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JPB writing about a guy basically fucking-over another married guy! Who would have believed it?

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Classic JPB! Keep going!

Great Story. BEAUTIFUL.

Great Beautiful story.. Just when you have it all right in front of you and your so blind to see it.. The way it was written.. Start up the ups and downs. And now the final climax. And love at the end amazing..

Good Story

This is much less erotic than I would have expected. That is, there are lots of sexual moments but practically no tension unless you buy into his fear of being dropped which all goes back to Amanda. You know, I would have liked to hear what kind of
absurd explanation that Amanda was going to offer for her behaviour.


Yes, there's a few inconsistencies due to the rewrite I did of Chapter One. Just have to kind of ignore them. There are a few here and there in the other chapters too alas.

Refreshing and well-written!

Thanks for writing, this was a very refreshing giggle in a day that was dearth of humour and I enjoyed it very much!

Umm, Point of Anatomy...

Great story, but 1 thing...If you ever did penetrate a woman's cervix with your penis, she would be screaming her head off. The contractions during birth are the cervix stretching to allow the baby to leave it. Now way that happens with just a " Thank You ". A little research goes a long way. Keep up the work, otherwise fine.


Yes, I think there may be a bit of that here and there as the plot was changing in my head a bit while I was writing. And it needs to be tightened. That said, plotting's my weak point. Working on that one.....


Great story but prologue inconsistent with Chapter 1A

I have enjoyed reading chapter 0 and 1a
The end of your prologue has the party being conducted at Joe's but in Chapter 1A, it's conducted at Claire's.

Sensually Erotic

While your story didn't make the "Volcanic" category, it did make the "Sensually Erotic"! Sometimes this kind of story is a huge turn-on for people, that it doesn't need all the porn type writing. THIS IS ONE OF THEM! Well Done! I look forward to more stories like this from you. 5*****

taking the good-girl's virginity...

I like this story of the good Christian girl giving-up her pussy.

Though he was patient with her, in the end, he wanted her sweet pussy.

Imagine the expression on her innocent face, the loving look in her eyes as she gazed at him as he prepared to mount her.

As he's maneuvering to poise his penis in front of her very horny pussy, she looks down & sees his penis @ her opening.

As he carefully positions his impressive cock to enter her hole, it's a striking picture to her.
Here she is this "innocent" Christian virgin girl who's hardly done anything sexual with a man, laying on her back & submitting to his carnal desires.

She sees his hungry cock touching her sweet cunt & wanting to move it into her.
Knowing she's an innocent Christian virgin, he's deliberately taking it slow, for her comfort as well as his own pleasure, the great feeling of being able to fuck an evangelical Christian girl.

She doesn't really care that he doesn't share her religious views & to be honest, wants to experience the enjoyable feelings his penis will give her.

So she "puts aside" her morals & convictions & allows this nonChristian man she's been seeing to be the first to fuck & conquer her pussy.

"I want you. Fuck me..." she tells him and closes her eyes as she feels him move it into her.

He gives her all those new sensations as he slowly slides it into her tight, but very wet, Christian pussy.

"uh... uh...." she lightly exclaims, as his penis goes in deeper & his forehead meets her good-girl hymen, which no man has ever visited.

With one carnal, but loving, push, he moves his penis into her & bursts her hymen, opening her to the world of dating & sex.

As his penis sinks deeper into her innocent pussy, she wraps her arms around him even tighter & moans to his thrusts.

He goes in & out & explores every dark part of her.
She loves the new sensations.

"Fuck me ... harder !!!"

He pushes deeper & as his big penis fills her, she enjoys her first orgasm.

He ravishes her pussy & is fucking her so hard, it occasionally slips-out.
When it leaves, she takes it in her loving hands & guides it back in & enjoys him more.

She never knew it would feel this great & after about 10 minutes of his penis in her, she squeezes his rod with her vagina muscles.

He's always been able to go long but that loving grip she gives him puts him over the top.

Soon, she feels his dick throbbing & filling her innocent pussy with his spermy cum.

It was the best fuck of her life & prepared her for the other men she would date.

breaking through her pussy..

Loved how you really cared for her feelings & told her you didn't HAVE to fuck her.
You were a true gentleman.

You were also very descriptive on your entering her innocent pussy.

"....I pressed my fingers in her pussy, happy to find it warm and dripping. I slid the condom on and moved between her legs. Very carefully I pressed my cock into her opening, and she grunted as I broke through the initial resistance. Her tight pussy felt so good, I almost came then and there. I took a breath to control myself, and then slowly buried myself deep inside her. ..."

That's good to read but did your impressive forehead meet her innocent hymen?

"...."Are you ok?" I asked. She nodded. I gave her a kiss and started pumping my cock into her. She moaned and wiggled to match my rhythm. I tried to go slow, but I had almost reached my limit. She ran her hands down my back and dug her fingers into my hips. I took it as a signal to go faster. When I did, she moaned louder...."

I also like how you inquired about her comfort after your penis burst her hymen.
With one carnal, but loving, thrust, you forever ended her innocence.

Can see her closing her eyes as you pushed it in & out & showed her what real life is like.

Imagine it felt good for the shy girl to get her first fuck from you, a real gentleman.

Best Erotic Story Ever

I have enjoyed this site for years. Best story on site. Thanks.

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