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Loved this story

No better reading than a story of sexual awakeniung at the hands of a strong and dominant man who knows his power as a Sissy maker and appreciates the outcome of his power without the sentimentality or regret. Long live the Sissy Maker and his author,more please.

From a feminized sissy

Linda Crystal xx

Where is the second part?

Liked it

I liked this story. Too bad your newer stuff isn't anywhere near as good as this. Get off the pot and start writing like this again!!!

Dear Anonymous

Of what do you speak? Rushed? Seriously? I took quite some time to get to the main event. If I wrote the story in real time, it would have taken months. I decided to shorten the timeline for the readers, and it seemed that in doing so, many have enjoyed the true story. However, it would seem that if you must post anonymously, your comments will be given all the consideration an anonymous comment deserves.

well, pretty hot

But many guys wouldnt want to think of fucking their daughter.

Otoh, some of your concerns and feelings are certainly believable and you are a great writer.

The initial story you posted seemed pretty believable, but the story about screwing your dads businessmen just really didnt add up.

I mean, up until then your religious family kept sex to themselves except for your dad nailing your friend.

It just doesnt jive that a religious man who loved his daughter, even if he loved screwing her, would want her treated like a cheap whore. He would want her charms to be for him.

So, though some of your stuff is believable, i expect that is due to your being a good writer and not due to many of these things happening to you.


Once again, you managed to craft a fine erotic story. Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the awesome work.

I dunno...

Too long, too many pages of sex acts, too much repetition (how many times will she say that he's married?) and not much of a plot.

Hope this isn't truly the end. Would love to read more adventures about Rachel.

Wha . . .?

Dude, it's a "First Time" story.


Have been a silent reader for a long time but wanted to sign up and express ,y appreciation for how much you seem to have developed as a writer in terms of the sophistication of your characters' viewpoints. This was exquisite to read but painful, and visceral, and terrifying, too.

Many thanks for a wonderful story.

So tired of reading pseudo queer/closety straight stories on the so-called 'gay sex stories' portion of this site

Beautiful Story

Well written story capturing the feelings of a neglected married woman and teacher and an "ugly duckling" young man who was the butt of jokes in his HS because of his family's low on the totem pole situation and the struggle of the guy who overcame it all. Great story. I hope the other stories by this author are as good as this one.


Firstly you don't see homeless angels. Even if you do they are muddy and stinky, unless the plot explains how a beautiful girl ended up on the street, it's worthless. Moreover a homeless person never hugs you Impulsively, they have went through so many miseries that they are usually vary of kind strangers. It's a fantasy story that doesn't strike any chord towards grounded realists like me.

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