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So hot I can't wait to say if you make some with the ravers or the Scotsman daughter

Living Doll, and Back Again

So nice that Barbie could come to life and experience the joys of being a real woman, and so sad that she had to return to being only a doll. I would have ended the story differently, but it was a good tale nevertheless.

@anon - Got very caught up in preparing for a convention. Next will be up soon.

Amazing, borderlands fans would be proud of this work got me hard right from the start and kept me hard all the way through just perfect


It was a quite amazing story and I loved the plot twist at the end

As Below

I 2nd the comments below 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good hot story about a pairing I like. Despite being English, I've never understood the delights of spanking, but that didn't take up too much time.

You couldn't even fuck Katie perrys dog moron.


2 women plus 2 men = 4... So no "threesome" as story-description says. Also, I was surprised to see waiter (key part of connection for both man & Alex) suddenly & unexplained-ly disappear after it's written he follows her (& the man?) to the elevator.

And this is all in addition to spelling, verb-tense, & other mistakes.

What the hell

Not cool with the ending of this chapter. Eryn and Jacen are untouchable. Seriously the ending was just not good. You cant judt have eryn enjoy rape like wtf thats not cool. This really hurts the continuity of the story. This was AMAZING before what you did to eryn at the end. No. Just no. Not cool, fix this. I need closure. Eryn cannot be a part of that dumb sex cult. She is jacens. That is all.

I love how this series is turning out. I hope to see J Lo in the future.

It's not quite so

Sometimes,queens and kings CAN BE ADDRESSED as "Your Royal Highness",though it's much more common to address them as "Your Majesty"!But,THIS HASN'T REALLY NOTHING TO DO with the author's country!A person CAN BE FROM A COUNTRY THAT HASN'T A ROYAL FAMILY and,at the same time,TO KNOW VERY WELL HOW A ROYAL FAMILY SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO!

Thank you

Thank you all for your suggestions! I am taking many of them in consideration as I go forward. I am working on the next chapter and hope to have it up sometime next week. I really hate keeping you all waiting but I really want these stories to be good and keep you all interested, I'm terribly sorry that it takes me so long. But I will always do my best to make sure they are worth the wait!

I do not understand...

This story has a 5 star rating. It is well written, clear, and thought provoking.

It feels to have the right amount of romance and is a very interesting take on one of the BEST videogames of all time. (Blitzball is AWESOME!)

So why is this, and other stories you have written not in this categories Hall of Fame?

This was a great story.

Payen Brant

Ha ha I like how the guy below suggested some of the same girls I already suggested. Nice list. I was actually surprised he actually used some of them, but man I really hope you use Dove Cameron. She's hot as fuck and has really cute face lol. Glad to see some people want to see her too. But Sabrina Carpenter, I don't know if I would want her see her just yet. Depending on how far the series go, even though she's 18 she still looks like she's 14. But that depends on manunited. Hope the next chapter come soon.

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