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Nice Graphics

Loved the artwork, wasn't sold by the story. But the graphics are great.

Loving your stories

Thank you for a wonderful story of seduction and submission. Your stories always give me a thrill. Have a Merry and a Happy. See you next year.


I loved this story !! Made me very wet. Wish I had a mistress.

Where's the 'male' pubic hair?y

Hey, Jasmine,. I noticed the female 'regular' characters all have pubic hair, but the she-males all seem to lack any trace of bush. Is that the fault of the computer rendering, or is it on purpose?
Annie Nonomous

next chapter

I have received a some feedback asking me when the next chapter will post. All I can say is I have no idea. I have submitted the next two chapters and they have been in Literotica's possession for the last few weeks. I have emailed them to ask if they will post them but so far I've heard nothing. Hopefully you will see them soon. I am on chapter 14 so we have a way to go.


Love this story also, so please continue it!!! Been waiting for a even longer time! We need the sequel to this story really bad!

Love this story, so please continue it!!!
Been waiting for a long time! We need the sequel to this story!

Nice artwork...

But that's what they are...artwork, not photos! They are very willfully produced pictures, but that's what they are...pictures, not photographs!


Well written, great illustrations. Waiting for next installation.

SSL and LD

I don't want this exchange to become a mutual admiration society, but thanks for the responses. Where to begin. Yes I do love SSL's stories. I have read them for a while. That is why I made the 'older is better' comment, as I am a long time fan. And unless she completely tanks, something I really don't foresee, I will do so longer. As to the darlings, the 'knees' was just one example. And yes there may only be a few ways to describe a sub doing that, but those few ways would certainly differentiate things. Funny you should mention editing LD. SSL uses several, but as I read your comment it struck me she doesn't use one she used to, one Goamz. Now I don't know why, his doing, hers, both, neither, but I do note that you, unknowingly, made me realize some of these issues started when his editing stopped. Maybe he is not even on Lit anymore, but you did make me realize that. As to sequels, I just gave out a few examples, but not necessarily my favorites or the only ones I think could be extended. Many could, and SSL even gives options on some at the end. I am a comment reader and most of the ideas seem to get favorable comments to me. Finally, I hope all I said did not come across as negative and I thank LD for being positive. SSL is indeed one of the top writers here. Top ten at least, if not top five. I know that is a bit subjective, but based on reads, scores, and favorites I think that a safe statement. A victim of her own success is certainly what happened to her, especially concerning me. So let me say how spoiled I am by her top notch writing. I personally think most of this year's fare is not quite as good previous stuff, but that's me. I truly admire her ability and I much appreciate what she writes for us, FOR FREE. I should acknowledge that more. Few writers on this, or any other site, match her ability. I look forward too much more.


Hey I've always liked your stories and now there are pictures! amazing seriously!
I'd like to vote for A Mommy-Slut: Daughter Makes Three.
Thank you so much for all the writing and keep on doing it!


Love the Bree series. You are my all time favorite adult stories writer. You are the best writer in the world. Please consider a sequel on Like Mommy, Like Daughter; It is a masterpiece, one of the great all time stories. Submissive Soccer Moms: Shy MILF should win you an award. Lol. Lesbian MILF Seductress: Nurse, Lesbian MILF Seductress: Neighbor and A Perfect Fall are stagger back works of genius I read over and over. Perhaps we may correspond soon.

Authors response

Hi all
To the couple analyzing my stories and my writing... thank you... it is easy to get complacent as a writer I suppose, although you you don't notice your doing it at the time...
as for my darlings. I have indeed tried to change words more, although there are only so many ways to imply a woman or a man has dropped to his knees...

As for sequels... the lags weiter is write... obviously they are tougher to tell and create added plot development so take longer to write... often the scores a nit as high as I can't completely rekindle the wow of the sediction... that said what mom, bedding the babysitter and catching mommy are some that got better scores as it went along (new chapters to what mom and bedding are both in the world for 2017...). Choosing sequels to write is tough but is based in requests, my faves and comments... thus coming soon is A sister surprise 2, daughters invitation to lust 2 and a mom and son love story ... I think gas what it called 2). All three are done and waiting release... as is new Bree and turning point stories... I often have dorks done months in advance and time them between contest stories and so forth..

Anyways, I appreciate comments food and bad as I write for both ME and YOU.

December 2016

Response to Point/counterpoint

I believe the below comment (dated 11/29/16) was, at least in part, a response to a comment I left against a previous story. It seems only right to reply...just in case the poster ever reads this.

I do understand that your (original) comment was intended purely as a piece of constructive criticism, and not as any sort of "attack" against the writer (not that I ever accused you of such). You are correct when you say that there have been far worse comments posted on this site in the past. In my opinion though; those type of comments are not even worth the time taken to read them, never mind submitting a response. In contrast; your post was intelligent and thoughtful, and it was clear to see that there was passion behind the argument. Had I been the writer, it was one that I would have paid particular attention to (whether I agreed with the content or not).

I will admit that there was an element of 'it's not what you said, it's how you said it' which led to my comment. However; my main reason for posting it was simply to provide an alternative view, and perhaps try to imagine how things might be from the writer's perspective...

It is very often - and perhaps understandably so - the negative comments which are the most detailed. Positive comments can sometimes be brief statements like: 'great story', 'fantastic - 5 stars', 'love your work' or words to that effect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all, in fact each such comment probably provides a vindication for the writer, that their efforts have been worthwhile, and motivation for them to continue writing.

I don't wish to come across as someone who will biasedly defend this writer from any criticism - however slight - simply because I enjoy their work. Nor do I wish to discourage any constructive feedback, as I understand that this is exactly what helps a writer to improve their work. In fact; several of the points you raised (e.g. the repetition of certain terms/dialogue etc.) are things which I have commented on myself in the past.

Given the overwhelmingly negative tone of your comment though - albeit for all the right reasons - and the level of detail that it went into, I thought it might be good for 'silkstockingslover' to see that there are equally passionate advocates of the current approach to submitting stories too...even if that approach means that not every single story will always be quite as good as it could be.

You do say something which I think is particularly relevant when you talk about this writer being "a victim of her own success". I couldn't agree more. I suspect that this is one of the major challenges (and perhaps sources of frustration) for somebody who has had success in any walk of life. Having produced something which is widely held in high regard, there seems to then be an automatic expectation that everything that follows will also be of the same high standard. Herein lies the point I was making...

I think the issue with "darlings" is a perfectly valid one to raise. Addressing this issue would (I feel) improve the quality (even further) of this writer's stories, not least by helping to further differentiate the various Dom/sub characters in many of the ongoing series, and prevent them from becoming interchangeable copies of each other.

I do think of such issues as 'fine tuning' though, i.e. turning a good story into a great one, and accept that they are perhaps something that can only be worked on over a period of time. Looking at individual stories in isolation; I don't think that repetition of these "darlings" necessarily detracts from their enjoyment, it's simply a cumulative effect of familiarity built up over time - more obvious to those of us who have enjoyed most of the 'back catalogue' of stories submitted to date.

I think this is a natural result of how many stories are submitted to this site and the frequency with which they are submitted - the old quantity v quality argument.

It could be said that the best approach is to take the proper amount of time (even if that's months!) to properly plan out a story, flesh out the plot and characters, stage a few key scenes, (erotic highlights in the case of this site), review any dialogue to ensure it matches the persona created for the various characters and finally bring the whole thing to a suitably satisfying conclusion (or perhaps leave it open for possible future chapters). This may involve passing the work to trusted editors for proof reading and suggestions, as well as taking some time away from the story to help see it in a fresh light. Only when finally happy with the result, submit it for posting.

If we were talking about a professional writer, who submits stories/novels for publication and sale, then this would undoubtedly be the best approach. As we're actually talking about a free erotic fiction website though...I'm not so sure.

The current approach sees a large number of stories being submitted throughout the year, with short waits in between these stories. Some might say that this is the perfect approach for a site like this.

The upside (apart from the regular supply of stories) is that a number of different themes - M/F, F/F, M/M - and seduction/domination scenarios get plenty of 'airtime'. This is what I meant by saying "something for everyone". The downside of course is that each story probably doesn't get the absolute amount of time that it would ideally have devoted to it in order to become the type of "stratospheric" story that you refer to.

Part of the 'problem' with 'silkstockingslover's' success is the popularity that comes with it. There are so many readers now, and many have their own favourite story/series which they'd like to see continue. You yourself name several, I could quite easily do the same, as I'm sure could many others.

This puts quite a pressure on the writer to ensure that, should any of these particular stories ever be continued, then they are 'done right' and any reader expectations are met. I therefore find it quite reassuring that 'silkstockingslover' takes time to work on these projects behind the scenes and submits them only when they are ready...and if we get additional stories in between (even if they don't always quite hit the same heights) then I'm perfectly fine with that.

We know that 'silkstockingslover' likes to enter Literotica's various story contests, which each have their own unique requirements, and then there are the various short stories. The latter may lack the detailed development of the ongoing series, but usually offer a very good 'quick read' in their own right. Personally, I've often found them to be just as enjoyable (for different reasons).

I suppose what it all comes down to is this:

Is it better to have a regular supply of 'silkstockingslover' stories at what (at least in my opinion) is a fairly strong and consistent level, with a few exceptional stories thrown in for good measure, or would it be better to have far fewer of these stories, but with each of them being a stand-out..?

There probably is no right or wrong answer to this question. Though I can completely understand, especially given the medium in which they're being submitted, why the current approach has been taken.

I appreciate that you feel that several recent stories (prior to this one) have not been up to the usual high standards set previously. The "stratospheric" stories that you're seeking will take time to get just right though - there would be nothing special about them otherwise. Hopefully this latest story is an example that 'good things come to those who wait'.

As you've pointed out, 'silkstockingslover' has already started to make some adjustments. Like you, I don't imagine that any individual comment led to this. It is simply a good writer doing what good writers do - gauging general feedback and working on a few key aspects of their work to produce even better stories.

I certainly didn't intend for my comment to come across as a defence for a perceived "attack" on the writer, or to discourage you in any way from providing constructive criticism. In fact, there's a good chance that 'silkstockingslover' may well have found your comment to be of far more use than anything I've had to say.

One thing seems clear though, we are both fans of this writer's work. However we might each rate the various stories submitted, I suspect we'll both be continuing to read and enjoy these stories for as long as 'silkstockingslover' continues to post them here...and that's surely the most important thing.


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