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Really want to buy

hey everyone I think I need help... No... I DO NEED HELP... I'm currently in hongkong and I couldn't find any Amazon gift card in 7/11 or any other store, I badly needed the 4th instalment of this very nice piece of art from harmony I don't really know the city so I don't know really well where to look... Again help is very much appreciated

really anub?

so anubelore and "anonymous" you really think they should ruin their reputations just because they fell in love? if the brother really loved her he would want her to be happy, if my girlfriend turned out to be a lesbian i agree that it would hurt, but to destroy her just because of her sexuality? thats just plain nonesence, the 2 of you act like animals, she hurt me! let me hurt her back! that just indicates that you can't see into the brothers perspective, he loves her for gods sake! ofcourse he would want her to be happy, even if it was with his sister

I agree with the previous anon that this isn't your best work: the beginning's a bit slow and the dialogue is cringe-worthy at points, among other things. Under normal circumstances I'd give this 4/5, but you're getting five stars because I'm a big fan and I want to help you win the Nude Day contest. Can't wait for your next story!


I wish there's real ashie somewhere Georges Green eyed monster
I love harmony (:


i saw WSWS using the kindle app... i really can afford it though i wanna ask. do i need to have a credit card to pay this? im from the Philippines. its mind buggling on where will i pay for this since its wireless something.... Please help. thank u!

congrats to those who have bought... typically buying it is worth it...

thank u HH for sharing your work to us. please dont stop writing ^_^

Lots of potential

I enjoyed your style and the only advice i would give you is to keep writing and get in loads of practice because i think you have potential. Try including more dialogue as it helps to build the intimacy between the characters.

As a previous commenter suggested getting someone to edit is invaluable.

just purchased it

OMG I'm about to read it...so happy

Awesome Word Flow

The Chapter was more than worth the wait. The way the story flows is so natural and nice. Thank You For sharing your gift with us and I hope you continue to write. (P.S. Harmony could you add this book to kindle unlimited also??)

Not meant to be

I'm willing to pay but I'm not fated with the ending.

Tried all channels but to no avail.

No choice but to give up.

Purchased :))

Thank you..... Read Part 4 and in my opinion, that's the best part of the whole series. You are indeed gifted and thanks for writing something so beautiful :)


I was elated when reading the completed story followed by immediate melancholy and a sense of loss. (after 5 years, it is done) I would also like some feedback from Harmony regarding any future projects and her feelings after completion.


I bought the book in Amazon and it was worth every penny! You guys show of buy it! It is very beautiful love the ending!

Thank you Harmony! :)

harmony. .

I am keenly interested to know, how you feel about the conclusion to your beautiful story. You have taken us all on a wild ride and we are all extremely grateful for sharing it with us, but you have put so much time, love & soul into these stories and the characters... you must be having some feelings!!
Maybe relief from some of the people on this site hounding you?!
I dunno... after I brought it and read it(loved it by the way) the thought crossed my mind that maybe you're a little sad that it's ended. Hopefully just celebrating ; )
Hmmmm anyway, I secretly hope it was based some way on your personal experience and now your living your happily ever after, thanks. XxX

I wish!

I wish and hope that will she, won't she? CH.4 will also be available on this site....

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