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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Augusta's Fantasy

 — Her wish was his desire. by No Panty Girl06/29/064.32

Augustus H. and the Meaning of Life Pt. 01

 — The Flight Attendant. by TheFlannelKnight05/18/154.78HOT

Aunt Laura Ch. 02

 — Brad’s seduced by Beth’s friend. He almost gets away with it. by EnCarta09/13/124.60HOT

Aunt Louise

 — She was a little older and a family friend for years, but... by nickatnight02/20/034.40

Aunt Meg, Friends & Bozo

 — Thomas a Bozo is taken in hand and becomes a man. by Egmont040906/11/094.40

Aural Sex with a Twist

 — Phone sex with a wet ending. by westcoast quill10/06/064.07


 — Goth Rock girl snags bassist of her dreams after a gig. by Emalyth04/02/093.72

Aurora Borealis

 — She promised it would be a night he would never forget. by midwestgent05/18/074.62HOT

Aussie Airways

 — An actor gets help relieving some flying anxieties. by Magikheart01/26/094.52HOT

Austin In The Summer

 — Sexy Park Adventure. by Pinktacokitty10/30/114.55HOT

Austin Meeting

 — Tranquil Texas sunset leads to passion. by TexasShyGuy03/06/044.19

Australian Adveventures

 — An erotic story which turns out all wrong. by oldbudgie11/10/133.53

Australian Apartment

 — Very friendly neighbours. by AngryWhiteSemen01/15/104.32

Australian Heavenly Body

 — Man in the outback meets Aussie girl. by Romeo Blue10/09/004.05

Australian Love

 — Two internet lovers meet for the first time. by MysticStorm10/08/023.00

Australian Opening

 — An adult interview. by suelove5807/11/124.39

Australian Wedding

 — English gentleman abroad. by NaughtyHubby7905/07/143.66

Author, Author! Ch. 01

 — Hot writer is totally distracted by virile farm hand. by Mercurius09/20/074.62HOT

Authors Like To Do It Too Ch. 01

 — You name it, it's here. by shambles05/23/074.53HOT

Authors Like To Do It Too Ch. 02

 — You name it, it's here by shambles05/24/074.79HOT

Auto Erotica

 — There are benefits to being stuck in traffic.............. by Ben Nichols07/02/034.56HOT

Auto Erotica Ch. 01

 — Aileen sets Patrick up for a soulless fuck. by madam_noe08/21/074.54HOT

Auto Erotica Ch. 07

 — Patrick introduces Aileen to making love. by madam_noe09/20/074.70HOT

Auto Erotica Ch. 12

 — Who is the cover? The truth comes out. by madam_noe02/18/084.75HOT

Auto Erotica Ch. 13

 — The conclusion of Patrick & Aileen's story. by madam_noe10/02/094.77HOT

Auto Erotica: A Fantasy

 — Two lovers & a car with large back seat. by Screnwriter03/15/024.44

Auto Zone

 — A hot mechanic on a chilly Sunday. by MonikaBlue06/04/033.95

Autumn and the Mechanic Ch. 01

 — An affair begins. by autumnmoonsc03/20/114.21

Autumn Dream

 — Finding satisfaction in my sleep. by femihussy06/22/044.13

Autumn in Virginia

 — Online friends finally hook up. by jm61910/25/094.00

Autumn Leaves

 — Redheaded neighbor helps him rake. by Unplugged10/09/004.03Editor's Pick

Autumn Leaves

 — Sam stops to help a woman on the side of the road. by Mason_Hess11/07/154.41

Autumn Letter to My Love

 — In the forest of an urban park, against a tree... by obscured09/28/014.47

Autumn on the Mind

 — Things get hot when she says the wrong name--a girl's. by Archer205010/22/074.38

Autumn Passion

 — A loving couple share new heights of passion. by Exogenous11/06/034.61HOT

Autumn Rain

 — You enjoy hot passion against a cold window. by SweetCherry01/26/014.41

Autumn Term Tales - Episode 01

 — Detention, Montana Style. by Faldoom06/07/124.41

Autumn Term Tales - Episode 02

 — A night at Miss Montana's. by Faldoom06/21/124.56HOT

Autumn's Arrival

 — Summer's heat reaches its peak. by MrFoxwood01/22/144.00

Ava Marks

 — Co-worker boss makes unexpected demands of former mentor. by FogBard06/08/074.66HOT


 — Staying warm got out of hand. by Otzchiim09/06/013.80

Avalanche of Love

 — Conference attendees get trapped in avalanche and find love. by eroslit09/22/024.52HOT

Average Joe Ch. 04

 — Joey starts coming out of his shell. by DG Hear05/17/114.64HOT

Average Wifey Files #01

 — Secret revelations from the mind of an average wifey. by averagewifey09/08/134.24

Avoiding Work Leads To...

 — Computer geek gal helps a work buddy to process data. by ElviraBorders06/21/094.03

Avon Calling

 — Can a man be an Avon lady? by popeye03/26/024.12

Avon Calling

 — Wife's away when Avon comes calling. by luvjuice4308/16/124.48

Awaiting An Answer

 — What is the difference between lust and desire? by curiousandkinky11/22/013.92

Awaiting It Now

 — She wants it now and he knows it. by bichikubi09/06/023.66


 — I feel you behind me, your chest against my back. by josicuervo08/07/114.47


 — Till death do us part. What then? by BenLong07/02/134.72HOTContest Winner


 — What can you get away with before she wakes up? by FlyingAgain05/20/054.20


 — An early morning encounter. by DrLargo02/25/133.75


 — Lovers enjoy their first morning together. by John2607/21/014.15


 — A seductive morning encounter. by MinxyAngel02/25/023.95


 — He uses new techniques to reawaken her passion. by DesertRoze05/31/034.00


 — Falling asleep after work isn't all bad. by kimberlyn02/24/034.09


 — After you left this morning, he slept in. by Nick W08/22/033.88


 — Katey gets a wake-up call. by 13408/03/044.36


 — She finds a lover and soul mate when she leasts expects it. by FreeSpirit224002/09/044.36


 — He finds you asleep in only panties. by storyplayer06/06/054.37


 — An unfulfilled BBW's sexual awakening. by TwistedTania03/25/074.45


 — Kevin wakes up to a magnificent blow job. by ImACrazyFool01/03/084.56HOT


 — A woman's sensuality is reawakened by an unexpected source. by canureallyknowme10/16/103.91


 — What better way to wake up in the middle of the night? by MsGinger01/11/134.11

Awakening Ch. 02

 — It's my turn to take the lead. by juci_luci07/18/114.30

Awakening Ch. 09: The Proposition

 — Emma offers a life changing proposition to Amy. by shakenmartini5504/29/154.70HOT

Awakening Nancy

 — Reluctant coed is swept up in a night of passion. by charlie_goodman06/13/024.45

Awakening of a Princess

 — Isabella & Miguel write their own fairy tale. by oliver04/06/014.11

Awakening Passion

 — A glimpse into the most intense part giving in. by cheeryorchid05/09/114.31

Awakening Pt. 01

 — She learns how to enjoy sex with the help of others. by AliasAl12/09/064.54HOT

Awakening Shawna, and Me

 — Widower helps and rewards his MILF neighbor. by aden46y02/16/144.26

Awakening the Slut In Lisa Ch. 1

 — Young Lisa is suprised at her desire to become a slut. by ausielover6908/26/023.78

Awakening to the Darkness

 — He appears before her to awaken her desires. by julietindarkness09/24/014.27

Awakening, Assimilation, and Denial

 — Giselle discovers her identity. by xtcnymphette07/21/054.70HOT

Awakenings Ch. 01

 — He was very late. by Heidi197008/09/054.11

Awakenings Ch. 02

 — He opened his lips... by Heidi197008/10/054.42

Awakenings: Seduction By The Sea

 — You are aroused at dawn. by Gentleyetwildguy07/26/054.32

Away at Conference

 — A playful competition turns sexy. by nnighttwriter01/12/054.41

Away at the Conference

 — An unexpected outcome for co-workers sent to a conference. by Storm6207/19/114.05

Away at the Conference Ch. 02

 — Back From The Conference; she makes him an offer he can't refuse. by Storm6209/23/114.43

Away Ch. 01

 — He collects a package and more. by Spikile01/19/064.38

Away Ch. 02

 — New bunk-mates get better acquainted. by Spikile12/05/084.29

Away From Home

 — She warms up his bitter-cold evening. by Mr_Neb10/09/004.34

Away From Home

 — Business traveler is never alone. by sweethomealabama07/15/073.76

Away From Home

 — Away on business, Eric has a night he won't soon forget. by munkin22409/14/124.61HOT

Away Game for Victoria

 — Team won, but getting Vikki home was Hard. by Canbe4fun04/13/114.18

Away to the Bahamas Ch. 01

 — Couple takes vacation to the Bahama Islands. by jbsecretagent2411/11/094.27

Away Together

 — They finally get some time alone together. by JamesTHouston04/25/144.21

Awe & Shock

 — An old friend does Natalie a favor, and gets more. by barabajagal00108/12/124.25

Awesome Barbershop Afternoon

 — Young man makes love to voluptuous beauty. by pudgiebuddy07/01/054.30

AWH: Great Museum Robbery

 — Museum robbers take hostages for a real joy ride. by Maximillian_Excaliber11/05/074.54HOT

AWH: Sweet Revenge

 — Friends plot revenge on unfaithful exes. by Maximillian_Excaliber11/05/074.47

AWH: The Great Art Gallery Robbery

 — Owers of new Adult Store get surprised. by Maximillian_Excaliber11/05/074.59HOT

AWH: The Great Car Theft

 — Continuing the Adventures of The Matchmaker Bandits. by Maximillian_Excaliber02/11/084.56HOT

AWH: The Great Dept Store Robbery

 — Yet another Matchmaker Bandit story. by Maximillian_Excaliber02/12/084.40

AWH: The Great Estate Robbery

 — Matchmaker bandits rob an estate. by Maximillian_Excaliber11/06/074.82HOT

AWH: The Great Getaway

 — Matchmaker Bandits set straight unreconciled couple. by Maximillian_Excaliber11/12/074.48

AWH: The Rehearsal

 — Rehearsal session ends unexpectedly. by Maximillian_Excaliber11/05/074.43

Awoke to Fantasy: A Different Spin

 — A different spin on earlier submission. by missey_D05/26/044.27


 — I surprise you with a midnight rendezvous. by fungetter02/06/133.71

Awoken to Fantasy

 — One girl's fantasy comes true. by missey_D07/19/023.77

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Broad

 — Somali Hijabi and boyfriend watch 50 Shades in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/18/151.50

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Cutie

 — Somali Hijabi and biracial boyfriend go to Masjid. by Samuelx02/19/152.50

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Gal

 — Somali Hijabi and biracial boyfriend visit Montreal. by Samuelx02/11/15

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Lady

 — Somali BBW cleaning lady rescued by a Christian guy. by Samuelx02/01/153.89

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Lass

 — Somali Hijabi runs into biracial boyfriend at work. by Samuelx02/13/151.00

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Wench

 — Somali Hijabi and biracial boyfriend at Wal-Mart. by Samuelx02/12/153.33

Ayureveda Be Praised

 — Ayurvedic cream makes her mad with pleasure. by bee-ess01/21/033.67


 — Sex on the beach. by Fizzxxx07/23/05

B Is For Bareback

 — Skin on skin, let the fun begin. by velvetpie04/19/044.40

B&B Fun Ch. 01

 — A surprise treatment. by largerob02/11/103.97

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