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Hot story, with 2 sexpot women!

i loved this very, very sexy story with stupendous photos. How about some more, maybe hetero next?


car trouble is expensive depending on time and place. TK U MLJ LV NV

This needs a part two.

Illustration's are well done. "The farmer" is actually Stone Cold Steve Austin, minus the steroids. Ashley looks pretty good, however she asks "who could he know?" It's known as the internet sweetie. Her father is not going to kill her when he finds out, because he is going to kill that uncircumcised dipshit who appears in the sex video with her.


damn you guys had one hell of a anniversary!!! Get some😍

Fantastic staff are so hot to fing

Great story.
Please just let that be chapter 1 or "the introduction".


Enjoyed it - many opportunities for pleasant jo's! Now of course must read all the stories referenced herein. :)

Love this story

Great !!

Very hot n juicy, illustrations are excellent....

Please give next chapter

Hell Yeah

I think you could do a whole story on Shanika and Michelle. Let that sister have her day, or week, or month....just sayin.


I loved the story. I also agree with your philosophy, 'the mistress doesn't eat the subs pussy'. Your choice of pictures was also spot on, at the very least, the sub should always wear thigh-highs.


your stories keep me so wet and i cum so hard, keep them cumming.


drawings and stories kept me wet and cumming cunt juice tastes so good.

cannot stop cumming

this writer writing about cocks, cunts, sucking or fucking always makes me so hard. thank you ssl. keep me hard and cumming

Again, I keep reading these over and over

again! Can't wait for the next 20 or 30 installments.

I will say to "Anonymous", that while I agree, I prefer Lesbian stories to be "sans male participants", I understood the need for that part of the story.

First, There needs to be punishment in any training phase, and for someone that prefers women over men, as well as a cheater, that would really be a punishment. Although, I would never consider "golden showers" to be any form of punishment!!!

I was born in the 50's and saw my Mom, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and actually all my female relatives being under the control of the family men, so I understand the mentality of having to keep your true self hidden. And it is probably the reason I am so respectful of women today and I, myself, am married to my Mistress. So even tho I don't like guys in the stories, I understand the need for story progression.

Slave Ed


That was an amazing story made me very very wet mmmmmm

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