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Nice little story

a nice little story, but, most people have a hard time dating? Where? Dating is not hard. Or people today spend too much time playing on the net and forgot how to be social maybe.
And really, we dont wear tight shorts like in the 70's anymore. No woman cant see anything on men today. And if they do, think about it, its all balls! LOL.

A Perfect Woman

Nicely done, and the treatment of words in describing the beauty of Rachel. This story deserved the five star rating I gave you for the non-graphic sex, other than to illustrate the love and care when the 'date' was loving this individual. Thanks.

Bad bad banana girl

Yup, especially when you have no idea even in pinyin. You could write the mandarin I know on the back of your fingernail. I know more Italian! A little bit more cantonese which is what I use mostly in the story....

Ciao..... Chloe the non-mandarin speaking, reading and writing ABC girl....and even then it's only 50% chinese...

Bad Banana.

Caio? Is Zai jian that hard to type (sorry I do not have the Chinese accents to add). : )

Ni jiang Putong hua ma? Not me!

Putonghua? Not me. Well, I speak a little, can't read or write it to save my life. Speak a little bit more cantonese and enough vietnamese to get by in a restaurant. I'm actually only half-chinese even tho I look more chinese than not, so very much a banana ("yellow on the outside, white on the inside" for those that don't know that one - it's how chinese-chinese refer to us 2nd or 3rd generation American Chinese). 3rd generation.... by the time you get to my generation, what's left are the looks and the food!!! Dim Sum! Yummy! And the outstanding academic achievement of course :)

But hey, glad you enjoyed the story Zamm - and the authentic chinese dim sum experience :)

Ciao....... Chloe

fei chang hao!

Wow Chloe, this was great! You really had me going. I just knew that Hayley was going to resist Joe and take Steve upstairs, but Hayley was overcome by Joe and her own primal carnal needs. Have to admit the numerous uses of gweilo earlier in the story annoyed me a bit, but if you had been called a chink or a slant-eye (I can't believe people still use those terms) I guess I can put up with guilo. I got very used to kids in China pointing at me and saying waiguoren so it's not a big deal. I'm damn envious of Joe and frankly a little pissed. Someone as sexy and cool as Hayley shouldn't have her virginity taken by a by like Joe, but I don't want to be Pollyanna. Thanks for the story and I'll be back to read the next installment soon.

Beats my record

Definitely a different story but highly interesting idea from the start. Truly enjoyable reading but if I was to make a complaint, which isn't my normal, yet I had trouble with using the word 'shit' when the girls were probed. Also it has been my experience that not one virgin I got ever said 'fuck' until well after my busting the little red fruit. These are minor in nature and not meant to take away from you style of writing. Long story but well worth reading each chapter. Thanks for a great story.

Completely awesome!

Geez Chloe, you spin a great tale. I spent 7 years in San Francisco earlier in my life and as I remember those days they resonate in the details of your story. In fact, I fell madly in love with a second generation woman whose parents immigrated from Guangdong who described herself as a banana (I'm sure you need no explanation about that). We even were engaged, but that's another story. Anyway, my point is that your story rings so true to the archetypal successful Asian experience. Ni jiang Putonghua ma? I think you probably don't, but no worries. Great start and I look forward to reading more of Hayley's adventures.

I gave it 4*'s

Only because I would have like it to be a bit more involved, and longer. It was a very easy read.

The POS is you dear annony, you and the assholes like you!

Sorry ass men who can't hold a woman and in fact can't even have friebnds. nasty ass MF like you dear annony need to be committed. Gave this a 5

Good better than average

Well laid out and story. Could go further but l think the reader can finish it off for themselves.

Great start to a story

Sent shivers down my back !
Just loved it. can't wait for chapter two.

Very Well Written !

I must be going soft in the head that was beautiful , you have a way with words . Keep up the great work .

Very Good!

One sentence said it all for me.
When Mindy said, "When I was asked out I told them thank you but no thank you. I would never cheat on my boyfriend. He's in the service and I'm waiting for him to come home."

Wow! Thank You for a very entertaining story.

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