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1 hand

Your right he had 4 or 5 girls and 1 of them plotted something and paid the price for it going wrong but my point about noblewomen still stands all those engineers were over 90 years old and his girls were 50 or under mind if the males went to the border stations about 500 years ago, things have been going down hill since then

Glad you are enjoying this story ...

By my timeline:

On the Sunday after Isobel's party, the Vanishers first became aware of the T2 Plague in China via Federation Ministry of Security intercepts of coded Chinese orders to various internal agencies initiating their 'Bunker Strategy'.


It is the National Security Adviser, not the President of the Federation, who hears about this at Monday morning's briefing. She orders the other Intelligence chiefs to gather "more compelling data" before the brings this to the attention of "The Boss".

She isn't doing this as part of the larger Vanisher plot. No - she is doing this to ensure the MAL rallies happen. If there is fear of a pandemic, the MAL rallies would have to be cancelled. She does not know precisely what the Vanishers will do, only that arenas packed with men will be a perfect target for the Vanishers to strike at.


On Tuesday, the Vanishers were able to obtain samples of contaminated blood from victims in San Francisco. After some hesitation and serious consideration, the leadership of the Vanishers decide to send a small jet to 'the City' with a sample to see if Israel's blood offers a possible cure.

The Federation intelligence services still don't have enough data out of Shanghai until the Chinese allow the WHO representative to start communicating with Geneva once more. By the time the Federation President has been both briefed on the crisis and decided to call an emergency cabinet meeting, it is already late Tuesday night. The MAL rallies are either in progress, or about to start.

The ones on the East Coast have ended before the one in the City erupts into violence. The other ones in the Central Time Zone as well as the ones in the Mountain TZ are still in progress. The rallies in Pacific Time Zones are just starting to fill up with men. As you might imagine, things became very tense as news of what happened in the City flooded to those other sites.

[What did Israel know?]

Israel actually 'figured things out' as the information was being divulged to him. He understood the Vanishers had some long term plan to collapse civilization though he didn't know what it was. Since they were coming to him to see if his blood was a cure for the T2, he doubted they created this second plague. Taking into account the normal caution and discipline of the Vanishers, their risky appearance at his abode and the visual he and Brandi witnessed ... the T2 coming to obliterate all Sentiency was his deduction.


but Ceraden in their early meeting mentions having several daughters,one of whom hasn't survived

Appreciating your reply

We appreciate your reply letting us know the current state with you. Life happens and there are things we can't control. Yes, there are always those who are disgruntled with the fact they don't get to see what they expect, but for those of us who appreciate and thank you for your work, we understand.

If you are able and feel willing to pursue this, we will patiently wait and see what the future brings. Even if there is nothing further forthcoming from you, know we thank you for what you have provided us so far. It is far more than if you had never published them for us.

Thank you and may your future get better as time progresses.


Someone please tell me when the next part is coming . I'm dying of suspense here. xD PLEASE PLEASE AUTHOR POST QUICKLY :)



No as before john only noblewomen were able to have kids

More to come!

I have not posted in a while, but I just wanted to thank the commenters. More is coming Frankuwo, I've finished a draft of chapter 7 and now I'm proofing it. I chose a point at which to cut it and so the first bit of chapter 8 has been written.

Quazzi, glad you are digging the side stories, I plan to tie things in as you will start to see but there will also be bunnies I won't chase, for various reasons. They're just there to keep things interesting and you never know where this story will go. Heck even I was surprised by the way chapter 7 ended!



I really enjoy your writing. And I decided to read this after I read LaNH.

This story is good as well. I do have one question though. How does Israel learn about the new plague? You give the reader the parallel story arcs. But I don't see where anybody tells Israel that the plague is real, or that it crossed genders.

Did that happen when they tested his blood? I thought it incredibly quick for them to have a sample of the new plague to test against already, but wasn't wuite clear on the timing.

Keep up the good work, and continue to fight the good fight. I hope your health is getting better.

Best wishes,

so has

anyone had the idea that one of the named engineers will be one of Ceraden's daughters?


Damn I don't know why but I seem to love your idea of searching-the sister seekers
It can be one hell of a story

Too many Worriers

Great chapter, as always. I have many favorite chapters in the Four Stories (novels?) so far, and a few favorite characters as well. How anyone can be afraid this wonderful saga will end with Surfacing is beyond me. Let me recap this adventure.

In Sisterhood, we meet Sirana, and you leave us wanting more, as you should, but that story is complete.

In Subterrane, we enjoy more adventure with Sirana, the Laughing Girl, YAY!

In Sufferance, the story becomes obviously greater than just our girl Sirana and her Red Sisters, and we are hooked, you devil, you.

And now, Surfacing, the sweeping introduction of all the races of Miurag, including the re-introduction of the dark elves, the Drow, upon the surface.

I have no idea how this one will end, but it certainly has laid the groundwork for the next story. Hmm, let me guess, Searching, perhaps? The continuing tale of the Sister Seekers.

Please continue as you have, I have spent and will continue to spend pleasant time re-reading these wonderful stories.


I really enjoy these first 2

hmm silly idea ;)

Tas goes supernova and kills everyone at station end of story ?

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