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I have read so many of your "submissions" and have NEVER been disappointed. Anything you write will be well done. I think you should incorporate all your ideas, the anal intrigues me as I have been thinking about that a lot as I get myself off and it pushes me way over the edge. Keep up the excellent work!!! I would send this as a Literotica user, but have forgotten my login as I have been reading these for years.

Love the Story

I loved the story. Can't wait until the next chapters appears, hopefully Illustrated. Another story that would be good is the details of the husband going to Vegas. Just a thought.

Great job my friend

You have done it again thank you so much and I can't wait to read the next chapters of this story --thank you

More, please?

Just read this and it's great. It would be wonderful if you ever got around to continuing the story.

Amazing Story and PIcs

Loved the slow buildup and the storyline made my cock rock hard. Please continue with the rest of the chapters...can't wait to read them.

How exciting to see my pics and the names of ones i know in our story!

First and foremost, i want to thank Tappy for taking on this story of a blend between my real life and fantasies and doing such a fantastic job of it!
Yes, this is barbara, the woman in the photos. :)
Tappy has been wonderfully kind for putting up with all of ideas and names and kinky ways as i've bombarded him during his writing of My Freshmen Year as well as the next installment due to be posted soon.
i've lived this story in some ways, as you can tell from the pictures. i served Raven and other women (mostly younger) as an online submissive and bondage puppet for a few years.
There is much more story to tell, if Tappy is willing.
Please, more good comments and support may help motivate Tappy to continue telling of the outrageously wild ride the past few have been for me.


Which belief system?
His Gods or theirs?
A virgin impregnation by a visiting god?
Oh the crossovers.

great story

This is a great series, The only thing I wish you would do is come out with a beta story without the photos. Call me old fashion but I like your stories without the illustrations more. You can insert your own definition of what the character looks like. If you come up with photos after the creative juices have flowed release it as the 2.0 version of the story. Otherwise great storyline. Can't wait to see what they do to their mother.

Great story

My X was a little like Babs. Once she got a taste of free sex, she couldn't get enough. We entertained a few single guys then advanced to swing parties. At one, she took on five guys, one after the other. After a couple of the single guys, she asked me to clean her up afterwards. This time, she asked me if I would consider doing it after the five had taken her. I felt of her cum saturated labia, tasted the seepage from her, and decided that I would give it a try. It was delicious, so I continued to take her through a couple more orgasms. What a feast it was for us both.

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