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Excellent story. A wonderful introduction to the joys of sex for Gabe. Well worth 5 stars.


Yes you always your first time, memories, memories

Dear annony!! Did you shit yourself again?????

I gave this story a 5 to help offset the asshole of LIT, dear annony., vote! Eat your shit now annony and go down in the basement and jerk your little cock before dinner.

Oh, dear.

"...suddenly there was a twang from somewhere deep inside my fanny". Somehow the writing got worse and worse as it went on.

I have to say ...

Not a bad story, but a bit fast-moving.
When I was a teenage virgin, if a girl had put her lips on my cock, it would have over in seconds. It took a lot of practice for me to hold out for 20-30 minutes.
Fortunately, I knew about eating pussy first.

Great :)

But I agree with the above comment, I was slightly distracted by the grammar. If you want some help in future you can drop me a line.

Too rushed

Was a good effort but way too rushed could be more descriptive and spell checked. Slow down a bit and lead up to the act.


You nailed it, very discriptive, from personal experience?

great story

hot story,having your wife or girlfriend introduce you to cocksucking is a fantasy of mine also.I think having females present while sucking a cock for the first time would be a big turn on for me.


And then Tommy killed all of them.

The End.


Your first chapter was great, this was a bit of a disapointment, I'll hold off judgement till the next chapter,gave it three stars.

Not Bad

If you want a quick jerk-off story

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