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Ms. Jasmine, this has to be one of the most erotic stories that I've read on this site! Ms.Lily is extremely sexy and her posing in the hot lingerie is so satisfying for my horny lingerie fetish! I've had to change into a dry/clean thong three times.... Mmmm!!! You've made this pantyboi extremely excited!!!
Thanks, SissyCrissy.............xoxoxo

Well Thanks A Lot.....

Thanks to all your stories I now want to be not only dommed, but dommed by a shemale as well. Your writings have pulled me in and made me frequently fantasize about BDSM and shemales/TS. Seriously, thanks.

Good story. Hope you continue with more of Eve and her adventures


Great story, beautiful model. Choose one of the endings? I'd be happy with either!

One of my favorites

I've always thought this story was one of the hottest I've ever read. Well written, too, as all of your stories are. Would love to read a new chapter if your up for it, even if it's been a long while since this story was first published.

Whata yadda yadda! Great story

Fun, at so many levels.
Please keep on keeping on with these.
Love the pics too. Terrific.


At this point it's more just having the TIME to work on anything. I work during the week, and by the time I come home working 10 hours a day, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer and write...so then it's only weekends I have time. And then I need to be in the mood. Writing is a hobby, so unless I'm in the right frame of mind, something else may take priority...family, work around the house, friends...whatever. But I don't plan on dropping anything...it's just where I can fit things in.

Currently I'm working on a commissioned (PAID) story, so that is my first priority at the moment...but Cerise still has a couple chapters I'll be adding...just no ETA...


would have been a whole lot better if the leges weren't so skinny. they look like bird legs.

My cunt was dripping yet I couldn't stop reading! Fantastic story.

Well I liked it, but i really hope that if you do a next chapter that it will be better than the first, not that the first was bad, I just think that it could have had a big more ... Um that's it so yeah good story

Don't stop

Hey I love it but don't stop here by all means turn this into a series give it all you got tie up any loose ends and have fun

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