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Honestly, I'm not really liking the inclusion of Vesta, Michelle, and even Nolan in the whole mix.

I was more intrigued with the pairing of Agnes and James from the beginning. These other characters' sexual connection to them on the other hand feels like it was just suddenly thrown in to make it a bigger story than what was implied through the first chapter. Not a bad thing, but it's just not my cup of tea.


It appears my tabs and scene breaks didn't survive the transition, troublesome.

Still waiting...

The heavily edited version is STILL pending...

3 stars cause I am watching American werewolf in London as I read this

It needs a little work. The sex part is better than anything I have written. The way it is worded was hard to read at times, I noticed some spelling mistakes, and I wonder why she didn't shoot flames out her ass when she cam.

5 stars

There is nothing women like more than running naked in the forest or an office as a beast hunts them for sport. Wish it was a were-wolf instead.


I will try my best to get the next one out in less time. I apologize for the massive amount of time between this one and the last one. A jumble of personal issues, writing issues and mechanical issues caused it to take such a long time and I sincerely hope it does not happen again.


I am LOVING the stories you have written! You could write a book on this stroy line!
Please keep your stories coming quickly and not months in between!

Flash bangs and flamethrowers

Vamps hate them even more than crosses and garlic.
Good story


Great story! Genuinely enjoyed it :)

Fucking amazing! Wish my ghosties were this co-operative!


Well it looks like I had submitted a rough draft of this story... the completed edition has been submitted... I really need to be more careful when I copy paste a submission. This was the second damned time!

Aaaawww Damn!

And I was working on a GOT fanfic myself :( Same subject, same themes, darn! And your story is good too, rats! :( Grrrrr! :jealous:

suggestion and niggling complaint.

You could add suspense by drawing out the seduction, giving our now dead hero a sense of how he might survive. As such it is a nice story, could have been longer, with more build up and a more dramatic end. Also, the complaint, there is no such word as thrusted, the past tense of thrust is thrust. I now thrust, he had thrust, they thrust in unison. Keep at it, your imagination is worth exploring. Of course I'm a sucker for vampires.

scarily hot!

ive always found spiders fascinating and maybe its the hentai watcher in me but i always found the idea of being ravaged by some giant creature very erotic. i would love this to happen to me ... maybe without dieing though lol. i totally understand how it was the realistic and more terrifying ending and honestly there was no better way to end the story. 5 stars.


You're very talented. I edit books and it's rare I find one that has me holding my breath. I hope you publish more, maybe on Amazon so you can get paid for your work.


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