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Loving It.

Don't pay any attention to Averygoodlay. I liked it very much. I loved the way you described both her stockings and her blouse. Keep up the good work. I was impressed.

The was awesome

I simply love it that geeks ares tarting to take centre stage in stories more and more, and thanks to authors like you the stories are sweet and full of awesome! Even rarer are geek girls who aren't afraid to show their hobbies so I value this one even higher for that. Hopefully you decide to progress the story in future chapters.

This one gets a well deserved 5*!

Very cute

I thought it was very cute just the way it is. Kim though? With those powers, you can do way better than that.


I didn't make it past page 3 on the web version. I got through her deflowering, which was what I was interested in. It was really good. You used some descriptions I hadn't heard before, and it got me aroused. Thanks!


Liked the descriptions of the first penetration. Not too cliché, and it seemed real.

Points for originality

...but not much else. Worth my time though, thanks.

Please continue

I am interested in you, so please write more. I am writing a story now based in the US but with a girl from India in it, so I am always interested in reading stories on there with Indian culture.

Very versatile story ....could have gone so many ways

Wistful was as good as any a way to end it . Enjoyed almost every word man _ as_dog wrote. Any quibbles I make are because I'm greedy and wanted more. The narrator and Connie needed a scene where there is a ' a moment ' that gives her the idea that he should be the one to initiate her. The narrator was a graceful carnal tutor - great mix of sensitivity and seeking satisfaction . Connie chose well.

I will say Sarah's character seemed to be missing a scene or two to establish her role but excellent drama when she rebukes the narrator. I'm not sure why the narrator was wistful over Connie. She didn't appreciate him. Another mystery left by author. Still I really enjoyed all of what author shared . The story went from cynical to sentimental and finally to sexy multiple times. Only the too tier of writers can do that.

Full marks. *****

I like the idea

Of a young girl who knows what she wants and takes steps to achieve it.

But our young lady here went from uncertain to being in control with no intervening steps of emotional progression. As the previous anonymous comment noted; it was start to finish in three minutes. A bit more of the in-between thoughts and actions would have helped make a better story.



Would of been nice to have it last more than a minute read ~~ you know.?
For what it was it was good but you need to put more into your story to get people wanting to read more of your story or other ones you write in the future.!***


About as exciting as a prostrate exam, a full page of shopping and her skirt


Wham Bam TYM. ~~ it started -- it finish in 3 minutes or less.! WOW..!**
That folks was a real quick-e..LOL

A story, not just sex …

Just finished reading and enjoyed it immensely.
You had a very good balance of emotional involvement and literotica to create a story with redeeming grace and quality entertainment.

Thanks, look forward to more from you.


Yes, I love to fuck my woman in the mouth. I don't spray her face though; she hates that, and so do I. She also doesn't care for the taste of cum, so I shoot her in the back of the throat. Facials are spectator sports: I would have liked to see the cum splatter all over your pretty face. I bet I would have come in my pants.

The Last Boy Scout is back

The Scout story is excellent
I do hope that there is more of this character

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