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Great Late Bloomer

Good story development. I was kind of rooting for the marriage of the nerds, but the final conclusion was a great happy ending


Being the teacher's cock could - wait, I mean teacher's pet - proved how much fun it can be from this well written story. One of the best on this site. Hope the next chapter has his two class mates included.


there is no story here - none

Brace yourselves

Brace yourselves, Winter is cumming :-)

I loved the story

but just a few errors in spelling I had ran across! loved all the detail, but just to be sure I don't wanna work at Victoria secrets is this story made up?

I can't handle it...

I'm openly fingering myself under my desk. My door to my office is locked. not doing any work today.


I'm only two stories in and I'm on double digits in orgasms! This is gonna be good!

Very Good

Hi Mr Pezman,
I think "Reefbeach's " comment is very true. You have even managed to make you descriptions of the areas realistic and believable. You also described the emotions of the characters extremely well,making the story a very very good read and the reader wishing for more. Deserves a 5 and better.
Thank You


Older - Better

Enjoyable reading and so real like in content.

Loving this story!

Keep up the good working, I'm looking forward to reading more about Hayley. ;)

Handicap ????????????

Gee, the only thing you didn't include in your unbelievable story - she wasn't a virgin. How could you have not included that with all your other first? Sorry, but it was truly a story that didn't strike me as interesting. As a handicap person myself, you showed like of consideration to one who might have required that facility.

A nice tender story

I enjoyed your story greatly. The story developed slowly like a simmering pot then boiled over with passion.


What a magical story, and so beautifully written that I fell in love with Nico a little myself. Thank you for sharing her with us.


Why I gave you a five star surprised me as I give very few stories this highest rate. The sudden taking of this girl's maidenhead made a difference in this story from most others. Enjoyed reading this.

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