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Duncan x Britney

I hope he knocks Britney up and she has his baby!

The Perfect SamuelX story!

This story perfectly captures your style. After 2,600+ tries, you've done it. No need to ever write another thing on Literotica. You've followed your formula perfectly, starting with introducing your characters by first and last name in the first paragraph, right down to signing off with a stupid flippant remark. All the things you're known for are right here. Racism, sexism, lack of originality, you nailed it all.
Just end it right here, you're done.

That titty fuck part in the car was so fucking hot. Love how you used Lucy here and those big Pinders.

Wouldn't it be sweet...

Billy should send Asarl a picture of the baby with a message: "Congratulations! You're a Grandfather". THAT ought to trigger an explosion...

Looking forward to another great continuation. This feels less rushed and more fleshed out. As far as the comments on your update schedule or workload folks need to understand for the most part authors in here are not full time writers. People write as time and inspiration allows, I will gladly wait for a well written chapter than a poorly written or hurried update. Keep up the good work!

What an amazing story! I love when you turn up the romantic heat as well as the sexual nastiness and this story really does that. You can feel the connection between the two which makes the sex so much hotter.

Thank you for all three parts of this story.

It's hard to find much Nigri fanfic and I think the location and tease you set up in part 1 worked really well. She comes across as an adventurous kind of woman in real life and I think that works well within the confine of your story. If you continue this one a8b8or decide to write more on her adventures with other strange wonders in the forest, I will certainly be looking forward to reading it!


Please continue the story - I'd love to read all about their ultra romantic wedding day celebration and hijinks .....

Talk about a fluff piece. Pretty stupid if I'm being honest. This of course is one mans opinion. To each his own I guess

Penny is safe with Leonard. No matter how much she whores around and even if Howard recorded and showed the gangbang to Leonard, I don't think he would leave her. She's hot and always ready to fuck, how can a guy like Leonard say no to that?

I would like to see his reaction, if he does find out, though. It's a really great series to follow.

TJ Church, you ain't fooling anybody....Here you are, trolling away in the comment sections yet again with your new name. Since you obviously are a Trump fanboy with the name 'Trumpire', why not find a website where you can circle jerk and worship your god emperor with other losers?

Anyone that has dealt with your bullshit in the past as much as I have and others have, can spot you a mile away cause of how you use the '&/or' and how persistent you are with this trolling behavior.

You aren't here to write or anything. That's why you nitpick over little spelling errors, which is ironic considering how much you overuse the ampersand symbol. I know that's tough for you to handle cause your ego is so inflated, but seriously, go find something better to do with your life. My day was going just fine until I had to deal with your bullshit...


TJ Church, everyone knows that's you...You are a dead giveaway with your trolling behavior and the use of '&/or'...Go find something better to do with your life. Or better yet, go find a website where you can worship your god Trump, seeing as the username that you're using now is clearly a troll thing.

You obviously don't have a life since you live in the comment section of this site. Too bad Literotica isn't as equipped as CHYOA to ban you forever.

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