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Sorry Sorry Sorry!

Hi all,

Raaain: Thank you so much for those comments, it definitely made my day to read them and had me smiling! I'm still just an amateur writer >.< Just make sure you don't break your phone!

Anons: I'm sorry for making you beg!!

C_T: I'm glad you like it so far! I've been aiming for that ache so I really appreciate it!

And here's my update:
The story will definitely have more chapters! I've been struggling through writer's block, not to say I don't have a plan for what's in store for Irri and Bee... It's just taking me a lot longer than I've wanted it to. But the good news is it's finally starting to inch along!

Maybe I could post a hint of where it's going to take the edge off?
Thank you all for your patience and I'm so sorry it's taking longer than expected!

Happy For All Three

As the other reviewer said, everything's better when everyone's satisfied. And in this case, everyone is Sarah, Kate, and Jake.


I love your story thread; it is unique and different. I also think that what Margaret got, she deserved. Keep the story going, please!


I have always enjoyed reading Sues stories, but this one is quite in another league, tender , loving with hint of fear, I felt shiver of fear up my spine when Sir Loval spoke the first time. I look forwards to the next wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

This was pretty good but of course I'm waiting for her and Laisat to meet again. Laisat lost her virginity and her brother to Nadya! Oh, Nadya has to pay, and it just may be with her heart. More please

Story continues

You can get the continuation of this story on Amazon. "Will She, Won't She" is the title.

Beautiful Tribute - Please read story

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to Erin, in the same way she entered our conscious and our hearts - through words. It is my hope that she continues to inspire readers and writers in her works like: A Bakery, Rumination, and Fucking. Tho the years between the dash were few, Erin aka Shadowsucks touched thousands. Rest in peace. Job well done and say hello to Colleen Thomas, another beloved author, when you see her.

I was ad to read of your loss ...

... but I don't think Erin could have had a better story written for her than this one. It was clearly written with a great deal of love, and please accept my thanks for sharing it with us. Five stars, and may she Erin in peace.

This is good but needs more build up.

Wow - loved the story!

Can't wait to read how Vanessa can be saved.

O M G...

Absolutely Wonderful, ... PLEASE continue???

R.I.P. Shadowsucks

You were very gifted, you shall be missed.


Awesome! Now why doesn't her sister come back and "catch" her?????
I'm wet!!!!!

Naughty Abigail!

Seems like Abigail set her up properly! Maybe Abigail wants some? mmmmm

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