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Note to self:

Be a good person and maybe a monster will give you the succ without killing you and stuff.

Response to previous comment.

Thank you for your comments, anonymous: to answer your question, yes, I have seen the film Society, a horror gem released in the early 90s, a great satire on class and there are certainly similarities with the last scene in Part of the Family. In the story I’ve implied Johnny’s ex, Samantha, did indeed go through the bonding, although unlike Kerry, her mind couldn’t cope with the experience – but perhaps she had the sane reaction and it’s Kerry who’s the crazy one in accepting her strange new family! I’ll leave the reader to decide. Glad you enjoyed the story.

I’m hooked. Please continue this ASAP!!!!!

Beautifully described

I loved the story, the way everything is described, it's amazing! I can picture the whole thing in my head while reading. Looking forward to more of this story, keep writing.

"Such eager priestesses."

I'm pretty sure everyone should have at least two eager priestesses. Well I should, anyway.

I've decide that Enkartep is kind of a dick. I'm looking forward to seeing him re-imprisoned now. But not until we get to read about more sexy-time.


"He gave one more look around the room. "Time to kill a god," Samir declared."

That was badass. Looking forward to some fire works.

"Stacy so badly desired to be filled, to have her womb sanctified by her master's immortal seed."

And that kind of literary genius is why I read this site. In all seriousness, that's freaking awesome.

As an aside, I'm pretty sure that's how I make all my women feel.

Thank you for moving the sexy-time to a luxuriously-appointed bedroom.

"A quick peek into her mind showed roiling waves of pleasure, crashing against her rational mind. The onslaught was merciless; soon that rational mind would be a thing of the past."

Tell me more, lol. Never mind, you did, didn't you? I have to say, this is some of the best sex-scene writing I've seen on this site. Keep up the good work!

On to Chapter Five!

Ecellent News

" these creatures were not threatening them in any way. They had had plenty of chances to hurt her and Stacy, but had never done so. "

I really hate stories in which women are brutalized. When you first introduced the warriors, I was concerned I would have to drop this story and move on to something else. Fortunately, that's not necessary. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Getting Even Better

I'm enjoying this story a lot.

This in spite of one of my pet peeves - sex on cold, gritty, dirty surfaces. I don't like my girls getting their knees or backs scuffed or dirty. Such a turn-off. So I've decided to imagine that you forgot to mention the smooth, clean, padded benches that the pyramid dungeon was well-supplied with.

Can't wait to see what (or who) he does next. Oh, I don't have to, lol, I've got 8 chapters to go. Hopefully the next few chapters will occur in luxuriously-appointed bedrooms.

"Another priestess. How lovely."

Looking forward to seeing how this develops. So far, so good.

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