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Thank you for writing this!

I hope you keep on writing! What a great read!

Yeah! Finally together! ❤❤❤❤❤

I love this story and how they're finding each other! Thank you!


The concluding scene of Nicole's placing Sandra's hands above her head and then manipulating her to orgasm is one of the hotter lesbian scenes I have read. Keep it up. I shall look forward to reading the rest of "Sandra's Fantasy".

Aah sookie sookie, this was gud! I remember days like this, trying to get some and almost gettin' caught - Hated it but love this. I won't hold my breath for Chapter 7 but I want to wish you happy writing

OMG did *not* see that coming. Masterful work & 5*, even if I wish I hadn't read it now.


SUCH an entertaining story! Great job!
Only thing I would change are Agent's last words to Carrie. Instead of "you don't have a choice" blah blah. It should be "fuck you. Bye Felicia."

Holy fuck that was a depressing read. :( Very well written though.

Mmm that was fucking delicious.

No no.

You can keep deleting the comments britglee72, but we know you plagiarized this story.

Just ... WOW !

Super, super sexy ! Simply wonderful story-telling. So real. I loved it .

That was so fucking hot!


This was a very sweet enjoyable read. Thank you.


Thanks SSue - love your work - you are a truly gifted story teller !

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