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A sincere thank you

Dear Victoria. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us.
You truly are a gifted writer, and have a way with words. You've made me fall in love with the characters, however flawed they may be. Please don't stop writing. Should you ever need an editor / proof reader in the future, I'd gladly help. As far as chapter 4 is concerned, while the suspense is killing me yet again, each chapter has been more than worth the wait. Now please, Literotica, approve the story already ! :-)


Oh damn, this was so sexy. I wish there was more of these two beautiful girls


again this is to long for me to read


Some of your readers may like long stories, but I am not one of them these are too long to hold my interest I hope there is shorter ones


this is too many pages for me to read, I read the first and last pages and skipped the middle


I am sure this was a good part, but 8 pages is too long for me to read I read the first page and when I saw it was 8 pages sorry I skipped the next 7 pages and went right to the last page, I hope the rest of your stories are not this long

pretty good

It was a little long for me, I tend to skip pages when it is longer than 4 pages over all it was good, I did find some parts that I did not care for like when she was tied to the bed frame, but that is just me

Great Story! 5*****Stars!

Lovely Story dear PenelopePinn,

Thank you for some nice and loving moments reading your lovely story! mmmmmm

Wet wet kisses
Aunt Helena
55yo Lesbian Aunt from Portugal

I really enjoyed this.

great read

Please hurry it up with the next chapter. I'm really enjoying his story


Thank you for the update VictoriaWright. Yes some people are downright mean.


Loved the story very emotional very sexy....

Do three meet up.....

Great read, wish it didn't end so soon!

My only comment is.........

The title needs a connection to the original story (Welcome To Our Bed, Goody-Two-Shoes )
The rest is all good

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