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i'd luv

to be either the nipple sub, or nipple dom for the group

So hot and sweet!

First time

It wasn't the first time I had sex in a sauna, but it was the first time I had initiated it the guy was about 50 ( I was 31 ) ... He walked in and sat above me on the bench , his foot touching my thigh and took off his towel revealing his long smooth cock.... I sat there for a few minutes plucking up the courage to make a move!!...
His foot twitched a few times , so I glanced up to see him leaning back, eyes closed , mouth open and stroking his cock !!
Gently I moved sideways and knelt on the bench until my mouth was directly over his cock , then stuck my tongue out and licked the head.. He groaned with pleasure then surprised me by speaking
"Took your time " he whispered
Because we were alone I answered him
" didn't know how you would react ?" .. I said as I sucked the head
"Hell I knew you liked sucking cock - I've seen you in here a few times "
I was in heaven , sucking his meat further into my mouth until it nudged the back of my throat!!...
"Oh Yeah Baby " he moaned as I took him down my throat and bobbed my head on it ( I had practised this with one of my dildos for several months - but this was the first real cock I had tried it with )
As I deepthroated him , several other guys had entered the sauna and the sounds we were making had turned them on ... One guy was sitting beside me pulling on my cock ( lovely ) as I sucked
My man didn't last long , pumping several spurts of cum into my belly with a loud gasp
I came too thanks to the guy beside me ... Who somehow had managed to aim it onto his face!!
A very exciting first time as a Predator

good for you now he has made a woman out of you.

This must been good expirence for you, now you are ready for your husband.

Very erotic story!

I really enjoyed your story, but I didn't like the way it ended.

"Don't do this, Bob. You're making it unnecessarily hard."

It's funny that she says that right after she's slept with the guy and pulled all that stuff on him. It would've been one hell of a hit even if he didn't have such low self-esteem. What did she expect?

Poor Bob.

Did it for me

Please write more it's a good erotic story. Can we email each other?

First thought - you REALLY need an editor.

Then you need to do a better job with your story tags. I had to read several parts, multiple times to understand what you were trying to say. That reeks havoc with the story. But if I understand this story correctly then they are divorced and his ex-wife's lover sends the ex-husband a video of him fucking his ex-wife. Why? Why would the lover care? Other than this being a long sex scene, there wasn't really any story. And I believe it was JPB that wrote a similar story in which the wife sends the tape and the ex-husband gets smart, makes copies and sends the tape to all her family and friends. Which is what this husband should be doing. Not much of a story.

TOTALLY unbelievable

I'm with xavierw on this one. It's not just a little unbelievable. It's one thing to write non-fiction but another entirely to write completely and totally improbable and unbelievable non-fiction like this one.


How did mother or Daughter start this relationship with the other? How did it all begin

Similar time

My best friend and I, for over a year when we were in high school, used to jerk off together, for each other and give each other blow jobs. It started by reading penthouse forums, and watching porn movies my friends older brother got from his college fraternity house. It started out tentatively and when we were smoking dope, but it quickly turned into an almost daily habit. We jerked and blew each other in our rooms, out at parks, porn movie theaters, in a hotel during our class trip to D.C., and even in our school locker room after soccer and baseball practice. It sounds odd, we never considered ourselves gay, we stopped when finally found girls that would do it for us ... we sort of viewed it as practice. Nearly 30 years went by before I played with another man. I have been with many women, was married, have several children and after my wife died, I literally stumbled on a gay cruising spot at a local park, where I started to give and get handjobs and blowjobs. I also date women, prefer being with women, but still enjoy the feeling of a dick stiffening in my mouth.

Nice realistic story

A good progression. Many guys have had similar experiences. Author is correct, occasional blowjobs between guys doesn't make you gay. It is a fun and stress relieving activity,

Beautifully written

What I like most about this sweet story is how you totally captured the relationship between these two young lovers. And their first journey into awareness. Well done!


Enjoyed this story,I did this long ago and now I have a friend that we get together and as we talk about our wives we suck each other and its so great,Not gay at all just hot sex.

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