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Where's the next????

Needs a sequel so bad!!!!!!!!! He he he 😚😚😚👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 AMAZING

That was an amazing story, I have never read anything quite like it. Great work!

Perhaps you could write some more lesbian sci-fi? You have some amazing insight into women!

not the end...

This story is so fun, I hope that isn't the end... The possibilities are endless. Hope another installment is in the works... Please!

Nicely done :)

not usual to see a man write from a girl's POV. Liked it a lot ;)

The chapters are all far too short

This would have read better if it was posted in just a few multi-page blocs; as it is, it stutters along, and just as the sense of impending climax and tension start to rise; boom! end of chapter. It was an irritating way to post a not very long story, compared to some of the more well-crafted epics here, and I came away feeling curiously unchanged or unmoved by the whole epistle anyway. Sorry, but it's just not that good, and breaking it up into manageable chunks for pinheads made it no better, no does you any credit. I'm not going to 1-star you, that would be harsh and unfair, but I can't award you any stars either, as I don't believe the entire story has any real merit. Better luck with your next one

Not a big fan of cod-medieval mysticism

But I read-on, hoping that it would somehow become more adult in tone, but it reads like it was written by a 13 year-old who's read far too much David Eddings, and he wasn't exactly the most stirring of epic fantasy writers in the first place. I wasn't expecting timeless and stirring prose, and this met all my low expectations. Reading the other chapters just instilled a stronger sense of 'more of the same, move on'. Yawn


I have really enjoyed this story so far. Especially the humor factor.

To all those who have commented, THANK YOU!
I wrote this many years ago as a one off. Never really intended it to be more then a single chapter.
I wanted to put something down that incorporated all the most depraved and bizarre fetishes I had at the time.

The "Pamela" stories are meant to take place in the same 'world' as Sasha, and were meant to be part of a larger overarching story that incorporated a world with such women as well as a longer story incorporating a specific heroine who begins to 'organize' women with such abilities to change the world.

These days work and life keep me from freely exploring these story ideas. Id like to do a few more stories with Pamela for certain. I hope in time especially if others are there to support me

So far so good

Feel free to continue with more of this... er, please.

Waiting 4 more!

When is your next chapter coming out?????


Hahahahahahahahahaahah Thanks you made my day.

Bram Stoker

A great story. Just one point, Bram Stoker was Irish.

The devil is in the details

And we can see this in your descriptions.
Your transformations are acutely described and I appreciate that.

Don't hesitate to develop the characters a bit before their corruptions. Give them specific physical and character traits and a situation (a family etc...)
A good beginning. I'd like to see more.

Loved it.

Pretty well written. Liked how it flowed like a real story should. Kept me wanting to read more until the end. I also like the originality of the story idea itself. Look forward to seeing more of your work. Well done!

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