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I loved this story just like I love so many of yours. You are a great writer and I always get excited when I see your name attached to a new story. Keep up the great work. I admire how you're capable of writing such amazingly hot sex while putting us deep within th3 characters minds and emotions!

Thank you for taking the time to write and share.

Nice story, and well written too. Are there any plans of yours to continue? I Hope so. Please keep writing.

Loved this chapter.

I would say this was one of the best chapters of the series thus far. Loved the Castle threesome and the end scene was incredible. That shit was hot. Looking forward to reading more in the future. One request : If possible could you get Lanie (Tamala Jones) back into the mix? Thanks again.

Hot story

You always do impressive work with Lucy Pinder. This one was different, enjoyed the submissive nature you presented her with. Always a good titty fuck but I really enjoyed how Joe owned her she was his. Keep up the good work

VERY very hot!

Loved it...esp getting her rump tossed....

Even better than Danica story!

5 + fave story


Thank you so much, that means alot! I've been reading your work too and think you've been doing such a great job! Keep it up

Can't wait!

So happy to hear a new chapter is coming up. You have the best going series on all of Literotica! Nothing but respect and love for you!

Absolutely gorgeous story MTL17. Would love to see you do a sequel set in Season2 of Supergirl, where given Alex's new relationship with Maggie, Kara has to find a new mistress to take care of her submissive lesbian needs and she turns to her new best friend the gorgeously stunning Lena Luthor, for whom she has fallen for in the last few months for help. Lena, who equally desires Kara wastes no time in becoming Kara's new mistress and making Kara hers forever, a fate that Kara doesn't mind at all..


Hey everyone, sorry for such a long wait. I've just submitted the next chapter and should be up soon. If any of you would like you can reach me on Twitter. @Litunited1086. Would love to have dialogue with you all share story and celebrity ideas. Thabks you all for the time you take to comment vote and write to me. It truly means alot

TJ Church

The anonymous troll is TJ Church. Just ignore him and remove his comments as he continues to harass. It's obvious with how he uses an ampersand instead of typing the word 'and' and his 'they/their' approach of spacing out thoughts. He typically sends me feedback all the time, ranting his head off at my stories and his paranoid conspiracy theories since he's had his account banned on here, and he was also banned on CHYOA and CSL a while back. He is a known troll on this site.

Here's TJ Church and all his information on the internet.


Don't let this loser get to you. One look at this moron's ugly face, and the fact he is in his 30's and don't even have a working job in society, is enough to let you know what a loser he is. Don't let him discourage you from writing, he's an idiot who thinks he's a genius editor in his own mind.

One more note - if you receive feedback emails from the email handle recall2000@hotmail.com that is him. He'll probably start emailing you threats and rants like he does me after I exposed him to other authors on here.

not as good as the first one but still very entertaining

thank you very much for writing it

you are one of the best orgasm denial writers out there right now


1. This was establish that although he was relatively new, the movies Dirk had been in already been in were proven to be commercially/critically successful.

2. If one spelling error makes u want to not read on that's your choice, but not a wise one if you ask me.


As in "Voy, yer writing needs some help!"

Next, swap into a body with a working brain seller too!

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