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non human designation

i didn't choose this specification. must've been a bot thing...but thank you for the feedback!!

Where is the NonHuman part?

If you are going to tag a story as NonHuman shouldn’t there be at least a NonHuman protagonist in it? Naming your characters Drake and Angel isn’t a NonHuman idea at all. Since those are REAL names of people all over the world.

So I’m a rereader.

I’m gonna try not to spoil for anyone, but is the tawny colored wolf that helps Gemma in this chapter a certain clue about someone from the last chapter?


........... no more????

Thank you

Enjoying the tale greatly. Keep up the excellent work

One sitting

I stayed up almost 23 hours to finish this in as close to a single sitting as possible. (Physical needs like food and arousal exceptions)

One of the best


Things mentioned

Clark84 I mentioned in the first opening paragraph that this was a side story from my other main story Carrots. If you want to know more about the things I mentioned in the story, I suggest reading Carrots first.




I didn't see that coming! The reveal of Sharpe as a woman was fun and exciting! Perhaps I should have seen the signs.... but oh well. Great chapter non-the-less.


Just too marvelous and too wonderful for words. Please, please, return to these characters when you can.

Maybe you could explain about the 'orgy' that keeps getting mentioned as well as who's Jim

Tammy likely saw the shift and Were's wouldn't have been unknown to anyone so no surprise there. She probably just tracked down her husband and may not have seen Lisa clearly enough to recognize her. She also may have been jerking her husband's chain with the question.

Fantastic story

Lisa, You have done a wonderful job of tying the story lines together. It was another Hot and Erotic adventure that was out of this world. Thank you and looking forward to reading more chapters.

Yes Please!

"God I wonder if Cassie would be willing to share Eric. Gina had the right idea, sharing Eric would be really, really nice..." Sandy thought. "

Please say yes! I like the Sandy character a lot.

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