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Great new story!

Love your style, you are my favorite writer! Thanks for this new story! Can't wait for what's next!

The end?

Well... It kind of is... Its pretty obvious where its headed and they really seem the type of couple that do so. I can see the wedding ring in the picture... I can also see the cosplay convention being their first voyeur expedition as a couple... Kudos to you sir. Making us see the possible ends without even needing to write a part 2... Very few writers leave such an impact.


Great chapter! Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the aweseom work, rmdexter! ^__^

This is the connection.

Heather's plan, from "Bobby's Lesson", the one reader's thought was cruel.

Not being cruel when she told her brother it was the only time they'd be together, but to make things even better for two people she loves.

Quite the connection indeed.

Led by her friend to enjoy others

I like the way this hotty was slowly le to be free with her attitude. Clearly her friend knew just how to talk her into relaxing and going topless, then nude and even having, sexual pleasures with her husband and a friend. She was so good at it that this lady greed with each step of the way. I think it was hot how she never told her husband when he was back from his travels.


Amazing story. Amazing ending. And a truly touching final will and testament.

Now is the time

Way past time for the next chapter. Really want to see how meeting the parents goes! Ready for the consumation!


because you need to research where a hymen is actually located. You wrote that he insert two fongers in deep. But your indication the girl was small.... lost me

A gifted writer!

With so much crap on this site its great when you find a writer that knows how to write porn! All these lame-ass stories by people stuck in the old kings english! And man do we love the well endowed stories. I no it pisses of a lot of readers that a guy can have a 10-11-12 & even 13 inch cock but its true. Danny D is 12 and wow check out this new guy Julio Gomez!!! 14 !!. Go Dex...and love the way you wrote yourself into the story!

Loved the story!

So hot with the true enjoyment of sex!


One of the better stories here,This is how my wife and I started and we still do this at times.Thanks for sharing a great story


part 2 of 4 is.......?


The proper theme of the story is just good old-fashioned seduction. This is exactly how the mating dance has been played out for centuries. Gradually, over hours/days/weeks/months/years the male convinces the female to spread her legs and allow him entry. No force is applied, but the woman is brought around to accepting that this male is a fit partner.

To those radical feminists complaining and crying rape; It's likely the process by which you were conceived!

very nice

This is a really cute story if you like these kinds.

Hope to read more.

Good story. Looking forward yo the next part.

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