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Great Work... Penny/Stuart is always very exciting! Also Penny with an old man was a great part :)... I'd have liked if he fuck her...especially anal or if sheldon joined in a threesome.

ps: Congrats on the 200th submission.. waiting for the next Chapter :D

this story keeps getting better cant wait to see whats next

More more more

Dont stop here this story is too good! Give us more!


Oh look it's the neighborhood troll of the Celebrity section pretending to be a literacy professor. LOL Been waiting for you to come troll one of my stories since you do every other one! Get back under your bridge and stay there!


Congrats on 200 submissions. I always enjoy your stories. Keep them coming.

Not Bad, Except...

After Robert covered her, was hoping for story to continue (or just another on the side) with Charlotte "entertaining" at least him (maybe other males too) in a separate part of club, or a room at a hotel.

Fantastic? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

A hundred run-on sentences, mentions of "starring", a "soft small" (adjectives w/no noun), Charlotte clicking (think you meant the shoes)...

Could have been SO hot & begging for another story, but babies born tomorrow could be writing better right now!


Interesting idea, and a hot one at that, but this was so poorly written I couldn't even finish reading. The many, many grammatical and spelling errors were bad enough without that "blonde and brunette" line being repeated over and over, along with whenever someone said something, it was always "bravely". Invest in an editor next time.

Saved By A Site Issue

You got away with this one due to site not setting-up multi-category listings for stories... Not supposed to be "Celebrity" if it also includes hermaphrodites (who may or may not be so offline).

Michael..please bend Pam over your desk

Would love to see Michael get Pam bent over his desk and anger fuck her


Penny and the older man was hot, especially the titfuck. Thanks


That was perfect. Everything about it was just right. Kate Upton is amazing and the titfuck was incredible

When do we get vol. 4?

Really like these stories, hope to see the next one soon.

Oh yes! Love stories about Victoria's ass. Love how she used to shake it in the ring.

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