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Thank you for reading. This is the first time I've ever published anything online, I really appreciate your feedback and I will try and use all of your feedback.

I should have been more specific

The original story is actually a movie called Predators. This story picks up right after the movie ends.

Victoria and duncan should end up together

This was such a great story.came back to reread it and check if there was anything new from you. Think a Squeeze box contraption would e really great, I actually remember thinking that there would be story like it when I first found these 70s stories but haven't seen any at all, you'd be great to tackle it if you decide to.

Great stuff

Your stories get better and better. I'm not big on the selection of girls but that don't matter to me, your writing is fun and always a pleasure.

Continually awesome!

This is yet another amazing extension of an amazing story! Please keep writing these! I can't wait to meet Selena and Ariana in the story - but I also hope we come back to Taylor. I like this idea of a threesome with Selena and Taylor...


Since this is a sequel, can you tell me where the original story is located?

This is a very well written story and a novel concept. I enjoyed the escalation quite a bit but personally would have liked more build up and humiliation before the actual fucking. I would love to see more stories in this setting, and more stories about Ms. Dormer. Great job.

very good

I really liked it! This is different to normal stories, I really hope there are more and continue with actresses out of GoT and criminal minds etc xD

Awesome story!

I hope this becomes a series. Maybe Daisy will take more convincing?

It'd be interesting to have Joe work a new client where one of her co-stars has also hired him. Like Melissa Rauch hires the Agency and gets Joe, who is recognized by Kaley.

I think it would be interesting if Samantha was bi tho preferred women. Could set up a group situation or where they see who satisfied a specific client better

RE: story idea

I'm glad you have enjoyed the series so far. The storyline you mentioned has been a direction I have thought about going. I've got a few different directions that I am looking to take the story and just weighing the option to see what is best. While I am a big fan of Dove, she hasn't seemed to gain as much interest from my readers. Makes me a little lerey to head in that direction. I will keep that option open though.

story idea

Loving the series dude. Just an idea I had while reading a few chapters. Dove is now aware of the agency. She herself now wants to become a client and requests Joe. Eliza then finds that Joe has had sex with some one that he wasn't responsible for. This leads to a conflict. Idk just an idea.


I love the series. I am always checking for the next chapter.

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