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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Bust Ride

 — Big-breast-obsessed man meets his girl. by evil_in_the_flesh02/20/054.05


 — Carol should watch her speed. by DarkVision09/16/133.98


 — She catches him masturbating and turns it into great sex. by Bluepen45112/11/134.42


 — Jenna thought anonymous sexting would be safe. So did Ben. by BigGunnz06/07/174.74HOT


 — A sequel, of sorts, to The Sitters. by randy12306/27/184.37


 — Speeder gets her comeuppance on country road. by Madam-Cecilia02/17/014.05

Busted, But Still A Head

 — Vegas ruins his life, until friend saves him. by brewdude200312/24/024.26


 — Your first sexual explorations. by SuthrnButy06/08/044.18

BUSTers-SKYLER: Cumming Back for More

 — Discretia has it all... by tranquilino05/16/013.70

BUSTers-TEQUILA: Willing the Unwilling

 — Big-boobed Tequila likes to suck. by tranquilino05/18/013.90

Busting in Kats' Mouth

 — Kats gets dumped, so she lets me dump a load in her mouth. by Scitz12/16/182.71

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 06

 — James changes Brittany for the better. by kimberlykitten08/05/044.47

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 07

 — The brand new Brittany. by kimberlykitten08/25/044.53HOT

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 08

 — Mr. Smiley gives Brittany a test she'll never forget. by kimberlykitten08/26/044.42

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 14

 — Brittany gets her first job. by kimberlykitten08/29/054.47

Busty Amazon Hitchhiker

 — A conservative man picks up the woman of his dreams. by rmdexter06/13/134.58HOT

Busty BraBra

 — A busty young girl walks home. by DDDDave12/17/144.35

Busty Forum Hook Up

 — Busty young woman meets older guy through chat forum. by Algren104/26/124.55HOT

Busty MILF Just Can't Resist

 — Newly-divorced Jacqui is helplessly drawn to hunky James. by matt_gloss08/27/174.44

Busty Teacher Enjoys Amazing Sex

 — College teacher invites student home. by styler_00902/08/043.87

Busy at the Library

 — She gets a lot more than studying done. by laprincipessa01/19/033.76

Busy at Work

 — Sara and her boss enjoy a brief interlude. by Bad Mischa Bad03/31/074.06

Busy Life Ch. 1

 — Two girls find there is a market for their skills. by BusyLife07/19/094.16

Busy Lizzie

 — She meets her Lawnmower Man. by VeniVici05/11/113.62

But "Fancy" Was My Name

 — Poverty drives girl to become wealthy courtesan. by MrJack01/06/094.57HOT

But a Big Dream Ch. 01

 — Young lady explores the sensual possibilities of the beach. by CoyoteMittens12/05/174.18

But For Her Sweet Love

 — Enjoying each other while overseas. by Scorpius194505/17/144.48

But I Thought You Didn't Suck...

 — Surprises exchanged on young couples' anniversary. by GameFreak9505/03/124.46

But I Thought [You Were a Lesbian]

 — The subconscious mind is a vast reservoir of hidden feelings. by CarstenAT01/23/184.36

But I'm A Good Girl

 — Lovers explore their valentines lust in a public place. by Shoshi04/10/054.04

But I'm Sleepy!

 — No matter how tired you are, sex is always the better option. by Nightingale0203/11/033.97

But There's Gonna Be Girls Right?

 — A keg party hook up from the man's POV. by AbsintheRose01/05/174.29

But We Didn't

 — Younger brother takes sister's friend by surprise. by luvthedesserts02/04/134.77HOT

But We're Family

 — Jack meets broken-down Anna as a thunderstorm hits. by Jay2Kay09/05/134.51HOT

But We're Family Ch. 02

 — Jack makes it to Kansas, and is met with a surprise. by Jay2Kay03/24/144.54HOT

But We're Family Ch. 03

 — A surprise guest appears at the family breakfast. by Jay2Kay06/22/144.61HOT

But with a Whimper

 — Wank material. by 02134zoom02/17/133.94

But You're My Best Friend

 — Sierra gets a surprise on her birthday. by sylviamarie4209301/11/184.36

Butch Black Women Ch. 05

 — Black stud seduces Butch black woman. by Samuelx05/14/102.67

Butlins Redcoat

 — A filthy evening between two strangers at a Holiday camp. by hiphopchipshop05/29/084.12


 — Where two souls meet, there is ecstasy. by Vixen21110/26/033.96

Butterfly Captured

 — The continuing saga of the Oral Bank Teller. by the_dodger12/03/014.74HOT

Butterfly Chaos

 — Two men, one horny woman in a two-person tent, oh my! by XXscribbler07/18/184.43

Butterfly Islands

 — Guadeloupe, nude beach, & uncharted territory. by amans02/14/04HOT


 — A couple's sweet and steamy encounter in the kitchen. by Lillith_Ambrosia06/20/154.03

Butterscotch and Blankets

 — Sweet & salty snacks are always best for picnic. by cas_imagine01/14/054.28

Button Down

 — An interesting emergency shift. by JOHNGEORGE12/16/143.40

Button Fly Jeans

 — Fucking and sucking in a bar. by LorenzoAbajos02/24/163.84

Button-Fly Jeans

 — Mandy fucks a stranger in the men's toilets. by writer196504/02/073.97

Buy Me My Vehicle Please....!

 — Sisters sensually pay off a lingering debt. by mughalpunjabi03/25/074.47

Buy the Hour

 — A rich Indian couple rediscover love at a sleazy motel. by HollisQueens10/23/154.29

Buyer Beware

 — Steve goes in search of a new place to live. by Many Feathers06/22/094.67HOT

Buying a Mattress

 — Trying them out Thoroughly. by Nigel Debonnaire08/20/12

Buzz Me

 — What a nice surprise. by rgraham66602/10/054.61HOT

BWT (Boating With Bonnie)

 — Couple's first date turns sexy. by Marilynmwf01/02/044.46

By Chance

 — Accidental meeting leads to hot session in woods. by LdyOnyx11/12/024.13

By Hook Or By Cock

 — Rachel wants to know if a stranger can make her cum. by dark_horse7401/08/124.06

By Morning Light

 — Jessica awakens to a different type of lover... by poophappens03/31/173.64

By Morning's Light

 — She had a dream about you. by silkenkitty01/22/024.03

By Request

 — She thought she understood. by Vayene10/27/034.07

By Return Post Ch. 1

 — Subway ride transports to a different level. by oldbondguy09/04/013.57

By Subscription Only

 — She gives a premium for multiple magazine purchases. by storyteller_no_903/06/114.53HOT

By the Beach

 — A writer with writer's block goes to an aunt's cabin. by RjThoughts07/04/134.33

By the Clock

 — All Judith has to do is turn in her resignation letter. by milliean05/08/09

By The Fire

 — One rainy Halloween, a stranded co-ed's car breaks down. by Pokerman10/11/014.25

By The Fire

 — A camping trip leads a woman to struggle with temptation. by anne2710/11/044.60HOT

By The Fire

 — Couple has some winter fun at home. by heyperkynipples11/29/174.26

By the Lake

 — A relaxing day at the lake side, turns to wants and desires. by TikiLove11/15/123.56

By The Lake Side

 — We fucked by the lake side. by muddyfox08/31/123.88

By the Light of the Moon

 — You find her waiting in the moonlight. by Lunamoondancer01/05/024.43

By the Light of the Moon

 — A rooftop Jacuzzi and a full moon brings out the best. by Angel_Daye09/18/104.48

By the Moon

 — Lovers have a kinky night. by lovechild2706/21/023.66

By The Numbers Ch. 01

 — Sheila begins a game of passion. by slyc_willie10/10/074.65HOT

By The Numbers Ch. 04

 — The final consummation, and hearts flare. by slyc_willie10/13/074.67HOT

By The Numbers Ch. 05

 — Valentines, love, and a wedding. by slyc_willie10/14/074.68HOT

By The Pool

 — After meeting again, humid day can lead to fun. by TexacoKitten08/10/074.25

By The Screen's Glow

 — The find intimacy across the Web. by emptyness12/02/014.24

By The Shore

 — Tanning leads to fun with a stranger. by plumsyrup06/23/073.83

By the Spillway

 — Semi-private sex, by a man-made river. by lilgrasshoppah01/19/104.00

By The Swimming Pool

 — Lonely MILF meets a graduate student. by Sienna12/23/124.40

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

 — Trevor's Travails. by bbare10/13/184.18

By The Waterfall

 — She is searching for the end and a new beginning. by Calibetsy04/23/033.96

By The Way

 — Beautiful woman seduces willing ex-coworker. by Ed061310/10/074.26

By The Window

 — While she's looking out the window... by Kryztel03/08/034.02

By Touch Alone

 — They find out how erotic a lack of sight can be. by niteshade06/16/034.27

BYU Girls Soccer Player

 — My tinder date with a Mormon girl on the BYU soccer team. by seasonicblue03/27/144.06


 — Electronic game of tag leads to a tryst in the Mall. by pk172911/22/094.67HOT

C'mon, Fuck With Me! I Dare Ya!

 — Pure dirty talk from two erotic writers. by EarlChick01/31/054.14

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 01

 — Wife takes the initiative to revive a stale marriage. by loving_hubby12/21/074.13

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 02

 — Wife takes the initiative to revive a stale marriage. by loving_hubby12/25/074.23

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 03

 — Wife takes the initiative to revive a stale marriage. by loving_hubby12/31/074.33

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 06

 — Couple continues to enjoy rejuvenated marriage. by loving_hubby03/23/084.21

C.N.A. Story Ch. 02

 — Before Linda, there was an aide named Marie. by bluefox0710/29/064.49

C.N.A. Story Ch. 04

 — Getting to know Sandy, the nurse from the threesome. by bluefox0710/31/064.49

C.N.A. Story Ch. 05

 — Realizing that Linda was all he ever needed. by bluefox0711/01/064.60HOT

CA Blossoms in the Spring

 — Neighbors finally meet. by EXWriter04/23/043.87

Cab Fucking

 — Where else can you have so much fun? by NoJo09/24/023.60

Cabana Boy

 — Woman returning to her HS reunion has fun with a mystery man by Blue.Eyes03/08/024.63HOT

Cabana Boy: Beach Days

 — Redhead gets that extra special service. by Urico02/14/044.02


 — A weekend getaway heats up. by erotiquegothique08/18/084.19

Cabin Confession

 — Damon doesn't want to waste any more time. by Sully_M01/28/134.43

Cabin Fever

 — Couple takes an erotic ride to a little wayside. by Galbrous03/25/013.68

Cabin Fever

 — Stranded woman and a warm cabin make for a hot time. by Art01/07/024.07

Cabin Fever

 — Vacation getaway in the woods turns kinky. by Shelby Lynn06/17/023.51

Cabin Fever

 — A weekend at the lake, long awaited. by Mystral07/09/034.22

Cabin Fever

 — They get restless at the movies. by SexyJennaInk09/23/033.82

Cabin Fever

 — Couples fun filled ski vacation. by Texas_law_man03/20/164.15

Cabin Fever and Beige Panties

 — Cabin interlude, yoga pants, sensible beige panties... by Ralf_Growler02/28/18

Cabin Fever Ch. 07

 — Kay begins work at Mr Goodiner's Store. by bill_p9911/03/074.73HOT

Cabin Fever Ch. 08

 — Mr Goodiner's bonus system. by bill_p9911/09/074.67HOT

Cabin Fever Ch. 09

 — All good things come to an end, when there's betrayal. by bill_p9907/21/094.68HOT

Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01

 — A woman's erotic adventures among the trees and streams. by jazm4912/06/02HOT

Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01

 — Shelter from the storm with a willing host. by lisa12341401/04/074.39

Cabin In the Woods Ch. 02

 — She and her new lover get to know each other. by jazm4904/28/03

Cabin Retreat

 — Just the beginning to a restful weekend. by ScorpiosGSpot11/22/014.04

Cabin Retreat Ch. 01

 — Couple finally gets to explore together. by Wil6802/13/164.22

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