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Too bad

Ok then. I've had enough. Way too many mistakes against english as well as logic.

Quite good as well as rather bad

The story would be very entertaining. Bad English spoils it.


I absolutely loved it and blood rose good job

Don't be that guy

Don't tell people you're beating yourself up or you're not good or whatever. You're just asking people to disagree. Work on your craft and share it if you want to, don't beg for compliments in your author's note.

Your writing would be better if you used quotations to make dialogue clear and if you corrected simple grammatical mistakes. Don't put something out there that you wouldn't want a potential publisher to see. I hate how much unprofessional, low quality work shows up on this site.


Don't want to sound like an ass but I'm pretty sure there were errors here and there. Spelling, lacking periods and comas, etC. An amazing read nonetheless. Awesome story and i could not stop reading till i finished it. Interesting from start to end and would have loved more of it. And did i mention it was awesome? :)


I do believe that the endpoint was nicely placed though it may leave dreaming continuations of the story!


You're killing us here. When is the next chapter coming? Hope everything is alright with you you wrote in the comments that we should expect it at the end of February but it's now the middle of April and we haven't heard anything. :(

Great story, very hot! I look forward to seeing where you go with it in the next chapter :-)

yes, you should have

As a scene it was good, but not knowing it was not the whole story left the readers disappointed.
Not a good idea, since that tends to make them give you a low vote in frustration.

3 stars

Don't take my low rating the wrong way. Your writing is quite skilled. You "give good scene". :-)

The story does need some things: First, I need to care about the characters. Second, the twist at the end was nice, but not enough. Third, for sexual horror, it wasn't very sexual or horrifying.

Blown away

This is something I would normally ever entertain reading. Thank you - disturbing but fascinating. I love the fairy tale approach.

Excellent. Horrible but amazing

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