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Love story, A little worried

I know this story is pretty much done or completely but I just wanted to say:

I like this story and it has a lot of potential and it's a fun read. I'm getting a little worried because of the dreams though. I hate conspiracies and long term deceptions that work against the protagonist. I especially dislike the manipulation of friends and/or loved ones against those they care about. I may drop this story if that ends up being a big part.

PS- Maybe someday I'll psycho analyze myself and figure out my insecurity with that. ;-P

Good stuff, Peace


Chapter was fine

I like when chapters or stories depart from the norm as long as they're still relevant and are congruent with the theme. I feel like such chapters help keep the story fresh. I know most the series (if not all) is already written but I'd like to say that I would enjoy seeing more chapters like this in the future.

I think getting Rosie's perspective is very fun. Especially when she's setting things up for future antics if not out and out adding to the stories core.

Good take on succubae and lust sin motivated beings.

Stalled production

Hi everyone! Thank you for reading this story! I realize I've announced this in other places but not on this page and I'm sorry to say I've stopped writing this story for now. I tried but it's not speaking to me anymore. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to circle back but for the foreseeable future I will be working on other projects. Again, I'm sorry for leaving this hanging. I know how frustrating it is when you are into a story and there is no closure. No one is sadder than I am that I can't make it work.

Keep it going

I'm enjoying the story. Please keep it up. C7A1

Come on!

What about the dragon's blood? What the heck is Donya?

@ Retired Army NCO (is the acronym RANCO ever used?)

Thanks for the rating! :-)

With two characters who are prey and predator, only one outcome could come of this. ;-)
I thought I got closer to the revelation but since that pesky reporter showed up it means their troubles will continue for a while longer.

@ Tazzy

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it. :-)

I haven't actually checked, but a weresheep does seem to be unusual in literature, which makes it all the more fun to write.

A very cute story

I really enjoy this story, it is a cute romanic story between two weres of different species who normaly would be prey and predator. They both are starting fall for each other in their were forms little knowing that the same is happening in their human form. I have given you 5-STARS for both episodes. Please keep writing as I want to know when Gary realizes that the wolf is Suzy. Either that or Suzy will remember that she is the wolf and Gary is the sheep. Retired Army NCO


I'm really enjoying this story, it's well written and damn unusual as this is the first time i've ever read anything about a were sheep lol..Looking forward to reading more :)



there wee a couple of places you mentioned William when perhaps you meant Lucky. for an example: William would have freely admitted that he was shocked by William's polite

@ ender2k2k


I'm glad to hear when the characters I create are liked.
Apart from the evil guys, but then they're not supposed to.
Which is good also.

Good story

I hope you aren't going to make it a storybwhere the wolves are beaten down. Your plot line paints them as the underdogs who were abused for generations- as does it the vampire who is helping them. Its a great story so far but i hope it isnt a all or nothing battle royale


Have received a number of guesses through feedback and all of them have consisted of large cats and mythological critters.


Think Apex predators... and use feedback or private messages to guess.

Thanks for the support and the fun!

I am really enjoying this story. The characters are likable. Thanks

Beautiful writing!

Definitely not what i expected, and not the thing to read when you're pregnant and emotional. I cried through the whole thing. It was sexy and wonderful and emotional. I actually had to create an account after years of reading without one, just to save this story and comment. Phenomenal writing!

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