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Lovely and very hot

I went back and read from chapter 3, because there was a relatively large time gap between chapter 4 and current. So when I started to read this one, it was fresh on my mind.
I really enjoyed this chapter. The jump between POV is slightly maddening, because I need to shift my identification as well, but it gives a better coherency (is this the correct word in english?), their actions are more in-character and better explained when they explain themselves.
The sexual tension and the lap dance were highly erotic. I cant wait to see how you will write an actual sex scene between them. I tend to think it will be mind blowing.
Oh, and I adore the expression cunt-on.


It was good until the sex and then the woman who invited her poor, abused, lost, and scared neighbor to stay with her for safety started being as abusive and horrible as what she was trying to "protect" her neighbor from.

Really the turn it took was just a killer for me. That ruined the entire thing.

I'M SORRY BUT.........

fuck, fuck, fuck, I really hate you right now

not bad

Nice. But cunt is such an ugly word, Pussy, Vagina, Love Tunnel, anything but cunt


I can't be sure, so far this series has a disappointing rating of around 3.70 which isn't too great. If they rise I will likely continue but for now I'm considering delaying it.

Amazing, but more please!

This series was wonderful! I was engaged through all 10 chapters. I agree with the previous comment about another chapter being from Wendy's POV, however, I think it should be during those six days that Jen is in the farmhouse. Possibly her struggle with the truth, and realizing that she was wrong. And then maybe some hot sex by the fireplace after their exchange. The ending was great, but hot sex is great too ;) Thanks for writing!

Working hard on the new installment

Hey everyone, I am working on the next installment of the story. I am not sure where the story will go. Anything is possible. But as everyone has asked, this will be the longest installment. So give me sometime. Thank you for reading.

good start

Please keep this moving and growing. Could be a lot od chapters to be told.


...is pretty gross. Wouldn't be worth the effort. Anything hot about this story disappeared at that moment in that strip club.


You are so good at this!!! Your writing style is so very fresh, sexy and contemporary and I am here for all of it - so please keep writing and honing your skills.

I can't even explain how elated I was with the Nisha and Arie update ❤️ and with them being friends with Bee and Irri - that was sooo fking smooth and makes so much sense👍🏾. And I loved the touch of vulnerability in the bathroom scene with Bee and her emotions and at the end of the chapter with Irri and her lack of eye contact!

But after that final sentence of the chapter by Bee, all I could think was - Lordt somebody is about to get the fucking of a lifetime right up in her own bed!!! (but pls send the friends home though - get them a cab or something but get them the hell out of there lol)

Ps (I'm going to be re-reading this tonight while listening to 'lips' - yum) 🙈


So excited to read the rest of it 😄😄😄😄!
You did a great job on this piece 💜

I CAN'T with you lol I'm flipping my sht over here!! Aaaaah. That ending.. damn. Damn. Damn. 😛 This series drives me crazy, this chapter drives me crazy, YOU drive me crazy lol I had to put the story down several times, esp towards the end and curse you for being too good!! Real talk haha! You are such a wonderful writer and story teller, I truly hope you receive the recognition you deserve in your life right now. Thank you for bringing such animated, intense, fun reading experiences to me with each chapter lol it is much appreciated! Can't wait for the next one! 😊


Awesome story waiting for a sequel

I guess...

I'm a bit taken aback. Your neighbor was subjected to physical abuse by her boyfriend, Heather tells her neighbor its not safe to stay with him and she can move in with her. And behold, Heather is a sexual predator or at least a Domma! First day, Heather kisses her "no experience with a woman" neighbor (Jackie), makes her eat her out, fucks her with a strap on, while calling her a bitch the whole time. But hey, no pressure cause it seems Jackie has nowhere to go on such short notice. On the bright side she enjoyed it but what an introduction!

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