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Fantastic Voyage

Thank you once again for an epic journey through your beautifully twisted mind. ❤️👍💥🙏

The baby was the icing on the cake....

Very good character development and sexy story. The baby and siblings on the way were the best part.

Loved it - Simply loved it :)

This is exactly the type of story I love (and like to write) - a confident lesbian girl introducing a shy, reserved, even awkward girl to the beauty of a lesbian relationship.

I could be critical of the writing style in a few places (a little too simple perhaps?), and a few typos that crept in here and there, but the descriptions were a treat, and overall the impact was good and thoroughly enjoyable (got me wet ;)).

Personally I liked the illustrations, but if, as you say, they took as long to create as the story, then I can understand why you might want to drop them (shame though).

I do feel I have to comment on the use of some non-vocabulary (uncomfortableness? - discomfort, surely), but something like that is easily fixed. I use a smartphone app called Dictionary.com - it has a brilliantly extensive thesaurus built in.

(did you know you can submit edited versions without losing your scores?).

Anyway - I don't like to be critical. I loved it, and can't wait to get into Chapter 2 :)

Thanks for sharing - keep them coming :)

Need more

Omg I need more of this. Sooo hot. I hope you write more of Lauren

Fun but

I'm not sure how the kid is going to force her into doing what he wants or how him catching her is disastrous. Her boyfriend and best friend both know what is going on and she's suspended from work...which she could just quit. A great big 'you've had your fun, now fuck off Jon, before I call the police'.

Another outstanding tale

You have done it again girl! The premise is best described as “Out of this world “.
The suspense of who is messing with her mind makes this story very very interesting. Getting her kids together at the end was a great conclusion to the story.
My vote for the next part of this series is (BEST MAID PLANS). Hope to see it very soon. Another happy camper. Will it be illustrated?

more of this fucking family

this was a good story of how someone's downfall is completed in one week. what happen at cape cod, preacher's wife, mother and daughter at pit. do mother and sister become slaves to donald?

Black on white

Wow, how I love it when a blonde dutifully submits to a black cock!

very nice

Short, sweet and nicely written

story needs finshing

how long does Julie hang in tree? what happens at school, to the school sluts? which of all the slaves does kevin keep and which are sold off?

Super cool!

I loved it, story and illustrations!

Bella's day

This is far and away my favorite story on Literotica. Can not wait for a day with bella. Hope I have not missed it

Great story!

I couldn't put this story down, it was awesome. I would love to read about family night at the pit. However any spinoffs would be awesome.

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