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Making me love this genre

After reading primal lust i been reading more and more erotic horror. Thanks to you im getting to read all types of stories i never even would have glanced at.

I need to know what he did with her afterwards. Where does he take her. Maybe in part 3?

Entirely believable.

I agree, please don't stop working on it. As a true believer in the continuous, but perhaps with lesser influence, existence of old gods and energetic gestalts, I really like the story. Thanks for your work.

Amazing again

I had to read this one again. I read it when you first wrote it for the contest, I couldn't stop reading it. I was obsessed. And here again, I was obsessed reading it all over again. Wish I could give 10 stars!

I know this is a long shot but

did you ever complete your final version of the story? I was very sad when I saw this was the only posted chapter of your rewrite as the quality of this version is much improved over the original and I'd love to read the rest.

nice story

sucks as far as the language arts are concerned though.

Phenomenal Story

These two chapters are amazing and I am itching for more. Does anyone know if the later chapters ever got written or posted somewhere? I don't see them anywhere and the author said two weeks for chapter 3 two and a half years ago. The story is off to such a great start I'd hate to hear it never got completed.

Yikes, makes you think

You just wrote my worse nightmare in story form! Excellent!


are you ever going to start and write anymore S.S 301.Fan's will start feeling like their getting dumped on like the arthur loran freeman did I mean it's been over a year at least.it's one of the best stories and character's please don't change them.

Loved it!

Great story! I loved your writing style and flow of the story. Great read that got my juices flowing! Thank you!

More chapters please

Please write one chapters it's a great story. I'd love to hear more of it


Best story EVER! Need more, continue writing like your life depends on it!

Excellent start

Hey there, I just finished this and loved your writing. Thoroughly enjoyed both the premise and the delivery and I look forwards to reading more.


Excellent story, very well written. Erotic, very detailed, honest, and it flows well. My favorite part was: "A groan from deep within slipped out as he filled her in a way she had never known before. Once he was inside her fully, he paused, allowing her to adjust to his girth, and moved back to her neck. Mary was overwhelmed by all the sensations assaulting her. Pain and pleasure became entwined, as he held her tightly, his cock buried all the way to the hilt inside her. Then he pulled out and back in, pounding her hard against the wall. She gave over, uncaring, needing him to keep fucking her, and she wrapped her legs around his hips."

Keep up the good work. If you are interested in exchanging story ideas, or chatting, email me to

t r a l a l a 9 8 @ g m x . c o m        (no spaces)


Another great chapter. This story is interesting, mysterious, and very erotic. I especially liked the description of the chocolate factory, and the tension near the end. Keep up the great work.

If you'd like to exchange story ideas, please email me to

t r a l a l a 9 8 @ g m x . c o m       (no spaces)

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