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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Fun In The Woods

 — A distraction in the woods for you. by TheMorg09/13/043.76

Fun In The Woods Ch. 01

 — If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a surprise. by StudMuffin8103/04/103.15

Fun in University Halls Ch. 01

 — Phil has started his first year, follow his story. by Marty200711/25/094.13

Fun in University Halls Ch. 02

 — Phil continues on with his first week and it gets better. by Marty200711/30/094.39

Fun in YVR

 — Trade show meeting turns into hot night. by Dtcexec03/12/144.28

Fun On A Fire Truck

 — A fire man and his lonely friend. by babydollface11/09/044.04

Fun on a First Date

 — A woman has sex on a first date, only not with her date. by LizzyBethLit04/13/17

Fun on the Class Trip Ch. 04

 — The trip back. by firebird6804/11/164.48

Fun on the Couch Ch. 02

 — Wake up with your girl, you have fun with her sex bracelets. by rawrkitty11/06/083.92

Fun on the High Seas Ch. 02

 — A blow job with a surprise ending. by SexySoxFan03/31/084.00

Fun on the Open Road

 — We play with each other as we drive back from vacation. by meandyou15_200010/04/094.17

Fun on the Subway

 — Reading porn in public and more. by Ken013107/15/153.75

Fun on the Tennis Court

 — Steve & Jess enjoy more than tennis at club. by dodgeyness02/26/054.24

Fun on the Water

 — A great day on a big lake. by True North04/16/054.08

Fun On The Water

 — A fishing trip gets a little out of hand by Clive Cromwell01/10/034.08

Fun over the Phone

 — He calls me and tells me exactly what I want to hear. by boldnsaucy11/28/144.19

Fun Shopping for Appliances!

 — Couple has strange fun with hot sales rep. by dolamroth07/26/033.93

Fun Times Ch. 02

 — The Further Adventures of Sam and Carrie. by Hogwash03/26/164.52HOT

Fun Times In College

 — John finds out how fun college can be. by Sinister2204/20/044.17

Fun Under Plaid

 — Guy gets friendly with prep school girl. by Joueur09/01/003.81

Fun Under the Sun

 — You and him enjoy yourselves in Hawaii. by Floor ex man06/25/003.81

Fun With A Coworker

 — Her first time with a married man. by rdy4anythng06/11/044.03

Fun with a Friend

 — Two friends have a great time with each other. by LAD197110/08/144.21

Fun with a Mature Couple Ch. 02

 — Alone with Tom's wife, before the big party. by Scorpio0802/13/174.37

Fun with Barbara

 — Sensual tit fucking and porn play, masturbation. by jy5505/13/174.35

Fun with Chris Ch. 1

 — Vacationers Chris & Jake arrive in Florida. by SoftShoulder01/11/013.50

Fun with Cinde Ch. 01

 — First encounter with an amazingly hot brunette. by JayParm09/27/094.20

Fun with Cinde Ch. 02

 — What happens 11 years later. by JayParm10/03/094.08

Fun with Cinde Ch. 03

 — 11 years later, the next morning. by JayParm10/22/094.27

Fun with Cinde Ch. 04

 — Flashback to the second date with Cinde. by JayParm06/23/134.18

Fun with Cunnilingus

 — Husband brings wife to multiple orgasms using his tongue. by victorious04/28/153.04

Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 01

 — Dick and Jane have fun on an early date. by DesperateHousewhores05/11/094.02

Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 03

 — Dick and Jane go on a harbour cruise. by DesperateHousewhores01/06/104.00

Fun with Farley

 — Hot biker mama hops the root. by Captron02/14/014.49

Fun with HIM

 — Couple getting it on. by StarKat03/03/112.71

Fun With IRS

 — Taxpayer gets more than a refund. by seduce88712/27/013.24

Fun with Jane Ch. 01

 — Jane gets what she wants. by redbonobo06/29/114.24

Fun with Jane Ch. 02

 — More fun with Jane on the way back to hers. by redbonobo07/15/114.48

Fun With June Ch. 1

 — Businessman meets an insatiable woman. by Bigtuna09/01/003.96

Fun With June Ch. 2

 — June does it all, then gets mad. by Bigtuna02/26/013.84

Fun With June Ch. 3

 — Making up with June is even more fun. by Bigtuna02/27/014.12

Fun With June Ch. 4

 — June gets even more hedonistic. by Bigtuna02/28/013.92

Fun With Kathy

 — After hours fun at the office. by lomar203/31/024.44

Fun With Lisa - Car Sex

 — Another little game. by A_Member08/15/104.26

Fun With Lisa - Phone Sex

 — I play a little game with you. by A_Member03/07/104.13

Fun with Mimi

 — Mimi has a silent orgasm... or does she? by bobsgirl01/17/074.73HOT

Fun With Phil

 — She catches brother in law in awkward position. by bubblesny05/05/024.01

Fun with Sara

 — A random text message leads to an awesome day! by Story198602/18/154.23

Fun with Sara Pt. 02

 — The Story Continues. by Story198602/19/154.47

Fun With Sex

 — Couple plans sneak attacks on each other. by Ed061310/10/004.06

Fun with Shaving

 — He shaves her pussy. by Sexxxy_Sarah07/21/084.25

Fun with Teacher Ch. 01

 — She needed to be put in her place. by MsTeacher05/24/144.30

Fun with Teacher Ch. 02

 — Taylor learns how to please her teacher. by MsTeacher05/26/144.48

Fun with the Missus

 — A story of a recent encounter, stream-of-consciousness. by aussie_10101/13/114.05

Fun with the Temp

 — New office girl has hidden sexy side. by julesteve03/29/104.39

Fun With The Twins

 — How I seduced my girlfriend's twin sister. Or did I...? by The_Dolphin08/03/034.40

Fund Raiser

 — Charity begins at home. by blondbombshelluk04/03/064.06


 — After a funeral, he unleashes his passion upon her. by intriguess03/22/014.00

Funeral at the Hunting Lodge

 — Emotions run deep at a funeral. by cowboy10909/21/133.62

Funlover71 - Hard, Fast, Anonymous

 — An online sex hook-up experience. by SexySentences11/11/133.42

Funny How Things Turn Out

 — Birthday celebrations lead to an unexpected encounter by Freoman09/09/144.49

Funny How Things Turn Out Ch. 02

 — The day after the night before and the surprises keep coming. by Freoman09/10/144.71HOT

Funny How Things Turn Out Ch. 03

 — No more surprises as I finally get to taste Laura's pussy. by Freoman09/12/144.72HOT

Funny How Things Turn Out Ch. 04

 — After a day of frustration I finally get to fuck Laura. by Freoman09/18/144.51HOT

Funny How Things Turn Out Ch. 05

 — Late night at work leads to a surprising sexual release. by Freoman09/24/144.47

Furnace Room Fun

 — Work day gets kinky. by InYo06/20/013.76

Furnished Room Ch. 01

 — Lance rents a room from a woman with an attractive daughter. by Peter Duncan01/11/074.03

Furnished Room Ch. 02

 — Lance and Claire think of each other and masturbate. by Peter Duncan01/12/074.27

Furnished Room Ch. 03

 — Stacy makes her move in the car. by Peter Duncan01/13/074.44

Furnished Room Ch. 04

 — The story continues. by Peter Duncan01/21/074.48

Furnished Room Ch. 05

 — Claire and Lance share a wild night in bed. by Peter Duncan01/24/074.46

Furnished Room Ch. 06

 — Lance awakes to dream of Stacy sucking his cock. by Peter Duncan02/01/074.53HOT

Further Adventures of Susan Adams Ch. 06

 — Married sex slave. by SteveLee114602/27/144.70HOT

Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 01

 — Pregnant Mary needs to be satisfied. by christinamonroe10/21/054.25

Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 04

 — Seduction of a virgin. by christinamonroe11/03/054.44

Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 07

 — Mary returns to her Master by christinamonroe11/10/054.54HOT

Further Adventures with a Married Woman

 — The first night was amazing... by mudlnthru09/28/014.12

Further Diary of an English Chick

 — Oh dear, this diary full of secrets will have to be burned. by musicalchick10/22/144.18

Further Musings from the Lair

 — The Mage gets some training. by Cerri06/12/013.82


 — The second encounter of a broken girl and a controlling man. by StardustNightmare02/20/154.17

Futile Resistance

 — Can she resist him? by quintessentialquill02/02/074.69HOT

Futile Resistance Ch. 02

 — A proposition she cannot resist. by quintessentialquill02/13/074.70HOT

Futile Resistance Ch. 04

 — Painful secrets revealed. by quintessentialquill03/24/074.68HOT

Futile Resistance Ch. 05

 — Will she be rejected? by quintessentialquill04/10/074.76HOT


 — They play a teasing game of futsal. by tianxin122206/21/044.00

Fuzz Away on Saturday

 — Guy decides to shave his girlfriend. by flitchfold12/08/003.46


 — In a truck. by tantalizingflame9202/24/154.11

FWB Ch. 01: Kaylee

 — Longtime friends become friends with benefits. by Irish Moss03/03/164.44

FWB Ch. 02: Kaylee

 — The morning after friends become friends with benefits. by Irish Moss03/04/164.32

FWB Ch. 03: Colleen

 — His friend w/ benefits hooks him up as she heads to college. by Irish Moss07/31/174.60HOT

G Ch. 04

 — Husband becomes lover to his wife's girlfriend. by Lucky_Hubby06/07/034.71HOT


 — Is the G-Spot real? Young college girl seeks to find out. by Tina_Kerr_3603/19/174.80HOT

G-String Butlers, Inc. Ch. 03

 — She submits to an appitude test. by wannabyour03/07/054.39


 — The Boss sets employee up with his niece. by Kirk48200203/22/044.51HOT

Gabby Ch. 02

 — Revenge is a dish best served cold. by Kirk48200204/12/044.55HOT

Gabby's Homecoming

 — Canadian woman visiting her "fiance" in New York is sidetracked. by Gagamama04/27/133.60

Gabriel & Persia Ch. 01

 — The first story of Gabriel and Persia. by Gabrieltane10/08/094.75

Gabrielle's Secret

 — A lingerie model home for the holidays gets a sexy present. by indigoharvey12/26/114.40

Gaia's Wrath

 — When it all goes wrong, do you or don't you? by FraserNZ08/26/163.92

Gaining Confidence Ch. 02

 — Continued hook up by Erin. by Refreshing08/13/114.37

Gallagher & White Ch. 01

 — Two girls on a quest to regain something of theirs. by Christopher Tracy03/10/044.50HOT

Gallantry Today

 — Help with flat tire leads to pleasure. by cdn_magic06/25/044.09


 — On the prowl for rare books and a rare woman. by Sappholovers03/18/044.13


 — Long distance lovers imagine their first encounter. by ohsoverysassy14u03/05/044.50HOT

Gambler by Nature

 — Betting on love. by Irishdragon11/17/064.53HOT

Gambling Addiction

 — Texas Hold-um isn't the only game possible. by Scorpio4405/07/054.39

Gambling Affair

 — Trip to Vegas to satisfy their urges for each other. by KymmieQuinnell04/22/124.25

Gambling Payoffs

 — A debtor barters his debt to the casino owner. by techsan10/23/064.29

Gambling With Lady Luck

 — A one night stand starting at the casino. by Azuldrgon10/21/073.73

Game Changer

 — They wanted to spice up their marriage... by ElspethMoans10/10/173.58

Game Changer

 — What happens when you meet your online crush. by the_shires10/03/174.34

Game Day

 — A quick trip turned overnight adventure. by geek197505/29/144.22

Game Day Date

 — How we passed the time in the motel until the game started. by TxBoots07/31/103.75

Game Night

 — Moody bf leaves and girlfriend 'entertains' his game friends. by The_shadow_rising06/03/114.54HOT

Game Night

 — Friends over for a good time. by lyke2bite01/26/113.91

Game of Chance

 — Poker, sex, and betrayal. by dr_mabeuse06/21/054.42

Game On

 — Cherry gets frustrated. by dr. Jocelyn01/03/034.48

Game Over, The Fun Begins

 — You lost the game, so you're tied and taken as forfeit. by LucyCanyon10/01/084.05

Game Playing Pt. 01

 — Amy leads a stranger through her sex games. by Loving5009/10/144.26

Game Playing Pt. 02

 — Eric submits to Amy's game. He'll do anything to fuck her. by Loving5009/12/144.27

Game Playing Pt. 03

 — Amy and Eric finish the game and he pushes for more. by Loving5009/16/144.30

Game Time

 — Watching football with an old friend leads to fucking. by Irish Moss08/01/174.21

Game, Set & Match

 — The love of competition never stops! by Cht_Wilcox08/15/164.50HOT

Game, Set and Match

 — Tennis couple wants to bring in a man for her. by JGAnon09/01/004.27

Game, Set and Match Ch. 01

 — A tennis game gets hot, and leads to other things. by Flaouterakh10/13/074.05

Game, Set and Match Ch. 02

 — The action moves from the court to the changing rooms. by Flaouterakh10/14/074.54HOT

Game, Set and Match Ch. 03

 — The action moves on to his place. by Flaouterakh10/15/074.20

Game, Set and Snatch

 — A game of tennis leads to something more. by dark_horse7401/05/124.03

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