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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Curling Ties That Bind Me

 — Men's ties are much more fun at home than work. by Cherona08/29/054.26


 — Crush turns to relationship, via wild sex... by MVPrimetime11/18/144.53HOT


 — Max and Charlotte's sexual tension builds all year. by ellabee04/05/094.64HOT

Curse of the Trickster God

 — A trickster god gives her a dick until she lifts the curse. by PastPresentFuture02/27/184.83HOT

Curtain Call

 — He pleasures a big beautiful woman. by Jimbow01/09/013.88

Curtain Call

 — Couple finds themselves in a pleasant accidental situation. by _brent_12305/09/114.44

Curtis, the Lingerie Salesman Ch. 01

 — Curtis' adventure at the Gym. by toasty_oats12/28/144.12

Curves & Straightaways Ch. 01

 — Kaitlyn reopens the race shop. by Sweetcheekss10/04/034.37

Curves and Colors

 — Artist paints a nude model in more ways than one. by theSilverTongue05/10/054.46

Curves, Lines, and Textures

 — Exploring the Curves, Lines, and Textures of a Lover. by ky_fella_5702/28/154.16

Curvey Jaqui

 — A story about sex and the BBW. by maldonsailor09/02/124.03


 — They got a bit carried away. by zack91808/12/074.39

Custom Cabinets

 — You find a hot cabinet maker by Scotty20902/28/074.05

Custom Made

 — Rich girl hooks up with a jeweler. by justboycrazy01/09/113.28

Customer Appreciation Day

 — Monica provides a dream massage. by sethflag06/13/084.12

Customer Service

 — Copier tech goes the extra mile for a woman truly in need by tempter05/01/034.65HOT

Customer Service

 — Sometimes being the problem-solver isn't such a bad thing. by LesbiansBrotherinlaw08/22/064.26

Customer Service

 — Satisfaction with a smile keeps customers coming! by Tzah07/20/094.37

Customer Service

 — Bad shopping experience turns around. by KingofNeptune06/17/124.15

Customer Service With A Smile

 — Lonely wife seduces contractor. by gwh01/16/114.21

Customer Serviced

 — Shopping trip that got her more than she bargained for. by themarquise01/26/084.50HOT

Customer Support

 — It's a business trip, but a lot more fun! by Art05/27/014.42

Cut to the Chase

 — A bizarre beginning. by papadog05/08/043.88

Cut to the Chase

 — They meet after months of playing online. by sam180903/01/074.00

Cut to the Chase

 — It's all about the sex. by Bluepen45110/19/164.31

Cute & Pretty

 — Love of a woman's feet & toes is just the start. by Biker15k02/12/023.47

Cute & Squeeze Tempt Rick

 — The twins entertain at home. by Cute Joy12/22/054.33

Cute Actress Hopeful Seduced

 — She figured she'd give him a thrill but she lost control. by pressmybutton10/26/043.33

Cute Cassandra Ch. 01

 — A college girl story. by adrenaline6193801/24/14

Cute Cassandra Ch. 02

 — College girl cuckold and party. by adrenaline6193801/25/14

Cute Celebrity Chloe Comes to Stay

 — Pretty 18-year-old actress is a houseguest. by RetroFan11/28/164.48

Cute Pups Get You Everywhere

 — A trip to the vet takes an unexpected turn. by lololita02/26/064.19

Cutie Gets a Taste of Colorado

 — A relaxing afternoon alone takes a different turn. by qwertycutie09/18/094.35

Cutie's Breakdown Turns Erotic

 — Seeking refuge from the rain, Cutie meets Chris to warm her. by qwertycutie08/31/094.20

Cutting Edge

 — Life and Love after my Vasectomy. by Adanaliyik08/09/173.66

Cuz Reasons: Chapters 1&2

 — A college student is awakened by the women in his life. by lonelyluca06/14/184.56HOT

CvsN 03: A Tangled Web

 — If juggling two women was tough, what's he going to do now? by Tx Tall Tales08/12/014.73HOT

CvsN 04: Teaching Beth

 — Beth yields her cherry to Jack. by Tx Tall Tales08/19/014.72HOT

CvsN 14: Road Rules

 — Jack & his boss travel; what happens in Spain. by Tx Tall Tales10/26/084.78HOT

CvsN 24: Spanish Treasure

 — Fun with the boss and reaching above my station. by Tx Tall Tales10/01/104.79HOT

CvsN 26: Royally Fucked

 — Ancient walls crumble and a princess is freed. by Tx Tall Tales12/12/104.80HOT

Cyber Affair: Come With Me

 — Separation leads to fantasy. by Wildflowers08/08/013.62

Cyber Affair: Wildflowers

 — Two Lit authors conduct their own affair. by Wildflowers07/28/014.45

Cyber Bond is Sealed in Boston

 — First meeting is more erotic & romantic than expected. by coolride11/27/014.40

Cyber Encounter

 — A bit of cybersex turns real. by Dana Gallagher08/15/034.45

Cyber Fantasy Made Real

 — After months of teasing, online lovers finally meet. by midnightdreamer2509/19/05

Cyber Fun

 — A woman and her cyber sex-buddy. by bunny337401/09/094.00

Cyber Fun Ch. 01

 — Rob sends Red dirty pictures. by thoiblush04/15/053.88

Cyber Groupie

 — The Net activities of 30-something celibate woman. by mandywilluk200004/12/064.27

Cyber Lover

 — She seeks relief with internet sex & experiences more. by spiritlover05/30/013.00

Cyber Playmate to Hotel Roommate

 — Older M convinces his younger F chat partner to meet. by alluringprospect05/03/094.41

Cyber Pt. 01

 — A cuckold explores his cheating wife's adventures. by Nils Huim05/31/183.65

Cyber Toys

 — They explore sexuality with cyber toys. by mlyn01/07/013.95


 — Donna's new PC adds spice to her boring marriage. by Sienna11/19/014.17


 — Scott meets his cyberdate by accident. by Moistlips07/22/064.35


 — He takes you from cyberlust to real life passion. by Baddragon001/09/013.94


 — A woman's fantasy is fulfilled. by mondliecht5703/15/044.26


 — Virtual lover becomes a reality. by mondliecht5702/28/044.55HOT


 — Chatters met for sex, but end up making love. by V.Rich07/24/024.55HOT

Cybersex gets Realsex...

 — Naive Indian guy meets girls online. by KayKayv11/24/003.17

Cybersex Rendezvous

 — Teri meets her favorite cybersex guy for a rendezvous. by spunkyE02/22/094.52HOT

Cybersex Turns Into Sex

 — Two married people having cybersex decide to meet. by jacobsdad03/06/103.73


 — Her computer opens the door to a fantastic world. by MachIII05/11/014.41

Cycle Massage and Aromatherapy

 — How I started my massage practice... by catchercradle10/06/174.43


 — Kisses & a seduction lead to more kisses & seductions. by Tonyjoe10/07/054.54HOT

Cycling Ch. 01

 — Cycling can present unexpected challenges. by Ashson02/21/134.30

Cycling Ch. 02

 — The challenges continue. by Ashson02/22/134.39

Cycling with Janice

 — Wife's best friend introduces me to outdoor sex. by Xamphos09/21/094.32


 — A couple go riding on their tandem. by LC1003/15/104.21

Cyndie at the Lake

 — Joe takes Cyndie for a Boat Ride. by JoeMonroe07/30/093.92

Cyndie's Day at the Beach

 — Joe and Cyndie spend a day on the beach. by JoeMonroe07/04/093.11

Cynsational: Ode to My Lover

 — Hot afternoon with you, my woman. by spinman11/02/154.00


 — A sleepover in a bunkbed. by CraigLake11/21/114.39

Cynthia - English Version

 — A woman that has been raped by her boyfriend. by Scorpio5806/02/154.33

Cynthia and Clive do Phone Sex

 — Two's company, three is not necessarily a crowd. by MsTrina10/26/164.22

Cynthia Ch. 1 (Working Title)

 — Jack & Cynthia meet at a faculty function. by Mark Singer08/18/014.71HOT

Cynthia Ch. 2

 — The continuing adventures of Cynthia and Jack. by Mark Singer09/11/014.69HOT

Cynthia Ch. 3

 — Jack & Cyn continue to share, & Jack meets Cynthia's roommate. by Mark Singer10/15/014.78HOT

Cynthia Ch. 4

 — Jack & Cynthia play by the pool, unaware they're watched. by Mark Singer11/11/014.69HOT

Cynthia Ch. 5

 — A sexy shower, then a meeting with the neighbors. by Mark Singer11/19/014.75HOT

Cynthia Ch. 6

 — Jack & Cynthia invite Sara over for a little party. by Mark Singer12/14/014.59HOT

Cynthia Ch. 7

 — The 'recovery' party continues as Sara plays. by Mark Singer01/15/024.77HOT

Cynthia Ch. 8

 — Jack, Cynthia, & Sara continue with Video 101. by Mark Singer02/24/024.67HOT

Cynthia Ch. 9

 — Brunch at Jack's house, & meeting the neighbors. by Mark Singer04/06/024.63HOT

Cynthia's Affair Ch. 01

 —  Therapist advice on the difficulty of having an affair. by SteveLee114603/09/144.08

Cynthia's Affair Ch. 02

 — New ideas from the therapist. by SteveLee114603/11/144.01

Cynthia's Affair Ch. 04

 — Frustration and success. by SteveLee114603/28/144.33

Czarina at the Movies

 — I take my wife to an adult theatre. by CzarinasHusband12/03/154.07

Czechia Case

 — While friends were drinking, he's tempted by 18-year-old. by making_upper2612/15/073.23


 — A tale of college lust... by svevo10/25/083.86

D Ch. 02

 — More sexy college adventures with D. by svevo10/29/083.98

D Minus Five days

 — The third surprise leading to her birthday by bee-ess07/23/033.76

D Minus Four days

 — Preparation for birthday can mean orgasms. by bee-ess07/28/033.70

D Minus Seven Days !!!

 — Lovers have fun that promises more fun. by bee-ess07/14/033.86

D Minus Six Days

 — Prepare for a great day ahead. by bee-ess07/15/034.08

D&D Girl

 — A D&D game gone bad turns into something amazing. by SensualSmurfette07/09/114.39


 — Sometimes you don't need a second job, but you want it. by obg01/16/024.57HOT

D's Story

 — Never in his wildest dreams, had he expected this. by Victoria_2001_0276907/29/034.28

D's Story: The Continuation

 — D forges ahead in the quest to make Jynx his. by Victoria_2001_0276907/31/034.31

D***, My Friday Night Date

 — By request my Friday night date inspiration of Online Dating. by Aimlessness02/20/183.75

D-Day Ch. 1

 — Young Chambers hits the beach while old Chambers hits the wife. by spiderfife01/30/013.33Editor's Pick

D-Day Ch. 2

 — Heavy breathing in the old blockhouse. by spiderfife02/01/013.81

D-Day Ch. 3

 — Chambers finds Motown in Germany. by spiderfife02/03/014.06

D-Day Ch. 4

 — Who was that redhead? by spiderfife02/03/014.16

D-Day Minus Three

 — Straight & simple fuck for the birthday girl. by bee-ess10/04/034.00

Dad's Camcorder Ch. 02

 — Dorsey starts dating several girls. by jallen94406/16/074.39

Dad's Camcorder Ch. 03

 — Darla works out the kinks on Dorsey's huge cock. by jallen94406/26/074.47

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