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Sooooo good!

Good build up, waiting for the meaty part!

Well done!

You are a very talented writer! This one of the best stories in literotica.

Next Chapter

I loved this story. Please finish it.


When will you release chapter 9?

The next installment will be an eye opener... Can't wait to read it. :)

Still hooked

Thank you for updating, I wish you could write more. I know it's hard to rush a story but the suspense of Roy meeting Kylie is intense. And the suspense of Cassandra finally allowing Caleb into herself, AND Rinaldi and Kennedy getting in on! So much passion! Love it!


Such an enchanting story. Very well written with beautiful atmosphere and engaging characters. Moreover, my girlfriend and I really enjoyed reading the story together and experiencing a similar ending to the story.
Very much looking forward to more of your work!

This is a nice opening

Poor little bunny...

I still can't stop thing about that poor little bunny!!! Why did he have to eat the bunny?! Whyyyyyyyyy???

@ TJSkywind

And ewe know it! :-p

I'm not sure if there's a difference. Maybe weresheep get a bit more warm and fuzzy feeling over it?
Permanent wererams should be easy to find. They'll have turned to isram.

I'm sorry, but I only have the obvious complaints.

It's much too short... When can we get the next chapter? Write more! Yada yada...

This was a wonderful little vignette of a story. I liked the setting and the way you build up Taora's character.

The only real criticism I have... not sure this even counts as criticism really, but we don't learn much about him.

While you make a great effort in getting us invested in Taora's future, the only thing making us trust/accept her new owner is through her senses and reactions to him. This works as we accept him as a proper companion for her, but leaves me at least wanting to know a bit more about his background and how he got the experience with Nekos he clearly seems to have. You at least hint at there being some history there.

Maybe something for another chapter?

Beyond the story itself, your worldbuilding seems rich enough to support many more chapters.

Oh, I'd never try to pull the wool over YOUR eyes; I'd get fleeced

I was just wondering if the lycanthropy was different for were-sheep (or are they only were-rams?) vs werewolves. If the were-rams do eventually become permanent rams, that would be really ruff.

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