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Double the fun coming up?

Some nice foreshadowing with Missy near the end; it appears our heroine may be an equal-opportunity hedonist planning a three-player initiation (YUMMY!) I'll be waiting excitedly for chapter 3.

awesome story

I loved this story. A touch of supernatural made this great. I was reluctant at first cause all the references too comics. Not that I'm not a fan, I am. Thought you used too much but the end made up for it. Keep working.


Not the section I usually spend time in. But I wandered in and found your story. Good read.


A bad start, however 18 is not a magic number you will find that most states the age of consent is lower ranging from 14 up, my first two wifes were 17 the first just by a few months.

Don't Worry

I probably should have included a note about this in the beginning: I've submitted all 5 chapters of this story at once, so it should be NO time at all until you get the rest of Angie's incredible birthday experience!

me too

that story was so nice and just like my first time. I did not have lotion so i gently stroked my boy friends cock and was absolutely fascinated with his testicles. I stripped down and sat on his cock for the first time. He came immediately when it fully entered me. I wiggled on the drained cock to have a huge orgasm. I sat still on it and was breathing hard as he felt my boobs. I flexed my pussy and felt it start to leave me so i relaxed and just sat there on it. I felt him get hard again inside me after a few minutes and i rode it again until we both came again then it slipped out. I remember gently massaging his testicles to charge them back up and we ended up doing it four times. Each time after that i could not keep my hands off his meat and had him do me often.

What a gift you have!

You made Angie so accessible to us that we feel her pleasure as she describes her activities in the shower. Please, give us more!


I fee just like Angie. I really wanted to keep reading. I hope your plan for her day won't take you long to submit.
Thanks for a great start to MY day

A wonderfully Steamy beginning ...

A wonderfully Steamy beginning ... for her son ... and his friend. Loved the combo of cuffs, vibes, oral and penetration with the right hint of bondage and mystery. If there wasn't enough lace (panties) ... you certainly Laced all the factors together with exhilarating results for all. Surely one, or many more episodes could easily evolve as the two friends share the continuation of Mommy/MILF wishes and fantasies ... to be Experienced.

Love it!

I like the step by step approach, subtle, warm yet full of lust and passion. It made me tremble.


Why is this story in the first time section? Is this the first time this guys house has ever been cleaned? Because that's horrifying...

Please write some more

I come back to this over and over. What a wonderful description of finding love. You know what it's about. Please try some where you don't know the people. They all fell the same thing so let it go.

He forgot ..

He forgot to wash his hands after giving the dogs their treats.


Something tells me this could be a very real story. The words flowed with the story and the action - as if real.

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