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Needs a lot of work.

It's hard to believe two people wrote this story and for it to come out this poorly. Awkward use of terminology, run on sentences galore, and incredibly poor punctuation and grammar. Could be a good story if heavily edited.

At the Undertakers

Interesting story - not read anything like it before - but I enjoyed it....

Nice Twist!

Didn't expect te ending! Well Done, :-)

Ah yes, I do recall reading this some time ago. Most impressive! Thanks for the link. EB

What A Story

Excellent. I would love to read a sequel so I can find out what happens to Nancy. I am sure the succubi just want to have sex with her. Unless I am mistaken, they usually only kill men.

Bloke dies at the end, eh ?

More Please!!

I've already read all of your stories. This is by far my favorite. Please post more.


I loved it fun sexy and supernatural, i would love to hear about another encounter


Please is there now


Well done

I enjoyed this story a lot.

this story was sexy and creepy, don't think I've ever read one like this before; good job! I actually would like to read more.. hopefully you can continue


Awseome! A masterpiece!

Good story!

Love your story ! Keep it up! For part 2, I like to suggest you write about the guy's grandfather is nearby looking for him but he is too brainwashed and sex addicted to muster up his will to ask for help and ended up having more sex with the siren. Tat would be so sexy.

Top Shelf Story Spinning

One of the best stories I have ever read. An honest-to-goodness page turner.

An impossibly rare horror story where you don't have to suspend disbelief.

On this site, I read one whole sentence in five, skim the rest, get irritated if more than three pages.

This one, I couldn't stop reading every word - all fifteen pages.

Has everything well done. Criticism: three trite phrases. Out of fifteen pages, that is fabulous.

If you only have time for one medium-length story, read this one.

If you only have time for one short story, read this one anyway.
Otherwise, when you finally get around to this one, you will regret not reading it earlier.

Very good story

I love the theme and its execution. Write more similar stories please.

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