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Erotic Couplings Stories

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 — Pharmacist longs for comely coworker. by Slowhand09/01/004.06


 — You're working late in the office... by dooders09/16/013.58


 — Woman gives man incentive to help her work. by Bonzaixx02/10/024.06


 — Some off-site work leads to remarkable discoveries. by dv8tor06/15/024.38


 — A late night at the pizza shop. by jerrygfan08/05/024.38


 — Working ovetime has its own rewards. by BillyName9909/15/054.51HOT


 — It's love at work or at least sex. by kspor12/06/043.73


 — What can Joe do to reward the girls for working? by Alex De Kok04/17/084.45


 — He spends a late night in a deserted office with his boss. by faustbear01/26/064.45


 — Co-workers get together after work. by star72109/11/064.47


 — Extra hours at work prove very beneficial. by Many Feathers05/22/094.63HOT


 — Office romance ~ new love. by ReverendAnimal06/20/104.41


 — I'm up to mischief while my boyfriend does weekend paperwork. by leather_rose04/09/124.11


 — Accounts assistant works late to help the boss. by Randan197604/08/133.47

Overtime at the Office

 — Working late turns to lust for you. by Scarletlady07/16/074.35

Overtime at the Office

 — Tony enjoys putting more than just overtime in at the office. by Lone965311/04/154.51HOT

Overtime at the Office

 — Working in an office can be a boring job but not in this one. by IsmashChristainGrey08/15/184.47

Overtime Perks

 — Dave compensates for Marina's overtime work. by neutrona05/07/104.48

Overtime Pleasure

 — Lynda is caught masturbating and ends up getting help. by pussekat07/09/064.15

Overtime Requests

 — The manager has to decide. by tlc14304/20/123.95

Overtime Surprise

 — Usual boring overtime shift takes a surprise turn. by L1ttlebob2206/26/184.26


 — You can't hold back any longer. by femmepen10/06/034.36


 — Her fantasy fulfilled, without a word. by nrcma9806/22/044.24


 — The night Carina was overwhelmed by James. by BellaGirl9908/23/174.71HOT

Overwhelmed Ch. 02

 — James overwhelmed Carina even when they were not together. by BellaGirl9909/14/174.72HOT

Overwhelmed Ch. 03

 — Carina falls further under the overwhelming spell of James. by BellaGirl9904/16/184.75HOT

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 01

 — A young professional male takes a Gangsta Ghetto sista home. by FantasizeAndRealize08/15/154.05

Oyster Creek Ch. 01

 — A Brit sent to America to work meets a girl on the train. by Soebek11011/15/114.61HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 02

 — Daniel is shown the General Store. by Soebek11011/23/114.57HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 03

 — Daniel visits the mall to meet Jenny's sister. by Soebek11012/02/114.69HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 04

 — Daniel makes a startling discovery. by Soebek11012/07/114.69HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 05

 — Daniel gets a surprise in the shower. by Soebek11012/19/114.64HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 06

 — Daniel visits the Records Office. by Soebek11001/09/124.71HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 07

 — Daniel's first day at work. by Soebek11002/02/124.62HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 08

 — Daniel visits a lawyer. by Soebek11002/14/124.68HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 09

 — Daniel gets to know Lucy a little better. by Soebek11003/30/124.73HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 10

 — Daniel spends an evening with Claire. by Soebek11004/14/124.68HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 11

 — Daniel "connects" with a potential supplier. by Soebek11006/09/124.76HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 12

 — Daniel helps Jenny add the finishing touches. by Soebek11010/08/124.69HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 13

 — Daniel attends the grand opening ceremony. by Soebek11010/15/124.69HOT

Oyster Creek Ch. 15

 — Daniel finds out his future. by Soebek11002/18/134.72HOT


 — The two of you enjoy intense activity in a tent. by MattFinish01/01/013.45

P!nK Ch. 02: Intern Snack Pt. 01

 — Intern Kelly meets with the owner. by MaximusCordales07/27/184.38

P!nK Ch. 03: Paper Clips

 — Pheng makes a mess at Kimberly's desk. by MaximusCordales07/31/184.46

P!nK Ch. 05: Intern Snack Fallout

 — Kelly gets home and deals with her boyfriend. by MaximusCordales10/08/183.75


 — Master takes his playful sub out for public fun. by 39_Keeper06/25/013.74

Pa / Oh

 — Online turns real. by 2marcella202/18/123.06

Pacific Adventure Ch. 01

 — Online friends take the next step. by Mariposa08/31/034.31

Pacific Heat

 — An erotic encounter between two strangers. by mistyfox06/10/024.51HOT

Pacific Princess

 — Lust on a cruise rescues James from shame. by babalonrising08/15/183.76


 — A surprise in the post leads to something unexpected. by basilbrush12306/07/164.03

Packages Plus

 — A goth chick grabs the attention of a mature customer. by robinkhinke08/09/164.36

Packer's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Love drove Packer crazy. Now it's time for payback. by splithooves07/30/083.46

Packer's Revenge Ch. 02

 — How Packer met Brenda and fell oh so hard. by splithooves08/20/083.83

Packing Pt. 02

 — Mark starts to learn how to expand his horizons. by MountainDewMan10/28/184.67HOT

Padme's End

 — Padme has her hand forced... and head. by Scitz02/23/103.95

Pagan Lover

 — She educates her young lover. by standingstones11/03/154.36

Pagan Meeting

 — He gets to fuck a mother and daughter. by standingstones04/05/164.12

Paid in Full

 — A litttle job, turns into more fun than work. by Bankshot195710/28/083.92

Paid in Full Ch. 01

 — Sally's car breaks down in rural Florida and she is broke. by twistedgraygoat10/07/144.07

Paid in Full Ch. 02

 — Sally takes on Gus again because she wants to. by twistedgraygoat10/08/144.31

Paid Off

 — Take the money and leave my daughter alone. by Ashson03/02/164.36

Paid Rent Receipt

 — Single mother whores herself to pay the rent. by ldlarry5207/02/014.29

Paid Services

 — Business woman is will to pay for her pleasure. by EklectikChik04/13/044.72HOT

Paige and Lucy: Dinner to Orgasm

 — Paige and Lucy have an unforgettable night. by DistilledTension07/05/174.30

Paige Layout 101

 — Reporter learns 'how to' from sexy sportswriter. by gorgeousgypsygirl06/28/03

Paige's Extra Credit

 — Dr. Johnson conquers another coed. by unit55502/14/014.22

Paige's Love

 — Girlfriend gives boyfriend a BJ. by Pillar100512/02/083.40


 — Artist sees his muse in a new light. by Cosmic The Cat11/27/024.44


 — A fellow student helps Elle loosen up in the art room. by Teurastaja05/29/124.12


 — Getting down to business. by SilkBlackSin09/18/144.47

Paint Me

 — Claire becomes the subject of a new painting. by pocket rocket02/25/034.38

Paint the Sky Blue

 — Things get heavy at a private yoga session. by barabajagal00108/22/144.45

Painted Goddess Ch. 01

 — An encounter with art leads to passion. by Warjen04/22/064.39

Painted Goddess Ch. 02

 — They seek each other out by Warjen04/23/064.12

Painted Goddess Ch. 03

 — Mandy and Moose flesh out their relationship. by Warjen05/15/064.70HOT

Painted Student

 — Her tattoo led to a dangerous liaison. by Robin P02/23/094.39

Painted Vulva

 — Kim and I discover the art of Georgia O'Keeffe. by peachtree195806/26/054.71HOT


 — She's interrupted while painting her office. by justachicky10/15/053.97

Painting A Nude: The Undressing

 — An Artist and a Model prepare for a nude erotic painting. by neonlyte05/24/063.74

Painting Session

 — Two friends paint house and become something more. by NorthRockJohnson12/21/084.09

Pajama Choices

 — Who knew a simple question could lead to so much? by wildtime200001/31/174.56HOT

Pajama Choices Ch. 02

 — Maddy & Todd's part of the night. by wildtime200002/17/174.74HOT

Pakring Lot Love

 — A couple makes love in a parking lot. by sallykim61104/21/103.87

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 01

 — A Prince among oversexed queens. by csn6104/11/073.99

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 02

 — A prince loose among hungry queens. by csn6104/12/074.19

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 03

 — A young prince and mature queens mate up. by csn6104/13/074.10

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 04

 — The Prince gets his eye in on the lusty Queens. by csn6104/22/074.33

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 05

 — The Prince makes headway with the First Queen. by csn6106/24/074.59HOT

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 06

 — Food and lust make a torrid combination on the table. by csn6106/25/074.48

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 07

 — Forest trip turns gory but hot sex comforts all. by csn6106/30/074.33

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 09

 — Music teacher knows how to call the tunes in bed. by csn6107/11/074.13

Pale Morning Light Ch. 02

 — Dirty Politics and Family Values by WifeWatchman05/11/154.77HOT

Palm Oil

 — Decadent tryst in Peace Corps Africa for his birthday. by naughtylane05/19/114.23

Palm Reading

 — A buxom fortune teller gives Steven a strange reading. by Baldrick9607/07/104.07


 — Friends share bed. by Shale12/01/113.84


 — Hey Hey My My...rock & roll will never die. by Shhh02/13/024.71HOT


 — Pam goes out for a girls night out. by Hagal02/19/123.65

Pam & The BadBoy Ch. 02

 — Cheating wife likes it rough and dirty. by PrevertedMe06/08/063.74

Pam Gets Her Grade

 — Pam needs a decent grade, & knows how to get it! by Art05/27/014.55HOT

Pam's Chocolate Fantasy Ch. 02

 — A chat room fantasy becomes reality. by coppered02/26/044.51HOT

Pam's Club Med Vacation

 — What happened to that sexy blue bikini? by JoeVerde07/11/183.70

Pam's Fishing Trip Ch. 01

 — Mr. Thorn takes Pam for a ride. by jallen94411/02/044.29

Pam's Fishing Trip Ch. 02

 — Pam catches more than a big fish. by jallen94411/08/044.22

Pam's Present

 — A gift that only a friend can give. by humminbean09/13/114.12

Pamelita's French Quarter Fantasy

 — Lovers spend a hot vacation in New Orlean's French Quarter. by alonzo1406/19/083.77

Pammy's Roe House

 — Hungry? by GroanUp07/08/024.19

Pampering a Lady

 — Florence is pampered from head to toe. by bigtddybr11/14/074.38

Pampering You

 — You're pampered by your lover. by HankSpard04/23/044.44


 — You explore secret places in an exotic location. by MattFinish01/01/013.91


 — Sara enjoys Andy's breakfast offering. by Nemlep11/23/104.05

Panda Lovin'

 — A walkthrough in how to get a Panda cub. by itscalledhazing06/09/11

Pandi Naattu PainkiLi 05

 — Indian background Tamil Erotic Historical Story by kamarajan07/11/123.00

Pandora's Box

 — New roommates open a box of fun. by mysticlaughter11/15/174.18

Pandoras Box

 — A new relationship with sister-in-law develops. by BigJake08/28/013.99

Pandoras Box Ch. 2

 — Relationship with sis-in-law continues to develop. by BigJake09/01/013.94

Panic Button Red

 — Red lipstick can enflame decadence by Carnal Syn12/09/034.46

Panic Ch. 01

 — Esme goes camping, meets a sexy young musician. by SlickTony04/07/084.56HOT

Panther Knight

 — Sex and violence just after D-Day. by william_chatham08/11/054.59HOT

Panties Dropping Fun

 — Another quickie. Marie watches roommate Tony having fun. by JosephBarnosky01/02/123.92

Panties From Wrapping Paper Ch. 01

 — Christmas morning: how does she wrap his gift? by gauchecritic11/23/034.21

Panties From Wrapping Paper Ch. 02

 — The giving & receiving of gifts. by gauchecritic12/09/034.16

Panties, Black

 — Black Panties on a woman always make him excited by Tom Soup09/27/024.41

Panties, Red

 — Chris decorates his Christmas tree with Beth's red panties by Tom Soup12/17/024.76HOT

Panty Collector

 — A pair of women’s panties, dark blue silk with white trim... by swbiguy10/02/184.67HOT

Panty Dropping

 — Bored with the movie, she initiates some action. by athenamystique03/18/133.88

Panty Fun In Flight

 — Strangers meet & enjoy her panties on the plane. by EricProf07/21/014.54HOT

Panty Girl

 — Panties spark up a relationship. by SpaWriter04/01/084.63HOT

Paper Cock

 — A cardboard erection preludes sex with a stranger. by learsdaughter01/25/124.24

Paper Doll 02: Bath

 — A Master reminisces about his favorite Doll on a rainy day. by Literalist05/19/134.38

Paper In Fire

 — His love for her still smolders after all these years. by velvetpie03/23/054.52HOT


 — Lone husband offers neighbor girl dessert; gets virginity. by Archer205008/15/084.60HOT

Parachute Over Me

 — Two friends give in to their desire. by JMUDreamscape09/17/084.52HOT


 — Paradise is being stranded together. by Goode2shoos04/01/043.96


 — The First day by gambrinus9906/29/154.54HOT

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