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Enjoyed the humorous lines !

A well written, erotic story with some humorous lines. Only having written a couple of very short stories to get my feet wet, I try to learn from a story I like. Keep up the good work !

some people are hard to please !

I think that was an interesting scenario. which resolve many of the problems that women suffer in a tired marriage. The only loser in the end was Cheryl the predator.

Keep It Going

I enjoyed reading about how a wife and husband reconnected on a sexual level. Life got in the way of what attracted to to each other in the first place, 5 Stars

Morally bankrupt.

The main character has no redeeming qualities. That makes it impossible to connect with the story.

Wrong section

Apart from the stupid mistakes (peak instead of peek for example), your story is in the wrong section. "First Time" is for loss of virginity stories.

wonderfully written!

wow! you picked all the right words and put them together perfectly!!
i have never heard a first time described in such detail and emotion...i had completely forgotten how my first time was with all the new sensations. you did an amazing job with this piece!

splendid debut if ...

... this is really TantalzingTwizel's first submission to Literotica. It clearly is not the first story the author has written.

I gave it five stars, and I can't see any justification for it not being rated HOT - too many readers find unusual POVs too challenging, I guess.

I guess I started young - I was only 11 when I let a boy at school put his hand in my pants and touch my pussy. We stayed friends and continued to touch each other under our clothes. About a year later we both got carried away and he tried to put his cock inside my pussy but he got too excited and dumped his load before he could get in. By the time I was 14 I looked about 20 and met a man who was about 40. We kissed for a while and then we went back to his flat. After my friend at school this guy's penis was enormous but my pussy managed to take it and I had my cherry finally popped. That was in the 1970s and I've seen many different colours and sizes of penis since. I suppose I'm just addicted to a nice hard cock.

A happy ending

Hello, enjoyed this story thoroughly; you're right you know, the structure was good foreplay. The characters were very well crafted although there were slight grammer mistakes this was much better then many of the so called stories out there that just go straight to the main event without establishing the relationships and the surroundings. Also your dioluge was done quite masterfully! Which is incredibly hard to pull off. Will we be treated to a part 2?

Good imagination

Fun story that is creative.

A Good Story

But just one problem that was a bit of a story spoiler. Here we see you write ("Her mouth was slightly open in anticipation of how much this would hurt, as he pushed at first just one finger inside. In...out...in...out...she panted with each heavenly thrust and he slipped two in without her noticing. She never knew he could feel so good, and was desperate to know how it felt to experience his full hardness inside of her. "You're so wet," he murmured, "You're so ready." He pushed three fingers into her and she gasped and spread her legs wider to accommodate him.")
telling us that he gets two (without her noticing!) and then three fingers into her virgin cunt through an intact hymen and all she does is gasp!! But later when he tries to insert his erect cock, there is marked resistance and pain!! Yet 2 fingers are almost the same diameter as an erect cock, and 3 are definitely the same diameter, even quite a bit larger in many cases, yet the fingers went in without resistance or discomfort, but the same diameter cock caused great problems. This doesn't make sense and takes away the reality and erotic flow of what is actually a very good story. I know it's fantasy (or maybe not so!) but inconsistencies like this do tend to spoil it for the reader. So Good Story, carry on writing but keep it consistent. Thanks, apart from that bit I really enjoyed it!!

I agree with Intriguing but Inconsistent - That Wiley Hymen Strikes Again!

A really good story but too may "things" that don't add up, as already mentioned, particularly though this statement "He pushed in feeling her tight Virgin slit stretching around him. He eased in gently until he felt her hymen blocking his path!" The hymen actually lies at the vaginal entrance (between 1-3 mm inside it) so he should have encountered it as he entered her, not as he slid further down into her vagina. I know it's not an anatomy lesson, but it spoils the erotic tension when things that are just not correct creep into the narrative. A couple of other minor points like she said she had never seen one but seemed to know what to do with it later? However a good premise with basically good story build up and flow, so keep writing more chapters, there's tremendous potential!!

Good Story

Apart from the confusion that fixer43 points out, between Sophie and Rachel after Sophie had stopped for the deer, did you mean that Rachel leaned forward to kiss his lips, as Sophie was blocked off by the suitcase between them, Do keep writing, it was a "touching" story, maybe parts 2 & 3??

Is there going to be another part?

I thought this is a good story. I hope it continues.

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