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Alan - what a story

You continue your style - I know - TIME - when ever you are able - again and again, like your characters, though you maybe do not have the time. Our loss!

Nice ending

I cracked up when she found the canoe

The best erotic story that graphically describes a mind-blowing sensual response

So well written - just puts all those images into the reader's brain and then turns it on! OMG! The best graphic story ever! How about another?!

The paddle

wasn't an SM paddle, it was a canoe paddle. Sometimes we luck into the answer.


Your interior monologues mixed into the back-and-forth
of the early E-mails could be set off more clearly?

We Old Cocks enjoy being appreciated! :+))

And I dearly love Happy Ending stories!


'Gotta start pay attention to titles...

Yeah, yeah, I get it - "Write It Down".

However, that continuous 'Inseption' nonsense in its third act almost turned a sweet coming-of-age story into an annoying turd. Thank for the finale goodbye, to bring it back into sweet.

I hope JimBob ain't going to discard those characters, and we'll have a follow-up for this story. I really like Todd and Becky, and hope again't hope they can somehow make it work... although, if there's a sequel, let's it solely through Rebecca's perspective - as I said, I like Todd... but man, were his fantasies starting to be annoying!

And hopefully, by then, the kid will learn to password-protect his laptop when he's not near it... dumb noob.


When I was reading this, I found myself wondering what was wrong with Eric that he actually believed this. I resigned myself to it being a fairytale. Fortunately, nothing was wrong with Eric, and it was still a fairytale. Which isn't a bad thing. This was a fun read.


You made my day! Me and my cock thank you !


Truly awesome job. Very arousing and awesomeness in writing this work of art! Couple grammatical errors but nothing huge. Would like to see more to this story like a part two for her teaching a boy her own age or something equally amazballs as this!

Yes please -- more!

Great story, and hopefully there will be more to come.
Like others, need to find what Liam has not yet explained about his past.


You got me. Intriguing story. When is the next?

Love the lady in charge.

Another hot powerful encounter of a hungry talented woman taking a young virgin lover. The mature lady taking the boy and skillfully draining him to meet her own needs is one of the most erotic encounters of which I have read. Please continue your writing,,,your talent is without limit !!


Great writing... you have excellent talent with words and your story-telling is superior....and quite arousing I might add. One of the most sexually hypnotic stories I have ever read.

Excellent start.

Nicely rounded characters. Simply but clearly drawn.
Sweet and lovely sex.
A story with lots of promise.

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