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Idek what these comments above me mean this story wasn't very good

First, you've got some very obvious grammar mistakes like duplicating a whole paragraph mistakes among many others. The seduction aspect was interesting but not as relasitc as I'd like. The characters were also very 2d and predictable after a few paragraphs. Though, the spiral of seduction was slow tantalizing and erotic. I really wish I didn't have to sit through three pages of philosophical ideology that sounded more like it was preaching to the reader than painting a character. This is an old story so I hoped you've changed but please see an editor.


Great story, a lot of drama and happy ending.

To the grammar freak

Calm the fuck down. It’s an online story, not a published book.

Great start

Very good beginning. Can't wait for next part.


Again, this is wonderful. Thank you.

Continue, please!

Thuis may sound strange, given my request to continue the series you have written so far, but I think the story would benefit by adding a set-back brought on by either the law or the religious community, or perhaps even from within the sisterhood. A little addition to the wonderful sexual tension you describe..

I want to kill you!

Wonderful and so hot but I could just kill you for the cliff-hanger.


Every single story of yours reduces me to happy tears. I just adore your characters and their relationships and happy endings. Thank you for sharing these stories and these people with us.

Mmm that was so delicious.


Such a great series, love that the story is being told from two perspectives

Thanks everyone

Thank you all for the lovely feedback I have really enjoyed reading these comments. I've got a couple of other stories on the go but couldn't tell you when i'll manage to finish them!

A great first effort

Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more work from you.

a beautiful beginning

The start is intriguing. Looking forward to the next chapter.

great IR lezdom story...

The bathroom scene seemed a lot like the scene from “Staying in the Closet” by lightswitch on asstr

https://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/lightsw itch/StayingInTheCloset.txt

very well written

this was a fun story to read, erotic and exciting. thank you

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