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@Anonymous Re: "Ratings"

It's simple math - One 1 star rating require THREE 5 star ratings just to get to a 4 star score.

One 2 star needs 2 5 stars and a 3 needs 1.

And that's just to get a 4 star rating!

To get a score higher than four requires still MORE 5 star scores!

Penny was playing this gal like a fiddle, so damn naughty.

welcome back!

I honestly thought you had abandoned the story, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this submission. Anyway, I love the story so far. The descriptions are really wonderful for immersion and the characters are well-developed.
As a side note, I know it's not the direction the story is headed, but I really liked Skye and Nova's dynamic, so I'd love to see them interact again.

Thanks for a great story! I hope you continue to update it.

Oh my gosh. This had me dripping wet and horny. I dressed up like the little Fuck slut I am and touched myself until I came so hard I saw stars. I love it and I hope there's more to cum. (pun intended)

Yeeessss!!! Sneaky but very clever. I would love to see the women knowingly make love. For the Lesbian Sex cat., we can do without a threesome involving the boyfriend. (Thanks). Bring on the next chapter of The Reveal or Now I See

I'm smiling. This was good if I leave out my judgements about Lisa already having a girlfriend, fucking a high schooler and former student, and a pending tryst with another female teacher/co-worker. A recipe for disaster. But I guess the two teachers can have some fun before the shit hits the fan. Glad this is fiction cause I would not advocate this in real life. In the interim, I await chapter 2 and I hope it doesn't involve sex with students. I don't care if they are 18.


Thank You😘

I really enjoyed reading this submission.

Mmmm this was a really good one. I love these two characters. Next stop....chapter five.

Brava Vixen! Your story was so good I went to work later than intended to finish reading. It's the stuff "real" love and relationships are made of: first kisses, "disagreements," almost first break ups, and if you're lucky, marriage and maybe kids. I've read comments wanting Bren's jealous rant explored. Why poke a pit bull with a stick when you know it will eventually get angry and possibly bite. Hell, any animal on four legs or two will. Jenna was out of line dancing lascivious with a beautiful stranger and when Bren went to the dance floor to get Jenna, she should have left without hesitation. How about this, she should have never started. It's as simple as that. The reason obvious. This type of debate/comment is good cause it shows people were vested in these characters. Lastly, thank you Vixen for this beautiful love story and a reminder to cherish the love we have and hope for the love we desire.

Tears falling down my face. So sad. Such a good story. On to chapter four now.

nice story

But the mystical call through the spheres to go save Tammi was jarring, if you don't believe in mental telepathy. Everybody was soo sweet, so accepting of her. Living in a town where never is heard a discouraging word, except for one wife beater. Would have done with a bit more conflict, and one or two disapproving people, just to balance it out a bit.

Excellent beginning.

To be sure, this is an excellent start. The only thing that threw me for a loop is Paige is introduced as 22 years old and a bit farther along she's 20 going on 21. Other than that small mistake, a touching story. A 5 star effort to be sure.

Woo hoo. This is damn good. Chapter three here i come.

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