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I've been waiting to read a story about Dionysus and this was amazing but so short :-(

Too many

Names changed. Hard to follow. Other wise I like the flow of the story and looking forward to Stanley getting a good butt kicking.

Lovely writing but

I hate Kothi. Hate Agony even more. You always find a way to pull me into the story though, so hopefully I'll like him by the end.

I was here for the very first chapter of this saga and I plan to be here for the last.


that last part there was veeeeery unrealistic, yeah shit is sci-fi, but really? hah-uh man that's like "eye-rolling" material


I am not sure you realize it but you also referenced the Earth's Children series by using the heroines name.


Belphegor is wiiiiicked!!!!!!!!


This story draws a person in so deeply that they can't wait to see what happens next.

Getting hot

I love the way you are building his story. You are turning this story into something hot.

Good story

As a fan of Anne Mccafferty's "Pern" series and Yasmine Galenorm's "Witch" series, both involving dragons in one form or another, I thoroughly enjoyed your stories thus far. It is very well written.

@ Anon

Since you have such an opinion of the story don't bother to follow it onto Wattpad

I don't even want to finish reading this shit

I have read all the chapters up until now and this sickens me. One bad thing after another happens and no light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm no masochist, but I'm beginning to believe you, as a writer, are one nasty sadist.
By all rights all negative things done to Rosy should have already snapped her mind. From beginning to this chapter she has been loosing it and your sick, twisted turn of events pushing her into a relationship, no, mandated, is just like putting her in a cage and forcing rape on her. Well the fuck done.


" "May I present to you this human world alcohol, General, they call it... Jack Daniels."

"Ohoh! I like this Jack man already! And his friend Daniels! They like this stuff don't they? The humans I mean." "

that killed me, bwahahahaha...

Excellent chapter, as always.

My two cents on Kothari? Everyone is very aware of his being greater than the other Varcolac. And they all should be aware that his vampire side is dominant and should have trained him with how to deal with it. Just as they all sense a feeling of 'wrongness' to him. I'm still going with there being another reason for his unbalance.

The only thing I am sure of is, Jaz knows why and the rest of us need to wait. :-)


dry_opinion that was drry!!! bwahahahahha... frankly though, I find your writing weird TheTask, apart from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, your story is pure weird. *kikikiki*

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