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Oh! Write more. I love this story you have. Superman has always been a favorite but for him to hook up with the fatal femme of Gotham is amazing. I'm looking for the chapter where he rests for the biggest one man orgy. I noticed that not one of them have done anal yet but that's just a nic, keep up the good work

Padahpahpahpahhh i'm lovin' it

I am working on a third chapter of it. Hoping to submit it soon.

I liked it!

I liked it a lot, but you could REALLY use an editor.


If or when you get to Maya, you gotta have her use Phaselock on Sam's cock


Will Martha Jones and Gwen Cooper be joining your cast as well?

Welcome back. Love the humor and storytelling. Awesome job


To terminatrix92, Clara will be added a little later than the rest of the girls. And to the anonymous reader, I have a rather interesting way to add River Song.

Hello Sweetie

Got to add River Song as a dominatrix

Nice Work!

I really liked this story, can I recommend anal? Maybe some lesbian Rose and Amy action??

Personally I'd love to see Clara join the girls, and Christina from Tennant's era.

So hot! keep up the good work

Not familiar with this show but I love your work I hope we see some more stories from you soon like bbt and t7s please thank you

Have Ivy and Harley have his kids too then add Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Zatanna and Talia

Please keep this story going this is getting good


You are mistaken the UFC with MMA, been plenty of women Bantam champions before Ronda, just not in the UFC...

Let's get all the other girls involved!

An intriguing look at Christina's past, to say the least. I'm really looking forward to seeing Clara, but I really hope you bring Sally and Lorna back for a scene or two, as well!

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