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Loving it.

Don't listen to the complaints about it being overcomplicated or progressing too slowly.

You handle complicated beautifully! And it's not progressing too slowly, although I would love to see new chapters appearing faster, but appreciate that you're crafting a masterpiece, and that takes time.

I would like to see an update on Rayne and Garn.

Great Story

Have just finished this complete story. Very good and really enjoyed it. I hope you continue with the new family or possibly some history on individuals. Most likely the best bet is Mother Luna and the gifts she has and her pack. Thank you.

The writers write when they have time. Instead of complaining why not write your own

Halloween,thanksgiving, and Christmas are coming. The part were a bigfoot bites his dick off or they get thrown in jail or attack by zombies, the writer will write more later in the future when real life is not demanding. In the mean time, everyone else should write a story of their own. Maybe a story were they are cursed to send a minotaur to rape someone every year, so they write literotica stories and whoever writes negative comments on their comment section is the one who gets a visit from the minotaur. Or a story wookies vs werewolfs vs bigfoots. The one I am writing is about as vampire that is stuck in the form of a dog and it tricks would be vampire hunters into killing random inncent people in the mistaken belief that the dog has lead them to dens of vampires. I challenge myself to try and get my story finished before really great writers like bobalous can get his next chapter done.

I'm A Stalker Too!

Ever since that first day a couple years ago, when I first came across one of your stories, I have been completely addicted! Reading until I fall asleep, rolling over first thing when I wake up to continue where I left off....sometimes forgetting to eat! Now I check every few days, somewhat patiently awaiting your next chapter. And I also am looking forward to watching K & E's relationship bloom. Thank you so much for continuing to write!


1) Change 'panties' to G-string, comment on state law.
2) Change 'well over a century' to centuries, time plied trade.
3) Expensive suit is not white shirt and (cloth? or leather?) pants, pick one.
4) While Carmen Miranda Flashed naked crotch under long skirt 70 years ago, it is not current 'club ware'.

people are morons

so the last 2 comments the annom is a moron that can not comprehend what is on the page in front of them. It has more plot that you missed by skipping it then you will ever get. as for smith comment well 15 year old girls giggle.

Please never stop writing

Long ago I ran across your stories and read everyone from beginning to end. Now I stalk your post like a love sick girl. I love the complexity of your stories but I need more. I'm addicted. Please send more. Your biggest fan.

Beautifully ended

You are really good with the ends of each chapter. Im always anxious for the next.


That was an unexpected twist

really liked this story!

very good, some great original ideals, well written!

Love it. More please. I was hoping you'd give Stork and Belinda their own story. But I'm glad to see the pack as well.

Please finish

I can not begin to tell you how wonderful a story you gave here. They need you to continue and complete their story! I hope you will allow your fans on this journey

into the light

more, please. all of the characters are in place, now just let the storylines flow....

Love the story as well

Haven't read many wolf stories but you write about it in a very sensitive and romantic way. Can't wait for the coming chapters.

I liked it, but there's too little development for 10 chapters. Jack has barely started adapting to his life as a vampire. His character is by no means different from chapter 1. Only that now he's with Antoinette. I'm actually glad Tony died fast. I didn't want a drawn out battle with crazy ex. I don't know. I feel the signs for a big world and epic story, but not much has happened. For one I didn't expect him to be with Antoinette so quickly. I expected more build up. But I do find her reactions realistic. But for gods sake Jack has to start saying something other than "Wow" soon. I get she found it adorable at the start, but after he says it for the 100th time I can't help but wonder how is their relationship even moving forward. I guess an excuse would be that someone so old has different standards. Once you get used to something you find unusual things interesting.

Also when I started the story I was excited by what Jack was being offered. Like being shown the door to a higher realm. A fantastical realm. But, I never thought I'd ever say this in a million years, the story focused too much on the romance. Romance is good, but it needs to be spiced up with other things like drama, action, tension. For all the times Jack was told nothing good would come his way if he didn't take charge, he was handed quite a lot of things.

All in all, I had high expectations with the start of the story but those expectations were not met. This has been happening for quite a while now with a lot of stories *sigh*.

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