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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Exploring New Places

 — She finds the satisfaction she needs by SutherStyle7302/10/024.09

Exploring Together

 — Bill and Marie take the next step after their time at the hot spring. by ImpossibleDreamer2403/19/174.72HOT

Explosion of My Senses

 — Detailed description of dining at the Cunnilingus Grill. by techsan05/04/054.48


 — He helps her work through her sexual constraints. by William DuPayne10/14/03

Exposing Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 01

 — Doris gets an email & makes a confession of sorts. by cdhawkeye96a10/13/064.32

Exposing Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 02

 — Royce's reaction, the plan, and Doris' gift. by cdhawkeye96a10/17/064.15


 — Crotchless leggings are just the start. by cuminyourpussy06/09/134.26


 — Emma discovers her housemate's photographic talents. by Miss_Elizabeth12/16/144.56HOT

Exposure Compensation Factor

 — Photog meets girl in a bar. It's a small world. by ilikeithot630804/02/154.83HOT

Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 02

 — Life with Didi. Swimsuits. Lingerie. Oh my. by ilikeithot630806/24/154.85HOT

Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 03

 — Life changes for the better. by ilikeithot630810/06/154.87HOT

Exquisite Encounter Ch. 01

 — A perfect love; an incredible encounter. by WildernessRose04/25/074.12

Exquisite Visit

 — To never be forgotten, but will it happen again? by Lola071402/07/133.82

Extended Layover

 — The sequel to 'Two-Hour Layover.' by TrulyTerrific02/14/044.56HOT

Extended Learning

 — Amanda learns a hell of a lot after class. by JB Adder10/08/013.20

Extra Attention

 — She wants her sexy teacher, but so does every other girl. by lovefeelingslutty07/02/124.29

Extra Attention Ch. 02

 — After 3 months Mr. Christiansen's ready but Ashton is pissed. by lovefeelingslutty07/25/124.69HOT

Extra Attention Ch. 03

 — Ashton's done something naughty. by lovefeelingslutty08/15/144.61HOT

Extra Classes Pt. 01

 — Hanna and her new lecturer spend some quality time together. by Belly06311/14/143.69

Extra Credit

 — High school athlete passes Algebra with private lessons. by FGL09/01/003.65

Extra Credit

 — Being a lab assistant has it's rewards. by HillbillyGirl04/21/034.40

Extra Credit

 — A Teacher-Student love affair. by AmyONeil07/07/034.35

Extra Credit

 — It's the only extra credit he gives. by bondage_fetish02/27/054.08

Extra Credit

 — Learning more than what is taught in class. by drag0n66602/20/064.30

Extra Credit

 — A routine meeting ends in the realization of your fantasy. by Morgana_Darkwing01/16/084.58HOT

Extra Credit

 — She meets with her professor to discuss her story. by KittyWinkle01/21/084.05

Extra Credit

 — Jasmine asks me for a little extra credit. by JosephBarnosky01/12/123.93

Extra Credit

 — Sex education was never quite like this... by YDB9504/19/144.10

Extra Credit

 — A story I wrote that is half fantasy. by evagria8911/25/143.42

Extra Credit

 — To graduate, a student must learn a lesson about life. by owilde185403/31/153.95

Extra Credit

 — The wife initiates some hot role playing. by DaleBeaverton07/14/164.82HOT

Extra Credit Assignment

 — Night school leads to hot homework. by ilikeithot630804/26/174.81HOT

Extra Credit Ch. 01

 — A college professor makes one of his students earn her A. by TheBigandBaldGuy09/15/094.05

Extra Credit Ch. 02

 — What do you do when you can't complete an exam for an A? by Sieryn04/23/064.24

Extra Credit Ch. 02

 — A college professor gives his student an oral exam. by TheBigandBaldGuy09/18/094.40

Extra Credit Ch. 02

 — The second assignment. by lakesailer_mi03/02/104.41

Extra Credit Ch. 03

 — She gets the third assignment. by lakesailer_mi03/03/104.32

Extra Curricular

 — 19-year-old guy enthralled by his sexy teacher. by doctorant11/21/093.92

Extra Help

 — Teacher falls hard for sexy Brazilian student. by Unplugged09/01/003.90

Extra Physical Training

 — On quiet army base, you're given personal gym tuition. by gfactor02/11/054.24

Extra Service

 — She gets more than a massage. by hawk2601/04/033.97

Extra Steam for the Steam Room

 — Heating up the steam room at the gym with a new man. by femihussy10/09/064.62HOT

Extra Work at the Office

 — Working on a holiday turns out to be a good thing. by CACain04/29/144.28


 — What was it like to cheat that time? by GreenTulip04/19/163.82

Extra-Marital Fantasy Ch. 01

 — The first in a series of stories I wrote 20 years ago. by 1970man06/26/153.97

Extra-Marital Fantasy Ch. 02

 — The second in a series of stories I wrote 20 years ago. by 1970man06/28/154.00

Extra-Marital Fantasy Ch. 03

 — The third in a series of stories I wrote 20 years ago. by 1970man07/02/154.41

Extra-marital Sex Pt. 01

 — My search for satisfaction with - almost anyone. by annacarrington196002/16/164.25

Extra-marital Sex Pt. 02

 — My search for satisfaction with - almost anyone. by annacarrington196002/17/164.35

Extra-marital Sex Pt. 03

 — My search for satisfaction with - almost anyone. by annacarrington196002/18/164.55HOT

Extra-marital Sex Pt. 04

 — My search for satisfaction with - almost anyone. by annacarrington196002/19/164.54HOT


 — Two teachers find their alter egos and are in turn discovered. by Aus85808/05/114.42


 — Some lessons are more fun to learn than others. by bakuretsuai10/19/123.30

Extracurricular Activities Ch. 02

 — Chris delves deeper, meeting up with Leslie in the club. by ArthurianMorgaine03/11/124.52HOT

Extracurricular Activities Ch. 03

 — Chris explores nature with Leslie and his camera. by ArthurianMorgaine03/18/124.23

Extracurricular Enlightenment

 — College senior gets some unexpected help from her prof. by ShyAzn11/07/044.35


 — The story on how I became the other woman. by deeotherwoman03/15/104.32


 — The first time a young man pays for pleasure. by MarkHughes11/06/134.38

Extreme Size Encounter

 — They encounter an extraordinary endowment. by gemyt08/16/024.35

Eye Candy

 — Promising one night stand turns deadly. by princezdaizy06/30/023.69

Eye Candy Ch. 01

 — Her fantasy of a man she lusted after for months. by devilscandy06/14/063.96

Eye Candy Ch. 02

 — The second part of wanting to fuck Mark. by devilscandy06/24/063.95

Eye Contact

 — Unusual encounter at the coffee shop. by khollen211/28/034.14

Eye of the Beholder

 — She was perfection. by magmaman12/04/054.40

Eye of the Beholder

 — A student discovers modeling has some rewards. by PMDlite04/12/174.43

Eye of the Storm

 — A storm brings two people together. by playful Kitten2608/22/014.49

Eye of the Storm

 — Anger is dampened by the rain. by amber0308/18/093.61

Eye Witness

 — She is the only witness to a murder. by MsErotica195004/25/074.71HOT


 — A night of new experiences by FleckDog03/06/034.16

Eyes in the Mirror

 — Getting stuck behind a hottie in traffic leads to great sex. by WhatIKnow09/07/104.62HOT

Eyes of a Hunter

 — She runs. He chases. What happens when she is caught? by Vague8612/28/064.55HOT

Eyes Only Ch. 04

 — Solution; one disaster averted, but another one awaits... by WifeWatchman02/18/164.82HOT

Eyes Wide Open

 — This is a story of something I did, that I once thought. by SusanB06/25/124.48

Eyesight to the Blind

 — There is more than one way to see. by egamar06/23/024.51HOTEditor's Pick

Ezmerelda Loses the Bet

 — The sequel: She has to be his slave for a day. by SPEN STERLING03/10/134.47

F is for Fantasy

 — Sometimes the fantasy itself is enough. by Many Feathers05/29/054.46

F**k Perfect

 — She decides to seduce her burly Russian repairman. by George_Glass08/12/144.49


 — Do I own the boots or do they own me? by bellefleure08/21/154.54HOT

F5: Kay Submits to Bob

 — Kay can't resist dangerous co-worker. by Swilly06/16/144.28

Face Down Fantasy

 — Two lovers. One restrained at the mercy of the other. by zeebiz04/12/174.53HOT

Face to Face

 — A graphic erotica short story. by Soul Siren05/29/044.27

Face to Face

 — Meeting in person for the first time. by lori196909/26/113.50

Face Wash

 — John gets a face wash and more. by Imanok08/16/094.38

Facebook Complications Ch. 01

 — 20 years later, will the lovers reunite? by CinT12/25/114.45

Facebook Friend

 — Two virtual lovers become lovers in real life. by pennypriddy02/18/113.80

FaceBook Reunites Her Heart

 — It takes her 32 years to finally get his heart. by IvoryItalian02/06/124.62HOT


 — Technology makes a highly erotic encounter possible. by draramis04/26/174.06

Facial Fantasy

 — A personal account of a very messy fantasy. by Stout chap10/28/114.47

Facial Hook-Up

 — I give an Indian girl obsessed with facials her first facial. by RiversEdge201009/25/124.50HOT

Fact And Fantasy Ch. 03

 — My latest sexual encounter. by SylviaG09/06/133.90

Fact And Fantasy Ch. 04

 — My fantasy about a builder. by SylviaG09/08/134.79HOT

Factory Blues

 — The lead in the parts room finds room for my part. by The_Darkness01/12/064.36

Faculty Meeting

 — An erotic session between two teachers in an empty classroom. by taylorbear11/14/034.35

Faculty-in-Residence Ch. 01

 — First impressions for an instructor and her student. by roberticus08/02/154.56HOT

Faculty-in-Residence Ch. 02

 — A new breed of bad boy. by roberticus08/20/154.74HOT

Faculty-in-Residence Ch. 03

 — All in the game for a frat guy and his female professor. by roberticus12/25/154.64HOT

Faculty-in-Residence Ch. 04

 — The plot thickens for a frat guy and his female professor. by roberticus01/02/164.77HOT

Faculty-in-Residence Ch. 05

 — First scent for a frat guy and his female professor. by roberticus01/09/164.65HOT

Faculty-in-Residence Ch. 06

 — All night long for a frat guy and his female professor. by roberticus05/20/164.75HOT

Faculty-in-Residence Ch. 07

 — Lost weekend for a frat guy and his female professor. by roberticus09/06/164.89HOT

Faculty-in-Residence Ch. 08

 — Doors open for a frat guy and his female professor. by roberticus03/23/174.76HOT

Fade to Black

 — Black does whatever it takes to put a smile on Diane's face. by BlaqueDiamond05/21/104.33

Faded Star

 — College man takes a lover. by standingstones06/28/144.39

Fag Hags' Outing

 — Married woman gets to go out and be wild. by penisleeve03/10/034.25

Failing Bio-Chem

 — Melissa has to find some way to pass, but will he let her? by leigha_wynter10/25/154.63HOT

Fair is Fair

 — She lost a bet and has to do whatever he wants. by writingdirty01/10/184.49

Fair Play

 — A virgin is shaved and seduced. by AmysNewFreedom03/25/034.21

Fair Shares

 — A tale drawn from my wild oat days. Wonderful times! by Ryeman02/10/094.05

Faire Play Ch. 02

 — Collum proves I'm his. by Ember_on_ice03/28/124.24

Fairground Fun

 — A day at the fair has its perks. by ZombieGirl8609/04/103.71

Fairmont Motel

 — Two travelers are stranded at the same motel. by shayshay7710/07/044.66HOT

Fairway to Heaven

 — Church official gives in to temptation. by CuddlyAl03/06/13

Fairy Princess

 — He finally realizes the woman he really wants. by gladius major07/18/044.38

Fairy Tale in an Ambulance Pt. 01

 — Soul mates found in EMS. by KissedAFrog03/25/144.21

Fairy Tale in an Ambulance Pt. 02

 — Soulmates found in EMS. by KissedAFrog03/27/144.55HOT

Fairy Tale in an Ambulance Pt. 03

 — Soulmates found in EMS. by KissedAFrog03/28/144.57HOT

Fairy Tale in an Ambulance Pt. 04

 — Soulmates found in EMS by KissedAFrog03/29/144.55HOT

Fairy Tales Ch. 07

 — Snow White and Rose Red let a stranger in. by peaches0703/03/154.21

Fairyland in Ruins

 — Visit to a hidden Irish ruin yields surprising results. by RoughRider00704/13/074.57HOTContest Winner

Faith and Fantasy

 — Faith gives comfort to a homeless stranger. by DSLiot08/11/173.74

Faith and Tolerance

 — A Statement on World Affairs ;-) by toseamus08/27/034.13

Faithless Eroticism

 — A man remembers walking in on his wife. by Alainn04/17/074.04

Fake Casting Director

 — How to get young women to have sex with you. by FLACKMAN10/25/14


 — She's been keeping a terrible secret. by tangerinecupcake01/25/094.33


 — They finally give in. by Ivy_Isley07/27/104.54HOT

Fall 1974

 — It was my first time touching big breasts. Well worth it. by cerection08/04/093.54

Fall Break

 — Dorm life starts looking up! by ninashemoan04/28/113.69

Fall Four, Stand Five

 — There are many ways to fall in and out of love. by katgirl_2312/04/064.17

Fall from Grace

 — A married preacher's wife submits to cruel man. by preacherswife11/01/144.28

Fall from Grace Ch. 02

 — Preacher's wife continues to learn about her rough lover. by preacherswife11/15/144.46

Fall from Grace Ch. 03

 — The preacher's wife learns how to love Clay. by preacherswife12/18/144.43

Fall of a Hero

 — A hero falls, and a request is met. by DBs_Bro03/30/134.61HOT

Fall's Rapture

 — New dimensions, new heights, sensual senses. by KITSOR09/14/034.62

Fallen Angel

 — Shannon finds a way to pay for her tuition. by rufriter02/02/144.54HOT

Fallen Angel - Blind Date

 — She meets a dominating blind date. by InYo07/18/014.02


 — A song on the radio causes intense heat. by perks09/06/014.00


 — He gets a new girlfriend. by stupidnamechanger07/20/044.19


 — Cirque performer learns what it is to fall and be caught. by Tristette02/04/084.92HOT

Falling Angel

 — He is beamed up for bad behavior. by seduceme4611/22/043.44

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Ch. 4

 — Doug teaches Betsy about love. by captivate10/28/024.58HOT

Falling for a Friend

 — The night you became more than friends. by Dawn_of_Destiny10/21/074.22

Falling for a Stranger

 — An accident brings two strangers together. by bob_socket02/02/114.56HOT

Falling for a Stranger Ch. 02

 — Tom and Nikki get to know each other better. by bob_socket03/21/114.67HOT

Falling for a Stranger Ch. 04

 — An accident turns the tables. by bob_socket06/04/114.62HOT

Falling for a Stranger Ch. 05

 — Nikki continues to look after Tom. by bob_socket06/28/114.60HOT

Falling for a Stranger Ch. 06

 — Tom and Nikki finally go all the way. by bob_socket02/03/164.60HOT

Falling for Brenda

 — I fall for a BBW in a big way. by Bakeboss11/13/104.29

Falling for Parker 01

 — The first of many encounters with Parker. by hot_under_the_collar05/25/153.50

Falling for the Step(s) Ch. 04

 — Jacob and Step-sister, Sonya. by Ghostwalker01/21/154.69HOT

Falling in Love with Savannah

 — My first sexting experience with a co-worker. by todayisgood8407/20/144.21

Falling in Love with Savannah Pt. 02

 — My first virtual kiss. by todayisgood8407/23/144.22

Falling Off The Horse

 — A guy and a gal climb back on and try sex again. by ainu212/22/114.57HOT

Falling Off Track

 — Daily train commute turns into a morning to remember. by CharlieGG04/19/124.24

Falling to Pieces

 — Naughty daydream in a college classroom setting. by misbehave7205/26/063.86

Falling Water

 — Doing a chore for the neighbor takes on a whole new meaning. by semolina08/06/104.31

Falls to Climb

 — A historical erotic story. by HarryC12/19/054.52HOT

False Profit

 — Lonely rich wife makes a deal. by Otzchiim11/17/004.03

Falsely Accused Ch. 01

 — Politics and a criminal complaint vex the Iron Crowbar. by WifeWatchman10/23/174.75HOT

Falsely Accused Ch. 02

 — The investigation continues; a suspect is attacked. by WifeWatchman10/25/174.82HOT

Falsely Accused Ch. 05

 — Don is suspended; Peter Gordon's trial commences. by WifeWatchman10/31/174.82HOT

Falsely Accused Ch. 06

 — The stunning conclusion; a ceremony is performed. by WifeWatchman11/02/174.87HOT

Fame's Shadow Ch. 01

 — Just like any other night, until she turns up. by abekast07/01/074.33

Fame's Shadow Ch. 02

 — Looks like she's back in my life. by abekast07/08/074.25

Familiar Stranger Ch. 01

 — Two guys meet a girl in a club who likes to tease. by 21Hells_Angel6907/24/133.13

Familiar Whispers

 — Raven's fantasy turn to an office reality by RavenSexy05/05/013.94


 — A wreck changes the life of a family. by falcon2901/29/164.63HOT

Family Affairs Ch. 21

 — A visit to the hospital for Paul. by Devonnudist04/20/174.80HOT

Family and Friends

 — Parry gets home and everyone has news to share. by adam applebiter12/22/104.70HOT

Family and Friends Ch. 04

 — A surprise engagement for stud Scott and TS Crystal. by SplitLicker6906/30/114.42

Family Friend Adventures

 — Even fantasy sex has chance to be real. by GadgetGirl05/07/044.18

Family Holiday Ch. 01

 — Sun, sea, sand & plenty of sex, but with whom? by milfocker04/21/084.35

Family Loving Ch. 02

 — Daddy learns a secret. by foxxxydutchie1302/02/164.19

Family Vacation

 — She meets online lover while on vacation by Candy Valentine12/17/004.17

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