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Yeah I have to agree with everyone else here. The art is nice but not necessary to the story. Perhaps you will find another artist in time but no NOT let this story die here. I like the twist of both Matt and Denise being under lock and key. Jon should keep them there. Even if he keeps Denise after Jon's contract expires.


How is this classified as an illustrated story? The artwork is crap. Looks like a 2 year old drew it. I didn’t even get to the story after I scrolled through it looking for decent illustrations.

another Great story

Definitely would love to see more of this family

Awakening: A Author's Mindset

Where can I read "Awakening: A Author's Mindset"? I want to know the story behind the story.

Continue please

I would like for you to continue with this story without the pictures. The story is great by itself so don't worry.

PS: I hope you won't do gay stuff with Matt. Leave him alone while Jon uses the girls.

F-ing Hot!!

That was one hot story and I think I made it 7 for 7 and the bedroom ended up looking like a white tissue poppy field.... Your stories are always great however this one really did it for me.... I'm looking forward to the sequels.
Keep up the great work

Super story

Realy great chapter again, please keep goiing the art is not that important!


Loved your story! Would like to read about the father and the husbands club.

Love the Stories

As always a great story and the illustrations are the best

please keep it going

Please keep going as your work is very enjoyable, sorry to hear that Rebacca is not going to be doing your art but I know in time you will find someone else to help with that until then keep up the great stories as has always be your way.
your submissive fan

A wonderful story line!

I really enjoyed seeing them completing task that were risky and daring. The pics are definitely an added bonus but I would still love to read more.

Please keep going

Love the story and while the pictures are very nice, they aren't necessary. Please continue.

give up

Enjoyed the first episodes but it seems you've got tired of this. The editing has dropped off, spelling and grammar errors popping up, characters loosing depth.

Not sure whats going on for you, but it seems clear youve lost your mojo on this.

Keep going

I like your stories yes the pics add to it so if you dont have a mate that can help then do it yourself.
Dont stop and dont give up


I have read most of your work here and just wish you would finish the stories. pictures are great but not necessary, bringing stories to a conclusion is more important. so please continue and finish or let your readers know that you aren't into completing stories. I like your stories but what is the point reading them if you never finish them?

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