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I loved this story and gave it a 5. I did feel though that Layla got over Pratt very quickly, which didn't make much sense. If she loved him, how could it be so simple, and fast for her to move on? the story was very original, save for the ending. The ending was kind of cheesy...'find a normal guy and live happily ever after.'


Please continue. I can't wait to read more!

more more more

Please let there be more soon! I want to know what is going on and who/what she is please write fast!

I like it.

cool, I was wondering since last chapter how did the kid managed to run away. The wizard thing surprised me though, I was betting for another kind of shifter. Really good idea to bring wizards in! I like how the story has developed so far. Also Emile and Jack are such sweet guys and the story would be pretty boring without those two imo. Good work.

thank you

Loving the development and pacing of your tale. As others have pointed out, there are some grammatical errors, repeated words/phrases, etc. However I personally don't find it a problem to mentally correct as I'm reading, therefore don't find it breaks up the flow as much. Overall I find your work excellent and look forward to future chapters. With very minor cleanup, once is completed, this story is indeed worthy of publishing, and I for one would gladly add a copy to my library. Thank you for taking the time to write and submit for our enjoyment

Next chapter will wrap it up

But I'm not bound to certain endings.

When are you gong to give these 2 a break?

Great story, but, they keep going from one crisis to another. Don't you think they deserve a little happiness? It's almost difficult to read. However, Doug needs to atone for killing Emma, even it was a mistake.

I have read this story twice and really hope you will finish it .

Follow Up From Author

I am sure some of you who liked the first few chapters of this series didn't expect me to suddenly turn Anya over to the whims of a sex plant. I mean really. o_O However, her time with Chrysanthulus was spent meeting his needs (He just REALLY wants to be a daddy, can ya tell?) and her needs are met, as well. Not just when it comes to getting fucked the way she needs to be, but being with C. helps her self esteem, it allows how she feels about her sexuality to show on the outside, as well as the inside. The deep pleasure she finds in him will echo throughout the following chapters (which I have a TON submitted) please, let me know what you liked, or didn't....we'll see where she heads off to next. ;)


I came across this story years ago, and, despite my better judgement, read it again knowing that it still wasn't done. I CAN'T TAKE IT. Pleeeease finish it #sobs


I really like that Blake is taking some responsibility for the situation rather than just default to the 'I'm an alpha' excuse. Not that it isn't understandable, but some of what he did wasn't the right approach for building trust in a relationship and I love that he sees that. He might be taking on a bit more burden than is rightfully his, but that's normal when you're upset, and also very much in keeping with him being a responsible alpha. Really enjoying this!

much appreciated

I hadn't checked in here for a while and to my delight I find two new chapters posted! Just got done with this one and about to start on the next. Love the buildup and detail you are infusing your world and characters with, both protagonists and supporting. Thank you for continuing this excellent series! Keep up the great work.

One of my favs

Thank you for coming back and finishing this story.

Ok I tried

I really tried but for some reason it seems that even the author hates Blake. He brought this on himself he is a utter bastard he is the cause of starvation in third world did everything but blame climate change on him. He is a fucking Alpha were. He did what he was mentioned to do...take charge and care for his pack and now you got this girl on some petty high school revenge thing and playing games. If you don't like the alpha have him be shot and killed by hunters during the run and let Jack take will take one paragraph and than you can have Carly be the strong modern woman she is. He'll you can have Jack stay Beta get rejected by Emile and have them two run off together al la Thelma and Louise and search for Jason a wizard master. Either way put Blake out of your misery.

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