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Thanks AndrewsGhost

Thanks AndrewsGhost... I'm working on new stories right now. Swagg Pimpin' 24/7.

Mature babes yesss!!!!

You know me Dick, always wanting mature whores!! My top 6 are Andrea Mitchell as always, Hoda the leg babe, Nancy the tits, Hillary the EXTREMELY powerful ass, Laura the bush, and of course, Kathy Lee the all around.Great to see some of the other guys joining in on the nasty older babe train!! Still waiting on the Andrea slutty coach James baskeyball gang bang!! Please as depraved as you can possibly make it!!

Wonderful story

Quite deeply erotic. As a fan of STNG I don't blame Wesley for masturbating
and thinking about his gorgeous mother

Looking forward to Lesson 05!

Camila Cabello getting fucked in the ass? I can't wait!

Britney and black cock

You have to write more. You do it so perfectly. She was MADE for black cock. That ass was built for a good pounding. She is thicc and has become a nasty MILF. I want to see more Britney stories with black men. You write so detailed and so sexy, I hope you give us more. 💦💦💦💦


Katherine and BBC made me cum so fucking hard 💦💦💦💦

Great story Dick

Again really enjoyed it and some great ideas there.

As to the anonymous coward that keeps wasting their time leaving those childish turd images. Have you nothing better to be doing with your time?

Where did you go

I just discovered this iteration of sexy fan-fiction concerning one of the joys of my youth...Gilligan's Island, and the sexy female castaways with him on 'his tropic island nest.' No phones, no lights, no motorcars and now it seems, no clothes? Or at last, very few of them! What happened? It has been over 4 years since you last contributed a chapter to this story, and enquiring minds want to know...did MaryAnn ever give it up to the First Mate, or did she die a virgin?

Just wait!

I cannot wait for Maryann to make good on her vow...dear, sweet, virginal MaryAnn! Virginal at least for now, but for how much longer?

My mistake

Should have been 80 degrees F. Slight error. Sorry anon stopped reading at that point, but that's fine.

Great Story

You're really showing improvement with your writing chops. The dialogue with Pelosi and Dick was sexy, hot and entertaining. I'm just hoping that Larua Bush will show up to the Birthday party. Maybe play the role of a sexy stripper/dancer, shaking her ass for Nancy.

Keep On Fighting Dick!

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