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Nice and Stupid

So, she has the longing and passion for him, but sits by and lets him date girls trolling for his first time? And she goes out with a couple of guys, have sex and other things so many times she has a favorite position and really likes giving oral. And she doesn't want him to be able to go out and get some experience too? She never said anything to him about this and goes off and does stuff with others, then when she is finally with him she flaunts the other guys and her experinces in his face. He should now go the next day and be with Jen and then with Cindy too, so he can get his experiences like she did. Then he can go back the Sam. Well written and nice story, but they were both stupid at different points through their life.

Lucky Couple

Wife is lucky she gets additional dick and hubby is fortunate he gets to play clean up. Sounds like a happy marriage to me.

Point of view issues

Stories are typically told from a single person's perspective, with the reader in that person's head only. Your story is jarring in that we think we're in Joan's head, only to realize we've somehow jumped to Alice's, or the guy fucking Joan. It's called point of view (POV). If you want to change POV's, enter *** and a line, with spaces above and below to alert the read read they're seeing the story from a different perspective.

Also, you're a little too quick in your descriptions of the girls getting fucked. Since that's the erotic event, drag it out... double or triple its length, describing the girls' sensations in greater detail.

Wtf was this ? i cant even right now you confused me so bad with this


I have read this story and re-read it. I keep watching for more stories from you. I sincerely hope you will continue to share your talent. You are a gifted writer. Damn fine. Please give us more!

Made me hard!

I was looking for a good "baby sitter seduced" story abdcthis was it! didn't notice the name changing and I thought the wife saying he "had a little girl" was hot! Loved it from the beginning describing her trying to avoid the dangerous husbands, to the inadvertent flashing in the kitchen to Neil cumming in her excited little pussy. First story of yours I've read. I am off to read more now!


I love the ending. Though most may want a continuation of this series, I think it ends perfectly here. Harry's "made his decision". So much more realistic than him leavng his wife to impregnate a young girl starting college. The ending as it stands ties the story together beautifully. Of course I would never object to more of this story. But I think I understand that Harry loves her too much and feels it's best to end things sooner...a bittersweet conclusion. Overall your writing is amazing, the way in which the story unfolds is subtle and fluid and extremely sensual. Well done, I look forward to reading more of your work. - Azura x


Well written. Very nice story! Hope to see more stories.

messed up

you totally messed up with this story, i sorry i wasted my time i read it. it so bad i didn't even give you a vote.


to offset the asshole of Lit. Mr. Never read such Rubbish and I hate everything, you know him as dear annony! What a turd this fool is. He's really the King of the Cucks but now falls into another category. But in real life we know he's jus an old ugly fag fat fool!

Sex OK, but...

What guy pulls out of a female's cunt or ass or mouth in order to blow his load on her stomach, face, tits, wherever. Doesn't happen. Guy comes, he comes where's he's in. Best feeling in the world. Can't believe that so many of these writers adapt what they see on video porn to the written word. I'm switching writers, again (sigh).

What the Fuck

What the fuck is this shit. Utter rambling crap.

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