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this paola guy seems to be realy powerful. hopefully the both girls can get some assist from an ancient one. otherwise they are in big trouble.

5 stars.

It's going well.

I enjoyed the latest installment. 5 stars.


I couldn't help spotting some mistakes, but the overall language was really good. The part where the needles were forced into her breasts was too cruel, and so was the part about her getting robbed of the chemicals that made an orgasm feel good. But I love the fact that she finally escaped from that asshole alien, that really made me change the way I thought about Alex. I expected something else, but what i got was even better! Make more stories, I would read them any day!

@ michael709

Thank you. :-)
I did think of having their friends turning as well, but thought by only touching it would be too easy. I'd have to have at least a second factor in why the siblings turned in the first place. Otherwise the world would be overrun by furry people by now. :-p

patiently waiting

I love this story. I recently reread it and was sad to see it still unfinished. I'm sure Elias, Damon and William, along with their 'Chosen Ones', are running around in your mind, causing all kinds of chaos. Letting them out would make room for new ideas to grow. Patiently waiting for more.

ummmm she should be let in on the truth before they get married, yes?

Too freakin' good!

I can't take it! put me out of my misery by posting another chapter soon.


WTF?! This story makes no sense what so ever!
The broad needs to lay off the bad LSD!

Great story

I love the way you have set up such an intricate plot line. I look forward to seeing how each person's story unfolds and how a band of misfits living on the edge of society finds a home and family with the pack. I completely disagree with the individual who says your story is becoming cliche and I strongly urge you to write the story the way you see fit. It is your story to tell and if they don't want to read a cliche story they need to go write one of their own that isn't "cliche".

Very unique!

I really liked this story and can see alot of ways to continue!
As a possible suggestion, since the two friends touched them, I think it would be interesting to have them show up and both be turned as well!

Just an idea! :)

i really liked this story...

But now I am having doubts.

Bear with me while I explain before someone over reacts and slams my personal opinion!

What drew me to this story was the fact that it seemed so different from the trite and cliches werewolf mate stories that have become a dime a dozen on literotica. The characters were interesting, the conflict seemed real and multidimensional (people dealing with their own fucked up lives just trying to survive, the dichotomy between rich and poor, the fact that neither "mate" cared about the arrangement for their own reasons) it was good, it was unique.

But now it just seems cliches. All of a sudden every single person in that group is someone else's mate. It's a perfect fit. Yeah, sure, there will be some interpersonal drama to work out (Sam, flint being gay etc etc) but we all can now see the cliched, puzzle fighting perfect ending that makes it fall in line with the rest of the werewolf mate stories out there.

Frankly, I hope I'm wrong. I hope Samanthas past prevents her from ever wanting to be those guys mates (because THAT would be different and interesting, refreshingly real) I hope they don't all roll over and become perfect editions to the pack like some preordained plan with no free will. I hope this turns out to be an awesomely different story from all the rest on lit, like it started out as.

But I've read enough werewolf stories on lit that, in 20 chapters, that I fear the future has all been preordained with this one chapter.

I will admit that I have enjoyed the occasional rapey mindbreak or mind control story, but when a story tries to justify, rationalize or marginalize rape -- even if it's only implied or a consequence of the author not being brave enough to portray the protagonist bad guy as the amoral asshole he should have been -- I'm immediately squicked out.

Oh this is good stuff!

Look forward to the next chapter!
Thanks for such a kickass story!


By far one of the best stories I've read. This is one that you could continue for years, the story is just starting to unfold. Please keep up the awesome work.

Very Funny!

I loved this story, I agree, Lucy I'm home would have been great!
Thank you

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