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Erotic Couplings Stories

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A Touch of Rose

 — Touch has always been important to her. by vampyre_gem03/31/054.50HOT

A Touch Of The Orient

 — A battle of the sexes where both win. by beatcha2it10/19/014.07

A Tour du Monde

 — He makes a prick teaser wait till he's ready. by shambles03/10/074.74HOT

A Tour of Venice

 — You escape for a weekend getaway to Venice. by rsaustin02/02/123.50

A Toy Boy for Gemma

 — Being with Jason surpassed all Gemma's previous affairs. by alexcarr11/15/144.00

A Toy Story

 — A couple enjoys a new toy together. by LadySherotica07/31/014.55HOT

A Traditional Wedding

 — Tribal husband plans unusual pleasure for his wife. by Learningfast12/10/103.96

A Traffic Stop

 — The only thing officer didn't give her was a ticket. by Insatiable_Imp09/02/054.41

A Trailer Tryst

 — A couple finds erotic joy and comfort in a trailer park. by odlum06/15/064.48

A Train Encounter

 — Chance meeting between man & woman on a train. by tetheredbeauty05/26/073.83

A Train Ride to Remember

 — A train ride home and a dream come true... well almost. by aliparks01/29/124.53HOT

A Transit Stop at Bangkok Airport

 — A short transit stop, and a memory of a lifetime. by ex_expat08/11/064.03

A Travel Story

 — A couple try new things when they get away. by Stiff_Member09/06/164.55HOT

A Traveler's Tale

 — Winter traveler encounters a redhead on a beach. by starkhadre04/01/014.53HOTEditor's Pick

A Treasured Moment

 — A lunchtime date gets hot and passionate. by Saoirse05/02/034.51HOT

A Treat for Halloween

 — It isn't only kids who get treats at Halloween. by rgraham66610/11/044.61HOT

A Treat for Katie

 — Katie enjoys her Halloween outing. by Ms. Nightwriter10/15/014.50HOT

A Treat in the Kitchen

 — So worked up that we barely made it into the house. by Irish Moss09/17/084.39

A Treat on Halloween

 — Dan and Marie have some secret fun at their friend's party. by DanRyan05/25/153.91

A Tree Huggin Hippie

 — An old cowboy meets a naturalist in the mountains. by old501levis08/15/134.62HOT

A Trek Into ...

 — You enjoy the natural beauty around you. by Xesevoli04/22/044.14

A Tribesman's Fate

 — A Roman lady finds true-to-life toy for her pleasure. by AC_Pandorra02/04/174.50HOT

A Tribute To Brian

 — Imaginary first encounter with her dream man. by jewel88812/27/034.50

A Trick and a Treat

 — A Halloween party gone wild! by NawtyGrl10/01/013.95

A Trick or Treat to Remember

 — Not all trick or treaters are kids. by m_storyman_x10/05/094.45

A Trickster's Life in Ottawa

 — Life and times of a Haitian Trickster in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/19/162.00

A Trip North Ch. 02

 — They all have an enjoyable evening at the motel. Final? by Jaywesal02/22/054.64HOT

A Trip Through Sex and Germany

 — Couple looses it all but finds a great way to get it back. by ChristopherBush09/10/164.46

A Trip to Chennai

 — A girl mailed me after reading my story. Met her in a bus. by im_mahy10/28/123.12

A Trip To England

 — Two friends take a trip to meet a third. by RavenRamey06/03/083.91

A Trip To England Ch. 02

 — Two friends take a trip to meet a third. by RavenRamey06/04/082.33

A Trip To England Ch. 03

 — Two friends take a trip to meet a third. by RavenRamey06/05/083.50

A Trip to England to Meet Him

 — They take each other on a trip to remember. by hawwitchywoman09/22/01

A Trip to Fantasyland

 — Princess Luvs2blikt needs to be rescued by prince. by 2lips4licking05/22/054.33

A Trip to my University

 — We finally see each other again when you visit me in Uni. by short_stories08/16/124.20

A Trip to Remember

 — Lena changes & gets what she wants. by staninalone04/05/034.47

A Trip To Remember

 — Wife longs to play. by BlueEyed5ftAngel02/27/053.23

A Trip to Remember

 — Iram's sexual experiences on flight home. by mughalpunjabi08/11/074.45

A Trip To Remember Ch. 02

 — Lena and Matt spend the weekend together by staninalone04/08/034.29

A Trip To Remember Ch. 03

 — Weekend bliss for Matt and Lena. by staninalone04/14/034.53HOT

A Trip To Remember Ch. 04

 — Take me in the stands. by staninalone04/16/034.65HOT

A Trip To Remember Ch. 05

 — Matt wants her to take the next step by staninalone04/17/033.80

A Trip To Remember Ch. 06

 — First Class: Matt and Lena have fun in the air by staninalone04/18/034.06

A Trip To Remember Ch. 07

 — Sun, sand, surf, & sex. by staninalone04/19/034.10

A Trip to Sydney

 — What will meeting for real after meeting online be like? by Zach_lost_in_Aus08/26/154.55HOT

A Trip to the Beach Ch. 01

 — Dave gets overloaded on eye candy. by sandollar0403/15/073.58

A Trip to the Beach Ch. 02

 — Haley catches Dave and decides to help him. by sandollar0403/24/073.70

A Trip to the Country (Rebecca 3)

 — A nice trip into the country with good friends. by SeanBurns197507/10/174.38

A Trip to the ER

 — An unfinished work but highly...stroke-ish. by Dinsmore07/24/154.14

A Trip to the Fertility Doctor

 — Man gets more than expected from doctor. by ZENDO_ARGOS03/13/074.10

A Trip to the Garage

 — He takes her to his work shop to show her his tool. by cockstarved12/02/093.97

A Trip to the Gynecologist

 — A yearly checkup takes a steamy turn. by LithiumMidnight09/10/114.27

A Trip to the Hair Salon

 — An encounter with a pregnant beauty. by Hack4802/15/114.45

A Trip to the Hospital

 — An old friend helps Spencer feel better after an injury. by Kardas06/13/104.19

A Trip to the Islands Ch. 01

 — Something wonderful happens during a weekend getaway. by boneams11/26/114.46

A Trip to the Islands Ch. 02

 — A secluded cove has its perks. by boneams11/28/114.72HOT

A Trip to the Islands Ch. 03

 — Dinner, a hot tub and hot sex. by boneams12/14/114.72HOT

A Trip to the Islands Ch. 04

 — Monica sends them to a secret destination. by boneams12/18/114.76HOT

A Trip to the Islands Ch. 05

 — Susan has a secret and the truth about Monica. by boneams01/10/124.80HOT

A Trip to the Lake Ch. 01

 — Lovers take a trip to the lake. by jondeere11/23/054.14

A Trip to the Mall Ends Well

 — My fetish for exhibitionism leads to a great night of sex. by SonjaMeyers02/07/174.25

A Trip to the Mountains Pt. 01

 — Young couple entertains themselves on the way to a cabin. by nosperos06/30/174.26

A Trip to the Office

 — Wife's office visit turns into much more. by Druzil06/30/164.26

A Trip to the Store

 — Come run an errand with her! by Monet05/15/013.47

A Trip to the Supermarket

 — Just an average trip to the grocery store. by cuteliz8612/19/123.63

A Trip With My Assistant Manager

 — They take advantage of a delayed meeting. by horseman516a10/12/043.90

A Troublesome Date

 — A night out with a dirty minded lady. by Dmn1309/04/144.56HOT

A Trout for Emma Wightman Ch. 02

 — A young couple feels the pressure of a controlling family. by Reiner4307/27/114.56HOT

A Trucker's Life

 — Details of trucker who finds plenty of women along the way. by dml2fsx09/27/073.87

A Trucker's Life Ch. 02

 — Trucker enjoys the pleasure & company of women. by dml2fsx10/05/073.90

A Trucker's World

 — A long haul turns into the trip of a lifetime. by ctstrucker09/13/134.25

A Truckload of Sperm

 — High profile woman asks fashion editor to impregnate her. by Egmont Grigor05/14/084.39

A True Artist

 — The creative power of erotic sex. by Raywithwords01/04/074.41

A True Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Jade and Nick finish what they started in the tub. by J-Nite07/20/074.39

A True First Time

 — Jennifer broadens Doug's horizons. by Frank Spock03/30/044.40

A True Story

 — Young friend visits old acquaintences. by Jaywesal06/08/044.64HOT

A True Story

 — Mature Dating story. by Darsy07/03/113.73

A Tryst after a Wait

 — After a few weeks wait, the time was right tonight. by BigDocMojo03/18/114.00

A Tryst in Paradise

 — He appears in her darkened room and sparks fly. by shandi195209/11/064.07

A Tryst in the Hotel

 — Marguerite and Henry enjoy a sexy afternoon together. by xavierstjohn12/05/143.82

A Tuesday Tonguing

 — You explode cum on my face. by johnnieblue4403/27/084.41

A Turkish Christian Woman

 — Turkish Christian woman meets Lebanese stud in Ottawa. by Samuelx10/28/121.60

A Turning Point

 — What did she really crave? by summaswine08/14/074.00

A Twisted Web We Weave Ch. 01

 — Zach hears a sound. by NeedingMore203/08/164.31

A Twisted Web We Weave Ch. 03

 — Zach catches Melissa in the act. by NeedingMore203/04/173.90

A Typical Day, NOT!

 — What if sex was normal? by JRaven04/07/044.44

A Typical Day: Lunch

 — Free and easy sex in the company lunch room. by JRaven01/02/064.44

A Unexpected Road Trip

 — Evening had set in across the Arizona desert. by primalinstincts03/28/124.42

A Unique Evening

 — They discover releasing each other without touching. by Neesraj11/03/054.38

A Unusual Day At Work

 — A day of lust leads to unexpected things. by snglover07/18/053.87

A Unusual Halloween Party

 — She wanted to know what had happen to her... by honeydew10/09/013.59

A Vacation Ch. 01

 — Friends get more than they bargained for on a group vacation. by ReverentMantra05/24/084.23

A Vacation Ch. 02

 — While her husband is away, two friends meet up again. by ReverentMantra05/25/083.35

A Vacation Ch. 03

 — Breakfast turns naughty. by ReverentMantra05/26/083.82

A Vacation in Paradise

 — A passionate excursion. by passionaholic02/09/113.77

A Vacation To Remember

 — A virgin meets Mr. Right in the Bahamas. by Sweet_Tart01/26/013.85

A Vacation to Remember

 — A woman's lie leads to her seduction of a man. by midnightfalcon02/23/094.45

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 01

 — Remembering the hot ride home from the airport. by CuriousCouple2411/10/103.94

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 01

 — Two lovers take a tropical vacation. by Rathgon05/23/114.07

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 02

 — Adventures at the waterfall. by CuriousCouple2411/21/103.73

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 02

 — The tropical vacation continues with a kayak trip. by Rathgon05/24/113.97

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 03

 — Fun at the Golf Course. by CuriousCouple2401/12/113.94

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 03

 — A dive trip and an excellent blowjob. by Rathgon05/25/113.71

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 04

 — A Visit to the Sand Bar. by CuriousCouple2405/24/114.23

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 07

 — The Pine Tree. by CuriousCouple2407/16/113.77

A Valentine For My Childhood Sweetheart

 — Memories are sweeter than candy. by Gypsy in MI01/24/053.91

A Valentine of Seduction

 — Female-dominated seduction of a man. by Grandma Hoochie03/01/023.71

A Valentine of Seduction Ch. 2

 — He returns the Valentine favor. by Grandma Hoochie03/06/023.19

A Valentine Surprise

 — They both surprise each other on Valentine's Day. by coyote256901/26/064.43

A Valentine's Date Ch. 02

 — The ladies discover many different ways to enjoy sex. by jsmangis02/06/184.52HOT

A Valentine's Day Homecoming

 — Jennifer's Marine comes home for good. by euphoriadev01/29/054.50HOT

A Valentine's Day to Remember

 — Tony has erotic Valentine's dinner with mystery lady. by Rhiannan01/31/023.82

A Valentine's Day to Remember

 — He always tops the previous Valentine's Day. by FiestyMomma01/28/154.20

A Valentine's Daydream

 — A gift for Valentine's Day. by copperbutterfly02/26/054.14

A Valentine's Tale

 — Writer gets even with his story after a bad Valentine's Day. by J.Q. Hack08/17/084.23

A Valet's Job

 — Parking his car leads to first time experience. by 12to812/12/103.81

A Vampiress's Inner Most Needs...

 — Female bloodsucker seduces her prey. by Liliesinthefield06/29/013.55

A Vanilla Twist

 — Josie has a special birthday present for Mark. by Huntorra10/10/144.37

A Vegas Story Ch. 01

 — Our trip to Las Vegas: a story in many parts. by vegasgeek08/31/173.87

A Vegas Story Ch. 02

 — Our trip to Las Vegas: a story in many parts. by vegasgeek09/07/174.09

A Vegas Story Ch. 03

 — Our trip to Las Vegas: a story in many parts. by vegasgeek12/20/173.62

A Vegas Story Ch. 04

 — Our trip to Las Vegas: a story in many parts. by vegasgeek12/21/173.85

A Vegas Story Ch. 05

 — Our trip to Las Vegas: a story in many parts. by vegasgeek12/22/174.57

A Vegas Story Ch. 06: Final

 — Our trip to Las Vegas: a story in many parts. by vegasgeek12/23/173.90

A Very Able Lover

 — In which my new lover is full of surprises. by WheelieLikeIt08/31/154.45

A Very Bad Day

 — How bad can a day be when you're kidnapped by strippers? by m_storyman_x07/27/094.60HOT

A Very Clean Dirty Story

 — I hear the water running. by ofloveandlust09/03/103.70

A Very Dear Friend

 — Former lovers are now friends. At least. by Carnevil907/29/063.29

A Very Different Massage

 — Being masturbated by a male masseur, but seeing nothing. by sammican102/22/094.47

A Very Discreet Whore Ch. 01

 — Beverley explores her sexuality by becoming a prostitute. by LC1011/01/104.28

A Very Discreet Whore Ch. 02

 — Beverley decides to become a professional whore. by LC1011/08/104.41

A Very Discreet Whore Ch. 03

 — Beverley & Dorothy have their bodies painted for 'art' by LC1011/15/104.10

A Very Discreet Whore Ch. 04

 — Beverley has a day of passion with holiday friend Marty.. by LC1011/29/104.16

A Very Discreet Whore Ch. 05

 — Bev agrees to take part in a porno film. by LC1012/07/104.28

A Very Dominant Man

 — A belly dancer and a mysterious Man. by Teela10009/30/083.36

A Very Exciting Delivery

 — Delivery boy turns model for busty photographer. by ewriter09/11/054.40

A Very Fast Train

 — Enjoying the last of the weekend on the way to normality. by lagneau blanc02/02/144.24

A Very Filling Lunch

 — Julia brings David lunch at work. by silver_ingrid08/26/084.03

A Very Friendly Visit

 — Annette Visits Lisa. by flashgordon56200601/25/183.93

A Very Good 18th

 — Rose go's out looking for a good time and finds it. by Youngfun1710/13/133.83

A Very Good 18th Ch. 02

 — The end to Rose's birthday celebration. by Youngfun1710/29/134.10

A Very Good Day (and Night)

 — Husband & wife spend the day together. by scubasteve6304/10/104.23

A Very Good Morning

 — Woman wakes up to some great morning sex. by impeeking208/28/094.39

A Very Good Morning

 — The morning after with my new lover. by Consort_to_the_Empress01/12/133.85

A Very Hands-On Meeting

 — They meet again at a meeting and can't resist any more. by kinkybiitchx04/30/113.92

A Very Handy Man

 — Mack discovers working for Meredith offers great benefits. by BrettJ02/03/154.55HOT

A Very Happy Birthday

 — A very special birthday for her husband. by EaglesNyte04/19/134.34

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