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You get me so horny! Great writing and good pics. You are now in my fantasies.
More, Peter

Authors Note

Hi all
Thanks for the comments good and bad.
This was my first time doing my own artwork and I guess it wasn't as good as i hoped.

I am working on a couple others (Daughter's Initiation into Incest 2 and A Sibling Surprise 2) which I hope are better.

Jasmine October 2016

Excellent story

I love the idea of having Nicole find out and blackmail her!

Anal, please...

I'm casting my vote for "A Mommy-Slut: An Anal Ass Training" -- thanks for yet another great story.

I think this time the pictures were too minimal. But all said I musterbated about six times before finishing. I'm going to read the other parts. Thank you. But I wish I could see this silkstokinslover .

Fuck my ass hard and deep!!!

My wish is that he fucks his Mommy- Slut Real Hard in her Hot ass and really see her go wild.

Help for your pictures

If you have trouble with the resolution scanning them try taking a picture of them with your digital camera and edit them as you see the need. But that way you can get a better resolution to use.

Yes - YES! ! !

MORE! In fact, I think that it would be a good idea to have about FOUR sequels to this! How about - instead of a daughter or another son - what do you think of her "long lost sister's" kids - caught by a niece and nephew? This part sounds much more like Landon is an only child...


It was, as usual, a great story but I have to agree that the pictures were not as good as usual. It does not matter which one you decide or do them all and make it a series. They will all be amazing. What about since you mentioned Lesbian if somehow Nichole seduces the daughter then to get Nichole to stop touching her daughter She submits to Nichole and when the son walks in and catches them he ends up dominating them both. Then add another guy and re-add the daughter to the mix.


Your mommy-slut stories always have potential. Since we have only met 3 characters, there is defnitely room to introduce more people into Amy's new life. For me, definitely mixing in the daughter (or Nicole) has great potential. LOVE all your stuff, keep on writing| and keeping your illustrators busy!

great start

wow what a great start now I am just waiting for lots more of this series . what a great writer you love most of your stories keep up the great work and good luck with the comp.

Great illustrations

But no reason given for why husband suddenly decided to give his wife to a stranger in a strange place

Good start

The story line was good but the illustrations were not up to your usual high standard

Any of your suggestions for a sequel would be good

great start

and fine art...

looking forward to what you tell us!
keep it coming, and thanks


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