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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Pussy Willow

 — Couple enjoys a bit of nature. by Clansmansco11/14/044.35

Pussy Worship

 — The perfect delight of going down on a perfect lady. by sensual40ukman03/31/154.64HOT

Pussy-Licker: Kinks & Perversions

 — Ouzo, Bouzouki music and Sex in the sun. by tristantrotsky01/07/163.62

Pussy-Licker: The Soft-Porn Scribe

 — He writes about sex, but does he do it as well? by tristantrotsky11/10/164.25

Put Me In, Coach!

 — Will Carly let Jake slide home? by Marshtickledkitty06/24/084.48

Put Out the Fire

 — Sailor's campaign against women on ships backfires. by petemgurk10/24/074.22

Put Up or Shut Up

 — The new Temp was a habitual flirt. by Ashson02/04/184.38

Put Your Mouth Where Your Hand Is

 — It wasn't like I was prying... by alexcarr03/18/103.70

Put Your Mouth Where Your Hand Is Ch. 02

 — It wasn't like I was prying. by alexcarr03/22/103.10

Putt Putt

 — I knew it was going to be hot, but not how hot. by dd975203/14/064.13

Puttin' In Work

 — Getting someone to feed you takes a lot of work. by COmplicatedMelOdiee02/11/093.62

Putting a House on the Market

 — Jenni gets more than a home tour. by nikki_26701/02/053.89

Putting Her to Sleep

 — A generous man helps put you to sleep on a rainy night. by koppin07/31/134.39

Putting in Overtime

 — After-hours encounter with a hot co-worker. by FerdGerfel10/10/114.37

Putting It To Good Use

 — A lottery winner finds a satisfying way to use his winnings. by techsan04/18/064.24

Putting on the Ritz Ch. 01

 — My incredible affair at an incredible hotel. by monicaelwes06/10/154.41

Putting out the Fire

 — She's a police officer, he's a fireman. Together they burn. by PinkIris05/19/124.70HOT

Putting the "FUN" in Fundoshi

 — A butt loving Japanese bi-guy at a loincloth filled festival. by EROgonomic08/05/174.00


 — Norma narrates Alan's first experience. by NormaJane07/24/184.56


 — Dreams come true and missed. by N8Dreams12/01/034.44

Pyramid Scheme

 — An erotic historical story. by the_shires05/05/163.81

Pythagoras was Nowhere in Sight

 — Life as a private tutor has not been without its perks. by Phrenetic_Ice03/21/094.43

Qatsu, the Maid

 — Maid adds spice to bath time. by shaunreagh12/21/124.26

Quality and Size counts

 — Threesome of twosome, it depend on performance. by alexcarr07/19/133.50

Quality Control

 — A young college girl strips her way through college by understatement3311/14/134.49

Quality Housekeeping

 — Erotic encounter with a young hotel worker. by dimir12/19/054.44

Quality Time

 — Afternoon fun and sex during the christmas holidays. by dakara06/21/093.37

Quantum Entanglement

 — An Intelligent cheating wives story? by StangStar0608/04/114.73HOT

Quarrelling with Kaylee

 — He tries to resist his girlfriend's little sister. by en_extase03/21/074.67HOT

Quarterly Review

 — Forbidden love no longer. by deathlynx09/13/064.34


 — Different sexual activities by different woman. by sarahloveitt12/28/064.54HOT

Que Sera Sera

 — A late night at the office has electric results. by insatiable_brunette07/20/104.18

Quebec Femdom for Haitian Man

 — Caitlyn seduces tall, dark Jean-Paul in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/14/172.00


 — I gave her a choice! by lakelover11/02/124.34

Queen Cobra

 — The final resolution to the viper gang. by standingstones04/18/063.85

Queen Eleanor Ch. 01

 — Lady Eleanor indulges in oral with a troubadour. by Pampinea02/24/124.41

Queen Eleanor Ch. 02

 — Eleanor tries anal with a sexy monk. by Pampinea02/25/123.98

Queen of Blowjobs

 — she pleasures her partner in the way she knows best by Siren197102/08/024.03

Queen of Hearts

 — Was it just a bet? by slyc_willie10/12/074.62HOT

Queen of Hearts

 — Gamble with your body only if you are prepared to lose. by Silvercatseye02/10/104.13

Queen of the Castle?

 — An erotic story with a twist. by Dancing_llamas10/13/073.87

Queen Sarah Ch. 01: The Rise

 — Girl fighter dominates a friend after a fight with a bully. by johndoe11201/26/184.45

Queen's Gambit Ch. 01

 — Four short chapters of overlapping lives in London. by Scandilove10/16/164.44


 — A girl finds her calling in life. by chloejacobs8306/24/114.31

Quenching Desire

 — Her 30th birthday brings Coral a mysterious visitor. by veronicavixen08/05/064.52HOT

Quenching Desire Ch. 02

 — Adammair's desire to see Coral again consumes him. by veronicavixen08/15/064.10

Quenching Desire Ch. 03

 — Coral and Adammair are reunited. by veronicavixen10/15/064.27

Quest for the Pink Pearl

 — A trek, a dig, a scandal - oh my. by juanwildone06/21/114.25

Quest for the Ultimate O Ch. 01

 — A lucky meeting between coworkers leads them to sexy times. by Sillyone71409/18/154.36

Quest for the Ultimate O Ch. 02

 — The two meet in a hotel room for some oral exercises. by Sillyone71409/20/154.15

Quest for the Ultimate O Ch. 03

 — Connie lays out a sexy challenge with a big prize for Mike. by Sillyone71409/28/154.24

Quest for the Ultimate O Ch. 04

 — Mike begins Connie's challenge and runs into some fun. by Sillyone71410/09/154.31


 — Propositioned on the beach. by Ashson01/23/164.29

Questions Ch. 01

 — Carpenter's wife spices things up with her questions. by RickForrester6907/22/134.10

Quick and Dirty

 — He bought her a baby doll that lead to hot sex. by pandabear91602/04/123.82

Quick Change

 — “Nobody knows I’m in here. Stay quiet,” he urges. by RoseDiamond12/01/084.14

Quick Encounter

 — Two people need to satisfy a hunger. by shygirl28608/21/094.04

Quick Fix

 — Exes have a hardcore moment. by sneakybeaver01/28/103.63

Quick Fun at the Public Library

 — An encounter with a fuckbuddy who liked it in public. by Loveme_4_36D04/24/113.47

Quick Lube

 — Coworkers have a hot encounter at the Quick-E-Lube. by agent515005/15/094.46

Quick One by a Tree

 — You have fun by a tree. by vic45012/11/034.52HOT

Quick Ones: After School

 — A couple sneaks a quick one with dad close by. by J.Q. Hack05/25/064.25

Quick Ones: Test Drive

 — Melinda is determined to win the sales contest. by J.Q. Hack07/18/064.26

Quick Rain

 — Sudden rainstorms become sudden desires. by Complexication01/28/174.28

Quick Release

 — Sometimes consolation takes unusual forms... by zimzalabim02/11/084.08

Quick Relief Ch. 01

 — Unhappy girl seeks solace in arms of younger man. by sexy_sandrey12/08/084.09

Quick Relief Ch. 02

 — Sex with new partner ends my heartbreak. by sexy_sandrey12/21/084.27

Quick, Perfect, Satisfying

 — When you know just what to do to satisfy me. by Quietnightin06/23/184.00


 — She loves feeling him cum between her breasts. by devon toujours208/17/054.11


 — Who knew email could be this fun? by thirdfloor2201/27/033.73


 — Vickie & Brad enjoy a quickie in the rain. by chirpychappie08/10/054.09


 — Fast, hot, and dirty. by SciGuy10/04/053.39


 — They were in a hurry; it'd have to happen quickly. by Decayed Angel10/26/064.10


 — Anonymous man & woman share a sensual moment. by Siinope04/12/073.96


 — She forgets a file at home and gets a nooner. by MugsyB12/17/084.58HOT


 — Hard and fast. by AStorey112/14/114.11


 — Fiction and Reality mixed together! by dir_har06/21/133.67


 — A midnight romp between a man and a woman. by so_lovely08/11/134.16


 — Quickie in the camper. by not_famous09/26/173.91


 — I drive you crazy at dinner, you get me off. by bhanover07/27/183.95

Quickie 1

 — Collection of short stories from the spurt thread. by lovetoread06/27/034.37

Quickie 2

 — Another collection of short stories. by lovetoread06/28/034.17

Quickie After Class

 — Part time professor gets surprised after class. by kimbalee02/29/084.38

Quickie at Work

 — Couple makes time for for lust at work. by EroticDreams04/21/013.49

Quickie At Work

 — A short-short: couple risk all to satisfy their urges. by maverick32308/21/013.80

Quickie for a Tart

 — An office flirtation turns into something more. by jestersqwest12/15/083.96

Quickie In The Ladies Room

 — Two employees give into their lust. by greeneyedbitch02/27/044.05

Quickie in the Office

 — Boss has hot Latina secretary by Tantalaimon01/18/034.31

Quickie No.1

 — A quickie with a young couple. by Storydwarf12/24/133.72

Quickie on the Couch

 — Your quick steamy encounter on the couch. by krystalla05/15/124.15

Quickie Spanking

 — She was a bad girl at work and he punishes her. by warped608/22/093.80

Quickie: Anna Web

 — A young woman finds her first. by Agnol02/19/164.51HOT

Quickie: Corporate Benefits

 — New employee loves his corporate benefits. by jasliz04/25/184.76HOT

Quickie: Coworker

 — Frustrated coworker takes matters in her own hands. by jasliz11/16/174.49

Quickie: The Blanket

 — A date at the theatre goes better than expected. by nakerjaybird07/15/123.90

Quickie: The Experience

 — A guy helps his brother's ex fix her laptop. by nakerjaybird07/04/124.16

Quickie: The Experience Ch. 02

 — She comes to pick up the laptop. by nakerjaybird07/20/124.16

Quickie: The Experience Ch. 03

 — Dinner with his brother's ex. by nakerjaybird08/20/124.24

Quickie: Wife

 — Experienced husband and wife enjoy tub time. by jasliz11/07/174.09


 — She agrees to quickie, ends up not quite so fast. by handyahands06/15/143.68

Quickies 01

 — A casual night in didn't end how Jessica expected. by Aletris11/22/123.72

Quickies Ch. 01

 — Bartender seduces customer. by LoveArchitect03/26/044.38

Quickies: Helen

 — Secretary has a cum addiction. by LoveArchitect03/30/044.26

Quickies: The Triathlete

 — A short story about a sexual encounter in sport. by Paul4401/21/093.95

Quickies: Ultimate Deception

 — Husband is seduced by the maid of honor after wedding. by Wannabeboytoy07/05/054.43


 — A quick interlude at the beach. by Ashson07/12/134.17

Quid Nunc Pimus

 — Billy gets a ride home. by oomycota09/26/134.65HOT

Quid Nunc Secundus

 — Billy tutors a co-worker. by oomycota10/07/134.53HOT

Quid Pro Quo

 — Married waiter screws her boss. by annamccoy2303/30/174.45

Quid Pro Quo Ch. 02

 — Nic and Ali invite Phil to dinner. by Bert_Fegg01/27/144.70HOT

Quid Pro Quo Ch. 03

 — Dinner is served, followed by a long awaited kiss. by Bert_Fegg02/11/144.84HOT

Quid Quo Pro

 — The right place at the right time. by oomycota04/06/084.40


 — Actions speak louder than words. by trash diva10/14/044.63HOT

Quiet Desperation

 — A disgruntled husband turns to his wife's co-worker. by SEVERUSMAX09/09/043.98

Quiet Fantasy

 — He saw you from across the store... by Sir Alex 4 U12/29/014.11

Quiet in the Library

 — A sexy librarian gets what she needs. by That_girl6901/06/164.30

Quiet Little Katie

 — Shy quiet neighbor reveals nastier side. by J.Q. Hack03/24/044.35

Quiet Night at the Lake

 — Hot lady heats up the Captain. by Buceo03/11/014.08

Quiet Night In

 — You spend a quiet evening with your lover. by marydoll10/21/044.04

Quiet Rain

 — Erotic musings on a rainy night by WritersBlock03/24/033.70

Quiet Time

 — Couple find love in the tub. by kromen11/03/084.58HOT

Quiet Times

 — Christmas lights and candles inspire holiday passion. by tweetybird12/11/013.21

Quietly Awakening You

 — The way to awaken your lover. by Harper204/09/103.89

Quincy's Rose

 — Two vampires, one night to remember. Based on RP. by CallOfCrimson01/14/174.60

Quinn gets a man, part 2

 — Quinn and Miko continue the erotic night. by wordsmith02/02/034.00

Quinn's Senior Year Ch. 1

 — Quinn's teacher fantasy comes true. by SoftPeaches03/19/014.34

Quinn's Story

 — A tale of a woman's sexual awakening by bigmikey35712/08/144.38

Quintessential Gap

 — Lets be honest. by alexcarr01/12/133.92

Quintessentially You

 — It's hardly a seduction. by faustbear04/08/074.28

Quit Whining

 — Boyfriend can't take it anymore. by standingstones06/27/144.31

Quite a Medical Office

 — The doctor. receptionist, nurse and patient take turns. by JANAMARIE11/18/054.29

Quite A Nice End To The Evening

 — Anniversary takes very dirty turn. by wifeydirtydreams07/03/044.40

Quite a Ride

 — A stranger, a casual touch, lights out. by Lia Monde02/06/05HOT

Quite a Surprise Ch. 01

 — He didn't think their first date would go like this. by Brad_in_VA11/17/024.44

Quite a Surprise Ch. 02

 — The first date continues with more exploration. by Brad_in_VA07/18/034.50HOT

Quite the Ride Ch. 01

 — A young couple's journey to show their love. by EnLaceyMent01/04/174.21

Quite the Ride Ch. 02

 — A young couple's journey to show their love. by EnLaceyMent01/05/174.00

Quote the Witch, I Want More!

 — A tale of Halloween lust gone awry. by sexyrubycat11/04/053.57

R U Ready?

 — A short scene with a loving couple. by bigmamania06/10/023.53

R&R Romance

 — A field weary solder returns to the rear. by veryfaithfull11/20/104.04

R-Rated Movie Star

 — She was his first set of boobs. by Algonquin Twit07/31/103.78


 — An electrically charged good time. by dalva6905/19/113.93

Rabbit Affair

 — A rabbit, a couple of herbs, some magic words, and - voila! by glenlover01/19/104.30

Rabbit, Off the Reservation!

 — A Pipeline Protest Story! by militiahumper03/23/174.44

Race for a Shower

 — A race home makes two friends much closer. by Melissa_A08/24/024.22


 — A chance meeting leads to dinner and... by Stephens05/14/073.92

Rachael Pt. 01

 — Sassy waitress and lowly dishwasher fall in love. by JimBob4407/11/094.52HOT

Rachael's Passion

 — A temptation this pastor just couldn't resist. by DavidKnight11/23/043.86

Rache & Me

 — A one night stand. by mark18108/04/113.81

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