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now there's. a Holiday Story!

I so wanted her to stay with the necklace from her Dad and of course the aunt had to defile her also. BAH HIMBUG! Take your @&&+#! Elsewhere!

Paint it black.

Filled for all eternity.
Jane Kessler will we hear from her.

could there be more?

i know you wrote this for the comtest but im sorta hoping you might continue it? im more interested to see what the town cult ( or cult town?) is all about!

Still Waiting...

Are you going to wait until the last day of November to submit a story? You are just too cruel.

I wish

Permanent sensory isolation would replace painless, lethal injection.


Written from a dark place?

I don't write from dark places. I simply have an extremely vivid imagination. Do I know what it feels like to be immobilized in plastic? No, but I imagine it and I feel it then. I guess it's something like an actor getting into his role.

I can visit dark places, but I don't like to stay there. I had thought that my user name should have been "StefanRoi" (Stephen King). He visits darkness regularly. I would love to share a beer with him.

A Clue

Jennie said she was meeting with others and that she was trying to free the inmates. She also said that this was dangerous.

The 1984 analogy is appropriate. Or, since that date is passed, Huxley's Brave New World (with a twist)?

sinfully distubing...

Sinfully disturbing, with a sickening, yet sexy twist at the end!

Come Back To Literotica Spell....

Yeah, that's the Spell I've cast upon you. And Beware, it's highly Potent. :-)

I'm sure there are lots of your fans here, crossing their fingers , for its success.

A nightmare ends. A dream fulfilled.

Well, it did, atleast for her.
It seems, they mixed up the spell. She did get Tom, finally.
Was this all planned by Rosemary? Her dark side.

I hope there's a Truth Spell out there, of some kind. :-)

Atleast your Love Spell did work. Some dark force is compelling me to give this a 5. :-)

well meaning

I used the term 'well meaning' because the monstrous who would love the idea because of the madness induced also have no problem with killing.
The less than monstrous that accept the need for the death penalty would have no interest in this.
Whereas the soft hearted (soft-headed?) are squeamish about it and would like an alternative, almost any alternative.

So an ('unholy'?) alliance between the evil and the bleeding hearts could bring this sort of thing into reality.

And before you say that something like that could never happen, you should remember that ultra-feminists and religious fundamentals have allied against porn.

Sobering thoughts, for certain

This is absolutely terrifying to think about, holy fuck. That isolation... You're an amazing writer, by the way, sublocked. I have one question though. Why was Jennie put in the PIC? Was it because she tried to help Jack, was it because she showed what the PIC really was to the public, or was it something completely different?

this story was pretty fucked up. But a good dystopian sci fi, dark tragedy fucked up not a bad Tarantino torture porn fucked up. Kinda worry about the frame of mind you were in when you wrote this since it feels like it came from a pretty depressing lonely place.
My only complaint is the lack of an explanation to how Jennie got locked away. The only way I could see her suffering capital punishment is she either tried to mercy kill every one in the ePIC ward, possibly by blowing the place to hell, or the government went full 1984 and made her disappear for making to much noise about the inhumanity of the ePIC project. Either way a quick scene explaining what happened would nice.

Tw0Cr0ws Comment

People have strong feelings about the death penalty. I don't think "well-meaning" enters into the equation. It's just, "What do we do with these people?" and "How do we stay morally clean in dealing with them?"

the ultimate

This is the ultimate in "Cruel and Unusual"
But could it be instituted by the well-meaning?

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