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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Visit to the Glory Hole

 — Watching as she takes two men in an adult booth. by read2me05/23/083.76

Visit to the Hygienist

 — Rick gets more than a checkup from Carol. by Rocket101012/28/034.50HOT

Visit to the Nurse

 — Lucky patient sees a sexy nurse with a strapon. by oneilove6912/21/103.57

Visit Up North

 — A late night visit while stuck up north. by Frosted_violets11/30/144.07

Visit with Julie

 — Online search yields amazing results. by jacob200111/01/013.68

Visitation Rights Pt. 01

 — Tessa gets a surprise from her ex. by SweetDesire42708/09/144.18

Visitation Rights Pt. 02

 — A morning ambush. by SweetDesire42708/27/144.54HOT

Visitations Ch. 01

 — A lady comes to him in the night. by otto_normalverbraucher02/21/154.06

Visitations Ch. 02

 — He wants an explanation. by otto_normalverbraucher03/01/153.96

Visitations Ch. 03

 — He plays milady's maid. by otto_normalverbraucher03/06/154.75

Visiting A Friend At Work

 — A first sexual experience between coworkers. by lovescoldbeer05/08/023.70

Visiting a Hooker Ch. 01

 — Finally took the working girl plunge. by thininformant01/23/162.95

Visiting a Hooker Ch. 02

 — After the disappointment last time, a welcome experience. by thininformant01/24/164.05

Visiting a Hooker Ch. 03

 — BBW hooker gives me the perfect experience. by thininformant01/26/164.42

Visiting An Old Friend Ch. 01

 — Travel across several states for business and pleasure. by cinnamon197703/25/074.47

Visiting April

 — College friends move beyond the platonic after graduation. by Irish Moss09/03/124.59HOT

Visiting Emma

 — Jack spends time with his ex's girlfriends by Jonathon_Swiftly04/08/034.52HOTEditor's Pick

Visiting Emma Ch. 02

 — Jack finds himself spending time with his ex's girlfriends by Jonathon_Swiftly04/22/034.75HOT

Visiting Emma Ch. 03

 — Things are getting complicated. by Jonathon_Swiftly03/13/044.63HOT

Visiting Evangelists

 — Elder Jamie is left with the girls. by starova09/08/114.25

Visiting Heaven

 — Couple make best of one-time encounter. by luv_to_run7108/12/044.19

Visiting Hours

 — A hospital stay takes a turn for the best. by robokun07/22/094.33

Visiting Kim

 — Visiting a friend for the first time. by dakotaslt4901/03/074.43

Visiting My Nephew and His Wife

 — He expected a short stay with relatives. by DrWho05/04/034.45

Visiting Neighbor

 — Guy is friendly with visiting neighbor girl. by MagicFingers10/11/034.48

Visiting Old Friends

 — Man finds old friends have changed. by standingstones04/08/104.26

Visiting Sis Ch. 01

 — New couple spends a weekend with her sister. by Orion201208/22/094.41

Visiting Sis Ch. 02

 — The first full day with Shannin and her sister Stacy. by Orion201210/07/094.61HOT

Visiting Sis Ch. 04

 — My weekend visit continues with two sexy women. by Orion201212/23/094.60HOT

Visiting Sis Ch. 06

 — The sisters buy new bikini swimsuits. by Orion201201/04/104.53HOT

Visiting Sis Ch. 07

 — Shannin wants more lotion on her back. by Orion201201/07/104.51HOT

Visiting Texas

 — He flies across the ocean to meet her. by branwell04/21/064.50HOT

Visiting Valory

 — I stop in at Valory's house and she is ready to fuck me. by RobAnthony5311/29/174.11

Visiting Yuki

 — He takes you, his submissive Japanese girl. by Maxwell English11/20/004.23


 — Jacques meets old friend's sexy wife. by fmp01/01/013.91


 — She gets a unexpected visit, but isn't complaining. by Dsireme08/25/054.22

Visitor on a Rainy Night

 — A lonely teacher gets an unexpected visitor. by Theshywriter09/12/174.31

Visitor On A Stormy Night

 — His desire is fulfilled by a wet visitor. by Lord Master Scribe11/01/014.16

Viswanathan Diaries Ch. 01

 — Vishwanathan refuses to be a cuckold. by Kapoor89012/28/183.95

Viva Brazil!

 — Sexy sights and sounds inspire your scintilating dance. by 1sexygirl10/07/084.38

Viva La France

 — He gives Gabby's sister a lift to Los Angeles. by Explosion6107/18/014.18

Viva Las Vegas

 — David & Diane meet in Las Vegas. by davidw6109/20/023.38

Viva Las Vegas

 — Cathy meets and beds a stranger while in Vegas. by testing_the_water11/13/064.27

Viva Las Vegas

 — An Adventure of OneSilky. by OneSilky03/02/144.11

Viva Las Vegas Ch. 01

 — A business trip to Vegas results in a hookup. by Irish Moss02/03/094.17

Viva Las Vegas Ch. 02

 — Another trip and another unexpected hookup. by Irish Moss02/04/094.43

Viva Las Vegas!

 — Man has dinner with a babe. by stillgoodenuff04/30/024.28

Viva Newark

 — Hooking up with coworkers doesn’t just happen in Vegas. by Irish Moss04/08/094.33

Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 01

 — A hook up with a curvy strawberry blonde on a business trip. by Irish Moss04/08/094.39

Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 03

 — Getting a colleague out of her bikini on a business trip. by Irish Moss04/10/094.46

Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 04

 — A cute brunette, some wine and a bathtub on a business trip. by Irish Moss04/18/094.30


 — Remembering a secret encounter in Las Vegas. by stayontarget07/05/044.00


 — Story that started as a dream, then acted out in real. by Deco_Happy02/04/164.00


 — Wild One Night Stand. by clarissaj198208/30/164.10

Viviane 02

 — Viviane prepares to leave. by Tiresias0707/01/133.78

Viviane 03

 — Viviane has a great day on the beach. by Tiresias0707/02/133.83

Vivien Hitches A Ride

 — Sexy hitchiker meets a lonely trucker. by LiquidPearl08/28/064.37


 — After her husband could she ever trust another man? by Susan McK06/24/034.42


 — Sex as salvation from religion. by minevra04/12/083.50

Vixen and Queen Alice

 — Cuckolding the King ain't easy. What a day. by ABigCat01/08/164.77HOT

Vixen's Prize

 — You guess correctly, and she must pay. by Vixen10/15/004.12

Vocational Guidance

 — Teacher has to advise student on a career. by Ashson08/29/174.40

Voice from The Past

 — Old flirtation returns unfettered. by romancer09/17/144.36

Voice of the Mind Ch. 01

 — Vincent learns he can hear his best friend's thoughts. by Gentleman_G02/19/184.34

Voice of the Mind Ch. 02

 — How to deal with Jenny after knowing he can read her mind. by Gentleman_G02/21/184.65HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 03

 — A falling out with Nicole, and a curious encounter. by Gentleman_G02/25/184.65HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 04

 — Vincent needs to decide if he wants a relationship. by Gentleman_G02/27/184.67HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 05

 — Getting to know Charissa. by Gentleman_G03/03/184.62HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 06

 — Vincent and Jenny hang out with a group of friends. by Gentleman_G03/07/184.42

Voice of the Mind Ch. 07

 — Talitha makes plans to get close to Vincent. by Gentleman_G03/10/184.63HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 08

 — Jenny feels insecure after Talitha's advances on Vincent. by Gentleman_G03/14/184.48

Voice of the Mind Ch. 09

 — The situation with Talitha escalates. by Gentleman_G03/16/184.58HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 10

 — What do you do if your girlfriend's in danger? by Gentleman_G03/18/184.61HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 11

 — Vincent wakes up after the fight. by Gentleman_G04/05/184.69HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 12

 — Vincent gets home again. by Gentleman_G05/20/184.70HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 13

 — Vincent tries to get back to his normal life. by Gentleman_G07/21/184.62HOT

Voice of the Mind Ch. 14

 — Everyone's in the Christmas spirit. by Gentleman_G02/23/19NEW

Volleyball Team Ch. 02

 — Kyle talks, showers and beds Jennifer. by Susie_O11/26/074.50HOT

Volleyball Team Ch. 03

 — Kyle sleeps with, fucks & showers with Sandy, the second. by Susie_O12/10/074.25

Volleyball Team Ch. 04

 — Kyle fucks Chocolate Beauty Tara at the pool. by Susie_O01/08/084.37


 — Being a volunteer reaps unexpected benefits. by Ashson08/08/174.12

Volunteer Work Had Fringe Benefits

 — Married volunteer recruiter seduced by single stud. by walterio08/22/144.39


 — Train encounter with sexy, busty woman leads to more. by lustlad04/23/084.13

Voluptuous Escort

 — Lonely guy makes a date with a plump escort. by Raven_Tintagel03/17/064.31


 — An erotic coupling. by Valkyrie89702/02/184.31

Vote Tom Courtney!

 — An election worker goes door to door. by Red_Destroyer01/17/084.19

Vous Jolie

 — I get lucky at the local beauty salon, before thing go awry. by Curious_Anomaly10/09/123.51

Voyage of Self Discovery Ch. 05

 — Ravaged by her stranger - Bablee's fantasy comes to life. by CiaoSteve02/08/195.00


 — You are a security guard at a department store. by Cleo7407/01/113.44

Voyeur Interlude

 — She watches and imagines a mystery man. by uglyman237809/29/174.61HOT


 — Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill. by cowboy10901/25/164.25

W is for Whore

 — Debra works hard trying to save for a vacation. by Many Feathers07/13/054.36

W32.GIBE.B@MM: Sexist Male Chauvinist Ch. 01

 — Erotic writer receives troubling fan mail. by HungryGuy05/07/033.55

Wachadoonarestadaday or Dumb, not S

 — Man encounters deaf woman at gym. by XXscribbler12/08/174.74HOT

Wade and Sarah

 — Two new lovers discovering each other. by DireLilith11/06/07

Wager Won, Now to Claim My Prize Day 01

 — Wager won, now 3 days of whatever I want her to do. by Redstones07/02/174.12

Wahida of Carleton University

 — Ghanaian Muslim gal hooks up with biracial stud. by Samuelx04/19/18

Wait For Me Next Time

 — Casual friendship changes at a party. by auldmantime08/13/054.02

Wait Until the Wedding Ch. 02

 — Patty wants to continue to wait by budd10006/20/054.14

Waited 19 Years For This!

 — Old flames are reunited. by babygirl7105/30/083.55

Waited 19 Years For This! Ch. 02

 — Definitely not a one time thing. by babygirl7112/03/083.53

Waited Long Enough Ch. 01

 — Driving home from work my mind races around the thoughts... by romehasit01/07/123.33


 — Lauren tempts her abstinent boyfriend. by Anonymous Author11/20/004.46


 — Man waits in hotel bed for his lover to arrive. by Heironymous05/15/013.62


 — She remembers the past as she waits for her lover. by Luxlelak02/11/064.15


 — She waits for her hubby. by moll65doll10/09/053.56


 — Watching while she waits - patience rewarded. by IntimateSpirit11/19/074.00


 — Man's girlfriend puts him through an interesting ordeal. by climberbos03/17/094.09


 — She gets what she has been waiting for. by Goodnight1224308/07/093.71


 — She prepares herself for him. by CCj03/05/103.10

Waiting All Day

 — Plans to blow your mind when you get home. by Smellie201/07/064.48

Waiting For Dawn to Come

 — Dawn finds her friend's porn. by SexComa09/15/064.36

Waiting for Dinner

 — Fantasizing about what's going to happen on a business trip. by Elainebenes09/11/143.94

Waiting for Him

 — Naked, exposed, she waits for him in the dark. by fromsirwithlove11/22/094.28

Waiting for Jessica

 — Beverly keeps Marty occupied while he waits. by Dancing Sprite09/08/024.03

Waiting for Nicholas

 — She was always his. by cookiejar04/09/114.10

Waiting for Nick!

 — Illicit meeting in a hotel. by LittleWetNicole03/03/124.02

Waiting for Stephen

 — Lana & hubby agree not to orgasm while he's away, but... by USMCAngel121409/05/054.36

Waiting for the Good Times

 — Young man hopes patience will win the lady. by Rex Siter09/10/164.81HOT

Waiting for the Train

 — Strangers in the dark on a powerless train platform. by Kellysed05/27/034.31

Waiting for You

 — Frustrated wife has to 'handle' matters herself. by MissB09/01/054.29

Waiting For You

 — She's waiting for ANY internet stranger to cum see her. by hevndwlr07/17/123.80

Waiting for You

 — Waiting for my love to come home. by Justalondoner01/03/183.93

Waiting For You Ch. 02

 — A stranger comes to fulfill her fantasy. by hevndwlr01/17/134.15

Waiting For You Ch. 03

 — A fantasy of sex with a stranger has a surprising twist. by hevndwlr01/31/134.29

Waiting For You To Come Home

 — She gets ready, desperate for sexy evening ahead. by annexx10/04/094.46

Waiting For You... With Anticipation

 — She imagines your arrival. by kaseyh510/15/073.79

Waiting in Red

 — His mistress surprises him after work. by AliceNread06/06/104.33

Waiting is Delicious Torture

 — Young woman and her Boss. by shesahotstepper07/25/163.75

Waiting is the Hardest Part Ch. 02

 — I fuck Clara while my wife cooks dinner. by MixedUpMorality02/22/184.01

Waiting Line

 — Difficulty distinguishing between reality and illusion. by Realistic Angel09/27/133.89

Waiting Online

 — Innocent online ICQ session leads to a hot encounter. by violettak11/03/014.07

Waiting Patiently

 — Good things 'cum' to those who wait. by RetchingHearts06/26/034.14

Waiting to Exhale

 — Sometimes, she forgets to breathe. by halfmoonfrenzy01/09/064.19

Waiting Up

 — She waited up to give you a wild night. by ashesatwork08/14/054.48

Waiting Up Ch. 01

 — She wants up for her boyfriend. by Joyride198001/02/054.30

Waiting Up Ch. 02

 — She wanted it rough. by Joyride198001/14/054.17

Waitress of My Own

 — She can't beat the tips. by sirhugs03/11/154.24

Wake Me

 — He can think of worse ways to wake up. by BM6ft4in07/24/053.69

Wake Me in Pleasure

 — She loves how you wake her. by lacecorset10/28/054.35

Wake Me Please

 — Early morning, alone, and thinking of you. by myladythemoon03/14/084.09

Wake Up

 — She wakes him you from sound sleep. by *bratcat*10/09/014.26

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