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Well done!

A story of coming to terms with having grown out of and finally understanding the lie one has lived in good faith. Having survived being part of a cult-like religion as a teen and only having been able to do so by moving away and starting a life of my own....I can relate to this story in a profound way. The scars I bear from my time in the cult are indelible, but they are healed and healthy skin now. Keep on moving on, face life knowing that truth is never owned but only pursued, that the truth or at least the honest pursuit of truth will indeed set us free. Follow YOUR bliss, not what a cult or an ideology tells you your bliss should be.

I wish you peace, the peace that's comes from the freedom from ideology and following the path that is your path. Blessed be.

Thank you!

Happened in January 2013....and the best part of it is the ex was dying to have sex with her but I DID! Hahahhahahhahahhaa.......

Ooh Coco, you are so wrong for leaving us hanging like that. Should we anticipate a part 2...sure hope so.

Five! Another hot story!

You write straight well, you write kink well, and you write girl on girl well. This short story has hot characters, interesting background, and a torrid girl on girl sequence... well done!

This story got Under My Skin and I mean in a nice way. I love the idea of a "sheep on the street but a butch in the sheet." I can almost see the beautiful woman in a blue skirt with a dildo discreetly underneath in broad daylight in a public place. Ooh, how naughty is that! Though it is a short story, I can think of a few ways I'd like my imagination take me. And I think I'll go there now. Thanks for the read ckquail.

Well i've never been confused about the fact that i'm madly deeply in love with my best friend which causes a lot of pain n' the idea that she can never be mine kills me every second of my living because i'm afraid i'd lose her if she knows that i love her that way, i' also get soo fuckin paranoied when she doesn't show up or text me back. So you're lucky to have a best friend like kate cuz she looks like she have the same intrest in u like u do on her, so my point is, one of you two need to man up and just say what u two really want from all this. N' don't worry about what happen if u two become a couple, it's for sure u'll go throu some shit, that what life is all about, n' if u don't become a couple you need to move on n' find the right he/she or they'll find u. So be strong, enjoy what u have while it lasts.

Loved it. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Once again you have written a loving and wonderful installment of the J.J. and Ashley saga. The sex scenes were delicious.

This seems incomplete. Could we get a proper ending please!!!!

This ended just when the main loving seemed like it was going to start. Could you please give us one more chapter and let us know what happened between Bridget, Shelly and Tami after Bridget opened her heart and the relationship between the three of them begins.

Next Chapter

Wonderful chapter of these two expressing their love to each other. Being honest in a relationship is truly an understanding on trust and love it self. Hope another chapter is in the works!!!

Lots of promise 😈

Gotta say loved what I have experienced so far. Sure hope there's a lot more to come. 5💥's


It was lovely. And sexy.

I think I had just one problem with this chapter, and it's probably more of a *my* problem than the chapter's problem.
That, somehow, when all of the fantasies become a reality, I'm left with a slightly empty feeling.
Just me, as I said. I always need a look-ahead to keep me going ;(

I Don'T Know What to Say

The reason I choose that title is for once in my life I can say it is the thought that counts. You have shared so much about your life and your feelings, I wish there was more. I read every chapter and you drew me into your life. I love the openness and honesty, also the genuine caring. The sex was good but was a part of and not the entirety. Please keep writhing and sharing. I hope you will keep me on your iist and let me know when you will continue your writing. The thoughts are better then the complaints about the grammar. We get too hung up on that and miss the real story. Thanks

So beautiful

This was so beautifully written.


I haven´t still read the story but it´s clear that it isn´t an illustrated story. Please, put it in other task

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