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I Liked It

For the most part it was very well written. Some stuff in there I don't typically go for but that's a matter of personal taste. You were spot on with the feel of the show. I'd like to see this continue for another chapter or two.

Nice story, are you gonna turn this into a series?

this really is the best series on literotica

the plot inches along ever so slowly each time, but at the same time theres tons of great sex. what more do you want!

This author writes similar TBBT stories to barambrat, but he's not copying; his stories, though of a similar style, are of different scenarios. I'm enjoying both authors.


Shit yes! You wrote the Red's birthday story and it was flipping fuckin HOT. Even BETTER than imagined. I recall the idea brewing Red and all the ladies with som pe girl on girl action and while I missed that part of it There was so much to make up for it. Kitty in the basement with guys was amazing, that sexual tension between Kitty and Hyde is never written as good as when you write it, also Kelso is a total dumbass. Upstairs was the real action though Red and Donna and Jackie together...hot hot hot HOT!! You even threw Laurie in and that was bloody brilliant!!!!

Even the Red and Kitty only parts were hot as hell, the spanking was the best and I'd love to see more of the more of the Foremans kinky sex life with just the two of em,

maybe Kitty using toys and putting on a show for Red
or Red fucking her with a dildo and his own cock before one of the guys walks in and takes over for the toy.

Couldn't resist guiding ideas again thank you for this! Gotta read the fireworks one you mentioned before!


Another blisteringly hot story from Milene. Fuck the person who asked to write a straight story about Padma--the guy can write his own story. Milene knows how write woman on woman better than anybody, and I have a handful of my own cum to prove it. Looking forward to more in the Lesbian Call Girl series. Is Sofia Vergara next? Meredith Vera would be hot too.


Hey thank you for your comment, it made my day when you posted it. lol

I worked hard on this and I am surprised I've heard all of jack and shit about it in terms of feedback.

Sadly, I wont be writing more of this, it was a paid commission and it was one and done. I'm totally down with eating ass though.

But writing Rey porn feels wrong. lol


Brilliant story hope the sequal is on the way


Could she actually be his daughter?

Woooow Amazing chapter! Penny/Leonard was on of the best part... a really wild Penny (I love when she has been fucked until she passed out).
Elizabeth's gang bang was a masterpiece :D (I hope to see Penny in this kind of situation)

ps: can't waaaaait for the next!!! :)

Best Star Wars story ever

This was so fucking hot! Please continue this. And if you don't mind a suggestion, could you please have Rey force someone to eat her ass in the next installment?

You are one of the best writers on literotica.

Please continue anything about Blue Bloods. You are a master at your craft. I look at your submissions every 2 or 3 days looking for more stories about the Blue Bloods cast. You have my attention. I don't know if you remember " That 70's show" but if your great talents extended in that direction l could think nothing more stimulating. Please continue. You are truly a rare talent.
Thank You Jeff Y


Will we ever be getting a 3C story about Katy Perry and her monster cock? That sounded fun.

So glad I did not have to wait months. Love this story so far. Just pausing to give a note. It feels like this chapter you took more time to describe the ladies breasts and nipples and even a cock or two... giving a better picture... like in your classic early big bang orgy episodes... I skipped ahead to Keven, Alex and wife... you take the time to talk us thru Alex and how she she looks and the flop of the hair... I like those details.. like to see more of that (missed from pt 2 I left) ...from previous comment I see much to look forward to... and dont be in a hurry to invite in another full tv show cast just learning blue bloods cast.

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