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It sounds interesting, problem is writing it in a way that makes sense.

I always love your story

I been thinking to make batman fuck a succubus just succubus is poison ivy do you think it sounds good or bad ?

Grossly erotic

I would love to see this as a twilight-zone episode (but in gore filled color). If Rod Sterling had the tech and could afford the special effects he would have loved to do something like this. Rosa the succubus unchained was both wonderful and horrible, as was intended, thank you for an entertaining tale.


Indeed, I would hope that there would be a follow up chapter.


you should expand more, i like these type of horror stories dark , gore and erotic


The concept is fantastic, however, there is an abysmal lack of structure, logic, attention to detail and continuity.

A 20ft monster would not logically have a penis only 1.5ft long and 5 inches thick, it needs to be proportionate otherwise why bother making it 20ft tall.

So much potential, sadly wasted.

Very Nice

Very erotic and sensual. You have a vey detailed way of telling a story, I could see it and feel it. That's very important to me. It could have been longer but it worked for me. Please write more like this.


Please continue with this story. It's one of my favorites of yours.

welcum back!!

it's been too long.. fuck... great story mate!!


Let's just say with his new size he is worried about it destroying his pants and sticking out in front of Nessira! Lol!

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