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Great job

Another great chapter , hopefully we won't have to wait too long for the next


This was simply amazing! This was my first foray into erotic horror, and you have set the bar incredibly high! If I could give you more than five stars I would!


Please, please, please write more. My heart can't handle it if you don't write soon.

Great story

That was very well worth the time to read it. I hope you continue to write in this genre. It's not really horror, but more like a good ghost story. The reintroduction of Bev at the end was excellent. Thank you for such a good work.

Nice twist at the end.

Nik333, I am so glad you enjoy the flow of my story so far. The chapters are not that long and I will most likely bring the short story to a conclusion in the next chapter. If so, the last chapter may be slightly longer to tie up loose ends. Again, thank you so much for reading.👠👠👠Kant


It is great story, and honestly I think it could only be improved by a continuation. This is an amazing chapter one, but due to the end, it feels as though it is a bit lacking at tje end, so it is definatly no stand alone. Please... Continue this amazing story.


I'm in love with how this story is flowing so far . I can't wait for the next installment !


This might literally be the worst story ever written. Have you ever even heard human beings talk?

Fairy Tale

I feel you did an excellent job at creating a modern fairy tale finding something people fear and showing a way in which that fear is overcome is the reason for fairy tales. I thought the sense of dread that surrounded the Other was excellently done as well and definitely places this story in the horror category.

Thank you!

It is a dark story. I'm glad you liked it, so glad you took the time to make a comment.

This story is a part of a collection of connected stories that's just about to be published on Amazon. If you (or anyone, really) is interested in getting an ARC, I'm happy to send you one, as long as you agree to review it and give other reader's your *honest* opinion of the work.

The collection came out pretty good, I think. The stories are all dark like this one, but most of the characters come out okay by the end. PM me on the boards or send me an email to get an ARC. If you send me an anonymous email, remember to give me an address to contact you, so I can send you the manuscript. Also, let me know if you want PDF, MOBI (Kindle), or ePub (iPad/iPhone).


I read the other's comments, and wonder whether they see your vision as I do. For me, it is not about you telling a story and dragging me along to see things your way. It is about you challenging me to look within myself and to bring into focus those reflections that I have long carried thru life, and to incorporate them in my further efforts to write. For that, I thank you, as you have expressed certain things in the interaction between the hero of your story and the being that captivates him that will prove invaluable in my own effort to appeal to others via my writing. Well done, and I hope you will keep it up- erotic horror needs more folk with gifted tongues to help it become an object people need not feel squeamish about...


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