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I think you should do a part 2 for this. Loved the story so much. Britney has this boy wrapped around her finger.

Thank you

Thanks for the kind words, truly appreciate it! Had a blast writing this story and I left it off with a question mark for the possibility of a sequel down the road. If more people enjoy, I'll write a second story for Josh's adventures with Britney.


Hey, author here. Check out my patreon at:


I post stuff early there.

I have a problem with these celebrity stories. In every one, the celeb is this horny slut who fucks them blind. People read these stories for the celeb, not just to read about them taking it in the ass or blowing them. I wish one of you people would actually make the story readable and plausible!

Implausible, stupid story. No way could two guys get close enough to get their cocks in her ass at the same time and a third in her pussy? Come on...who are you writing to? You trying to get into porn? At least make the story plausible and readable and build some tension into the story!


Excellent. This is the type of story that I love, detail, story line, wonderful prose and hot sex. Not just wham bam thank you ma'am like some others. Well done.

Messy Sex

Hell yes my friend! That can be arranged... I’ll post more up soon!

Thank you

Glad to hear you liked the story, was thinking of adding more at some later time but right now my plate is rather full. Would anyone be interested in more?


I still think it is way better to force them to pick from a list of things they don't want in the first place. Will they pick to have a bigger ass or bigger boobs? XD
I think one fun idea for a story would be to have the contestants pick all the options they would want in their perfect "dream girl", but what they don't know is that they are not going to be meeting their "dream girl" but they're actually picking the changes that will happen to them if they get a question wrong.
I don't know anything about writing stories, but I have an endless supply of ideas for them. Many that would work for a game show kind of thing.

AMAZING story about two of my faves from one of my favorite shows. So hot.

You miss the point

You should probably read some other stories then. It's a short story series. It's about the sex, not about the story. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Yes, more.

Portman, Knightley, Watson, Moretz, both Fannings...

Too short

Terribly short and to the point, no detail, plot or character developement make it seem too rushed and over too quickly

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