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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Unwrap a Smile

 — Jesse gets the best gift from his wife, Kaitlyn. by Morbid_Saint11/16/084.16

Unwrap This Surprise

 — He hates that coat, but loves what's hiding underneath. by MissZ09/15/063.62

Unwrapping a Present

 — Mike hated company Christmas parties. by walkstar12/13/02

Unwrapping Edith

 — Tired of his family, Jim stumbles upon the perfect gift. by James Cody12/15/014.28

Unwrapping Nina

 — Internet friends finally meet during the Christmas season. by victorth12/23/054.45


 — Three quickies with a theme. by darkmaas07/06/164.31

UofS Ch. 00

 — Roommates who can't keep it platonic. by starlightqueen10/04/064.52HOTEditor's Pick

UofS Ch. 01

 — A steamy not-quite-one night stand. by starlightqueen01/27/124.17

Up a Fence

 — An Intimate male/female encounter. by Psy_Chic08/04/064.07

Up Against a Wall

 — Nika's friend Delaney finally manages to hook her up. by rebellian12/31/134.30

Up Against the Wall

 — Two strangers meet and are oblivious to their surroundings. by secondskin12/12/024.26

Up All Night

 — She knew just what to do when neither of them could sleep. by Irish Moss07/17/094.21

Up and Down in the Elevator

 — Coworker and brown girl trapped her last night on the job. by brownbeauty12/11/094.62HOT

Up for Breakfast and More

 — A nice little romp to feed that hunger. by Foxicus07/08/084.31

Up for Happy Hour?

 — Not a bad way to unwind after a long day at the office. by NewEnglandah04/01/104.09

Up for Seconds

 — A romantic tryst. by sarah_siddons10/16/074.32

Up For Some Naughty Girl Loving?

 — Are you wondering what makes her a bad girl by babygirl7108/05/094.40

Up From the Depths

 — Multi-orgasmic woman learns the joy of delayed gratification. by ComePlayWithMePDX07/30/094.34

Up in a Tree House

 — Fucking in a tree house... by scarlet_howl04/12/174.16

Up In Flames We Go...

 — She can't resist him anymore. by SweetSacrifice05/18/143.96

Up In The Morning

 — A hot wake up call that kept me going all day. by Restless Spirit03/05/033.85

Up Late

 — Tony stays up late to get lucky. by dolenz04/10/144.31

Up Late

 — The babysitter needs some sweet cock. by LorenzoAbajos10/22/153.94

Up on the Roof

 — Horny couple does it on the roof. by ListenHere11/02/064.03

Up on the Roof

 — Hot Town, Summer in the City. by estragon06/02/113.97

Up on the Top

 — Summer sex. by VeniVici03/19/114.07

Up River with Debra

 — Tourist babe gets more than a look at scenery. by Egmont Grigor05/29/054.52HOT

Up Shit Creek

 — Two friends lose themselves in nature and find each other. by SinisterLittleGoth07/29/064.44

Up The Alley

 — Couple gets nasty in an alley. by alovelyheather07/31/064.25


 — Couple exchange vows & engage in night of bliss. by Latham12/04/023.62


 — Workmates do more than just flirt in broken lift. by English Lady11/19/024.18

Uplifting Encounter

 — You're going down on a lift. by SexyShadow05/18/044.28

Upping the Bar

 —  He had this vibe...this presence. by creme_caramel06/23/103.75

Ups and Downs

 — Adventures on a roller coaster. by ClaudiaNovotny09/12/123.46

Upstairs At Sylvia's

 — Slutty Sylvia shows the Mayor her cunt. by Sweet_P05/28/044.41

Upstairs Downstairs

 — Taking revenge for a doomed property deal. by Joseph King01/25/093.81

Uptight Woman Turns Sexy

 — Sexy animal convinces her to change. by ainu201/18/114.42

Uptown Fitness Ch. 01

 — A fitness instructor meets an interesting client. by draramis12/28/144.42

Urban Adonis

 — Bookish girl has an encounter with stranger on the El. by atrayahoney06/06/074.15

Urban Beaches

 — Wolf & Ali come together. by TheNightWolf06/05/054.58HOT

Urban Fantasies: Dream Lover

 — She masturbates to a remembered 'Dream Lover'. by Ben_Efits12/27/124.40

Urban Fantasies: The Librarian

 — A storyteller weaves a tale of sex in a library. by Ben_Efits12/26/123.47

Urban Fantasies: The Model

 — She draws a picture of the model's cock and gets much more. by Ben_Efits12/22/124.38

Urban Girl in a Village Ch. 02

 — I find a new boyfriend and explore my sexuality with him. by rosh2102/06/184.43


 — Driven by need. by butchclarence05/18/074.08

Urgent Business, Corner Office

 — Mark's wild meeting with an old fling in his corner office. by Globallytrotted08/21/184.04


 — Two lovers reunite. by SweetPABaby05/23/013.98


 — Your awakening turns lustily fulfilling. by Dirty Old Idiot05/23/044.23


 — He brings out feelings in me that I've never experienced. by ima_girlgeek02/21/064.51HOT

Us Again

 — You're together again. by krazy_painslut08/09/054.22

US Lady Enjoys The English Way

 — American woman learns English reserve is a myth. by chrisfromlondon11/17/013.80


 — The final chapter of a fucked-up episode. by RockynMe10/23/094.00


 — Work trip with female coworker results in fantasy realized. by hjonesjr07/14/144.57HOT

Use What Ya Got

 — Brenda's luscious booty lands her a hot lover. by sunqueen9507/09/043.90

Used But Not Abused Ch. 02

 — They meet again under different circumstances. by Kinxx05/12/124.66HOT

Used Car

 — Car shopping with an incentive. by pamper110/28/054.24

Used Cars

 — She learns what it takes to get ahead. by parts guy06/02/034.10

Used Ch. 06

 — Esme wants to get over Ben for a future with his best friend. by sharkandpen02/28/124.49

Used Ch. 07 and Epilogue

 — Barry hurts Esme, emotionally & anally, before it's over. by sharkandpen01/12/134.31

Used Condom

 — A young married learns about...holistic approach fertility. by milehighelevator08/29/183.86

Used on the 4th of July

 — An ex comes back to me for one last fling. by Boomerjr3401/01/153.79

Used Shoes

 — Karen becomes a sex slave in a hotel room. by cosik06/06/054.25

Usha The Young Maid

 — A young Indian maid livens up a dull marriage. by bandbaja01/02/053.88

Using a Matchmaker

 — A TV matchmaker helps me find a soulmate. by Jaxon1612/26/174.32

Using a Matchmaker Pt. 02

 — Abby describes her date with Jason. by Jaxon1602/28/184.67

Using Beth Ch. 01

 — Business woman learns of submissive side. by mattwatt4301/08/104.48

Using Kara

 — Friend's girlfriend is a big-titted whore who likes it rough. by StrongMaster712/31/064.01

Utter Surprise

 — A girl's plan to test a cheater backfires. by MrIllusion12/14/184.08NEW

Utterly Fucked Pt. 01

 — Lust trumps young love and loyalty. by Zark Intrinsic10/06/044.01


 — Beltane in Scotland ties two souls. by DotNY02/12/093.46

V-day Surprise

 — A husband surprised his wife with a romantic night. by m_storyman_x02/05/104.61HOT

V-Day Weekend

 — My wife and I make good use of a hotel room on Valentine's. by RR00401/07/164.29


 — She finds her fantasy while on vacation. by Bubba40200103/02/013.96


 — Girl allows her lover to be with another. by scelle04/25/093.57

Vacation at Home

 — Family out of town, neighbor takes care of me. by oldebarrister03/18/184.51HOT

Vacation at Truman Lake

 — Strangers become friends, then lovers on camping trip. by Wo0od11/06/04

Vacation Ch. 01

 — Part one. by tedsgirl01/29/154.11

Vacation Ch. 02

 — Reunion sex. by tedsgirl02/24/154.40

Vacation Ch. 03: Background

 — How we first met. by tedsgirl03/12/154.50

Vacation Ch. 04

 — Oral Sex. by tedsgirl11/05/154.30

Vacation Ch. 05

 — Getting a blowjob in the car. by tedsgirl11/03/164.60HOT

Vacation Encounter

 — A vacation with my wife turns into an unexpected encounter. by n2life05/24/103.76

Vacation Fun

 — A chance meeting while on vacation. by ep70312/28/034.24

Vacation Games Pt. 01

 — The rules are set for a wild day. by TryingThings911/10/164.17

Vacation Goals

 — She goes on vacation to escape the burdens her job. by Lanham2207/30/064.42

Vacation Gone Wrong-Life Gone Right

 — I thought he ruined my vacation, he gave me something better. by ra5318302/20/134.42

Vacation Hi-Jinx

 — Husband tries to expand his wife's sexuality. by CeasarBoobage09/14/093.91

Vacation in Ibiza

 — She had no idea it would happen. by mollycactus02/04/174.27

Vacation in Paradise

 — Lotto millionaire meets longtime Internet friend. by LordMako10/09/024.11

Vacation in Paradise Beach

 — Vacation in heaven. by SensualCealy03/15/044.45

Vacation Interlude

 — You unwind with your new lover at a tropical bungalow. by quiet_intensity01/03/074.56

Vacation Job, a Gardening Surprise

 — A student vacation job as a gardener is an education. by Cleevedreams07/30/184.68HOT

Vacation Lust

 — John meets a coed who rides more than just waves. by IceCreamMan08/23/183.86

Vacation Massage

 — Shy wife gets turned on during couples massage. by quietmischief03/03/104.41

Vacation on the Shore

 — She realizes her passion for him in the dead of night. by hells_belle10/27/074.00

Vacation Out West

 — The scenery was amazing - it just needed a little something. by mollycactus04/28/174.24

Vacation Paradise

 — What happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica. by AfroerotiK08/21/073.95

Vacation Passion

 — Soothing a sunburn... by EklectikChik03/28/044.25

Vacation Pt. 01

 — Brandi and Bill take a vacation to explore... by StarsAligned06/06/183.62

Vacation Pt. 01: Need Alone Time

 — My girlfriend and I can't hold off any longer. by CC143603/19/154.17

Vacation Pt. 02: The ride home

 — My girlfriend decides she can't wait to get home. by CC143603/22/154.33

Vacation Rental

 — It's not going as planned, but the sex is incredible. by emma57903/10/104.40

Vacation Sex

 — Non-stop morning sex with my husband. by tustin9261407/07/094.33

Vacation Surprise

 — Tired traveler spends an interesting night. by firefghtr3200005/27/024.32

Vacation Surprise

 — You have never been on a cruise before. by Cleo7407/01/113.88

Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 02

 — The night after work gets more intense with bathtime for Jaz. by anallover2907/25/094.12

Vacation to Valencia Ch. 01

 — Heartbroken woman finds reason to be in the country. by apagalaluz06/23/114.48

Vacation Villa

 — You help me forget about work. by InsatiableSteve03/20/153.92

Vacation Wake-Up Call

 — A fantasy with an unnamed lover. by lara_scorp01/21/063.62

Vacation's End

 — The flight home doesn't have to be the end of the adventure. by wanderermtn08/14/084.49

Vacation's End Ch. 02

 — More fun the next morning. by wanderermtn08/21/084.60HOT

Vacationing Alone

 — Jill gets into trouble over her photo-shoot. by MarciaR07/09/033.41

Vaginal Muscles

 — It happened between Delhi and Bombay. by bombaywalla01/02/053.72

Val and Beau - The First Time

 — Val decides that tonight, they're losing their virginities. by Standescent08/27/15

Val's Poolside Job

 — Girl learns what pool cleaning really entails. by jacksgirl03/08/033.94

Valarie Makes the First Move

 — Valarie comes to the cafe and made the move I had wanted to. by BrandonArnoldJR12/13/123.83


 — Student goes out with a bang. by standingstones05/18/144.26


 — A student gets in way over her head. by hard_throb200110/17/054.57HOT

Valediction Ch. 02

 — Vanessa gets a workout she won't forget in a hurry. by hard_throb200102/07/064.41

Valedictorian: Best in the Class

 — Student strikes up a deal with her teacher. by DirtyDelia05/31/074.58HOT

Valentine Bonus at Work

 — Sadie uses Valentine's Day to get a bonus from her boss. by msgrant6702/07/183.98

Valentine Candy

 — Irishwoman has a special treat for her boyfriend. by lady_lupa09/23/084.06

Valentine Dreams

 — Break-up causes erotic dreams. by 13Passions02/05/104.08

Valentine Surprise

 — Friends can surprise you more than you ever imagined. by m_storyman_x01/24/094.71HOT

Valentine Wish in the Wyoming Woods

 — Janine's wish will be granted-- in its own way. by JorisKHuysmans02/01/083.85

Valentine's Babies

 — A dreaded birthday brings a student true love. by stfloyd5601/28/164.76HOT

Valentine's Day

 — A special night for a married couple. by Thuddbuster99902/05/164.05

Valentine's Day

 — A perfect fantasy. by sticky_66602/13/163.77

Valentine's Day

 — Bad Cupid sent us unexpected desserts after dinner. by JoanieG05/11/174.21

Valentine's Day - Alone

 — A soul mate is remembered for passion, desire and sex. by diamondjim12/08/143.46

Valentine's Day Blind Date

 — Blind date becomes a bust before becoming a love match. by andtheend02/02/103.78

Valentine's Day Cum Slut

 — Opening herself for him in more ways than one. by HisDirtyLittleSlut01/22/154.36

Valentine's Day Dinner

 — Couple shares a special Valentine's Day celebration. by DoItToMe01/21/084.16

Valentine's Day for Lilla

 — Lilla was his friend; would she become more? by Orca02/04/023.86

Valentine's Day Fuck

 — A search for a unique Valentine's Day gift turns sexual by beccaexposed02/15/034.24

Valentine's Day Game

 — A snowy days game brings love and passion to the office. by Bethyboo02/06/114.45

Valentine's Day in Lockwinnock

 — A couple finds Valentine's passion a the end of a trip. by odlum02/05/064.67

Valentine's Day in the Playhouse

 — Candles? Check. Lube and condoms? Check. by JulianDelacourt01/21/164.34

Valentine's Day Meeting

 — A Valentine's Day encounter she would never forget. by VixenLaFlamme01/25/054.67HOT

Valentine's Day Surprise

 — Mike gives wife the best Valentine's Day night ever. by Victoria_2001_0276902/05/054.40

Valentine's Day Surprise

 — He gives his girlfriend a shocking surprise. by Gothkitten02/09/034.08

Valentine's Day Surprise

 — A husband's Valentine date isn't what he expected. by m_storyman_x02/14/184.69HOT

Valentine's Day Teddy Bare

 — Nerdy guy and gal suffer practical joke by HS girls. by clinton0902/11/114.20

Valentine's Day with Work Wife

 — Two co-workers on a business trip during Valentine's Day. by hermes2502/03/124.49

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