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Erotic Couplings Stories

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It's Only a Test

 — ...but Brian passed. by marshacha08/14/054.59HOT

It's Only Sex

 — Sonny buildings his life around women. by Egmont040906/25/094.63HOT

It's our little secret

 — A routine filing task ends up with a pleasurable surprise. by deliquent_delilah06/16/114.03

It's Party Time, Baby

 — A party with friends gets a bit wild. by Cum_To_Me07/25/063.60

It's Raining Men Pt. 01

 — My sex mad period after my marriage break up. by blondechristine201206/18/144.21

It's Raining Men Pt. 02

 — My sex mad period after my marriage break up. by blondechristine201206/20/144.42

It's Simple!

 — Tired couple renew their bond. by Kantor11/16/024.10

It's So Very Hard To Wait

 — You can't afford to fall for each other. by rgates6606/27/043.22

It's The Guy and Gal... Not Age

 — A guy can appreciate beauty and perfection .. she of any age. by Xesevoli08/20/114.27

It's the Neighborly Thing To Do

 — I noticed my neighbor watching me sunbathe. by BlondeAer11/16/103.99

It's Time

 — That first meeting with you. by molly_hunter2806/26/074.27

It's Time Ch. 02

 — On route to the hotel. by molly_hunter2807/05/074.44

It's Time Ch. 03

 — They finally make to the room. by molly_hunter2808/27/074.46

It's Time Ch. 04

 — The morning after. by molly_hunter2809/28/074.32

It's Time Ch. 05

 — Waking up and the night to come. by molly_hunter2810/22/074.12

It's Time Ch. 06

 — They continue their tasty meal. by molly_hunter2811/14/074.65HOT

It's Time Ch. 07

 — Their need fills the room. by molly_hunter2812/10/074.62HOT

It's Time Ch. 08

 — Waking up in the early morning. by molly_hunter2812/24/074.67

It's Time Ch. 09

 — Time to say goodbye. by molly_hunter2801/14/084.69HOT

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 05 (night)

 — About last night... by Gary_Alexander09/03/104.57HOT

It's Wonderful, He's Wonderful

 — She heads to the store and finds him. by Xesevoli02/08/044.00

It's Your Birthday!

 — An absent lover describes a special evening. by rovijack4310/14/064.77HOT

It's Your Love

 — It sends a shock right through us… by demure10109/27/124.43

IT: Erotic Awakenings Ch. 01

 — Toying with a fantasy. by ibdeep102/25/074.59HOT

Italian Art

 — An artist paints the perfect man. by Janna C.05/09/054.35

Italian Delight

 — My wife and I share a hot night with a stunner. by miff6905/29/144.41

Italian Ice

 — A blouse, an accident, and hot sex in the kitchen. by emma57903/16/104.39

Italian Interlude

 — Girl is fucked by a stranger. by dirtylittleblonde08/09/144.19


 — A guy & his camper find a hot time on the road. by Art05/27/014.70HOT

It’s Okay to Watch

 — He takes her to adult an theater. by bb_peaks11/09/083.83

It’s the Quiet Ones

 — ... that you have to watch out for. by SamScribble01/02/134.40

Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini

 — Finding new employee proves interesting for John. by candy-prairie girl11/12/044.05

Itza at the Gym

 — Hot night with his Latina girlfriend. by sparky11point508/18/064.38

Izetta Takes Control

 — Panting hot, quick sex with an exotic woman. by MelisandeVoilet05/03/114.00

I’m a Size Queen

 — Sexy lady needs well-endowed men. by susie_2008/14/024.15

J & I

 — One time meeting of cyber sex partners. by wetallthetime5510/12/043.89

J&J - The Backseat

 — Jason, Jennifer, and the backseat of a car. by JFM9403/27/144.32

Jacinta's Tale

 — A continuation of "Partisan". by jacinta09/13/054.35


 — Ann seduces Jack & gets more than expected. by popcicle07/24/044.42

Jack & Ali Ch. 01

 — She finally meet the man she's been after. by TripleXSexzKitty11/19/023.86

Jack & Ali Ch. 02

 — After meeting her mystery man, they spend a day together. by TripleXSexzKitty11/25/024.03

Jack & Marci

 — Jack has the great end to bad day. by DreamAngel4402/20/074.12

Jack and Ann

 — Jack meets Ann on the farm. by FrankNorth04/14/113.20

Jack and Christine

 — Two lovers enjoy secret trysts - but it can't last. by tragicmagic02/24/064.28

Jack and Jilling

 — Will they get caught in the middle of a little "me time?" by SweetMerry02/02/114.22

Jack and Kate

 — A college professor responds to a student. by enkidusfolly08/09/084.25

Jack and Lily

 — He wants his sexy older neighbor. by petmepuzz08/08/023.73

Jack and Lisa

 — Finding love across the miles. by Sasquatch in Fla04/30/054.33

Jack and Shirley

 — Jack sees his neighbour nude on her deck. by CanadianM08/19/154.20

Jack Ch. 01

 — Boss has an affair with his 18 year old secretary. by IfYouLead07/03/114.39

Jack Enchanted

 — Jack is pleasantly surprised in his office. by Scintillating10/23/034.38

Jack Hires an Assistant

 — Interview turns interesting as interviewee takes charge. by stevenmaturin05/26/154.32

Jack in the Cast

 — A full body cast may not be so bad after all. by laffalot01/31/134.34

Jack Meets Jill

 — Tired man meets lovely lady at The Goblet. by Flashlight7.511/15/004.21

Jack of All Trades

 — Moving house isn't always a drag. by cellophanelover01/22/114.33

Jack on the Rocks

 — A moment of truth or consequences. by hotfunpen306/04/124.16

Jack the Gigolo's Last Stand Ch. 01

 — Special client brings a big surprise. by Rex Siter06/20/054.54HOT

Jack Valentine's Love Hearts

 — A lonely woman finds pleasure with the Valentine's fairy. by Cleophila01/31/134.29

Jack's Education Ch. 19

 — Jack goes to sex ed class. by rovijack4308/06/064.44

Jack's Fantasy

 — A man seeks an attractive woman while working out. by BlazeSmith06/20/124.18

Jack's Nevada Bordello Afternoon

 — She has a heart of gold. by Jackinjillin02/01/054.75HOT

Jack's Party

 — Slacker brother finds out if girl is telling the truth. by J.Q. Hack06/01/084.60HOT

Jack's Return

 — Man finds solace with innocent young woman. by Rex Siter06/15/114.64HOT

Jack's Treat

 — Jack gets an early morning visit from Clarice by phantacy07/02/034.06

Jacked Ch. 01

 — Harley's car gets a flat and uses a great tool to fix it. by potsmokindino07/08/103.96

Jacked Ch. 02

 — Harley gets some alone time with Dave's tool. by potsmokindino12/10/114.36


 — A young college girl likes to spend a lot. by Mugdha10/12/144.10

Jacki's Story Ch. 05

 — Jacki's daughters are deflowered by Mexican thugs. by dan5708/29/094.30


 — Older, married mother has fun in bathroom with a co-worker. by Kyle24Mac2410/14/043.94

Jackie - English Version

 — An ex highschool colleague. by Scorpio5806/06/154.55HOT

Jackie and Me

 — A night of passion between me and my manager at work. by bigboy58703/03/113.98

Jackie at Work Ch. 02

 — The second part to Jackie at work. by billywooldridge06/01/143.75

Jackie Ch. 01

 — Trophy wife finds out what she's been missing. by pwapp01/23/064.52HOT

Jackie Gets Hers

 — Corporate powerbroker loses her self-control. by innocentwife01/18/014.23

Jackie the Landlord

 — A Valentine's Day adventure. by dawoolef01/21/114.29


 — Our horny heroes got it going on in this "chance" encounter. by denis hale05/27/034.11

Jacks' Massage

 — He gets his first massage from hot girl. by misterquick02/26/044.18

Jacqueline Gets a Job

 — A stern older man interviews Jacqueline for an open position. by Jemma_Jane11/19/114.43

Jacqueline Learns to Relax

 — A masseuse seems to know exactly what Jaqueline needs. by Jemma_Jane11/14/114.29


 — A boring party leads to a better night at home. by tiescherrystems08/06/023.38

Jacuzzi Ch. 03

 — Sex in the Jacuzzi. by SteveLee114602/03/154.42

Jacuzzi Ch. 04

 — After sex in the Jacuzzi. by SteveLee114602/05/154.39

Jacuzzi Ch. 08

 — Threesome in and out of the Jacuzzi. by SteveLee114602/18/154.72HOT

Jacuzzi Ride

 — There's other uses for a Jacuzzi. by mtnaire01/15/044.35

Jacuzzi Time

 — A firm fist delights an eager sub. by greatflight05/30/154.00


 — Her grin drives him crazy, and he returns the favor. by lipsnlace05/11/094.44

Jade Ch. 01

 — Jade invites me over to see some of her handmade dresses. by medve02/24/104.00

Jade Green

 — Brinna loses her virginity...or does she? by Black Angel12/18/014.16

Jade's Fantasy

 — What would you do for a second chance? by AngelCherysse04/26/054.60HOT


 — She visits him after a fight. by cinnamon_kitten11/15/034.55HOT

Jail Bait

 — He finally turns 18. by tapout1109/25/034.07

Jail Bait

 — A love story. by bigcarl79612/04/054.06

Jail Bait Pt. 02

 — Things really heat up. by tapout1110/05/033.75

Jail Break

 — Two high school grads find fun in the sun. by sexykitten12306/12/124.51HOT


 — Prison pen pal should have known better. by istanbulnoir04/15/083.36


 — My pretty slut and her stranger. by Dhampie08/06/124.50HOT

Jake & Miko

 — Wrestling and tickling and sex...oh my! by LustQueen10/02/013.81

Jake & Skye

 — They both find what they were looking for. by secretdesires6908/12/144.51HOT

Jake and Jill Ain't Over the Hill

 — Wife arranges a hot tryst for husband. by djake304/21/094.20

Jake Hunter: An Unexpected Reward

 — Jake saved her brother from the KGB. She thanks him. by SimonRellion05/22/114.59HOT

Jake the Lawn Man

 — Lia gets free lawn care and Jake gets off. by kym m maury10/13/024.04

Jake's Tales Episode 03

 — Holy Fuck. by JakeMorgan11/08/083.67

Jake: Finding True Love

 — Jake searches for his one and only. by caprine04/10/074.77HOT

Jaloux et Excité

 — In making love to his wife, a husband discovers infidelity. by bellydance06/17/063.26


 — Lover's vacation. by Zwingle10104/02/143.83

Jamaican Dream

 — Erotic nap time reverie while on vacation. by Noel01/13/024.09

James & Beth Ch. 01

 — Beth makes the first move during a business trip. by Oral Sensations08/04/044.16

James & Beth Ch. 02

 — James & Beth take it all the way. by Oral Sensations12/21/044.47

James & Rose

 — A story of sexual discovery. by HazelRose11/06/063.70

James and Dawn Take a Break

 — A short story. by drmac10009/01/144.40

James and Dina Ch. 03

 — James rediscovers Dina. by freaknut05/04/034.59HOT

James and Mare - A Story of Love

 — A young man and his best friend's sister. by thewriterjames07/23/094.75HOT

James and Rachel

 — A couple passionately make love. by MunKiy10/19/104.03

James and Rachel Ch. 02

 — Their story continues. by MunKiy04/04/114.50HOT

James and Rachel Ch. 03

 — James and Rachel continue their debauchery. by MunKiy08/24/114.29

James and Sarah: College Adventures

 — Sarah and James go to college for a good education. by wigwam2502/04/114.24

James at the Office

 — Date turns into something a bit more – pleasurable. by RedVixen08/13/054.29

James Ch. 01

 — A six month stay at Head Office has wonderful results. by Lucyslovers02/03/144.07

James Ch. 02

 — Continuing Lucy's fun with James. by Lucyslovers02/04/144.62HOT

James the Oxymoron

 — A meeting of minds and bodies. by TheWonderSlut11/11/024.33

James the Virgin Ch. 02

 — I add to the score of new sex friends with another sweetie. by LorenzoAbajos11/05/144.12

James Was Right

 — James told me I would. I didn't believe him. by GToast12/27/104.30

James' Morning

 — James getting what he wants, when he wants it!!! by redtailweasel11/21/153.93

James: Mr. Nude International Pt. 06

 — Case solved; Olga & James pick up where they left off. by doubledigit09/12/143.88

Jameson and Jade Ch. 01

 — They meet while running in the park. by TimWLy06/16/093.63

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