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Any one is capable of degration. Not just Nazis. It is a story of the dark side of humanity.

To The Anonymous Person Who Doesn't Think I Take Criticism Well

Well, it seems for whatever subconscious reason, you need to perceive me a certain way and I don't think I can change your opinion of me, for that reason. So feel free to believe what you want. Have a great day.

Okay I will say good work.

Truly a inventive plot twist for the ending of this chapter. I'm glad that you let us know Max is still alive and we'll be coming back. With the detail you put into his power acting as if it has a will of it's own and is helping to guide him. That was very impressive not many writers do that. Also Jasper is becoming very annoying in the story okay we all know he's obsessed with Crystal and that she doesn't want him. Personally I hope that Max will knock Jasper's head off. I will look forward to the next chapter hope you post it soon.

I don't get the theta ignoring orders from his alpha or that being allowed.

Re-reading them over and over!

I love your idea and the plot so unique and the characters are amazing! Have re-read all 3 stories at leist twice even then I go back and read my favorite chapters I hope you come back soon can't wait for chapter 20 and if you fufill any request please tell me Samir finds love he's my favorite.

Can't get enough! !!

Love the story line. Each character draws you in and I hope when Clara really understands the chest pains, she gives Lucas a taste with the Alpha David before they work it out..

Needs work

Sadly I won't be following this story it was just painful to read. You definitely need a editor. .

The story has so much more maturity since the break.

The characters were a little one dimensional before but now there are a few layers to them. Airani is still a spoiled brat but you can see it's mostly out of necessity and circumstance and less by choice. She's still going to have a hard time letting her true personality be seen, but it will be good for her. Colton still seems a little too good to be true... sweet country boy, patiently waiting for her. I'm waiting for her to do something wrong and him to be angry with her. Not only does it seem inevitable, with their differences, but it will actually make her respect him more.

I'm looking forward to more of this story, though I find sporadic posting extremely annoying. Could you please let us know if you plan to post regularly? Otherwise, I might wait for the story to be a little further on before I get invested.

as i said

Yes,I did check for MY COMMENT. I did not reread your story,or whatever. If you read what I said, you would understand that my thoughts were that you had a great story BUT....I get that lit is free,but I also feel this the opinions of the consumers matter,and take just as much interest in the comments section as I do the story. I do not feel the need to login at times because I am NOT trolling,just putting out my thoughts why I did not enjoy a piece. Was anything I said hateful or malicious? No. Your word count on "smuttily" can attest to that. I stand by my statement that you do not take criticism well. Your rebuttal,I feel,backs me up.

I, for one, do not understand

Your way of speech nor your sentence structure....

A reader is not supposed to be confused from the get go.

Please speak with a few editors and look at the pages that they give you on help with points of view and writing from different perspectives.

My only problem so far is that while I try to sympathize with her, she just convinces me more and more that she's a spoiled brat. Maybe that's the point? But it's pretty annoying. But damn 2 years for 4 chapters. With how frustrated she has me at the moment, I don't think I'll be able to read this part by part, having to suffer through her complaining until she finally stops.

EBook? More like.. BOOK BOOK!

Seriously, if you edited this a bit more and you had the time and money you could definitely make this into an actual physical book that I would gobble up in seconds. Your writing is better than most writers today, especially for erotic romance novels. Plus, it's high fantasy! Even better!

Either way, ebook or any other kind, I will buy it! Hell I'd even make the cover for you (I'm an illustrator/graphic designer).

I'm sorry if I'm overenthusiastic. I just love it so much. Thank you for giving us this story.


I would love more of this.

interesting read

Contrary to what the other comment said I think you got a good story. I enjoyed reading it very much. Don't let ungrateful people get you down. This story may not have been a cartoon but it's still considerable hentai material.


Hi i love this story can you please update its been too long

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