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Also work on other stories

Can you also work on "trapped and alone" and "Journalist" those are also interesting

This is a great series

This very well written cannot wait to read morer

Next chapters

Thank you all for the encouraging comments. I posted the next six chapters yesterday. They are in the pending stage. I'm working on getting them scheduled to post. I will update you when I hear something.

I hope there will be some tattoo orr piercing on Jesse. It would be great to see it illustrated

Very good, so far.

I thought I'd comment before I read anymore, just in case things deteriorate, hopefully not.
This is a very hot story, a few mistakes, but nothing to detract. And a little rushed in some parts. My only complaint is how easy and quickly Jesse and Marcus gave over control, and also how stupid they were. It could really have been a longer process to trap them, but that is the author's prerogative.
I can't wait to find out what happens to them, I hope things get worse, their naivety deserves it, and of course it's very erotic.
I give it a five, and if I could I'd give another five for the illustrations, which are simply superb.

Getting a little old and Jesse is becoming annoying

It's about time to wrap it up and reveal master x. Who passes the baton to Kevin and he makes everybody his slave mr ash, master john, Jason, christy, and the entire family.

wrong pic

Hi everyone, hope you guys enjoy my artwork. one of the pic is misplace by Literotica that why is a duplicate. Hopefully they could fix it soon and remember Chapter 13-18 is going be posted at sadkins116. thanks for reading

"from the highest high to the lowest low"

and it's so much fun to watch :D
Thank you both for this story.

This is a well thought out story. I really like it.

good luck

loved the story.can a possible follow up . good luck with the comp.

Loved it

First story I've read with pics. Really enhanced a great story. Got me hard and wet. Want more now

Very hot story

I love this story. She males are very sexy. I hope you continue this maybe Mommy,Daughter and to dom shemale. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I see fun

Chelsea would be great to meet. I wonder how you created her and did it so well.
Pics OK, thanks for such a good story.

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