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so she's not a werewolf

I mean if she was she would be able to change back, right? So something else is happening to her...

what a jerk

but a Klaus sex scene would have been hot I bet.


When a book makes you laugh, or fear for their safety, cry, or makes you curious to see what happens next, etc., you know you are enjoying a well-written book. Bravo!!!

I get so excited when I see another chapter pop up!

It's ridiculous, really. Part of me wants it to come faster so I can see how it ends, and another part of me wants it to never end. Ridiculous.


I simply just love this story. I can't get enough please keep it going

EXCEPTIONAL; hope you are still out there.

Do not read much Nonhuman stuff on this site, but certainly glad I read this tale. Truly exceptional storyline, writing style, and character development. Ranks up there with "Sacrafice" which think is some of the best writing to be found anywhere. But, unfortunately for us readers those characters, as with yours, seem to have been left unfinished. So, thank you for this excellent piece and hope you are still out there to read this. Horseman6:8

Love your stories!

Ummmm, no

The last name of Vlad the Impaler was Tepes, not Tempes and you need to do the following:

Get an editor, ASAP!
Read the story aloud to yourself
Really pay attention to the flow of your story

Good luck!

This story is simply brilliant, keep up the good job!

Dom needs to tell Klaus

I hope Dom lays down the law for Klaus, he needs to see she won't be walked over or leave, not sure what help he will be anyway

we Do Enjoy it!

Enjoyed your awakening series(till you swapped to this series on a cliffhanger lol)
But then started reading this one and love the story and Depth on it more! I also enjoy the fact that its an actual story lol, and not just another X meets Y(and Z and K and J)and they instantly Bang. your story has good depths and still lighthearted enough to be enjoyed at any time :)

As for the sex scenes.....

Your story-line and characters are solid. To insert unnecessary sex scenes simply to satisfy a few readers, in my opinion, an insult to those of us who appreciate your writing.

Great work

Well done. I enjoyed this a lot. I would liked a bit more closure on how she survived the attack though. That's all. Good job

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