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You are writing an excellent story. I'm glad to see you're getting the following and the scoring you deserve. Extremely well done.

Kind of liked it

Very good how you describe what happens between the ears. A good and original story.
What i don't like is how the wolf and the man are separate and in conflict, how the wolf wants to destroy the man's girlfriend. The were-wolf is anti-social, very un-wolfish. Wolves don't fuck prey. There is never a battle Eat it or fuck it. Destroy it or breed it.
I am not sure why i did not much enjoy the sex scenes. While i am not into pain, that doesn't stop me from enjoying pleasure&pain scenes. Maybe it's the lack of working towards climaxes? Too few tingles. Too few descriptions of what it feels like, too mechanical, maybe?
The storytelling factor is lacking a bit. Hardly un-put-down-able.
So just 3 stars for the originality.
I think you will turn out better and better ones with each next story. Good luck!


Your story is amazing!!!! You know how to write sensuously to make the reader of your story wet and needy;)
Not many have this ability. You have a new fan now:)
5 Stars from me(and now I`m onto chapter 2...)

agree with last two comments

I did not feel their urgency to mate or their passion for eachother. You need someone to help you with the erotic scenes. But I still like the story :)


If Chloe the necromancer is a hacking genius, and Ember the phoenix wants to refine her hacking skills, there's room for some nice twists. Say, Chloe is willing to teach Ember hacking in return for some muff diving.

is there a problem ???

Is there a problem with next chapter ???
Why no updates ???

Sexy sensual excellence!

I wondered how Livvy and Josie would handle the Domination/ submission flogging aspects of Lisa and Ollie's Mistress/ pet sexual relationship. Well done! I do so hope that Chelsea gets to experience the ghostly duo and Sebastian the handyman too! I wonder if the nasty wicked mother ghost will make an appearance and wreck all their happiness?

Thank you for starting more of a story plot. I enjoy the story just wish there was a tad less sex every couple of seconds rather than having it spread out.

Please like my page...

Really enjoyed how you wove the tale...

...and didn't spot what you were worried about on first reading.
Good luck!

Great Chapter content wise

I think you again posted unedited chapter, the story line is great but I had to reread over parts guessing words. A good editor would do wonders


Cliffhangers SUCK! I am coming back (damn soon FYI) to see what the hell's going on...and I sure fuckin' HOPE something will be going on!! You do good (read: enthralling) work and I want to see more of it, as soon as you can reasonably produce it. Love the story so far; keep it up!


Please dont leave me waiting to long for the next chapter

Love or hate

I don't know whether to love you for uploading a new wonderful, or whole wholeheartedly loathe you for ending on another god damn cliffhanger!

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