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A good read, please continue.


I have read various of different stories in my life, but this simply left me speechless. The amount of detail you put into every single scene makes it realistic and believable. I have to say, never ever stop creating these beautiful masterpieces. I simply adore them.

It's there

The idea of writing's there, the, dare I say, essence of literotica but there's space for improvement. Grammar, a little more beef to the story. It's a cute read overall.

More, please

Found this series interesting, and what a cliffhanger. I hope there is another installment soon.

Not sure.

I'm not on MGE Wiki now and I don't promote my own stuff, I'm just keeping them on four different sites. That's my best advice for now — keep them in several places so that they reach a wider audience. For example, Archive of Our Own is popular, and people on TouchFluffyTail came to know about my MGE stories from there.

I could ask around for authors who promote their stories on imageboards like /monster. Not sure how that's done either.


I want to promote my stories. Best advice? I have a ton more coming up

Good story

A good story, although a bit complicated for Google to translate. I had to read it twice, one in my own language and another in English, and still I think I missed some small detail. Anyway, this was my fault, my lack of understanding of literary English, it was not the fault of the author or his story.
I think it was very interesting, it reminded me of the B / W movies of Detective Nick Carter.
5 * for you.
I apologize for my English (yet and forever), isn't my native language.


Totally hooked. Please continue.

I must say, I enjoy the end. Basically says you have a few more days before in done. She is in way over her head, which coincidently is what's getting fucked next.
She's going to me up to her ass in dog cum, which coincidently is.... We all know what the joke in saying here is, right?

Possible Sequels?

Is it possible to make sequels of any of your stories involving the characters and/or their children? I like to see if that's possible.

Exactly, she was one who could potentially benefit so logically he would have to consider she was involved. That's the kind of consideration that turns your stomach thinking of a trusted person doing something bad to you.

Thought about the werewolves after i'd posted this morning. They would be tougher than his men and more expendable in his view more than likely. In Ella's chase there was what only 2 after her? I wonder how many the cartel has. Assuming they are rogues how are they controlling them? Are they holding mates like the mob does? Is there an alpha involved? If not, would they be susceptible to the alpha power from Ella or Craig? That might be quite a surprise to them.

I think Ella needs to turn the kids quickly. A cat will give them some protection should they need it. As well as link them to the pack and alphas. Tom and Shelly should be offered a turn. They could be either.

I know Gunny was likely a bit part but, if things i thought of happen. He sees the wolf pack interviews and notices something familiar but can't place it. He hears about the cartel leader's death and thinks that must have been her. Maybe someone from the Agency comes around asking questions? Takes her picture off a wall or something? Borrows Gunny to investigate the scene? It all could lead him to her.

Imagine if down the road you have 4 adult werecats in her pack. Two being scout snipers. lol You know Olivia would probably get trained as well. A pack with it's own scout sniper fireteam. The kids who get turned would be candidates when they get older. Then they'd have a squad.


In the anime maid sama they did a job on momotaro that was actually pretty funny.

Positive tentacle porn

I like that The woman is a willing partner

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