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Great, Great

Really enjoyed it. Hope you continue with it.

more please

while the relationship seems a bit far fetched, i love the glow of discovery you've captured... may we have some more, please

Lovers Unite

Thank you for the sweet and touching story about young love.

That's what I'm talking about

Now this is more like it, still a bit of that weir description style left but otherwise the best so far. The MC found his balls and the lady of his heart accepted it with open arms (or should that be legs?), now I'm already looking forward to them coming out as a couple to the parents and lots and lots of love making in the future.


Please continue this storyline

This was a wonderful start to a great story. Lots of obstacles to overcome to keep everything fresh and interesting. Convincing Jules mother, problems with his ex, lots to explore. I could easily understand why he was afraid of falling in love with her. Thanks for a great story

This acutely brought back bittersweet memories of my own incredible crushes. I had forgotten how it felt and you made me remember just what it was like to be so young and inexperienced yet with a heart-stopping, breathless, mental/physical craving, fantasizing and desire - truly the agony and the ecstasy of nothing-like-it first time.


What a beautiful story! And Sam is such a beautiful and heartbreaking character. I also loved how much the story advanced through dialogue. Minimal exposition. My favorite.

The second time _was_ cheating, ... but ...

Sometimes life just offers some quirky circumstance / opportunity that you wind up "accommodating" into your life story ... It's kind of sad and unnecessary for them to "screw up" other portions of your life (if they do). In general, it's a good thing when people can be understanding and accepting of the "quirky things / events" ...
Thanks for sharing yours ...

A very nice upturn story.

Many people in the world have been like Sara.
Glad to see someone looking to turn it around for a change.

A time at the park

I'd sucked 2 men in the past year. Both I knew, both married. My first was when I was 40. I'm still married to the same woman now. I enjoyed spending hours sucking my last friend, letting him cum in my mouth and savoring his taste, then going home to play with the wife, licking her pussy till she came, then I'd jack off my little wiener onto her pussy and rub it in. I hadn't seen my buddy for awhile so I decided to driver through the park where I'd heard there were men looking to get sucked. I was horny. Drover to the park, nervous, scared of getting busted etc... Never done this before. It was dusk, saw a car parked with no one in it. I parked, got out and walked toward the lake. Couple feet into the woods I see a guy, mid thirties I expected. He saw me, unzipped his shorts and pulled out a small thick penis. He just looked at me. I returned the gaze and walked over to him. He went a few feet deeper into the woods, over the hill from the parking lot which was secluded. He unbuckled his shorts, pulled them and his briefs down to his ankles and took his small dick in his hand again. No words were spoken, no need. I walked over to him, went to my knees and licked the head, tasting his sweat and a little precum. He moaned as I sucked his soft penis into my mouth. He got hard quickly and moaned more. He was maybe 4" long so I could get all of him in my mouth. He was very thick and hard. I reached between his legs and felt his butt, then forced my middle finger into his cheeks and felt his hot, sweaty butt hole. I rubbed it as I sucked him and in less then 5 minutes, his legs started shaking and I felt his dick throbbing in my mouth. He grunted and I felt his cum fill my mouth. He came a lot and I swallowed every drop, loving and sucking on his cock till it went soft again in my mouth. I sucked him like this for another 10 minutes, hoping he would be able to cum again, as I rubbed his anus, but he couldn't. I kissed his cock, licked it clean for him, licked my middle finger and left. No words were ever spoken Went home to the wife and kissed her, took her to bed and begged her to suck me. She wouldn't so I made her cum with my finger, then jacked off onto her pussy. It was a great day


LOL, Anonymous User
Like I tried to portray in the first chapter, I was as ignorant about sex as Lori was. It wasn't until we started swinging that I discovered real sexuality. I love eating her to orgasm now, I just honestly didn't know anything about that when we were first married. Strict christian upbringing and all that.
Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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