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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Lust Filled Mountain Massage

 — Surprise visit leads to sensual massage & great sex. by dchapleaux03/25/084.34

Lust For Her Man

 — She's standing quietly at the doorway. by laurambell12/17/113.81

Lust for Learning

 — Two professors make time for love. by rockchaser09/19/164.75HOT

Lust for My Wife's Sister

 — While searching for porn on the internet, I get a shock. by steelepen03/14/124.53HOT

Lust For Your Bestfriend

 — Casey finds comfort in her best friend by Miaow99902/16/124.03

Lust in a Chicago Office

 — A lustful encounter. by nnighttwriter01/09/054.47

Lust in a Pool Ch. 01

 — Two lovers with a pool to themselves. by dchapleaux03/04/084.03

Lust in a Pool Ch. 02

 — Two lovers with a pool to themselves. by dchapleaux03/05/084.36

Lust in a Pool Ch. 03

 — Two lovers with a pool to yourselves. by dchapleaux03/16/084.50HOT

Lust In A Underpass

 — Cheating wife. by welshcpl5301/26/114.07

Lust in an Elevator

 — Sexy anonymous coupling in a Vegas elevator. by dirtygirl7203/15/064.31

Lust in an Elevator

 — Co-workers make the most of close public quarters. by Torinona02/27/134.36

Lust in an Elevator

 — Blend of 3 classics: elevator sex, a cowbow and a woman exec. by djayem01/01/154.31

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 04

 — Jake and Kari enjoy the ride from the airport. by DITF03/03/104.67HOT

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 05

 — Kari showers some affection on Jake. by DITF03/11/104.51HOT

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 06

 — Jake has dessert after breakfast. by DITF03/14/104.56HOT

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 07

 — Jake and Kari tell their stories. by DITF03/15/104.64HOT

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 11

 — Amber has a plan for Kari. by DITF05/05/104.76HOT

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 12

 — Making music with Maria. by DITF12/24/104.67HOT

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 13

 — Maria's long wait ends. by DITF10/05/114.71HOT

Lust in Rain

 — The rain came down in soft sheets... by Sexecclectic09/05/104.16

Lust in the Alley

 — They have a first encounter. by jalyman6702/25/074.34

Lust in the Dust

 — Light-hearted fun amongst the cobwebs. by wildsweetone10/27/024.24

Lust in the Empty Suite

 — Work crushes fuck in a dark room after he eats her out. by LeggingsLover02/13/174.46

Lust in the Heat

 — Manrie discovers how to let herself go. by Tsania02/24/124.20

Lust In the Lab

 — Simon gets a show in the Lab. by bob_socket07/31/114.25

Lust in The Library

 — Librarian gives 18-year-old student a graduation gift. by Nathan11Spears09/15/024.28

Lust in the Library

 — Lonely co-ed comforted by father figure in the stacks. by Christian_Damore02/22/094.22

Lust in the Library

 — Two library assistants get it on in the work room. by Great_Pharaoh09/20/143.96

Lust in the Library

 — An adversarial encounter leads to a lustful resolution. by ChallengerDeep01/28/184.19

Lust in the Moonlight

 — Good sex is even better if you wait until it's dark. by Greenbush4203/12/064.59HOT

Lust In The Woods

 — He loses one lover but finds another. by be0wulf11/11/044.44

Lust Letter

 — She couldn't sleep, so she indulged in memories instead... by Shannahjade08/05/01

Lust Letters Ch. 1

 — Woman writes letter to entice her busy lover. by PrimaDna1301/01/024.21

Lust Letters Ch. 2

 — Woman tells her lover what he missed. by PrimaDna1301/05/024.25

Lust Letters Ch. 3

 — She writes about her NYE desires. by PrimaDna1301/06/024.36

Lust Letters No. 01

 — Your desires. by cuninglinguist6105/09/074.38

Lust Letters No. 02

 — Tied up. by cuninglinguist6105/10/074.57HOT

Lust Long Denied Ch. 01

 — Andre finds Raven after many years. by Jayderayn10/28/064.39

Lust on a Long Run

 — Unexpected lust leads to bad decisions on a long run. by Conceptionperfection05/12/164.21

Lust on the Beach

 — A fantasy comes true. by Tequilla180006/05/063.28

Lust on the High Seas

 — Pretty Lindsey finds romance on a cruise. by jtfresh202/03/064.34

Lust on the Island of Rhodes

 — A sailor finds lust and temptation on the Island of Rhodes. by peacekeeper2511/30/124.54HOT

Lust Realized

 — After weeks of pining, she finally gets him alone. by xbluespoonx09/02/124.08

Lust Rekindled Pt. 01

 — One couples weekend reignites the passion. by MonkeyToes51x07/04/154.22

Lust Rekindled Pt. 02

 — I learn the pleasure of my wife's ass. by MonkeyToes51x07/08/154.71HOT

Lust, Hate and Paradise Ch. 01

 — Pleasure in paradise has hidden costs. by aliaspeterj09/16/053.92

Lust, Inc. Ch. 01

 — Luke applies for and gets a new job. by Liontamr05/29/034.35

Lust, Pain, Revenge and Love

 — An erotic tale with a twist. by WilliamShakespear03/06/104.24

Lustful Cedar Key

 — Rachel pulls out all the stops to attract Derek. by TrinaT04/04/044.25

Lustful Cedar Key Ch. 02

 — Derek takes chance to fulfill his desires. by TrinaT04/06/044.55HOT

Lustful Desire

 — A lustful desire. by Beth6906/24/153.97

Lustful Desire Ch. 02: Rekindled

 — Chapter 2. by Beth6910/31/154.44

Lustful Encounter

 — I waited for you for what seemed like an eternity. by sxy_bi_horny_chick10/02/114.10

Lustful in the Library

 — She seeks a rendezvous amongst books. by Jade10/15/004.08

Lustful Inhibitions

 — A night out sparks the need for angry, raw sex! by desirablygreen06/18/124.26

Lustful Lips

 — A fantasy of a woman craving her lover's lips. by mckennamakeme06/04/114.13

Lustful Revenge

 — A uni girl's orgasmic revenge on her man. by Gabrielle Vincent07/29/024.48

Lustful Temptation Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a story about my lust for a colleague. by justwriting201305/02/133.77

Lusting After The Boss Ch. 01

 — Sarah wanted the texts to lead to more. by dk2k109/08/123.60

Lusting for the Perfect Cock Ch. 01

 — A married woman begins to lust for large cocks. by GentleGeorge02/29/123.91

Lusting for the Perfect Cock Ch. 02

 — A married women seeks a well-endowed married cock. by GentleGeorge02/29/124.01

Lusting Jase

 — Co-workers mix business with pleasure in the steamy jungle. by Bewitched6906/03/074.25

Lusty Flirt Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Flirt finally gets her co-worker. by sensualnshy09/15/054.42

Lusty Laundromat

 — Lucinda & Ryder do laundry together & then some. by sweetandsassy10/22/013.24

Lusty Roommates Ch. 01

 — Andrew and Alicia finally succumb to their urges. by amateurpilate02/10/104.35

Luv Letters 01 & 02

 — Notes to get you thinking. by yohansenbabe08/05/074.64HOT

Luv Letters 03 & 04

 — Keeping his wife thinking. by yohansenbabe08/19/072.57

Luve Ch. 01

 — At an adult school, a nymphomaniac begins her sex education. by DrMartel01/12/163.92

Luve Ch. 02: Jesse

 — A nymphomaniac recalls her first sexual encounters. by DrMartel01/16/164.16

Luxury Hotel Suite for Two

 — A first time encounter for two. by Kontroller08/31/093.61


 — Lydia gets the man of her dreams and more. by Lucity10/08/024.42

Lydia & Laura Ch. 2: Laura Does a...

 — Laura fulfills her girlhood wish. by polomoche08/16/014.26

Lydia and Andrew Ch. 01

 — A love story between a lonely widow and her neighbour. by bigboy58705/03/114.30

Lydia and Andrew Ch. 02

 — The morning after. by bigboy58705/21/114.52HOT

Lydia and Andrew Ch. 03

 — A date arranged but plans have to be changed. by bigboy58707/01/114.06

Lydia Ch. 01

 — A Canadian reporter wanted to live as a Dalit woman. by dan5709/23/114.08

Lydia Ch. 02

 — Lydia meets again her rapist. by dan5709/26/114.40

Lydia Ch. 03

 — Encounter in the cotton fields. by dan5709/27/114.29

Lydia Ch. 04

 — Lydia meets Amit's son. by dan5710/02/114.50HOT

Lydia Ch. 05

 — Amit’s return. by dan5710/03/114.42

Lydia Ch. 06

 — Lydia's breeding. by dan5710/08/113.91

Lydia Ch. 2

 — The next morning with her dream man. by Lucity10/11/023.97

Lydia Ch. 3

 — Lydia gets to watch and participate. by Lucity10/14/024.13

Lydia's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Lydia goes ahead with the girls but Tom comes as a surprise. by freeman6402/26/154.76HOT

Lydia's Night Out

 — Lydia has unexpected fun when she goes out with the girls. by LingerieLoverGuy02/20/144.18

Lydia's Story

 — She meets her internet fuck buddy. by GentleGeorge11/20/073.50

Lying About My Age Ch. 04

 — Would this be Rich and Jamie's first night together? by FerdGerfel01/02/164.37

Lyla Ch. 01: Loose Lips

 — Blonde, busty 22 year old fucks former boss. by dakotadanders10/14/174.28

Lyla Ch. 05: Summer Lovin'

 — Lyla tells Halle about her favorite fuck. by dakotadanders11/16/174.13

Lyla Ch. 06: Three's Company

 — Lyla gets DP'd by the investors. by dakotadanders01/17/184.42

Lynette Loves Her Toys

 — Rob is seduced by an adult sex shop employee. by RobAnthony5312/30/174.46


 — One night with incredible blonde vixen. by johnnieblue4408/09/134.28

Lynn Story 01

 — Our first night together. by Stories201407/31/143.48

Lynn's Phone Call to Bliss

 — A one-on-one orgasmic encounter. by tonyatll11/17/053.82

Lynn, From The University

 — Jimmy has a frustrating encounter with you. by Molly Dodd03/07/043.95


 — He meets and beds a sexy young redhead. by Romeo Blue10/09/003.73

Lynne Misbehaves At The Hotel

 — My girlfriend goes in search of another cock as I work. by HillRunner12/29/08

Lynne’s French Style Seduction

 — As a nubile coed, my wife to be was seduced by a master. by Bardvark07/24/114.15

Lyon's Den

 — A lonely woman rediscovers her wild side. by wilderness11/03/064.55HOT

M and H Ch. 02

 — Mari and Henry's first meeting. by therealultimatedarkone10/22/093.80

M and H Ch. 06

 — Mari gets a special repair discount. All is caught on video. by therealultimatedarkone11/20/093.32

M Lot

 — Nerdy college sophmore gets fucked in the parking lot. by carebear1803/29/10


 — She looks into your beloved face. by queenshawni06/13/073.76


 — A beautiful, caring and daring prostitute. by 12pleaseher07/07/103.82


 — Tired of waiting, he turns to the Internet. by frombehindyou03/10/084.09

M: Meeting

 — The first contact between two long distance lovers. by TheMillersAngel08/03/164.33

Mac Buddys

 — A late night school prejoect reveals a deep hidden lust. by titijacs05/21/063.59

Mac's Australian Adventure Ch. 1

 — His journey to meet his Aussie cyber lovers. by Madoc07/15/024.18

Mac's Australian Adventure Ch. 2

 — Second leg of his erotic Aussie adventure. by Madoc07/18/024.60HOT

Mac's Australian Adventure Ch. 3

 — The lovers gather at a beach rental. by Madoc08/17/024.08

Mac's Australian Adventure Ch.4

 — A little anal teasing can go a long way. by Madoc08/19/024.11


 — When in France. by fatophelia11/22/122.93

Mach-2 Club

 — Strangers become fast lovers aboard the Concorde. by E.NonnyMuse02/01/054.55HOT

Macintosh Valley

 — Boy gets beautiful girl at ski resort. by Manytimes09/01/003.83


 — A woman finds herself in a rut, and gets out of it. by FoamyinFL06/04/114.59HOT

Mad Season

 — Woman learns erotica with her cyber lover. by Mar195903/14/023.70

MAD Women-Modern Angry Divas Ch. 01

 — Reason to be angry-the modern day adventures of angry women. by SusanJillParker06/13/154.00

Madam Jerk

 — A chance encounter. by Mackie200602/20/074.26

Madam X

 — A woman alone, and dangerous. by Michael14205/21/154.31

Madamefifi's Ch. 01

 — Madamefifi's has just got her first customer by madamefifi05/03/034.02

Maddi and Josh

 — A young woman gets rescued by a stranger. by jes124304/25/102.90

Maddie Comes Alive

 — Two friends get kinky with mysterious visitors. by charissapicard02/16/184.33NEW

Maddie in Cancún Ch. 01

 — Maddie's naughty vacation. by wolfbadger09/23/094.14

Maddie in Cancún Ch. 02

 — Maddie's naughty vacation continues. by wolfbadger09/26/093.82

Maddie in Cancún Ch. 03

 — Maddie's naughty vacation continues. by wolfbadger10/02/094.00

Maddie in Cancún Ch. 04

 — Maddie's naughty vacation continues. by wolfbadger10/03/093.97

Maddie in Cancún Ch. 06

 — Maddie's naughty vacation - conclusion. by wolfbadger10/08/093.92

Maddie's Gift

 — Maddie pays a farewell visit to her favorite professor. by SexualEdward03/17/164.57HOT

Maddie's Morning Surprise

 — Maddie wakes Drew with a pleasant surprise. by beccamurr05/19/144.12

Made For Each Other Ch. 01

 — The beginning of an intimate adventure. by QuietWriter2712/14/133.06

Made in Manhattan

 — Handsome black man and sexy Aussie woman hook up in NYC. by brethard09/21/15

Made in the Heavens

 — Indian couple meets and mates in a plane. by DevilsAngel36901/27/064.36

Made You Look

 — A couple's competition. by readcarefully07/03/144.29

Made-up Detentions

 — She has a lot of detentions and he has a way to help. by Itz_Fine_White_Wine07/29/113.54


 — She learns why her neighbor is so reclusive. by elle_noire08/22/043.86

Madeline in Oregon

 — Madeline visits her dying Aunt. by MadQuill07/24/154.36

Madeline's Adventure

 — Madeline finds a way to play when husband's away. by IgneousRocks07/06/164.43

Madelyn: The First Time?

 — An impromptu offer is made. Can he close the deal? by SebastianCoyle06/13/173.63

Madhavi Ch. 06

 — Radhika wants in on the saga of Rahul and Madhavi. by andhravadoo10/27/154.73HOT

Madhavi Ch. 1-2

 — An adulterous Indian office affair. by rolling_leo10/07/014.38

Madhavi Ch. 3-5

 — The affair continues... by rolling_leo10/08/014.61HOT

Madison After School

 — Madison has to see her teacher after school. by madison01808/14/034.53HOT

Madison River Magic

 — Two new friends enjoy a warm sexy night by the river. by RiverGuide01/22/184.42

Madison's Day

 — An unlikely meeting changes two lives forever. by Bigdenverman06/17/074.34

Madison's First Day

 — Girl gets too horny at work. by madison01805/08/044.36

Madison's Party

 — Friends take it further. by jon22712/31/134.08

Madrid Ch. 01

 — First session with Esmeralda. by Franglais02/04/064.63HOT

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