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But Velma belongs to Shari! Did this happen before they were together?

Feedback for Bridget69

You are so right about Angie's choice of directions. I am currently writing the next story and she's surprising even me!

Feedback for First Anonymous

I see what you mean but don't worry. Madhu doesn't feature much in the next story but she hasn't been forgotten. There is more of her to come . . . and Helen has the potential for more too!

Feedback for jenorma

Thank you for reading and enjoying. Next time Angie does end up in a threesome . . . but not with Ruby and Charlie.

Great, as usual!

I have been reading (and re-reading) your stuff and now there are no more.
Call To Action! More of your terrific romance stoires are needed!

Easy does it

It's good when you take your time.

loved it

Nice build up, believable plot line, a good read

Who says Wednesdays have to be Hump Day?

Angie sure has a lot of avenues and open doors at her disposal.So much so, she has someone for every day of the week. So many different directions this could go in.

Always the best

This is much shorter than your usual stories but as good, perfect, moving, exciting and witty as your previous works. You've got such an amazing talent.

First Anonymous here.

I mean the change of pace between Fat Bottomed Girls and Ruby Tuesday. Expectations of what Madhu will do to Hellen were expertly cliffhanged and... next story there was just a veiled hint of their involvement. So I feel there is a huge piece missing. It was going to be a nice oportunity to read Madhu's development as a character (her change from "innocence" to... whatever she is now)
Too bad I miss the next story name... It was catchy.

Wooooow!! Hot Wet Cum Dripping Pussy!!!

Hallo Sunny!

Well once again love, you have me sitting here in wet panties smelling like a pussy bomb just went off,,, waiting for Jackie to get home and let me assure you I'll be eating Jackie long before we eat supper,,, yes! And thank-you. :-) !!

Well girlfriend _ 5&5 _ 5-Siars and 5-Pussy Licking Orgasms!

Gay Kat.

Love it

A 10 for sure. Love stories like this. More please.

My Fave

This is one of the best Lesbian Erotica's I've read. I stumbled across it years ago and it showed me the talent that's going about on this site. Thanks for writing it, you've made a lot of folks very (satisfied) happy.

From Sunny

Thank-you so much for all your kind comments and favs!

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