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no illustrations!

Absolutely amazing

Loved every word and every amazing picture. I would so love to be in a position like Michelle. I could relate to Michelle in every scenario except I only have younger sisters. You are wonderful and I love your stories so much!


those images/illustrations are too sexy and hot....
great story....

any incest story for the next one

Love the story...

and the pics. Best pics on Lit. More please!

Fucking Hot!

Just Fucking Hot! I would like to have heard about you losing it and asking the last one to slide his cock into you just before your orgasm rolled over you. Tony said he would have liked that too...


Great story line...
Please give the next sequel at the earliest.
Main attraction is illustrations... Love you for the great work


Being a house wife myself , I found these stories very compelling. Now I just need to find like-minded people in my area.



Sequel Please and have a threesome in the next installment.

love it!

Great story. I love mom son incest please continue. I hope they become lovers & start a family together just like moms & sons should do. Can't wait for the next chapter

A further series of chapters with Adele cheating on her BF would be great, then wind him into the story

Great Series

It would have been nice if Michelle dream came true and she ended up as top domme with Allie as her submissive. Perhaps a spin off story there?

Just finished...

The first story and I'm gonna dive into the other parts after work tonight. This was well written. I can tell that there's an outline and flow to the story. The it was durations were well done and match the story very well. Only (minor) bad thing about this story is that I usually like a little more back story to the characters. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Keep it up


The worst thing you can do in this category is to bill a story as illustrated when it isn't. And most of the stories in this series are not. About the next worst to that is using bad illustrations OR computer animation. It looks like "Claymation" but using a Barbie and Ken doll (or two Barbies) and that's just not erotic at all. Its about as sexy as a blow up doll. I say this not to be mean, but to tell you that you could have a good story here if you would quit inventing new ways to sabotage it.

Wonderfully written, I need to know more. I love how clueless eve is.


This was raunchy and depraved and perverted and I like it. Please write up a sequel.

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