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Wow! Seriously hot!

Especially for a short story. 5 stars!


That story was very hot. I can't wait for further chapters.

Excellent take on Jack the Ripper*****

This was a fresh take on the old mystery! The supernatural angle worked really well in this tho. I enjoyed your last crusader novels on Amazon and absolutely loved how you worked this story into book 3!!! I was glad to see Marielle return and play a pivotal part in the last big battle outside Jerusalem too. I hope you write a novel with her as the main character. She is my fave succubus! I'm looking forward to your next novel. :-)


On par with manyeyedhydra and his succubus works! Keep it up :)


This was really good. It could be a little longer, but this was a great read. You wished for an editor but I hardly see anything in here to fix. Looking forward to more. If you want a proofreader, I'll help, but again honestly this was fine in that area.


Wonderful first story. Very little editing needed. Hope you continue this so we can find out how Shy helps a baby warlock grow up.

Well done

This was a very good story, with very few errors. It left me hanging a bit, wanting to know more about Tom's fate.
Your work looks like quick editing, with such a good start. I'd be glad to help.

Good story

"Scary is the New Sexy" seems an engaging erotic adventure, with an interesting character mix.
An editor could improve your presentation, especially at the "your" "you're" confusion.
Good luck, and keep writing!

As such may happen to all these dogs.

Nothing is too bad for them, to Hell with Life without Parole, etc. Kill them every Halloween or on their birthday, whichever comes first.

Thank you

Wow, that's high praise and valuable feedback. Thanks. :)

If You Are Going To Write

with any degree of honesty, hoping to fullfil the implications of your User Name, you need to do it within the realm of reality and not through fairy tales!

Good stuff

Was following this on your blog. Good stuff hydra, I like seeing SS characters in other stories.

Ejoyed it

I really enjoyed it! Hoping to see more of your work!

Very Nice

A different spin on a Succumbs, Liked it
If you don't find an Editor I can look over a story for you. I have not joined the volunteer Editors as I don't feel I am good enough, but if you are stuck I can at least read the story over for you.

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