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Have to say that the plot, while silly, is better than the stupid stuff DC is doing. Superman and Wonder Woman? Lois living with some other guy? Clark's secret revealed - by Lois?

Write another one. Got to be better than the real comics now.

I Enjoyed It Quite a Lot!

Interesting take on the whole Lois Lane/Lana Lang conundrum. Can't see why you can't also throw in Phantom Lady, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, et. al. considering the situation. Be sort of like the "Superman Fucks Gotham" chapters featured elsewhere in Literotica.



this is one of the best damn stories i've ever seen for Alien or Predator DO MORE!!!5E

Hey Kuro, are you alright? We haven't seen you in a while, hope you're ok.

Part 4?

Is there going to be a part 4 anytime soon?

Shame its ended

This series had potential, shame it ended but thank you for what you did write.

Disrespect Sanford and son. You dick. I hope your balls fall off and your dick shrinks to the size of a tic tac. And big black Fred Sanford plugs your butt with his 10 inch dong.

Hope you enjoyed this story, and if you'd like to see more, my Patreon is always open: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=345782&ty=h

Still a Problem?

Did you ever settle your differences with the other author?


I did like your storry...but...You keep referring to Kaley as a MILF? 1- she isn't a mother. 2- she's not old enough to be considered MILF age....usually 35+.

Keep up the good stories.


Pretty Little Liars

As someone pointed out to me in a e-mail I forgot to mention this was a story for Pretty Little Liars at the beginning, although in fairness it is in the tags.

No reveal?

Disappointing that it isn't revealed who the celebrity is at the end, unless there was a glaring obvious clue to her identity that I missed, but otherwise a fun story.


Glad you went back to writing about newsbabes. I hope you can do one on the sexy ladies of Fox & Friends. Nauert, Kooiman, Ainsley, Hasselbeck are all incredibly attractive. Great work.

Absolutely fucking fabulous!

I have NEVER commented on here before, and never thought I would, but this story of your deserves an award, or a prize of some sort!! Girl on girl stuff is not really my thing, but the premise intrigued me. I am DEEPLY impressed at how well you write the different clones -- you nailed them all!! GREAT JOB!! :) (I must also admit that the girl on girl stuff almost won me over...)

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