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Lovely descriptions, but the ending feels a little rushed. A good effort. 😊

There is a lot more.

I've been working on this for a while, and it's not bad, as people tell me. I mean, the 'erotic vampire' bit. People who've read it tell me it's quite good. There is more.

WOW! This is great!

I just found your story. This series was so sexy and hot, please continued?

kurtz was alonly guy who didn't fit in' he's a person who you feel sorry for at first but is a monster at the end,the story was soo,predictable a BIG let down,it's better to be original instead of a over used plot

Part 3

Thank you, and yes... there will be a part 3. As well as a 4, 5, and so on, enjoy!

Great story

Chapter 1

Really interesting story, intriguing and creepy. Great characterization and attention to details. The main character, Rose, is well developed and interesting, and the storyline is exciting and chilling. The alley scene was especially intense. Keep up the great work, you are talented. Looking forward to reading more.

Have I been posting the wrong link for weeks?

This is embaressing!

Proper Link to my Purgatory Wars stuff: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07575RWFY/ref=s eries_rw_dp_sw

Freakishly Fantastic

I couldnt stop reading this story right up to the last word.
The whole spider thing freaked me out and I really didnt like the idea but I still loved this story.
I want to be Charlie so bad. I want to be wrapped up in silk and transformed.
I have no interest in men bit after being set free from my silk cocoon, who knows what I will want.


Is there going to be more? This series intrigues me!

As much as I love the lesbian vampires trope, the story could be better thought out. The "I'm a vampire, but I don't want you to be" trope is cliche and doesn't fit with Morgan's initial idea of having both Kim and Sara as her vampire sisters. It seems like the romance was just tacked onto a story that doesn't need it. Next, Kelly and Kim both seem to follow the typical "vampire looses a conscience" trope or otherwise follow the Sire unconditionally, and yet Morgan does not and in the end you say that Elyse liked how Morgan was obedient. It's also suspicious that Elyse isn't interviewed by the cops and no suspicions arise as to her own involvement in the disappearance of the first victim, considering she has to have been the person that was the last to see the victim. This looks like it's the first draft of the story and would require a lot of polish before it can shine.

Also, on the first page, a paragraph or two are written in the first person.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071 LTF7NP?ref=series_rw_dp_labf - Link is wrong.

P.S. Downloaded a sample :)

P.P.S. Awesome story, this!


I would love to see this on the big screen. Well done.

May I say Madame,

that I love the twisted way in which your naughty mind works? There is so much depth to both sides of the story that I could see either as being plausible. Well done!


I am also dropping in references to System Shock 2 and Prey.

Heck, the title is a direct lift from Prey.

...also, go buy and play Prey RIGHT NOW.

I just realized...

This story is a sexy fusion of dead space and bioshock. Funny!

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