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Read the chapter and loved it. I do hope Phil finds some way to avenge Darvill here. Some means to get back at that bastard of a warlock that is their "teacher."

@Anonymous 05/02/16

Wonderful chapter but I do disagree with one of the succubi

You need to think of him using the school like a spider uses its web.
Why go out hunting when you can get your prey to come to you?

Welcome back

Thanks for posting this next part, I've been looking forward to it for the last year and a half =). I'm kind of sad to see Darvill go, he was an interesting character even if he was a cocky idiot in the beginning. Can't wait to see what they try to do to Phil.

Most Amazing, Beautiful and Curiosity arousing Story on literotica!

God, such an hooking story. brilliantly written. Amazing and my personal favourite in erotica genre. Love love love this story. Damn good! Wish this was real! A beautiful Story! Indeed!
- Rutuja

Why are succubi so powerful even outside of sex?

It's as if the Circle of Lust is the most powerful Circle of the Seven. It's weird to me that the greed demon put up less of a fight than his master. I mean, is it that all of the succubi shown in the story just so happen to be elite? Or are succubi the most powerful race of demons in hell? One would think that in combat outside of sex, non-lust demons would have an advantage, but they still come off as rather helpless.

Don't get me wrong, I think that succubi should reign supreme within combat during sex, but surely in combat outside of sex other types of demons would outclass them at SOMETHING.

Wonderful chapter but I do disagree with one of the succubi

"Our master gave us two tasks. The first is to prod novice warlocks down the correct path. The second is to identify novice warlocks who might one day grow into threats to our master's position."

"Time to look for a new master," the other sitting succubus said with a malevolent smile. "One with the wisdom to hide their strength from those who'd see it as a threat."

Darvill's fatal mistake was not due to a lack of wisdom on his part, but rather, it was due to the false assumption that the master of the succubi was sane.

If Magus Stine wanted to kill novice warlocks who might one day become a threat to him, then the existence of the school itself is counter productive. If the master fears the pupil, then logically the master shouldn't be involved in the creation of pupils, but Magus does so anyway. He's crazy.

One of the best

This is easily one of the best from Succubus Summoning 2. Great set up, liked the characters, and good pace. I like how the succubi were not good. I hate good demons, vampires, etc. I really like how he struggled tried to find away out. My only complaint with the story was the actual draining. It took a page and a half setup and only a sentence for the actual draining.
I hope this was a teaser for a story when Phil goes in.


Its rare to come across an actually good story on literotica but yours surely is one of the best I have ever read here. Very well written.


shit,shit and shit. Holly SHIT. This was FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!! Thank you master....it was worth the wait. T H A N K Y O U ! ! !


I thought darvills sin was pride


I look forward to a continuation; this is my favorite Slime Girl fanfiction so far

Interesting chapter

Liked this chapter more than the last one.


Great to see you back writing on this story, it's the best shit ever!

Please keep it going in a faster rate hehe ;)

Ah, geez, I really liked Darvill...

Well if that room doesn't have a way out even Phil is going to know something's up. And Verde definitely will if the smell of sex is heavy in the air.

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