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Dear Jaz * * * * *
Another five star effort, for sure. I think maybe your best of all. Great depth, superb detail, descriptive language. Illustrations are good, but perhaps a few more than necessary. A number one admirer.
Love you... x x x
Jack Auff

The cgi looks bad and really distracts from the text, ruining the reading flow, would be better story without pictures. I couldn't make myself finish it.
If it were real pictures one at the beginning and end to set the mood wouldn't be amiss, any more is detrimental.
Please upload a plaintext version also without cgi.

More Pleeeeeease

Great story, certainly looking forward to several more,


Please continue the series. LOVE IT!!!!

big event

Can you write a chapter where all of the female slaves have to compete in a slave competition and have reward/punishments for each place in the tournemant. like 1st place gets their freedom, and second place are allowed to cum whenever they want, and 3rd is allowed to war underwear. Or something similar to this


another great story can't wait to read both stories

So I wonder...

...what network is "Edgy Talk" on? I must have overlooked it when I was channel surfing. ;-)

Although I'm not usually into transgender stories, this one was good.


The story is great but the word shemale is a turn off for me. We are trans women, not a fucking curiosity. I don't know why it's so hard to use a better word. I usually read everything you write Silk, I am a fan, but you shouldn't use that word. It's a slur.


Kick ass characters as always! Hope to hear more about Ocean and her conquests


A good story. It is good to read your story again.

great story?

how the fuck can people read through all the idiotic pictures? I got as far as 'ocean' and started having to sift through the pictures. nude day or not, that was just stupid as fuck, I come here to read, if I wanted to look at pics, first off I'd go to a PICTURE site where there are plenty, and second, they'd be of real women, not this fake still shot cartoon shit

Once again... outstanding

Another great story... can't wait to see where this one goes.

You are fantastic!

Without regard to the genre ( albeit I prefer Illustrated ) your writing never fails.

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