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I just lost it when she "sharted" 😂😂😂

Bloody awesome!

I love your build up of suspense I am keen to read more!

You sick fuck

You wrote this, made me masturbate, made me cum, and then called me a sick fuck? Fuck you, you sick fuck. Literally ;) Thank you

Very well written

Very well written, and unexpected for this website.
You could write elsewhere as well.

on board the entire time

i was for sure just gonna be totally happy with just the massage and no sex in the beginning lol. the massage part was so pleasant to read that i was like, ok, lol, im actually a pretty satisfied customer now.
oh btw ken and amanda are so cute together. theyre also just some really sweet people that give others a chance once they get to know them. im sorta hoping that theyll become a couple btw but thats just fanciful thinking lol. loved your writing!!


this whole story was some sage shit. good stuff man keep it up

What order do you read this series.

I love your stories, but this series is all mixed up. Can you please put them in order, please. :)

Well done

I'd like to know more about the woman
And you should definitely write more

Awesome, I love this series. I know you're trying to make a good story out if this and not just sex. But... it needs a bit more sex or atleast a longer scene. Really good though.

Thank you

As a female reader, i really liked your way to describe main character, as i wasn´t constantly gertting annoyed out about how suberbly pretty, great etc she is.. it did let me have sme room with my own imagination about her and actually let me to even imagine myself to her place. I give you extra 10 points because of that.

As i read stories, i like to place myself in them, instead of maincharacter and usually its impossible because they are almoust always described out as inhumane perfect and stunning, i don´t like to read that :D

And i must give my apologies if my english is sturdy and blocky, as it is not my mother langueage.
Sincerely yours


To those who are frustrated by the lack of conclusion to this story, I can tell you that the final five chapters are indeed completed; just not here. A Google search for Project MCX will bring up results :)

Hope this clears up any confusion.

Pregnancy isn't possible...are you sure? I sense a part two!

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