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Great story and great pacing. All seems to fit in just perfect.
Can't wait for more

sex ed

"She could feel him push past her cervix and into her womb. She had multiple small orgasms just sitting there. "

I've read this type crap many times in other writer's stories. I wish folks would study anatomy before writing sex scenes.
There is no way the penis can pass through the cervix. PERIOD. It is a solid barrier between the vagina and the womb. There is a small hole which allows drainage, and a passage for sperm. That's it. No way a penis is passing through the cervix without destroying the woman's reproductive system.

So please quit writing this junk.


I beg of you to continue this, it seems that you abandoned it (Im guessing by the date it was posted) but I really enjoy the plot, and your writing style. While it could be cleaned up a bit, I believe it's utterly brilliant! I like the switching of the roles, from slave to Master, and I also think that this is a great debut into the world of erotic writing! Now, to pinpoint what i love about your writing, is how the Dominant figure slowly teases the captive, not rushing into the sex, and I am eagerly awaiting for your next post, whither it be a continuation of this plot, or of of your other story, or maybe a new story in all, You have yourself a dedicated reader! (Me!!!)

Us versus We.

" "Ok Eric, you go and think, us three have to talk."

Us is used as verbs object.
We is used as sentence Subject.

To make it easy, break down the sentences using just the subject noun, the verb and the object noun.

.... Us three have to talk.
So Us have to talk.
Or We have to talk.

CORRECT: Ok, Eric, you go and think, we three have to talk.

Evil Race With An Evil Culture

So far, you're doing a good job of explaining to us why these creatures should be hunted down and exterminated.

I'm not sure if that's what you're going for, though. I'll keep reading to find out.

That's Not Sexy

"I'm sure I'm going to love fucking you till you're raw."

I'm not liking the direction this is going.

Good Story

I liked the fact that the women all moved on from their dead-end relationship.

On the other hand, maybe someone needs to take Pratt in and care for him. Kidnapping women and raping them in a cave can't possibly lead to a fulfilling long-term relationship.

Omg why are there not anymore chapters

I do hope you allow them to have children or that he at least impregnated her. I see a love blossoming between them... this story is one of my favs. Please continue.

I've been thinking that too, though I haven't decided on anything. I just submitted a short sequel, but it doesn't have any criminals in it.


This was good - catgirl plus transformation plus futa - scratches all the itches.

Now we need to grow the tribe and battle some bad guys. Pimps and burglars aren't sufficient, we need something more powerful for them to fight against.

Welcome to Literotica! You did a great job of conveying the passion and how ga-ga our two lovers were for each other.

I think there could have been less buildup before the sexytimes. The intro could have gone faster but it did not drag. Also, I had hoped that the naughty bee might partake more in the story beyond that one cameo sex scene. (Hopefully there’s more to come!) A general rule is, when you introduce something in a story, plan on using it at least twice. That’s not an ironclad rule, of course, and the bee girl/plant girl scene conveys the girls’ lonliness nicely.

I do hope you’ll keep writing the slow seduction scenes; at least for the stronger willed characters. Great story so far!


Okay well, there will at least be a chapter 3.

Many stories read.

This is by far the most well written piece I have come across depicting true passion and love. Thank you making me smile not with the amazingly hot sexy but the connective passion shared between them. Please don't stop writing.

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