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where is my mama now that I need her?

Hi, I gave the story a 3. I liked it but I don't like submissive stories even if it is in fun.
The story was good when the son was having his aunt give him blow jobs and was watching the son tease his mother until Christmas Day. But making her crawl to the bedroom. This was not, in my opinion, necessary.
His mother and his aunt should have gotten him to have sex with them as soon as the aunt found out that he knew what was going on. And none of that submissive shit.


Absoluty amazing please write more! 5 stars!

Love the ladies

Love the lesbian version. So very sexy and well written!

editor please

Couldn't get through it. 7 errors, grammatical &/or punctuation in the first paragraph. Either get a competent editor, or just post the photos, which are lovely.

I think you should run with both of them!

Loved the Story

I liked both endings. I think the pictures helped sell the story great job looking forward to more.

night owl

Nice pictures - good sexy story - spread those legs


Never really a fan of reading with pictures because most are animated but this was absolutely perfect!! i look forward to reading more of your stories!!

Only the head

my woman friend likes the size of my cock...
she loves sucking it and told me that I would like its taste...
she asked if she could help me taste my own cock...
we tried but I could only get to lick thrip of the head...
wish I was a couple inches longer...

This was a great story and cannot wait for of the series and art work

fuck her husband I'll gladly take her and give her a new home

Wow jasmin I love this one like the baby sitter one go though do it all take this one as far as your imagination can go

As a young man I had hots for my mom big time

In my erotic fantasies she never took off her stockings, just the panties.
I am not a spring chicken: i remember garter belts, then pantyhose.
* * *
I like your mom-&-son incest stories.


Thought about this all night, cant say yet which ending I liked better. What I would like to see is some kind of plot twist that put the submissive in charge and turn the tables on Katherine or some co workers or maybe a client or two. Perhaps a combination of them. What would a submissive do if she found herself in power? Even if just for a moment, could be cool. Anyway, I loved the story as is. Thanks for the evening.

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