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love your style.....

.....but this one could have gone through just one more rewrite and edit. It's hard to capture the depth of feeling when the intense love between a brother and sister transitions into a physical relationship, and you do that very well. I've enjoyed your stories....Keep it up.

Great story love the set up.

This one too!!

I can't believe I missed this one too! Definitely need some kind of alert system here. This story was incredible like the others. Fez finally got his chance with Kitty and Jackie. Loved the Jackie and Kitty action and would love to see more especially if you add Red into the mix. May be Kitty can teach Jackie how to suck cock thr way she does. Missed Kitty in the last scene but I'm sure you will make up for it soon, almost time for another story right? Thanks for this awesome work, I'll post this one on the board too.

Any chance of more soon?

Hey just wondering if you plan on doing som more 70s stories. I hope you do, the threesome with Jackie and Kitty and one of the luck guys Red or Hyde is something I know lots would love to see.


How could I have missed this one? This site needs an alert system or something! This was great! Finally got to see Red and Laurie going at it and Red finding out about his wife's whore like behavior.
I've got some ideas for the next ones like maybe Red and Kitty and Jackie in a hot threesome.
Or Red inviting some of his friends over to gangbang his wife for some needed cash. There's Bob, the loser guy Earl, and even hippy Leo and Pastor Dave.
I'm going to spread the word about this story since it looks like no one heard about it. You should really think about maybe posting them at ff.net or adultfanfiction.net I think they have alert systems that work good.
Thanks for the story!!

Naughty! Naughty!

At least, that's what the prudes of 21st century America with the 18th century attitudes would say...let's hope it doesn't take 200 years for us to get as laid-back as they are in Star Fleet in the 24th century!

Where did we get the idea that nudity is naughty anyway? Probably some misguided clergyman somewhere way back misinterpreted the "Adam and Eve" bit and decided they were punished for being naked instead of for covering up...clothes should be for keeping warm, and anything else is vanity and decoration.


Well, I'd definitely like to see more of Stephanie Brown. She's definitely underused, tends to be underrated as well, and it would be awesome to see her continuing to do her thing with various Gotham criminals. Although he isn't a criminal, I'd again like to suggest that it might be interesting to see her spar with Tim Drake/Robin and show him just how dominant her new methods can make her in a fight before leaving him unconscious on the mats.

As with Zev95, it would also be awesome to see Cassandra Cain show up, particularly if she has a rematch with Rose Wilson/Ravager of the Teen Titans. They had an interesting rivalry brewing and it would be cool to see what you did with that, or to see Rose show up by herself. Either way, Cass' pressure point techniques, body reading ability and general awesomeness should make her able to dominate pretty much anyone she chooses, probably without missing a beat.

Great Job!

Simply put, it was wonderfully written. You really managed to capture the essence of both characters, and that also helped contribute to the greatness of the story. It was masterfully written, and for that, I applaud you.


Since you asked, definitely more Wonder Woman! And if I might be specific, Hippolyta too please, getting completely dominated, losing control and screaming her brains out getting fucked, while Wondie watches getting turned on.

More Stephanie Brown in anything, please

Seriously, you write one of the most fun Stephs in anything. I'd gladly read a side-story series featuring her, with both straight and lesbian pairings. She's criminally underused and overshadowed by Babs in erotic fiction.

Velvet needs AJ Lee & Paige !

Really good part 2 ! Look forward to more of Velvet eating pussy. Next, Velvet sets her sights towards AJ Lee & Paige's pussy ! Then before the night is thru, she can conquer Nikki's pussy!! Like to see what's to come next.

Love these stories. Each and every one of them make me more obsessed with Scarlett's big, meaty ass!


If you need some new magic help, Black Alice, perhaps her sister Misfit. For total wrongness, they just introduced Aquaman's mom. Aquaman has a daughter in the future too.
From JSA Cyclone and Star girl.
You could reintroduce Huntress and use Earth 2 version who is Bruce's Daughter.
Donna Troy
Lady Blackhawk
Jade or another female Green Lantern or a Purple Lantern
I like the other idea for Barda too.

Well, you asked for suggestions

Another Power Girl chapter with Terra joining in.

Big Barda.

A Wonder Woman revisit, this time with some combination of Hippolyta, Donna Troy, Artemis, or Cassandra Sandsmark.

Cass Cain Batgirl.

A Marvel crossover with Emma Frost, Black Cat, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, whoever.

A Birds of Prey orgy.

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