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Written well and exiting.
Describing the feelings of a newcomer to bisexuality very realistic.
You did a great job, hope to read more.

5 stars- though I really want a sequel to know what happens. I found this an unusual piece of erotica, but enjoyable. It pulled me in and made me think about the darker side of life- how things aren't always perfect.

Sweet but....

Such a silly fantasy. You write so well and handle relationship drama as well as anyone. This had far more promise than you allowed. I assume that was what you wanted, but such a waste of an interesting premise.


Loved it

Honest, well-written and just perfect.


Engaging story....we'll written with developed characters.

Degrading and ugly.

The story is coherently written, but lacks depth, emotion, feeling - there's nothing here that makes this story anything more than an ignorant depiction of BDSM. The truth is, this story insults what BDSM is actually about, a total misrepresentation. It's a shame because you seem to have the ability to write a much better story. The character is not at all likeable, not written as a relatable person. This one missed the mark so badly it was like you had your eyes closed - definitely had your heart shut off. Yuck! Nothing erotic here, it was pure brutality.

I was reminded of Another Story

Hello My name is Frank Hogan
This story reminds me of another Favorite Fic of mine. "Second Generation" By Little Spit, In This Case the kids are 2 boys instead of 2 girls but anyone else who ALSO knows Second Generation WILL see similarities.
So I ALSO add my plea for more to this

I want you to suck my tits, too!

You are sooo sexy!!! I loved this story. You made my pussy so wet, I fingered myself while reading and got off SO good. I'd like to make you suck my wet fingers to taste my juice. Maybe that would help put you in the mood for eating pussy? ;)
I loved how they just bossed you around and commanded you, that was fucking hot. I wish you were here to suck my big white tits (36 C!) I would definitely return the favour, your breast size sounds lovely to me... maybe that would make you ready to eat pussy? ;) Either way, I'd be eating yours! I just love fucking black girls!


I'm bisexual and atheist agnostic, so stories like this always make me think a bit about if there is a heaven, and what it's like.


It could have been better than that!!!!!

Very beautiful

As ever with this writer, she evokes the very essence of passion, need, desire, excitement. What I'd give to be the third spoke in this relationship. Very sexy writing.


This story has almost infinite possibilities!!! TPlease take the sluttiest route!

How absolutley wonderful

That You understand the psyche and needs so well..


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