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holly Willoughby kik wank group

If holly gets you wanking then come join the kik wank group for her. Add me on kik first. Filthyfuk29

Loved this.

As a fellow dark series fanatic I have read this story multiple times. Please keep up the wonderful work and maybe think about another?

When will you update this?

Hi. Came across this online and read all 3 of them. Just like all the other posters would love to know when you will update this again. Thanks for your hard work.

Nothing beats

Jennifer Love getting her big tits fucked!!!!

More Pam storys!

I'd like to see Toby or someone unrelated to the show get tofuck her, like an old horny nieghbor

Very exciting and erotic episode. Your imagination is impressive.

glad not dead

Good to hear and understand the delay due to nature... Hope your hard drive was backed up and above flood levels.

One thing I had to do was go back to pt 3 and read the last 2 pages again. Maybe a preamble at the beginning would help catch us up (I forgot who Tory was). New chapter also actor names is still helpful first time.

Please put Jenny in pt 5 and more Castle and daughter time too.

Great story!

Wow, hot story make me hard, love your story, thanks. You can visit my blog: http://modelsexconfession.tumblr.com/
I am also a model lover, enjoy.

Great read

Great story that stays true to the characters of the Jetsons!

Still Alive

Not dead yet, but was delayed with no power for 2 days because of hurricane Matthew. More to cum!

I think D should work for a bit then ultimately fail, leaving Megan a slave to pleasure.

Wonderfully written, thank you.

I finally finished reading every chapter. My only complaint is that this site doesn't allow the chapters to all be joined; forcing the reader to backtrack to the author's profile page to find the next chapter. Not a good flow trying to read that way. End rant.

Kudos for excellent characterization and voice, a fun romp of lemony goodness, and a hilariously flimsy fourth wall. Loved the evilness of Joker's character. I appreciated homage to the writers, as a true fan it's very seldom seen. Very good story flow considering this was supposedly porn without plot.

I'm so glad the plot was weird (no offence meant), it took me a while to figure out those waves. Very nice. I enjoyed very much observing Superman's "power" and "strength". This story hit all the right balanced notes; violence versus tenderness, righting evil while reforming bad gals, and so on.

I spent too many nights reading way past midnight, I just couldn't put my tablet down. The plot and porn were too much fun to sleep.

Again, thank you so much for entertaining me, and even the sleepless nights were well worth the time spent enjoying your work. If you ever publish an actual paperback, I'll be in line or online to buy a copy. You have a way with stories that is quite rare.

thank you

I have not even started to read this sure to be great piece or erotica. But wanted to thank you for the effort... was afraid you died.

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