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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Tête-à -Tête with Tina

 — Frustrated husband finds new enthusiasm for trips. by an23504101/07/054.26

Two In One Cyber Stories

 — Things she said when cybering. by luv2bh8d01/21/043.17

Two In The Bush Ch. 01

 — A night turns out better than ever could have been imagined. by onthemouth04/02/074.53HOT

Two in the Bush Ch. 01

 — Julia goes to Alaska to live alone in a remote cabin. by starscape09/02/084.63HOT

Two In The Bush Ch. 02

 — Dawn turns out better than ever could have been imagined. by onthemouth04/03/074.58HOT

Two in the Bush Ch. 02

 — The secret behind Ben's long isolation. by starscape09/09/084.76HOT

Two in the Bush Ch. 03

 — In a land of permafrost, love grows deep roots. by starscape09/04/084.76HOT

Two In The Morning

 — A way to awaken your sleeping partner. by not_so_innocent_flirting08/19/033.92

Two Ladies At The Beach

 — Two women, two thongs, lotion & him. by beachb0y01/22/034.45

Two Ladies At The Beach Ch. 02

 — Scene with two ladies into the bedroom. by beachb0y01/30/034.60HOT

Two Ladies At The Beach Ch. 03

 — In bed, in the bath, and inside two sex godesses. by beachb0y01/31/034.51HOT

Two Ladies At The Beach Ch. 04

 — Romantic passion after a night of wild sex. by beachb0y02/02/034.65HOT

Two Less Lonely

 — Cyberlovers meet. by tweetybird10/29/014.07

Two Less Lonely Again

 — She's working overtime. by tweetybird11/04/013.77

Two Lovers and the Hawaiian Breeze

 — They enjoy their wedding night. by hazelwhisper08/15/023.68

Two Lovers Meet on a Mountain Drive

 — A spontaneous encounter turns very erotic. by rjsm12/03/134.08

Two Lovers Reunited

 — Former college lovers rekindle their romance 30 years later. by doug67667604/23/124.50HOT

Two Loves, One Lover

 — A woman has it all. by SirenSeeker209/28/11

Two Loves, Three Lovers

 — Claire samples several lovers. by SirenSeeker210/26/11

Two Maids and a Man

 — Passing in and out of the house where... by Perry_Jones07/24/144.26

Two Members of Literotica Meet

 — What happened when two members meet. by WilliamShakespear04/06/114.30

Two Men and a Couch

 — Friends relieve each other's tensions. by jacktar4801/14/144.12

Two Men and a Wife

 — Two brothers and a wife. by Soft101708/06/14

Two Nights of Pleasure

 — A man on a business trip meets a lady in San Diego. by Midwest Writer02/26/043.89

Two Nights with Della

 — A country boy has adulterous time with an older woman. by Egmont040907/31/094.48

Two of a Kind

 — Therapy changes young couple. by Nexxus10/23/003.76

Two out of Three

 — He's her boss in and out of work. by TwistedRedAngel12/11/133.58

Two Out of Three

 — A sexy hot soldier takes her cousin's place in Val's heart. by legerdemer09/07/154.68HOT

Two Pairs of Panties

 — Extreme sex with rock stars on the road. by tinaneesen07/22/144.44

Two Plus Two Equals Five

 — Sometimes things in life get screwed up. by Slickman09/21/144.23

Two Points of View

 — Co-workers tell of their sexy weekend in Atlanta. by Goshawk12/19/073.00

Two Questions

 — Paul visits a brothel to purge the memory of his wife. by Paul Bamenda12/10/004.09

Two Short Encounters

 — Rainstorms and scenic routes can be erotic. by Ella_7904/16/074.00

Two Sides

 — Two former co-workers give in to their mutual attraction. by FamiliarEnough11/02/08

Two Sides of a Coin

 — The affair intensifies. So does the sex. by RoughDiamond04/10/143.58

Two Sisters

 — He tries out both siblings in the same night. by Michael B11/19/003.56

Two Sisters Ch. 2

 — He Marthas, then goes Caroling. by Michael B11/19/004.31

Two Souls Into One

 — You remember the first time with the one you love. by urfunlvr07/01/042.89

Two Stories in One

 — Two quick short stories. by ginslut05/15/113.38

Two Strangers Ch. 01

 — He gets more than he bargained for. by gazza32502/18/054.00

Two Strangers Ch. 02

 — Does she take him up on his offer? by gazza32502/23/054.29

Two Strangers Ch. 03

 — A fuck in the snow for the two new lovers by gazza32506/23/054.16

Two Surprises

 — He has a couple of surprises for her. by Handy Andy09/14/024.14

Two Surprises

 — A dinner, then car sex. by charlottesbed12/07/124.09

Two Surprises Are Better Than One

 — Kim has a surprise. by littlemissnaughtygal07/05/044.00

Two Surprises Are Better Than One Ch. 02

 — Kim gets the surprise. by littlemissnaughtygal11/02/053.76

Two Teachers, Two Students

 — Student teachers hit it off with two regular teachers. by skip.6910/20/043.77

Two Tease

 — Former co-workers meet and confess their mutual lust. by Erotic Reverie07/23/064.56HOT

Two Teens For Me

 — Local DJ helps a friend, and is rewarded. by Radioboy04/12/014.30

Two Thousand Kisses

 — He teaches her a new game called 2000 Kisses by Rescue32502/14/033.75

Two Tickets to Paradise

 — Traveller finds very pleasurable way to pass the time. by ilikeithot630807/28/154.57HOT

Two to Tub

 — You and your lover find a spontaneous release. by BassMan88406/29/053.28

Two Ugly Ducklings

 — Brianna and her neighbour have a few things in common. by madamweb06/03/134.27

Two Very Lucky Fingers

 — A Jeep ride with a beautiful girl takes a wild turn. by Tetherball04/30/123.93

Two Vials

 — Grad student finds love after important discovery. by clinton0909/26/10

Two Viewpoints of St. Nicholas Day

 — Storms, sex, and buisness combine on St. Nicholas Day. by odlum11/27/093.95

Two Views of One Week

 — High school love has two sides by topwise03/07/084.46

Two Way Camera Joy

 — A pair of Webcams heat up nicely. by Fondelum12/22/034.00

Two Ways to Live

 — Which kind of girl do you go for? by PostedThoughts04/23/033.85

Two Weeks

 — Couple is separated by work for two weeks. by littlegypsy07/29/064.33

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

 — Michelle and Steve set a date. by lolaenglish10/09/114.28

Two Weeks in Hawaii Ch. 01

 — His parents are away, he's not home alone. by alexjackson12/01/084.39

Two Weeks with Katie

 — I spend two weeks ravishing my girlfriends daughter by lovebobby08/18/144.34

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 01

 — Kaitlyn's desires override her better judgment. by Sweetcheekss12/10/054.40

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 02

 — One affair leads to another. by Sweetcheekss12/15/054.62HOT

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 04

 — Kaitlyn, the Seductress. by Sweetcheekss12/28/054.74HOT

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 05

 — The Sturgis Rally. by Sweetcheekss01/03/064.68HOT

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 06

 — Tattoos, Trikes & Trios. by Sweetcheekss01/10/064.66HOT

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 08

 — Single again and making more deals. by Sweetcheekss01/22/064.73HOT

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 09

 — A new love in Kaitlyn's life. by Sweetcheekss01/29/064.66HOT

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 10

 — The biker bar finally becomes a reality. by Sweetcheekss02/05/064.60HOT

Two Worlds Collide

 — They thought it was just one night, but fate stepped in. by rachlou08/12/064.56HOT

Two Worlds Collide

 — A mixture of rough with smooth. by TazDeVille10/04/114.20

Two Worlds Collide Ch. 02

 — Sean and Anna meet in his office. by rachlou08/22/064.52HOT

Two Worlds Collide Ch. 03

 — Sean is forced to confront his feelings. by rachlou09/28/064.49

Two Worlds Collide Ch. 04

 — They can't fight the magic of Paris. by rachlou10/24/064.67HOT

Two's Company

 — Toy party gets wild. by FelicitysaintClaire06/15/104.44

Two-Hour Layover

 — A change of planes provides an opportunity for cyberlovers. by TrulyTerrific04/08/034.41


 — The depressing side of Valentine's Day. by Alessia Brio03/10/124.00

Ty's Oral Fixation: Formal Attire

 — A pleasant surprise. by GrnEyedLucky10/15/124.44

Tye's Surprise

 — A bored girlfriend decides to change routine. by tyeforce06/05/083.10

Tyler & Chris

 — Couple shares sex by the water. by SierraMyst07/10/014.10

Tyler's Treat

 — Coed erotic author uses talents to help coworker. by wsdp04/23/014.00


 — Girl's revenge plot earns her a new boyfriend. by scarfaccio09/15/014.55HOT

Ultimate Birthday Blow Job

 — She gives him a present that lasts 8 hours. by EroticWhizpers08/23/044.40

Ultimate Birthday Surprise

 — Nica gives me the ultimate birthday present. by codecmedia02/08/144.29

Ultimate Fantasy Football Ch. 01

 — Jen and Steve create their own high-stakes fantasy football. by erossmantic09/28/134.47

Ultimate Massage

 — She rubs you the right way. by Daisey10/15/003.85

Ultimate Passion

 — Erotic Sex with a surprise ending. by sweetlinda09/16/034.23

Ultimate Pleasure, Ultimate Pain

 — Forced to bet his balls for a chance to get her. by skip523610/13/113.21

Ultimate Strip Club

 — His first visit to the nastiest strip club in town. by lusthammer04/12/064.35

Ultimate Strip Club Ch. 02

 — Things get even hotter the second time around. by lusthammer06/15/064.26

Unable to Resist

 — Couple cannot resist their attraction for each other. by xsweetvixenx04/09/094.30

Unadulterated Lust

 — A story of a hot night with a married lady. by Tangoracer02/08/154.53HOT

Unannounced Visitor

 — After weeks of flirting, he shows up at her door. by jeffbron01/11/024.37

Unanswered Prayers

 — Shssssh! You'll wake the baby! by x_ray_glasses12/28/064.40

Unanswered Wishes

 — She sits on her couch at home, late at night. by queenofmyworld03/23/133.62

Unanticipated Admirer

 — She's surprised while visiting friends. by catastrophe01/17/044.13

Unbecoming Behavior for a Young Lad

 — American woman takes stranger on the London Tube. by emotions_secretes12/09/124.48

Unbridled Lust Ch. 01

 — Asian woman's passion heats up Hawaiian beach. by shadow_dreamer06/23/044.50HOT

Unbridled Lust Ch. 03

 — Cassandra thoroughly searched by policeman. by shadow_dreamer07/16/044.24

Unbridled Lust Ch. 04

 — Officer Williams serves a breakfast surprise. by shadow_dreamer07/20/044.48

Unbridled Passion

 — Hard-working man meets new boss. by joiphulone05/07/044.39

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