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Where the hell is the proper formatting?

This could be a really good story if the lack of paragraphs, sentence fragments, run-ons, and incorrect punctuation weren't completely distracting.

From faithful wife to lesbian cheater 10 min must be a record


One of my favorites! Please make more!


this has been a fantasy of my for the longest times. this story is extremely arousing.


A sultry and seductive read... adore your prose. Five stars!
There are little tickles of irony here and there as well as wonderful Kismat ripples. Keep rollin with this please.

Fabulous! Thank you!


Please write more! I love this story!

Maybe Another?

This was very well written! Amazing story......MORE!!!


bullyism should be dealt with, and this thug is out of control, with also harming other people. Therefore, i ask for a car accident or something to put her in a wheel chair and Kate to recover from her seduction and go on to live a good life. In the meantime Sarah will have a long time to realize the damage she's done to other people.
Kate will understand the whole situation and may have forgiveness for her attacker.


This made me so wet. I'm still rubbin 💦👅

Really enjoyed this story. It was very well written. The characters were great. I hope you continue this. I will definitely read.

Sexual harassment in the workplace. Unwanted sexual advances from the boss (in the beginning).

Still waiting

I am waiting on chapter 8 this story is amazing!! Ps.all the way from Africa


This story excites me. I'm glad there's more. You're such a great writer, will be reading more soon. The character candy should have told her about the soon waiting departure. Tsk Tsk tsk

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