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It has been a year

since the last update. In most cases these means you can stick a fork in him. He is done. He comes off my list of writers to follow.


only thing I can say is if word gets out she found her true mate all hell will break loose. keep in mind with there being no previous case of a former were finding its mate there is no way of knowing what is or is not possible. the fact that a human can only be mated after being changed is a moot point since being bitten by any were changes them. the real question is simple if you consider things. do you truly need to be a were to be mated? in reality there has never been an example where someone immune to being turned has tried to become mated to a wolf.


She need to move her operation to the secure den beneath the house as it was meant to keep the pack safe so would be a better place than just in the house.
As for who will be there for her and be the father for her babies, well Mark can be taken out by the spies that are watching her...problem solved on who will be the daddy. lol Her lawyer is a very smart man and will have the files placed in a secure place I'm sure in case they come after him he would also give her instructions on where to find them if needed. STILL want her wolf back and still think if her true mate marks her she will return regardless of what the doctor says as I believe that her parents dying and making her Alpha not only saved her from the mating bite but also somehow help save the wolf from the wolvesbane by pushing her way back in her mind in a deep sleep.

Loved it!!

I have absolutely loved this story! I do have a minor quirk about some of the verbiage; if you lose something you have misplaced it; if something is loose it isn't tight enough for a secure closure. You have used the term loose when you meant the term lose and vise versa. Other than being picky about those kinds of things I absolutely loved this! Please continue to write, I love your work!!!

Which pack does Craig belong to? I couldn't keep that part straight. However, he seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and has good values. The question through remains how much longer before the were-war starts. How is Ella going to survive that, and why to I get the feeling that those wolves she recruited for her blood oath will need to be hidden during the war and form the basics of her pack post-war.

Also I'm wondering if there will be a time jump.

Damn good stuff sir.

Holy Cow?Wolf?

Sounds like an Irish drama, I Love it!!! Keep up the great writing!!!

Thank you for the comments!

Craig got lucky in a few ways; first that he found his mate at all, second that he was spared the pain of her wolf dying. Clearly, there is more to mating than just the wolf; just like finding a human mate, except he won't be able to turn her. It will be a different bond, for sure. In his favor, she grew up looking forward to her mate so she's jumping right in and grabbing on to him, at the expense of her human love.

Mark is a great guy, he doesn't deserve to be cast aside but he can't compete with what Ella believes is her destined. They do (or at least may) have children together, they will never be apart because of this and we will see how this plays out.

The Goddess Luna in this series isn't actively involved like in the Dominant Species series. With all Ella has gone through, it isn't done- after all, this portion occurs before the Were Wars series begins, and you can read some of what is coming there.

Ella is dealing with everything the best she can. There were some comments that she didn't break down enough, but she has- she just can't do it completely. She has responsibilities, she is in danger, and she has been trained to put her needs aside for the Pack first. You can see in this part that some things are catching up, and she is starting to prioritize her life to deal with it.

Keep the seat belts fastened and remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop!

Still on Team Mark

For all of Craig's virtues, i have to wonder how much of the blind is still there, because he has said little of his Wolfs feelings. The Luna bond between mates is specific to wereWOLF not pre werewolf humans, and Ellas wolf is dead. The death of a mate is supposed to be devastating, and the only thing protecting Craigs wolf is that they wearen't bonded at the time of death. Craig's wolf will never have Ellas, and Craig can't actually mark or her properly. These dynamics of wolf death as tragedy are not well explored in the genre, unfortunately. With wolves, as with people, a mates death has two victims, in weres, it is doubled. Not even counting the ripples to family. In fact, it appears the power of the bond is already powerfully weakened, as there's none of the usual extreme claiming dynamic so common to were stories.
And of course the highly awkward matter of someone else's human babies.

I think what i like most about Mark is that he seems like the soulmate bond that she might have found if she were merely human instead of were. I like that dynamic as it reads very much like a Were-romance in reverse. Instead of the Lady's husband /boyfriend being killed and Turning her to find her wolf Mate, her wolf is killed, Turning her to human and finding a soulmate there. Despite the spirit of her wolf still being strong in her.

The best heroes and heroines are able to rise above tragedy without having fairy tale endings handed to them, and i like that you are doing that. Tragedy has ripples, choices have consequences. Like hiring humans to investigate finances that are owned exclusively by weres.... :)

Hugely enjoying the story so far, looking forward to the next chapter.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is in the works, Feedback has been seen. Chapters will be a bit longer from now on.


Why is Ella so forgiving? Why are so many hardships heaped on her? Why cant her wolf return? Why... just why???


What the hell happened to this character?

Alpha Ass

So since Connor is now an Alpha werewolf he automatically turns into a raping, murdering, insensitive asshole too?!?! Are we supposed to be happy that he now just ignores the wishes of the women who he decides he's going to "mate" with right then and there, whether they want him to or not. This new rodrique/Connor duality sucks and the character formerly known as Connor now sucks!

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