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Thanks guys! I definitely agree that some more backstory is a great thing, but you know - I was in the mood to get to the "point" the night I wrote this ;) I'll make sure to give some more context and depth next time

Part Two!

We of the Night demand it!


Can't wait to read part 3

All the usual glowing words ofvpraise seem so silly right now. You write madterfully.yout characters come to life with a depth &msyurity thatvis staggering. This is brilliant,madterful writing, suspenseful,scary,shocking & piwerfully, beautifully erotic. 5 stars. Stellar storytelling.

Thx for the chapter and I hope you'll write the next one soon!


What's there is good, but it drops off a cliff rather than ending.


Enjoy your stories very much.

I have a polite suggestion, perhaps you could do one where the succubus demon gets a very nasty surprise and is defeated, enslaved, crushed etc. by what she thought was a puny human, but the human turns out to have special skills and knowledge and turns the tables on her completely after using her for his pleasure.

thr occult

I love the story i Will buy the book AS som AS it out
But when is the next part comming ?

I love this story. I love the costumes that the women wear in the forest and the makeshift strap-on was a nice touch. lol.

Dear author with many names...

I dont care what you want to call yourvself on any given day... Just keep writing... I... I love you...
Your lazy stalker

PS. Artistic licencse aside... Also genetic testing.. I would love to know why a constrictor/human hybrids children have sexy, sexy drug induceing poison glands and fangs... Look up the Punit Square diagram to fully get my confusion...

A haunted house...may have more than one ghost. No?

It was amazingly hot for a short story. You should definitely write a sequel!

i think, dear author, that im begining to like you...

Snakes... Mind altering chemicals... Sex in excess... A willing participant for death...
As i said last time... Damn!
"...These are a few of my favorite things..."


No.. Thats all.... Damn. Good show...

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