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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Kyle and Sarah Ch. 01

 — The ground rules are set by steve w10/06/044.13

Kyle's Story

 — An older male gets his fantasy girl. by 19yroldvirgin8509/02/044.04

Kyle's Summer

 — The last night of summer can be a magical one. by Jones867502/18/154.79HOT


 — He never thought he'd find the perfect woman in his student. by MalePatternBoldness09/19/044.69HOT


 — Sex after work. by washisl11/23/093.69

Kylie & Jane Ch. 02

 — Telling the tale. by weakone06/19/073.88

Kylie - English Version

 — A lady that I've met while trying to learn Polish. by Scorpio5806/04/153.63

Kylie's Cups Ch. 01: First Gaze

 — College girl allows boyfriend to sample roommate's charms. by BuxomHarlot04/08/153.73

Kylie's Into Motorcycles

 — Twenty-something guy meets girlfriend's friend. by bikeorbust11/14/094.03

Kylie's Secret Ch. 01

 — Kylie's boss reveals that he knows her secret. by StilettosAndLace07/01/164.73HOT


 — A toy-loving nurse. by Stringer32111/16/083.84

L and Me Ch. 01

 — A long awaited (re)union. by silentblackwater05/15/093.70

L and Me Ch. 03

 — The buildup. by silentblackwater08/23/094.00

L'Affair Canada

 — A p.i. meets an online friend as he researches in Canada. by RjThoughts01/01/123.91

L'Affaire C. 10

 — Ally has fantasies of submission. by sharkandpen10/22/104.19

L'Affaire C. 13

 — Karsa and Nicki avoid their attraction; have sex with others. by sharkandpen01/10/114.54HOT

L'Affaire C. 15

 — Things heat up for Nicki, who is begging for cum. by sharkandpen01/18/134.47

L'Affaire C. 16

 — Liam and Carly role-play; Karsa plays the white knight. by sharkandpen11/15/143.50

L.A. Lives: Episode 01

 — A new erotic series. by bigfishnetholes04/05/033.93

L.A. Rain

 — Business trip reunites woman with an old flame. by TenderStatue12/14/014.21

La Americano

 — Ever wondered how sex with a mafia would be? by KillerRomance10/01/084.50HOT

La Bocca D'Oro

 — Five minutes. One Million. Do not disappoint her. by ABigCat01/03/164.59HOT

La Discrète

 — French tantalizations. by IreneXXX08/31/053.93

La Douzaine

 — Her experience with group sex. by pandsal12/08/044.33

La Femme Nikita

 — A Visit to the Massage Parlour. by titfuckplease09/18/124.21

LA Fitness Towel Lady

 — She fills towels in the men's locker room. by lilmisssuckit12/08/153.93

La Hacienda

 — Lunchtime in more ways than one. by ImpofSexualMagic04/20/064.04

La Jolla

 — Wife plans hot So. Cal. weekend for hubby's birthday. by Mr_Neb09/12/004.27

La Mal Fille Bien Foutré

 — Beautiful dancer plays out a fantasy & gets gangbanged. by gynphilo08/30/074.39

La Paz

 — Choices are not always what they see to be. by roan barrow II12/07/024.09

La Petit Mort

 — I die a little death at the hands of one very skilled lover. by LOVEsexxy06/21/094.31

La Petite Mort

 — A candy store clerk shows an unexpected savior the back room. by kit_erinsen01/08/104.22

La Petite Mort (The Little Death)

 — Breaking up is hard to do. by Sacred Beauty11/18/054.08

La Playa: Polynesia Ch. 02

 — Tuesday Morning - Deana's Awakening. by Fog4306/20/154.68HOT

la puta

 — Lust, like thirst,... by roan barrow II12/06/023.69

La Salsera

 — Pretty dancer and her choreographer get carried away. by kinkybiitchx05/19/123.81

La Seducción de Miss Sophia

 — Fantasy becomes reality for lusty bbw & her Latin landscaper. by NothingWrongWithCurves02/06/154.41

La Torre Di David

 — David's tower. by ULISSE05/13/053.67

Lab Accident

 — Lab Assistant has an accident. by Ashson09/10/144.54HOT

Lab Night

 — A young professor seduces her sexy student. by raiderh08/05/114.21

Lab Time Fun

 — A little fun in the bone lab. by weirdstunner05/19/113.95

Labyrinth of Lust

 — A town's erotic annual tradition entices a new resident. by NymphWriter10/01/134.75HOT

Lacey Come Comfort Me

 — After the party they become more than friends. by Strapping Young Lad02/11/043.88

Lack of Communication

 — Will communication save a dying marriage? by DG Hear11/26/054.71HOT

Lacretia Ch. 2

 — He lives for only one reason. by JAYCE7310/08/023.92

Lacretia, Queen of My Soul

 — If you had one wish, what would it be? by JAYCE7310/05/023.83

Lacrosse Hunk Takes What He Wants

 — He seeks more than life guidance from best friend's mom. by takecare121211/29/144.27

Lactating Mom

 — Sex with a young neighbor. by bcpjohn03/08/163.96

Lacy Blue's

 — Two strangers find their way to the back of a car. by SmoothTalkingSalmon05/20/153.98

Lacy Takes Care Of Me

 — A good friend shares my bed. by rafters1105/18/104.51HOT

Lacy Underwear, or Not

 — Living with your ex can get hard... by ChancesAre07/31/164.85HOT

Ladies of the Bordello Ch. 4

 — Simone gets her first client. by Boo110408/14/024.54HOT

Ladies Who Lunch

 — Annie finds lust at her weekly lunch with a girlfriend. by captivate04/30/034.13

Ladies' Night

 — Exotic dancers don't distract these two friends. by Polaris2311/25/153.78

Lady Alicia's Arousal Ch. 4

 — Intrigue upon Intrigue follows the Lady. by alexis_elizabeth02/09/014.27

Lady Alicia's Arousal Ch. 6

 — The fellows & Lady Alicia each make plans. by alexis_elizabeth02/15/014.49

Lady Audrey's Birthday Party

 — A 65-year-old is discovering what sex really can be. by pandsal09/07/124.31

Lady be Good

 — A night to remember in Hong Kong. by Piscator02/01/154.26

Lady Belinda

 — She was rather good looking. by johnniedee00403/16/054.36

Lady Doctor Can Not Resist

 — A health examination becomes much more. by droopyh09/18/104.08

Lady Fingers (Conclusion)

 — Ted & Diane get more comfortable with each other. by Bacomicfan08/27/014.49

Lady Fingers Ch. 1

 — Two people find love in the grocery store. by Bacomicfan08/23/014.55HOT

Lady Fortune

 — She needs relief from the vibrator she wears in public. by deathlynx01/28/124.24

Lady Gambler Ch. 11

 — Scott restructures the escort service. by Sweetcheekss09/04/034.63HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 01

 — Michelle's erotic job interview. by Sweetcheekss05/05/034.58HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 02

 — Michelle meets the staff. by Sweetcheekss05/07/034.51HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 03

 — Michelle's double-duty sex. by Sweetcheekss05/09/034.67HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 04

 — Big game, great sex. by Sweetcheekss05/10/034.66HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 05

 — Incredible sex. by Sweetcheekss05/12/034.65HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 06

 — Sex & poker in Sin City. by Sweetcheekss07/29/034.76HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 07

 — Aces and Eights. by Sweetcheekss07/31/034.31

Lady Gambler Ch. 08

 — Charlene's Las Vegas Adventures. by Sweetcheekss08/12/034.53HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 09

 — Charlene's Escort Service investigation. by Sweetcheekss08/16/034.66HOT

Lady Gambler Ch. 10

 — Charlene's two lovers. by Sweetcheekss08/22/034.67HOT

Lady In Black

 — He was unsure, but she took matters into her own hands. by SimonSays108/22/064.73HOT

Lady In Red

 — Rachel wants it rough tonight. by SerendipityOcean07/25/044.32

Lady in Red

 — A musician gets rather over excited at a party. by erofirich01/29/044.33

Lady Jane Ch. 01

 — She holds the power and he dares to challenge her. by Zach_lost_in_Aus08/22/144.44

Lady Luck

 — Nathan enjoys the library experience of a lifetime. by MelisandeVoilet01/28/114.00

Lady McCardill

 — A Young Women in the 1920's experiences New York City. by the_shires07/31/134.19

Lady of Spa

 — Beautiful entertainer and young son meet Roman soldier. by DevisPixi05/20/154.11

Lady of Spain

 — Pilar wants a commitment, to soldier's chagrin. by Otzchiim12/03/003.50

Lady of the Manor - The Stables

 — The Lady, her Groom and the Stableyard. by Brung06/30/074.12

Lady of the Night

 — She's taken by someone she knows. by babydollface05/04/033.72

Lady of the Night

 — Newly single man gets lucky. by lady_charlatan12/28/124.21

Lady Trucker

 — Wife watches her husband bang a lady trucker. by houseboyservitude07/10/104.26

Lady's Dressing Room

 — Bored boyfriend finds lust while his girlfriend shops. by dirtislave811/10/064.27

Laela and Charles

 — Laela is on holidays...and plays the slut. by skinnyboy3805/01/133.94

Lagoon of Lust

 — Tony & Diana take a well-earned vacation. by Moonlight_3303/28/014.26

Lai Ch. 08: Nan

 — Playboy entertains nympho in restaurant on first date. by rcwait04/02/144.44

Lai Ch. 09: Nan

 — Playboy entertains nympho in private karaoke room. by rcwait04/05/144.40


 — "I'll let you fuck my girlfriend for $40," he said. by Eagle107/20/064.33

Laid Over

 — Strangers discover each other while stuck in an airport. by Coltrane02/05/014.24

Lainey is the Other Woman Ch. 01

 — Lainey has fun with another woman's husband. by TastySnack2112/22/164.26

Lainey is the Other Woman Ch. 02

 — Lainey has fun with another woman's husband again. by TastySnack2112/23/164.00

Lainie's Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

 — Brian decides on the perfect birthday present... by HarleyGirl04/17/034.30

Lainie's Birthday Surprise Ch. 02-04

 — Lainie's darkest fantasy comes true. by HarleyGirl04/27/034.29

Lake Como

 — The pasta sauce needs a little more pepper. by cam31camm01/30/014.00

Lake Geneva

 — In front of a fireplace, she makes you wait. by cam31camm01/26/014.00

Lake Genoa Bookstore Ch. 1

 — Lust sparks between strangers. by cam31camm02/04/013.33

Lake Superior

 — Girl Friend has Surprise for me! by carlasboy03/26/134.00

Lake Trip - Hottest Day of the Year

 — We find refuge from the heat at a secluded lake. by IOthemoon12/24/164.17

Lake Trip Continued Ch. 01

 — Two couples enjoy the lake and more. by kenkx006/25/144.08

Lake Trip Fun Ch. 01

 — Two couples enjoy the lake and more. by kenkx006/19/144.24

Lake Trip Fun Ch. 02

 — Two couples enjoy the lake and more. by kenkx006/20/144.57HOT

Lake Trip Fun Ch. 03

 — Two couples enjoy the lake and more. by kenkx006/21/144.17

Lake Winnipesaukee Ch. 02

 — Anal with a smalltown waitress. by Jack_Love02/04/104.41

Lake Winnipesaukee Ch. 03

 — Anal with a Goth teen. by Jack_Love02/06/104.55HOT

Laker Girl

 — Sadie goes "pro". by sgrspc69er04/16/053.64


 — Sex with a stranger can be the best sex. by the_shires02/03/164.38

Lakeside Ch. 01

 — A romantic story of a meeting while on vacation. by submgj01/08/134.15

Lakeside Ch. 02

 — A romantic meeting while on vacation. by submgj01/09/134.33

Lakeside Happening

 — Fishing trip lands him & her some big ones. by T.H. Oughts04/25/023.93

Lakeside Lovemaking

 — You make passionate love in the spring sunshine. by YearingSwede03/02/064.12

Lakeside Lovers

 — Internet lovers meet & find they're quite compatible. by lostnhvn06/07/024.46

Lakeside Lust

 — Hot summer sex by a cool mountain lake. by jonnicat03/28/173.90

Lakeside Seduction

 — A summer afternoon and a hot lady at a lake. by m_storyman_x08/25/114.62HOT

Lakeside Stranger

 — Fantasy with a stranger. by Betch00803/03/053.89

Lakeside Summer With the Twins Ch. 01

 — At the cabin, a college guy meets twin 18 year old girls. by JamesSD05/21/054.61HOT

Lakeside Summer With the Twins Ch. 02

 — Jennifer's turn. by JamesSD05/23/054.69HOT

Lakshmi and the Hot Tub

 — From fantasies to the bedroom, via a hot tub surprise. by HeyNonnyNonny05/18/073.85


 — Slaughter never felt so good. by ktmccoll01/23/104.59HOTEditor's Pick


 — Tori Likes to watch. by jessfantasies05/19/163.71


 — An evening of firsts. by SilentRogue04/28/064.48

Lana and Claire Share Cock Ch. 01

 — Sisters unknowingly seduce the same guy. by Archer205002/26/064.60HOT

Lana Confined

 — A married couple engage in light BDSM at a resort. by Z_H_Locke01/27/174.22

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