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It's late but I felt the need to comment as the story was very good. I was drawn into it. I never commented in my life but I had to

Unexpected, most creative story

I loved the backstory about Marshall, and Kath's wonderful, understanding nature. It's too bad that she's treated as "the waitress" by the other "girls", though she can be tough and protective when necessary. I especially enjoyed the story because while the impetus was Marshall and his shyness about his (now scarred) body, the development of Kath's tale, and her empathy and kindness elevated this story to become an exceptional tale.


This story is something that I want to read 100 of times one of my favourite u rock buddy keep it up and count me as your one of the biggest fan

Oh good gravy that TV scene freaked me out. I'm even starting to get paranoid! I'm loving it!

I like it 5 stars

I like the story and the Paradise Lost references.
You could expand the story have Agnes discover that having sex with other men and women ( Michelle) reduces his power over her and gives her more control over him and power to use for her own purposes. I like it so far.

Well THAT was different

and I do appreciate the difference in this and the others you write. I liked it but I think you liked it too. Thanks ... Scotty

Interesting and imaginative

Please more!!!

I've been checking back every few months for this, I'm quite glad you didnt let the series die. Keep making more they are great!

great read

very exciting start to another of your stories. I anxiously look forward to the rest


Great and intriguing..
I would love to read some more..


You have to make another chapter!


Whew! It's left me panting..

Loved it

Absolutely loved the story. I couldn't put it down!

It really would have been nice if you had finished the story instead of just dropping your readers off a cliff. Because it is an unfinished story I could only give you 1-STAR. Retired Army NCO

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