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Naomi Scott and Becky G
Now in the new Power Rangers movie; hot as hell!

Not even remotely believable

All of the celebrities named would be insulted if they ever read this, it's awful.


You write porn fiction about a young celebrity, get her drunk, screw her and take her up her ass without permission. They have a word for this: RAPE!


Awesome story. I'm a big fan of Demi/Selena stories, especially when Selena is topping Demi. And to find one where Selena is fucking Demi's big booty is my definition of perfection. Especially one with so much great detail, and an emphasis on Selena not just topping Demi, but owning her, Demi in turn giving herself willingly and completely to her childhood friend. I kind of wish there was more dirty talk, but as it has so many of the things I like, pussy licking, ATM, a believable back story and especially lesbian strap-on anal, it's honestly a minor nit pick.

A sequel would be great, but if not I'd just like to see you do more celebrity stories like this.

Can you pull this off? :-)

Romeo gets invited to the White house by president Trump. Knowing the president to be a racist Romeo is surprised by the invitation. On reaching the White House he soon finds out that it was actually Melania and Ivanka who engineered the whole thing. Romeo makes Trump realize that he is not the most powerful man in the world after all...

Very Good

Good story which is hopefully continued.

How about a story about Stargate SG-1 with Futa (Col. Samanta Carter) or JAG with Futa (Lt. Sarah MacKenzie)

Two series I've already looked at.

I like it

It was fun and hot, even though I cant see either character behaving this way. More like what we wish they would do LOL

Love the way you lead a story!

The way you build on your story creates excitement in anticipation of the ultimate climax.

Well done. At the time I enjoyed the original series I was too young to imagine all this sexiness, but it's good fun to see Lady Penelope working her way through the Tracy boys. Good hot story.


Loved it.

Please keep writing more chapters. and go into detail about what Larry does to Ariel and Jasmine before he goes down to Dinner. Looking forward to when he meets Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel. And i like how you have them in their movie costumes, as thats how i always imagined them in my fantasies, please keep that going.


All I can say is wow, this is a very hot story. The girls should go to a nude beach or resort without the guys.

You should make another chapter where Iris gets to wear the strapon! Please? :)

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