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Brilliant read, very well written, looking forward to the next chapter please post it soon!! 👍

Excellent story, looking forward to the next part!

After wards

So the next day Kelly brings Pam home to share with the ping pong champion.


That whole story was really amazing. You've really got the fantasy element down. Thank you for including Danielle. She was so hot

White trash

Timtimmons12121-Are you white
trash? Cause you sure write like some semi-literate person would. What a turn off!

Pretty Good

I'm not thrilled with the tone between the Castle's in this one but the scenes are great and quite hot. Too bad the scene of the Castle family at the end was once again way too short and the Rick/Kate sex in the beginning was entirely glossed over. I understand these might be the result of time constrains but I hope the Castle characters won't always be the ones to suffer when a compromise is needed.
That said it was nice to see Alexis in action with her family.
Looking forward to the addition of the Rizzoli and Isles characters which will restore my familiarity with the source material to 50% of the shows. :)

Please, more Pam stories...

I think Pam Beesly represents a lot of what guys deal with everday in their personal lives. A workplace where you''re surrounded by doofus guys and unattractive women with attitudes..but there's one pretty , quiet unobtainable woman there, who you keep hoping will break up with her boyfriend. Please..somebody write a plausible Pam story (no Jim) , Episode related would be great, whether it's Michael, Toby, Ryan or some lucky other guy, the neighbor kid, a salesman from another company etc..


There aren't nearly enough wrestling fanfictions on this site and the ones that are posted are either not very good or few and far between. This was great, looking forward to more.

Thank you for reading. Coincidentally, I was actually worried people were gonna be mad that I booted Johanna this early instead.

The 'unknown'-ness I agree with and am fine with. I'm doing this account for me, and am happy to have everyone who reads this series along for the ride. When I started this account, I knew I'd be looking forward to going back to what I wrote one, three, five, ten years from now, and knew that I was going to want to tackle an untapped market of Fandom fanficition you don't see online too much.

Really fun

This is a great little project that I found is a fun read. I think one of the major detractors for people are the relatively "unknown" MTV reailty stars, but for me and my guilty-pleasure viewing of Real World and AYTW (not so much the actual Challenges) it really hits the spot. You also picked some of my top chicks out of the various shows to highlight (super glad Hannah didn't get booted this 'episode.')

I think you've done a great job with the quick scene cuts and the interview dialogue to mirror the way those shows are produced, some of it does feel rushed though. I'm sure as the series goes on and there are less girls you can focus in more, but I'd like to get more individuality out of the girls and their experiences.

No complaints from me at all! Can't believe anyone would complain about Kate Upton being featured in this awesome series. Sure, she isn't known for having booty, but she's still hot as hell

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