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To SensualSigma:

You're right, red-skinned Orions aren't actually canon; they're an invention of another friend of mine in her own fanfic, so I thought I'd give her a nod, too :-)


Hello anonymous above (or is it below? )

In answer to your question, I think it's half and half. There is a story but each chapter will have at least one detailed sex scene. What I've focused on are the relationships between all the characters instead of all the fight scenes etc.

Some chapters have more. Some chapters have less.

Thank you!

This was magnificent! We all know why we read here, but this was beyond everything. Your writing is superb in the way you set your scenes. I was completely immersed from the get-go as you described her entry into the alleyway and the office. Her first meeting with Jonah and her reaction to what he asked of her at that meeting. The remainder was equally gripping and satisfying. I can’t wait to read more of these adventures of Penny. Thank you so much for making my Sunday evening. Looking forward!!!

Red-skinned Orions?

Search engines keep thinking I mean red-skinned onions. Also interesting, but not nearly as potentially nefarious. I don't think I've heard of this particular sub-group before.

Nice chapter

Nice character building chapter.
Would make it even better to see some more groupdynamic.
Keep it up


Erotic-story or stroke-story

First of all i definately like the potential of this series.
For this reason i'd like to give you some pointers to hopefully bring out that potential.

So as i said i like the potential but i would like to ask you to consider how you want this story to go: are you going for an erotic story that is there with the purpose of sexual gratification (a.e. 8/10 sexscene's or scenes building to sexscenes)
Is this story more oriented to telling a story with some erotic scenes to spice it up (a.e.

Fucking red hot

What would I not give to suck and fuck Emma. I adore cunt, fucking it with my tongue and sucking up all the wonderful cunt juice, and vacuum suck the juice out of her, then pump my cock into her till she cums again then suck her again and doing her this way till we pass out from the insane level of sexual pleasure. Only to start over when we recover, till we both pass out and sleep, both of us having fucked our brains out. More and more like this and soon please, Cunt lapping sex maniac UK.

Nice start

I love both games and this introduction certainly intrigued me.
Looking forward to reading the rest.



Interesting idea from anonymous. Although there is a fine line of censorship by the editors here if a female celeb is shown to be taken reluctantly. Is she is compliant then it is allowed. Anyway, I have written part two already where she has sex with Daniel Radcliffe at a Halloween party. Should be up next week once I proof read it.


Always happy to read these when they arrive. Being a fan of Penny & Leonard, I loved your scene with them! Hot and sexy! Thanksgiving Day is coming here in the US, and I’m thankful for your Big Bang Theory stories & posts!!!

Go for it

I got cosmetically circumcised 15 years ago, it looks and feels great. Best move I ever made, wife loves it.

Loved it, but i'd love in the next chapter where things don't go to Emma's plans, maybe she sets up "The Emma Trust" where she goes to research on a Urban housing estate the plight of unemployed youths?

Love your Emma stories, thanks!

Welcome back!

Good to have you back, ninwin! And a great read in your usual style too!

Any hopes of a continuation of Atlantis? Maybe another with Christina's Poison Ivy cosplay?


I'll put Betty White in a story soon. Thanks for being a fan.


It's ch.01,where are the next chapters.Anxiously waiting for that & in next chapters please include Hemaji type mature celebs(Rati Aghihotri,Poonam Dhilon, Jayaprada, Anuradha Padwal,Alka Yagnik,Neelam,Jeenat Aman,Kimi Katkar etc).In this regard I earnestly request you to publish a multi chapter basis Bengalee actresses ( Debashree, Rupa, Sreelekha, Indrani, Papia, Pallabi, Nayana, Arpita. Rachana, Rituparna etc)based fantasy stories with incest & fetishism (like sweaty hairyarmpit, lactation, pregnancy, pissing etc ) .Thanks.

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