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5 stars as always!

Great story! No need for Abby to divorce Jack. As stated in another comment, there could be all kinds of sexual connections. In order for Jack to avoid the divorce and continue with the kid next door, he needs to agree to let Abby and Portia continue their affair and also let his boy toy from next door provide Abby with the cock she has never gotten from Jack. He also should buy a strap-on big black cock to keep Abby happy when Portia or the kid next door is unavailable! No need for a divorce, just a little change in their sexual routine. I'd like to read that story. How about it Jasmine?

What the hell happened here. Chapter 1 was very much an awakening and erotic story. Now I am almost repulsed by Chapter 2. It's over wrought with flamboyant adjectives and repetitive decriptions of the women's body. However, what incensed me most was the use of "rape" to describe the use of a dildo in a loving consensual sex act between two women. How dare that word be used in this instance, when in comparison, Steph's husband constantly brutalizes her vagina and denies her orgasms to prevent her from squirting, which he finds disgusting. I won't further berate their situation with his lack of cunnilingus. Secondly, how dare Steph tongues her female lover with the after taste of her husband's cum in her mouth. Like WTF, have the decency to rinse with water, mouthwash, or some kind of beverage and then pop a mint. If this was a paperback, Into the Fire it would go. Mayhem, if you plan to continue the series, I hope you are sensitive to the fact, this is the Lesbian Sex category. I'm no prude but the double standards and redundancies detracts from your work (in My opinion). This is an interesting story and I look forward to reading what you do next

I will willing walk Into the Fire, if it's as wonderful as this. Eroticism at its best.

You got me hooked on this. I look forward to the next chapter. And the next after that. And so on.

This reads like it was written by a teenaged boy. A porn fantasy scenario.


I binge read all of your stories, and now I want more. I love your writing & style, and I hope you continue to share. Thank you!

Well Done

Good story...looking forward to reading more of your work

A very yummy start!

I can’t wait to read more of it! Thank you!

Wonderful and wondering

An utterly terrific reading experience from start to finish. The only thing I wanted but didn't get was a little more background on Sarah's exodus from the enclave. Maybe somethings are better left to the imagination... Mine is just not that good.
Loved this story. 6 stars if I could.

You hit the right note with The Singer

I always look forward to reading one of your stories, as you write such good characters into them, amongst lots of other reasons.
As ever you transport the reader right into the heart of your story with your wonderful style.
Carnt wait for the next chapter.
Thank you


Joyjoy, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The weather was in part my inspiration for the story.

Slk, thanks for the comment. I'm happy you liked it.

Blunt or what?

You've got to hand it to the Aussie ocker for bluntness ("...fancy a root..." or "Subtlety? Subtlety? Is that somewhere near Brisbane?"). What I always love about your stories, Shaima, is that they are so real, it's as if you're telling anecdotes about people you know all too well. As ever, I'm looking forward to what follows.

I think I spotted an error/typo at the beginning of the story: paragraph 1, lines 2 & 3, you write "...she'd been on holiday..." and I think it should read "...I'd been on holiday...". Easily done if you're typing quickly as I know well.


Yes, this is one of the best western on Lit. Five Stars. Thank you for it.

wow , can't wait to read more . you have a way with your writing that really draws me in . thanks for the melbourne setting . feels like home . sarah

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