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Very Sweet

A very sweet story of a young woman turning a boy into man
Slow moving but kept my attention
Was this based on personal experience.? A definite 5 Stars

Thank you

I absolutely love reading these stories, but this story absolutely blew me away. I usually get bored in the middle and start skimming through, but this story had me eating every word. I couldn’t put it down, I loved the way Nico knew how to care for Thomas, so effortlessly, even though she was dealing with her inner demons. I was bawling when I got to the last page, thinking only the worst was to come. You added so many little things, fhat made this story so exquisite. The end was so simple, yet ended the story in the one way to describe Thomas: sweet end genuine. This was so much more than a story, I honestly can’t thank you enough for your beautiful and touching words.

Wedding Bless

Can hardly wait to hear of the next encounter with sis and bro-in-law, should be a good one.

I hope she made it to Barbados and reported them all to the police.

One important thing that your story got right is that you can drug a person all you want to, you cannot change their mind. Too many stories here on this site think that all you have to do it get a person sufficiently aroused and they will become sex-crazed. And that's just not true.

I LOVED this story!!! It was awesome!!! Thank you for writing it...so good! Loved the characters, the writing style, the story was wonderful! I loved every part of it!


I thought sweeps were to get rid of one-bombs.

I gave this 5 stars when it came out, and they're gone today!

I put them back, hopefully they'll stay this time!

no rape

I didn't see any rape in this story.... He did not force her, he didn't just pick her up throw her on the bed and dick her.... as he progressed feeling her up she was getting more horny herself... and as someone pointed out she never said stop.....I think it was "don't"..." stop" "don't"..... "stop" and then that evolved into "don't stop" "don't stop"...
Just a thought... the story was 5 star for me.....


unreal in fact but a fun read,,,,,,taks imagination yet erotic hard on material

since Randi wrote it I have to like it....

But that is a pleasant task! Excellent erotic development with an excellent lead in.

Dear Anon 2/16/18 (Just couldn't read anymore)

You make some very good points, if the timeline is 48 hours as stated in your comment. However, the timeline is 14 days, during which she has had full access to multiple people who have worked for Sheldon in multiple roles, and one person who is (in his words) 'Like a daughter to (him)'. As Thea and Kasey are similar ages, they would have undoubtibly for med a close friendship based on gender, age and situation (teenage female on a private island, and starved of companionship of other teenaged females). This makes the timeline much more feasable, and likely to happen without the factor of Sheldon being Kaseys superior in status, influence and wealth.

Anon 2/17/18

Nothing like a virgin babe

I love the adoration younger women have for older men, especially when their motivation is to learn how to really fuck.


Maybe it was my Asian interest, maybe it reminded me of my own life, but your well written dialog and excerpts held me close. If an atta girl is not too much of a man thing to say take it, if so then please accept the accolades that will come your way for this erotic story!

Just cannot make up my mind about this one!

Let me start by saying I am a REALLY BIG FAN of yours and your talent! It is the subject matter that bothers me. I have been involved in volunteer work for some time to "give something back" and am dead set against abuse in whatever form. If he did not intend to hurt the daughter like Toni was, then what is the point especially if the father is so bad, how does he know the kidnapping will make any difference. There generally is no happy ending for kidnap victims. Just very strong feelings in this area because of what I have seen.

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