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Great job.

Really loved this part with Asuka turning the tide on AJ. Hopefully we get Bayley added to the action, preferably on the receiving end.

Good start

I played SWTOR before stopping because I was tired of polluting my Mac with Windows OS. Judging by the title it's obvious where this is going, and ironically, why the Jedi Council would NEVER send Padawans on a mission such as this. But, you are telling a story, not striving for Lore Correctness.

Addendum to my previous comment.

In addition, one of my favorite touches in this is where Elsa nurses on Ariel; kind of kooky idea, but a fun touch in this.


Good story. Would have left it with just the first bukakke

Most enlightening. And I loved it!

I like the gentleness between these women, as far as physical gentleness; they're quite tender and considerate with eachother as they do this.
I do *NOT* think that the sex-acts were very hygenic that they engaged in; but I'm the *farthest* thing from being against the *tenderness* these two rich ladies showed oneanother.
It's surprising that Elsa in this is a lesbian, she doesn't seem to show any romantic love for other females in either the movie nor the books- but that doesn't mean she's not of that particular orientation.
I have to wonder about any other stories along this line of tales; if for instance Elsa's taken other girls or young women home with her for one, or if Ariel is her first female love interest- that is one thing I'd be most happy to find out in regards to this universe you've made in this story.
I like them as businesswomen, and I *LOVED* seeing their situation and thoughts/feelings/attitudes from their perspectives, especially how Elsa seems to have found her soul attracted to Ariel's, and for that I'm most truly grateful to you; you see: I have long desired to see such a person's attractions from *their* point of view, see your neighbor's world through their eyes, akin to the American Indian saying of "Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins", and *this* story ought to help- for which I want to thank you personally as far as this favor went!
I actually saw Elsa's point of view pretty much throughout this; and I also loved her as an athlete; kind of a fun date between them, though I wouldn't support the *relationship* it **Was** very useful to see their world through their eyes.
My aim is gentleness in regards to this story, so seeing their viewpoint should help me in regards to at least these characters.

New story

I just started a new Goldbergs story over at archiveofourown.org if anyone is interested.

Wow, this was awesome. Very detailed story to the point this was quite realistic. I like others truly miss seeing JLH on TV, and this would be a show that would make all of us happy. Loved the lap dance scene and the threesome. I really liked how Jennifer put herself in the role of her character here and went the extra mile.

Great ! Wait long time for update, if anyone want make AI fake video, visit my blog modelsexconfession.tumblr.com

One of the best writers

But it seems you left. How such a good writer can do it? Come on, come back! Please

4 pages of good quality smut

Originally came from reading the Catwoman one when it came out, leaving myself desired for the other sirens. Few days later this pops up and I just had to immerse myself to one of my favorite characters and you did not disappoint in the level of erotica. There was quite the versatility and this amount of length to writing I could tell you were giving it your all. Grrat stuff!

I really look forward to the next one, truly hoping it's on my favorite Ivy next. For me, the more paizuri and pearl necklaces, the better.

Things are starting to heat up. Love that you have Loki doing the lip thing Tom does. Gets me going every time. I hope you update again soon.

Wow, this one was a very hot story, congratulations!

Love, love, love it!

This is a very interesting story already. I like the idea of her as Clint's sister; he seems like the ultimate over-protective brother. I didn't think that Loki would allow such semi intimate contact like sharing a bed so soon. Freaking sweet!

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