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A very good story!

Very good indeed, now more to read! Thank you!


Well written with so much feeling and description.

Good Story

This is a very good story spoiled by poor editing. Sometimes you don't finish a word and other times you use a word in the wrong tense. For example ... 'Now, relax and let those feelings you have risen to the surface so you may enjoy yourself.' This is difficult English and tends to destroy the story itself. Your construction of plot is really very good. Please continue this story: I am giving 4 stars it deserves 5.

I didn't see any grammatical errors and thought it was well written and very hot. No one is trying to be John Steinbeck here. The author is simply writing an erotic tale and did quite well IMO. Well done Slowhand335.

Top it!!!

Some stories are good others are okay, then there are the kind like yours. That are formulated and produced that well there just un top able...

Love and feelings' fulfillment ...

I have always treasured a woman's feelings about a lover -- especially a same-sex lover -- and sharing herself than the tireless description of the act, and yours are intense and incredible! Bravo that you can love and give so completely!

Love and passion!

What a wonderful story and so well written! It brought back so many amazing memories of my first sapphic love!

Please Read the Story Before You Comment

If it caught you by surprise it's because you missed the words in paragraph four (early enough to catch, I should think): " her true job as a highly regarded Ransom Organization undercover operative". That's why you should double check the story before you criticize the author, who did make it perfectly clear.

So sick!

You have an incredible ability to watch down into the deepest abyss of human psyche. And to make a story out of it which drags the reader deep into it. This story was another great one. This is so far from imaginable that the end comes like a kick. Munchhausen-syndrome - who would ever guess this? Brilliant!
Your stories are truly addictive.

Good story, not to copmplicated

I enjoyed your story please keep writing and ignore the Trolls - they nearly put me off a couple of years ago, And yes, I would have posted this story exactly where you did.


DON'T continue neither "Trifecta" nor "Sweet Tooth". They are perfect stories with perfect endings. I know the feeling - after a good story everyone would want MORE, but that's just the result of a good writing. Unless you have something truly mind blowing, DON'T continue.


What a beautiful story, I was drawn into the passion and love the two women felt for each other and the chemistry between them was clear to see. Very powerful and wonderfully descriptive. A great love story

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