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That was fast

Supergirl is a new series on TV right now and here you wrote one for it. Enjoyable though. Too bad we'll never actually see something like this LOL

Please continue

Easily my favorite spiderman story ever!


My initial thought, as I started to read, was that your writing was slightly childlike before I realised that you were emulating the dialogue and style of IDOJ.....and very effectively too.
While the massive cocks were rather unnecessary, the most unbelievable part of your story was that Sensei was able to wait for the whole week before the "exams". This is an occasion where many would argue for continuous assessment!
Loved Jeannie and love your story.


Thanks for the enthusiasm! I'm really happy with the concept of Hotel Limbo, but the main story line lost my excitement, so now I'm focusing on Tales of Limbo - short stories set in the hotel/around it, focusing on the fantasies of the Great Hotel's other inhabitants. There's already quite a few of those, so please feel free to check them out and comment!

Epic story

The stories are awesome, are there any more in the future? I just found them and I definitely want more. Is there a final resolution, I hope you write an end to this story. If you need more hot celebrities, I'll throw Katie Aselton, Brooklyn Decker, and Julianne Moore into the mix. If you could find the time to write another chapter, that would be awesome


A very good story, well written, good job

A little off

I enjoyed this story as much as I did the first chapter with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez but the change in names thoroughly put me off. In the first chapter it was Erik Turner but in this chapter it was Dan Carpenter. If you kept them the same then this chapter would've been 5 out of 5 stars. Looking forward for the next chapter and any future chapters.

Everything I wanted!

It was like.... like there was another fangirl/fanboy out there with the daddy daughter fetish and you wrote exactly what I needed for their closure story. HOT DAMN. This is gold dust. LOVE danielle xxx


Ok.... first time I read this I thought - can't be true... can't be a thing... that's only the sorta thing I'd write.... eeee!!!! *Haven't even read it yet and adore it*

Wow, on a whim

Found it on story spinner. Great story and what a finish, I laughed so hard at the end. Nice work



Would love to experience this phoenix23ninja@gmail.com

Good job, well written

Would love to experience this phoenix23ninja@gmail.com


Would love to experience this phoenix23ninja@gmail.com

part 4

i know one person asked about it already, but will there be a fourth part anytime soon

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