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First of all this was not meant to come off as so "rapey" as many of you have mentioned. I was more trying to produce an organic experience of a girl in her first time of having sex unsure how to -approach her potential partner -how to feel, what her body was supposed to feel like etc - how to react after etc etc . So I apologize if I offended anyone. It's been a while since I've written anything and I was trying to explore new avenues of writing in the sense of trying to make my writing not sound as cheesy and plain. But obviously it didn't work so well for this story. Once again I apologize if anyone was offended


Lots of Captain Morgan's Black rum ... and root beer. And coffee by the barrel full.

You are one hell of a creative writer, MST. I don't know how you packed so much into such a short work, but you did. Very nicely done!

Wam Bam thank you mam

How is this a first time? Where was the story?


I really liked your story, but as a hopeless romantic found it terribly sad. Two young people share some extremely satisfying sex, and also are able to converse intelligently with eachother. I can't imagine there not being a strong enough spark to lead to more of a bond.


So sad I could feel thomas's heartbreak like i was him. I love the story ans wished she had been straight with him and that way he would have had the joy of hearing "I love you" come out of her mouth. Also it should have been her that was his first not kelly that way they would each by each others firsts.
Great story though even if it was heart breakingt.

Pt. 2

I really love to read what might happen next time...

We are going to have to try this

I was with you all the way, wondering when your husband would get involved. If it had been me, husband (who is bi) would have been with me and we would have both worshiped Mark's huge cock. The fact that you brought the husband in at the end is an interesting twist, one that we are going to have to try. It would have been better had there been 4-5 other guys first and then my husband last. He's good with sloppy seconds and thirds and 9ths. xoxoxox Annette

Enjoyed the story

Good job. Keep up the good work.

not buying it

Her dialogue sounded like she was 8 years old.

very good

Keep writting I would love more.


What an ending to be fucked by a black cock---not much else Cheryl has to try. A hot story.

HOT as fuck as per the usual standard

I have to quit reading your stuff - my cock can't stand the abuse!!!!! I can't believe the fucking stuff these two alleged teens attempt and complete - and you - have to have experienced this stuff to write about it so knowledgeably. Guess I just missed a very basic part of my fuck training growing up!!!!!!


Very erotic. Very well played out, honest, real, oh and erotic, very. Where's part 2?

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