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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Nurse Shari

 — Patient gets some relief. by almostnormal200802/15/084.32

Nurse Tends To Your Ails

 — She heard you were hot and under the weather. by MBeeJay06/28/084.09

Nurse's Adventures

 — She gets to fuck a guy. by sally69er11/24/084.23


 — After a bad bike smash, can he make his feelings clear? by TGStone10/15/134.59HOT

Nursed Back to Health

 — A helpfull nurse becomse much more. by m_storyman_x09/14/094.75HOT

Nurses In Training

 — Hot young nurse-to-be is tutored by her patients. by Hullo_nurse10/08/004.22

Nurses Lover

 — A sexy nurse recalls an encounter with her lover. by hotassnurse10/08/033.88


 — She has an exceptionally well-endowed patient. by Susan200210/28/024.66HOT

Nursie Ch. 02

 — She couldn't stop dreaming about him. by Susan200211/02/024.64HOT

Nursie Ch. 03

 — Nursie can't stay away from him. by Susan200211/08/024.72HOT

Nursie Ch. 04

 — Nursie is in trouble. by Susan200211/28/024.53HOT

Nursing Friend

 — Old friends and nursing uniform are an awesome combination. by tool_time200509/26/084.06

Nursing JJ

 — Sexy, horny chubby nurse fucks her patient. by DonAbdul12/26/094.06

Nuts & Sluts

 — It started as a senior honors seminar to boost her GPA. by Magicien10/11/034.04

NY Legal Ch. 02

 — He's dangerous and crazy... She wants him bad. by HaydenDLinder12/24/174.72HOT

NYC Nightlife Ch. 01

 — Sex and more at a Goth club. by Cognoscente08/11/083.84

NYC Tails Ch. 01

 — Bronx playa meets girl on train and she takes him home. by longman_nyc07/15/114.13

NYC Tails Ch. 02

 — Taking a friend's girl to the heights of erotic pleasure. by longman_nyc07/16/113.52


 — O! That kind of nymph. by wajawhiii06/27/184.48


 — Can a self-described nymphomaniac live a normal life? by Brookell04/05/054.49


 — Drunk guy meets pop star. by Guillermo09/01/001.84

Nympho Club Slut

 — Mr Smooth picks up a naughty redhead for a night of pleasure. by havsumfun103/09/124.32


 — A boring day turns out perfectly. by Lee_Yin_Yin02/23/014.25

Nymphomaniac Wants a Pussy-Pounding

 — Flexible woman fits in a quick shag before yoga class. by Clarence_Throbshaft08/02/143.41

Nymphomaniacs Manifest Pt. 01

 — Acclaimed Boston psychiatrist tries to 'Cure' Lisle. by Eroticdreamescape11/18/144.51HOT

O Is For One Night Stand

 — Delayed flight to a helluva layover. by velvetpie05/21/044.34

O Means Olivia

 — Coming home from work to you. by redrider4u10/02/033.48

O'Malley's Angel

 — Mysterious woman walks into the bar and into Tom's heart. by LSanders03/24/094.79HOT

Oakley's Medic

 — Army buddy showed me pictures of his girl... by edgarf21711/06/144.30

Oar House

 — The life and times of a floating brothel. by riverboy07/31/154.77HOT


 — A couple gets ready to go out, but has a change of plans. by mlevans01/27/163.56

Obedient Muslim Wives

 — Somali preacher finally tries wife's strap-on. by Samuelx10/08/132.21

Obey Me

 — Lover takes charge. by Elizabeth Brandon07/19/013.24

Object of Desire Ch. 01

 — Literotica sparks an electric encounter. by trixiej01/11/064.76HOT

Object of Desire Ch. 02

 — Her daring mission to get a second helping. by trixiej02/15/074.79HOT


 — Older man & younger woman find oblivion in their sex. by jjsharshaw12/01/014.20

Obscene Phone Call

 — Lexie gets an obscene phone call and enjoys it. by neutrona08/09/094.24

Obscene Phone Call Ch. 02

 — Kevin calls Lexie after a day of teasing at work. by neutrona08/12/094.28

Obscene Phone Call Ch. 03

 — Lexie decides to return the favor for Kevin. by neutrona08/15/094.57HOT

Obscene Phone Call Ch. 04

 — Lexie and Kevin finally get together. by neutrona08/19/094.66HOT

Observing Sex

 — A wife has an odd quirk during sex. by mcmurryae02/04/173.87


 — Lady boss can't get new employee off her mind. by Tiedandhappy04/18/034.09

Obsessed with Miss Best of Breasts

 — Lucky guy asked to judge beauty contest. by ilikeithot630808/09/174.82HOT


 — Man lusts for wife's 21-year-old sister. by al1roy12/22/044.11


 — Desperate enough to make it happen...I had to see her fucked. by Trudydoes04/21/184.29

Obsession Ch. 05

 — You be the judge of the JUDGE. by Amyfriend08/03/064.41

Obsession Ch. 07

 — Judy seduces another older gentleman. by Amyfriend08/18/064.46

Obsession...with a Twist

 — 18 year old drives an older man to do things. by sds19506/21/164.72HOT

Obsessions Realized

 — They get what they need. by ImpofSexualMagic08/29/043.57

Obstinate Stain

 — A silent scream. A fine mess. A cruel sting. by Unsung Muse12/18/054.47

Obvious, in Retrospect Ch. 03

 — Chris stops by. by angstypleasure12/30/094.11


 — The morning after a fantasy night out. by Slightlysolied12/08/144.07

Ocean Breezes

 — Two lovers, one beach, no tan lines. by northcostguy08/26/154.56HOT

Oceans Deep

 — Oceans can be a whole lot of fun. by angelfeathers03/30/044.42

October 18th

 — They capture their passion with a digital camera. by SueBry11/18/024.27

October 1947

 — To men on a train meet a young woman then her sister. by Grouchojim12/10/154.54HOT

October Rust

 — School friends take a break. by No Panty Girl02/24/063.77

OD or Something

 — It ain't the name. It's the girl. by SNAGuy04/02/093.43

Odd Jobs

 — She wanted to earn some money. He gave her a very odd job. by Ashson09/17/174.48

Odd Socks and a Crack Pipe

 — A Family, a Housekeeper and a Problem. by Spectre1705/14/154.04

Odd Way To Meet

 — But the sex is terrific. by ainu02/19/044.53HOT

Ode to a Feminine Ass

 — I pay homage to a woman's ass and do it doggy style. by PrevertedMe03/30/164.29

Ode to and Older Woman

 — Michaela 45 and Jon 20, get it on. by danishmichaela01/03/134.62HOT

Ode to Domina Scorpio: Darkness

 — Female fan unleashes reclusive author's dark side. by Samuelx04/28/122.00

Ode to Jodi

 — Man misses his lady, & takes matters in hand. by sir_shmergin03/20/013.86

Ode To Miranda: A Lover

 — An Erotic fantasy told by two people. by bbkradwell09/14/024.59HOT


 — Lawyer embarks on an erotic adventure. by Orgone508/11/053.94

Odyssey Ch. 01

 — Beginnings. by LeopoldNicholas12/07/13

Odyssey Ch. 02

 — The Nuclear Option by LeopoldNicholas12/22/13

Odyssey Ch. 03

 — The Cold Winds of Gallifrey. by LeopoldNicholas12/29/13

Odyssey Ch. 04

 — Home World. by LeopoldNicholas01/01/14

Odyssey Ch. 06

 — Hatter and River do the dirty. by LeopoldNicholas03/12/14

Odyssey Ch. 07

 — Heard it all before. by LeopoldNicholas07/24/14

Odyssey Ch. 08

 — The Dangers of Steampunk Part One. by LeopoldNicholas03/28/15

Of Course

 — New writing course gets creative. by john_stone78910/06/044.41

Of Dreams and Reality Ch. 03

 — Michael's life turns up-side down. by MDF25112/05/054.26

Of Her Own Accord

 — Shy wife opens up with husband's help. by girt05/11/034.61HOT

Of Hope Lost and Found Ch. 02

 — Can Dottie marry a man she doesn't quite love? by nageren02/13/154.78HOT

Of Hope Lost and Found Ch. 03

 — Dottie enters a new season of life and work. by nageren02/15/154.80HOT

Of Lambs and Hunters Ch. 02

 — Secret tryst. by erosdon12/22/154.28

Of Reunions and Life Ch. 01

 — Martin's loser life takes some unexpected turns. by writingdragon12/11/034.70HOT

Of Reunions and Life Ch. 02

 — The end of the Reunion and the beginning of life. by writingdragon12/22/034.73HOTContest Winner

Of Scarecrows and Corn Poles

 — Annie has an unexpected encounter in a corn field. by mabinogionx10/03/103.86

Of Sex & Sky Diving

 — A story of high altitude sex. by naded06/30/024.23

Of Snowbunnies and Snowmen

 — Spring break turns out alright after all. by Rattlesnake177507/06/044.27

Of Teardrops and Warm Wet Sand

 — A dinner date with a difference. by kaele1gh01/14/114.30

Of Territory & Love

 — A week in the wild. by Mystral07/03/024.25

Of Various Appetites

 — Carrie, paragon of self-control, cannot resist her coworker. by unexplored_worlds09/05/174.44

Of Wine And Women

 — Two lovers and a bottle of wine. by doones10/24/024.07

Of Wolf and Man

 — Urban commando learns to appreciate the wilderness. by scarfaccio09/11/024.57HOT

Off At College

 — Small town girl liberates herself at college. by BarbT02/27/044.35

Off At College Ch. 02

 — Jenny dates another member of the fraternity, by BarbT03/16/04HOT

Off At College Ch. 03

 — Jenny gets picked up at a frat party. by BarbT03/22/044.45

Off At College Ch. 04

 — Jenny dates a freshman. by BarbT03/29/04HOT

Off At College Ch. 05

 — Jenny has an afternoon at the beach. by BarbT04/05/044.44

Off At College Ch. 06

 — Studying together leads to more. by BarbT05/28/044.50HOT

Off At College Ch. 09

 — Jenny is the birthday party. by BarbT05/25/05HOT

Off At College Ch. 10

 — Jenny spends the night with her date. by BarbT09/01/054.37

Off At College Ch. 11

 — Jenny services a fraternity visitor. by BarbT09/03/05HOT

Off At College Ch. 12a

 — Jenny spends the day at the fraternity. by BarbT07/25/144.41

Off Campus

 — Coed gets busy with strange guy at party. by Naughty Coed09/01/004.20

Off Campus Lessons

 — College virgin meets an amazing woman. by James Cody10/29/004.12

Off For A Drive

 — Wife goes to meet a friend alone. by flutter_by07/04/034.06

Off Limits

 — A man gives in to his desire for a girl he can't have. by Puss_n_Boots04/12/124.53HOT

Off Limits

 — Frank pushes Fiona's limits after she gets waxed. by tk555506/24/144.33

Off Limits

 — I covet my best friend's husband. by Delilah_Night05/14/164.04

Off Menu Pt. 01

 — An adventurous woman plans a birthday surprise. by Barefootaaron04/07/163.59

Off Menu Pt. 02

 — An adventurous woman plans a birthday surprise. by Barefootaaron04/08/164.08

Off Menu Pt. 03

 — An adventurous woman plans a birthday surprise. by Barefootaaron04/09/164.33

Off Menu Pt. 04

 — The next morning Rachel wakes up from an erotic dream. by Barefootaaron04/10/164.21

Off the Beaten Path

 — Retelling a popular fairy tale. by kiltcalg08/05/133.78

Off the Cuff

 — An online writer meets her fan. by Jayhawk Girl11/18/024.68HOT

Off The Hook

 — Lola & Chris get to know each other. by msxxl06/02/044.66HOT

Off the Hook!

 — A young man, a young woman, a crazy party. by Zorgolio10/24/094.33

Off the Record

 — Business adversaries take a closer look at each other... by sharpchick05/01/124.06

Off the Streets

 — A widower is captivated by a busty homeless girl. by AtomicPunk1306/20/124.52HOT

Off the Wall

 — Nathan and Jessica reunite after four months apart. by NEVEREVEN704/07/083.80

Off to a Rousing New Year

 — Catherine and I entertain the lady from the room next door. by RobAnthony5302/09/194.64HOT

Off to the Bahamas Ch. 01

 — You travel the Caribbean on a yacht. by gibbyx4103/08/043.93

Off to the Movies...

 — I take you to see a movie. by NhJstr04/07/013.83

Off-Agenda Meeting Ch. 01

 — Conference speaker connects with one member of his audience. by Z-Writer03/20/064.66HOT

Off-Agenda Meeting Ch. 02

 — His night with Rebecca gets better. by Z-Writer04/24/064.20

Off-Agenda Meeting Ch. 03

 — His first time with Rebecca is complete. by Z-Writer07/02/064.50HOT


 — A chance encounter opens up old flood gates. by kaosone11/26/134.15

Offering Solace

 — She eases his broken heart the only way she knows. by Gothkitten04/30/034.26

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