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Hope this one continues

I'd like to see them start ticking things off their bucket lists if there are followups. Always great writing, thank you!

A couple of illustrations of Marcus would have been great, maybe we will get to see him in fully feminised form only.

Loving it!

This series is great, I can't wait to see how their kids get fully involved and wouldn't mind seeing Ms Wilson get knocked down a notch or two!

Hot, Hot Story

You two have made my day once again. I love this story and do hope you continue writing and showing what is going on. Adding more individuals to the mix is great. Maybe not for Jesse, but for everyone else.
Rebecca you are the best with the art work and Sadkins, you are one hell of a writer.
Please don't stop!!!
A great thank you for the great story!!!

Longing for more

Your doing a great job both of you, I am so wet after reading this wishing I could be in her shoes for the poker game. Being a total submissive myself to be her would feed my body and soul also my sublife.
Your submissive fan

new chapters

I was just informed that the next chapter will be posted on March 3rd, We are both are very happy you're enjoying the series.


Another success

I realize you wrote all of these some time ago, and that they are being posted gradually, so it's rather pointless now to say this, but I was hoping for some more of Kevin and the cheerleader. Maybe that will appear in Chapter 9, along with Mrs. Wilson begin turned? Anyway, this was yet another enjoyable installment, and as always, although I do not take it for granted, great art work!


Great seduction great graphicss please keep this going


From daughter sucking tits and the water sports bonus what next Oh Yeah


This is the best story being written and I hope it doesn't end! Keep going.


Superb can't wait for part 3 going for a shower now to cum down


Got horny and pre cum reading this opener great graphics more please

great story

I think more talk with a submissive tone such as when she starts cumming so much He tells her she is a hot whore and she agrees, but he then tells her to say it.

But the story is most important and it is good the photos with it were great. Very professional.

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