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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Swimsuit Optional

 — Ashley remembers a fling on the beach and meets a new man by BeachKitty04/02/034.10

Swimsuit Shopping

 — Watching her try them on gets him excited. by creosote307/05/114.25


 — First swinging experience. by IreneXXX09/05/052.92

Swing Choir Competition Ch. 01

 — Reminiscing on the bus ride there. by LesbiansBrotherinlaw06/10/044.44

Swingers Club

 — He pulls out his phone and starts taking pics... by dragonangel2507/28/133.84

Swingers Fall in Love Ch. 01

 — They know it's wrong, but... by cardinia09/17/134.03

Swingers Fall in Love Ch. 02

 — They meet again. by cardinia09/18/133.95

Swingers Love Story

 — Who says a swingers club and romance can't mix? by Blackerose02/17/094.00


 — You are a typical married guy... by Cleo7407/09/114.08

Swinging - The Cement that Binds Us

 — Young professional couple explores swinging and loves it. by swinginsam06/11/164.33

Swinging Bikers

 — Gas station stop. by Orcaman4706/03/033.49

Swinging in the Decades

 — Two couples swing to welcome every new decade. by 4glory612/08/134.39

Swinging Party

 — I am invited to a Halloween party with a group of swingers. by rapperbs11/16/174.58HOT

Swinging Party Ch. 02

 — Bob is asked to take care of Jill and Tammi. by rapperbs01/13/184.80HOT

Swinging Party Ch. 04

 — Tammi and Bob become closer and still swing. by rapperbs04/16/184.70HOT

Swinging Softly 1st Time

 — Lori and I are surprised by our guests, and ourselves. by KansasFun08/20/144.31

Swinging, Swapping or Polyamory

 — James reminisces on the first time they swapped partners. by JamesMiehoff09/25/184.47

Swipe Right

 — Sometimes your date isn't quite what you expected. by Naughty_Witch03/24/164.11

Swiping Right Ch. 01: Lovely

 — All the joys of online dating. by SeanBurns197501/27/183.58

Swiss Adventure

 — Co-workers have fun when they are stuck in a snowstorm. by penguinerotica03/27/124.29


 — Woman teases her man. by heartshope08/25/154.48

Switch Ch. 02

 — A glorious night at the club. by zoelikesjam07/18/144.53HOT

Switchboard Girls Soldiers & Sirens

 — Wartime fun during the blitz. by RetroFan06/24/144.59HOT

Switched and Bewitched

 — A deserted house, two amorous spirits. What could go wrong? by PMDlite10/04/174.49

Switched Up Costumes

 — A Halloween party costume change becomes interesting. by m_storyman_x10/02/144.68HOT


 — Some places you play can give you a real backlash. by sr71plt10/05/074.67HOT

Switching Drivers

 — A wife convinces her husband to switch roles. by MartinFaust09/29/154.41

Switching Sides

 — A geek bets a lesbian that he eats pussy better. by Mystery_M12/21/084.49

Swizzlers and Janitor's Closets

 — Unique situations uncover interesting feelings. by bostoncoed41308/06/074.14

Swizzlers and Janitors Closets

 — Unique predicaments bring out true feelings. by bostoncoed41308/03/074.47

Swordfight: Handicap Match

 — My POV Interracial Cockfight against Aimless & Realist. by SteelSaurus06/01/163.50

Swordfight: Spivey vs. Steel

 — My POV Interracial Cockfight. by SteelSaurus09/03/154.43

Swordfight: Steel vs. Alpha

 — My POV Interracial Cockfight. by SteelSaurus06/02/163.71

Swordfight: Steel vs. Gohn

 — My POV Interracial Cockfight. by SteelSaurus08/04/153.50

Swordfight: Steel vs. Jon

 — My POV Interracial Cockfight. by SteelSaurus06/03/164.08

Swordfight: Steel vs. Voltra

 — My POV Interracial Cockfight. by SteelSaurus06/04/164.20

SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 03

 — Seducing my lawyer to to see if she is potion-worthy. by KissedMany11/27/134.52HOT

Syd's Soiree Ch. 3

 — Sexual tension between partners rises as search continues. by BigDawg6911/06/012.60

Syd’s Halloween Soirée Ch. 1

 — Lieutenant La Fay meets Syd's Phantom Man. by Morgaine LaFay09/30/014.20

Syd’s Halloween Soirée Ch. 2

 — The Phantom Reappears... by Morgaine LaFay10/09/013.89

Sylvan & Kelly Ch. 01

 — An interestingly styled portrayal of high school sex. by Tuhtch Meee09/26/042.35

Sylvia Does the Davenport

 — Sylvia goes for the gusto, guilt-free. by PrettyPerkys11/04/104.54HOT

Sylvia's Fantasy Cums True

 — Sylvia's fantasy with Rae's father finally comes true. by PrettyPerkys10/16/104.37

Sylvia's Mother

 — A story of love, loss, and redemption. by jsmangis02/21/184.38

Sylvia's Mother, a Redux

 — A rewrite of an earlier story of mine. by jsmangis03/25/184.46

Sympathetic Sister-in-law

 — Shortly after the honeymoon she demands less sex. by EgmontOriginals05/25/164.06


 — Alex encounters a mysterious woman in the library. by thezinger04/10/114.70HOT

Synergy Ch. 02

 — Daniel meets Stacy and tours a museum and the guide. by BBArms02/23/154.38

Synergy Ch. 03

 — Annabelle is dispatched to get Daniel's mind off Stacy. by BBArms02/25/154.36

System Crash

 — Convenient apathy leads to a wonderous confluence. by Jarlath11/03/043.41

Systems Engineer Ch. 01

 — A job with a difference. by Beatnic_jazzman02/08/134.52HOT

Systems Engineer Ch. 02

 — A holiday with extras by Beatnic_jazzman02/09/134.53HOT

Systems Engineer Ch. 03

 — More treats. by Beatnic_jazzman02/10/134.52HOT

Systems Engineer Ch. 04

 — Speedboats and Champagne. by Beatnic_jazzman02/11/134.59HOT

Systems Engineer Ch. 05

 — The end of a dream? by Beatnic_jazzman02/12/134.38


 — Never did she consider leaving to start anew. by perunaeen11/17/073.44

T and Me

 — Discovering each other. by archeopteryx_feather10/08/063.35

T and Me Ch. 03

 — Further discovery and falling more in love. by archeopteryx_feather10/21/064.50

T and Me Ch. 04

 — Taking the final plunge. by archeopteryx_feather10/22/064.31

T Rope Scores

 — A well-hung service station attendant pumps more than gas. by Big T Rope12/15/044.29


 — Thank God It's Fuckday. by talynkotr02/26/074.12


 — I can't wait to get home from work to see him. by shygirlnextdoor08/12/084.26

TA's Pet

 — What happens when the TA has a crush on the student. by TexacoKitten09/07/094.02

Tabby & Mr. Andrews

 — Tabby makes out with her friend's father. by Tabby18lover02/23/024.43

Tabby After the Ball is Over

 — Tabby gets a surprise on her ride home. by Tabby18lover11/19/034.41

Tabby at the Bus Stop

 — She meets a stranger at the bus stop. by Tabby18lover08/19/024.41

Tabby Enjoys a Visit to the Library

 — Tabby gets distracted by a stranger. by Tabby18lover05/14/024.12

Tabby Gets Taught by Mr. King

 — Tabby finds a way to please her teacher. by Tabby18lover03/11/024.44

Tabby the Babysitter

 — Tabby enjoys a night babysitting for Cliff. by Tabby18lover12/13/024.60HOT

Tabby The Nurse Ch. 1

 — Tabby finds fun as a night nurse.. by Tabby18lover04/22/024.59HOT

Tabby The Nurse Ch. 2

 — Lana takes over Cliff's care. by Tabby18lover05/13/024.49

Tabby's Blog Ch. 01

 — My first time with Tabby. by theatreaddict03/30/103.80

Tabby's First Overseas Experience

 — Tabby finds excitement at the airport. by Tabby18lover01/23/034.26

Tabby's Slut Dance

 — She gets taken by her dance partner. by Tabby18lover10/28/034.16

Tabby, Cliff and the Business Trip

 — Tabby and her father have more fun at the conference by Tabby18lover01/23/034.66HOT

Tabby,Cliff and the Business Trip Ch. 01

 — Fun at the conference. by Tabby18lover12/13/024.47

Tabitha, the Naughty Nurse

 — Nurse gives her patient sexy treatment. by LustScribe09/04/124.19

Table Manners

 — A story of two neighbours who are more than just friends. by AdiemusUK10/04/074.20

Table Manners

 — Chocolate sauce forms the basis of a recipe for oral sex. by Pencil_sharpene01/08/114.39

Table Shattering Orgasm

 — Wife's orgasm from spouse sends table to trash. by budsrus08/23/054.02

Tables Are Turned

 — What a ride! by MissSenses06/05/084.39

Taboo Ch. 03

 — Bonnie can't resist fucking her mother's boyfriend Marcus. by NancyAllbright01/05/154.29

Taboo Fantasy

 — Wife fuels the fire by mentioning her Mum during sex. by JPHutton06/12/104.45

Taboo Summer Love

 — My exploring of new love and discovery hidden fetishes. by BlondishAdventure04/19/164.63HOT

Taboo: A Night with Anissa

 — Man succumbs to lust & cheats on his wife. by Rico Suave05/03/054.24

Taco Belle

 — Taco Bell employee meets incredibly hot customer. by Johnathandoe07/30/014.28

Taco Eater

 — Farmhand shows wives new found pleasure. by SM40203/13/074.34

Tacoma Remembering

 — Nympho and a story from a few years back. by Zensoftly08/25/10

Tag you're IT

 — Old memories come back to haunt a graffiti artist. by MSTarot07/28/154.60HOT

Tahitian Pleasures

 — Lust and wetness with sexy colleague... by Froggy-G04/08/034.57HOT


 — Romantic fun leads to teasing and frenzied lust. by Exogenous12/23/034.45

Tahoe Hotel

 — He is put in charge of a hotel. by Nerfstar03/06/074.43


 — A "Penthouse Forum" letter with "Sea World" flair. by Mister_Grey06/28/083.86

Tail of Perversity

 — She didn't expect him home this early. by SouthernScribbler05/11/024.13

Tailor Made

 — A tailor seduces a walk-in client in need of service. by J_Kincaid09/22/124.28

Tailored to Needs

 — How a jeans could be tailored to needs? by MooHaan08/05/063.62

Tails of A Headhunter

 — A sexual fantasy for two. by Pervetta08/14/034.04


 — She was drawn from his body, maybe it was his sin, his lust. by Liebschin03/30/043.88

Tainted Love

 — She tortures you before you make love. by LadyGodiva7502/01/064.56HOT

Take A Chance

 — A twist of fate turns two friends into lovers. by Ryan28307/26/044.60HOT

Take a Hike

 — Zoe and Evan just need to find a way to get along. by __Lisa__04/01/134.61HOT

Take A Leap With Kinky?

 — Erotic sports story based on her first time. by KinkyLOVE10/14/013.44

Take a Memo, Please

 — Secretary goes above & beyond call of duty. by Kaneslady03/25/024.22

Take a Picture

 — It may last longer, but can't compete with the real thing. by davidwatts05/31/054.49

Take a Picture for Me

 — She takes a picture for her online friend. by tabber02/09/074.21

Take A Walk, Fuck A Stranger

 — Boring walk leads him to a sexy stranger. by Tyde10/10/014.00

Take Control of the Night

 — "Could I break that control?" by sinfulcaramel12/30/174.50

Take Courage

 — He gets caught admiring the view. by Redbush07/18/184.66HOT

Take Courage Pt. 02

 — Does James have the courage to tell his wife? by Redbush07/20/184.60HOT

Take It Outta My Hide

 — A woman finds a way to pay back a stableowner. by Reiner4306/08/114.46

Take It!

 — A light bondage and submission story. by KendallJames09/04/123.88

Take Lunch - Adult Programming

 — Suzy only sings for kids while the cameras are rolling. by ThinkerLover09/07/093.74

Take Me After The Ol' Ball Game

 — A summer of sexy fun crammed into two weeks. by ndbf4ever08/27/094.36

Take Me For a Ride

 — A ride in the wildernes leads to lust in the woods. by SkyOnFyre09/10/064.54HOT

Take Me Home

 — When she calls him to pick her up, he does more than that. by Lady Jayne08/26/044.26

Take Me Home, Country Roads

 — A little air, a little sun, and maybe just a little... by vividlyyours07/17/144.58HOT

Take Me Now

 — Long-distance lovers reunite passionately. by Sunshinycurlz07/22/054.18

Take Me Please

 — Janice awakens her sex drive. by Trialbasis12/23/034.37

Take Me...

 — She just loves a naughty adventure. by Arianna Lee08/31/054.29

Take Me; I'm Yours

 — What motivates a woman to submit? by lennythelion03/26/104.59HOT

Take My Breath Away

 — Lovers meet. by 1Kiki08/27/074.73HOT

Take My Picture

 — Young photographer takes control of his hot boss. by chastity42003/22/044.61HOT

Take the Hint 01

 — A plan to show up the ex turns into fun for all. by AoDes21602/17/174.35

Take What You Want

 — Sometimes the best sex is with strangers. by the_shires01/30/144.29


 — They have one night to get it right. by dvlinblue03/01/024.26


 — She loves it when he takes control of her by Clohi08/02/044.34


 — Was it the blind date she expected or...? by Sher04/27/024.15


 — Jatin watches his girl friend getting fucked. by Indianfictionwriter10/14/074.08


 — Waking up is hard to do. by arbenitre07/07/093.80


 — He seduces her on the job. by Jeneric09/16/093.88


 — A story about pushing limits. by ShyOne7902/07/103.83


 — Woken up and taken... by Kyriae12/22/144.23


 — A moment spent exploring the depths of passion. by RubyLibertine02/03/104.29


 — He takes her, and she loves every minute of it. by Mike_Madison08/31/144.37


 — He takes me after my husband. by Cherry_Rose09/19/184.16

Taken - A Virtual Seduction

 — Mind Fucked, In a Good Way! by AL_Gator01/17/164.31

Taken Again

 — College girl gets fucked another time. by luvhighheels101/05/092.96

Taken Away

 — A serious mistake, she tries to explain and seeks reassurance. by hoo_hoo_boo01/21/143.53

Taken By A Teacher

 — A student is taken by her teacher. by laffytaffy6906/10/073.78

Taken By Best Friend's Husband

 — After our threesome, she takes Gary alone. by sally69er03/28/023.98

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