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For those commenting on lack of development, is there a specific story of mine you felt did that well? And if so what differed from this one? Because I feel I put in roughly the same if not more buildup in this then most of my other stories and would love to know what I could improve on?

Fun story.

It takes me back to my childhood. I always enjoyed the Flintstones, so it was really cool to find them on my favorite pornsite.


I think it Duncan and Victoria were just something special... It wasn't the same with Alexandra.


Can't wait for Chloe's part in this amazing story

Nicely Done

Very well done. A little lacking in development, but I think it's a solid story.

Great story. Hope there's a sequel coming for Hayley


How did you write so much worse than a lot of your other stories? You seemed to forget stuff like dialog and character development.

I don't know how old this series is, but please do another! I'm a housewife and this fan fiction is keeping me going! I love it!


Really grabbed me. Good job hooking me as a reader.

Very happy seeing Britney is back, yesssssssss

Second thoughts

With the low ratings and lack of comments, I'm having second thoughts about continuing this series

Not for evreyone

Thanks for the feedback

I realize The Middle appeals to only a small audience. I hope they enjoy it. I'll make sure other people are more clearly warned off next time. However I like it, and Iike Frankie Heck, so I'll keep writing.


Almost Five Years...

But your fans are still out here wishing you well and hoping those "trying times" become less trying. I love the richness and depth of your writing. When you do finally post, I know it will be brilliant! Till then, good luck and blessings on you.




Thanks for being able to get this story to paper. I was enthralled all the way through it. I hope you write / post more even though its been a long while since this story was posted. Pete.

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