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Don't listen to that guy. That story was fucking awesome!

Great job

You always write some of the best stories and this one was no different. Your Red and Kitty are spot on and even kinkier than in the show but nothing too disbelieving either. Donna and Jackie were the real stars though and I don't think we need to think too hard to figure out the missing word in the title lol. The mother daughter story sounds like it could be a good one, and easy storyline to work with too. Think it could be Hyde joining in too or in another future story, I missed him in this story and really want to see him getting it on with Kitty again, the sexual tension between them is so obvious! Hoping one story we'll get to see him eating kitty out even if it is a story that comes after the mother daughter one. Great story!


Another one of your best stories shaggy! There was so much hotness and the storyline was perfect. Kitty having Jackie help her clean Donna up then having them both lick and clean her up and her dp from Red and Fez was soo good! I really like the idea of Kitty and Laurie vs Donna and Midge that's been pitched. Hope you decide to do it and if you do don't forget Laurie's way of calling kitty mommy in that innocent but not so innocent voice of hers, hot just thinking bout it


This story could use a sequel, how about one with Natasha?

Idea Mother Daughters: Formans vs Pinciotiis

Hey I just thought of an idea you could use if you wanted, how about a mother daughter one where Midge and Donna go against Laurie and Kitty. We know that Laurie already didn't like Midge much and Donna didn't like Laurie much and vice versa kitty didn't hate anyone but it could be hot seeing her and Midge at it. You could add Pam and Jackie too but I think the others would be easier cuz they're neighbors and the families had competitions before. They could start off with which family had the bigger boobs then maybe which mom and daughter were closer/had the best relationship which leads to some kissing and touching. The daughters could eat out the mothers to see who could could make the moms cum first and that leads to other stuff maybe Fez walks in too and gets to be the judge of the final competition. Man if I could write I totally would do this one but I think I'll leave Formans vs Pinciotiis to the experts like you :)

Another Winner!

Great story! Thanks for writing it! These are the characters you excell at writing and I'd love to read more about this swinging lifestyle of Point Places Residents. This time we got to see Red with the girls maybe next time it'll be Kitty and the guys. Excellent work on this story and thank you again keep them coming!!

When she gets drunk she does get nasty and her husband is cool with it

Hope part 2 comes out soon


This was horrible.. Wow.. I expected better

What you Lack

I know you told us all that you don't really intend to have plot, but this is REALLY without plot. It's too rushed to be enjoyable. You also pull in characters that you don't explain how they even got there. Jack Frost was a random pull in, and then you tossed him out. Same for Flynn and Rapunzel. You can't use FROZEN and not tell us all that you're removing certain FROZEN aspects...

How about a bit more plot and some better fucking? No more abrupt cuts or changes.. You also list it as Lesbian but it's not completely.. I'd remove that tag. Caio!

Am I the only one...

...who was expecting Henry to turn out to be a donkey?


This sounded more like a Penthouse shoot than Playboy! Victoria Justice is classy. If she ever posed nude, she'd pose for Playboy, not Penthouse.

Holy crap! This was freakin awesome! Probably one of your best ones! Don't ever stop writing these stories they are amazing!

This stuff is amazing. I can't believe I hadn't read your work before. Having binge read more of your stuff recently I like the level right where this story and the Megan Fox honeymoon is at. More slutty humiliation, less scat and watersports. Either way, please keep up the fantastic work.

Oh I've been waiting to see Max's fat dyke ass get fucked good and you did not disappoint. Awesome story!

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