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Your story was nice. It didn't have a lot of detail but the way you wrote it, a lot of detail wasn't necessary. As to people who put comments as Anonymous and can only bad mouth the efforts, they aren't worth worrying about. Most of those kind of people couldn't write a story if they tried to. I enjoyed your story and you didn't leave it open-ended which so many are on this site.

This deserves a higher rating!

Your prose and characterizations are god tier!


It's okay that she was indecisive, but clearly she took advantage of Tina. She knew that Tina had fallen for her, still she kept using her. What happened at the resort was understandable, but not what she did after returning. I agree that she's a "cowardly wimp" - there is no doubt about that.


This is absolutely one of the best stories I have read on this site. Your character development is superb. I love the way you bring the two main characters together to begin the story. You have either spent time in the military or know someone very well who has. Unfortunately, I suspect that this story is happening for real all around the world today, or at least something similar to it. Keep writing.

Think kindly of me my fecking arse..

Beautifully written as always and never fails to stir up annoying emotions.. but I can't show any respect for jojo's cowardly and decietful behaviour. If you look at it from tina's point of view she just got used, manipulated, lied to repeatably and left with a dear jane letter. Aweful.. just Aweful ending. The silver lining would probably be that the chance of that womanizer marta being able to keep it in her pants is slim to none. What goes around...


Such a well written story! Details and consistency with all three chapters... So much fun to read your work!

I'm hoping for more from you, you're a great writer that puts it all together!

Thank you so much for your stories!


very hot story=love it my pusyy ache for such pleasures


I wish there was a part 2 to this, or a prequel!

Beautiful !!!

Just waiting for the next part to come out. You just left it off at the perfect tantalizing point.

Chapter 1 implies more to follow

so horny long to read more, loved that she called you mummy, i hope Sam is soon to be involved

You wave your hand, they scatter like crows...

I now have more backstory for when I listen to the Tom Waits song "Downtown Train."


Great details and the way you developed the chemistry was simply amazing

Beautifully done

You captured the emotion between them so well.

Very sexy

And I didn't expect Melissa to get in there! As I look at the other chapter headings, I'm starting to wonder if Ryan and Kate will be getting together at all. I may have to push my romantic impulses down and just enjoy the sexy Ryan's escapades.

In love with Ryan

Wow, I love Ryan so much. What a hottie. I was going to wait to read Ch. 02 until tomorrow, but now that we end on a cliff hanger, I've got to carry on. And 5 years between parts 1 and 2? That's great. And, yes, I am totally wishing I was Kate with Ryan. I really hope they get together in part 2! Okay, off I go to it.

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