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Only one decent character at this point.

The main character is interesting and well-rounded. Sharp and Strong have been cartoon villains since the beginning, but Victoria has become uninteresting, too. She's just become unrealistically stupid and unsympathetic at this point. She's going to actually deserve the mistreatment from Strong and the career havoc from Sharp...and at one point she was written to be a character for whom that wouldn't have been true.

more please..i really like it!


Could have been a good story had it not been written by some pre-teen moron.
He probably watches 'Strictly' while he's playing with his little dickie hoping to see the dancers knickers! Absolutely no idea of correct English grammar, terrible use of punctuation and full of wrong spelling...can't even spell 'Darcey' correctly! Suggest you concentrate more when you go back to school.

Make a chapter 3

Part 1 and 2 were great, could you make the 3rd one soon? This story is too good to abandon


Hey I say carry on no more resets let them remember everything.

Great! Please tell story of her getting home

Jumping the shark...

I've mostly enjoyed this series so far. Otherwise I wouldn't still be reading 14 chapters in. However, this one was hard to finish. Eric Strong is a cartoon caricature villain who comes off as too laughably unlikable to be real. The complication over Ariana's agent seems unrealistically blown out of proportion. It was a rather small issue in the grand scheme of things done for noble reasons, and it is clearly going to cause Victoria to dump Duncan...despite before that she was both enormously indebted to and overwhelmingly in love with him. On one hand I understand that this is a porn story, and that usually means that the girls need to be rotated in and out to keep things interesting, but the main character still needs to stay a GREAT guy. It just seems like there should have been a better way.

Clara is a great addition.

Great chapter, that one. Clara is great but Amy is better.... Need more red 😁

Kim's Turn

To Anon.

It was Kim's turn on the following night.


What happened to Kim Kardashian?


Really enjoying this so far. Can't wait for Chapter 3!



That we will get anymore chapters. This stories been floating around for at least two years. So this guy is either stealing this story from someone else. Or has no creative juice left to finish the story.

What happens next, how much humiliation is jainia put through and how many other jedi are caught in the trap.


Always arousing, but the actual writing is shamefully bad w/a million mistakes (literally)!!

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