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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Young Widow Ch. 03

 — I finally have intercourse - again. by suzie3w07/16/084.24

Young Widow Ch. 04

 — Sex at the office. by suzie3w07/21/084.59HOT

Young Widow Ch. 05

 — More sex - and a toy - on the business trip. by suzie3w07/25/084.57HOT

Young Widow Ch. 07

 — She overcomes her past. by suzie3w08/05/084.63HOT

Young Woman's Secret

 — Being a gentleman has rewards. by Tdisk03/07/154.42

Young Woman's Secret Ch. 02

 — Sharing her lifestyle & defining his/her control. by Tdisk03/20/154.53HOT

Young Woman's Secret Ch. 03

 — Gentleman gets more than milk. by Tdisk04/14/154.45

Young, Sexy, and Single... Why Not?

 — Skylar is feeling frisky as she heads into work at the bar. by Skylar2306/21/184.43

Younger Man

 — They meet at last. by ponderouspenner09/07/104.21

Younger Than Springtime

 — Young enough to be my daughter. by Kat90002/22/184.37

Your Ad Fantasy

 — I answered your naughty little ad yesterday. by CRaymis08/28/104.05

Your An Empty Promise Ch. 01

 — A mutual meeting she's dreamt of all her life. by apathykiss06/08/063.93

Your Arms

 — First time in a new lovers arms by WindyD11/28/024.05

Your Best Birthday Ever Ch. 01

 — Man goes to give a birthday surprise. by the_apocalypse11/13/103.77

Your Best Friends Flower

 — Netorare; Where A man/woman steals anothers lover. by Ghosti3101/17/173.17

Your Best Friends Flower Ch. 02

 — Clovis has finally setup the trap, will Beatrice fall to him. by Ghosti3101/25/174.67

Your Best Friends Flower Ch. 03

 — Things have heated between Clovis & Beatrice. Mark looms. by Ghosti3101/31/174.33

Your Birthday Present

 — Handymen certainly know how to use their tools. by EllC03/21/143.73

Your Blindfolded Beach Massage

 — A woman gets a massage on the beach, blindfolded. by gibson198406/08/183.81

Your Blow Job

 — She wants to suck your cock. by Louise Brown04/27/064.45

Your Body Is a Wonderland

 — Love in a hot shower. by MATTRESSMONKEY4U10/14/023.88

Your Body; My Pleasure

 — My pleasure is in giving pleasure to you. by sensual40ukman03/24/154.61HOT

Your Boss's Office

 — You find improving performance at work can be fun! by gsrs212003/01/143.32

Your Boss's Office Ch. 02

 — To please her boss, a secretary should learn to obey. by gsrs212003/15/143.87

Your Boyfriend Called

 — It’s a game, right? by toomuchinmyhead10/15/114.23

Your Cock Works For Me Now

 — Coed room-mate cashed me in at the sperm bank. by nbaren05/04/104.38

Your CockSucker: Stairway To Heaven

 — Mind-bending blow job sends him on his journey. by Cummsweetly03/05/064.30

Your Day Has Finally Ended Ch. 01

 — Long distance friend comes for a visit. by jewelryman05/03/083.92

Your Deal

 — A quiet game of cards becums much more interesting by Clive Cromwell01/10/033.96

Your Dream Girl

 — A sensual lap dance for her cyber lover. by d_flowered09/26/074.11

Your Dream Man

 — You're overcome by the man who fills your dreams. by koppin10/20/134.10

Your Eyes

 — Songwriter gets very lucky with first hit. by Exakta6609/28/094.30

Your Fantasy

 — You watch her from across the room. by lovetobecrazy209/23/013.75

Your Fantasy

 — She aims to please you. by MorganaLeFay0106/23/093.78

Your Fantasy

 — Your fantasy after a long day working outside. by munkin22409/15/174.44

Your Fantasy is My Pleasure

 — Perfect stranger takes him further than any before. by ShyOKBoy11/07/054.40

Your Hands

 — Follow my train of thought, as I think of your touch. by SparkofDesire910/06/163.70

Your Hands Tied Above Your Head?

 — Hands Tied. by meba223303/24/183.98

Your Hole is My Goal Pt. 01: Refueling

 — She comes on the flight to watch me stick my pole in a hole. by lockerman13811/29/184.02

Your Hot Flesh

 — I'm alone with you in my car and I want you. by manxly10/15/083.17

Your Husband's New Girlfriend

 — Simple flirting with a married man ends well. by LyricallySpokN02/08/134.17

Your Lap... My Dance

 — A sensually sexual dance performed just for you. by mjmsfantasygirl06/18/124.06

Your Letter Came Today

 — PJ relaxes in a hot bath. by Denim & Lace09/06/014.07

Your Massage

 — A description of a perfect massage. by exssnrg07/17/104.30

Your Massage, My Reward

 — A massage was needed to relieve the tension. by maxrandolph6902/01/07

Your Naughty Cheerleader

 — She role plays for you. by katlin696910/08/053.49

Your Night

 — She pleasures you and herself. by minnie17907/31/034.17

Your Night

 — All-night lovemaking session with the person he loves. by Amanda Keep11/19/044.39

Your Night

 — I take the lead to bring you to pleasure. by anonimouse6909/07/043.74

Your Night

 — How a wife treats her husband after a long day at work. by burninglily08/06/104.11

Your Pleasure is Mine

 — She knows what you want. by HelloKitten008/30/184.48

Your Poor, Aching Feet

 — Lovers plan a break at an art museum opening. by NassauHall12/30/094.57

Your Professor

 — A burnt out professor finds new reason to enjoy his job. by CyclingProfessor07/25/114.28

Your Seduction

 — She shows you just how much she misses you. by sweetnsassy112/10/084.33

Your Sex or Mine?

 — I'm crazy about a girl with AGS. And it all turns out OK. by roygbef04/23/183.74

Your Sexy Body

 — The memories live on. by trainman2k06/03/104.25

Your Special Day

 — She wakes you up to begin your special day. by trex1802/23/023.89

Your Story

 — Second person narrative of a dancer & her fiance. by love4peace4happiness12/20/083.20

Your Surprise Visit

 — Tonight is our night for phone sex. by kamichi06/22/113.00

Your Touch

 — An erotic coupling. by Valkyrie89701/21/183.84

Your Toy

 — I am tied up and here for your pleasure. by clitlikker8312/13/184.50HOT

Your Trailer or Mine?

 — Life gives us twists and turns. by BigKahunaCat2111/10/104.12

Your Trip

 — You come to see him after so long. by Nemasis Enforcer07/23/054.16

Your Turn

 — Giving is as delicious as receiving. by lustybard04/01/044.41

Your Turn

 — Watching her dream. by not_so_innocent_flirting04/02/033.68

Your Turn

 — Wife has a little fun with hard-working husband. by blushingwriter12/21/063.77

Your Visit Ch. 01

 — Your online encounter ends in 24 hours of pure, raw sex. by johnnieblue4410/09/084.46

Your Visit Ch. 01

 — Two online friends finally meet for the first time. by thillis05/28/124.67HOT

Your Weekend At The Beach

 — She catches you naked on the sand. by Dee J11/20/003.88

Your Weekend in the City

 — Fantasies turn into reality. by jake3411/23/103.44

Your Welcome Home

 — You are the reciever, who the giver is, is up to you. by RedHairedandFriendly05/21/064.08

Your Wish Comes True

 — You return to find your empty bed filled with pleasures. by roberterotic10/10/094.17


 — A story of love lost and desire unabated. by Voyager2MnM02/17/093.80


 — A night with your man. by LittleWelshGirl12/12/104.20


 — Woman gives blow a job. by BlueStarGrrrl01/10/124.14

Yours Ch. 02

 — The flip onto her back surprised her. by 1Kiki05/05/064.14

Yours Ch. 03

 — Fantasy trip comes to an end. by 1Kiki05/06/064.43

Yours Lustfully - Steffi and Rory

 — "Rory, you're my driver. Fuck me before and after office!" by Dontouchme12/29/184.18

Yours Lustfully Ch. 01

 — When love and lust merge within the confines of life. by Dontouchme10/08/184.04

Yours Lustfully Ch. 02.1

 — Rory, the driver, takes Steffi home with him. by Dontouchme02/01/194.00

Yours Lustfully Ch. 05

 — It's Mayas' turn to please Vince as Rita submits to Dave. by Dontouchme10/30/184.26

Yours Lustfully Ch. 07

 — 'Maya, you filthy slut! Can we invite Steffi to bed, too?' by Dontouchme11/14/184.33

Yours Lustfully Ch. 10

 — Steffi & Maya in one night? Legendary night for Rory! by Dontouchme12/06/184.50HOT

Youthful Exuberance

 — Young Jeff discovers delights of older neighbor. by FlyontheWall9907/14/034.38

Youthful Fantasies

 — Married principal finds a younger lover. by BigDaddy00711/20/083.84

Youthful Lust

 — A college student lured into walking in the ladies bathroom. by Shotokan0707/02/033.33

Youthful Memories

 — Teacher Student Relationship. by Fantasier06/05/153.83

Youthful Sitter

 — The night ends young. by ParsonsParrot06/07/184.16

Yukiko's First Christmas

 — Yukiko hadn't even realized that it was Christmas. by goddessinjapan12/04/054.25

Yukiko's First Valentine

 — Matthew teaches her about a new holiday. by goddessinjapan01/29/064.44

Yuletide Mindfuck

 — Shane's Christmas just got wayyyy better. by Jaymal11/26/094.77HOT

Yup, Still In Highschool

 — With parents away, there's not stopping them. by redhotredhead2201/09/06

Yvette's Last Dance

 — Stripper gets fired, makes her last night memorable. by JorisKHuysmans06/14/104.35


 — Z and Larson meet. by Z and Larson11/13/02

Z- Zachary

 — Two college students get it on in a dorm room. by tiscondent05/30/163.75

Zach and his Christmas Gift

 — Zach does sister-in-law for Christmas. by ZachDocEight12/09/174.29

Zach and the Young Girl on the Train

 — Young school girl shares Zach's train seat and sleeper berth. by ZachDocEight12/23/184.51HOT

Zach and Valerie

 — Bathroom a deux can be erotic. by Vitriolhack11/02/184.36

Zach Ch. 01: Discovering His Powers

 — Zach first discovers his powers from a friendly nurse. by ZachDocEight10/19/174.49

Zach Loves Noelle

 — He asks her to marry him. by ChadTheWriter02/14/063.80

Zach the Coven on Winter Solstice

 — Zach is needed for the solstice rituals breeds more sisters. by ZachDocEight12/07/184.62HOT

Zacherle's Revenge

 — A Halloween Party turns into a Porch Party for 2. by Luscious_Lane10/14/103.88

Zack's Ski Trip

 — Zack reunites with two old friends and a threesome ensues. by zmoorez03/05/184.30

Zaftig Society Ch. 01

 — A BBW receives an unusual invitation. by JorisKHuysmans05/30/124.01

Zaftig Society Ch. 02

 — Widowed Doreen attends a secret BBW lover's orgy. by JorisKHuysmans07/09/124.19

Zaftig Society Ch. 03

 — A widowed BBW has to decide what life to live. by JorisKHuysmans04/26/134.40

Zahra Hassan of Somalia

 — Somali Muslim MILF tutors biracial Jamaican stud. by Samuelx10/11/181.50

Zainab the Somali MILF

 — Haitian Muslim dates Somali MILF in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/06/171.50

Zandra's Valentine Weekend

 — Zandra takes care of family business & personal pleasure. by SlickTony02/04/074.47

Zanna's Touch, Tyler's Lust

 — Friends with benefits. by crazycase11/02/074.34


 — An accidental reunion leads to sex in a sex shop. by lagneau blanc01/31/123.25

Zelena's Story Ch. 06

 — She has sex with Bella and becomes an escort. by Beejayne01/03/114.27

Zen and the Art of Figure Skating

 — A man finds going in circles is good for the soul. by mountaincat405/11/184.57HOT

Zero G

 — A couple starts the Zero G Club. by SeaCat06/01/054.31

Zero Gravity

 — A plane, a ky and a lovely woman. by Alpheratz03/04/064.30

Zero Qualms

 — Wife likes rough sex, but she may have created a monster. by RejectReality12/07/184.66HOT

Zero Thousand Foot Club

 — A customer service rep has a fling in the airport lounge. by ChrisEva12/23/184.44

Zhinv and Niulang.

 — A love fantasy. by Clare_Ca_209/07/094.29

Zipper Sex

 — Arranging sex with a stranger for a Quad-mate. by astuffedshirt_perv02/07/034.46


 — Josh & Zoey find out there may be more to their friendship. by simonbelmont01/02/184.79HOT


 — A girl he had a crush on. by ripple5807/28/032.83


 — An enjoyable evening in a hot tub. by WhitePython12/05/083.93

Zoe & Michael

 — A Police stops to help a stranded woman. by catrina55509/10/094.57HOT

Zoe and the Soccer Mates

 — She takes a risk with her boyfriend's friend. by victoria8405/23/064.28

Zoe Gets Distracted

 — Two girls find a way to liven up a college study week. by MalDufleurs05/13/144.52HOT

Zoe Meets Danny

 — My girl meets my best friend, and they hit it off. by TinglyIntimacy6911/05/154.15

Zoe's Professor Pt. 01

 — Zoe reads an email she shouldn't have. by vegasgeek07/02/184.08


 — Multi-orgasmic redhead. by BSBosworth06/25/144.51HOT

Zoey's Birthday Present

 — A lone wolf seduces the birthday girl. by ReverendFrishie04/12/073.11

Zoo Bar

 — The right guy, the right song, & dirty dancing. by Myalyn08/14/052.87

Zoo Time

 — Couple of exes find love. by Grey Eagle 28611/16/054.58HOT

Zooey Ch. 01

 — He was the guy she never had - until tonight! by Sourcer03/03/064.02

Zooey Ch. 02

 — An amazing night of passion continues. by Sourcer03/04/064.48

Zoraya & Sergei

 — Old flames meet up again after being separated. by sweetrapturedlight10/12/043.77

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