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Six Stars

Favorited, and happily ending my reading with this story, still smiling.


Beautifully written. The word choices, the structure, the pacing, the tenderness, the humor, the temporary deviation by going to the store. This is a perfect story. I keep returning just to read it over and over. It has touched my heart and even brought tears to my eyes.

Thin Calves?

If she has thin calves, she didn't do much track and field...or at least not well. :P

Good story tainted

Look I liked the story. But it gets on my neves when some authors feel the need to mention the religiousness of their characters over and over. It makes them less realtable for me as an atheist, and it´s simply unecessary. Why not just avoid the topic so that anyone can relate to them?

gets better with ever reading

Are you going to continue this series?


Learn the basics of writing before you try to do so.

Dear Kat900

I’ll keep your comments in mind.

The ‘--‘ is something that happens between my “Word” and getting my text in Literotica.
Each time I write the dash-sign ‘-‘, surrounded by ‘spaces’, in Word, it is directly changed (autocorrected) to a wider dash-sign ‘–‘. Somewhere in Literotica, this wide dash is turned into two smaller ones ‘--‘.
I’ve noticed this, but so far, no-one seemed to mind. I think I could avoid it by a simple ‘replace all’ comment, replacing all wide dashes by the smaller ones, before submitting.

Concerning the over use of ‘…’, I'm not sure if I agree… but I will be more critical about this with my next stories…

Very hot

I loved the honesty and straight forward telling of the story, showing her evolution into being a girl who loves to suck strange cock.

Needs some editing

The over use of ... & -- was distracting

This one ...

... is one I really liked. Good pace, great sex, and well written.

Your "First Time" stories are really good, and bring back a lot of memories.
The exploration, the newness of it all, and the "coming of age" with one of the greatest gifts God gave us.




I stopped reading when it turned into rape when he forced himself on her and you made the girl seem like a total retarded one. I gave it a one star. No woman should be forced into sex.

Very interesting!

I could do without the BDSM overtones (just not my thing), but other than that, I'm really enjoying it!



you might want to write the whole story in the past tense next time.....It gets confusing when you use present and past tense in the same sentence. it also opens more options for you. you don't need to tell the story linearly. you can jump around in time. give a back story, etc...

Oh boy... a good start to this story.

I can't wait for her sexucation to continue. Mom gets to teach her to give a proper blow job, and Nana will show her how to, what... the third hole?
Lets go for it!

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