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Nicely done, Miss_saissore!

Thank you for this, your first story, and may I say it was very good. I hope you will bring these characters back again -- you write about them so well. Fishing-rod's advice is spot-on, by the way; it's so easy to miss little details when you're reading from your screen.

Welcome, thanks again, and please have five stars from me.


I enjoyed Alexa's telling Mary her boring life had just ended. Such a nice and non-pressuring way of telling her new slave a truth already known.

Some one needs to have a pussy thatched and full pussy smelling of a days use when the slave comes to it. A fragrance to be remembered and sought after in dirty panty later.

Sounds Good

Keep it going, sounds good so far.

more stories

I reread the hole story again. wish there were more stories continuation.

I'mreally sorry.....

That can't rate this higher than a five. :-)

80's Suburban Bliss

Question: What inspired you to write this kind of a story ( The Time Period, The Setting, The Charcters and The Haunted house ) ?

How can I even start this review to this 11 page kickass epic. I guess I'll start with the stuff that I loved the most. Taking an ordinary setting and placing it in 1988 was fucking awesome. At least for me it intensifies the emotion of the story so much more. You do a great job describing the details so that it does feel like the late 80's. I love Allsion. A 42 year old Milf with a bush, who digs other women - what is there not to love. Being a metal fan as well, it was a treat read about Jenna and have her as the second lead to Allsion. A milf and a hot metalhead teen going at it in the 80's is a beautiful storm to read about. For such a long story, you do such a great job in keeping everything so very interesting. With all the side characters and their stories going on it's never a dull moment. Though I still think Dennis is a freak who's into horses. But time will tell.

I would also like to show my gratitude for making this into a haunted house story as well. Knowing this is taking place in 1988, really emphasizes the mystery of it all especially during this time of the year. It makes your story that much more unique to the others.

My only complaints that I have are of two things. First I think you spend too much time with giving us the numerous background stories with Jenna's siblings. I'm not saying it doesn't help in fully understanding the scope but I feel it goes on a bit too much at times. And my only other complaint has to do with Jenna. I love the look and personality you gave her, but as a metalhead myself I need to read her rocking some actual metal band shirts and not just some generic devil type stuff. It kind of ruins the vibe for me. Here's a few band names that would suit Jenna, hopefully in the very near future.

Bathory, Candlemass, Death, Dio, Fates Warning, King Diamond, Slayer and Venom.

Sorry to be so picky with metal stuff but I just adore your story and your writing so much that I wanted to express that. Plus it will add more dimension to Jenna.

Also I'm very happy to hear that you plan on doing a sequel with this. It deserves one, as your writing is very cinematic. You have that rare ability with your words that instantly become moving pictures. Once more, a job well done. You put alot of effort and heart into this, and it shows. I can't wait to see where the sequel will take us!

One request: Can we get some feet play and toe sucking going on between Allsion and Jenna. That would be sweet!

A lovely second chapter

So very lovely and intimate! I hope there is more... Thank you!


It seems like you wrote this to get it out of your system... Taking on the subject of Mary and rushing into the sex seems almost sinful... no pun intended...

Good beginning

A great start but it could be better if the few errors had been corrected. Print off and read your first draft through (preferably out loud )before submitting. This way the little errors leap up at you. Anyway I am hoping you continue with your story.

Good, but..

How about slower penetration, and perhaps a threesome include a busty female guard?

v. sexy

Please write more erotica as it is very useful for me and my girlfriend's sexual encounters

Update on next chapter

Like to see where they go from here?

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