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Really, really hot...when's 2nd part coming out? Hope it'll be soon enough

Compassion and love rule

Another beautifully rendered story of love and kindness. It is a pure pleasure to read your work, many thanks.


Honestly, I am unsure how to put this... Seriously your best story I have read. The sex play is fantastic, the characters awesome and varied. Then to top that the actual interaction between the two main characters has really blossomed in this chapter.

The reveal of the AS was perfectly done, and I love I didn't see it coming. And I loved the D&D comments, it brought back one or two memories.

So glad there are a lot more of these to read.

Alex :)

Reading this made me cum! Thank you!


One of the greatest submissions to Literotica, deserve a place among the best short tales on this website.

Lovely story.
One issue re: the "Jesse" nickname part of the storyline. I'm not sure if it was meant to be an ode to LWRI, but the use of the exact name was so jarring that it felt like copying.

Rushed Ending

Good, but the last paragraph felt rushed.

Good story justonenitpick

During the sex scene it mentions that Reilly has never tasted herself but the morning after the first night they sleep together Reilly has her hand down Kendall's pants and tastes her and ladder mentions it to Kendall saying she wanted to see if she tastes different than herself

Please write more

This is a great series that I have only recently found. It could be turned into a top notch short novel by adding a couple of chapters at the beginnning - one from Laura's perspective and one or two from Cassandra's perspective back when they were students. Then a few more chapters could be added at the end following up Laura's longing for another get together with Cassandra before her wedding.

Please keep writing.

great characterizations! keep em coming!


where's the rest?

I don’t think you know what lesbian stories should be,this definitely isn’t

Simply Wow

So elegantly written..and yet...it seems so real, so honest, so..perfect. I can't wait to read more.

one of the best

Excellent writing, also feel bad for Brittany, but maybe there is a 2nd chapter where she can find her true love maybe Kathy??
The sexy parts might have been few in this story but I was on pins and needles wondering how it was going to end for the couple. Very very well done!!

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