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Looks great. It's too short though. If this would have been longer and had more detail, then it would be pretty good.

Like giving birth to a hurricane...

...the reader is taken on a wild and crazy ride through campy but dangerous adventures - and erotic bedroom scenes. Imagine the TV ratings for this version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Of course, assuming it could be aired uncensored. :-)


The only way I could imagine this being better, aside from me taking Bill's place (which I imagined already)... is for Dana Perino to join in. I'm a hardcore liberal, but those two blondes seriously float my boat.

It's okay

The story is great, and there's a mediocre amount of detail, and that's what this needs more of. If it was more in depth in the scenes with Barris and Anakin, it'd be better. It's almost as if this story was rushed

Get some help!!

After reading a couple of your stories, I suggest you get an editor to help you. Either English is not your first language or you have very limited writing experience. Your stories read like a rough draft or an article that would appear in a newspaper. There is very little if any back round about the characters, the dialog is very limited, and there are spelling and grammatical errors.On your next story, take your time, picture yourself as the main character and think what you would say and how you would act.
Again,PLEASE do yourself and the readers a big favor and get an editor to proofread before you submit your next story

I keep saying this: I loved it!!

You are quickly becoming my favorite author! Thanks for another great story!


Lovd Gigi Hadid's appearance on this, hope her sister joins her the next time she shows up.


Just wondering whether you plan on writing more stories about slutty Sarah Walker? I loved your both stories.

Saorise deserves a good cock

Please keep writing this! I'm dying to hear how she reacts to his new dick.


Fuck yeah that was beyond awesome!

I quite enjoyed it. Good writing.

I enjoyed the story but being a straight dude the sex scenes did nothing for me. That is until I read the comments of piles of turned on women. I wish I looked like either of those guys I would enjoy helping everyone's fantasy come true.


Same question as Blackwing? I saw you posted some of your Big Bang series 2 but I think most of of wait for this series. :)

Wish you would write a sequel to this.

I'm Loving It!!

Buffy kissed me deeply. It was a wonderful kiss, starting out tender at first and growing in its intensity. My body temperature seemed to rise as the kiss went on and by the time Buffy's tongue slid forward and forced me to open my mouth to grant her tongue access, my temperature was at feverish levels.

Buffy's warm, wet tongue entered my mouth and the merging of our tongues caused my heart to beat faster and I could feel myself getting wet down in between my legs.

I moaned into Buffy's mouth as she plunged her tongue in deeper. It seemed like she was slowly and leisurely exploring every nook and cranny my mouth had to offer, and I enjoyed every delicious second of her exploration. I wrapped one arm lovingly around Buffy's waist as she kissed me and one of my hands seemed to find Buffy's firm, delightful buttocks, even though I wasn't consciously looking for them.

When Buffy finally withdrew her tongue from my mouth and her lips separated from mine I was panting and gasping for breath.



If Sarah Michelle Gellar and Allison Hannigan had kissed like this during one of the episodes, their ratings would have gone through the roof!! It would have made television history!!

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