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Hard to read, actually nothing erotic to follow.
Waist of my time.

Are you kidding me ?

You must write more . This is awesome. I can't tell you how enjoying it is to read a story that is not only fantastic but also well written.

I loved this. The ending was surprising and made me sad. I had hoped for a Happy ending but not every story has a Happy ending. Thank you so much for a wonderful story


My satisfaction with this story spilleth over.


Oh my goodness. This story is spellbinding and simply amazing. While lengthy, there is not a single line I would cut. The author's vivid imagination, attention to detail and compelling story line drove this tale forward. Unadulterated lust, descriptions of fabulous sex combined with a brew of corruption, love, and sacrifice made for a story I had to finish in one reading. Zafira--what a complex and wondrous character. Only wish I could be so lucky as to be Cole. Evil smirk. Rozalin_0123 has created a masterpiece of erotic literature.

Just Excellent!

Wow really great read!

While this is not a section I normally read the author is one of my favorites which is what got me to read. So very pleased I did read - throughly enjoyable reading time.
A sincere thank you for writing and sharing this story and all your other writings. Good story, good characters and severalt twists to add to the story with great effect!
As I paraphrase another writer - please keep writing and I will keep reading! I will add checking on my favorite authors which is how I found this reading diamond worth 5+ stars. Highest compliment I can give - I will be reading this story again!!!

great story

i agree, it would be great to read more of the loss of control of all four of them but the story works really well as it is and maybe having to imagine the details makes it scarier. definitely one of the best stories i've read in a while!

Good story

Interesting and erotic tale of the ancient taken by the faeries myths,

Waiting Chapter 3...

Glad to see you back to Pamela's story. But I'm still anxious waiting for her daughter awake.

The extra work shows

Well paced, well written, and part of the larger story in a way that makes me want to read the next. Also, awesome way to bring back Mike. Don’t rush the next chapter. I'll wait.


This is the best thing I've read on this site. It's really amazing.


Oh, I like this. I really want to see this continue, and where you take it. I half-imagine, half-fear a climactic *pun intended* scene where, nearly sated, the Wendigos' inner nature reasserts itself and they go all praying mantis on the girls.

But then, I'm a sick fuck.

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