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Well done as usual

You've really picked things up in this chapter. Excellent read and I'm looking forward to the next


It's a rape story with the rapist as the hero...

Oh yay

Love your story, waiting for more

I must have reread this story multiple times. Please tell me you are writing some more chapters/finishing this story cause it would break my heart for it to go unfinished....I wish this was turned into tv show or something its that good.


I love you so much, your stories are GREAT


Thanks for continuing the story. The more stories I read here on Lit, the more grateful I am to the authors who keep their word and care enough about their audience to finish their work. I truly am grateful that you continue posting these wonderful tales with equal measures quality and expediency. I've run into enough stories here that have either fallen by the way-side or the wait time is so excruciatingly long, that I begin feeling apathy or resentful toward the authors. When characters as good as yours seep into my consciousness to the point I truly care about the story, are abandoned it makes me rethink reading anymore on this site. Brilliant and dedicated authors like you, are what keep me interested and hopeful. Thank you!

Oh yeah

I'd be pissed. It's like being mad at someone and expecting them to just know why. Talk dumbass!

Of course her eyes glowed amber.

That brat broke her doll. Diana seems to be the darkside. We need to watch her. Great chapter.

please please please continue this series.. you could probably do 60 or more chapters each 4 pages long with this series and still have tons of room to do more chapters.

Well I'm shocked

This isn't my normal kind of story. Not sure why I even clicked on it.

but I enjoyed it immensely. Nice job and hoping for more.


Please, in the name of all that's holy!

Get an editor! Your spelling, use of past/present/future tense, plural/singular usage and word meanings are in dire need of the touch of an excellent editor. Your sentence structure also needs help because you have some parts of your story (sentences here and there) that make absolutely no sense! It's a really good story that's diminished dramatically by the aforementioned issues.

I'm kind of wondering

why they were allowed to remain wolves? Why they weren't sedated? Obviously tranqs work, as exhibited by Dominic's effective use of them when he escaped. It just seems like utter stupidty.


I keep rereading this story hoping that there's another chapter but there never is! This is a great story and you should definitely add more chapters! I wanna know what happens next!!!!! So PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER CHAPTER!!!

cant wait for more

can not wait to see more of this story (the two page format works for me) maybe an idea you could work in maybe make it that as she is the 1st he bit and she is a pure blood he is now a pure blood (of sorts)

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