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Looking forward to next chapter. Great story please continue with it.

FAA transcripts

I didn't mid all the jargon because I'm a student pilot. It did, however, cut heavily into the story and I can see why non-pilots wouldn't like it. Kind of like reading a investigation with audio transcripts attached to it

I don't feel like it is dragging on

If you wrote this differently- we would miss out on so much!!! I love this story and your attention to detail! Ignore the complainers. Though of course Like everyone else I want it all and now! Lol.

Penny???LOL.. That boy will have a long wait ahead of him. Great chapter. :)


Please, Please, Please, add more chapters to the story. The set up is unique, the story is creative, and the characters are so awesome! I loved every second of it, but it ended so abruptly.

Despite neither of them admitting it, they're in a relationship and I am interested in seeing where it is going to go. Please add another chapter.


On the edge of my seat listening to Ben. It makes perfect since the direction your going . Their a pack without their alpha they would fall apart ... wow do not stop love this story

Keep doing what you want

if you know where the stoy go then do what you can do don't listen those prick btw I feel like Ben is a little boy in a Terminator body I hope we will know him and the other more maybe in the next chapters ?

I'm currently working on Ch.2. If you think you've got what it takes to edit it, since I seem to be unable to find an editor elsewhere, message me on the forums.

Good story but Skylar's side could have been longer


Oh my gosh I absolutely love this story, and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Thank you

I've published these on Amazon and smashwords and am currently working on a new story.

Thanks Luv2read

Yeah on the potty mouthedness (think I Just invented that word) until an earlier comment because of my stop and start writing lately I hadn't realised just how many sentences contained the cussing - I want to keep some that's who they are in a way and is how my friends and I often speak but it is certainly at a much lower ratio. Glad little bits like Aaron's ears are bringing smiles like I intended.
Thanks for reading and commenting


You have me hooked
I ❤this story
Keep up the good work 😆

Hard to read

It does not flow like a good story and reads more like a tech manual. I suggest you follow the story writing formula that has worked for hundreds of years.

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