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short but grabs my attention. could use a little filling out.


Why can't you finish your stories . I love your writing but you piss me off that not one is finished

Sadly, life seems to have intervened

5 years on and nothing has been added. oh well

I hope Uncle P was able to complete his dissertation and is now gainfully employed, happily married, and fulfilled.


Please keep writing.


Holy crap...this is so hot!


This is affecting humans and werewolves, but what about the other animals? Does this affect them too?

Bigger than a bigfoot ?

Big feet, big hands, big klutz ! Heared this while sitting with a table full of girls, turning dance partners away. Truth, I was smirkin. I ve never been in that position before or since.
So Jordans got a girl and I want to make her mine". I mean Morgan ya all ! I don't suppose Morgan will allow a lady schick ?

Great story

I have really enjoyed your story. See why a rest made be needed. Hopefully not a real long one. Lol

Keep going youre amazing!!!

this is by far my favorite storyline out of the whole entire site! screw the haters (not literally that be gross!) please continue!!!! I keep checking back just for you! :)

Good start but needs an editor

Unfortunately, little to no punctuation and problems with spelling. Difficult to read and follow as a result.
Hope author finds an editor.

Good first story, but you should have someone read over or find an editor before publishing it. Please continue!

Love love love

Do take constructive criticisms on repeated words and read out loud or ask an honest friend , but don't change your story line. This is a brilliant story! Next!

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