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I'm pleased

Yes my slut queen, you have pleased me and I will show how much very soon.

Loved your chapter Master you know how *wet* it made me reading it

Lost weekend

In answer to your question search Rebeccasm in search for members. We are writing this story together. She has posted chapters 7-12. You will find your answers there.

Total slutification

I love your story. Each chapter is an absolute winner, this last one included.
Please keep it going!

read this on Friday 11-08-17

look forward to seeing the ILLUSTRATED part of this story, but you have put this out again 3 days later as a new story, enlighten me please

the missing weekend

what happen at the weekend with Julie and the parents.

Another amazing chapter

This was another amazing chapter in this epic story. Don't neglect it so long.

Worth the wait

Great chapter. Cannot wait for the next one!

As always,

a good story, but disappointingly short. 2 pages, with "deleted scenes" and pictures... Leaves at least me feeling slightly cheated.

maybe add a dog as she now tied?

Maybe you can get the dog to lick and fuck her as well?
while they get it on camera

More more more (body modf)

I love the body modif as they add to the humil
please add more
It will add greatly to her humil if she will look like a sex doll
will even be better if she won't like doing the thing she does but gets horny all the time and cant help it

Thought this rubbish had finished, but alas sadly you're bad with more of this drivel.


Liked it. Agreed with guy who says lesbians are best. Think you should flip the script with mom. Make her angry about sister seducing brother. Tell daughter she may have only been a jv cheerleader in her day but she was still a cheerleader. And that means her pretentious bitch of a daughter must service her. So get licking! Nice work.

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