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Track you down

You know I'll have to track you down and kill you after that terrible pun. I know geeks love puns, Issac Asimov was an inveterate punster, and so were many of the early science fiction writers. Great story. Keep them coming. (Just a little re-payment for the pun.)

Thanks for a beautiful story.

Welcome back

As always, your stories are well written and very sweet. From a selfish standpoint, I hope the length tends toward the longer rather than the shorter.

Loved it

Carnt wait for chapter 3
Loved ch 1 . ch 2 loved it too.
I too dont women selling them selves but as anjali and sarah were friends before and but with last chapters backstory so we know sarah cares 4 anjali im ok with it. Really sexy writting

Beautiful Story

This is a great piece of writing. It represents many sides of the D/S process in an intelligent and realistic way. A sequel may be written but it does not need it. I will now read more of your content.

Thank You

Well told

Great intro for beginners in this lifestyle. I look forward to the continuation. That was quite well written.


Graph theory, and graphic depiction :)

It's interesting that you tagged it "sex work". Not quite the feeling I get from the story, either because I detest the idea of women selling their body, or because Sarah does.
They keep repeating "you'll pay" I'll pay", but it doesnt feel like it,

Well written, very arousing, I'll be waiting patiently for the next instalment.

Missed Your Writing!!!

Aaahhh!! :) Yet another wonderful introduction to real, in-depth characters and an intriguing plot. How I've missed reading your work... Quick, hot sex stories on literotica are all well and good, but your submissions are worth staying up until the wee hours of the morning just to finish. I know that you've already stated you would be posting more and real life can get in the way at times, but..., PLEASE keep writing!!! You are a true talent and your fans have missed you posting.

Wow 5+ stars

This was very good. Please say your continuing with part 2

Thank You!

Thank You for your care and sacrifices you make each day. Nurses run the hospitals flight teams.

A beautiful story and experience. Thank you for sharing.

Please more?

This was amazing. I am hoping you are inspired to continue.


Practice makes perfect.


i felt alex's frustration as my own at the end and i'm so curious and so thrilled by this. please more!!!

Good storytelling

And if you left it here, well, I hope you won't but if you did, it would still be a cool story. Thanks!


You are an amazing writer Ms. Douglas; always love your story lines and the mix of adventure, romance and good lovin'. Thank you and happy holidays.

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