblian?

To start: perfect has a capital P.

Loved it? You loved it? Capitalise you lazy sponge. Mate? Mate?! Is that all i am to you? I see how this is now.

Keep up the awesome work? I'm not some machine that just, churns out stories at the snap of your fingers or a slanderous comment. And who are you, to judge my work, as being awesome? You disgust me :P

Thanks for the comment man, appreciate it. Hope this gives you all a giggle


Great Premise

Really original twist on an overused storyline.
Looking forward to seeing where you take it.
Not "Harry", but still original.

You need an editor pretty badly to clean up he spelling and grammar errors. For those of us who are put off by that sort of stuff, this was a somewhat painful read despite the otherwise solid premise.

Sci fi stories are the best

Awesome start!

Great job done mate! Just keep it up. And please don't take too long :)

No matter what

I try to do to get a "bigger fix" from your reading, I am still chomping at the bit to have the next chapter in front of me!

Methinks that when (not if) Irillith finally "lets herself go" for John, she's going to fall, hard. I strongly suspect she will rival even Jade for devotion to John. Hmmm, blue and green are adjacent to each other on the spectrum of visible light...

You know my routine by now: profuse praise and glowing commentary on your writing, miserable whining and groveling for the next chapter, and promises of patience and "good behavior" by the addicted. Heady stuff to be sure!

If ANYTHING I do encourages you to continue writing and keep at this marvelous world you've created for us, let me know and I do it (perhaps a touch obsessively).

Thanks for all you do!

Holy hell!

Wow I wasn't expecting my first story to have this kind of reception, thank's for your kind words guys I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll make sure to keep your interests with the next chapter :)

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