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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Just for the Night

 — You spend a night in a hotel room with her. by Oral Sensations04/26/044.31

Just For Tonight

 — But is it? by Carling22903/13/123.96

Just For Us

 — Long distance couple get some quality time together. by Torinona02/03/144.22

Just for You

 — You meet a stranger. by sexyindianawyer09/29/034.31

Just for You

 — It was her undoing. by LaurahW02/01/114.14

Just Friends

 — Stormy night traps best friends. by Pogue Mahone07/29/034.49

Just Friends

 — Hot afternoon in Wyoming leads to fun between good friends. by wyo_girl10/11/024.49

Just Friends

 — A couple find a great way to cement their friendship. by Duleigh07/17/084.57HOT

Just Friends

 — His name was Ben. by justapeach1603/07/144.34

Just Friends

 — Two friends turn into something more. by kitkatchunky8201/07/164.37

Just Friends

 — Short and sweet. by vanillawithcinnamon06/18/184.49

Just Friends Ch. 02

 — His name was Ben. by justapeach1605/26/154.34

Just Friends Pt. 02

 — The ice is broken, things get wild. by kitkatchunky8207/23/164.45

Just Friends Pt. 04

 — At what point are they no longer friends? by kitkatchunky8205/03/174.52HOT

Just Friends...

 — I thought I was destined to be in the friend zone forever. by SouthenDaisyBelle02/24/174.59HOT

Just Friends...?

 — What seems like a bad idea... sometimes turns out very well. by Goldeniangel02/19/074.50HOT

Just Friends?

 — Allie discovers a new side of a friend...and loves it. by schmunza09/21/014.36

Just Friends?

 — Sometimes you can't help it. by darkfamiliar1402/05/084.00

Just Fuck Me Already, Will You?

 — She has a crush on a guy at work. by KateHarp11/18/073.71

Just Go With It

 — Josh meets the woman of his dreams in paradise. by auguy8608/22/164.83HOT

Just Go With It, Bae

 — Confusion in the Loft. by readcarefully07/04/143.87

Just Good Friends

 — Two friends become closer. by WakeTheFuckers01/01/144.44

Just Good Friends

 — I wanted him, I fantasised about him, I dreamt about him... by TheForbiddenFruit04/28/163.88

Just His Luck

 — If hotel walls could talk... by ohamanda04/02/104.46

Just How Identical

 — A case of mistaken identity takes a pleasurable turn... by Azrael9512/30/184.28

Just in Lust

 — Today you told me you were in lust with me. by anng46906/18/083.92

Just in Time

 — Did they escape just in time? Did the accident changed them? by Naseha07/31/163.95

Just Kisses

 — Something soft and crazy for a woman to enjoy. by ARiter07/10/174.00

Just Landed

 — Sexy vixen waits for lover to arrive at her hotel. by daddyskitten05/02/064.41

Just Last Night

 — Hubby takes me as we return from dinner. by wetchristine05/18/094.26

Just Let Me

 — She has you at my disposal for a short time. by wantonwoman09/29/014.14

Just Let Me

 — The night I had sex with the sitter to save my marriage. by Justtryingit04/11/174.43

Just like Animals

 — Kirsten's outdoor adventure with her new f buddy. by SecretHowl11/20/164.41

Just Like It Is At The Movies

 — Lisa gets more than just popcorn at the movies. by frantici07/13/023.75

Just Like The First Time

 — A hungry slut craving her Man. by Dalendria03/08/064.09

Just Lovers

 — Four friends, harsh reality. by SexyJennaInk05/17/043.70

Just Lunch

 — It was only supposed to be a friendly lunch. by devil_in_white_dress07/22/034.19

Just My Luck

 — High school graduate has odd luck at a senior party. by 1gearhead10/04/084.36

Just My Mouth

 — Mel bets she can do it with no hands. by PenningFreer09/22/094.41

Just My Mouth Ch. 02

 — Mel uses just her mouth again, but needs my hands now. by PenningFreer11/19/094.55HOT

Just My Mouth Ch. 03

 — Mel uses just her mouth - in the dark! Proof positive. by PenningFreer11/29/094.36

Just Next Door

 — The girl next door get "caught," teased and fucked. by MichaelG7407/06/064.40

Just Next Door Ch. 02

 — The next night after neighbor is caught, teased & fucked. by MichaelG7404/10/084.35

Just Now

 — One last encounter before you leave the country. by musingsalone01/04/093.20

Just off the Interstate

 — Gallant knight draws sword to help damsel in distress. by LynnGKS02/09/104.31

Just Once

 — Married friends share night of forbidden love. by KeKaneAnoi09/12/054.14

Just Once

 — He's pampered by a VERY loving wife. by Papi Fox10/09/054.30

Just Once More

 — She is an addict; her addiction is sex. by Erotica_Writings04/17/043.88

Just One Drink?

 — Was this just the thing Sam needed? by dk2k108/07/093.50

Just One Glance

 — Man and woman, strangers, yet mad with desire for each other. by Rex Siter10/29/154.64HOT

Just One Kiss

 — All Jade wanted was a kiss. by __Lisa__10/12/124.66HOT

Just One Kiss

 — Just one kiss turns into so much more. by Bluepen45101/10/144.59HOT

Just One More Fantasy

 — Female corporate exec finds out the power of the helpdesk. by rachel_hirt05/01/114.55HOT

Just One More Kiss

 — Have you ever had one of those moments you wish to keep? by Enchanting_Husky07/11/064.33

Just One Night

 — Office worker offers herself completely. by drew1357902/03/043.87

Just One Night

 — An illicit affair a long time coming. by kencannuck03/07/093.86

Just One of the Guys

 — She decides to prove him wrong... by kimbelina10/13/094.43

Just One Of Those Things

 — Private eye gets more than he bargained for. by whisperdirty12/10/034.13

Just One Rose

 — Thoughts on maturity, shovels, and miracles. by PayDay02/23/144.31

Just One Time

 — A wife meets her internet friend for lovemaking. by REDFOXXY195905/20/044.22

Just One Touch

 — One touch leads to window of opportunity. by grgy5603/01/073.90

Just Out Of High School

 — Football coach gives her a few lessons. by ems3202/14/084.27

Just Out of Reach

 — Former co-workers finally hook up in her new office. by jimfredrickson12/21/084.08

Just Out of the Service Ch. 01

 — Looking for his fun in the Big Apple. by nyc197503/21/174.54HOT

Just Pathetic

 — Rae wrestles with her emotions. by Invisible2u12/06/074.31

Just Practice

 — Fencing argument leads to sex argument... by secretme02/10/084.53HOT

Just Put Some Ice On It

 — Learning a new trick or two. by scarfaccio02/13/034.50HOTEditor's Pick

Just Relax, It Will Fit

 — Employer takes his co-worker in the dark. by kaiyandom07/31/113.95

Just Relaxing

 — What I did on my summer vacation. by TV_News_Babe08/18/134.75HOT

Just Saving Money

 — When business can turn to pleasure... by Azrael9507/18/184.19

Just Say Yes and Smile

 — Sometimes changing your dating methods can improve results! by conanthe11/02/114.61HOT

Just Say, "Please"

 — It's been too long and I could wait no longer to please him. by Kittyscave04/27/174.17

Just Sex

 — Wanted, needed, and received. by mtnman200301/25/064.43

Just Sex

 — She enjoys a sexual tryst. by ainu204/07/093.89

Just Sex, Amazing Sex

 — Our amazing sexual encounters. by MetallicNails8812/10/123.63

Just Some Buddies From College, Dad

 — My son brings home three buddies from college...all girls. by WayneGibbous10/25/124.38

Just Take Me

 — Taking advantage of an empty copy room. by her_dreams_NC11/08/164.40

Just Teasing

 — Erotic tales of a truck driver's young wife. by sweetnshy09/07/034.32

Just That Kind of Woman Ch. 02

 — The fun continues at Chris's. by atlas36003/12/114.42

Just the Begining

 — Their first experience is only the beginning. by outrabutterfly01/28/054.44

Just the Beginning

 — She finds a lusty lover to fulfill her needs. by ImpossibleFind12/25/013.93

Just the Beginning

 — Much more than just a blowjob. by simply_cyn07/20/054.45

Just the Beginning

 — This is the beginning of a beautiful weekend. by Cat_Fantastic08/25/074.62HOT

Just the Beginning

 — Its about a blonde babysitter and her beau. by butterfly_lies03/03/044.23

Just the Beginning

 — Two lonely people find each other. by mrtnmoon03/03/084.53HOT

Just The Best, That's All

 — He's woken up in the middle of the night. by obg12/30/013.60

Just the Good Parts

 — Several short pieces of erotica. by Paris Waterman05/11/124.35

Just The Three Of Us

 — Instructor awakens avenues not traveled before. by VixenLaFlamme03/08/034.17

Just This

 — After a separation all she wants is you. by enchantresscitron11/03/154.25

Just This Once

 — I never do this. by shawnsgrl2203/22/104.37

Just This Once

 — Hooking up with an engaged, formerly platonic friend. by Irish Moss09/09/144.60HOT

Just Took A Song

 — Musician gets a former girl after his first gig. by DetrimintalHopes06/07/073.39

Just Try Me

 — Curiosity about you gets the best of her. by Inner Heat12/10/014.19

Just Trying to Get Home

 — Snowed in with a truck driver I had just met. by TwylamarieWilson05/11/184.00

Just Two Sexual Animals

 — You & he - sexual animals in heat. by Jim McKay07/16/043.98

Just Until The Storm Passes

 — Chance encounter in the rain swept street. by IntimateSpirit12/15/074.31

Just Visiting

 — Coming home to your lover and all that fun stuff. by Nightingale0203/11/034.00

Just Visiting

 — An old friend visits and ends up in a wild fuck-fest. by Aruri08/14/144.28

Just What I Needed Ch. 04

 — Jen is falling for Matt, or is it his cock? by Phallicwords02/15/134.33

Just What I Needed Ch. 05

 — Matt tells the story of his own coming of age. by Phallicwords07/07/134.37

Just What I Ordered

 — To only wish it could happen to you in a coffeehouse. by Sweetness00108/04/06

Just What She Needed

 — Masseur rubs tense attorney the right way. by fanzee108/18/024.30

Just What She Needed

 — After a long day, Mandy got just what she needed. by Tymarion05/21/184.38

Just What She Wanted

 — A couple enjoys a very erotic reunion after time apart. by MsGinger05/08/114.04

Just What Sue Wanted

 — Frustrated wife asserts herself. by Z-Writer12/20/054.18

Just What They Needed Ch. 02

 — Young woman finds emotional healing with father of a friend. by lemonzinger105/11/184.61HOT

Just when She Leans her Head Back

 — The joys of long-term fucking. by thirstyqueen03/22/173.95

Just Yesterday We Were Strangers

 — Alex meets Gabriella and they come to an agreement. by Wingwalker6909/04/153.83

Just You And Me

 — I take you on a vivid trip full of passion. by Bluehoney1701/12/123.88

Just You and Me

 — I imagine fucking you. by dirtylittleblonde09/07/144.02

Just You and Me, Punk Rock Girl

 — She knows how to have fun. by chicagophotoman04/18/06

Justice For Dawn Ch. 04

 — Justice becomes bittersweet. by SplitLicker6904/06/113.33

Justice Gets Served Ch. 02

 — Justice continues her sinful ways. by XXNoraJeanXX09/15/074.58HOT

Justice Served

 — Rejection turns into sweet revenge. by jade61707/11/164.20

Justin Ch. 02

 — Allison and Justin's romp continues. by MissAthena12/28/104.38

Justina Ch. 01

 — He lusts for his friend's wife. by tommyrich11/27/024.14

Justine Ch. 01

 — The wanderlust of a blonde nuclear bombshell. by SuperVC1002/19/133.24

Justine: Like Cinnamon Ch. 03

 — Justine and Freddy move ahead. by drsalt07/23/034.38

JW & Krista

 — He frustrates and annoys her...and makes her wet. by princessk1104/27/164.10


 — Lover's meet for some Rough Sex. by hard2love6404/25/093.77

K Is for Kink...

 — A man... A woman... and a night of fantasy. by romantic_soul07/12/093.83


 — A mystical encounter in the desert Southwest. by SueNH09/30/124.45

Kadin's Musings- Meeting Scarlet

 — A chance posting on craigslist brings on BDSM. by DirtyGeisha01/23/093.36

Kahana Hula Tiki Bar

 — Commuter steps off his train and into a South Sea idyll. by JorisKHuysmans08/19/083.96

Kaitlin Closes The Deal Ch. 01

 — Kaitlin does what it takes to land the new account. by GaryDouglass02/22/054.46

Kaitlin Closes The Deal Ch. 02

 — Sometimes, you just need to do whatever it takes. by GaryDouglass03/10/054.51HOT

Kaitlin Closes The Deal Ch. 03

 — Kaitlin closes the deal, but gets a surprise. by GaryDouglass04/30/054.33

Kaitlin's Tale Ch. 1

 — Savvy businesswoman takes hunk at party. by AerinThomas10/27/004.17


 — Daddy is doing the nanny. by CalWriter01/15/054.25


 — When a PTA mom has a wild side. by Lone965311/11/154.35

Kaitlyn's Birthday

 — She gets a great present on her friend's birthday. by yourslavegirl12/10/034.16


 — Old friends get back together. by TxMarine09/08/043.39

Kala, The Single Mother

 — Kala was in shock when he met her. by sahebji08/20/024.38


 — She reminisces about a night with her crush. by xxbadshychickxx11/29/084.29

Kami's Saturday Night Special

 — Kami receives a note to meet him. by WestTexas3401/13/044.00

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