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more please!

I can't wait for more in this series! Kinky Kevin and Jenny are underdeveloped in this fandom. So more please!


I'd die to get chance of muffing gorge lindsay Lohan. Want to be reincarnated as crotch of her tights xxx

Dark cloud is king!!!!

Amazing series, just awesome. Just watched beyonce at super bowl, can't see her being sub to anyone haha. Can see white bitches getting severe kicking from her. Give them the boots master beyonce xx

Love it!!!

Love pippa and Kate appearing. Let's have some American royalty, step forward paris Hilton. Don't see her bowing to anyone. Paris rules supreme.

merge files

Simply amazing article! I had a good experience merging documents online and happy to share it with you. I've found some decent tutorials on how to merge files out online here "http://www.altomerge.com/"


Dude, please continue this. Leaving us with the cliffhanger of Taylor dragged before the queen and Alicia becoming xenopreds baby mama ain't. I speak for us all when I say we Want More!!

Email me at pyrofanity@yahoo.com if you don't mind. I'd be happy to either explain more about Sadie or make another request. Thanks!

Future Story Idea

Love your stories! Would love a future story about some female Olympians (Mckayla Maroney, April Ross, and Alex Morgan)

Thanks, Anony

Thanks for commenting on and enjoying this neglected story, my first Celebrity attempt. In answer to your request, I do have a Batgirl and Robin story in the works, hopefully for April Fools day.


First Gotham story that got me wet. Perhaps, would you consider writing a Batman/Batgirl story?

If Eric is 24, and Laurie is 5 years older, then neither one is a teenager. In fact, at 24 Eric would have been moved out according to the show... This story would have been better if you'd given the small details a moment of consideration.

I enjoy your Big Bang stuff. I'm very much looking forward to the season 4 stories. I'm hoping you include some nice hard taboo scenes with Priya and Raj.


Another chapter please, Im a sucker for happy endings.

It needs to be longer and dirtier. Time to bring in the piss and shit play. Might as well.


Hi baranbrat, great chapter! This story is better chapter after chapter :)

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