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Keep writing

This story reads like a teenage fantasy of how a girl should respond to a guy dropping his pants. Very unreal. Using words like vagina (heaps) is a bit repedative and ferocity (twice) shows you wanted to use this word when really not warranted. But please keep writing, the story was good enough to read to the end. Get someone to proof read, not just spelling and grammar but also appropriate use of certain words. Again, looking forward to more.

The beach

This wasn't anything like I imagined that it would be. I fully expected to read that she went a lot further then she did.
True it started with a good idea of what I thought was going to be at least her fucking someone other than her husband but it didn't happen.
Very disappointed. Had a great story line but it went nowhere.

Please don't

We really don't need anymore of this sorry ass story. What is your natural language? It can not be English. Your grammar is awful.


Actually, this reminds me of my first time. I was 21, she was 18. We both liked each other, but were too shy to admit it.

slow down, speak clearly, GROUP YOUR WORDS

sounds like a U R A 5 or 6 year old child trying to tell
your readers something, but I can't figure out what
Signed Slow Poke

Loving it!

More please?? You can make this great!

Loved it

I was so turned on by this story. Would love to do all of that. Wonder if there is some group like that here in Orange county California my gf and I could join to experience it all. Any one have ideas? Hit me up. 714....605...7103 no texts

good start

good foundation lay down. maybe too brief of a chapter.

Interesting but needs a proofreader and editor

It felt like you were wanting / trying to add a little excitement into the story, BUT it came out as VERY clinical and quite aimless. Good start, but as a 2nd language effort, it needs and English 'polishing'!! Were you planning on writing a 2nd chapter.... because this was not the 1st time (which means 1st intercourse) nor had anything to do with family. There were many first time little events, but the cold, clinical explanation, with NO insight into YOUR emotions, no description into the doctor's psyche, no emotional involvement by nurse or Mom... Let's see how you do with Chapter 2! Even the title is misleading....

What could have been

Could have been a great story except for all the stupidity about fur...

Very well written

Excellent. Well constructed and easy to read. An easy 5 star rating.

I beg to differ

This "real woman" asked a guy to cum on her face and it was hot as hell. Sorry you're so closed-minded, but kindly stop imposing your sexual taste on others.
The Author

Thanks for the memories

This story reminded me of my own experience when my wife and I had been married only 8 months. One of her close friends moved in with us temporarily. And it lasted for a long time. We did everything together and had some wonderful times. And your story reminded me of those times. I'm now in my 70's and my ladies have passed on, but I still think back to those two beautiful blonds!

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