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That's. How my first time was

Brings back some good memories. Oh how I. Miss being touched by a women made me cum

At last!

So I know I'm all special and got to read this ahead of time, but now I get to come in here and give it the public 5 stars it deserves. You have a way, AMD, of making every interaction so *human*, even within settings or concepts that might not be something a wide swath of the population is familiar with. The ASMR thing doesn't work on m because reasons, but you wrote that first scene in a way that made me all hot anyway. I really hope to see more of this thing. :)
So much less than three.

Wow what a beautiful story. Friendship, love, romance. You are a gifted writer.

I know I am late to the party

but why in the hell did you have to bring Josh and his damn special sauce????? I HATE when guys are involvd in an otherwise EXCELLENT Lesbian story

It felt real

I never got to read the chapters that lead up to this one; I will look for them. This was a brilliantly written piece, thought provoking and emotionally charged. To experience true ups and downs while reading such a shirt piece of writing, just wow! Well done. And yes, please keep writing? 👍


Nope, same author. Although, I probably shouldn't have published this one if the difference between the two is so harrowing lol. Please forgive the amateurish start this story's offered. Glad you liked Comic Love!


I've realized this was a very straightforward story with little knowledge about the characters. I plan on developing them some more as I go into another chapter, though. Please look forward to it.


I'll see to that sequal then given the large amount of requests. Thanks for the comment!

more please

hi i loved the story and would definitely want to hear more about them together :) hopefully you not go off kilter and make them party girls or something .. i like the love between them it irritates me when writers suddenly change the style of the story ..

Feedback for wibitri

I hope you enjoy Heather's Busy Week . . . I certainly enjoyed writing it.

I haven't put pen to paper (more accurately, fingers to keyboard) on the grand finale yet but I've had plenty of ideas. Stag/buck night, hen night, ex-girlfriend arriving from England . . . not to mention Claire and the twins. The possibilities are endless!

Change of plans.

Now I'll look at her Busy Week, then come back to this for "grand finale"...

Cute cliffhanger, though.

Great read! The only part i didnt care for was the fact that both amber and tara allowed themselves into a situation where rape might be involved, i mean i would have been totally upset with tara cause she wasnt drugged she just allowed herself to get obliterated and got pregnant cause she trusted a male friend of hers. I just dont think i wouldve been able to forgive either woman especially tara. And i wouldnt trust her as i previously did if i was amber. Anyway, i loved mary and robyns story and im glad mary finally got some and with someone to whom i think she was attracted to in the first place. Keep writing though all in all i did like everyones story,even brad and sherrys.

Had to realize this was the conclusion of a series starting with Bad Behavior part 1 to fully enjoy it.

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