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A truly horrifying story! I like it. Is there going to be a sequel?

I have become your fan after reading this. Just couldn't stop reading. This story has the potential to sell as a bestseller. Thinking of signing up to this site just because of this story.
Please never stop writing. You have the gift of storytelling.


Amazingly good. You should package this up and offer it on Amazon as an ebook. It will sell. I will by it. So will all your fans here. Well done!!

Loved it

except the ending. You could actually explain if he woke up in the Hell, or smth. Now it's just a sweet story with a seriously fucked up ending and I'm confused...


I absolutely loved this story! I was biting my fingernails waiting for the next chapter, and now, I'm sad to see it ended. But it was a great story, and now I'm ready for the next story!

Solid effort...

Great flow and very few grammar error. I like the mystery that surrounds the Beemer couple. I'm thinking that we're going to see the three of them in a "house" type BDSM setting with the performing at a party? Either way, I await chapter 2

I'll freely admit I'm less accepting of religion than I should be due to what I've always felt were very sound reasons but this paints religion in a wonderful light that never once triggered my prejudice. Thank you for sharing this. It shows a side of religion I wish more people could see and embrace. You write fantastically, had compelling characters, and again, a truly beautiful take on religion. I can think of more than a few people I wish I could convince to read this. Thank you for a wonderful story.

Spelling awful at points but for that would have been ok


I think what she's describing comes closer to being a manticore instead of a griffin

Thanks for your kind words

Thank you, i'm glad you like it so much, fans are always lovely.

You should know there's going to be just one more chapter as the finale.

After that, expect a sequel

Research Purposes

I originally went searching to see if there existed such a plant on Earth that resembled any sort of bulb-like flower with petals that could wrap around a male's penis to simulate sexual intercourse, but instead I found this bizzare and oddly fantastic tale like something right out of the Errotic Text Games Corruption of Champions (C.O.C.) or Trails in Tainted Space (T.I.T.S.). I shall continue my research, but thank you for a good laugh with this story of yours. I found it most pleasant. -Mr. Tailson


This was actually a great story i honestly came across this as i was bored loooking through the web for amything interesting to read, but after the the first chapter if this i was hooked i literally almost cried when i saw that there was nothing after chapert 5 yet.

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