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Part 01 and 03

Part 01 and 03 got loaded in the incest / taboo category

Rather interesting I had a similar experience,

Mine was still attractive and after I'd had her in my car for the 3rd meeting and sex which she gave me freely. I took her home dressed her in my X's fur and a ball gown, looking at her i couldn't contain my cock and as I pulled it out for action, I shoot my load which lead her to force me over my bed and tie me down before she ravaged me her way

Absolutely wonderful

Among my favorite stories. The quiet feeling as she coaxes him out, showing her vulnerability as well as his. Beautiful.

The people

Overall great story just try to let us know who the people are at the beginning. I was confused I thought it was three girls at the beginning. If you would like you can put easier name that do not have many syllables in them for better transitions while reading, because some people will try to say the name right before continuing.

No way

No way would he pull out just shot his cum deep up inside her unprotected pussy

More, please

Ready for another installment...

Want a married Friend to try this With

I have wanted to try sucking cock for years. I want it to be safe and fantasize about it with some married friends. Would love to get their balls in my face and feel their hard cocks slide into my mouth and feel their balls draw up tight as they get close to cumming. I want to feel their dicks getting harder in my mouth as they start breathing harder and the balls draw up tighter before they have that big release and squirt in my mouth. I loved your story and wish I could make my fantasy a reality, it gets me hard thinking about oral with one of my friends.

Good one

Thanks for the great read. Wish everybody couldn't be that mature, emotionally and mentally; but mostly that in love.

Reply to Anonymous

If you didn't read the title, I would like to remind you that this is the first chapter of a series and each part will be contributing to the story so that it gets more and more coherent with each successive part.

As for the wrath shown by the protagonist, the reason has been partly been explained in the story itself. A deeper, more profound reason would be revealed in time.

Thanks for your valuable input. I hope you will enjoy continuing the series.

Very nice, but something amiss

After thinking a bit I decided that Alex Hamilton character is wasted on this story, although I see how he was the inspiration. Changing nothing but his name would make it even better for me, a random guy with never explained reputation. We, who have read the Last Boy Scout would recognise him as Alex cameo in disguise, and get a great grin, but it would remind unforced it was him. And/Or even more commitment to the girl's pov would be nice, not necessarily first person with full dive in inner monologue, but more exclusivity; yes, I didn't like how the sex scene switch to Alex pov almost entirely, after we followed the girl in over-the-shoulder mode for the most of the story. He never could, except if she told him her story; that even might have been nice way to from this too.

And, a nitpicking, but who is Lisa? It seems author never decided himself was she the Lisa from Last Scout, what doesn't really stick or makes it a bit weird, or is she just another girl that happens to have the same name. That's happening in life all the time, but is a bit confusing for the reader.

It is also not explained how our girl protagonist knows Heather's high school ex BF, a single sentence reference that he is, I don't know, a cousin or brother's friend, or whatever, would make the web of relations so much thicker.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the read very much.

I have to say I just love this story. The characters are great. I find myself reading just to find out what is going to develop. One of the best stories I have ever read here by far.


Why is he so upset with her to start with. if what's intimated by the story line, why would she have gone off and fucked this other guy? And was this other guy the only one she was fucking? The writer makes the point that she's very adept at puttin on a condom, how did she learn this?
This story is a bunch of word spit out into the void. No real connection to anything.

need more


Another warm story!

So many Nice people in your stories!

Can I be in one of your stories? :+))

I am 92

I am 92 and thought of doing that to a 10 year old is VERY exciting!

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