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Erotic Couplings Stories

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My Wish List Ch. 02

 — She needed to have him. by Seenoevil0306/29/044.28

My Women Ch. 01

 — She was the first of many. by thiguyino01/11/054.14

My Wonderful Friend

 — Friends become lovers. by Plebhead09/22/133.78

My Work Fantasy Ch. 01: Jae

 — An older man and a younger work colleague find lust. by NobbySon12/28/174.41

My Work Fantasy Ch. 04: Zia

 — Worker helps married virgin discover her sexuality. by NobbySon01/19/184.49

My Work Fantasy Ch. 06: Sharon 03

 — We go a little vanilla - with a twist. by NobbySon01/28/184.59HOT

My Work Takes Me Away

 — Travelling man has phone sex with girlfriend. by rogue0112/06/133.81

My Worst Fear

 — Vacation leads to his worst fear. by daltexguy6903/26/033.62

My Year With Brooke

 — An affair unfolds over time. by km-smt10/09/064.21

My Year With Brooke Pt. 02

 — The Affair Begins. by km-smt10/18/064.47

My Year With Brooke Pt. 03

 — The Affair continues. by km-smt01/24/074.50HOT

My Yesenia

 — An erotic dream fantasy of his friend. by Rheno03/06/073.91

My Young Client Ch. 01

 — His new client reveals more of herself than he expected. by ponyfitness12/21/124.44

My Young Client Ch. 02

 — Their next session brings even more intensity. by ponyfitness12/23/124.63HOT

My Young Client Ch. 03

 — They leave the gym and have an incredible night by ponyfitness12/28/124.75HOT

My Young Client Ch. 04

 — Katie brings a friend for some unexpected pleasure. by ponyfitness01/03/134.44

My Young Wife with Another Man

 — How I came to watch my wife being fucked by another man. by Ruttish07/28/163.91


 — Online lovers meet. by EroticaKane01/09/044.22

Myra - English Version

 — Myra. by Scorpio5805/30/153.50

Myrtle of the Mountain Pt. 01

 — Historical musings pretending to be a love story. by RibaldWriter09/28/174.42

MySpace Online Date

 — An online date leads to good sex. by pauldillenger07/24/103.67

Mysterious "Club Girl"

 — Mysterious woman blows a shy boy's mind at club. by autumnc06/25/114.19

Mysterious Angel

 — A man is seduced at church. by jpenrod09/29/084.40

Mysterious Lover

 — Her mystery lover arranges a meeting. by sxy_bi_horny_chick07/06/043.97

Mysterious One

 — Making love with you. by LusciousLady_0276908/11/094.44

Mysterious Stranger

 — He meets a sexy lady after a hard day. by jazzyguy2109/29/033.89

Mysterious Victoria

 — Being plagued by Victoria leads to a plan. by dudewithapen09/06/084.33

Mysterious Victoria Ch. 02

 — A massage tool comes into handy. by dudewithapen09/12/083.80

Mysterious Ways

 — Drenched and dirty, Robin sat up. by xxPAPERBACKWRITERxx05/14/134.30

Mystery Fuck

 — Wife teases hubby before leaving, only to return with a pal. by ohioguy4sex03/12/063.86

Mystery Fuck.

 — Fast, hot, nasty. by grgor12/12/083.99

Mystery Interlude

 — Flash story about a mystery encounter. by uglyman237806/18/144.58HOT

Mystery Lover

 — When fantasy becomes reality. by Fernando Santiago01/14/044.43

Mystery Man

 — Divorcee goes on an ill-advised blind date. by Hudson09/06/013.87

Mystery Man

 — A dream comes true. by Hotangel9553008/20/063.83

Mystery Man

 — She didn't even know his name. by foofoo41609/19/054.56HOT

Mystery Man

 — Afternoon walk turns out to be more than she expected. by mystery_wonder11/23/074.17

Mystery Man Ch. 01

 — Surprise meeting with a net friend. by lustpassion0409/11/054.38

Mystery Man Ch. 02

 — Continuation of the surprise meeting. by lustpassion0409/23/053.95

Mystery Man Encounter

 — Mystery Man. by meba223301/17/183.75

Mystery Meeting

 — Nameless strangers meet and have sex. by BoiseVixen11/28/174.42

Mystery Moves In

 — Secretary comes over and decides to stay. by TheycallmeMrBig10/02/154.33

Mystery Of Eve

 — The mystery woman's cyber signature spikes his heart rate. by Manjaro_Eve10/14/014.42

Mystery Shopper

 — Handsome security guard gets VERY lucky. by Heather McLeather03/29/034.10

Mystery Silhouette

 — Is it a dream, or is it a real sexual encounter? by Sharlean09/26/094.06

Mystery Sleeper

 — Random sex with an unknown person. by loveyournurse06/06/134.38

Mystery Stud

 — Sexy girl has fun outside a club on a Mexican vacation. by _Rojo_02/23/094.02

Mystery Threesome

 — The joy of sharing. by ozzietwo08/13/154.32

Mystic Seaport

 — Lighthearted motorcycle touring smut. by rjordan08/08/174.14

Mystic Valley Sex

 — Cathy hooks up at party and work. by Danger Mouse 00310/10/014.20

Mystical Anne

 — A ghostly apparition visits lonely Mark. by Muerdar04/20/014.00

Mysticbond's Journal: 2011 01/07

 — The ongoing story of a man trying to get his wife to open up. by Mysticbonds01/10/113.03


 — First time with a BBW. by cliptoe07/23/134.46

NAAFA Forever!

 — Exotic BBW seduces guy at dance. by NiceGuyInVa10/01/053.89

Nabokov's Erotic

 — Emily loves James and her books. by obscurefruit04/02/084.12

Nadia Blows Me Away

 — Part 3: Nadia reciprocates with her mouth. by wifesubmissive03/17/154.39

Nadine and the Panty Professor

 — Older student gets closer to her professor. by EricProf05/27/054.27

Nadine and Tom, at Last

 — An old dreamt flirt made true after twenty years. by dr_thom_french08/19/124.23

Nadine and Tom, at Last

 — An old dreamt flirt made true after twenty years. by french_prof05/17/134.63HOT

Nadine and Tom, the Stormy Night

 — Sequel to "Nadine and Tom, at last". by dr_thom_french08/19/124.36

Nadine and Tom, the Stormy Night

 — Sequel to "Nadine and Tom, at last". by french_prof05/17/134.66HOT

Nadine's Night Out Ch. 01

 — Sexy, sultry woman painting the town red. by redking9910/05/124.17

Naiad in Plain Sight

 — Early escape rewards with carefree escapades. by RetMarut09/06/074.60


 — Chance encounter on a train has an unexpected sequel. by Calandria04/11/063.91

Nailed and Screwed

 — Hanging around a construction site can be pleasurable. by don_Carlos_de_la_Playa03/22/174.24

Nailing Ellen Ch. 01

 — A high school crush hangs on over the years. by val wrangler09/11/084.43

Nailing Ellen Ch. 02

 — Ron visits Ellen. by val wrangler09/12/084.61HOT

Nailing Heather

 — A young actress is treated to her first hard sex. by STEPHENA08/04/154.17

Nailing My Brother's Ex-girlfriend

 — He gets a surprise birthday visit. by bdaddy_4401/24/144.18

Nailing Security

 — Overheard conversation leads to wild night. by WhatIKnow02/26/124.70HOT

Nailing Security Ch. 02

 — Brian meets Jackie's sister. by WhatIKnow03/09/124.71HOT

Nakba Ch. 01

 — Two lovers meet during the 1948 War. by foxysephiroth229107/25/073.72

Nakba Ch. 02

 — The war comes home. by foxysephiroth229109/18/073.08


 — House-guest wanders into the kitchen naked. by Ashson10/31/144.37

Naked & Wet In The Autumn

 — A sensual port in a storm. by buck_maelstrom10/28/043.84

Naked & Wet in the Swirling Ocean

 — Who guards the lifeguards? by buck_maelstrom08/06/044.30

Naked and Beautiful

 — Young beautiful athletic woman seduces older man. by JCasDC06/16/174.38

Naked and Delicious in the Blaze of Autumn

 — Mistress of rationalization meets diligent puritan. by buck_maelstrom11/10/033.14

Naked and Wet in the Pounding Surf

 — Her white thong turned transparent. by buck_maelstrom10/29/032.61

Naked and Wet in the Wooden Hot Tub

 — Pioneer sex in the erotic west. by buck_maelstrom11/23/034.21

Naked Came The Ranger

 — Frustrated academic encounters free-spirited ranger. by Hugh_Janard07/10/174.62HOT

Naked Cleaning Service: Jamie

 — Injured tennis player calls a naked maid to live with him. by Ldy_Sea08/27/154.20

Naked Compromise

 — Perfection means Siobhan must accept less than perfection. by bradley_stoke11/26/013.90

Naked Desire

 — Horny Heidi wants to fuck, & anyone will do. by VelvetTipper11/09/044.29

Naked in the Hard Spring Rain

 — April is the kindest month. by buck_maelstrom04/16/044.09

Naked Neighbor Pt. 01

 — Aria experiences some exciting new things with her neighbor. by fms961204/30/174.37

Naked Sandy Strand

 — Mature woman follows a much younger man to carnal pleasure. by rob9920203/07/083.94

Naked Sex in the Warm Rain

 — It's par for the course. by buck_maelstrom09/26/033.84

Naked To The River

 — Events that changed their lives step by step. by thornapple12/16/084.72HOT

Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 2

 — Judy meets a strange dwarf. by blackdarth12/09/014.28

Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 3

 — Judy and the dwarf become lovers. by blackdarth12/12/014.36

Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 5

 — She tries underwater sex with Aqua Man. by blackdarth12/19/014.31

Naked, Beautiful, and Physical

 — Beautiful young exercise instructor enjoys sex w/older man. by JCasDC03/15/184.38

Naked: How to Dress the Truth Ch. 01

 — Emotional fallout after a threesome. by ISKwest07/29/154.23

Naked: How to Dress the Truth Ch. 02

 — Alison searches for closure. by ISKwest07/30/154.27

Naked: How to Dress the Truth Ch. 03

 — Alison struggles to accept the experience. by ISKwest07/31/154.33

Naked: How to Dress the Truth Ch. 04

 — A confession of love. by ISKwest08/01/154.55HOT

Namaste Yoga

 — Emmy's fantasy: exposed! by ElRoylk09/09/173.96

Namaste Yoga Pt. 03

 — Julie invites Emmy to watch. by ElRoylk09/20/174.17

Namaste Yoga Pt. 05

 — Charlie and Yogi Jacob form a partnership. by ElRoylk10/12/174.43

Namaste Yoga Pt. 07

 — Emmy begs Yogi Jacob for release and Julie comes clean. by ElRoylk11/16/174.14

Namaste Yoga Pt. 10

 — Charlie's schemes for Jacob and Emmy. by ElRoylk01/13/184.00


 — She has to keep moving. by Denorea04/01/074.37

Nameless 03: Morgan

 — Each tale... different. by Harold Masters08/15/043.50


 — Famous writer living a hermit's life receives a visitor. by Catherine_Leary08/22/084.12

Nan and the Day without Kids

 — Written for my wife 11 years ago for a day without the kids. by wiscman4511/08/084.00

Nan Made Him a Man at 18 Ch. 02

 — Francine takes over where Nan left off. by Dinsmore05/28/054.56HOT

Nan Pays Off Debt

 — Intern pays off debt. by Shamus O Duffie12/22/004.36


 — His fantasy woman helps cure writer's block. by HallidayTee06/21/084.59HOT

Nancy and the Author

 — An author meets one of his readers. by RomanCEisdead205/25/074.48

Nancy and the Counselor

 — A talk therapy session becomes very physical. by Tom Anon10/24/054.13

Nancy Finds a Great Fuck

 — She comes up with a good line to bed a guy. by ainu07/23/064.19

Nancy Porter's Journal: 01

 — Nancy had no friends. by davidwatts07/01/044.27

Nancy the Girl Next Door Ch. 3

 — Does life imitate art? by ReturnedOne06/20/024.45

Nancy's First Massage

 — Her first massage turns into an erotic fisting encounter. by NiteWriter11/14/024.44

Nancy's Lingerie Party

 — Nancy's classy friends have a hot arousing night. by NiteWriter12/03/024.32

Nancy's Mid-life Awakening Ch. 05

 — A visit from her sister ends with several surprises. by Saltysooner10/03/104.43

Nancy's Mid-life Awakening Ch. 07

 — Hanging out around Paul's pool leads to more revelations. by Saltysooner12/05/104.42

Nancy's Mid-life Awakening Ch. 08

 — Nancy & Paul enjoy an adult board game. by Saltysooner12/14/104.57HOT

Nancy's Night Out

 — Friend takes a woman home and they have sex. by JerryDagarr06/20/113.37

Nancy's Story

 — There may be another side to the Vicar's wife. by Starlight07/12/014.61HOTEditor's Pick

Nanny Grows Up Ch. 01

 — After divorce father gets into the nanny. by tomtinker201207/19/123.32

Nanny Neurosis

 — An erotic nanny fantasy. by plebiusj03/01/134.05

Naomi at the Beach

 — My girlfriend and I enjoy a strip club together. by Literoused02/15/143.75

Naomi's Story

 — They barely make it to the car. by xPoisonx06/24/094.44

Napping with Shauna

 — Roommates discover that they may be more than 'just friends.' by AgonyandIrony04/07/094.39

Narcissa Valentine

 — Narcissa Valentine is more than Jack's new boss. by captivate07/21/034.11

Narcissa Valentine Ch. 02

 — Narcissa and Jack take a holiday. by captivate07/28/034.51HOT

Narcissa Valentine Ch. 03

 — Narcissa & Jack make love & plans. by captivate11/15/034.51HOT

Narcissae Amor

 — Norma Jane and Zbyszka consummate their love. by NormaJane04/06/185.00

Narcissus' Second Chance

 — Narcissus gets a second chance at love. by odax04/14/123.45

Narrative of a Weary Traveler

 — Jaded city-street guy meets an angel by butchclarence04/21/074.23

Nascar Fever - Enroute

 — Misty loves to tease enroute to her beloved Nascar. by JenniGee05/06/063.56


 — A NASCAR fan couple has a lot of fun in the infield. by dirkpitt10/27/043.83

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