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A beautiful story!

An amazing story all the way from beginning to end! Thank you!

Good first attempt…

… but you need to even out the pace. The long buildup is very nice, but is exaggerated with "a few months" passing several times—that's just not credible with two young people so obviously attracted to each other. A few hours, a few days, but no longer.
The other thing I found rather irritating was your imprecise use of language and your idiosyncratic punctuation. Try re-reading your stories aloud, and note where breaths and pauses fall naturally. That will give you an indication of the placement of commas, breaks of sentences, and so on.
But I did indeed like it, and look forward to more experiments in the form!

love it

great story. would be nice to see a follow up. I'd like to see how far Daphne will open up to new things ...

You tell a great story

Brittini4u, your writing style is to be commended. You expertly convey excitment and passion to make your story flow and instill in the reader to eagerly read the next word and word after word. I was totally engrossed in your storytelling. This one of the best stories I have read on this site. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the time and effort you put into your writing.

Fun story

An interesting twist. Asian women have caused many men to do things they never thought they would.

Nice short story

Many guys have had similar experiences. Alcohol is usually involved in the first time but not needed after. It is all good fun

Very nicely done.

I want to know more about Trudi's life as she moved on into her future. But that just means that you got me to care about her, not that you need to write a sequel!

Would enjoy the same

I loved the story and the content. I have wanted the same thing for quiet some time. I am a slim build man older and think about the same experience for me. Keep the stories coming.

Wow ! Simply ammazing !!

You sir, have an incredible talent. It was as if I was listening in to her most intimate thoughts. The descriptions were classy & sexy at the same time. Well done. I'm so glad that you decided to write again. With a brain like yours your wife is in for a very enjoyable ride. Lucky her. Please keep writing. I love your style !! An easy 5.

That was amazing! Thank you!!

Just incredible!

The storytelling is superb! The characters are familiar if you went to college. The weirdness makes sense in the end...and what a wrap-up! Medically sophisticated, too. This may be the single finest piece of work I've ever read on Lit.

Great story!

Going be sad for her when she thinks back to that first night in his office.....at some point she's going to wonder why he'd have lube in his desk drawer. Either he lied about never doing anal before or he had it there fully expecting to get some anal in his office at some point....a secretary maybe? A co-worker, an intern? I'd like to see Kylie walk in on him with a woman NOT his wife so she could see that she's not the first & won't be the last....nothing special at all.

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