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You really have to continues this story. You left far too many loose ends and everyone will want to know what happened to Peter and Chloe!

I enjoyed...

...the story, although it was far more about Peter and Chloe. Since poor Chloe didn't get any, I'd like to see more installments--because of course Brianna's promised to teach him more. Keep it going.

I know this is fantasy, as I doubt women would be that willing to share a "stud" like that and just pass him off to the woman that really wants him, but the idea intrigues me nonetheless. At least you aren't depicting Peter becoming this royal, conceited jerk after all that "scoring."

A Movie ?

Wow, like others said, real feelings I felt, and water in my eyes. Someone could make a R rated classic love story for the silver screen from your story.

Loved it

That's the kind of job I would love t have, wouldn't even have to pay me.


Please continue this story. I really want to see Peter and Chloe together

Excellent build up and boy is he going to be in trouble when the girls all want him !! Thanks.


Great! This is best, hottest story of the latest group.

Mom in a threesome with daughter

Had trouble with mother and daughter in a threesome with mom's boyfriend. What or how the shaving became a trend again after a 100 years is beyond me. I've always enjoyed a hairy pussy and from the description of the blond on the daughter brought back memories of a charming girl named Jennifer. Too each his own.

Great story

This was a great story hope you continue and make it into a series

Loved the story hope you continue it.


Love the storyline, hope there is more to this one! Thank you. :-)

Heh pretty funny, I like it.

Great story hope there is more to come

W rong Place For This Story

Story was about a guy getting it up his butt and such male on male activity. Need this moved to a different category.


I don't think I've ever read this level of detail on the sensations, feeling and sex--except in your other stories of Ty and Tanesha. I'm awed. You know how to tease, build it up and make it all explode into a crescendo. Very well done!

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