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Wash, rinse, repeat

This story is similar in theme to many of this author's stories in that it focuses on two fetishes: 1. stockings and 2. dom/sub relationships. It doesn't matter in which category the story resides, these themes are ubiquitous, with the sex often taking a backseat.

The writing is above average with only minor issues (e.g. the use of prevaricate throughout is amusing, given the nature of the story). Unfortunately, both the nylon and the dom/sub theme feel extremely forced.

Sure, stockings can be sexy in the right setting, but for the most part, they are uncomfortably hot and get runs at the drop of a hat (and then they look like shit). I guess for nylon lovers, this must be nirvana. I think it's kind of sad that the author's characters can only have "explosive" sex wearing stockings.

The dom/sub theme in this story really stands out, and not in a good way. Every action and reaction is evaluated against this binary backdrop. To the point where I found it distracting and ultimately, detracting from the story. I think it's silly, simplistic and myopic to read about relationships in this context. In the end, it felt like the characters were disposable since they were incapable of any real emotion. They were just sex mannequins put in their positions. It's a shame that people and sex are thought of in this way.


This a masterpiece. Yall are trippin lol

Next chapter?

Its been so so so long. When will it be out? I have been checking daily... gm

Ho Hum

I didn't read this one but based on your other stories that I have read, and the renderings in this story, my vote would no more than two stars, if I were to vote.

Average people prefer stories about average people.

I would almost bet money that you had the hero's cock spray cum in her cervix or her womb, which is impossible.

And speaking of cum, the average ejaculate from a white male is less than a tablespoon. Your rendering must have had more than a pint of ejaculate because the majority would be in her vaginal canal and only a fraction on her body.

next chapter

I wish I could tell you that it will be up soon. I submitted it with the first chapter. I've been writing Literotica every few days trying to find out what the holdup is but I haven't received a response. Hopefully soon.

Can't wait

Can't wait to see the next chapter of this.
You and Rebeca are the best duo in this site!

Great story!

Absolutely loved it. Well written, good flow, very exciting. Great mystery angle as well. Rebecca would be proud of this one I'm sure. Also, interesting use of the pictures. Added a nice touch. I think I could detect maybe a little inspiration from Rebecca's series too in this story, but that's a good thing :-) Will be checking out your other stories. Keep it up!


The author uses a multi - media approach combining art with literature in Amanda's descent into the abyss.

Reading, hardening, wanking

Was hard before I got to the end of the first page and had to unload. In fact I was unloading every time. Such a horny story. Would really like to hear how she got to screw Mum and Dad...


I want to hear more how she god mommy and daddy...and more about the family orgy to follow. lol

These illustrations are amazing!!!

...they turn a very good story into something even more awesome. Thank you!

OMG! She looks like this adult film actress named Cory Chase. Exactly.

Right down to hair color that came out of a bottle and is subtly "off", and with mismatched roots and consistently, abnormally, dark eyebrows, and those squinty eyes unless she's wearing her glasses.

That's odd, isn't it? I mean, why not just wear CONTACTS and don't squint, right? But maybe she can't wear contact lenses, like her eyes are too dry, or maybe she's allergic to latex. Who knows? I suppose she could go for Lasik. It's kind of expensive, but maybe she could try to write it off as a business expense. But yeah, I'm definitely seeing a resemblance between Cory Chase and this blonde.

Next chapter

Yes there will be another chapter. I am working on it as I can. However the last few weeks my time has been with my real life and not on writing. Please be patient as I will post as soon as I can.

Chapter 2

Just to let you know, there are only two chapters in this story and I does end. I submitted both chapters at the same time with the request that they post one week apart. A day after chapter one posted chapter 2 showed it would post a week later. However in the next week that date disappeared and I don't know why it hasn't posted. I wrote Literotica and asked why, but I haven't received a response. Sorry but my hands are tied.

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