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No scene with Antoinette, but still very enjoyable. I look forward to your next installment.

Pity 'bout this story, huh? It is really a 'diamond in the rough' in itself. Real pity. Maybe the writer stumbles across it again soon and remembers how it commences. Then maybe she gets really drunk by accident and writes the whole thing down in a black-out and posts it, mistakes and all. I really don't mind mistakes. If the story is good and especially when the writer stays individual, I am as happy as a hungry person digging into granny's cooking.

You're killing me.

Please get to them point already. How long are you going to torture us?

More please

Can't wait to see what comes next for your travelers!!

Loved it!

This series is another fantastic addition to your were saga. Looking forward to your next offering.

Another great chapter.

Their chemistry is awesome. I agree with some of the others though that I found the timeline a little confusing here. I thought that we were only dealing with two timelines... meeting Drago and after being captured. But this chapter made me question whether there are three. I can't articulate why but I was confused here in a way I wasn't in the other chapters.

I hope you fill in the blanks and join our timelines together before too long. I also want to know more about Pures and if she is pure and something else, what is that? What is the part that is not quite human? And who else marked her neck? Why doesn't he want to tell her she is a werewolf? And what does he know about pures that he doesn't want to say? I wish they would just be honest with each other.

A good story should leave us with questions to build the anticipation for the next chapter. But if you only ever have questions and never get any answers it can be frustrating. Hoping you don't fall into that trap.

Love sappy endings

Loved your stories and hope you write a new one soon. Told you all Andy was a good guy!

I do like well written happy endings

I'm glad Linda and Joe finally got justice and I'm sure that the previous Alpha/Luna of the Telluride pack are happy now that the pack is back on the right track, after the devastating leadership of Alpha Francis. This ending reminds us that when enemies fight, all the citizens of the enemy are not necessarily wrong/evil, only the leadership making the bad decisions. It's certainly a wise decision to bring Linda and Joe into the Telluride Pack - that will bring back the respect it deserves. And I expect a good relationship to continue with the Gila Pack.
PS. Glad to know Andy wasn't a traitor and was working with Alphas Renee and Robert, as some readers had guessed/hoped :-)

"We accept your request and pray that Luna would bless our leadership, and the entry of the Nightmare Pack members into a revived Telluride Pack."

That's clear it is the Nightmare Pack being assimilated into the Telluride Pack. The Nightmare Pack, in it's short time, gained it's own legend of honor. The surviving Telluride Pack clearly saw that as well. Knowing that they had no-one worthy to lead and restore their pack their 'sentence' was a desperate plea for salvation.

I'm sure the close knit group that was the Nightmare Pack will remain that way. The Nightmare Pack will live on in spirit. Lookout any who would do harm to their new Telluride Pack.

oh come on

Please tell me there's a epilogue where we meet the new Baby Miller, and we find out about the new pack name. Please? Pretty please? With sweet things on top?

Wonderful as always, just one thing

You need an editor to go over your spelling and sentence structure. A few sentences made no sense and you had some misspelled words in there as well.
Example: Torture is the correct spelling, not torcher. I don't even know how that one got by spellcheck.

Pack name?

Are they going to name the pack 'Nightmare' or Telluride? Please be the Nightmare Pack because its badass...


I just binge read from part 0 to part 17 tonight. It is now 2:55 AM, and I have to be up at 6:00 AM, but no regrets. Are there some typos? Yes, but your capacity to weave together story lines and allow for nuance and 3D characters totally makes up for it. I cannot wait to read the next section! PLEASE do not abandon this story, I would be extremely upset. I have to know what happens to Jarod!

Verry well written,

I have enjoyed this series all the way through. There have been a few minor grammatical errors, but none the less, a quite riveting and enjoyable story to read. I will enjoy seeing the rest of the novel.


I have read two of your complete stories and I have loved both until the end. I hate the endings. You made me fall in love with the people in the stories and in both the ones that are meant to be together don't get to be together. I like happy endings and these just upset me.

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