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stepping into the story

you have the amazing talent of reader presence. delightful! WW

A fun idea, but...

...but too many anachromisms (not to mention typos). Good imagination, though, and writing isn’t bad— if you’d get a copy editor, you could produce some really good work.

Enjoyed it

Well written and nicely paced for a short story.


Innocent, sexy, enthused!

To swfb70

Nope, no penetration. That would happen later. Trust me, this was a better story. Regrettably, it lasted longer too...

Maddie by the Beach

That was a short but exciting story....Awesome Job!!!!

Well Done Story

I havent enjoyed a story this much in a long time. Usually the racial mix is the other way around so this was a great change of pace. Cant wait to read more of your work. As for the negative commenters, fuck em. Amazing how someone can bitch about someones work, yet not produce any of their own.


....a great short story. And a very understanding mother.


Would have given this crap a zero if I could figure out how to, pretty shitty!


but if I read it correctly- no penetration?

To Maddict

I just wrote this story for fun, it's completely fictional so I don't really know where the story goes from here just yet. As for the Malibu thing, I was just casually writing and jotted down the first beach I could think of. Sorry, didn't realize how implausible that was until now lol. Thanks everybody for reading anyway!

I need to know

Where did you find a private beach in Malibu ?
"Uhh...Okay," was all I could stupidly respond. That is the only right answer, you ran out of the water like a scared girl I'm glad you manned up and and got yourself beat off. How could any guy say no.
So will you or have you already asked her out ?
Perhaps you could write about your date, and tells us where she takes you. ♡

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